i think i'm dumb or maybe just happy

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I love your headcanons. They have led to me checking your blog regularly, minus an account the old-fashioned way XD.

this is the nicest message i’ve ever gotten i’m cryin

  • [castle makes weird noise] “is that you zarkon”
  • do the alteans know that hunk and pidge aren’t actual pilots
    • “hunk that was a basic maneuver! how did you manage to mess up so badly?” “listen coran i’m literally just winging it out here”
    • pidge… doesn’t even have a driver’s permit……. god…………..
  • lance: “you’ve got beautiful eyes princess” allura, without looking up from the castle controls: “thanks i need them to see”
  • coran and hunk are tied for best biceps on the team
  • pidge to keith: “i know i’m going to regret saying this, but you may have finally achieved ‘so dumb it might just work’”
  • shiro toggles between “ride or die” and “no officer i’ve never seen this person before in my life” with no in-between
    • shiro: will throw himself into a gladiator arena to protect you
    • also shiro: [”is this knife really your friend’s”] “uh… maybe? but idk i don’t think stealing’s off the table here”
  • hunk: “we’re gonna die!” lance: “don’t say that! think positive!” hunk: “we’re gonna die quickly!”

i just wanna say that one direction makes me so happy and it’s not naive to hope that they’ll get back together and it’s certainly not dumb to trust that they aren’t lying when they say they will get back together and i really hate that certain parts of this fandom make me feel bad for wanting them back together because the world is shit and one direction is great so stfu and let me enjoy things maybe

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here's my theory for the dean/jensen crying scene- jensen said dean was supposed to act angry, too, so im thinking more along the lines that cas finally expels lucifer or something and then dean tries to be mad at him but instead just breaks down and cries because he cant stand cas being hurt anymore (or maybe he's just happy to have him back)- but i dont think the writers are dumb enough to kill off cas, they know that the viewers will riot

YAAAA I was thinking the same thing bc I’m pretty sure bucklemming is writing that ep so they would probs write dean to be angry but jens was like nawwww sike ;)