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16, 17, 20!

16. What’s your favourite team? 

This is gonna be basic as helll but I really really am still in love with CEO Hwang’s Sorry Sorry team. It’s where Onibugi was finally acknowledged for his hard work, we were gifted with plenty of Ongniel, Jaehwan’s talent was properly appreciated, and Minhyun received some genuine love–I wish they could debut as a group lol

17. Would you stan the current top 11?

YES Y E S Y  E  S  although not nearly all of my faves are in there, there is a decent number of them (ONIBUGI, ONG, KANGDAN, DAE, CEO HWANG, ALPACA, JAEHWAN) and I think the group is overall very cohesive and talented, with the exception of a few newbies. Not my TOP combination, but I’d be extremely happy still if they were the top 11

20. I which my bias was better at…?

My top 2 biases are onibugi and CEO–I wish CEO Hwang would be a little more greedy for himself because I really would like to see more of him in performances, but his selflessness is also one of my favorite qualities in him and I wish Onibugi would see the best attributes we see and lessen the huge burden he continually pushes onto himself

Thanks for asking!!!! lolol I get so excited doing these 

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