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Hello, everyone! I haven’t followed new blogs in a long time and I figure it’s about time I got some new content on my dash!

Please reblog if you create content for or reblog a lot of:

  • Gintama
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  • Yuri!!! On Ice
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This is a side blog, so I’ll be following people with SkyChasingDreamer. I write a lot of fics, make gifs, and do events that sometimes include giveaways like the one coming up: Gintoki Celebration

SO!! a few announcements!

i think this has been my quietest summer as far as comics go. i’ve been focusing mostly on book work, background commission work, and portrait/coloring practice. BUT HEY!! i have some things for you guys to look forward to!

  • I’LL BE RELEASING THE CONTENTS OF GOD’N’GABE III ONLINE, finally! you can see that within the coming month!
    • in this same vein, i’ll be putting more hard copies of the books back in my shop, but i’ll be focusing on g’n’g iii and The Swaingels in there!
    • i wanna hear your guys’ suggestions for this! i’d like to have one done by the holidays!
  • i’m hoping to start working on God’n’Gabe IV and The God Squad soon!
  • MY FINAL TWO CONS WILL BE NOLA AND DC but! that doesn’t mean you can’t get g’n’g stuff at cons i won’t physically be at. i worked it out, and books will still be available in at least nj!
  • once SPN starts back up, you guys can look forward to regular comics back up again!

thanks for stickin with it through the summer! i’m so excited for things to start picking back up!


Lana Beniko is not amused.

To the person/people who I have spent too much of my time thinking about. To the person/people I have wasted my energy on. To person/people who I gave my all too, and received nothing in return. I hope you are out living life to the fullest because even you deserve to be happy.

I hope you find what you are looking for, and are finally content where you are. I hope you have the adventures and thrills you were seeking. I hope you meet people who genuinely care about you, and you genuinely care about. I hope only for the best, for you.

I hope we don’t meet again. And if we do, I hope you have changed. I hope you learned something.

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Hello not a tech ask this time ;) everyone is talking about yuzus SP and FP but nothing about his EX. After i've spazzed enough about his SP and FS, i've been thinking about his EX. I'm SUPER excited for his EX. Have you any thoughs of what he might skate to, like a new program or he will bring back old ones? I need another twizzle-3A-twizzle *.*

His EX is something I really haven’t the faintest idea about *lolsob* But yeah I’m also very very much looking forward to it, since it is the final chance of us having brand new content this season *lolsob again* 

To tell you the truth, I have pretty much given up any last shred of hope for a new number though, so the scenarios I currently have played out in my head are: 

(1) a repeat of Notte Stellata because true, he needs to serve up that twizzle 3A sandwich - we deserve it after all the trolling he’s put us through this summer 

(2) a repeat of Requiem to complete the 2015-2016 throwback portfolio - that program has either a twizzle - 3A - spread eagle or a spread eagle sandwich in it depending on his mood so ok I can go with that too 

or (3) an adaptation of Let’s Go Crazy into an EX because why the heck not?

sweetheart 💕//

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a/n: alright so i wrote this really quick when the inspiration hit. i suck at summaries y'all, that’s why i never do them. anyway i hope you enjoy it. and let me know if you want more peter parker imagines.

You were scribbling in your notebook, trying to work out differential equations when a sequence of five loud knocks came from your right side. Your heart had lodged in your throat at the disturbance—you lived on the fifteenth floor of your building so there was absolutely no way that someone was at your window right now. Well there was only one other person but for some reason they hadn’t crossed your mind. You don’t look to see who it is right away, instead you opt for just ignoring the person, they couldn’t see you through your dark maroon curtains so if you stayed still then they’d most likely leave. The knocks come again, harsher this time but a frantic voice accompanies it soon after, “Y/N, you there? Come on, I need your help.”

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And finally, that Amarantha portrait :)

ACOTAR series by Sarah J Mass

So a while ago I fulfilled myself a little dream of mine and bought the limited edition of Funimation’s SnK bluray (rip wallet)…and yesterday it finally arrived! It’s a really cool thing and a lot of the content inside the “notes from beyond the wall” booklet rarely ever appears on tumblr, so I’ll definitely try to scan and share them with you in the near future^-^ this marks my third season 1 bluray collection I think I need help

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I don't want to get my hopes up and say it's a moving announcement, but I think it's realistic to think it's a ditl. And I'm excited for anything GIVE ME CONTENT

me: don’t get your hopes up just enjoy whatever the video is and don’t overthink it

also me: if they’re moving is phil taking the wicker bed or is he finally getting a new one



right now i’m working on the high res pages! to give you guys an example, the left is the draft you’ve already seen, the right in the finished (or like, mostly finished) high res, redrawn page.

during a lot of these drafts, i was still working on design, so there will be a number of changes in the actual hard copy! i might sell digital versions of this one, simply for those dedicated swaingel fans who wanna see all the new work right away rather than wait for the book to come out :’D

but all-in-all, you guys’ve already seen pretty much all of the content it’ll have to offer. hopefully the middle of this month will be the last you have to hear me talk about it!!

Okay fuck this

Sorry guys, I’mma actually NOT post this tonight, and while in general I hate posting on Sundays because of how inevitably dead it is, I’ll post it tomorrow because I’m stressing out way too much, and the text is once again getting to oneshot fic length -.-;;;

Terribly sorry, and SIGH am disappointed in self -.-;

But I hope this will be worth the wait, as odd and specific an AU it is ^ ^; Hopefully it’ll be enough content to entertain someone lol

Sorry again, and thanks so much for always being so understanding and patient with me ;A;

Brother! Nico
  • Nico: You can find a lot of interesting things in the Underworld.
  • Nico: You could stumble upon some really old, really mean ghosts with some CRAZY stories to tell
  • Nico: or some poisonous fruit
  • Nico: or some rivers that could kill you..or worse
  • Nico: or some nasty, disgusting creatures *shudders*
  • Nico: or heck you could even accidentally trip over your step sister!
  • Hazel: Hey!
  • Nico: I'm sorry, I meant to say..you could find a wonderful, amazing step-sister who is the light of your existence
  • Hazel: *smiles*
  • Nico: -of course, that is only if you're lucky. If you aren't you could just end up with a Hazel
  • Hazel: Nico!
  • Nico: I'm kidding! Hazel is the best :) *throws arm around her*
  • Hazel: *sighs* *smiles up at her dorky brother*

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I'm a little new to the VM world so I'm wondering if Rob Thomas has ever said what happened immediately following season 3? Like how did Logan and Veronica just not talk for 9 years? They didn't see each other after what happened in the series finale or what? I've seen the movie but I'm still confused!

Welcome to the fandom, anon!

Yep, L/V went nine long years without speaking to each other.  

Originally posted by veronicamars-loganecholls

The way I understand it, Veronica left for her summer internship at Quantico right after the finale, and never came back.  She transferred to Stanford after the summer and then Columbia Law.  

I don’t think Rob Thomas every spelled it out step-by-step, but if you’d like to read speculation, I highly recommend @bryrosea‘s 9-Years fics:  Waste of Breath and A Quartz Contentment.   They may not be official canon, but they should be.  

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I have a question. I've looked everywhere but I just cant find it. Where did you find out that Matt was back and where the Matt pictures came from. Im sorry to ask im just really curious and feel like I'm missing something......

It’s fine dw about it! A few days ago, an actress (who I think was most likely doing voice over work for future episodes of Voltron) put this picture on her Instagram story

And it showed Shiro and Matt alive and well, and it pretty much blew up across the Voltron fandom :,D I was so happy when I saw this because I’d been craving some kinda content for forever now and we finally got something, even if it wasn’t anything official

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I'm new to the Voltron fandom after rewatching season 1 and 2 like 5 times and the first thing I think is.... matt and Shiro? And this blog makes my day for Shatt content

Prompt fill for my Follower Celebration! Will also be posted on Ao3 under Towards the Sky.

Guys. We’re finally here. This is prompt fill #20 in a little less than two weeks. That’s a hell of a lot of words. Thank you so much for sticking with me and thank you to those of you that joined me for the ride over the past two weeks, I promise there’s a lot more in the works and on the way. I hope you enjoy this one :)

Thank you so much to @melonbugg for inspiring me and working with me every single day, @galactic-davey for boosting my confidence on the daily, and @butteredonions for telling me to just do it.

Shiro didn’t care to know where he was; he could only focus on the feeling of the damp cloth against his forehead, the water dripping down his face, calming the heat that wracked his whole body. It was his lighthouse in the storm of his mind, one thing he could concentrate on that wasn’t pain, wasn’t confusion, wasn’t the rattle of his lungs. Even the light falling in through his closed lids was like a knife straight to his brain; he was afraid of opening them, of letting the knife twist in his skull. He focused on the blissful cold dabbed against his face, his neck, again and again.

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Remember that traditional drawing ? Guess I drew it digitally as well. Quite (REALLY) proud of it !

Ofc it’s Jacksepticeye, who is one of the most inspiring person I’ve ever known (if I can say “know”). He makes lot of people smile and laugh with the amazing work he does every day. He built a wonderful and strong community that’s healthy as heck, and it’s kind of impressive to see how a single person, with his energic and smiling self, can help so many people to feel happy. To go through hard times, to laugh when they feel down, to simply have a good time ! (And the hard work behind is just stunning when you think about it : 2 videos per day, thanks to Robin for that as well, because damn the content is good, but without editing it is definetly not the same !).

Anyways, stay as you are man, you’re freakin’ awesome. :)