i think i'll do a version in colour

More meditation stuff. A lot of bits and pieces–I should stop trying to do this at night because my brain gets jumbled, I guess.
(I saw books in a brightly lit library, wings made of glass, and ‘pieces of sunlight’ as I identified them though I don’t know what they really were–shards of light in a colour behind gold.
A broken halo?? Actually, now that I think of it???)

A version of Israfel reached out to me recently and they mentioned maybe being the one I remembered–I specifically 'asked’ to focus on him to gain some kind of insight, but I didn’t get much in the long run.

-Saw Israfel as an adult, which is really rare. I held his face and I’m not sure what his reaction to it was. I got the feeling it might have even been a dream? A memory of a dream…
-also saw Israfel as a toddler again but this time in a small room of stars. You could grasp the stars and pull them from the “walls” but they weren’t really walls. Really hard to describe haha…I was super excited. I think I was showing Israfel to the stars?? Trying to get him to pick one, maybe?? I felt so incredibly excited for whatever it was. (He was excited too but he was really small and probably just picked up on me)

-the pool again, sitting on the edge with my legs in the water, but this time just before a swarm of fledglings engulfed me. Unfortunately, I wasn’t happy? I was really tired for some reason. Distracted.

I was going to leave the meditation and asked if that was all, but my image of Nuriel grabbed my arm and pulled me deeper under. (I represent my memories with my physical manifestation. Easier to “call on”, for me. Also, the meditation calls for you to view your memories in a lakes surface–i tend to go /inside/ the lake.)

Immediately was in a huge, towering room, much clearer than the other visions. What was probably a throne rose before me, very tall, reaching up to a height about four or five 'me’s stacked ontop of each other. I got closer, slowly, and was struck with the thought 'the throne is empty’. (The problem with having memories that are technically in a different language is that I remember the /meaning/ of the words and it’s all very loose–there were loads of different ways to interpret this thought is what I mean.)
I ran through the doors, and down the hallway which lead directly into a taking-off point, snapping my wings out and taking flight. Saw quite a bit beneath me.

I landed in a different building, past the gardens and at the edge of some precipice. The top was domed, green glass. I immediately found and embraced a sibling with a shock of long, red hair and striking features. I kissed them familiarly and exchanged pleasantries.
I’m not sure whether these two were the same memory–the throne room and the sibling. If they were I have no clue what it meant. The empty throne meant the arrival of this sibling?? Why was this important?? It was what 'Nuriel’ wanted me to see for sure because I was almost immediately faded out of the meditation after.