i think i'm gonna rewatch this soon

durarara au where keith is the shady information broker, shiro is the strongest man on earth, lance and hunk are leaders of the most popular gangs, pidge possess the power of a powerful sword, allura is the mysterious headless rider, kollivan is the quirky doctor, and coran is the owner of a sushi restaurant.

sorry to all the people who followed me for lotr during my reread and got me 24/7 trek blogging

i’m just Like This 

I don’t want to make far-reaching theories here BUT I was re-watching the S.4 trailer and so far none of the events in it have happened. Based on the trailer we know that things will go down in a series of consequences and all of it is triggered by Sana tripping Noora. Why would Sana trip Noora? Why would Sana hurt Noora in any way when they’re somewhat the closest duo in the girl squad? There’s obviously the theory that Noora might try to saddle up to Yousef but honestly…I don’t see Sana hurting someone, let alone Noora for a reason like that. We know Noora left Willhell in London but we don’t know why and I’m starting to think, maybe Noora screwed something up? I don’t know what it is or why, but when Noora was about to tell Sana she confessed that she hid part of the truth, and she looked rather sheepish, almost guilty, so I feel like Noora isn’t 100% innocent. She must have done something so bad it made Sana intentionally trip her, which obviously led to a series of unfortunate events and ended with Even’s secret being outed?? 

I think tomorrow or this Friday we might expect some sort of a confrontation between Noora and Sana. Whatever went down in London is gonna come out soon, and then, the domino effect will begin.