i think i'll shoot them there again at night

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He's been so quiet over the last few days and he's obviously in a different time zone than Cait considering he's always on in the middle of the night and she's on in the morning. I'll admit I'm nervous whenever he's on because I'm always scared he will say or like something that will cause trouble. I know he will be busy shooting here in Europe but even that doesn't make me feel better because I just know *she* will show up and turn all of us against him once again. What do you think, Lauren?

I don’t know where either of them are at, but it’s possible he’s just up late. That’s not unusual for him. But I get it. It’s like shipper PTSD. I think we just need to expect that unsavory things will likely be posted during this hiatus, and try to take it in stride since it’s likely coming. Always have your helmet on. At least knowing the pattern makes it more eyeroll worthy than rage inducing? As far as a certain someone showing up goes, just because she’s hitched her wagon to Sam’s star it doesn’t mean we have to give her wheels.

Late night thought:
  • Lotor: You have very pretty eyes Blue paladin~ 💖
  • Lance: *while shooting at Lotor* I really do, don't I? 😏
  • See also:
  • Lotor: Oh it's the pretty one again~💕
  • Lance: I prefer Sharpshooter *Snipes some critical air vent that destroys the death star*