i think i'm gonna get back to making fandom stuff

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It's been a while since the original Underfell blog but, from what I can remember, they were always really chill with people having their own interpretations and doing their own thing? Even the stuff they mentioned in their recent post is mostly all old info that just got lost to fandom over time. I don't think they're gonna be a problem and I'm actually glad to have them back because hopefully this means we'll get some focus on characters outside the ufbros again :')

Yeah, like I implied it’s not really an issue. I’m just worried that they’ll feel uncredited if they see this specific game (which I believe they don’t even know about) is all. I’m just trying to make sure everyone is treated fairly since we are indeed basing our fangame on someone else’s concept (but, fairly, at the time of creation - an abandoned concept.)

And I’m just making it a point to those who may have been worried we’d be changing our entire game to base it around the official canon - which we’re not.