i think i'm all three

Ways I am exactly like Maria Reynolds

• half-dressed
• apologetic
• a mess
• looks pathetic

Nygmobblepot what if

Okay, I’m hoping for some big battle against the Court of Owls at the end of the season that everyone gets involved in

And it’ll mean Eddie and Ozzie calling a temporary truce to their personal antagonism in order to survive the onslaught of Court assassins being sent after them (or whatever)

Then, during an ‘eye of the storm’ moment when they are hiding and unsure of their survival, they should take the time for a bit of emotional honesty. Which will be all serious and stuff - Eddie confessing he is glad Oswald survived and he is sorry he tried to kill him and Ozzie was right about them needing each other and stuff. And Ozzie would confess he still loves Ed and all that jazz

But MOST IMPORTANTLY it would include something like -

OSWALD [soft, genuine]: I’m sorry I killed Isabella.

EDWARD [instinctive, exasperated]: ISABELL-! Oh. Yes. That’s. Right, um, thank you…


you wouldn’t mind if I tagged along, would you? ( for @poisonpam )

Imagine Woozi chuckling to himself when he sees how excited you are to get his photocard from their album.

the A in A-team stands for Asshole whos with me on this

Geno and Tater!

(Just giving y’all an early look at some art that will be featured in my @swawesomesanta fic that I’ll be posting tomorrow!  Art courtesy of my amazing, wonderful and talented best friend @bahoreal)

Bonus under the cut!

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An All Too Jagged Snowflake
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

When Leonard and Barry discover that they’re Soulmates, they struggle with the many, many issues this causes. It might be easier without the collective difficulties of the Rogues, a meta-gorilla, and the military, but life has never been simple for either of them.

[COMPLETE. Diverges after the Season 1 finale]

Long fic, best read in three instalments: Chapters 2-17 (Soul Mark), Chapters 18-34 (Soul Bond), Chapters 35-50 (Soulmate).

  • someone: are you excited for this night out??
  • me: more nervous than excited
  • someone: are you excited for college??
  • me: more nervous than excited
  • someone: are you excited for anything??
  • me: more nervous than exci

yeah no i still wake up every morning — and the soft sunlight trickling in through my curtains and the birds chirping outside and my crops already watered by the early dawn rain — because lance is cuban, yes.


VIXX-OTPS has reached its third year and has achieved 20,110+ followers! I hope you all enjoyed the 15-day countdown this year and thank you very much for these 3 years! ♥ I hope we would be able to celebrate again next year~

gitwrecked  asked:

Okay hello i am here with all my Galra thoughts :3333 idk even where to start like first of all I love their weird biodiversity like if they weren't both shades of blue/purple idefk if you'd know Ulaz and someone like Sendak or Prorok are members of the same species?? maybe they're not? Especially in the ears/teeth/face-shape areas? Like Ulaz doesn't have very furry or large ears while Sendak is rocking like a full fuzzy bat head.

yesssssss I’m so glad you dropped by with these :3333 Even the shades of purple the Galra are aren’t identical? Like some are bluer than their fellows and some are purple-r. Really the only two constants I can tell between the Galra are the 1) their fur (they have it, except Zarkon who is Old As Anything), 2) their eyes are the pupil-less yellow, and 3) most of them tend to have that little head-tuft right down the middle of their crown. 

But really, except for the eyes, the “constants” have so much variety.
1) they all have fur - but the colors are different! Some are more blue and some are more purple. Some are gray. Some are paler-gray. Some barely really even have fur. (Ulaz I’m looking at you.)
2) ears? Thace has the big fluffy ears; so does (did?) Sendak. Prorok had them. Ulaz didn’t. Haxus’s ears were a super weird shape, too. ???
3) teeth? head-tuft? This biodiversity is so cool but so random. It probably only seems random because we’ve really only seen - less than 10 named Galra, no two of which are really alike. Thace and Prorok were similar in terms of fur/headshape/etc.; we can probably lump Sendak in there too, but his fur was (is?) a different shade of purple, again. (Maybe it’s the lighting we see him in.) 

I’m so curious. How long do Galra live? In King Alfor’s time, was there one main ‘Type’ of Galra that was primarily recognized as the Species (like how the Olkari all seem to be almost identical), or….?  Is this biodiversity a result of 10,000 years of Galra mixing/procreating with other species down the line? Is that how the Galra were forced to survive in the universe, and/or to become numerous enough to take OVER the universe? Is that why they’re so different from one another, yet with common characteristics? 

Did someone along the way decide “oh hey, I have actual purple fur so my value as a commander/leader/Galra is more than yours?” And there’s no reason this has to be consistent throughout history either! Maybe 10,000 years ago sharp teeth were fashionable - but then things shifted and 8,000 years ago it was all about the ears, man, everyone wanted those weird little tufty things like Morvok*. But times change again and 2,000 years ago you have to have the really deep purple fur to be considered for much of any value. (Galra culture?)

*Morvok who may or may not have been alive 8,000 years ago. What’s the lifespan of a Galra??


She’s a little drunk right now, everything she says warms the heart.

exit plans (when you’re feeling bold)“when you’re a kid, you don’t always know you’re being traumatized… in the end, the monsters are everywhere and nowhere at all, education is sparse, and the moment you became abused, you were more than likely on your own.”

wishful thinking- dandelion hands / hurt everything- elvis depressedly / charon- keaton henson / lifeforms- daughter / ease- elvis depressedly / magpie- the mountain goats / stage 4 fear of trying- frnkiero andthe cellabration / kept down- mother mother / anathema- twenty one pilots / get home- bastille

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I did my hair super cute today~

♥To my Art buds, Screenshot edit buds, video making buds, writer buds♥

The moment you get some rando telling you your work is wonderful but your personality is not. 

Call them a Chocobo poopy head. 

They don’t know you very well, therefore, stink for letting a bad string of words come out of their head about a person who makes good and (sometimes) free things for a community. 

Chin up, I have your back. I may not know a lot of you yet but thank you for making our community a better place 

  • with funny and depthy art
  • with beautiful screenshots and skillful edits
  • with amazingly timed scene cuts and humour
  • with lovely writing and bringing us closer to your characters

You’re working hard for things you like, and most of the time it’s free. All communities have their chocobo poops. Keep doing your best, we love you over all. 

Spread this to the people you think deserve a hug/ pat on the back! This is for you!