i think i was checking my wig

I think one of the most lovely and unexpected things that has happened since dying my hair bright colours is that the people who give me compliments about it in public are almost always the kind of people who, before I did, I would never have expected to approve of it or say that sort of thing. Like the 85 years old lady on the metro I sat next to, the traffic warden who I was walking past on the street, the very strict teacher I was always afraid of at school who I met in the super market; it’s really eye opening and has made me rethink my own prejudices about peoples taste.

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        “I know it’s not an exact replica, dipshit. What, ya think I don’t have eyes?” X snorted, almost laughing at the grunt who accused him of not knowing what Petrel looked like. “Look, I know th’Executive gots his gorgeous purple locs an’ shit but I gotta keep up my aesthetic. It’s still good practice. Tell me if this wig were purple I wouldn’t look like a fun sized version of him. And I am–fun sized.”

        But he paused as the grunt started pointing and snickering himself, assuming that it was at his talk.

        “What? You think I’m funny? I put good work into this outfit, kiddo! Check the missed hours!”



i’m about to style this wig for another cosplay but i really wanted to try being hiccup first! i want to do his full armor one day but it’ll be a while before i can afford that. so for now, a quick makeup test!

Conversation with my six year old daughter about potential cosplay.

Me: So check it out, kid. I think we should dress up as Garnet and Steven Universe.

Her: Cool! I love Steven!

Me: Cool, because I wanna be Garnet and you should be Steven.

Her: But i’m the girl! Shouldn’t I be Garnet?

Me: But i’m like your cool teacher guy, leading you on missions and teaching you lessons and punching things.

Her:…Yeeeeah. Okay. I can be Steven. Are we gonna wear wigs?

Me: We are going to wear wigs. Crazy wigs.


He grinned, shrugging.  ”I don’t really know and I don’t really care. I’m like some kind of sprite or something! ”  he poofed up the wig even more.  ”It’s cute though right?  And what do you think of my outfit?”   He held her hand and spun himself.  Little bondage top,  super short tight leather shorts, ripped up fishnets and of course a pair of doc martens that match his hair.  ”Cute?”

She giggled, “Yes, you’re fucking adorable. You look like a kinky little fairy.” Bella grabbed her phone, checking it quickly. “Like actually you look pretty adorable, if some hunky guy doesn’t take you home tonight I’ll be hella surprised.” She pointed towards the door, pushing up her boobs a little bit more afterwards, trying to get the most out of the corset she had on. “Let’s go, I need to drink more… and shove things in my nose… and I need a cigarette…”