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How would Sombra ask out a shy reader?

I’ve been neglecting the ladies tbh

  • Knows how incredibly shy you are
  • Thinks it’s adorable
  • She’s kind of a sadist though so she likes to abuse your shyness
  • You’re walking through town one day, just picked up some lunch
  • You’re looking down at your holo-pad, typing away
  • You’re texting her actually
  • It’s the year 2078 and people still abuse emojis
  • Specifically Sombra abuses them
  • She’s incredibly lively for a talon agent?
  • Anyway
  • She asks you what you’re doing/where you’re at
  • You tell her you just got sushi, and you’re in downtown Numbani
  • “Perfect.” Is all she responds with
  • You’re very confused?
  • She sends another text shortly after
  • “Look up.”
  • You did
  • Oh my god
  • Oh my god
  • Your face instantly turns red, on every screen you could possibly see, is Sombra’s signature purple skull
  • They transition back and forth between an image of your face with the text “Will you go out with me?” and the skull
  • You’re so goddamn embarrassed because of this
  • You furiously text her
  • “Are you going to answer my question?”

just two guys….bonding… i can’t believe this is my first contribution to this amazing show…


Viktor and Yuuri wanted to drag Yurio to their Scrunch Your Face challenge, but there’s only one guy who can make him do it.

Please click the image to see it in high res! :)

( Finally got this out of my WIPs haha! This was supposed to be for Yurio’s birthday but I was too busy ; o ; Belated happy birthday to my angry son, Yuri Plisetsky! )

Find Your Chill, Love.

James hurls a pillow from across the room at Sirius, who has been sat in front of the mirror, occasionally narrating, for the past 30 minutes.

James: Sirius, could you maybe chill? For like, two seconds?

James gives Sirius an affronted look, putting a hand over his chest in mock-offense over their outburst.

James: Evidently not, then.

Sirius: Well. I’m not wrong. Obviously. But, you know, knee jerk response and everything. May have been a bit uncalled for. It’s just… *turns back to the mirror*

James: *shaking his head is disbelief* … My god.

Sirius: *has already stopped listening*

Prompt List #1
  1. “Do you like them?”
  2. “I trusted you.”
  3. “Who do you think you are? The Queen of England?”
  4. “God, you’re pretty.”
  5. “You finally woke up, good dream?”
  6. “I’m not saying anything, every time I say anything you think i’m attacking you.”
  7. “Calm down, it’s just a chocolate bar!”
  8. “Why are you looking at me like that…?”
  9. “Wait! Stop!”
  10. “Please tell me you brought a toothbrush?”
  11. “We’re in the middle of nowhere!” 
  12. “You take the bed, you need it more than me.”
  13. “You want to set up camp? It’s been a long day? Here’s as good as anywhere else.” 
  14. “I’m not getting involved, this is between you two.”
  15. “How do you want to do this?”
  16. “You’re ridiculous”
  17. “You’re so warm!”
  18. “You’re freezing, jesus!”
  19. “You want to go trick or treating? Seriously?”
  20. “I’m sorry….”
  21. “I’m (First Name) Fucking (Last name)!”
  22. “You owe me one”
  23. “You always look beautiful.”
  24. “That looks like it hurts…”
  25. “Do you need anything?”
  26. “Hold on. You’re telling me that you want to go out to the creepy woods in the middle of the night on a full moon? Really? Really?”
  27. “We walk in together.”
  28. “This is my collection”
  29. “Be quiet! You’ll get us caught!”
  30. “How would you feel if it was you?”
  31. “You’re hands are so small!”
  32. “I brought you a muffin. You’re favourite…”
  33. “Sometimes I just want to cuddle, okay? Is that so bad?”
  34. “Now I know where half my wardrobe went.”
  35. “I’m fucking terrified and I don’t know what to do or how to stop feeling that way, okay? I’m scared…”
  36. “Here, let me just-”
  37. “You’re right…”
  38. “Nothing about us is conventional”
  39. “I need to make an entrance.”
  40. “Just..just smile and don’t talk too much”
  41. “You’re really special to me.” 
  42. “No more stupid stunts, please?”
  43. “You scared the shit out of me!”
  44. “How do you feel?”
  45. “Damn…I really thought that would work.”
  46. “Stop! Just stop!”
  47. “That tickles!”
  48. “I didn’t mean it like that! Stop making everything I say dirty!”
  49. “I can’t believe you just said that!”
  50. “Why are you naked?”
  51. “I am so sorry! I’ll just…I’ll just go…”
  52. “I’ll just wait here…”
  53. “Do I have to?”
  54. “Don’t point your wand at me!”
  55. “Exams are going to kill me.”
  56. “I don’t want to be alone.”
  57. “It’s not supposed to be easy…”
  58. “Are you proud of me?”
  59. “You’re so drunk.”
  60. “Please tell me this is a joke!”
  61. “What is that?!”
  62. “We only have one room left for the night…”
  63. “Room service?”
  64. “I can’t believe you eat pinapple on pizza…what sort of monster are you?”
  65. “I’m getting married? Since when were you choosing my future spouse!”
  66. “We all fuck up sometimes.”
  67. “Sometimes it just all gets to much, y’know?”
  68. “Naps are life, okay?”
  69. “I don’t think I could love you anymore than I already do.” 
  70. “If I marry them?”
  71. “You’re my fake husband/wife/spouse, deal with it.”
  72. “I kept every letter…”
  73. “You missed the best fight!”
  74. “Do you remember high school? When Lisa McKendrick got pregnant with Rob whatshisface and Maria was sleeping with Rob and her and Lisa got in that fight? That was…”
  75. “I have to live with what i’ve done.”
  76. “I had the weirdest dream….”
  77. “Who did the laundry? My favourite shirt is pink.”
  78. “I got you a trophy, it’s only plastic, but it’s for being the best human I know.”
  79. “Another bad date?”
  80. “Someone keeps leaving love notes in my locker and I’m not sure if I should find it endearing or creepy…”
  81. “Hello ms./mr grumpy.”
  82. “Do you want to wake them up or…”
  83. “Can we keep them?”
  84. “Look at you!”
  85. “Did you just whistle at me?”
  86. “Remove the hand before I remove it for you.”
  87. “I love your voice”
  88. “Put me down! I can walk!”
  89. “I need you…”
  90. “Can…can you come over?”
  91. “Where were you?”
  92. “This is the. Best. Thing. Ever!”
  93. “I mean witchcraft isn’t quite hocus-pocus, toil and trouble, type deal y’know? There’s some serious work involved!”
  94. “You’re the best.”
  95. “Can you please stop biting your lip…it’s distracting.”
  96. “You’d make the best boyfriend/girlfriend/wife/husband/partner”
  97. “Oh who cares what they think!? I want you!”
  98. “Backseats aren’t as comfortable as movies make them out to be”
  99. “Can I please see some photos of you when you were younger? How bad could they be?!”
  100. “And i’m dead.”

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whos the small spoon and big spoon when u both cuddle 👀

Yusuke: … Do couples use spoons for purposes other than eating?

Yusuke: Fascinating…


MILES: Phoenix, what are you doing now?

PHOENIX: Documentation, Miles! Think of it as some kinda project.

PHOENIX: A glimpse into the everyday lives of young souls such as ours…

PHOENIX: Think of all the amazing things we’ll discover!

MILES: I don’t get it.

PHOENIX: And that’s why you’re not the art student here.

  • Oswald: I'm sorry I killed Isabella because I was jealous. I recognize that was a shitty thing to do.
  • Edward: I'm sorry I tried to kill you after you proved how much you loved me.
  • Oswald: Do you think we can just start over?
  • Edward: Do you like riddles?
  • Oswald: Wha-- no...
  • Edward: Oswald...I know who you are.
  • Oswald: ...
  • Oswald: Then you know you're standing too close.
i dream of us being together. me and you laughing and smiling. driving through the city listening to music. being able to do homework together in silence because we’re just simply enjoying each other’s company. sitting down watching the sunset and laying down looking up at the stars. being able to look at you and think to myself about how lucky i am to call you mine.
—  excerpt from a book i’ll never write #14 // but it will only ever be a dream

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do you like the next generation? If not, why?

I don’t like the next generation of Naruto at all.

They’re the least aesthetically pleasing bunch I’ve ever had the displeasure of seeing, especially Boruto, with his weird-looking banana hair. I mean, which side of the family does he get it from? How does it make any sense?

And regarding his temperament, you’d think with both of his parents around he’d at least be a bit more disciplined and less obnoxious than Naruto was in his youth, but no. He’s a carbon copy of his father in his youth, through and through. Himawari is no better - sure, she looks cute (oh wait, no she doesn’t) but 

unrealistic, unrealistic, and unrealistic, with a side of stupid, stupid, and more stupid.

It doesn’t matter if your mother is from the Hyuuga clan and your father is an Uzumaki with the Kyuubi inside of him. NO ONE has that kind of power at that age. Think about it: her mother was basically useless until she ended her ninja career as a Chuunin, and her father wasn’t able to hone any of his skills until he was twelve years old, and his life had been in danger.

What happened to Himawari for her to unlock such power? Oh right, her stuffed animal got torn. 


As for the SasuSaku aspect - other than the fact that Sakura basically turned into a housewife and could have done so much more with her life - most of it focused on the drama about whether or not Karin was Sarada’s actual mother instead of Sakura, solely because of the fact that she wears glasses. 

Like, is this really the most important thing they have to focus on at that moment? Do the shinobi - the Hokage - have nothing better to do?

Then, it was Sarada’s determination to find her father who - oh wait, tries to kill her the moment they finally meet due to him not even recognizing her.

And the sole fact that Sasuke and Sakura’s own daughter questioned the stability of their marriage is so, so stupid. Ninjas, with such incredible power and the ability to make changes in the world that need to happen, worrying about crap like this.

Boruto has turned Naruto into nothing but a shoujo manga at this point, trying to incorporate tasteless domestic content and humor in a way that appeals to audiences who don’t know any better. Every aspect of it is wrong and totally against the fundamental meaning of the original Naruto series as a whole. It’s sickening, and I’m so disappointed in Kishimoto for letting this happen.


Misha Collins awed by a Costa Rican jungle; Gishwhes 2015 Winner’s Trip

Photos taken and edited by me. Please do not repost or remove caption. Message me if you’re still looking for a competitive team/want to win Gishwhes.



the first two that you see are in the inner cover pages!! KAZOOS

and those other two pages you see are “intro” pages i decided to add in last-minute

now i have to do all of these pages in high res, a couple of part separation pieces, layout, and then it should be totally done!! I’M EXCITED!

I Know Now (Boyf riends One-Shot)



Little things I’d like to notes is that I really do think that Michael and Jeremy had to go through a LOT of bullshit before they ever got together. Mending their relationship, Jeremy being with Christine, them breaking up, Jeremy finding out he is bi (or pan), Jeremy finding out he has a crush on Michael, mutual pinning, mutual misunderstandings, and sooooo muchhhhh moreeeeeeeee. So I tried my best, I still don’t think this is great. So I more suggest you read the comic then read this piece of shit.

Inspired by @squigglegigs and the comic they did (btw this person is awesome and runs a totally cool ask blog @askguyslikeus and you should all check it out).


“I love you.” The words flushed right out of his mouth before he could stop them.

It was lunch time at school they they went to 7-11 as usual for Michael to get a slushee as Jeremy are his homemade sandwich. But today, Jeremy’s eyes could only train to look at his boyfriend. Couldn’t help but focus on his every movement. But when Michael grabbed is hand and gave Jeremy a bright smile, he couldn’t help but let the words pour.

Once he said it, he felt Michael grow stiff for a second and turn to look at Jeremy in shock. As if he was wondering if he heard right. Michael searched his face, as if he was looking for a missing puzzle piece.

Then the confusion was gone and Michael gave a nonchalant smile, “Of course you like me! We’re dating now!” Michael gave out a laugh but Jeremy could hear the nervousness in it. “Ya goof.” He muttered. Then tried to lead Jeremy to the car.

Jeremy then knew deep down that Michael didn’t believe him. Jeremy didn’t know why really, but he knew that Michael needed to know. Right now.

“I love you Michael.” He said stronger this time, instead of moving he gave the hand he was holding a squeeze as Michael stiff at the words once again. But he didn’t even let a beat pass.

“I know-”

“No Michael.” Jeremy pulled his hand away to take Michael’s shoulders and force him to look at him. He could almost see the fear, the holding-back, the hope in Michael’s eyes.

“I need you to know I love you. For real.” He said, not looking away from Michael’s eyes to prove that he wasn’t lying. He would never lie to Michael about this. Ever.

He could see the walls in Michael slowly crumble as he began to shake. He bit his lip as if he was trying to keep from letting out a sound. But as time grew, Jeremy never looking away from his eyes, trying to show all the love he could muster.

The shaking got worse and Jeremy bet if he bit his lip any harder it would’ve bled. The water then started to show in his eyes and Michael’s eyes showed this look of shock but amazement as he looked into Jeremy’s.

Michael then grabbed Jeremy’s arms as he then burst. Letting his mouth go, he let out a loud sob. His arms were shaking and big fat tears were rolling down his face.

Jeremy smiled, lifting his right arm to wipe the tears away. Then walking forward and tightly wrapping his arms around Michael. Placing Michael’s around his neck. Michael now crying into Jeremy’s sweater.

Jeremy kissed right below Michael’s ear before whispering the words again into Michael’s ear. Where in Michael then gripped Jeremy tighter to him.

“I-I lo-love yo-u too.” Michael quietly let out. Which caused Jeremy himself to let out a breathy laugh as his own tears spilled. Michael then repeated the words over and over.

They stood there, in the middle of a 7-11. Maybe some people would have preferred a moment like this at fancy hotel or somewhere private. But for them, after all the pain that happened before reaching this moment, it was worth it.

You never hug me
just because
you think you should
because I want you to
because there’s nothing
else to do
you’re mine
and people are looking
you always hug
with a purpose
to tell me you need me
you’re sorry
you’ll never let go
and that’s why
I don’t care at all
if you hug me too hard
because I’d rather have
my bones broken by you
than my heart
by someone else.
—  Squeeze me hard before you go.
i can’t get you off my mind, darling. you’re the only thing i’ve been thinking about all night. i’ve been imaging us. together. i want that so bad. will it happen? i have no idea. do i want it to happen? i kinda do. goddamnit feelings are too much to handle.
—  s.m.

Anyone reblogging that post about Chaol and how to have sex with him in a wheelchair without criticism, or as though it’s funny, is likely to get an automatic block from me. It’s vile, it’s disgusting, and I really hope I don’t see any mutuals reblogging it. It is not funny and if you think it is, we have less in common than I thought.

If you’re reblogging it to call it out, that’s different, but I seriously feel sick every time I see it on my dash so let’s not overdo it? 

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What are your thoughts on the newest illustration by Ishida. Yet another illustration of Touka looking out the window

A new picture by Ishida has been released does it mean that the Touken talk will go bad? 

hey!! what do you think about the new touka art ishida did and the lyrics ??? have a good day~~ ❤️

Hello many anons! To anon number 3, thank you very much, have a good day too!

Where are you? I'll be by the window.
What are you doing? I have not done anything

The same story / Humbert Humbert

(Translation provided by Google Translate, but the lyrics still make sense, so.)

Worry not anon number 2, I don’t think this is a vision of the future. It’s more likely to be an expression of Touka’s feelings both when she was waiting for him when he was Haise, and also when Kaneki placed her behind the front lines for the latest operation. Although her hair is :re hair, it’s fair to say that the picture and the lyrics are an accurate reflection of her feelings ever since Kaneki left Anteiku. 

The art and lyrics express Touka’s feelings of powerlessness. When Kaneki left Anteiku, Kaneki turned down her offer of help (which would have been futile anyway since her kakuhou was so badly damaged) and then avoided her out of a misguided attempt to protect her. When Kaneki ‘died’ during the Anteiku raid, Touka blamed herself for not going to help like she had originally intended. When Kaneki returned as Haise, she had the power to help him regain his memories - only it was not so simple, because both she and Kaneki believed he would be better off without them. So even when Touka did have power, she decided not to use it. Now that they have been reunited at last, Touka hoped for a chance to really, truly help him, but Kaneki placed her in a safe position while he went into the midst of battle.

A lot of the time Touka is in the dark about where Kaneki is and what he is doing - “Where are you?” “What are you doing?” - and she feels as though she can only try to catch glimpses of Kaneki from afar without being a part of his life - “I’ll be by the window”. She is frustrated with the passivity she always finds herself in - “I have not done anything”.

Basically Ishida is prepping our feels for the Touken talk (which might even be next chapter????) This is a subject that will definitely be addressed.