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meggiscat  asked:

do you believe that we Finns have an "overused actor/actress" syndrome? I think that it gets a little bit boring when you see the same actors in every movie we make. sure it's fine as long as they do their job good, but am I the only one noticing this or what? (haha, I think I'll regret typing this later.)

There are actually very few good actors in Finland (and even fewer good presenters). Then there’s 3 reasons that might have something to do with this:

1. There are few popular film directors that actually get visibility (or even get funding) and they might prefer certain actors.

2. If your movie has known and popular actors it has a potential to make a bit more money. Couple hundreds of Mikko Leppilampi fans will bring a nice add to your money purse.

3. Relations. You know someone who knows someone who knows someone - that’s how things roll. And new talents might probably spend years getting to know someone who knows someone who knows someone who might do casting to the new Dome Karukoski film.

What bothers me more than recycling the same actors is that Finnish scriptwriters have no actual contact with real life. If they did they’d know how normal people speak with each other. The dialogues in 80% of Finnish films make me cringe.