i think i'll do more for the rest of the characters as the series goes on

almostinhalf  asked:

I also have a question about critical role? How long did it take you to figure out names/characters/etc.? Because I'm assuming I'll just figure it out as I go along but I feel kind of lost just starting out

It’s tricky, especially since they apparently had to blur out part of the character intros recently for copyright reasons? It definitely takes a while to learn all the names (I am SO BAD with names), but within a couple eps I felt a lot more confident. Here’s a quick cheat-sheet, going left-to-right based on how they’re usually sitting!

Vax’ildan (played by Liam O’Brien): Half-elf rogue, brother of Vex, lots of snark, dagger-dagger-dagger. Leaps before he looks, worryingly prone to heroic self-sacrifice, has probably flipped off every monster in the universe at least twice. Very good at stealth in battle situations. Even better at stealth in uncomfortable social situations.

Vex’ahlia (played by Laura Bailey): Half-elf ranger, sister of Vax, has an adorable killer bear named Trinket, everybody gets arrows and a bear to the face. V good at charming/deception/tracking/snarking, generally speaks for the group when it comes to logistical/financial(!!!) matters, has a certain alarming pragmatism that only surfaces rarely, but when it does… 

Pike Trickfoot (played by Ashley Johnson): Gnome cleric, saved Grog’s life when they were young and basically became his adoptive sister, healing and guiding bolts all around. Cleric of a god who prioritizes redemption, which is pretty fitting all around. Was (temporarily) killed during one of the home-games prior to the stream and is shakily coming to terms with a more ruthless streak post-resurrection.

Grog Strongjaw (played by Travis Willingham): Goliath barbarian, basically Pike’s adoptive brother, has an intelligence of six and knows exactly what he’s doing. (He would like to rage.) Has a good heart that goes well beyond smashing things: his herd attacked him and left him for dead after he refused to kill a helpless gnome, Pike’s grandfather. Still very good at smashing things, though.

Percival Fredrickstein Von Musel Klossowski de Rolo III (…just call him Percy) (played by Taliesin Jaffe): Human gunslinger, brought a gun to a swords-and-sorcery fight, will probably invent a toaster oven at some point. Quiet and somewhat bookish tinkerer, family killed under extremely mysterious circumstances involving a Lord and Lady Briarwood. Builds convoluted contraptions for other members of the party, especially experimental arrows for Vex.

Keyleth (played by Marisha Ray): Half-elf druid, low-charisma and awkward but Doing Her Best, turns herself into ferocious terrifying monsters, turns ferocious terrifying monsters into tiny cute fluffy bunnies. Partway through an Avatar-esque journey to master the elements. Unquestionably the group’s moral center: will stand up to the group in an instant if she thinks they’re straying away from doing the right thing.

Tiberius Stormwind (played by Orion Acaba): Dragonborn sorcerer with a prodigious talent for magic; the youngest doddering old absentminded professor you’ll ever meet. Very few problems can’t be solved with a well-placed fireball. You know. One way or the other. Very intelligent but not especially wise; has a tendency to wander off on his own at the worst possible moment.

Scanlan Shorthalt (played by Sam Riegel): Gnome bard, master of innuendo and anachronistic musical ballads, hopelessly in love with Pike. In battle, prefers to play support for the rest of the group with healing, inspiration, and the occasional bolt of lightning. Any time he does take center stage, expect an increasingly unlikely series of events that culminates in something that is, above all else, uniquely entertaining.