i think i'm going insane

Not to be dramatic but the looks Mako and Korra give each other in the series finale are and forever will be the most loving and heartfelt expressions in any fiction universe and nothing will convince me otherwise

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Geez I'm going crazy, one one hand I think I'm totally insane for being so invested in Jikook but on the other hand the latest Kookmin World video has got me in a state of disbelief and excitement. The evidence is nearly undeniable that Jimin was in there, coupled with Jungkook's totally suspicious behaviour at the beginning of the Vlive and Jimin hiding for no apparent reason?? (he could have just been like 'oh hi guys I'm in Jungkook's room too!' but he hid like he was up to something) (1/2)

Anon: and Jungkook saying he wasn’t wearing clothes (wtf!!) and then hastily half-putting on a robe before letting V in (WTF!!!!!) omg I’m getting a heart attack all over again. The only big uncertainty about this whole thing I have is that maybe Jimin and Jungkook were just doing something innocent and totally platonic in that room before V entered… That involved Jungkook not wearing clothes… And Jimin’s guilty caught-criminal-type behaviour (hiding in the bathroom, really)… Maybe they (2/3)

were doing something somewhat embarrassing but not romantic/sexual, like Jimin helping Jungkook shave or taking Jungkook’s measurements or something… fitness/beauty/health-related…?? Because if there is no alternative, I’m seriously going to die…!!! Help!! I am really dangerously close to… believing… that they were up to something!! OTL (3/3)

I honestly am on the same boat as you. When I saw Kookmin World’s video, my jaw actually dropped I was so shocked. The evidence piled up and made so much sense. And even now, people are still finding more details within the video, and idk if we’re all delusional or if this actually happened. 

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How to make a shitpost

First you take a shit and perform a ritual invoking the warrior god tezcatlipoca to change it into a small army of shit people which will form the word shit when in defensive position

Second you work through the ranks of the us government until you become postmaster general

Third and final step is to fuse with your shit army using a 17th century healing rod from the plains of Mongolia

And there you have it

Your shitpost

half of the cops in my hometown and at least three (3) of my old schoolteachers have donated money to my mom’s gofundme and it’s strangely validating like most abusive parents lie and say they know all of the cops and that there’s no one for you to turn to but my mom wasn’t lying back then and i knew it and she emailed my teachers all the time to know exactly how awful i was day-to-day and i was aware of it then and as far as i know she still complains/jokes about what a problem child i was to my teachers when she sees them in the store she works at like… the isolation wasn’t in my head it was real™ y’all i wasn’t crazy hooray 

*when the entire fandom is fighting*

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Amen, Shaun T.

So- I didn’t feel like running today; so I thought I would do some Insanity. I am so sore that I could sleep for a week. But, I did such a good job! There was a time I couldn’t even make it through the warm up.

Pure Cardio (39 minutes)
Cardio Abs (17 minutes)

My legs are shaking, my clothes are soaked. I’m tapping out.


alicia florrick alphabet: peter

“Peter, it’s never going back to normal.”


manuscript it still not edited (ugh) but meetings are all done and i survived them happily, and even prepped properly for each one. i dropped the ball on a renewal deadline for something at work but it turns out it was only half my fault and i managed to sort out it in the space of two hours and am back on track, so panic on that front is subsiding :D

didn’t catch the Flash last night (was out with my sister) but i will today, and after i do then i’ll be safe to return to tumblr :) i’m not even looking at my inbox yet haha. 

hoping to spend today editing my manuscript, watching the the flash finale, having coffee with a friend, and grocery shopping.

life is like almost back on track. now i just gotta maintain some semblance of balance for the next ~4 weeks while i finish all the necessities for my job market applications and send out about 100 of them. then i think i can take a few days to chill before i start prepping and stressing for my job market conference in august.


They’ve been at it for 12 hours since Pablo basically told them to fuck off. I can only dream to be that mad about a fictional ship one day. 😂

I’ve been in tears about that one for hours:

Today has been horrible. I can’t stop thinking about you, I am drowning in pain. Almost every night I have the same dream, about you. Everything around me makes me think of you. Today I walked by someone who wore the same fragnance as you and for a moment I thought that it was you standing behind me. I miss your lips. I miss the way they felt. I miss how you held me. I miss feeling safe. God, I miss you.
—  I think I made you up inside my head

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I never drink caffeine but I just downed two Starbucks iced coffees that my friend didn't want and now I'm in my room alone dancing to these fucking songs and I almost broke my door down because I trucked into it thinking it was open,, I'm going quickly insane to a sped up version of All Star. I'm having the god damn time of my life and I'm about to throw up I feel truly alive

god bless