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From Commander-in-Chief: “Gabby Blabby Abby? Grabby Hands? Dr. Crabbie Pants? Ugh. I’m so glad you ended it with her. She was too old for you, anyway.”“Just wait until you meet your future mother-in-law,” Anya sing-songs. “You’re in for a treat.” For the love of holy causes and effects, upon all that is good in this world, p l e a s e tell us how this meeting goes! *angel's choirs singing please* Like, what wins - Lexa's Heda composure or her awkward gay noodle bean-ness? I'm so curious

Haha, hmm… One question is who tells Lexa and whether Clarke actually finds out (wait, Clarke doesn’t know about her mom and Anya, right? Or was that her mom and Raven? omg need to pull out my venn diagram again! okay, it’s unclear. so just for fun, let’s say that Clarke doesn’t know about it either. bc what is that fic but crack and miscommunication?)

January 3rd, 2021

“Babe. Don’t freak out but—Lexa. Stop. It’s fine.”

President Woods takes a deep breath. “Of course it’s fine. I’m fine. Go on.”

“Are you going to need your panic room?”

“It is not ‘my panic room,’ Clarke. It’s not, like, therapeutic. It’s just called a panic room because it locks down.”

“Ummhmm. And it just so happens to be your bedroom. Where you do all your panicking.”

“I’m the President of the United States, Clarke. I don’t panic,” Lexa sulks, digging a pen into the surface of her desk before remembering it’s a priceless historical heirloom. “What were you saying?” she prods, furiously trying to buff away the scratch with her thumb.

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Screenshots from BIG JACK IN LITTLE CITY | MaximumVR HTC Vive Virtual Reality! :D

Oh my god I love these VR videos from Jack! They are so fun to watch and screenshot Jack in. :D I’m so fascinated and intrigued by VR and Oculus Rift related things because it’s very interesting to me how technology is advancing and what new things are being created and explored with it. Also because I’ve never used one of these headsets before myself I just love watching people react to them. You can tell Jack has a lot of fun making these videos too. Literally every single video he’s done with the Vive so far he has the biggest smile on his face while playing any game with it. :)

I think my favorite part of this video though was the look on the faces of the people when Jack picked them up. :D