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Favourite Hannibal fanfictions?

Ooooh so this is a tough one! I still kind of see myself as a newbie in regards to the fandom, so I’m still reading/finding/perusing fanfics and trying to learn names. So far, this is what I’ve found! I’m putting the names of the authors as they are on Ao3 if you guys want to go check them out as well! Feel free to add on if you can think of any recommendations as well, guys!

-’Redemption’ by HouseofCannibals is seriously so good and beautiful and engaging with its gritty edge of prison life and the realities of such a rough institution with a shameless warden. Can’t wait for an update tbh, it kills me to wait, but it’s so worth it every time.

-’Il Ragazzo e il Suo Monstro’ by Phos is so unique and breathtaking. Their descriptions of the mental state of a young Will Graham just wrecks me, and I am honestly taken aback at how beautiful they craft the plot while maintaining those wonderful elements of the show that we all love and adore.

-’Bound’ by Norgbelulah is so fun and unique! Basically just picture a nordic/viking Hannibal and a monk Will Graham and BAM. So fun, so well done, and so happy whenever I see an update.

-’The Fox’s Wedding’ by TheHoyden is a cute one-shot where Will Graham gets abducted and it’s as hilarious as it is adorable and fluffy. Love, love, love

-’The Tale of Prince William Graham and the Insufferable Dragon Hannibal Lecter’ by Ghostwriter98 is basically the best mash-up of Shrek and Hannibal EVER. So funny, so gut-wrenchingly hilarious, and honestly…a Princess Alana stuck in a tower just is so amazing I can’t handle myself.

-’Omiai’ by Iesika is a lovely and chilling au whose descriptions of the macabre and dark know no bounds, and I’m obsessed. It picks up around where his encephalitis is actually cured by Hannibal rather than left to run rampant, and their work is so sharp and utterly lovely to read.

-’Night Shift’ by Possessivenoun –okay, basically anything written by Possessivenoun because it’s all so good and amazing and fucking fantastic. I think this one is my favorite by them, although they also have ‘Dark Wonders’, ‘Behold the Lamb’ and those are equally recommended and loved.

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holy shit, that sole being tortured one ruined me. good job! could we possibly get a follow up with the aftermath of the torture? I'm all for angst but please don't make it too angsty, I don't think my heart could take it.

(Lol it was torture to write badum tss. But thanks. Hopefully this isn’t too angsty? I can’t tell anymore, it gets away from me sometimes)

Hancock- He plies them with all the liquor and chems they need to make the pain ebb, but he’s mindful of just how much they take. Wouldn’t help anyone if they got out of that den and overdosed a few days later. Goodneighbor is closest, so he lets them sleep in his room until they can get up and around on their own. “Wasn’t your fault,” he tells them quietly a few days later as they laid curled up under his sheets (in a position he’s had dreams of a couple of nights, under happier circumstances). “Ain’t nothing you could have done to keep it from happening. You know that, right?” They hesitate, leaving it to hang a long moment without an answer. He squeezes their arm tenderly. “I want you to remember that.” He leans forward, presses a firm kiss to their forehead and stands. He checks with Fahrenheit to make damn sure not a single rat escaped that nest of sadistic fucks. He hopes Sole sleeps a little easier with them gone.

Nick- He stays close enough to catch them when they stumble. “Take it easy.” They fight him, say they need to get to Sanctuary as soon as possible, that they have work to do, but Nick coaxes them into sitting and taking a breath. “Don’t push yourself. After everything…” He sighs, a hand resting against the back of their neck, cradling their head. “No one expects you to be a superhero all the time. If you need time, you take it. The world won’t fall apart without you for a little while.” They stare at him with slowly crumbling defiance, until they can no longer hold it together under the weight of his gaze. They sink forward against his chest, and he strokes their head in loose circles until the tears come.

MacCready- He hates himself. As much as he wants to be there for Sole, he can’t look at them. He makes sure they’re taken care of, well fed and healing properly, but beyond that, he stays at arm’s length. He can’t see anything but his failings in the bruises and barely healed cuts on their cheeks. He’s just reminded of everyone he’s let down in his life, Sole being the newest addition to that list. He speaks in clipped sentences and sits far on the other side of the campfire from them, hugging his rifle in his lap. Sole tries to coerce a conversation out of him, but like the nights before, he keeps his answers short. “Robert.” He twitches slightly. He knows what they’ll say even before they say it; “What’s going on with you?” MacCready huffs, “Of course you’d ask me that. You get butchered and you ask me what’s wrong.” They blanch at his response, but it’s started now and he can’t stop. “I should have… I don’t know what I should have done. I should have kept them off you.” He wipes stubbornly at the fat blobs of salt water welling in the corners of his eyes. “God, and I’m so damn selfish, I haven’t even thought about how you much worse you must feel…” Why did Sole put up with him? Why did Lucy, or 101, or anyone ever put up with him? They wrap around him from behind and his eyes grow wide. “I’m sorry,” he says quietly, clinging to their arms, “I’m so sorry, Sole…”

X6-88- He doesn’t even ask; Once they’re both free and clear, he relays them both to the Institute. He doesn’t trust any waster with their care. Sole is taken to the medical wing and X6 is taken for repairs of his own. His injuries heal a lot easier than theirs. “Sir/ma'am,” he begins as they both sit on a bench in the lobby, near the shade of artificial trees, “Are you feeling well?” They are still covered in gauze, but X6 is assured the recovery process has been expedited considerably. “I’ll live. You?” “I saw it again. When I was sleeping.” His fingers curl against his lap. “I believe there is an anomaly in my programming. I have been considering turning myself in for assessment before it gets any worse. It could be a threat to the safety of you and the Institute if I am unable to perform my duties at an optimal level. Not only that… but in allowing you to come to harm, I failed my highest priority mission. You would be better off in the care of someone else.” They lay their hand over his. “If I ordered you not to get reprogrammed, would you have to do what I do say?” His brows knit at the question. “If I believe I am becoming a danger, then it would be irresponsible of you to give me such an order. But… if it was given…. I would be obligated to follow it.” “Then it’s given.” He stares at them from behind his sunglasses, observing the purple bruises flaring down their temple, and the way they frown at him. In this instance, he could easily circumvent their wishes. It would be the wiser decision in the long run. But he turns forward, staring at the reflections in the glass floor. He doesn’t want to forget them as much as they don’t want him to forget. “Very well,” he complies. For better or worse, he would hold onto the experience he’d like nothing more than to forget.

Danse- It’s difficult to move on from something like this, but Sole keeps moving. He admires them even more than before, and not just as a soldier. He insists on carrying most of the junk they (for some reason) always want to lug around and keeps them both on the routes which pose the less danger. If they find a fight, he takes point. If they look weak, he insists on a Stimpak. If the sun goes down, he stops them and sets up camp. They express with some annoyance that they liked it much better being the leader than the follower. “It’s only temporary. Just until you’re back in fighting shape.” He gives them a portion of his rations, and takes the first watch while they sleep, as he has for the last five nights. His caution near borders on paranoia, but there’s no way in hell he’s letting it happen again. He’d sooner die than see them in that position again.

Curie- She whispers curses and has to flick away the dewdrops on her lashes as she’s tending to Sole’s wounds. “I do not understand humanity at times. People should not hurt others like this. For any reason!” She’s confused, a little afraid, and every time she looks at the crosshatch of stitches, she finds her eyes watering again. She feels compelled to lay a kiss just above one of the cuts on their back and sigh against their skin. “I am so sorry this happened to you.” She’s gentle in her care for their injuries, but firm when she tells them they absolutely must stay on bedrest for awhile, and even if she needs to hold them down to keep them put.

Piper- She delivers on that promise of an ice cold Nuka Cola once they’re back in Diamond City. She makes sure the doc patches them up and curls up with them on the couch once they’ve got the greenlight to head home. Nat knows something very bad happened, so she keeps her distance and stays quiet, excusing herself to go upstairs and finish her homework. Piper pets Sole’s head as they lay in her lap. The glowing bottle of soda is left on the table, untouched. “We can talk whenever you’re ready. Talk helps.” At least, it usually did. She leans her head back, lightly runs her nails up and down their scalp until they both fall asleep. Nat makes them breakfast in the morning. It almost feels normal.

Deacon- “I think you look at least ten percent hotter. Scars are total sex magnets.” He runs his thumb around the burn wound, skirting the edges just enough that he doesn’t cause them pain. “You know what… it looks a little like a bunny.” Sole laughs, then immediately asks that he not make them laugh as they replace the bandages around their waist. What other choice does he have? If he doesn’t hear it, he’ll have nothing to focus on but the pain of his own wounds and their limping gait, both things he’d really like to forget for awhile. “You’re a real badass now. Nobody can call themselves a secret agent until they’ve been roughed up a little by bald guys with the ‘sinister big bad’ starter pack.” He slings an arm around their shoulders on the trip back to HQ. Both because he needs to remind himself that they’re here, they’re still alive, and so they can lean their weight against him to alleviate the hobble in their step. He prods them over the course of the next few weeks whenever they need to apply a Stimpak, a dose of Med-X, or a change of bandages.

Codsworth- He insists Sole lay down the moment they reach Sanctuary, and doesn’t let them get up for anything. Even trips to the bathroom are a battle, with Codsworth not wanting them to move an inch and Sole not wanting to piss in a bottle. He brings them breakfast, lunch, and dinner in bed, and on the sparing few occasions they absolutely need to get up, he’s there to be their crutch. “I was terribly worried about you,” he tells them as he’s folding and putting away clothes in a rickety handmade dresser. “I thought you… I thought I was going to…” Sole calls him over from his task to run their hand along his chassis. “I’m not going anywhere, Codsworth.”
“Please don’t. It was terribly lonely without you all that time… I would be quite… lost without you, sir/mum.”

Cait- She breaks three of her knuckles and fractures her orbital socket in the frenzied attack, but she insists it’s nothing compared to what Sole went through. After receiving treatment from a nearby settlement, Sole wakes up to Cait with an armful of liquor. She dumps them onto the bed and shoves a glass into their arms. “No better pain killer in the wasteland!” She fetches one for for herself and clinks it off Sole’s. “We’re gonna drink until we’re smashed, and then we’re gonna drink some more.” She opens up a bottle of bourbon and splashed a shot into both their glasses, and downs hers while Sole is staring at her. “Yeah, sounds like a great coping mechanism,” they chuckle dryly. “S'the only one that works worth a damn,” she rebuts, tipping the bottom of their cup up towards their lips.

Preston- He takes over many of the General’s responsibilities, and unless it’s of the utmost importance, he doesn’t bother them with it. He checks in every morning with the Castle’s doc to get a report on Sole’s condition, even after they’re well enough to get around by themselves, and ensures they have all the supplies to make Stimpaks and other meds. He wants to talk to them about it, make sure their mental condition isn’t as damaged as their physical, but his throat becomes unbearably dry whenever he tries. He finds them one day, standing on the Castle walls, as the sun was setting across the ocean and painting the waters with blazing color. He stands with them awhile, glancing between the visible scars and the majesty of the sunset. “I won’t let my guard down again, General. I promise.” His fingers wind around theirs and squeeze ever so slightly.

Dogmeat- He lays across Sole’s lap, and growls at anyone that comes close. Even settlers and friends in Sanctuary are warned to keep their distance. It serves Sole’s reclusive nature just fine after what they went through, and they’re glad to have company in solitude.

Strong- Human moves slow, tells him they “just need a minute”. He gets sick of it quickly, so he picks them up and places them on his shoulders, carrying them most of the way through the city until they reach the city with lights. “Other humans weak,” he tells them when they’re being treated, “If they were strong, woulda eaten you, like brothers do. But you alive.” He pats them on the back and pops at least a dozen stitches.

Glory (Hogwarts!AU)

In the year 2018, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry hosts the 200th Triwizard Tournament. When the three schools go head to head at the famous campus, more than just simple competition occurs. What happens when your crush, your ex, and your best friend become your competitors for eternal glory? To Camila Cabello, it’s just one big game of fuck, marry, and kill in order to win this years Cup. 

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Because I'm a thirsty ho in denial: Headcanons on how you think Kellog (Fallout 4) would be as a companion/romance

Bro. Bro, bro. Bro, listen. I’m only gonna tell this to you and all 1,500 of my followers and whoever they reblog this to.

I’m mad in love with Kellog. This request pleases me.

-His likes/dislikes would be similar to MacCready’s. Sole asking for more money when accepting quests, helping kids, and choosing sarcastic dialogue choices would garner his approval, while being the selfless hero type would lower it. His companion perk would likely have something to do with stealth, like making Stealth Boys last longer. If his approval goes low enough, he leaves: no discussion, no second chance to earn his trust back, he leaves one morning while the player sleeps and doesn’t come back.

-He wouldn’t consider dating anyone, he’s 108 by the time of Fallout 4′s events after all, making him a good half century older than anyone he meets. And he’s not into ghouls. But since Sole is the only person not only older than him, but with all their skin, hair, and original teeth (most of them at least) they’d be the first person he ever considers a relationship with. Of course, he wouldn’t reveal this until much later in his companion quests.

-He’d stick with the player through any of the ending, with the Brotherhood, Minutemen, or Railroad, but would likely not approve of an Institute ending. However, no matter the ending, if Sole leaves Synth!Shaun behind to die, he leaves. No amount of speech checks, charisma, approval, or bullshit excuses would make him stay after that.

-His companion quest would maybe have to do with erasing him from Institute records, making it appear he was dead, or (if the player isn’t friendly with the Institute) fighting off coursers to keep him out of their hands. He’s got a lot of their valuable tech in his body, they likely wouldn’t want him just walking around free, and I doubt he would want to go back to working for them once the player signs him up for their team.

-His responses to flirting would probably be along the lines of “Huh. K.” until later on in his quests, where it’d be more like “Why. What the hell is wrong with you? I killed your spouse and kidnapped your kid, you should hate me.” If taken to see Sole’s spouse…sicle, I don’t think he’d apologize. Apologies are just words, and ultimately meaningless. He doesn’t forgive the guys who killed his family, and he wouldn’t expect Sole to forgive him. But the only way to really progress is to forgive him, which just fucks him up royally. He could confront the player about it, maybe even be a little angry and frustrated at how they’re treating him (like he isn’t a giant piece of shit), but mostly, confused. Why they want to help him, why they make all these obviously flirting comments, why they didn’t just shoot him in the head when they found him. It’s up to the player if Sole really is willing to let it go, might still harbor anger (which would end the relationship) or is willing to work on it with him.

-The last phase/affinity talk, where the player seals the deal yknowhatImsayin, Kellog could finally allow Sole to call him Connie, a nickname no one’s used since Sarah (unrelated note, I really hate how many dead wives are involved in the companion’s backstories, but egh, another time). He might start talking about his asshole dad or his strict mom, until realizing Sole has already seen all of this when they did the memory swap. Maybe he chuckles when it dawns on him that, out of everyone in the Commonwealth, Sole is the only person that knows so much about him- about his wife and daughter, even his parents, who he’s never discussed with anyone. Sole is also about the only person that understands how much it hurts to have something so genuine and lose it all. In a weird way, Connie is responsible for the deaths of both their families, yet Sole is still willing to give him a second chance. A real second chance, not what the Institute offered him.

-Many feelings ensue! Kellog might not be like the other companions in terms of lovey dovey stuff, he won’t be like MacCready and say he’ll walk with you for the rest of his life or call you babe like Preston, but he’d be noticeably softer with them after all this, and expresses concern over their safety. He might angrily spit at them to worry about themselves if they run into the fray to Stimpak him, and there could be a little more panic in his voice if Sole does something dumb like jumping off a roof. His “Lover’s Embrace” comments would, again, be checking in to make sure Sole is doing okay (all the Institute modifications mean he doesn’t need to sleep very much, so he’d mostly keep an eye on them during the night and his comment would reflect this, stuff like ”You were talking in your sleep again. No bad dreams, I hope?” ) Every now and then though, he’d slip up and say something mushy because I too am a ho in denial and I really like the image of a very stern, scarred up old merc like Kellog telling Sole he won’t let anything happen to them.

I could go on forever though so I’m gonna force myself to stop here, before I outline an entire “Kellog Companion” mod. I mean, I literally just did, but… >:Y