i think i'll be out the whole day hi

“So, it’s New Year’s Eve and you’re not going to call her?” His roommate was standing at his door, waiting. For him to buck up the courage to do what he’d been debating all day because who else was going to?
“I really need to don’t I?” His roommate didn’t answer, just gave him this look that said “don’t be stupid” and walked out of view.
All he could think was, she’s everything and if he wasn’t with her at midnight it’d set the whole axis of his year off kilter. She was worth it, she was fireworks and champagne and cold kisses in Times Square. She was the first snow of the winter and the relief of rain in the desert. He loved her and he had to tell her, had to start his new year off strong.
He was ready.
—  M.L. / excerpt from a book I’ll never write #3