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Stuff My Dad Said During Hamilton (Act 1)
  • Hamilton: Is this that musical that has made you obsessed with dead people?
  • Aaron Burr, Sir: If someone started rhyming my name I would leave. It's so annoying.
  • My Shot: Okay they asked who he was - this - this is not the answer to their question. Oh wait now he's spelling his name - YOU KNOW IN THIS TIME MANY PEOPLE WERE ILLITERATE!
  • The Story Of Tonight: Okay so here's drunk dudes being pals and so not flirting with each other.
  • The Schuyler Sisters: AND PEGGY IS MY NEW MOTTO!
  • Farmer Refuted: You said this was the High School Musical dude right? (Me: Yeah.) STICK TO THE STATUS QUO ALEXANDER!
  • You'll Be Back: Okay George whichever shut up and let America rebel. Rebellion is good - *turns to me* That being said ever start to rebel and you'll be grounded till you die.
  • Right Hand Man: Burr got BURR-NED! Get it? Cause Burr. Burrned. It's funny you're just being stupid.
  • A Winter's Ball: Didn't we already listen to - oh wait no this is different.
  • Helpless: Oh God I hope girls don't act like this. *I give him a confused/dirty look* I mean you should make a boy beg for you not fall at his knees. You should make him helpless.
  • Satisfied: This song is just....*exploding hand moves and noise*....Feelings.
  • The Story of Tonight (Reprise): Another drunk song. And the French dude. (Me: Lafayette) Okay well I'm gonna call him French Fry.
  • Wait For It: Did everyone cheat in this time?
  • Stay Alive: Fucking Charles Lee man. Who's Charles Lee?
  • Ten Duel Commandments: They keep saying "Most Disputes Die And No One Shoots" I feel like they're lying to me...
  • Meet Me Inside: Uh ph, Daddy Washington is mad.
  • That Would Be Enough: How do they know it's a boy? I don't think they had ways to tell in this time.
  • Guns And Ships: Rap off. This dude (Me: Daveed) Yeah him, versus like, Eminem, Jay-Z and...uh other rappers.
  • History Has Its Eyes on You: Okay this went from fun to deep...
  • Yorktown: You know we live an hour from this site...*Looks out window*...We should go and reinact this.
  • What Comes Next: Oh right. Georgey is still there. He can piss off.
  • Dear Theodosia: I feel one of them will die...just how everything is worded. AJ, do I get...feels in this?
  • Lauren's Interlude: Wait what the fuck...is he? Oh my God. Alex's boyfriend!
  • Non-Stop: This is too cheery for killing someone. I quit.
Voltron characters as things my friends (and I) have said
  • Shiro: why do I have to adopt the shitty children
  • Keith: *jumps from one emotion to another* parkour
  • Pidge: I'm gonna fucking OD on pixie sticks
  • Lance: I think I have a kink for those coats
  • Allura: You wet dingdong
  • Coran: Humans are just weird little meat sacks that make poor life choices

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I'm grateful to be a fan of someone who makes people all around the world happy and smile. Who puts so much work into the videos they display. I'm just grateful to a fan of you. You do so much for us. Gosh my world would be a little dark without your positivity/silliness. You say youre proud of us. Well I'm super PROUD of you. On another note: I'm glad your mums surgery went well and hope the next and recovery goes well. Lots of love from me to y'all - Jc

I’m drifting off to bed, and this lovely message just made me tear up. You all don’t know how happy it makes me to be able to create these videos and hopefully entertain and support. It’s an absolute dream come true that I didn’t think was gonna be possible, and it’s such an honor. If I’ve managed to make you feel better or smile, it’s a blessing. I’m gonna try and sleep now, thank you so much for taking time to write this.

hey I had a funny idea um it’d be great if when (or if) they make the reaper spinoff series it starts off like every season of black butler except Sebastian is replaced with Will and the servants are replaced with all of his subordinates. Like Grell, Ronald, Eric, Alan, and Othello (maybe) each make their horrendous mistakes that will surely cause a lot of overtime, but William comes in and fixes everything before it can get too bad.

Westerberg Team Building Exercise
  • Therapist: Okay, people. The best way to understand a classmate, or a co-worker, is by "stepping" into their shoes.
  • Heather C: But I'm a dainty size three and Heather McNamara has the feet of a Sasquatch!
  • Heather M: He means we act like someone else to see their point of view. For example, I'll be you. *snaps* "Mint me, Candy Girl! Even though you're busy, forget the other customers, 'cause I'm more important! Haha, YAY ME!"
  • Heather C: (as Heather M) "Sorry, Heather. I can't right now because I have to tell you a really boring story about one of my weird relatives. Do me a favor and pretend to listen, would you? While I go on and on and on wearing my REALLY UGLY CLOTHES!!!"
  • Heather D: (as Heather M) "Oh and let's not forget: Now that I'm back from saving the penguins, I want everyone to drop what they're doing and do it the way that I want it!"
  • Martha: (as Heather D) "And I'm Heather Duke! I'm gonna make you do what I say 'cause I'm tough and can crush you like a grape!" *Heather D glares* I was talking about another Heather Duke....
  • Heather D: Uh huh.
  • Veronica: Oh, I'll do Miss Flemming! (as Miss Flemming) "Well... *messes with hair* I suppoooose I could get you to finish dinner in time to see Veronica Sawyer's show, but that would mean working haaaard...."
  • JD: *stands up excitedly* "Coach Ripper! Coach Ripper! Can I take this thing that's working perfectly well and do some convoluted thing to it until it breaks?!" *giggles*
  • Veronica: JD, I don't think you're supposed to do yourself.
  • JD: Oh, I thought I was being Kurt..... *sits down*
  • Kurt: (as Coach Ripper) "Ohhhhh, very wellllll...... GOOD LUCK WITH THAT! You do that while I just sit in my office talking to my MOMMMY!"
  • *everyone starts fighting*

“But Itachi ships ss”

Let me explain what everything is wrong with this one sentence. 

First of all, no characters except the characters that actually are involved in this relationship have something to do with the relationship itself. Is the relationship unhealthily from both parts there’s no other character who can fix this.

Another thing is, other characters shouldn’t be used as arguments in serious discussions, especially when they have nothing to do with it. Have fun with your headcanons but when you want to argue in a way that someone can take it seriously keep them out.

Finally, a character can’t ship anything except he says it. When he don’t say anything, then it’s fanon and should be keep fanon. Having facts and headcanons mixed up is a dangerous thing to do. When it comes to ss it mostly ends up in glorifying abusive elements that shouldn’t be glorified (but that’s nothing new….)

But you know what? A character can actually support another relationship with his actions and words. And that’s what Itachi did.

Let’s make it clear. Itachi wanted Sasuke happy. He was never pro-”insert-shipname-here”, he was only pro-”Sasukes-happiness”.

“But Itachi never said anything about another person who could make Sasuke happy!!!”

Are you sure? Are you really sure? 

Because I’m not.

I'm Rising from the Fucking Dead to do This

A while back I made a master post with pedophiles to block and anti pedophiles to follow. Now that it has grown, I’m gonna make another one except without pedophiles cause they think that posts that they’re on is about recognition. It’s not, it’s about how low you are on the subhuman scale. So, reblog this if you’re an anti and it’s okay to add you. I don’t know when it’ll exactly be up but I’ll try asap.

I’ve been drawing a tiny Ethan so much lately, today I felt like drawing a big one ovo and it turned into another sappy inspirational because hi i’m rin have you met me?

Pssst, Fictionkin:

Want to know what makes me happy?

Somewhere out there, my favorite fictional characters, especially the ones who’s lives weren’t what they wanted them to be, are getting another chance.

Maybe they’re shopping.

Maybe they’re watching silly youtube videos.

Maybe they’re laughing with friends, or playing a favorite game, or driving to work, or making dinner.

So wherever you are, fictionkin, whatever you’re doing, just know that you’re what everyone hoped for, a new chance for the character that they love!

"Fans of Dungeons & Dragons seem to have a masochistic relationship with alignment..."

Here’s an excerpt from RollPlay Presents: a 5E Roundtable Discussion, which is great and you should watch it. (excerpt starts at 0:14:27)

ADAM KOEBEL: I think [4E] is a great game, but 5E definitely succeeded more in the “being D&D” kind of space. Mike, when you were developing 5E, were there any of those mechanics that felt less like points of inspiration and more like… shackles, let’s say, for the design? Because there are things, I’m sure, you felt you were required to include.

MIKE MEARLS: Yeah, and the trick to it was instead of thinking of those things as shackles that are holding us back, to think of it as a challenge. I know it’s a cheesy answer…

ADAM KOEBEL: “What would you say are your greatest weaknesses, Mike Mearls?”

MIKE MEARLS: But really, when you’re building the game, [you might say] “this is kind of a weird thing to have in a game”. Like, why would you have alignment? But then you realize your users are asking for it. You have to come at it from the angle that this is a benefit. You can’t hide it.

ADAM KOEBEL: I see Evil Matt Colville has something to say about that.

MATT COLVILLE: They’re asking for it! You asked for it, you’re gonna get it.

ADAM KOEBEL: Fans of Dungeons & Dragons seem to have a masochistic relationship with alignment. They’re like “we hate it! it’s the worst! fuck you, get it out of here!”, but if you’re like “what if we just took alignment out?” then they’re like “NOOOOOOOO! bring it back! it’s not D&D if I can’t be Lawful Evil!”

MIKE MEARLS: D&D is a culture. That’s what we discovered working on the game, it’s not a game, it’s a culture. So you can say, game-wise, alignment, pfff, this is kinda silly. But for having-arguments-online-wise, oh, alignment is awesome. Just say, alignment’s back, man! That gives you like two weeks of threads. Because it fuels the stuff you’re doing when you’re not at the table playing the game, and it fuels the connective. It’s a connection between each playgroup.

MATT MERCER: *is hungover, listens politely*

I’m gonna correct Mike Mearls here. (The nerve!)

They didn’t accidentally “discover” that D&D is a culture, they deliberately designed 5E around that notion, in order to use it as the main selling point of 5E. That was their marketing strategy from the very start. And that’s why, in the early stages, they weren’t asking playtesters “do you like this mechanic? is it good enough?”, they were basically asking “is this mechanic D&D enough?”

The above is fact, the following is an educated guess: It must have been at those early stages, when they were figuring out what elements are so iconic in D&D that they just have to keep them (shackles or challenges, you take your pick :p), when alignment passed, and probably with flying colours. It may not be a good rule, but damn it’s the most iconic D&D rule ever.

What Mearls says later is also telling, and very very true: alignment is never-ending fodder for controversy. Once an argument erupts, everyone has something to say and no one ever shuts up. I’ve been there, you’ve been there, we’ve all been there. An alignment debate is like a perpetual motion machine: it’s fucking imaginary, and it never fucking stops. The relevant TV Tropes page perfectly illustrates this point even BEFORE it gets to the actual article:

And that, from the designers’ point of view, is apparently not a bug, it’s a feature. It’s clickbait. In D&D 5E, that’s literally all alignment is for: it exists to generate buzz. We suspected as much, and now it’s confirmed. :p

But there’s another reason alignment is so popular. It’s basically a bunch of little boxes where you can put yourself (primarily!) plus all kinds of characters, concepts and things. Such reductions are immensely appealing (think Hogwarts Houses, signs of the zodiac, INTP, RPG classes *cough*) even when they are inelegant and/or arbitrary. And alignment is neither. It’s actually an ingenious reduction (and if it were treated as such - and NO MORE - by all D&D players and designers, you’d have never heard me complain about it), with its easy to grasp two-axis structure, and the neatest possible visualisation in a perfectly symmetrical 9-box grid. This is pleasing for anyone, imagine nerds!

In the end, alignment’s elegant simplicity is the reason why it’s so appealing and so infuriating at the same time. It’s practically impossible to agree on what exactly it means once you start applying it to actual characters and their actions. And it’s a recipe for DISASTER if you apply it to real life people and historical figures. (Seriously, don’t do that.) But everyone thinks they know what it means, precisely because it’s so elegant and simple. And when you think you know something, why, you gotta make sure everyone else knows, too. You wouldn’t let someone be wrong on the internet, would you?

Hence: the undoubtedly masochistic relationship that D&D fans have with alignment. Oh, it’s not because the fans are weird. It’s because alignment is so freaking… symmetrical.

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Peaches I need some advice. I'm a poly girl but my current boyfriend (whom I love very much, been together for 4 years) says he would only consider another person in the relationship for sexual things and that the person couldn't be "hotter" than him. Which makes me really sad. I don't know what to do :( like I said I love him but I have a lot more love to give :(

Gotta love that fragile masculinity.

Dump the chump and find someone that ain’t gonna impose restrictions on that beautiful little heart and that thinks with “we” not “me.” 

Good luck baby. xoxo

Just finished this meshes (top and pant) right now. I spent hours working on it to make it with a better quality as possible and i think i got it! YAY. One of the most pretty stuffs i’ve ever done ♥

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Ok, you're probably not gonna see this but I'm kinda obsessed with your writing (almost gave me enough guts to try it myself), but whatever, that's another story. Could you make a jaded Fox/ djwifi "Excuse you, I have a boyfriend" prompt?

Aww, thanks so much, @tellmeimhotaff <3 Definitely give it a shot! Writing is one of my favorite things to do! Hope you enjoy this drabble. :)

“Excuse you, I have a boyfriend,” Alya snapped, pushing Jade Turtle away.

The hero blanched and took a step back. “Sorry, I…I wasn’t thinking. I apologize, Miss.” He did a bow. “You’re safe now. Sorry if I was too forward.” He gave her one last look and then called up his glider and sailed away.

“Can you believe that chump?” Alya grumbled, crossing her arms. “First, thinking I needed to be saved, and then, trying to kiss me! Like it was some God-given right that Jade Turtle deserves a kiss for doing his job! He’s getting to be just as bad as Chat with Marinette.”

“He must have a crush on you,” Trixx teased, floating up from her pocket.

“Well, he can crush away because I’m a one-man woman and Jade Turtle is no Nino Lahiffe,” she huffed.


“Hey there, cutie,” Vixen winked, dropping down beside Nino. 

He jumped and pulled his headphones down. “Hi, uh, is something wrong?” He looked down the street. “Is there an akuma attack?”

“Nah, I just felt like visiting my favorite civilian,” she said, sitting down on the front stoop beside him.

“I’m your favorite civilian?”

“Of course you are. You’re definitely the most handsome.”

He shifted away from her uneasily. “I, uh, I really appreciate that, and…I don’t want to be that guy or anything, but I’ve got a girlfriend.”

Vixen tried to hide her smile. “That’s just too bad for little ole me then, isn’t it?” She stood and made a show of brushing off her suit. “Well, I better be off. You tell that girlfriend of yours she’s a lucky lady.”

“Sure,” Nino nodded, watching her jump away. “That was weird.”

Wayzz appeared at his side. “Women are mysterious creatures,” he replied sagely.

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