i think i'll use it as a background


i’m still not over dan’s camo shirt…


Repeating backgrounds ft. tournament rivals

They’re free to use, just credit me if you do!


…uh well I was thinking about the post-genocide pacifist ending, and also the floweypot au, and this was made :^)

Well uh after the post-genocide pacifist ending, it shows that Chara is still in control of your soul after you sold it to them, so like… what if they had a change of heart and decided to live on the surface peacefully with the rest of the others? idk :^)


DGMH COUNTDOWN: Day 4: Death / Last Words / Goodbyes

these prompts just screamed at me “oTP ANGST OTP ANGST” but i didn’t fight back the urge to draw this and hurt myself in the process

Imagine them kissing

Woah! It’s a Floyd boy! Fanning money that’s not even his!

I was inspired by a certain ask blog (cough @pennyburgsfloyd) who is incredibly skilled and honestly suspenders.

I don’t think it’s bad, but it’s not fantastic. Maybe you see something else? 

I’m trying to keep everything so far very simple - practicing anatomy (which arguably isn’t simple), no backgrounds, simple color (which I didn’t really do on my last thing, but whatever), overall very basic. It’s pretty fun until I realize an arm is abnormally shrunken and in need of surgical repair, but at least digital allows me some margin of error and correction. (However, fingers are still weird.)

Next on the docket, hands! Lots of hands! SO MANY HANDS I’LL GO MAD. Probably. Maybe I’ll have to draw more M4 or something. But hand practice soonish.

30 Days Commander Shepard Meme

Here is a 30 days meme for your Shepard, created by me and @katjalaroux!

  1. Introduce your Shepard. How do they look? What do they think about themselves? What kind of person is your Shepard, what are their ambitions and goals? Are they Renegade or Paragon?
  2. Tell us about your Shepard’s family background - parents, siblings? How was their relationship with them? Are any of them alive? Are they still in contact with them? Were they a Spacer, a Colonist or Earthborn?
  3. What is your Shepard’s psychological profile? War Hero? Sole Survivor? Ruthless? How do they feel about this past?
  4. Is there an event from your Shepard’s past (before they joined the Alliance) that they regret? What is it?
  5. Is there an event from your Shepard’s past (before they joined the Alliance) that they look fondly on? What is it?
  6. How is your Shepard with weapons and technology? Can they handle the new challenges or are they dependent on help? Do they fight primarily with guns or do they have biotics? Tech skills?
  7. What is their usual setup? What armor and weapons do they usually carry into a fight?
  8. Does your Shepard have any tattoos or piercings? If so, what are they and why did they get them?
  9. Time for Favorites: Song? Color? Food? Ice Cream? Scent? Movie? Book? Is there a specific drink they like to have? Is there a type of comfort food they like?
  10. How do they feel about being in command of the Normandy? About their SPECTRE status?
  11. Any skills outside of fighting that your Shepard has: Do they know how to cook? Do they have any hobbies that they like to do? Do they collect anything? What do they do with it? Where do they keep it?
  12. What are your Shepard’s fears? Are they afraid of anything in particular?
  13. Does your Shepard have a home away from the Normandy? If so, where is it and how do they keep it? If not, then what does your Shepard do to make their cabin feel more homely?
  14. Squad: Who is your Shepard’s best friend? Do they like to do anything specific together?
  15. Squad: Who does your Shepard like the least? Why?
  16. Squad: Who is your Shepard’s go to squad for missions? Why do they choose that particular squad?
  17. Romance: Are they romantically involved with anyone? If yes, what is their relationship like?
  18. Romance: If Shepard and their partner could spend a romantic moment together, what would it be like?
  19. What is your Shepard’s favorite place to go in the galaxy? Why?
  20. What is your Shepard’s least favorite place to go in the galaxy? Why?
  21. What is your Shepard’s relationship to the Council? To Udina? To Anderson? Do they deal with authority well or do they struggle against them?
  22. What do they admire in others? What talents do they wish they had?
  23. What is your Shepard’s biggest pet peeve?
  24. How does your Shepard deal with their enemies? Do they resort to violence or do they try to be diplomatic?
  25. How does your Shepard deal with death? Not just the deaths of civilians, but of friends (such as Mordin or Thane).
  26. What was your Shepard’s first reaction to seeing a Reaper?
  27. What does your Shepard think about Cerberus? What do they think about the mercenaries that they run into on a regular basis? Is there a specific one they dislike the most? Why?
  28. What ending did your Shepard choose? Destroy, Synthesis or Control? Why did they choose this?
  29. Is there a song that describes your Shepard? If yes, why did you choose that song? Does your Shepard have a playlist?
  30. Share your favorite piece of art or your favorite screenshot of your Shepard. What about it makes it your favorite?

Hey RWBY, wanna make it believable that Remnant has LGBT+ characters?

Use. The. Nameless! Background!! Characters!!!

You know, the ones that you think we don’t pay attention to, but we totally do because background stuff STILL contributes to world building? Do that!!!

Make 2 girls hold hands. Make 2 guys giggle coyly at each other. Show me a character with facial hair wearing a skirt unironically. AND I KNOW IT’S DOABLE BECAUSE OF HOW THE BG CHARACTERS WERE ANIMATED LAST SEASON!

“We grew up together.”

*shyly throws first ever digital fan art of otp at followers*

Kristanna as childhood friends. ; u ; I’m thinking of redrawing them again someday in this fashion but as adults once I get used to using my drawing tablet. but for now, this will have to do for practice.