i think i will always feel this way

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Hello 👋 do you think that Daryl will initiate both hugs?

I love this question! Thank you. ^.^

I do think it’s likely that Daryl will initiate both hugs. Though I remember seeing a rumor floating around a while ago that Carol initiated their reunion hug, I don’t think that rumor was ever confirmed. And we already know that Daryl initiates the goodbye hug because the spoiler was “the goodbye hug Daryl gives her is pretty sweet”.

I think it’s really meaningful and adorable that Daryl is always the one initiating their hugs. Even though now he has hugged others, it’s still very big that he will have initiated four hugs with Carol come February.

And I think it makes sense that he is the one hugging her. Because I feel like episode 10 is his epiphany episode. The episode which virtually completely revolves around the fact that Daryl loves Carol, and proves this in multiple ways; the beating of Richard, Daryl asking Carol to make him dinner, the hugs. (I also think that there will probably be some “gossip” between Richard, Morgan, and Ezekiel about what Carol means to Daryl.) I think one of the major focal points in episode 10 will be conveying to the audience and Carol and everyone else that Daryl loves Carol. That’s my take on it.

Whereas episode 14, I’m assuming based on what we know about it, will be Carol’s “episode 10”. Carol’s epiphany episode.

Then, when they reunite - whenever that may be - I think there’s a good chance that Carol will initiate their fifth hug. :)

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Can I tell you about the interesting thing my bi gf said to me? She says a big difference between dating men and women is that women have actual empathy and she feels no pressure to try to maintain my affection with make-up etc. When talking about her body image issues, she said she thinks women are doomed to always see and judge ourselves through others eyes and until recently that has been men. She said that if that is her fate, then she is glad that it is my eyes she now sees herself through.

I think that is a really sweet and beautiful way of putting it. I think that is absolutely true. With women dating each other, we have the ability to rest and drop the facade that we normally are taught is the only thing making us truly lovable. With empathy from our lovers we are often liberated to be closer to our true selves.

If you have that comfort and affection between you, it sounds like you have a wonderful healing aspect to your relationship, and that is really admirable. Much love to you both, keep looking at each other so soulfully, and thank you for sharing with me ❤️

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What happened between you and your ex, if you dont mind asking... seemed so in love ?? ❤

We just grew apart. He went away to college. Idk, the more I think about it the more I realize how he wasn’t into me for the past months of our relationship and he broke up with me in the most shitty way possible. Nothing against him– just hope he grows up a bit and takes people’s feelings into consideration more. He’s a great guy and I wish the best for him and will always have love for him

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So I absolutely love the new ed songs but they're just missing something. Something that used to be in the songs I first heard about 4 years ago, like little bird and homeless and one night. I think what those songs have though is kind of a young almost naive voice to them (lyrically) like the lyrics sound like a teenager wrote them and I mean that in the best way possible. I love the new stuff but even the songs on X had a different feel to them. Just feeling a little nostalgic I guess haha

I get that. But I think… what I would say is not that the new songs are missing something, but that they have something which is slightly different.

One of the things that has always been so engaging to me about Ed’s older stuff is his sincerity. I think you’re absolutely right that the words sound like a younger person wrote them, but another thing that makes them sound so fresh is that there’s not a whole lot of production, and everything sounds very… like, natural? (I wanted to say “earthy” there.) Ed as a young singer/songwriter was clearly so talented for his age, and his songs were quirky and packed to the brim with different little thoughts and feelings and stories, and it all felt very true and real and immediate, almost more like having an organic conversation with someone than like listening to a finished song (particularly songs like One Night, which you mentioned). I think that’s something that drew a lot of fans toward his music in the first place. 

Ed’s songs are a lot less like that now, but I don’t think it’s a bad thing. He’s much more experienced as a songwriter, and he’s making songs that are a lot more streamlined and polished, and the lyrics don’t seem to be quite as richly filled up with thoughts. I don’t know if that makes sense… but, okay, let’s take a song like Shape of You. It’s the story of meeting someone, falling for them, and admiring their body. It’s very straightforward, gives sort of a lighthearted narration of how this relationship began, and leaves you with a pleasant feeling about the whole thing. Sing is very much like this as well - just a story about meeting someone and dancing and having a good time with them, and that’s it. You just… sort of bop around to it and enjoy it, and then it’s over. Now look at One Night, which is also about meeting someone and being interested in them. It’s so complicated. So much more is revealed about both the narrator and the girl - not just what they go out and do, like in the other songs, but also tiny little details and insecurities and hesitations, the stuff that you really feel on a night like that, not simply glossed over by a general indication that everyone had a good time and it was fun. That song is packed, while Shape of You and Sing aren’t. But! That doesn’t make it a better song. It’s like the difference between a Snickers bar and a fluffy chocolate mousse. The Snickers has a bunch of different things packed in it and tastes good, but the mousse - even though it’s airy and light - is classier, more professional and commercially appealing, smoother, more mature, and much easier to swallow since you don’t even have to chew. And it still tastes good. Some people would say it tastes better. 

I really think it comes down to experience. You can’t expect Ed - or anyone - to freeze in time and continue to produce the exact same sort of thing over and over without evolving. I dearly love the old songs and the young Ed who wrote them with such thoughtfulness and depth of observation, but I also love his newer stuff, which is more accessible to a wider audience and more focused and organized, with lyrics all working toward a single theme rather than scattered thoughts, and subject matter that is often still deeper than what his contemporaries are putting out, and phrases that retain some of his quirkiness. I think it’s easy to see that his art is still fully Ed but has matured as he’s gotten older – and this is the most desirable outcome for an artist, to stay true but become more and more skillful. His music will likely get even better! And as a fan, that’s such an exciting thought for me. 

And here’s something to remember: the old songs will always be there. We love them, and they are certainly worthy of that for a variety of reasons, but there’s no need to feel nostalgic about them because you can listen literally any time you want to. It’s not like you’ll never hear them again, you know? But what we’re getting now is also special and good for other reasons and should be judged against itself and not against what came before. Like, when you get chocolate mousse at a restaurant, are you going to enjoy it, or are you going to stir it around listlessly and wish you’d brought your Snickers from home instead? Your Snickers is waiting for you when you get back. So for now, eat the mousse. It’s really tasty. :D

i think i’m low key obsessed with myself. i’m always staring at myself in mirrors and taking loads of pictures of myself, sometimes in an admiring kind of way or a critical way. whenever i walk by a mirror i have to look in it and find it hard to look away, i could stare at myself for hours. i think part of this may be because i feel very disconnected from myself and my surroundings so seeing myself in the mirror is very surreal and hard to believe it’s really me looking back at myself.

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What did you think about the new Sherlock season? spill your heart out i want to hear it all

oH hOneY

Listen I had given up on the Sherlock fandom a long time ago. And I kinda stopped watching the show for a brief amount of time because I just need the mental health back.

But don’t get me wrong I love Sherlock. I always liked the way the actors portray the characters in their own way that makes them feel to true to the book portrayals but did what the show essentially wanted which was to modernize the story.

AlSo Im SuCH A NeRd FoR GoOD cinEmaTogrAphY

I could literally give you a 12 page essay on the cinematography of any film if you gave me a two hour notice and a good cup of tea.

That being said I haven’t gone back and watched the finally yet but I have every intention to do so. But I knew the absolute uproar it caused amoung the fandom for certain reasons (y'all know what I’m talking about).

But even before that the unnecessary bashing of characters and countless amount of hatred towards creators of the show made me resent it as a whole.

Long story short fangirls are fucking crazy and I plan to watch the finally when I can do so in peace and feel 0 remorse for having certain opinions about it.

Dear Charlie,

Fuck him and fuck my life.

I hate him
I hate him so much it makes me cry

Why is he fucking with my head?
Are we friends or are we not?
Does he like me or does he not?

I never wanted this feeling
I never wanted to like someone! Why is my heart doing this to me when it knows it’s gonna break?

I just want to erase all this feelings.
Is there a way to erase them…or at least erase the memories?
I can’t deal with all of this right now.

Bigger problems and bigger worries exist then this but my head always finds a way to think about him.

The best thing is I don’t even hate him. I can’t hate him. It’s not his fault.
At the end of the day I hate myself that I let this happen.


watching the heaven music video was such an emotional experience for me because that song already has such a special place in my heart and really does voice the fears I had when I first started figuring out my sexuality. it was so beautiful to see the faces of those who have embraced who they are and who they love and fought to be heard in a world where we aren’t always embraced for it. I don’t think I’ll ever truly be able to put into words how grateful I am to Troye for putting this beautiful creation out into the world and giving me a way to voice everything me and so many others feel everyday. Thank you Troye.

Talk to me!

I have 40 followers and I feel like I need to be better friends to all of you. So can I ask you guys to send me an ask with a short, funny story about something that happened to you? It doesn’t have to be as long as mine or it can be way longer doesn’t matter haha

I’ll do one quick, so 2 years ago I was at my church for my grandparents 50th anniversary.

Me and my grandpa are always screwing around. I do karate but he thinks he can still beat me.

So he called me short and then grabbed my arm and I tried to twist out but it didn’t work very well and was like… hugging me from the back basically and I couldn’t move and everyone was laughing and I tried to like push him back…

He tripped over some totes and we fell through the window… neither of us had a scratch on us but the pastor wasn’t too excited about it.

Anyway, I love when people call me “innocent” or “wimpy” or say that I’m bluffing because I can fire back with

“I pushed my grandpa through a window at church on his 50th wedding anniversary. Your move.”

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I remember going to this large white room sometimes and just… singing. It was relaxing, and something I think I did to unwind. There was something soothingly ritualistic and important feeling to it.

aHH! I have similar memories! I don’t know if it was the same room but this,, giant white domed room with a sort of,, caldera? (that’s the only way i can describe it, the floor was made of sort of, rough white marble that was uneven and dipped in the middle) filled with shallow water, and there was a platform in the middle to stand on. it was always filled with warm light and also the acoustics were lovely but. you know.

I want to draw it now i scream! I’d love to know what yours looked like!

-Mod Anafiel

By Patron I was referring to my Patreon, though I still thank you for the vote of confidence! To be honest some commissions are still nerve wracking. I’m always worried that I’ll make something sub par or let a client down, even though I’ve had almost universally positive feedback. 

I think that’s still worth it. Clients come and go (and hopefully come back) but you have to live with yourself every moment of every day. 

I feel like I’m a little of column A a little of column B. I’m an artist by nature but a tradesmen by need. But hopefully I can find a way for each to boost the other and make something better then either apart. 

wildishmazz a réagi à votre billet “If there is no secret episode or anything like that, there will always…”

I personally think that even if they pull something perfect and beautiful out of the bag that explains everything, the damage is already done. They can’t un-fuck this up.

Absolutely, the damage is done. And coming up with a secret fix it ep feels a lot like manipulation in the worst way possible, I mean this is the level of manipulation that makes someone being assaulted forgive the assaulter because they offer flowers afterwards and tell the victim “I love you”.
No matter what happens next, mofftiss, the BBC, and everyone involved (except the actors who just did what they could with what was given to them) have abused us, our trust, and I will never forgive them for that even if they pull the perfect episode out of their hats. We’re not disposable, we worth more than what they think of us.

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I was just rereading some of your Tarra Treks posts and it truly is amazing how much they've grown. By which I mean, you can track just how far you're falling down the rabbit hole as reviews go from a few lines about each episode to multiple paragraphs to full on recaps. IT'S GLORIOUS

Haha, no I think about this all time. Whenever I go to check an old set of notes to see what I’d said about something, I’m always a little surprised! Whether by brevity, or more often how a lot of my reactions in the early days aren’t given any plot context, which I regret. Jotting down live episode notes that are also somewhat enjoyable for others to read is definitely something I think I’m still feeling my way into? Recaps are more rewarding to write as like, a Writing Experience (partly because they’re more of a challenge), and faaaarrrr and away the best for others to read, but they are also a big ol time commitment and we would be here for years. The Strug.

I’m also constantly having to confront the fact that I’m not actually writing any of these things for the circulation, because if I were I’d do something about the CLEAR scientific fact that short image-based posts get passed around, and the long scrawly commentary that they even came from, does not.

This has been Introspection Hour With Wellntruly: What Are We Doing

sigh… Im gonna be straight up with you guys… I dont know if im gonna finish this blog

I really wanted to. I did. but Im just not feeling it anymore. I feel like im moving on from undertale, and by extension this blog. but i dont want this blogs story dying with it. so I will post the rest of the story in text form. but the rest of the blog I dont think Ill finish it in the way I started it. I honestly think I bit off more than I could chew here and Im sorry about that. but I hope you guys can forgive me for that and continue to support me.

Now in no way does this mean I dont like undertale anymore. it will always hold a special place in my heart. but I just dont think I want to continue with serious fan content for the fandom. Ive tried drawing papyrus and sans and all of them and it just never feels right anymore. It seems I only have fun with undertale when im just goofing off and making the funnies with it nowadays. so thank you for all of your support and love and I hope to see many of you again in the comments and notes of my other works. 

Other places you can support my art

@keebyart my main art blog.

@raddadster a more rad dad centric blog, less serious and less undertale

@mspaintundertale undertale ms paint art. lots of shipping (even tho i dont ship) and shitposts.

@underbeef I dont know if Ill even continue this one but keep in check just in case i do.

I’m so tired…. work and school and obligations just take everything out of me, I feel like I’ve just been scooped out at the stomach, if that makes sense… I always have to be doing something, homework, working, cleaning, something, there is always something I should be doing, and I literally just feel exhausted when all I’m doing is standing, or thinking about standing. It’s so hard to make myself do things, and yet there is always something I must do… I’m just so tired. In such a basic, but all encompassing way. I can’t talk to my friends about it… everyone has something, and besides, I know how exhausting it can be to be the audience for someone who is dissatisfied with their life, or with their self…. but I feel so detached from others, even those closest to me, and I think it’s a really fundamental, human need, the need to feel understood by others, but at the same time, I want to shut people out…. I wish I could feel comfortable talking about these things to my best friend, but I feel like I never stop whining to her, and I don’t want to overwhelm her with that, and also i just…. feel insignificant, I guess, in the scope of other people’s lives… I know that’s probably not true… but it feels like I need so many other people more than any of them need me, but at the same time, I feel so isolated from others? I can’t describe it. At least, not properly. I don’t know. I feel so heavy but empty and tired and lonely and dissatsified.. . I wish I knew how to have the life I want, or even what the life I want is like….