i think i'm becoming a murderer

The signs as quotes from Freeman's Mind
  • Aries: "Ugh. Darwin was right. I didn't realize I was working with a bunch of lemmings."
  • Taurus: "I should think less like a human being that uses doors, and more like a... squirrel that has anger problems."
  • Gemini: "It's like the classic debate of why measuring the position of an electron changes its momentum and vice-versa. The only correct answer is to get drunk and set fire to things."
  • Cancer: "Since this morning, I've been bitten, shot, bombed, electrocuted, almost drowned, almost fallen to my death, and strangled. Rasputin wasn't so lucky."
  • Virgo: "You can never prove the absence of ninjas, only their direct presence."
  • Libra: "What was that Nietzsche said? 'He who fights drummers should see to it that in the process he does not himself become a drummer'? [...] I wonder if Nietzsche was in a band. I bet he was. I should look him up when I get out of here. I bet the songs have pretty deep lyrics."
  • Scorpio: "Friends are like weeds that scream."
  • Sagittarius: "It looks like an anemometer, but it is not. Anemometers don't fire bullets. Not even the expensive ones. Or I don't think they do. If they do, meteorologists are more hardcore than I thought."
  • Capricorn: "So yeah, I'm killing people now. But that was NOT murder. That was TOTALLY self-defense. Just because I have a sub-machine gun doesn't change anything."
  • Aquarius: "I do belong in a pedestal, but metaphorically, God damn it!"
was that not how the scene went ??
  • <p> <b>trevor :</b> *walks in*<p/><b>trevor :</b> betty, hi! sorry, was i interrupting something?<p/><b>betty :</b> *becomes her usual charming self* trevor, hi! no, we were just working on our um-<p/><b>jughead :</b> murder board.<p/><b>betty :</b> *nods awkwardly*<p/><b>trevor :</b> *looks horrified*<p/><b>jughead :</b> *thinking* you got a problem with that, bish? das right. you better be scared. don't you dare come near my betty-<p/><b>trevor :</b> *laughs awkwardly* yeah, i was just wondering if we're still on for tonight?<p/><b>betty :</b> yep! it's a date!<p/><b>jughead :</b> *thinking* excuse me what. did u just. a date!?! someone hold me back because i'm about to-<p/><b>trevor :</b> i'll see you later then.<p/><b>trevor :</b> *leaves*<p/><b>jughead :</b> *thinking* yeAH YOU BETTER LEAVE !1!!1<p/><b>kevin :</b> *thinking* why does jughead look like he's about to kill trev-OH<p/><b>kevin :</b> you're going on a date with trevor?<p/></p>

listen, do i want bum to be safe and get therapy and live a long fulfilling life while sangwoo is in jail? yes! but do i want bum and woo to become a murdering psychotic power couple before this happens…? also yes

Do you ever just think about Snake?

Do you ever think about how he was alone in the world but was finally accepted by a group of people who came to be his family? Yet he was never quite in the inner circle of that family and that no matter how much he loved them he was, as far as he knows, abandoned by them.

Do you ever think about his relationship with the Phantomhive household? Everyone accepted him so readily and Ciel taught him to be more comfortable with himself. Even in the circus he was often alone but now he his seldom seen without human company. No matter how you look at it the Phantomhive household has become like his new family.

But then

Do you ever think about how his relationship with the Phantomhive household is founded entirely on lies. Not only did Ciel tell him the Circus are still alive but every single member of his new family were responsible for the deaths of his old one. Every day he wakes up in the house where half his family were murdered by the people he calls his friends and he has absolutely no idea.

Do you ever think about what’s going to happen when he finds out?

I think about that a lot.


“it’s becoming easier to smile.”

A simple comic looking into Sans’ state after choosing to do his brother’s dirty work.

Unlike his previous kills (that is, if he DID kill humans before), the murders he’s now committing is solely for his own needs in trying to keep his brother’s innocence. I imagine Sans would feel great guilt for what he’s done…until he begins to focus not on his acts, but his goal.

After all, he only has one more left to collect.

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I'm genocide all the way, it's more challenging with the reflexes and all, but then I reset after I murder sans because I'm not that evil fam, then I see some videos online that have angst and that leads to me trying to be a good bean by doing the pacifist route, which leads to a cycle of me becoming bored after I do the pacifist route and start killing again only to do everything once again

I don’t think you can truly be for genocide route if you don’t go all the way! What kind of partner are you then?

However, if you’re looking for a way to make neutral pacifist route challenging, try completing the route without any consumables OR keeping the bandage on. I played a no consumables run, and Asgore’s battle was a nightmare. 

If you are truly up for the challenge, do both – no consumables AND bandage.

  • What my Courier says: Yes Man needs you out of the way.
  • What my Courier means: Listen, I found this robot behind Benny's room in The Tops and he's pretty nice and I might be into him. I'm not sure yet. Its weird since he's my past murderer's robot, but he's cute, y'know what I mean? I mean you should, you have a robogirlfriend so we're on the same page here. Anyway, its a long story but I've been plotting shit behind your back for a while, but if you saw this robot's face you'd understand. He's cute, I think we got something going here. So I'm taking over Vegas to become a top power couple with this robot. No hard feelings.

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Could I get the paladins + Allura comforting their trans s/o and telling them they qualify as male. I've been told by a few people that I'm too feminine to be male. Ri p

wtf who would say that??!!?! lemme have at them bc no one deserves to be policed on their gender is2g


  • “yeah, i don’t think i’m man enough.” she’s a bit confused bc alien sexuality is really fluid, like she can change right here and now
  • so when you explain everything to her, suddenly things become clearer
  • the moment those words leave your lips, she steps down from her control centre and marches over to you
    • you wonder for a wild moment if she’s gonna punch you bc she looks so murderous and this is not your usually sweet princess
    • she steers you to a private space as she sits you down and gets in your face
      • “listen Y/N, you are more man than those quiznaking trafirgals who don’t know what they’re talking about. you don’t have to listen to their words and you sure as quiznak don’t have to take their words to heart.”
  • she’s so passionate with her speech that there are tears in her eyes and she’s trying so hard not to let the trembling in her lower lip show
  • would want to grab the closest bayard and have at anyone who’s made you feel that way
  • pls hold her back dis princess is a fighting girl and she will never let anyone treat her loved ones like this


  • “I don’t think I’m man enough to be considered…well, a man.”
  • he glances at you with a confused expression as he asks you to elaborate. he’s hanging off your words and once he finds out
    • he’s in shock bc who dares say that to you??
      • boy is he enraged
  • he won’t show it of course, he doesn’t want to scare you away
  • bc hoo boy can Lance get scary when he’s angry
  • clenching fists and sweeping hand gestures as he goes on a rant about how people can’t police other people’s gender
    • “who do they think they are? Tonto del–” he stops bc it’s been ingrained in him not to swear so he switches to more friendly language
    • “quiznacking apples and bananas. don’t listen to them Y/N.”
  • would list all your qualities that makes you manly to him
  • then he would have an emergency spa day and he tries his best not to rant as he’s putting a face mask on you
    • he knows you don’t want to linger on it for too long
    • doesn’t last and he’s grumbling under his breath once more


  • you would start by asking him a mild question like “Hunk, do you think I’m…manly?”
    • he’ll give you a once over and nod. “yeah, I think you’re pretty manly. I mean, I know that you can kick my behind if you wanted to.”
    • you shrug and when he presses you, only do you tell him
  • he’s shocked tbh because he can’t imagine why someone would say that to another person
    • he grew up with two moms who always baked while they were ranting (”it helps keep our hands and mouths busy in case we want to go off”) and he cajoles you to bake along with him
    • you do anyway, bc he looks so cute and hopeful and he really wants to know what’s on your mind
  • so, you tell him as you knead dough and you find that he’s right
    • it does keep your hands busy so you can work through your emotions
  • would tell you words of comfort and advises you not to listen to them
    • in the end, you feel better AND you have a batch of fresh cookies to make up for your shitty day
  • plus Hunk’s always willing to listen so that’s one more good thing


  • I hc’d them as non-binary so they would understand the struggle you’re going through
  • they won’t push you to tell them, but they know it’s something deep if it’s bothering you this much
    • “hey Pidge, quick question. do you think I’m man enough?”
    • they’ll look at you over their glasses and shrug
    • “yeah. I do think you’re pretty manly, and I want you to know that no matter what, your transitioning is valid.”
  • would share their own experience of gender dysmorphia and they would tell you their fears
    • “at least in space, no one gives a rat ass what you’re carrying between your legs, as long as you get the job done. but on Earth…I don’t know. I’m kinda scared of going back, as weird as that sounds.”
      • leaves a pretty inspirational lesson despite their disinterested tone
    • they try to mask it up as nonchalance, but in fact, they’re dismayed that someone would make you feel this way
  • lets you play some video games with them to take your mind of things and it works!
  • Pidge is happy that you’re happy


  • he’s not too sure about the implications of your words when you share what someone told you, but he’s worried
  • he tries to mask it with a stoic facade, but internally, he’s conflicted
  • wondering why in the world would someone think they have the right to say something like that
    • “hey Y/N. Do you wanna go and spar?”
      • physical activity always helps take his mind off things and Keith hopes it’ll do the same for you as well
      • would teach you his best moves and soon, you’re wielding a sword well
  • has a proud smile on his face, and coming from Keith, that’s enough lighten your mood
  • not much of a talker, but he’s willing to listen to you as you rant
    • don’t expect much of a response beyond “don’t listen to them. you know you. listen to you.”
    • not exactly helpful, but it makes sense when you think about it


  • he would immediately realize that something’s bothering you bc this man is a grade A+ body reader
  • sees one look at your expression, and knows that something’s wrong
  • would let you take your time in answering bc he doesn’t want to push it
  • he’ll always try to make himself available if you want to talk to him
  • and when you finally let him know, he’s aghast
    • “what the [expletive]?”
  • Space Dad has never sworn before and you know it’s bad bc he’s trying to regain his temper
  • he has a quick temper on him and would try to focus on you instead of his mounting rage
  • “Y/N, you’re more man than most of them. don’t let them get to you.” 
  • would go on a rant about how much you’re manly to him and how you inspire him
  • his words alone can lift your mood 
  • he would offer to play board games with you to take your mind off things
  • it helps bc Shiro is exasperated and spouting hilarious quips when you beat him at an alien version of chess
    • would concede defeat by cuddling you
      • “isn’t that a reward?”
      • “hush Y/N, let me be a sore loser in peace.”
  • Charlotte: Ange help me become queen and we'll be finally together.
  • Ange thinking: Or I could just kidnap her to the beautiful cottage I've been preparing for a decade and make sure none of us gets murderer.
  • Ange out loud: Yeah.

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Correct me if I'm wrong but Robert has been to every region in Westeros for one reason or another except Dorne, right? And if he didn't do you think that a part of him was afraid(I do think Robert was a coward)or ashamed, or had no reason to go to Dorne?

As far as I know, Robert did not visit Dorne, which would indeed make it the only one of the kingdoms he did not visit personally. Before becoming king he wouldn’t have had much reason to go.

After, we get into politics.

Robert personally visiting the Martells following the murder of Elia, Rhaenys, and Aegon, and his public pardoning of Tywin for it, could only ever be one of two things - a genuine apology, or a lack of apology so conspicuous that it could only be construed as a personal fuck you to Doran in his own seat of power.

We know Robert did not care enough about what happened to Elia, nor regretted pardoning the murders of Rhaenys and Aegon, enough to make an adequate apology. That’s out, even if Robert hadn’t married a Lannister.

While Robert visited lords as king, the masters of all those castles were obliged to provide for him and his party. Certainly in AGoT we see some discussions of how taxing the royal visit was on Winterfell. (In real world history, royal tours could be used as a means of breaking the resources of potential rebels.) So for Robert to go to Sunspear sans apology and restitution, and instead impose himself on Doran after wronging the family by allowing the murder of Doran’s sister to go unpunished, that’s insult on injury on insult on injury. And that was definitely not Robert or Jon Arryn’s preferred technique for handling the families that fought for the Targaryens in the Rebellion.

Nor could Robert simply skip the Martells in any tour of Dorne, as that would send its own message - he doesn’t care enough to give them the ostensible honour (while staying with Martell vassals instead, of necessity), and/or he doesn’t trust them.

All in all while I’m not sure that as king Robert would have seen the need to visit Dorne, I’m damn sure Jon Arryn saw the need to keep him away.

Consider: Castiel and Crowley watching over Jack

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I recently watched the filler arc where the Uchiha massacre never happened and ansolutely hated it. How do you think Sasuke would be different if his family weren't murdered? I see him fairly well-adjusted, polite and respectful but serious, perfectionist workaholic. I'm oddly partial to the idea of Sasuke becoming a police detective. I think he'd be amazing at it!

That arc was such a wasted opportunity, they could have done the non massacre universe everyone wanted and develop an independent plot, instead after an interesting they destroyed it by forcefully adding canon elements that made no sense in this context and ruined characters’ personalities instead of adapting them, which led to a crappy development as well.

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I feel pretty stupid, but I think I'm confused about spideypool issue 18. So, when deadpool let off the grenades, that's when he altered his apperance to look like Spidey, right? But... why did deadpool become scarred again? Because he killed again? So not killing clears up his skin, what? Lol.

Apparently Peter’s explanation that Wade’s skin was better because he forgave himself was right (even though it did sound bullshit and ableist). 

Wade seems to have switched with Spidey at the last moment, distracting the media and Mephisto by causing an explosion (and turning on his image inducer?) to push Itsy through the murder ray of doom himself so on those two pages it’s Wade in Spidey’s suit :

It means he failed to keep his promise to stop killing. So his skin reverted back to usual. I guess though he sounds chill about being who he is, his guilt won over in the end. Even if he’s still trying to be better and still has Spidey’s friendship and respect, Wade must still consider this a fail cause guilt is hard to get rid of. Plus, Spidey cited Wade’s marriage as a reason to feel good about himself and maybe at that point he was already separated from Shiklah.

99 Prompts
  • + this was inspired highly on the lovely @sentence-fragments post “101 fluffy prompts” so, thank you <3
  • + these prompts are tailored to be written in the reader's point of view OR the character's point of view.
  • YOU AND I:
  • 001: "One day I'll sing you to sleep, and you'll wake up in love with me."
  • 002: "If only you knew who I am, maybe... maybe you'll love me like I love you."
  • 003: "We're just two poor kids, from a really rich city. Isn't that a pity?"
  • 004: "(You/I) come in, with mud on (your/my) face, holding a dozen roses. Shouldn't (I/you) be suspicious?"
  • 005: "Just please, please hold me so I won't fall apart."
  • 006: "You don't even know my name, and you're suddenly in love with me?"
  • 007: "I would appreciate it if you would stop taking my breath away whenever you walk by. I kinda need my breath."
  • 008: "You stupid, adorable idiot."
  • 009: "Can you help me with my homework? I figure since you're smart you know what you're doing."
  • 010: "You're fixing me in a way that no one else could."
  • 011: "Please don't leave me when I'm this weak. Please."
  • 012: "You're fluffy, like a pillow... or a well-written fanfic."
  • 013: "I'll make you know love again."
  • 014: "Aren't we passed 'hello'?"
  • 015: "Kiss me as if we'll never see each other again."
  • 016: "I know you, I walked with you once upon a dream."
  • 017: "You make me sane again."
  • 018: "Wise men say only fools rush in. But I can't help falling in love with you."
  • 019: "Stay with me. Please, if you'll leave me tomorrow and never come back, stay one more night."
  • 020: "Take my hand. Take my whole life, too because I can't help it that I'm madly in love with you."
  • 021: "We're such opposites, and I couldn't be more attracted to you."
  • 022: "Can you sing to me until I fall asleep?"
  • 023: "I'm tired of being alone. Don't let me go."
  • 024: "You're just jealous because you're the little spoon."
  • 025: "You're cute when you're pouty and jealous."
  • 026: "She doesn't deserve you. That should be me."
  • 027: "You're sitting there, oblivious at the bar, when (she's/he's) sleeping around and you're just letting this all happen?!"
  • 028: "Number one: stop feeling sorry for yourself and get out of that loveless relationship."
  • 029: "I never meant to get attached. Now that I am, I'm trapped."
  • 030: "Can't you see that I'm the one who understands you?"
  • 031: "(He/She) won't love you like I would."
  • 032: "(He's/She's) an idiot for letting someone like you go."
  • 033: "I have loved you since we were fifteen. You just never noticed."
  • 034: "While you were chasing her, you were oblivious that I was struggling to get your attention."
  • 035: "It's like you casted a spell on me. And from the start, I was hooked."
  • 036: "The thought of you with (her/him) makes me want to vomit, just saying."
  • 037: "If you want to keep me then you better treat me like a damn princess."
  • 038: "This superficial love shit got me going crazy."
  • 039: "If you like (her/him), go for it. Just stop stringing me along."
  • 040: "You're such an idiot, you've been chasing for the right person when I've been standing here all along."
  • 041: "I think I know (he/she) doesn't love me. That's why I mess around."
  • 042: "I don't want to marry someone who broke me on the inside."
  • 043: "I keep falling for your fool's gold."
  • 044: "I thought it was supposed to be you. That you'd be the one to save me."
  • 045: "You're not the person who gets to be in my happily ever after."
  • 046: "It's sad because I still love you even though you're with (her/him)."
  • 047: "I'm not your side piece. If anything, you're my side piece."
  • 048: "After all these years of not apologizing, you're on your knees begging for my help? After all you did?"
  • 049: "And if one day, you wake up and realize you want to be with me again, you better be ready to slay a dragon to win me back."
  • 050: "I trusted you and you abused that trust. That's not right. You can't waltz in here and think everything is okay."
  • 051: "I had a few drinks now and the only thing on my mind is you. It's always you."
  • 052: "I'm not the same (girl/boy) you left broken-hearted two years ago."
  • 053: "You don't get the glory of seeing me cry."
  • 054: "People may call you a hero, but you're a villain in my eyes."
  • 055: "Sorry, I'm all out of love."
  • 056: "You were the best drug my heart got addicted to."
  • 057: "You left me and went on to become bigger and better."
  • 058: "You saved me from death, and now you want to kill me? You had your chance."
  • 059: "No one came when I was about to die. You left me to die."
  • 060: "I am so done, trying to be your number one."
  • 061: "Every little thing you do pisses me off and it makes me mad because it makes me love you more."
  • 062: "You had no trouble tearing me apart and poking holes in my heart."
  • 063: "You accused me of murder and now you want to go out for dinner?!"
  • 064: "No! Stop feeling sorry for yourself again!"
  • 065: "I'm not the damsel in distress anymore! I. Don't. Need. You."
  • 066: "Don't pretend you're sorry. I know you're not."
  • 067: "You stop being sorry three years ago. Stop saying you're sorry."
  • 068: "You. Don't. Own. Me. You never did, never will. People can't own people."
  • 069: "There is not a single bone of humanity in you. You've turned to the monster I feared you were gonna become."
  • 070: "You're terrible. And to think I actually fell in love with you at one point."
  • 071: "You sicken me, you pathetic low life. Stop stalking me and trying to save me."
  • 072: "I can save myself, thank you very much for your unnecessary and unwanted help."
  • 073: "I don't need you to be happy. I never needed you."
  • 074: "So... you're actually undercover pretending to be a high school (girl/boy)?"
  • 075: "(You/I) just saved (me/you) from a burning fire and now you're asking me out?"
  • 076: "Why are my clothes on fire? Why aren't your clothes on fire?"
  • 077: "What crawled in your pants and made you a fuck(boy/girl)?"
  • 078: "You're sick? I'll be over with lemonade in five."
  • 079: "Stop hiding in the bathtub and eating pizza."
  • 080: "So my dog is a robot that you've been using to spy on me?"
  • 081: "Explain to me why you are covered in marshmallow fluff and Nutella."
  • 082: "Don't tell me you're filling up water balloons with hot tea again and throwing them at your enemies."
  • 083: "(You're/ I'm) (my/your) little sister, so naturally a cold-crazed psychopath man is gonna want to make (you/me) his bride."
  • 084: "Did you just ride on a horse all the way to my house to ask me out?"
  • 085: "Why the hell did you just kick me in the (boob/nuts)?"
  • 086: "You're like a little, shiny potato chip."
  • 087: "Can I dance spontaneously in the rain now?"
  • 088: "Stop using my tooth brush to brush your hair."
  • 089: "What song do you want me to play while you throw up?"
  • 090: "You smell like burps and giggles."
  • 091: "Can you stop rubbing butter over yourself for a minute and listen to me?"
  • 092: "Stop running around the place screaming that you want to be Blue Ivy. We're at a grocery store."
  • 093: "Can you stop hitting me in the butt with a water bottle?"
  • 094: "So you called me over because you poured hot sauce in your hair?"
  • 095: "Am I the first person to tell you that you cannot rap? Because if I am, I'm surprised."
  • 096: "I don't want to know why you're dressed as a banana."
  • 097: "Please don't tell me I just fell into dog poop."
  • 098: "I'm calling you Captain Savage Worm."
  • 099: "You're just an adorable kitten in a way too tight jumpsuit."

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I wonder why Scott implied that the Argent had a reason to kill the Hales. I mean, it's murder and I'm sorry, I just never understood why Scott said that. What do you think about this

I think that on one hand Scott was a scared kid who’d been bitten by a werewolf against his will and was terrified of becoming a monster. I think at this point in the show Scott had no reason to think werewolves were anything but monsters…

And then I remember that another scared kid with just as much hands on werewolf experience was definitely anti-Argent by this stage of the game, wasn’t he? But then Stiles was always canonically smarter than Scott.

omg i accidentally found an anime based on R&J except Lord Montague is evil, he murders everyone in the Capulet family except for Juliet, who starts wearing drag and becomes a masked vigilante (!), and Romeo saves her life once, and he thinks she’s a guy BUT he’s in love already (~biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii~)

i’m only worried i won’t like their take on Mercutio, he has appeared only once to say two lines but he seemed boring and like he wasn’t even friends with Romeo and Benvolio????

oh also it all takes place in NEO Verona, which is apparently a floating island???and there are winged horses??? and Willy Shakes is a character???

  • Skulduggery: And deprive you of your chance to be there? I actually think you'll be surprised by how interesting it all is.
  • Valkyrie: I actually think I'd be very surprised.
  • Skulduggery: But we'll be electing a new Grand Mage. This is history in the making, Valkyrie.
  • Valkyrie: And how long do you think the new Grande Mage will last before he's either murdered or imprisoned?
  • Skulduggery: You're too young to be so cynical.
  • Valkyrie: I'm not cynical. I just happen to remember the last four years. You give me one good reason why I should go. One good reason why I would be even remotely interested in attending.
  • Skulduggery: Erskine Ravel will be there.
  • Valkyrie: Well, OK then.