i think i'll use it as a background

Cause I believe Kimberly is scared of making Trini hate her as well
  • Kimberly: (giggling) Oh what you mean like that time you tore open your shirt in gym cause you shoved too many Dodge balls up there.
  • Zack (in the background): Wait what. Please Kim, tell me this story.
  • Trini: (now annoyed) thanks Kim, now he's never gonna let this go, I asked you not to tell anyone. Christ, you can be really annoying sometimes, you know that?
  • Kimberly: (face falling) oh-oh right. I-I'm sorry. I didn't realise how- I'll just go.
  • Kimberly stands up, grabbing her things. Trini notices her bottom lip trembling, Kimberly obviously trying to mask her pain.
  • Trini (suddenly feeling very guilty): shit Kim. I didn't mean it like that. Don't go.
  • Kimberly: no. No it's fine, I'll leave. I'm the one who should be sorry. I promised I wouldn't tell anyone and I broke that trust.
  • Trini (grabbing Kimberly's wrist, speaking softly) Kim. I'm not Amanda, I don't hate you. I was just annoyed, and you didn't betray me. You don't have to go.
  • Kimberly: you don't have to say that cause you feel guilty.
  • Trini (pulling Kimberly down next to her, Zack noticing this and leaving, giving the duo some privacy): I'm not. I say things I don't mean when I get annoyed or angry. I wasn't angry at you, I was annoyed cause I knew Zack would use it against me in some way. I didn't mean to make you think I hated you.
  • Kimberly (struggling to keep the tears from falling): it's just... After what I did to Amanda. I'm so scared everyone's going to hate me and leave when you all realise how much of a bitch I am. I'm scared you're going to leave me and I-I... I can't lose you too.
  • Trini (quickly pulling Kimberly into a tight hug, the Pink Ranger's body shaking as she sobbed into the Yellow Ranger's shirt): we're never leaving you Kim. I'm never leaving you. You're stuck with me.
  • Kimberly: you say that like it's a bad thing.
  • Trini: to most people it is.
  • Kimberly (she murmured, leaning slowly up to the Yellow Ranger): I'm not most people.
  • Trini (her voice breathy): Kim. W-what- what are you doing?
  • Kimberly: something I've wanted to do since we jumped off the cliff.
  • Trini: you mean when you dragged me down with you.
  • Kimberly (giggling slightly): eh. Tomato tomato.
  • Before Trini could retort with a sarcastic comment, Kimberly softly pressed her lips to Trini's. The shorter girl tasting the soft tears on Kimberly's lips.
  • Trini (after pulling away, causing Kimberly to whine): I take back what I said earlier. You are definitely not annoying.
  • Kimberly: if that's what you think after I kissed you, maybe I should do it a bit more.
  • Trini: maybe you should.
  • Before they could though, they heard Zack cheering in the background.
  • Trini (seething): I swear, if he watched all of that, I'll use him as my personal piñata.
  • Kimberly: have fun.
  • She watched as the shorter Ranger chased Zack, hearing his screams as he ran out of the room, Kimberly wiped away her tears, all previous fears leaving as she gently touched her lips.
  • Kimberly (whispering to herself): yeah I'm definitely fucking bi. Without a doubt.
Hogwarts houses + miraculous cliches
  • <p> <b>Hufflepuff :</b> You can do it, Marinette. Just speak to Adrien, I'll be there for you! I'm your bff, right?<p/><b>Gryffindor :</b> Hey you who's been akumatized, what about a fight with this cute little kitty? *pointing at himself*<p/><b>Ravenclaw :</b> LUCKY CHARM! 🐞 Well wtf is this shit hmm well let's see *beep beep with polka dot patterns on things you'll use* I think I can handle this<p/><b>Slytherin :</b> *dramatic background music playing* hmm a boy desperate for love, seeking for attention from his crush.. what a PERFECT combination<p/></p>

I like to think Tails as frightened of Mighty at first, but since it’s something Mighty’s somewhat used to, he stays patient with the little fox til he eventually warms up fine.

Imagine them kissing

Oh stop it, all of you! You’re too kind~ I can’t handle all this sweetness, and I grow pecha berries for a hobby!

@sirmalican / @perhaps-shooshookle, @scribblygryphon and @occasional-pink-glaceon, thank you for such sweet asks ;w; (Malican’s second one was actually from the blush thing the other day, so I guess they won that challenge. Took them two tries though.. ^^; I shall not be posting their other.. more interesting ask, however)

First attempt at a mystery dungeon style emote thing for Rustle. Fitting Scolipede into a box is.. harder than it looks ;=; It’s those darn antennae, they’re so awkward haha. I’ll be doing these as I need them (have a handful sketched out but not lined yet) but for now this is the first~

Fun fact: I will be basing these off the official mystery dungeon ones, including the backgrounds, but I actually couldn’t find one for shy/blushing. Here’s my best guess.


I finally was able to draw Sakuma! I think i got his sketch since september but here’s little boy!

10 Facts About Me Tag

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I’ve had an AU in my mind for a while where the monsters aren’t Underground, but live up in a kingdom beyond the clouds. In said AU, Frisk is a rare human born with wings and lives among them, acting as a messenger of the skies with Sans and Papyrus. I’m calling the AU “Skytale”.

I plan to draw more of this AU, so expect more stories and character designs in the future!


Repeating backgrounds ft. tournament rivals

They’re free to use, just credit me if you do!

oh man

i just reblogged that post and it brought back such a rush of memories. that used to be a v popular blog that i enjoyed so i was going back through (it’s a wordpress now lol) and came across some posts about someone that i 

hadn’t forgotten about 

but hadn’t really thought about in a hot minute

someone who lied about their whole selves for so long. and while i wasn’t super close with them, it’s still such a trip to see how easy it is for people to lie on the internet.  it’s been 3.5 years since that “reveal” and it’s still so strange to me that this person had an entire alternate life they were living.  people who loved and trusted them and they just

ruined so many lives.  i can’t even imagine if i had been closer with them what that would have done to me. 

if any of y’all aren’t real, please tell me now before i get to involved.  because that shit is terrifying and i don’t think i could handle it.