i think i'm getting lazier


I headcanon Bokuto to be the type of person who is a literal furnace and wears T-shirts all year round, whereas Akaashi has perpetually cold hands.


#woctoberfest: jamie’s thirty-one randomly-ordered faves

day eighteen: karen beecher (bumblebee) | african-american

the story; bumblebee met cyborg while they were both infiltrating h.i.v.e. academy. she helped him stop brother blood and chase him to steel city. while there, she founded titans east, and became the team leader. she and her team appeared several times as allies of the main team.

abilities; bumblebee has the ability to shrink down to the size of a bee. she also has insect wings, allowing her to fly and giving her enhanced agility. she fights with weapons that she calls her “stingers,” which discharge bursts of electricity.

seen in; teen titans s3, s5.