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—  A pair of starfighters. Jedi starfighters. Only two. Two is enough. (Matthew Stover)


       i think she by this point has learned that Stark’s not specifically responsible for her parents’ death - that it’s more something that has to do with him stopping… i think there’s even a reference to him stopping his selling of weapons because they cause damage

- Elizabeth Olsen on [Scarlet Witch]

This is too OOC, why did I even draw this?  ∑(O_O;)

um..uhh..ignore me.

Inspired by Bob’s Burgers. I don’t know but this image flashed into my brain  when I watched it.. Err, Don’t judge. ╮(•˘︿ ˘•)╭ ]


hey guys it’s mary (who lol) yeah I know I’ve been inactive for a couple of months (I think it’s been like half a year lol) but if it wasn’t obvious enough I won’t be using this blog anymore due to many things but mostly bc I spent so much time here and now that I’m a senior things have been really stressful and rough. It’s not fair to you guys who are still following me so I felt like making this “announcement”

I won’t delete thing blog for the sake of memories and it’s been like 4 years since I made this tumblr and I made so many friends so I’m so thankful for that, to my mutuals (if ur reading this or if ur still there) I love u guys thanks for making this blog so fun feel free to message me for my ig or Snapchat or whatever!! But I won’t be completely gone!

I’m gonna be active on @ilovhyungline just bc it’s less stressful content for me so if u want follow me on there!

I hope you all stay happy and healthy 💕💓💗💘💞💖

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So I put some tabby honey largos in the overgrowth to free roam and now all of them are just bouncing around my mint mango tree mewing. Everytime they bounce they mew, and it's so cute that I think i'm gonna legitimately cry

Where’s! The! Gifs!

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do you think if we do the same we did this year, the show will get renewed as well? I'm not a big fan of show with various seasons, but I'll never say no to more Bellamy Blake in my life.

We just have to be consistent in our viewership as well as our social media presence and our Netflix watching. The CW is a network that doesn’t put much stock in ratings because they value other forms of engagement. We just need to keep doing what we’ve been doing. 

Blog PSA.

As you all know, I have been debating for a long while now as to what to do with this blog. There has been a lot of back and forth, but I think I have finally reached a decision: saying goodbye- for the most part.

I will still be around should you want to message me or shoot me ideas and to occassionally queue things. I still have a love for Mianite, one that will never fully go away, but it is time to put this blog to partial rest. The queue will run out in a few shorts days, and then it will be mostly silence.

There are many factors going into this decision, but I won’t bore you with those. They’ve been said time and time again, probably much to the annoyance of everyone.

Thank you all for making this blog worth running. My fellow Dianitee’s, remember to cause havoc. Ianitee’s, remember to keep the balance. Mianitee’s, remember to keep the order.

If you would like to have some of my other blogs to find me on or if you have questions, feel free to shoot an ask.

BBC Jekyll Sentences
  • "Do you want to play lions?"
  • "Who the FUCK is Mister Hyde?"
  • "Just once...Just bloody once, could you tell me where you parked?"
  • "Oh, Mary Poppins! I love Mary Poppins! I could EAT Mary Poppins!"
  • "That's got to be handy."
  • "Why did you lie to me?
  • "Rule one: don't lie to me! I can smell lies."
  • "Don't ever lie. to. me."
  • "Why do you really want this job?"
  • "Don't open your mouth unless you're telling me the truth."
  • "Love a girl with secrets."
  • "As long as the lights and cameras are on, you're safe."
  • "The lights are off...and you're dinner."
  • "Welcome to the company, Mary Poppins."
  • "I don't drink whiskey."
  • "'He' drank! 'He' took the car! Why am I getting the look?!"
  • "It's always the same tea."
  • "You don't do crosswords."
  • "And why not?"
  • "They're for fun."
  • "Good lord, really?"
  • "I'm fairly certain you used to have some sort of ego."
  • "First fag of the day, always hits the spot!"
  • "Don't worry. I have a good doctor."
  • "The night is young, there's a beautiful girl, and somebody is going to die. That's you, by the way."
  • "Trust me, the neck's good: quick for me, easy for you...everybody's happy!"
  • "I don't get a lot of pleasure from killing children...but I get enough."
  • "Let's play llliiiiiiioooonsss!"
  • "Billy! What do you think? Could I be a Billy?"
  • "My liver applied for a transplant."
  • "I hope I didn't catch you in the middle of someone."
  • "That's interesting because I've always thought of you like a bit of a hard-on."
  • "Oh?"
  • "Usually disappointing."
  • "He has Disney favorites?"
  • "My dark side likes Mary Poppins. No wonder I was bullied at school."
  • "It's raining, it's pouring _____ is boring!"
  • "Is he doing you?"
  • "I'm your new nanny."
  • "You must have quite an appetite."
  • "The most powerful creature on the planet, that's what I'm lookin' at. The fastest. The smartest. The best. And you’re British – so it’s even funny."
  • "Wakey...wakey..."
  • "You put my SON in a cage with LIONS."
  • "You've heard of good cop, bad cop? This is the movie!"
  • "Don't lie to me! Don't annoy me."
  • "Entirely up to you of course, but I'd say...the front of the queue!"
  • "Oh, ______, alone at last!"
  • "Don't play these games. Not with me."
  • "Know what've I got? You."
  • "Yep. Took your keys."
  • "Took my keys too."
  • "You won't hurt me!"
  • "I'LL EAT YOU!"
  • "I know how he thinks."
  • "Then you have a problem because he likes me."
  • "She's running, she's crying! She turned off the lights and she's DYING!"
  • "Come to daddy!"
  • "Time of the month?"
  • "Bit rich coming from the wolf-man."
  • "You're missing out. It's like sex. But there's a winner."
  • "Kids a bit...freaked."
  • "Well, yeah, what can you do? Someone tried to feed him to a lion."
  • "Then he will kill you."
  • "Then I won't die! I don't have the time."
  • "I don't want a drink."
  • "Sit! On! The chair!"
  • "You could have killed me!"
  • "Yes and this is my good side."
  • "Listen, can I tell ya, I haven't fucked anything in days, seriously a gust of wind and I go off! "
  • "So, nothing personal but I hope you don't have any plans that involve walking straight."
  • "Fantast-ische!"
  • "Well stop me in the middle if I'm doing it wrong."
  • "No. We just share a dick."
  • "First one of you that starts getting nervous, starts pulling that trigger? Dead."
  • "Hope you have a nicer boss."
  • "Yes, I'm a doctor. Know what I do with symptoms? I look them up on the internet."
  • "Did I bring the wrong thumb?"
  • "Sorry, hun. I should have mentioned I'm Dracula!"
  • "Oh this feels good--roomy! I could put up shelves!"
  • "The wife, and the ex, girls together, all friends now - the bastard's dead."
  • "The thing about consuming an alter-ego, bit like a Chinese, a minute later you're hungry again."
  • "Talk to me like you know me again, in public, where people can see, and the next sound you hear will be your own neck snapping. Do we have a basis for communication?"
  • "Hello, Mister Tumor. Goodbye, Daylight!"
  • "I've got rewind. Look at that. I've got digital rewind - It's like Sky Plus in here!"
  • "I finally found the adult channels."
  • "You know the way you sometimes think men are mentally undressing you?"
  • "She switched channels!"
  • "Fantastic arse."
  • "Trust me, I'm a psychopath!"
  • "I've got him sitting in a helicopter. No it's a moped, no it's a helicopter."
  • "Actually, it could have been a horse."
  • "Sorry, but you won't be dealing with Junior anymore. Daddy's home."
  • "People think that ____ is Rage. Or Hate. Or Greed. Or Lust. But _____ is far worse."
  • "Love is a psychopath."
  • "He's a psychopath for God's sake!"
  • "Look at that... Look what you did... This was CLEAN ON THIS MORNING!"
  • "Here it comes...tickles."
  • "A good man until the day he died."
hey i'm remaking

yoooo i’m definitely remaking, so message me if you want the url! tbh i’ve been thinking about it for a while and a) this blog has too much embarrassing superwholock in the archives, plus b) wtf i don’t really want a bunch of followers on here

so yeah, chances are i’ll give you the url, we don’t have to be in a mutual but i’d like to keep most of my mutuals if possible

i’m not deleting this blog & i’ll still check messages on here, too


Hello, mates! I’ve decived to make my first Follow Forever in honour that a year ago today I started watching this ridiculous show called Once Upon a Time (cheesy reason, I know).

When I started watching, I never imagined that it would mean so much to me, that two of its characters (and the wonderful people who play them) would do so much for me and that they’d give me the chance to meet such amazing people. Thank you for a great year.

  • Mutuals in bold.
  • Absolute favs in italics.

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This semester I’m taking an entrepreneurship course so I can be sure to put together a good-looking business plan for the fandom cafe/diner thing I hope to open eventually (aiming for September 2016), so I’m currently trying to think of more things I can do to attract customers.

Ideas I already have:

  • Discounts for cosplayers
  • Clear plastic sleeved poncho-like things to be worn over cosplays to prevent damages during dining
  • Fandom-themed daily specials (I’m pretty sure tuesday’s special will be pig n’ a poke)
  • A sort of gift shop selling common but hard-to-find cosplay materials (not quite sure what exactly yet, haven’t put much research into it and i don’t have enough money to be a cosplayer so i honestly have no clue, but i will find out) and emergency repair kits including sewing supplies, double-sided tape, and whatever else i deem relevant as i actually start putting stuff together
  • Cosplay workshop days so people can get help or ideas for putting together a cosplay if they want/need them (thinking one saturday during regular months, every saturday in the month or two leading up to a local con)
  • Get public display licenses for popular shows and movies and have a monthly/biweekly/weekly event where people pay a set price for admission and get a meal and a marathon
  • Maybe also have tvs placed throughout playing shows and movies during regular hours (not too sure how people would feel about having to leave to make room for incoming customers when they’re in the middle of their favourite show/episode)
  • If the cafe/diner thing is successful enough, open a connected bar with constantly streaming shows and movies

Any other ideas y'all may have would be appreciated, I want to know exactly what would be wanted by my target audience.

I also plan to start a Kickstarter once I’m happy with my business plan, along with saving up from a job (assuming I’m ever able to get one before self-employing).  I’d likely start the Kickstarter in early 2015, run it for a month, and if I get funded take the money and put it in a one-year CD just to get a little bit more from it.  But I’ll need to think of new rewards since I just looked and found out Kickstarter doesn’t allow coupons as rewards (meaning i’ll probably have to make souvenir stuff for the gift shop portion and limited edition souvenir stuff for the backers)

And I haven’t had this urge to kill myself since tenth grade when I was stressed and believed ending my life would solve all my problems.
I say it in my head sometimes and then I reassure myself that I’m kidding and I’d never do that to my family or myself.
But today is the day that made me believe it was because of you that I didn’t reassure myself. Sitting in that classroom, listening to the instructor explain the toxic chemicals we shouldn’t inhale, staring at you, thinking about all you have put me through that you’re not even aware of, and imagining the disintegration of my lungs and the pain that would lead me to death, made me excited.
I was content and fine with this thought of killing myself and knowing it was because of you.
—  submission #233

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How do you run a "shit (insert fictional character) does" blog?

Oh, well it’s really simple, darling! All you have to do is pick out the fictional character that you want to make the blog for (although it would be best if you did some research to find out if there was already a blog for that character. It might hurt the original admin’s feelings if you made a blog with the same character that they had!) and from there, you set up your blog with your url and theme just like you would any other blog (this blog is a side blog for me, connected to my main account) 

Once you have your blog all set up, just make a post as often as you can! I’d say that once a day is a good option (although I haven’t been very consistent as of late because of schoolwork, but i’m trying to get there!) 

Just make sure to put the number of your post in the title, be careful not to repeat your numbers, and put a silly headcanon about what you think that character would do in the post! You can even allow other people to make submissions if you want to!

I wish you good luck in making a blog darling!