i think i'm going to do another for justin

Dunkey Part 1 of 2
  • Griffin: It's by Yahoo Answers user John, who asks...this is my favorite question we've had in a very long time, "I'm a big time lawyer in the city, and yet I'm addicted to donkey basketball. All I think about. Is this okay? - It started as corporate fundraiser. We had a gym reserved and a company provided us with the donkeys. It seemed innocent enough until game time when everything seemed to slow down and I became entranced with the game. Every aspect of it seemed logical and right. When the final buzzer sounded, I've thrown up the game-winning shot. Buckets! My teammates rode over to me to congratulate me, and I had never received such euphoria. That night, I could not sleep. I think about it during meetings and it is starting to interfere with my home life, and I'm even a republican! I am thinking about getting professional help because I see no solution. I do not want to stop thinking about it but I also do not want it to further hinder my life. Across the city, they have another charity function and I am thinking about going even though I am not invited."
  • Justin: If this is not the construction of the various, you know, winds and changes in shifting tectonic plates that create our reality, if this is not a product of that but rather a shitty joke reference to like, a really terrible Bradley Cooper movie he made before he was Bradley Cooper that someone got for $1.50 from the hidden treasures shelf at Dollar General, I'm going to be very mad.
  • Griffin: And what would that movie be called?
  • Travis: Dunkey.

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I'm honestly just.... Do you not think justin has had it hard? He's one of the most hates people, people have signed petitions to get him away from America??? Like I don't see petitions going around for ariana or Demi, idk i agree on the fact that women might have it harder but Jesus, Justin's had it hard as well? He's owned up to his mistakes and clearly grown up, maybe people actually see that and give him another choice

he hasn’t grown up tho lmao i’m always willing to forgive ppl who make mistakes but he keeps making them??? just this morning he started flipping chairs after being told to leave a restaurant in paris (which is what inspired that post), was it last week that he literally left a concert early bc some fans weren’t listening to him instead of just getting security to deal with them.. he keeps doing the same old shit and people literally talk about it for a day and move on. i know he’s apologised for some of those things but apologies start to mean less when you have to make them every day.

and i know he’s been hated publicly in the past but right now as far as i can see he’s not hated generally lol i know i shouldn’t judge how hated he is solely based on tumblr but using it as a gauge, i can tell you i’ve seen 2309482340 more hate posts about demi lovato for not being happy that a bad, photoshopped picture of her was being used as a meme than i have for justin bieber who is constantly doing intentionally rude and disrespectful things. i imagine if demi left a concert early because she was annoyed at some fans or started flipping chairs in restaurants, people would talk about it for longer and be more critical and it would probably become a widespread meme.

the fact is that whatever justin does, even if he does face consequences, he is forgiven for it sooner than he would if he wasn’t white or a male.  yeah, he was extremely hated in 2013, because he did things like piss in restaurant mop buckets. if he’s ‘had it hard’ it’s been completely because of things that he himself has done so i don’t have much sympathy for him. i don’t care if people are still fans of him and my post wasn’t even about disliking him, it was about finding it incredibly frustrating that he continues to get away with gross behaviour when many many other artists have been publicly crucified for a lot less.