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‘Anyone wanna cuddle?’ || JOE SUGG IMAGINE

Part two of We don’t talk anymore 

“Love wake up.” As I opened my eyes I saw my best friend lying next to me editing.
“Morning Joe, what time is it?” I asked and turned on my side to face him.
“Ten, Zoe is making breakfast so I decided to wake you up so you can get ready.”
“Thanks babe.” I said and smiled at him. “When did you wake you?”
“Around five. Jetlag is killing me.”
“Why didn’t you wake me? We could have watched a movie or prank Zalfie.” I said and he laughed.
“Next time.” He said and gave me a small smile. We lied there, him editing and me scrolling through my social media until Alfie called us for the breakfast.

“Morning guys.” Said Alfie as we walked downstairs.
While we ate, we talked about future plans for youtube and Zoe talked about their last vacation and said that Joe and I should join them next time. We just laughed thinking about joining them on their romantic getaway.
After breakfast, Zoe and Alfie went to record a new Sims video and Joe went to edit. I stayed downstairs playing with Nala. After a while I went upstairs to change since we planned on going to town later that day.
As I walked in our room I saw Joe sleeping on the bed. Since he woke up at five I knew he was tired so I tried to be as quiet as possible.
“Come join me.” Said Joe half asleep. I looked at him to make sure he was talking to me. “Come cuddle with me.” He said and looked at me, as I laid in his arms he smiled.
“I’m really glad to have you in my life.” He whispered in my ear.
“I’m lucky to be the part of it.” In that moment, his arms squeezed a fraction tighter and a smile appeared on my lips.
This was normal thing for us, ever since we were kids we managed to say whatever we wanted to each other without being judged or fear of being misunderstood. And when we grew up we realized that no matter what we will always have each other and that was the case for the most of our lives.

Like a great rush of water, memory came back to me. I was laying in Zoe’s guest bedroom at 2am replaying all the things we did together, every memory we ever shared. I was usually okay with our situation. It wasn’t the first time I lost contacts with a friend. That’s life. But I’ve known Joe for years and we have been through so much, his parents getting divorced, my grandmother dying, his sister moving out and my brother going abroad to study. We have been through many boyfriends and girlfriends and the only thing that stuck was us. And now that thing was no longer there. It was strange being in this room by myself.
Walking the memory lane is a walk for both the heart and the soul. As much as remembering things that happened between us made my soul full and happy it tore my heart apart. Realization that the person I thought would be there no matter what doesn’t want to be a part of my life anymore was making my hear ache.
I took a picture of me laying in the bed and captioned it with ‘Anyone wanna cuddle?’ and posted it to twitter. Soon after I tweeted it, fans started tweeting me how they wished they could come join me but one DM surprised me. It was from Joe.
‘I would love one of our cuddle sessions if you will have me ;)’  It said. After I answered with maybe his name appeared on screen. Few moments later I hear voice I haven’t heard in little bit over a year. 


As I’m writing this, I’m still on the train, somewhere near the border of Belgium and the Netherlands. Since I don’t have much to do, or much I can do, I decided to use the last bit of my laptop battery too just write down some more of my impression of the last two days, specifically the Toumyu performances.

Obviously, I’m home right now (despite what some mid-report sentences will suggest) and I did some editing to the original text I wrote on the train. The second half of the report was completely written after I came home… btw. excuse me for the possible but-load of spelling mistakes. (or even any memory mistakes) It’s midnight, and I just want to sleep by now!

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Nap Time

“Babe, I’m home!” I called out, closing the front door behind me. After kicking my shoes off, I walked towards the living room, sliding my jacket off.
“Joe? You in he-” I stop mid-sentence, smiling at the site before me.

Joe was curled up on the couch, his neck bent in an angle that I’m sure he would feel later, his hands tucked under opposite arms, he had a peaceful look on his face, and his computer rested open next to his stomach.
On the screen was a video Joe had just filmed recently with a few of the other boys, he was clearly part way through editing. I knew he was tired, he’d been up late for the past week editing and writing.

I put my jacket over the other couch, and after snapping a quick picture, because he was too adorable not to, I gently grab the computer and close it, placing it on the coffee table. I pause as Joe shuffles a bit, mumbling something incoherent in his sleep before settling again. Once I’m sure he’s still asleep, I pull the throw we always keep on the couch over him, brushing back his hair from his forehead. Joe lets out a content sigh, and I smile softly at him before turning and heading to the kitchen.
I’ll let him sleep a little longer. I think to myself, pulling out materials to start cooking dinner.

A little while later, just as I close the oven door after putting the dish inside, I hear shuffling coming from the living room.
Turning around, I see Joe slowly making his way over to the bar-style counter, rubbing a hand across his face and through his hair.
“Y/N?” He mumbles, sleep laced through his voice, clearly still half asleep.
“Hey babe. Have a nice nap?” I lean against the opposite side of the counter and lean forward. Joe meets me halfway, and gives me a quick peck on the lips.
“How long was I out?” He asks, settling into one of the bar stools. I shrug, starting to clean up the prep work.
“I got home like…half an hour ago, I think. You looked like you had been out for a while though.”
“I remember editing, and fighting falling asleep…I was just too tired.”
“Well that happens when you stay up too late, silly boy.” I smirk at him, watching as he yawns.
“Oh shush…I still have to finish editing that video too.”
“Joe,” My tone turning serious. “You aren’t planning on posting that video for at least another week. Leave it for tonight, eat some food, and come to bed at a normal time with me.”
We have a stare down for a minute before he sighs and nods.
“Yeah, alright. You win, love.”
“Of course I do, I always do.” I walk over to the same side of the counter as him and lean against him.

Joe wraps an arm around my waist and buries his face into the crook between my shoulder and neck.
“Mmm…you’re comfy.” He mumbles into my skin, placing light kisses against my neck, moving up to my jaw.
I giggle a little, he knows I’m ticklish there, but he continues, moving closer to my mouth.
We kiss slowly, just enjoying each other’s lips before we break apart, our foreheads resting against each other.
“How long until that’s ready to eat?” Joe asks, his lips so close I can feel the words on my own. I close my eyes, loving the feeling of Joe so close.
“Another 20 or 30 minutes. Why?”
Instead of responding, Joe stands, and I open my eyes again as he pulls my hand to follow him, heading for the bedroom.
“Plenty of time.” He says, as he turns around again, his lips connecting with mine.

Let’s just say, Joe was well rested after that nap.


“Ummmm, 7. The answer is 7.”
“What do you mean no, the answer is 7”
“No baby, it’s 10. Here I’ll show you again” Shawn said with no hint of annoyance in his voice.
We had been sitting on my bedroom floor for 4 long hours while Shawn was attempting to tutor me in math because our final was in 2 days and we had made absolutely no progress, because I’m an idiot.
I was on the brink of tears because it was my time of the month, I was tired, frustrated, grumpy and sad for no reason at all.
Nothing Shawn was saying was making sense and each time he explained it, it started to sound more and more like a different language.
“So after you multiply it, you divide the top number by the bottom number and there’s your answer. Did you understand it this time?” Shawn put down his pen to smile at me.
My emotions overtook me and my lip started to quiver. I was going to fail this final, I was never going to get accepted into college.
“NO” I shouted before pushing my textbook off my lap, rising to my feet and stomping off to my bed.
I didn’t mean to cry or over react the way I did but I couldn’t help it. I jumped face down onto my bed as my body started to shake from my sobs.
I heard the sound of books being moved and a few moments later felt the bed dip next to me.
I felt his warm breath on my ear as he moved closer to me, lifting up my sweatshirt and dragging his finger tips up and down my back.
“Shh, don’t cry. You’ll understand it, just give it some time” Shawn cooed, still tracing his finger tips up and down.
“I-I-I’m never going to understand it, I’m stupid and I’m never going to be accepted into college. I’m going to be stuck here working in Jill’s donuts for the rest of my life” I stuttered, trying to regain control of my breathing.
I turned over, putting one of my arms over Shawns torso, one of my legs across his hip and my head on his chest. Sniffling and letting my tears drop onto his t-shirt.
“Baby you’re not stupid, you’re over tired. Of course you can’t concentrate and learn new things; you need some sleep…” Shawn said softly, moving one of his arms around my waist and the other to softly play with my hair before continuing.
“and math isn’t your best subject, so what? You’re taking AP literature and you have the most beautiful voice I’ve ever heard. And as far as working at Jill’s donuts I mean, it’s not that bad. Free donuts forever right?” Shawn chuckled.
I looked up at him and smiled before playfully hitting his chest. “That’s not funny! I don’t want to work at Jill’s fucking donuts, and your voice is better than mine.” I stated, still looking up at him.
“There’s that smile I was waiting for. No it is not. Your voice beats anyone’s and everyone’s.”
I had stopped crying now, the steady beat of his heart and the soothing feeling of his fingers in my hair had calmed me down.
My eyes drooped and I realised that Shawn was right, I was over tired.
“Go to sleep princess, I’ll be here when you wake up and we can go over the math problems again.” He whispered, his breath fanning my face.
“Promiseeeee?” I dragged out the e like a whiny child.
“I promise. I won’t leave here until you’re ready for the math final. Sleep, baby. You need it”
I was half asleep by the time he had finished what he had to say
“I’m too lucky to have you, I love you mr mendes” I mumbled.
“I’m the lucky one. I love you more future mrs Mendes” Shawn whispered as I drifted off to sleep.


What the fuck is up my little chicken wings?!?! LONG TIME NO SEE/SPEAK.
I know, I’m pathetic I haven’t posted an imagine in like a month and a half and if you think this is shit tell me. I wrote this in 19 minutes without editing or anything and I’m sorry that its terrible and short but christmas is over, I have finished all my holiday homework and summer has truly begun. I will be posting frequently, so message me any requests that you have.

Once again I’m really sorry for not posting in a while and im sorry that this is terrible and short ayyyy effffff. But enjoy 💕💕