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i have no idea what is that e_e make it easier for me

Demi and Selena were in a “friendship” movie on the Disney Channel called Princess Protection Program that everyone called a G-rated lesbian movie bc of how gay Selena’s character was for Demi’s.  First off, her name is “Carter.”  It was like a hate to love kind of friendship.  And instead of going to prom with dudes, they went together with a bunch of other girls.  In the end, Demi’s character became queen and they both become secret agents together to protect other princesses.  I watch it 3 times a year man.  Fuck it, I’m gonna rewatch it tonight.

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one show only. no encores.

So in an au where the undercover cop does not die and I am not cheated out of a proper heist episode, Sherlock realises that in order to do a proper caper, he needs a caper crew, because infiltrating a criminal building on two people is not a good idea.

Of course, putting Sherlock in charge of a heist was never a good idea in the first place, since everything becomes a lot more complicated than needs to be, but, well, Captain Will Lombardi will just have to reap what he sows.

  • Alfredo is recruited first as the getaway driver. he has an SUV with bulletproof windows, and at its fastest can outrun any bike and operate the best of downtown traffic.
  • Sherlock calls on Mason to be the hacker/gadgeteer/computer expert. There is always one person on every heist team who’s seen Ocean’s Eleven one too many times and is a not-so-lowkey A-Team fan and that person turns out to be Mason. He makes everyone earpieces with GPS tracking, though, and writes a program to get them inside the Mark’s computer and ransack it, so Joan manages to tolerate his incessant Hustle quotes.
  • When the ruse with the fake hold-up across the street doesn’t work, Ms Hudson gets to be the conwoman to get the bikers out the building. if that means posing as an FBI agent claiming a reported threat of a bioweapon and then remotely setting off a gas bomb, then so be it.
  • A gas bomb that Marcus had to throw through the building’s ceiling ventilation shaft from the window of an adjacent building using an aircanon, which he entered under the guise of questioning witnesses. a shot which he is very proud of thank you very much, but hey, let no one say that his efforts go unappreciated.
  • So while there is panic and mayhem, Joan and Sherlock sneak in wearing hazmat suits, which they discard at the door for the black catsuits-and-balaclava they have on underneath along with a backpack of supplies.
  • Joan, fueled by the adrenaline, picks the locks and shimmies open the safe in record speed that beats all her previous times. Sherlock beams like a proud teacher.
  • the bioterrorism ruse cuts their original planned time down by half, mainly because the smoke bomb stops smoking and it gives them just enough time to get Mason’s code into the computer - but not enough to extract the data before the bikers come back.
  • by the time the bikers get back, Ms Hudson’s long gone, having ditched her uniform and made her exit, while Alfredo and Mason at mission control tell them to “abort mission abort mission, they’re coming back, your escape route is cut off, get out NOW NOW NOW.
  • They don’t the finish job, and with a few minutes to spare head for the roof, where Sherlock produces a grappling hook and two harnesses. The closest building is across the street (way too far) so they rooftop-hop across the next one over. Joan is glad that a) she kept up with jogging and b) wearing good running shoes this time.
  • aside from the grappling gun and harness, the backpack is also filled with, among other things: sleeping pills, two night vision goggles, liquid glass-cutter (“I don’t think that’s legal,” Joan says afterwards, when they’re unpacking), two smoke grenades (“I’m sure that’s not legal”), two stun grenades, two tasers (“better redundant than desperate, Watson.”), a baton, metallic suction handles (“we’re not climbing through any air ducts, Sherlock, Mythbusters has been through this.”), two pounds of C4 (”I WAS CARRYING EXPLOSIVES IN MY BACKPACK AND YOU DIDN’T THINK TO TELL ME?!”).
  • “He does realise we’re not the A-Team, right?” Joan says, eyeing the overkill load in the backpack. Mason packed it, because of course he did. “And that we’re not breaking into some world-class art museum? I mean– an EMP gun? Really?”
  • “Let the man have his fun, Watson,” Sherlock replies. “Not everyday we get to pull off an elaborate heist in the pursuit of justice!” He tactfully leaves out that he may have been responsible for at least half of those things, including the EMP gun and stun grenades, because that bit where one of them watches too many heist movies? Sherlock may have done that as well. in the name of research to prepare for this, of course.
  • Anyway: Sherlock flings a smoke grenade across the roof to slow down their pursuers while Joan fires the grappling hook at the next building over, then they swing off the ledge and drops down from that rooftop.
  • They land awkwardly. Joan twists her ankle, Sherlock gets a grazed shoulder, and they both pile into Alfredo’s SUV as it screeches onto the curb next to them.
  • “This was not the plan!” Alfredo calls at them while haul down the road and thank god he’s bulletproofed the windows because those sawed off shotguns really pack a punch.
  • So, they didn’t complete the mission.
  • Or rather, they didn’t get any data from the laptop, but they do have a decoy set of the room the laptop is stored in, a video recording of it being robbed, a few thousand dollars worth of merchandise from the house and very shaken and extremely angry drug ring who are going turn on one another at any moment on suspicion of an inside job.
  • and it turns out, if they see a video of two thieves ransacking their boss’s laptop, some members are very happy to throw others under the bus for a plea bargain.
  • “That place was like Forte Knox meets Azkaban, only with more criminals running it,” Marcus says. “Good thing you guys had a plan B”
  • “…yeah, this was more like plan F,” Joan corrects.
  • right, they also have a backdoor into said laptop should they ever need more, well, leverage.
  • There is a moment, after the heist, when Alfredo, Ms Hudson, Mason, Sherlock and Joan are all collapsed in the Brownstone living room, exhausted and breathless and shaking from the adrenaline, where the five of them think they can probably take over the world if they put their minds to it. it’s this part of the movie where the crew roll in cash and drink to a job well done, but with the lack of a) money b) valuable goods they make do with tearing down the casewall.
  • “I feel like we could rob the National Gallery!” Mason says hysterically and it is with that that the merry band of ragtag would-be non-professionals are broken up for good.

ratatouille will always remain one of my favorite pixar films because even though on the surface it’s about a rat who can cook, there are actually so many lessons about passion and believing in your abilities and working hard to achieve your dreams and presenting this idea that you CAN be successful in achieving them, that they don’t have to remain dreams, that you shouldn’t eVER limit yourself and i think that’s beAUTIFUL and a really important thing to teach kids especially in a world where so many of us grow up forced to abandon our childhood aspirations because they’re not “realistic” enough and this movie just deserves a lot more praise ok