i think i'm done tho

It’s been 2 months since I’d finished Carry On, but I’m still having enormous feels about SnowBaz.

So here they are, with matching clothes and my favorite line!

There are so many things I wanna draw but I went with this one because it’s the quickest and I need SLEEP.

So. MP100 Wing AU again. Enjoooooy.

Blue and Henry ask Gansey to aglionby prom with an incredibly obnoxious sign that they made together at 300 fox way. it’s covered it glitter and scraps of fabric and pictures of Madonna (@henry) and says something like “don’t be a dick go to prom with us” or “we need some dick on prom night” or “fist prom, then Venezuela” they ask him in the middle of the aglionby quad one day as school gets out. blue is standing on a table with the sign. Henry has a bullhorn. gansey is touched.

I’m writing a maybe Tomarry (undecided if they should date) modern au fic where the horcrux’s are septuplets and are all pretending to be the same person just to mess with Harry and through a series of coincidences and Harry’s inability to be observant they actually manage to pull it off until Merope invites the Potters over for dinner and the jig is up. Also, Voldemort is their older brother who refuses to go by his given name and may be the leader of a gang. 

Okay but in one of the first trailers for the season we got Magnus saying to Alec “I would do anything for you but I won’t risk your life!”

And am I insane or have we not had that yet??

How Ryden Probably Broke Up #25

Brendon: Wow Ryan, 25 is like a quarter of a hundred.

Ryan: Are you just now realizing this? You’re so slow.

Brendon: It’s cause I was hit with a piss-filled bottle on the head.

Ryan: Oh you remember that? That was my idea wasn’t it just great?

Brendon: RYAN

Ryan: Well at least we reached a hundred followers as well.

Brendon: Actually all those accounts are my mom’s.

Ryan: Over?

Brendon: Over.

Not only did drumknott think that purchasing a mug with the slogan “to the world’s best boss” as a gift for lord vetinari was appropriate, but /his lordship actually uses it/.
I’m dying

i really freakin hate having dreams about the one person i used to know like let me be in peace it’s been years and i’ve moved on frickin stop making my brain think i haven’t out of nowhere like this


Anonymous said: Mephistopheles, Sock, Tom B4?

Little angels.

guys do you have any tips abt how to make exercise more interesting bc I’m suffering

Theory Time

i do think N and Leo are the same person, but like they’re a before (N) and after (Leo) Hell/Hades.

What I think it is (if it’s all connected as Ravi says it is) N lost his love (that’s the theme of Dynamite, the eye and all of that) so he’s willing to do anything to get his love back that’s why he gets an invitation to the underworld (Hyuk gives it to him, who later regrets it and tries to stop them) to meet with Hades (Ravi) and makes a deal with Hades himself,  so he gives him the potion/vial/glass and then he comes out of this meeting with Hades/Ravi a changed man or the villain (Leo), not the hero he thought he was in the beginning.

OK so here some proof:

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*starts panicking cause this book comes out next week and I’m no where near finishing this song comic*

  • Nico: @percy i had a crush on you
  • Percy: ...
  • Annabeth: me too lmao up top
Color Challenge: Pallet 22, Char Lon'qu please <3


“Woman, if you dare throw that fig hidden behind your back…”

Because I know how much you love throwing figs at the husbando, johnyume.

Did you know: I have a Google doc devoted to tracking my various ideas for sketches, and currently half of those ideas are related to this stellar Medieval AU?  (oh yeah, here’s the previous one)