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Stuff My Dad Said During Hamilton (Act 1)
  • Hamilton: Is this that musical that has made you obsessed with dead people?
  • Aaron Burr, Sir: If someone started rhyming my name I would leave. It's so annoying.
  • My Shot: Okay they asked who he was - this - this is not the answer to their question. Oh wait now he's spelling his name - YOU KNOW IN THIS TIME MANY PEOPLE WERE ILLITERATE!
  • The Story Of Tonight: Okay so here's drunk dudes being pals and so not flirting with each other.
  • The Schuyler Sisters: AND PEGGY IS MY NEW MOTTO!
  • Farmer Refuted: You said this was the High School Musical dude right? (Me: Yeah.) STICK TO THE STATUS QUO ALEXANDER!
  • You'll Be Back: Okay George whichever shut up and let America rebel. Rebellion is good - *turns to me* That being said ever start to rebel and you'll be grounded till you die.
  • Right Hand Man: Burr got BURR-NED! Get it? Cause Burr. Burrned. It's funny you're just being stupid.
  • A Winter's Ball: Didn't we already listen to - oh wait no this is different.
  • Helpless: Oh God I hope girls don't act like this. *I give him a confused/dirty look* I mean you should make a boy beg for you not fall at his knees. You should make him helpless.
  • Satisfied: This song is just....*exploding hand moves and noise*....Feelings.
  • The Story of Tonight (Reprise): Another drunk song. And the French dude. (Me: Lafayette) Okay well I'm gonna call him French Fry.
  • Wait For It: Did everyone cheat in this time?
  • Stay Alive: Fucking Charles Lee man. Who's Charles Lee?
  • Ten Duel Commandments: They keep saying "Most Disputes Die And No One Shoots" I feel like they're lying to me...
  • Meet Me Inside: Uh ph, Daddy Washington is mad.
  • That Would Be Enough: How do they know it's a boy? I don't think they had ways to tell in this time.
  • Guns And Ships: Rap off. This dude (Me: Daveed) Yeah him, versus like, Eminem, Jay-Z and...uh other rappers.
  • History Has Its Eyes on You: Okay this went from fun to deep...
  • Yorktown: You know we live an hour from this site...*Looks out window*...We should go and reinact this.
  • What Comes Next: Oh right. Georgey is still there. He can piss off.
  • Dear Theodosia: I feel one of them will die...just how everything is worded. AJ, do I get...feels in this?
  • Lauren's Interlude: Wait what the fuck...is he? Oh my God. Alex's boyfriend!
  • Non-Stop: This is too cheery for killing someone. I quit.
Voltron characters as things my friends (and I) have said
  • Shiro: why do I have to adopt the shitty children
  • Keith: *jumps from one emotion to another* parkour
  • Pidge: I'm gonna fucking OD on pixie sticks
  • Lance: I think I have a kink for those coats
  • Allura: You wet dingdong
  • Coran: Humans are just weird little meat sacks that make poor life choices

Some stuff on @majesticduxk​ blog got me thinking and since I waste time pretty compulsively when I’m exhausted, here, have some lists.

I’ve compiled lists of the top twenty Destiel fics by Kudos, Bookmarks, Hits and Comments. Since kudos and bookmarks are both “one per reader,” I consider them the most reliable indicator of popularity (though keeping in mind that popularity does not equal quality necessarily and that popularity is self-perpetuating given how many people find fics by ranking by kudos - once a fic hits a certain escape velocity people will read it just because it’s popular). The other two lists - comments and hits - are much less reliable and are below the cut, as is a little discussion/analysis, and a “How many have YOU read” mini meme thing… (I’ve read 17…)

Top Twenty Destiel Fics on AO3 by Kudos (as of 2/21/2017, out of 63,000 fics)

  1. Twist and Shout by gabriel and standbyme (25,507 kudos)
  2. Dean Doesn’t Listen to Eurythmics by Annie D/scaramouche (11,308 kudos)
  3. An Exercise in ‘Worthless’ by beastofthesky (8969 kudos)
  4. Revealed by Valinde (Valyria) (7601 kudos)
  5. Angel’s Wild by LimonadeGaby and riseofthefallenone (7585 kudos)
  6. Into Your Hideaway by thepinupchemist (7322 kudos)
  7. How (thanks to Gabriel) Dean and Castiel (accidentally) raised each other (and Sam) by Vera (Vera_DragonMuse) (7169 kudos)
  8. A Room of One’s Own by NorthernSparrow (7031 kudos)
  9. Out of the Deep by riseofthefallenone (6588 kudos)
  10. Grey by Valinde (Valyria) (6417 kudos)
  11. Convenient Husbands by Annie D (scaramouche) (5805 kudos)
  12. Forget-Me-Not-Blues by noangelsinthegarrison (5614 kudos)
  13. When Charlie Met Cas by riseofthefallenone (5575 kudos)
  14. Real Slick Dean by trilliath (5563 kudos)
  15. In This Secluded Spot I respond As I Wouldn’t Dare Elsewhere by RhymePhile (5510 kudos)
  16. The Breath of All Things by KismetJeska (5347 kudos)
  17. Unfamiliar by riseofthefallenone (5201 kudos)
  18. Shut Up (Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is) by kototyph (5125 kudos)
  19. A Hole in the World by AnnelieseMichel (5125 kudos)
  20. A Beginner’s Guide to Communing with the Dead by suspiciousflashlight (5038 kudos)

Top Twenty Destiel Fics on AO3 by Bookmarks

  1. Twist and Shout (5775 bookmarks) (1st by kudos)
  2. An Exercise in ‘Worthless’ (3384 bookmarks) (3rd by kudos)
  3. Angel’s Wild (2434 bookmarks 95th by kudos)
  4. How (thanks to Gabriel) Dean and Castiel (accidentally) raised each other (and Sam) (2295 bookmarks) (7th by kudos)
  5. Convenient Husbands (2203 bookmarks) (11th by kudos)
  6. Out of the Deep (2126 bookmarks) (9th by kudos)
  7. Grey (2057 bookmarks) (10th by kudos)
  8. The Breath of All Things (2008 bookmarks) (16th by kudos)
  9. A Beginner’s Guide to Communing with the Dead (1951 bookmarks) (20th by kudos)
  10. A Room of One’s Own (1923 bookmarks) (8th by kudos)
  11. Into Your Hideaway (1828 bookmarks) (6th by kudos)
  12. Forget-Me-Not-Blues (1796 bookmarks) (12th by kudos)
  13. Revealed (1789 bookmarks) (4th by kudos)
  14. Shut Up (Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is) (1770 bookmarks) (18th by kudos)
  15. Peanut Butter-Pumpkin Wedding Cake by Sparseparsley (1692 bookmarks) (22nd by kudos)
  16. Painted Angels by WinJennster (1665 bookmarks) (21st by Kudos)
  17. Have Love, Will Travel by squeemonster (1515 bookmarks) (30th by kudos)
  18. A Hole in the World (1468 bookmarks) (19th by kudos)
  19. The Best Years of Our Lives, My Ass by ireallyhatecornnuts (CharleyFoxtrot) (1402 bookmarks) (35th by kudos)
  20. Real Slick Dean (1363 bookmarks) (14th by kudos)

Based on feedback to this post I decided to do a survey of people currently in the Destiel fandom on Tumblr, asking their favorite authors and favorite fics, and I have been posting that data on my Tumblr. You can access a collection of ALL fics that received “favorite” votes on that survey HERE, and the Top 20 List produced from that list here, and please follow me to see other posts about the data!

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anonymous asked:

How are you so I like who I like and thts all like I'm bi and it's really tough cause I feel like I have to act one way with certain people and another with others and people still aren't 100% about you not tht it's anyone's business how do you do it????

For me, it just got to the point where it was like, ya know, there are soooo many other things I need to be concerned with in this world, worrying about what people think about the person I’m with is gonna go low down on the list.

anonymous asked:

Do you remember that one vine where the guy in plaid is like "hey professor!" Then smooches another dude and then an old guy shouts "out of the way I think I'm gonna vomit!" Like that is literally Jaspvid (Max is the old dude)

tag yourself i’m max


I’ve been too afraid to dress nice bc for some reason every time i do, i end up having a really bad day. Its extremely cursed. But i needed to look nice for today’s gay communist goblin revolution session. 

anonymous asked:

Jess, do you think Harry and Louis (this applies to both of them) sometimes get naked or walk around the house only in a tiny underwear, or some panties, when the other is doing ordinary stuff? Like, Harry's sitting on their couch reading a book, then suddenly Louis comes and walks around (doing nothing really just trying to catch Harry's attention) in some black-lacy-pants and then when Harry sees it, he moans like "Loouis!!!! I'm trying to read!" I think about this a lot..

Okay first of all this is the best ask anyone’s ever sent me.  Second of all, do you understand what you’ve just asked me for????

You want to know if these two fools like to tease one another???

Does this guy:

tease this guy??

And does this guy

tease this guy?

I can tell you that the answer is YES but I’m gonna put my scientific research under the cut.

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i was sha-hocked by the amount of positive feedback i got from my crappy little doodles of these two… i didn’t think anybody would find it as amusing as i do, but apparently you guys are just as tickled. so. here’s another one hahaha

garterbelt is like “when are you gonna kill that thing” & panty is like “shut up i’m having fun being an early 20th century pinup smh let me live”

Can I just say how much… I really, really love writing Rhys and Mor? And maybe just take two seconds to chat about how underrated their relationship is? The more I write Rhys, the more I keep finding myself in these scenes with him coming to her, leaning on her, using her for help and advice whether he knows it or not. I think Rhys loves her so, so much. And I honestly believe that out of everyone in the IC, if Mor were to die it would hit him harder than anyone else (save Feyre, of course). They’ve grown up together, and he’s fought his entire life to give her independence and freedom, and I think Mor returns the favor when he lands on her balcony after the Mountain, and he sort of just… lets her keep being this shepherd in his life, helping him keep from fully unraveling. I think Cassian and Azriel aren’t the only ones who feel her endless warmth and spirit. Say what you will about the Cazigan dynamic in the books and who has to “shield” whom from Mor’s infectious spirit, but if you think about it, Rhys is exempt from that protection. He just gets to enjoy Mor for all she is, how selfless and supportive and encouraging, and she too gets to be there for her cousin who has empowered her and given her status and strength over her family, these things that make her into a queen. They’re friends. Really, really good friends and I think there is so much love between them that we don’t get to see a lot of in ACOMAF, but if SJM were to ever write the book as Rhys or elaborate on it, I think we’d be surprised just how much goes on between the two of them and how much he confides in her. And I think given how much they’ve gone through together… that’s just, I don’t know, really really special and I love it so much. It’s nice to see that even when the entire world and family around them falls apart, there is still this lovely little kernal of them left to lean on and it never goes away.

I'm Rising from the Fucking Dead to do This

A while back I made a master post with pedophiles to block and anti pedophiles to follow. Now that it has grown, I’m gonna make another one except without pedophiles cause they think that posts that they’re on is about recognition. It’s not, it’s about how low you are on the subhuman scale. So, reblog this if you’re an anti and it’s okay to add you. I don’t know when it’ll exactly be up but I’ll try asap.

anonymous asked:

Gus, how do you keep from feeling weak? It's becoming a common lolsofunny prank at my school for random guys to pick up girls(as in, physically lift them up from where they're minding their own business) and carry them around for a few seconds. I HATE this, and it happens to me a fair amount because I'm fairly petite (5'4" and 115 lbs). But everyone else thinks this is funny and laughs at me when I yell at them, and I'm told I'm overreacting. What should I do?

KICK THEM IN THE NADS. Or at least in the kneecap. HARD. They might drop you, they will DEFINITELY get mad, but I can promise you that their anger will be based entirely on the fact that they can no longer get away with this without repercussions. So this might subject you to backlash in one form or another, and that’s… well, terrifying. I’m not gonna lie. But one thing I can promise is that these boys already don’t care about you, or any girl that they do this to. And if they don’t care about you enough to respect you, the least you can do is make them afraid of your pointy shoes.

If you are not a violent soul like me, talk to other girls to whom this happens—far away from those boys—and tell them that you hate it and ask if they hate it too. I’m guessing (though obviously you know these people way better than me) that a fair number of them also hate it, even those who might be agreeing with the dudes that you’re “overreacting.” See if there’s any way you guys can band together and keep guys away from you. Rely on each other to keep all of you on the ground.

Also, write down every time this happens, who does it, who’s around you watching it happen, who laughs at your alarm. Ask your girl friends to do this too. Keep track for a while—maybe until the end of the semester—and then go to the principal. Not the VP, not a guidance counselor, the principal. Give them a copy of the lists, tell them that this is unacceptable and demand to know what they’re gonna do about it. If your parents are supportive good people, let them know about this and have them come with you. If they aren’t, tell me where you are and I will fuckin’ fly out myself and glare menacingly at the principal behind your shoulder.

Because here’s the thing: this is assault. It doesn’t matter that it doesn’t “hurt” you; this is nonconsensual and physical violation, and no one should ever be subjected to it. You have every right to fight in whatever way you want to. And I support all of them.

Something else you should know, anon: you are gonna feel weak. About this, about a lot of things in the world that happen. It never ever goes away. But however weak you feel, I want you to know that you are strong. You are brave, and determined, and smart, no matter how you might feel. I know that because you’re looking for help and you want to stop this shitty thing from happening to you and to other girls. I know that you’re already someone to admire, even though you’re like 7 years old. I admire you already; you can do this. Go forth and kick some serious kneecap.


Pssst, Fictionkin:

Want to know what makes me happy?

Somewhere out there, my favorite fictional characters, especially the ones who’s lives weren’t what they wanted them to be, are getting another chance.

Maybe they’re shopping.

Maybe they’re watching silly youtube videos.

Maybe they’re laughing with friends, or playing a favorite game, or driving to work, or making dinner.

So wherever you are, fictionkin, whatever you’re doing, just know that you’re what everyone hoped for, a new chance for the character that they love!


Now that the game has been out for over a month, I figured it would be fun to do another round of asks. If you really want to do these but don’t think anyone will ask, feel free to reblog this and answer them.

  1. On a scale of 1-10, how would you personally rate the game?
  2. Favorite aspects of the game? Least favorite? Give us The Reviews™.
  3. Kingsglaive or Brotherhood?
  4. Did your opinions on any character(s) change? Impressed by a character? Let down?
  5. Character(s) you wanted to see more of?
  6. Characters you wanted to see interact more?
  7. Favorite relationship in game?
  8. Do you ship anyone? If so who? This can be either romantic or platonic.
  9. Fic recommendations. This can be either for ships or just for the game in general.
  10. If you could have DLC on anything, what would it be and why?
  11. Anything from the previous trailers that you wish made it into the game? This applies from the 2013 trailer up to Omen.
  12. Feelings on the ending. Were you satisfied or left down? Would you change anything, or keep it the same?
  13. How do you feel about Ardyn in terms of being a villain? Do you think he surpasses previous ones like Square said he did or did he fall short?
  14. Any headcanons you want to share? This can be about plot or just the characters themselves. If another blog posted headcanons you really like, tell us about those too!
  15. Who are some of your favorite XV blogs?

tellmeimhotaff  asked:

Ok, you're probably not gonna see this but I'm kinda obsessed with your writing (almost gave me enough guts to try it myself), but whatever, that's another story. Could you make a jaded Fox/ djwifi "Excuse you, I have a boyfriend" prompt?

Aww, thanks so much, @tellmeimhotaff <3 Definitely give it a shot! Writing is one of my favorite things to do! Hope you enjoy this drabble. :)

“Excuse you, I have a boyfriend,” Alya snapped, pushing Jade Turtle away.

The hero blanched and took a step back. “Sorry, I…I wasn’t thinking. I apologize, Miss.” He did a bow. “You’re safe now. Sorry if I was too forward.” He gave her one last look and then called up his glider and sailed away.

“Can you believe that chump?” Alya grumbled, crossing her arms. “First, thinking I needed to be saved, and then, trying to kiss me! Like it was some God-given right that Jade Turtle deserves a kiss for doing his job! He’s getting to be just as bad as Chat with Marinette.”

“He must have a crush on you,” Trixx teased, floating up from her pocket.

“Well, he can crush away because I’m a one-man woman and Jade Turtle is no Nino Lahiffe,” she huffed.


“Hey there, cutie,” Vixen winked, dropping down beside Nino. 

He jumped and pulled his headphones down. “Hi, uh, is something wrong?” He looked down the street. “Is there an akuma attack?”

“Nah, I just felt like visiting my favorite civilian,” she said, sitting down on the front stoop beside him.

“I’m your favorite civilian?”

“Of course you are. You’re definitely the most handsome.”

He shifted away from her uneasily. “I, uh, I really appreciate that, and…I don’t want to be that guy or anything, but I’ve got a girlfriend.”

Vixen tried to hide her smile. “That’s just too bad for little ole me then, isn’t it?” She stood and made a show of brushing off her suit. “Well, I better be off. You tell that girlfriend of yours she’s a lucky lady.”

“Sure,” Nino nodded, watching her jump away. “That was weird.”

Wayzz appeared at his side. “Women are mysterious creatures,” he replied sagely.

Prompt List :)

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  • According to a Q&A Ashi and Ilana's design similarities isn't because of Genndy but another person on the project so I'm convinced this is how it went down.
  • Character Designer: So what do you think about this design for the daughters of Aku?
  • Genndy: Oh this one has the same hair as Ilana from Symbionic Titan!
  • Char Designer: Oh should I change it?
  • Genndy: No it's cool, I'm gonna call Tara and see if she wants the part.

anonymous asked:

I'm in the mood for some royalty!au these days ^^ how about bodyguard/knight/butler!iwachan with princess!reader? a bit of angst and fluff would be awesome! i already know I'm gonna love it because I always love your writing, so could you maybe also do this scenario with reversed roles in the future?

i finished this like 11 days ago but i had to save it so i could ensure there was a post going up for iwa-chan’s birthday today :^) so remember when i said i had five ideas for the first half of this request? this…. wasn’t any of those ideas lmao. i came up with this one and another idea which i think i’m going to use for the prince!iwaizumi scenario. i think this one is  going to be a multi-part. there won’t be a need to request the next parts because i’ll consider them as part of the original request

if you like what i do and want to show your support, consider supporting me on ko-fi!

- admin rachel lauren

“I’m not telling you as the king nor as _____’s older brother with some weird sister complex. I’m telling you as your best friend, and I’m telling this to you for your sake: you need to stop what’s going on between you and my sister.”

Oikawa lowered his shoulders. It wasn’t an easy feat to look at the man sitting before him and not take pity. Iwaizumi hands were gripping the arms of his chair, tightly, his head lowered enough so his eyes couldn’t meet Oikawa’s. “I know what I’m asking you to do is easier said than done, but _____ has known for a long time she can’t choose you as her suitor no matter how much she wants to. There’s laws even I can’t overturn, Iwa-chan.”

If the air in the room hadn’t been so thick with tension, Iwaizumi would have scoffed at the way Oikawa childishly muttered that last part. He remembered distinctly how much Oikawa enjoyed dressing up in commoner’s clothing, heading into a nearby town, and trying to woo some of the local girls when they were reached their teen years. Iwaizumi was always charged to go along with him, so he was an unfortunate witness to the eventual-king’s antics. Instead, he lowered his head a little more as his sole response.

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I’m Yours

I can only write when things are outta place.

And, oh man…





“Why does everyone think we’re together?”

Sasuke sat at his kitchen counter and drank leisurely from his cup. After a moment of staring out the window above the sink, he turned his eyes to his open door with the frazzled woman in it.

Her hair looked fluffier than usual, as if she hadn’t brushed it yet. There was no excessive color to her face, but her eyes looked stern and worn. She was also breathing heavier than usual, but Sasuke assumed she was being dramatic. She had those tendencies, after all.

“Sasuke,” Hinata said as she closed the door deliberately, “why do people think we’re together?”

Sasuke set his cup of tea down and rested his head on his hand. “Better question: Why don’t you?”

“BECAUSE WE’RE–” Hinata sighed heavily and pressed her back against the door. “What have you been telling people?”

“I haven’t been.”

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20 Questions for Ed Sheeran, January 25, 2017.
  • Interviewer: What's the most exciting thing in life right now?
  • Ed: Uh, the new album. Coming out third of March.
  • Interviewer: What are you completely tired of right now?
  • Ed: Uhh... I dunno. Walking Dead. I can't seem to get into it. I'm on season four and it's just, I haven't-
  • Interviewer: I'm there as well! Which episode are you on right now?
  • Ed: I'm on like episode five? They're all ill and they're coughing up blood, and-
  • Interviewer: Oh, yeah. It gets better though. Keep on watching it bro.
  • Ed: See, everyone's been saying that, but I've watched like sixty episodes now, and I'm like, I can't quite... so yeah, I'm trying to get through it.
  • Interviewer: What song took you the least amount of time to write?
  • Ed: Thinking Out Loud.
  • Interviewer: What's the first thing that you do when you get an idea for a song?
  • Ed: Uhh, I shut the doors and go away from people.
  • Interviewer: If you could teach one subject at a school, what would it be?
  • Ed: Music. I'm actually going back to teach music at my old school soon.
  • Interviewer: Beautiful, I like that. Did you ever have detention during growing up and going to school?
  • Ed: 'Course, all the time.
  • Interviewer: All the time? Every day?
  • Ed: All the time.
  • Interviewer: What's your favorite drink?
  • Ed: Uhhh... beer. Ale. Like ale. Good, good English ale. Does Finland do good ale?
  • Interviewer: I don't know about that. Not so good. It's okay, but I think it's better in England.
  • Ed: Yeah. You can't drink too much of it though 'cause it's so heavy, it just, I just fall asleep. So I have three and I fall asleep. But the first one is like... glorious.
  • Interviewer: What's your favorite food?
  • Ed: ...Fish and chips? I reckon. Fish and chips. If you give me a fish and chips and an ale, pfft, game over. That's my day.
  • Interviewer: That's perfect. That's heaven. What's one thing you need to have in your fridge always? No matter what-
  • Ed: Ketchup.
  • Interviewer: Ketchup? With fish and chips.
  • Ed: I've actually refused to eat fish and chips when there wasn't any ketchup. I just think it's a travesty.
  • Interviewer: I get that. What's your favorite movie of all time?
  • Ed: Goodfellas.
  • Interviewer: Oh that's a good one. Classic. Favorite TV show?
  • Ed: A show called Love/Hate actually. It's an Irish TV show, like Gangland Dublin. It's amazing.
  • Interviewer: What's the funniest thing you've ever read about yourself on the internet?
  • Ed: That I introduced Adele and her husband Simon. Um, 'cause I do - I now - know them, but like when that came out I, well I'd met Adele, but I'd never met Simon. So I don't know how I could've introduced them.
  • Interviewer: Would you love to work with Adele?
  • Ed: Yeah. I don't think anyone's going to work with Adele. I think Adele kind of doesn't want to work with anyone. I think she does her own thing. So yeah, I think I'd say yes but I don't think it would ever happen.
  • Interviewer: What's the best way to relax for Ed Sheeran?
  • Ed: Sleep. Always a good way, yeah.
  • Interviewer: That's what I do as well. Name one thing you can't live without.
  • Ed: Um. My cats.
  • Interviewer: How many cats do you have?
  • Ed: Two. And they're GREAT.
  • Interviewer: Are you thinking about getting a third one?
  • Ed: I think it'd be unfair. They're sisters, so if you add another cat into the mix it might get weird.
  • Interviewer: What scares you the most?
  • Ed: Uh, heights. Yeah.
  • Interviewer: Me too, I'm afraid of heights. Have you ever done a bungee jump?
  • Ed: I did, yeah. I hated it. Have you done it?
  • Interviewer: Really, you did it?! So you've probably beat that then.
  • Ed: No, no it's made it even worse. Even worse, yeah. Never do it.
  • Interviewer: Really? Okay, I'm not gonna do it then. Thanks for the tip man.
  • Ed: Oh god, I'm just remembering falling down that, like oh god, it was horrible.
  • Interviewer: What was your first job?
  • Ed: My first job, I worked in a pub. I washed, I did the washing up in a pub.
  • Interviewer: If you could travel to any place in the whole world, where would you go?
  • Ed: ...Iceland. Iceland again. I love, I love, I love Iceland.
  • Interviewer: So you've been there, like-?
  • Ed: Once. But it was one of the best places I've ever been to.
  • Interviewer: Have you ever been to Finland?
  • Ed: Yeah. I've been to Finland, yeah. I think I played a small show in Finland once.
  • Interviewer: If you were in a boyband, what would the band's name be?
  • Ed: Wrong Direction.
  • Interviewer: [Laughs] Wrong Direction, I love that. What's the best piece of advice you've ever received?
  • Ed: Always be nice to people.
  • Interviewer: That's cool. It works out every time. If you could work with any artist in the world, who would it be?
  • Ed: Beyonce. Beyonce. I have worked with her before, but not on an original song.
  • Interviewer: Could you name three things that make you happy right now? This Wednesday.
  • Ed: Uh, my cats. Pictures of my cats. And hearing about my cats. I like my cats. Three things.
  • Interviewer: [Laughs] What's the biggest no-no purchase you've ever bought?
  • Ed: No-no? Astin Martin. Astin Martin, yeah. I only drove it a couple of times.
  • Interviewer: Really?! How much was it?
  • Ed: It wasn't cheap. I feel like, I felt... I got it, and I felt cool. And then I felt like an idiot. I don't think sports cars are for me.
  • Interviewer: Do you still have it?
  • Ed: I do still have it, yeah. I let my manager's wife drive it. She uses it.