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Really, I just wanna know how any of the Raúl characters (particularly Barba) feel about the fact that the fandom or their s/o has an infatuation with his tummy 😶 If you don't mind, that is... *sends love anyway because baby you're worth it 💃🏻💃🏼💃🏽💃🏾💃🏿*

pahahahahahahahaha ok ok ok ok. I know you said Barba but I totally thought of the awkward duckling Frederick so I’m doing both.

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Frederick knew he shouldn’t read reviews.

But, his most recent book had finally released to the public, and fortunately it appeared to be doing rather well. In fact, he had been invited for interviews, made it on the television. He wouldn’t quite consider himself ‘famous’ (he wouldn’t correct someone for suggesting so, of course), but he had indeed managed to find himself with a bit of a following- mostly young adults with a fascination that brought them to devouring anything and everything they could in regard to the criminally insane and serial killers…

And, well, while that may not be exactly the crowd he had intended on drawing in: it would do.

He had heard horror stories about Googling oneself. Who knew what you would find, especially if there was a reason for strangers on the internet to use your name?

What would happen, he wondered curiously one evening when the surveillance cameras of his hospital didn’t quite quench his nosinesscuriosity, if he simply…

“Dr. Frederick Chilton.” Send.
About 2,000 results (0.60 seconds)

Well isn’t that just fascinating?

Most of it was nothing new. A few opinions he had already seen, a video or two of his more recent interviews, some picture the press had gotten a hold of- he clicked over to “Images”, hoping he’d only find himself well-pressed and even better dressed.

The first row or two didn’t disappoint… but then, he stumbled upon a candid picture, or so it appeared. It was from a news station, shortly after he stood up and just before he re-fastened the button of his suit jacket; how embarassing, why would someone capture him without the blazer there to cover that boring dress shirt?

He couldn’t help from noticing, though; there were comments.
While pondering what ‘Tumblr’ could mean, Frederick went to the page containing the unflattering photograph, took a large drink of bourbon for courage: and opened up the hundred-or-so 'notes’.

“I’m obsessed with the tum-”

Tum? What are they talking about?


… cute? Frederick wouldn’t quite have used that phrase to describe himself; dapper, handsome, suave maybe but cute? Whatever, though…


Oh my god, he nearly choked on his drink- they were talking about his stomach? With wide eyes, he glanced downward, regarded his belly a bit more than he had in probably months. They said he had a tum? A cute tum, at least they were complimentary when discussing it…

“I looooooooove when he takes off his jacket-”

Why the Hell did he even waste money on nice suits? Apparently these Tumblr-folks would be much more interested in just seeing his stomach, his 'tum’ or whatever…

“The tum is so important! Daddy!”

……. Daddy….?

Very carefully, Frederick closed the laptop screen, brows knitting together. He was an acclaimed author, a doctor, a professional… yet, he was Tumblr-famous for his ’important tum’. Was this good or bad, he couldn’t quite decide.

Resolving never to bother Googling himself again, Frederick rose to his feet, tried his absolute best NOT to waste time studying his stomach any further- apparently there were already plenty of people who kept a close eye on it.

How odd.

He thought he had seen everything; but this?
A tum-obsession? HIS tum being obsessed over…?

People are strange. So, so strange…

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“Oh my God.”

Rafael Barba didn’t really find a reason to care that Carisi and Amanda were giggling at their cell phone. They usually found most anything amusing, especially kind-hearted Sonny, so who knew what they could have stumbled upon.

“I can’t believe someone actually made a blog about it-”

Why were they talking so LOUDLY, though? He was trying to concentrate, focus, actually get work done. Coming to the precinct may have been a mistake.

“These are pictures from his press conference on Wednesday…”

… Hold on… 

He had held a press conference on Wednesday.

Twisting in his seat, Rafael finally gifted the detectives the attention they were apparently trying to pry from him. “What on Earth are you two looking at?”

Proudly, Sonny snatched the phone, then turned it around so Barba could appropriately see the collection of photos. He squint, making quick work of scanning the little set. They were pictures of, well, him. “Who took those?”

“Your fans,” Amanda teased, and leaned over Sonny’s arm so she could scroll for him. “Look- they even leave comments.”

“You’re a hot commodity, Counselor!” Carisi only laughed when Rafael pried the phone from his fingers, then shoved his own hands in his pocket so he could carefully watch the ADA’s face. “Apparently you’re popular among the kids.”

Well, that would have been flattering, but the comments didn’t quite appear to be of the normal variety- a couple compliments about his suspenders (well, that’s nice of them) and a few side-notes about how great his hair looked (thank God he went to the barber just the day before)… but some were, well… a bit more interesting, to say the least.

Absently, his hand fell to his stomach, and at the sight of his slack-jaw and his brows nearly bouncing off his forehead- Rollins began to roar with laughter.

“HE FOUND IT!” She squealed, after hiding her face in the shoulder of Sonny’s suit.

Oh, but Rafael ignored her, much more distracted by the fact that these people were talking about… his ’tum’? He could only assume, due to the mentioned 'bottom right’ photograph where he was just about to button up his blazer, that they were indeed discussing his stomach.

And they were definitely not being shy about it.


They couldn’t be serious…

“I hope he never loses the tum, it is so cute.”

Okay, maybe they were being serious…

“I’m OBSESSED WITH THE TUM. Court is in session and my body is ready, we can meet in my chambers.”

The color drained from his face… really...?

Barba couldn’t decide if he was mortified or just surprised. Not only was he not quite prepared to consider that he had… fans? But now, he had to consider… these people discussing his photographs were interested in his stomach. Honestly, he didn’t think it was that noticeable… had he gained weight, or was that maybe just a particularly unflattering dress shirt? Were his pants too tight?


Okay, maybe the pants weren’t the problem.

“What the Hell is Tumblr?” He asked from behind curled fingers, which were being used to try and hide the bewildered look on his face, as well as his blush. “How did you two even find that?”

“Are we not going to talk about the fact you’re famous for your tum?” Amanda was still trying to recover, giggles interrupted every few words.

Carisi elbowed her, pointed out a later comment he noticed after he was given his phone back “Lookat this one- PAPI PROSECUTOR.”

THAT was enough; Rafael slammed his palms on the top of the desk, pulling their attention off the little screen long enough to watch him recklessly shove paperwork and his book into the familiar briefcase. “I’m getting out of here, you two are ridiculous, I can’t get any work done-”

“Don’t forget your jacket, Barba-” Sonny bit the inside of his cheek, yet still couldn’t resist a final jab, “Or you may distract a blogger with your tum.”

Part 2, Chapter 2: Mouth of the Water

First the dogs will bark. They’ll know before any of us. Then I will have six to fifteen minutes.

I’ve been taking long walks on this coast, just north of the Oregon border. Bald eagles, actual bald eagles, sitting on a wide sandy beach, and I’m the only one here to see it. I can’t see anyone else in either direction. Waves repeating themselves at the tideline, clouds of birds fluttering up and resetting. 10 to 30 seconds after the dogs start barking, the ground will shake. 6 to 15 minutes later, the tsunami will come.

An earthquake is due here, and afterward the tsunami inevitable. If I began running when the dogs started barking, could I make it to the grassy dunes and up to the hills?

No. I can see the root, can make any plan I want, but I couldn’t outrun the wave. Six to fifteen minutes after the dogs started barking I would die. That’s what would happen.

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  • Their ringtones for each other: Stiles hacked into Peter’s phone two weeks after they began their thing and changed every one of Peter’s ringtones. Peter hadn’t even noticed until Stiles “accidentally” butt-dialed him one evening, halfway through a Pack Meeting (so important, must capitalize) and Bruno Mars’ “Treasure” began floating from Peter’s back pocket. Peter was not amused. Stiles, despite Peter’s intense glaring, has so far been unrepentant in his choice of “Hungry Like the Wolf” for Peter, but Peter shuts up quickly when Stiles threatens to have it be “Animals” by Maroon 5.
  • Their FB relationship status: They both have their relationship status as “in a relationship”, surprisingly. They do not, however, have the other tagged in them because of Stiles’ current status as “a minor”, per Peter’s demand; the sheriff has (almost) no problem with Peter anymore, but flaunting his underage son’s relationship with a man nearly twice his age on a social website where anyone can see? Peter can almost feel the wolfsbane bullets now.
  • Whether they are addicted to couples selfies: Peter, quite unashamedly, is. Stiles, on the other hand, always shies away when Peter opens his camera app, ducking his head and making certain his body is fully covered, fidgeting uncomfortably until Peter puts away his phone. One day, Peter decides, he will make certain Stiles is nothing but at ease with his body, make him eager to show off for Peter and pose for a quick photo (because, God knows, he has absolutely nothing to be embarrassed about, not in Peter’s eyes).
  • Which of their friends is over-joyed shipper trash that they are together: Ha. The only one who seems even remotely accepting of Peter’s part in Stiles’ life now is Isaac and that little scarf-obsessed puppy (who the fuck wears a scarf in seventy degree weather anyway? Really.) isn’t as accepting as he is amused, as if Peter doesn’t have what it takes to keep Stiles satisfied. The little bastard.
  • Who overshares intimate relationship details: Stiles, surprisingly. Or not so surprisingly, Peter supposes. Apparently, Stiles’ penchant for rambling on about Peter’s hands and mouth (not that Peter will ever tell him to stop; after all, who is Peter to deny someone the privilege of singing his praises?) has something to do with getting back at Scott for a few-too-many stories about Allison. Personally, Peter enjoys the looks of shock (Isaac), disgust (Derek), and appreciation (Erica - the girl is, by far, Peter’s favorite now) he gets when Stiles’ word-vomit gets the best of him.
  • Who steals the other’s clothes: Stiles always steals Peter’s shirts to sleep in. What? What can he say? So what if he enjoys the spark of lust in Peter’s eyes, the ever-so-bright supernatural flash of blue, when Peter picks it up after Stiles returns it and his scent is still ingrained into the fabric? So what if he likes that it makes Peter be a little bit rougher with him than usual that night? He’s a grown man (sort of); fight him.
  • Who’s the PDA fan: Stiles take an indecent amount of pleasure in making out with Peter when the Pack is around, making lewd and breathy noises until one of the Pack loses the battle of wills first and slides out of the loft with a huff (it is an almost foregone conclusion that Scott will be that person).
  • Who proposes: To be fair, Peter thinks about it before Stiles ever says anything. Peter thinks that he would like to see his ring on one of those sinfully long fingers, his Bite on Stiles’ neck, and Stiles in his bed and home (and heart) for the rest of their lives (and it would be their; Peter knows what he will do if and when Stiles is ever taken from him, and going out in a blaze of wolfsbane bullets and crossbow bolts suits his dramatic flair). So, Peter thinks about it, for a long while, but Stiles says it and, desperately unable to deny the little shit anything, Peter obviously goes along with it. (He pretends he’s doing Stiles a big favor for agreeing, but he thinks Stiles sees right through him, always.)

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ahh, hello there :) i just finished my fourth re-read of the scorpio races and still, it's honestly one of my favourite books in the world. i was just wondering if you have any theories as to where thisby is located (in terms of the 'real' world - some said close to england and ireland? thinking maybe sort of isle of man?) and what time period the book's set in? there's mention of the women's suffrage movement and just, yeah, i'd really like to hear your thoughts!

Welcome, friend! Even I haven’t read it that many times! I bet you have some great insights, and I hope you feeling like sharing them anytime you so desire. And that goes for everyone. I love talking about this magical book! Sometimes I wish Maggie had spelled things out a bit more but she did leave clues in the text, which I am hell-bent on finding and puzzling out. It’s a mountain I have to climb.

So. Location first!

  • It’s in the Atlantic (“shaking…the Atlantic from their hooves”). When Sean looks at the western horizon, he pictures that somewhere out there is “George Holly’s America.”
  • We’ve got Gaeilge words like capaill uisce, and the names of the islanders are primarily Irish (Connolly, Kendrick), with a bit of Scottish (Malvern, Carrick), English (Eaton, Privett) and Scandinavian (Palsson, Skata) sprinkled in.
  • It has chalk cliffs.

I’ve often thought that Thisby seemed similar to the Isle of Man. They’ve got Celtic-Anglo influences (and even some Norse connections). What’s more, there’s the Manx legend of the cabyll-ushtey. However, Maggie did say in an interview that she was going for “quasi-Irish or Scottish,” though I’ll never be able to shake the English connection entirely due to the audiobook and her Yorkshire photos.

Now, I’m not satisfied to leave it at “quasi-Irish or Scottish” because I obsess about things. It’s what I do. This brings us to the issue of chalk. The Chalk Group primarily exists in southern and eastern England, but there is one tiny part of Northern Ireland where similar chalk cliffs can also be found: the Antrim coast. I see Thisby as being somewhere off the coast of Northern Island, betwixt the Atlantic and the North Channel of the Irish Sea, which would account for cultural influences, geography, and geology. The closest real-world equivalent I’ve found is Rathlin Island, which just happens to boast chalk cliffs, sea caves, ferries, and a connection to St. Columba. Too bad it’s home to 100 and not 4,000 people.

And now the time period!

I’ve written a little about fashion, cars, wars, and attitudes here, but I’ll always have more thoughts on the matter. Right now I want to focus on this quote:

  • “I had been to the mainland once with my father, for one of the races there. It was vests and flat caps and bowlers and canes…and wives who looked like dolls.”

Bowler hats found their peak popularity between the mid 1800s and the 1930s. The “wives who looked like dolls” bit is interesting, because the elaborate clothes of the Edwardian period and the 1910s looked ever so doll-like and women’s fashion had seriously relaxed by the 1920s.

This makes me think that this event happened pre-1920s, and as it is before Mr. Kendrick died, Sean can be no older than 10 years old. Flash forward to Thomas Gratton and “his big sheep truck, a Bedford whose headlights and grille make it look like Finn when he’s making his frog face.” The first Bedford was produced in 1931. So, supposing the book takes place in the early 1930s, the timing works out perfectly for Sean to have visited the mainland as a young child in the late 1910s.

This timing also works with the reporter’s question about Puck being inspired by the women’s suffrage movement. Women in Northern Ireland, along with the rest of the UK, didn’t get the unqualified vote until 1928. I can’t really see the reporter saying anything like that any later than the 1930s; soon after, the term “feminism” became more common and then we get into WWII where the landscape of women’s rights changes once again.

So, all that to say, I imagine Thisby is located off the coast of Northern Ireland and that the story takes place in the early 1930s. I might set it slightly earlier if it weren’t for that truck!

A hundred November cakes to anyone who was able to sit through my rambling essay! A hundred more if you’ll tell me your theories!

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Hello, I hope this one gets through. I'm a 16 yo cis girl and rather unsure of my sexuality. I feel a bit like I'm not bisexual enough or at all because I don't have this burning conviction that everyone else seems to have, when they talk about their sexualities. Do you have any advice on how to find out for sure?

Hiya! It got through! I’m trying my best to answer more asks this year. It’s my 2015 resolution. 

I had this exact same problem. My bisexuality wasn’t clear at first. I was really confused because I thought I was a straight girl with an appreciation for women. I used to get these massive admiration-attachments to female celebrities. I drew them all the time. I watched endless videos of them. I adored them. (I made this crappy video of Karen Gillan and Katie Mcgrath. It was literally just photos of them looking gorgeous to cool music. At that point I still thought I might be straight.)

I was (and still am) obsessed with Pre-Raphaelite art, and I have come to realise that I find the women in it really beautiful and wonderful and just perfect. This connection didn’t hit me until way after I’d come out. 

Luckily for me, one of my best friends at school was a lesbian. (She still is, obviously.) She came out just before me, and I sort of went through that process with her. I was by her side while she was figuring stuff out, and I was listening to what she was saying really intently and taking it in and realising that actually I felt very similarly. What she was saying about being gay was so relatable to me that I couldn’t ignore it anymore. I liked women too. She would talk about women, and I would be in agreement. Not just supportive pal agreement. Actual, yes, you are so right, she is gorgeous, agreement. (We both liked Katie Mcgrath a lot.) 

To be honest, even after I’d come out I would get a few wobbles about my feelings. But they were brought on by the way people were judging me and how society tells you a bisexual should be. I was always bisexual, but because of stereotypes, I was unsure if I counted. 

So that was the basic process for me, and to this day I’m looking back at things and seeing other signs from my childhood which I missed because we live in a society that is so heteronormative. People act like you can’t know your sexuality when you’re a kid, but little kids do get crushes, don’t they? I used to have little baby crushes on boys I liked and I even had a few ‘boyfriends’ when I was in infant school. (That meant we did register monitor duty together and wandered around together at play time). 

A painful thing to realise is that at that time I had a few on girls as well. But there was no way for me to understand them as what they were. I got little crushes on a couple of my teachers when I was small and then again when I was in secondary school. 

I suppose what I’m saying is that only you can know what you are feeling. Just don’t let what society tells you being bisexual is get confused with what it really is, which is an attraction to two or more genders. If you think you feel an attraction to two or more genders, then you are probably bi.

If you don’t feel ready then you don’t need to name what you are feeling at all. You can always give it time to decide what label you feel most comfortable with, if any. You have your entire life. There is no deadline for announcing your sexuality. 

It actually helped me to come out as bisexual, because once it was said, I felt this weight lift from my shoulders and I was able to really examine my feelings. Since then I’ve realised that I am a bisexual with a preference for women, so there are always new things to learn about yourself. 

I hope this helped. If not, then I hope it helped you feel a bit less alone, because I’ve been there too. 


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Ok so I know a lot of people ask and I'm sorry for being one more but what do you think happens to Brian and Justin after the show?

omg, don’t you dare be sorry for asking me this question! BECAUSE I LITERALLY THINK ABOUT THIS ALL THE TIME. I obsess over the infinite possibilities of what might’ve happened to Brian and Justin after the series ended pretty much nonstop tbh. Yes, I have a serious problem, and I thank you kindly for giving me an excuse to let all my feels about this stuff out (^▽^)

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Please share your thoughts now on the line moving VERY fast at the ticket booth. I wondered what you wanted to add. I'm just super amazed she does it at all since the exchange is done after the standing ovation is done and people gather their things and head to the exit. Lol if it would have been me a would tops make an appearance wave and blow a few kisses and then be off in my town car to my hotel.

OK, well, I kind of went off on a tangent about this last night and then deleted it because I didn’t think it had a place in my happy post about seeing Streetcar. I want to emphasize that I think the majority of fans who go to Streetcar because they love Gillian are respectful and just excited to see her and be near her and watch her do the thing she’s so amazing at. And also that if she didn’t appreciate the fans and genuinely want to be generous with her time and show them that appreciation, she wouldn’t do it. 

I saved a draft of what I said last night so I’ll just dump it here: 

I possibly have a non-majority viewpoint on this, but I 100% do not feel that she owes everyone, or anyone, a big personal moment or personal attention or whatever, and maybe it’s just me but I sometimes feel this like, constant undertow of people being always disappointed because it’s always not quite enough or they always want to see her or talk to her just a little bit more or have her sign just one more thing or give her one more thing or talk to her one more time, and I’m sure I’m projecting quite a lot, but I find it kind of despair-inducing and I can’t imagine how it feels to actually be the focus of it. I think it’s wonderful that she will do this, it’s kind of crazy that it has to be organized and orchestrated by the theater people, but I think that’s DEFINITELY the way to go instead of just sending her out the door into the madness. The other actors walked by the line of people waiting for Gillian and like, basically no one gave a shit. I think someone yelled to Vanessa Kirby that she was pretty??!?!????(???)??!? So, you know, it’s clear where the obsessive attention is focused. So I think it’s wonderful that she pokes her little head out and makes a joke about hamburgers, and is so sweet and good-natured about it all, and even after doing that whole play continues to be “on” for however long it takes to get through that line. And I think it’s actually GREAT that they have all these rules like “she will only sign Streetcar stuff” and “only one thing” and “no pictures” so you don’t get people going “but please can I have a hug? I came all this way” and other stuff that makes my skin crawl, and again I’m very biased here. Because boundaries in situations like this can be very helpful and in fact essential for keeping the situation controlled so that everyone gets something of what they want.

Basically, when you buy a ticket to the play A Streetcar Named Desire, starring Gillian Anderson, you’re buying a ticket to sit in the audience and watch the play. You’re not buying a ticket for an autograph or a handshake or a photo. This isn’t a convention. Gillian must be ready to COLLAPSE after this play and it is VERY, VERY, VERY, VERY GENEROUS of her to not only say that she’ll sign stuff after the play but to have a formalized arrangement about it. It’s good for her because she gets to be slightly separated from people (via the box office window) while signing, and she gets to make use of the theater staff to wrangle people to have it be done in a more orderly way so she’s not mobbed, and it kind of releases that pressure valve of people who MUST TALK TO HER AND SEE HER so that, hopefully, once she actually leaves the theater she’ll be left alone. So I’m not saying it’s ONLY the goodness of her heart that causes her to do it that way, but at the same time I think it’s good of her to face that situation the way she does, and be practical about how to manage it, instead of being like “eh whatever, I can’t deal with these mobs of fangirls, just please get me to my car.” She could easily do that, and this allows her to control that situation somewhat, but at the same time, it is a BONUS of access that she doesn’t have to provide, and it is kind of her to do so. 

I have no idea what precipitated the thing she tweeted yesterday about how she can’t sign every night and also SOMETIMES SHE MIGHT NOT COME OUT FOR A WHILE, but it’s that second one that made me crazy – I have no idea if it’s the case, but if people are actually bitching that they had to STAND AROUND FOR TOO LONG while she RECOVERED IN HER DRESSING ROOM before she came out and gave them a FREE MF-ING AUTOGRAPH, then that’s where I switch over from “I know you were excited at the idea of meeting her and it’s disappointing that she didn’t sign tonight, so I’m sorry you didn’t get to and I feel you” to “OMG YOU ENTITLED ASSHOLES, GET SOME FUCKING PERSPECTIVE MY GOD.” It’s possible that it was just Gillian her sweet self who’s worried about disappointing people by not coming to them soon enough and nobody has complained about it at all, and if that’s so, I’d be much relieved about that and I would also like to say to her TAKE AS LONG AS YOU NEED, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, IF PEOPLE DON’T WANT TO WAIT FOR 45 MINUTES OR WHATEVER THEN THEY CAN LEAVE FOR HEAVEN’S SAKE. 

Anyway. Can you tell at what point this morning I finally had my coffee? Heh heh. Basically, I think the autograph line is a very sensible way to deal with the “people love Gillian and want to interact with her” thing as painlessly as possible for her/them, maximizing the number of people who get to see her while not completely sucking her dry after her performance. An unfortunate side effect may (or may not) be that since it’s more of a formal setup, people may start to feel like it’s part of the “package” and start to get grabby about it if they don’t feel like they got ENOUGH time with her or it wasn’t fast enough or whatever. And I’m not saying she doesn’t like meeting fans and doesn’t appreciate the support – it’s very clear that she does. But I’m also sure that she’s tired after the play and that the idea of meeting a bazillion starry-eyed fangirls afterwards, all of whom have waited for months or years for this moment and will remember it for the rest of their lives and are laser-focused on her, has got to be overwhelming. I think it’s very generous of her to do it, I think we should remember that it’s a bonus and not part of the price of the ticket, and I’m glad it was thought through so carefully and that they came up with this setup that seems to give everyone what they want.