i think i want to resign


So I was rewatching YOI again and then I got to think…

In Episode 7 when Yuuri cried:

  • He’s always been an anxious fellow; he gets extremely nervous before important events
  • Now his anxiety and nervousness doubled because he thinks that his mistakes will reflect badly on Viktor, too, and of course he of all people doesn’t want the living legend to look bad in front of everyone - especially on Viktor’s debut as a coach
  • He’s trying his best to man up and hold himself together
  • But then Viktor said “i will resign as your coach if you fail” like testing him, so Yuuri gets extremely upset because it feels like Viktor has so little trust in him
  • Thus he reaches his limit and breaks down in tears

And then in Episode 12 when Viktor cries, at first I was like “well of course he cried, who wouldn’t be sad suddenly listening to yuuri saying something like that?”

But when I tried to put myself in his shoes:

  • He has been fascinated by Yuuri since the banquet last year; he was lonely and at the brink of losing inspiration, but then Yuuri came and brought colors to his life
  • His relationship with Yuuri has made him extremely happy; Yuuri taught him “life and love”, they have just recently exchanged engagement rings
  • They have been practicing for the Stay Close to Me Duet; that night Viktor must be looking forward to tomorrow’s exhibition when he could finally show their love to the whole world while skating to this program - the program that represents his desperate plea for love which was answered by Yuuri
  • But suddenly Yuuri said he would retire after this final, making that Duet he looked forward to the last time they skated together


“…and I handed [Roddenberry] my resignation that I’d written out. And he took it, and he just, and I finally laid it on the desk and he looked at it and he said ‘Take the weekend, Nichelle’, 'cause that’s how I know it was either Thursday or Friday, and he says 'and think about it. And if you feel the same way the beginning of next week, if you still feel that way, think about this. It’s more than you think it is. Just think about it, and if you still want to go on by Monday morning, then… go with my blessings.’ And he took the resignation, and he stuck it in his desk drawer. And I said 'Thanks Gene.’ and I skipped out of there, that went better than I thought. And as fate would have it, I’ve always used this word because I believe in fate, I believe it was fated, I was to be a celebrity guest at some fundraising thing in Beverly Hills…And so I went to do this on that Saturday night, and I had just been taken to the deus and been sat down when the organizer came over and said, 'Miss Nichols, …listen, there’s someone here who said he is your biggest fan, …and he’s desperate to meet you… really want’s to meet you.’ And I said, 'Oh, thank you’… And I stand up and I turn and I’m thinking, 'It’s a Star Trek fan. He said a Star Trek fan. I’m looking for a young man who’s a Star Trek fan.’ I turn, and instead of a fan, there’s this face the world knows with this beautiful smile on it. And I remember thinking, 'Whoever that fan is, is gonna have to wait because Dr. King, Dr. Martin Luther King, my leader, is walking toward me, at not ten feet away, with a beautiful smile on his face.’ And then, this man says, 'Yes, Miss Nichols, I am that fan, I am your best fan, your greatest fan. And my family are your greatest fans. As a matter of fact, this is the only show on television that my wife Coretta and I will allow our little children to watch, to stay up and watch because it’s on past their bedtime.’ And I said, {mouths words}, and that was all I was able to say, my mouth just opened and closed. He said, 'We admire you greatly, you know.’ And he said some more things and 'the manner in which you’ve created this role has dignity’ and so forth… I said, 'Dr. King, thank you so much.’ And then I got the courage to say, 'and I really am going to miss my co-stars.’ And he said, 'What do you mean?’ Dead serious. 'What are you talking about?’ I said, 'Well, I’ve had an off-’ …going to say 'have an offer to star in’. I never got that far… He said, 'You cannot. You cannot.’ And I felt like that little boy Willis, 'Whatcha talkin’ 'bout, Willis?’, but you know I didn’t say that, but I was taken aback. And I didn’t say anything, I just looked at him. He said, 'Don’t you understand what this man has achieved?’ …and I thought deja vu all over again. I just looked at him. He said, 'For the first time on television we will be seen as we should be seen, every day. As intelligent, quality, beautiful, people who can sing, dance, …but who can go into space, who can be lawyers, who can be teachers, who can be prof- who are in this day, and yet you don’t see it on television? Until now.’ And he went on, so many of the things, perhaps some of the things he said, but I could say nothing, I just stood there, realizing every word that he was saying was the truth. And he said, 'If you leave, Nichelle, Gene Roddenberry has opened a door for the world to see us, if you leave, that door can be closed because you see, your role is not a black role, and it’s not a female role. He can fill it with anything including an alien.’ And at that moment, the world tilted for me, and I knew then I didn’t want to know it, 'cause I was going to go through some more turmoil for the rest of the week, but I knew that I was something else, that the world was not the same. And that’s all I could think of as Dr. King, everything that he had said, 'the world sees us for the first time as we should be seen.’ And I remember being angry come Sunday or whatever, 'Why me? Why should I have to-?’ Whatever happened, Monday morning I went to Gene, and I’m not sure to this day if I knew what I was going to say. He’s sitting behind that same danged desk, and he had whoever he was talking to had to leave 'cause I wasn’t there first, and I said, 'Gene, …if you still want me to stay, I’ll stay. I have to.’ And he opened his drawer, and he looked up at me and said, 'God bless Dr. Martin Luther King, somebody knows where I’m coming from.’ And he took out my resignation, which was torn into a hundred pieces, and handed me the pile, and we just stood there looking at each other, and I finally said, 'Thank you, Gene.’ And he said, 'Thank you, Nichelle.’ and my life’s never been the same since, and I’ve never looked back, I’ve never regretted it because I understood the universe had somehow, that universal mind had somehow put me there. And we have choices, are we going to walk down this road, or are we going to walk down the other? And it was the right road for me.”

-Nichelle Nichols, Archive of American Television

CDC abruptly cancels long-planned conference on climate change and health
The agency decided to cancel the summit after the election of Donald Trump, raising concerns about government agencies silencing their own work.

Another science disaster.

Shame on the CDC. The people who made this decision should both be utterly ashamed of themselves and they should also resign from their position.

I will quote my friend xray (who got a dedication in a Dance with Dragons - she famous I know) directly. She was talking about the "rule # 1 of resisting authoritarianism”:

Do not obey in advance. Much of the power of authoritarianism is freely given. In times like these, individuals think ahead about what a more repressive government will want, and then start to do it without being asked. You’ve already done this, haven’t you? Stop. Anticipatory obedience teaches authorities what is possible and accelerates unfreedom.

Price, in a darkened parking garage, to a figure in a trench coat: The bruins shut us out 4-0, my team can’t score and one of them crashes into me every time he’s on the ice. How did you do it, how did you get Therrien fired?

The person in a trench coat, in a soft voice: You have to do it… you have to tell him you will not resign unless he is gone.

Price: But I want to stay! What if they think Therrien is more important than me, the best goalie in the league?

The person in the trench coat steps into the light, revealing his face. It is MARC ANDRE FLEURY: Trust me, if I am more important to a team with Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin on it than Therrien, you are more important to a team with no stars at all.

Some more thoughts about Shemihaza’s and Armumahel’s nephilims

I was rereading the last chapter again earlier this week and…

While Azazel’s nephilim blood line disappeared, I think we can trust Lightning’s words that Shemihaza’s and Armumahel’s are still alive and represent the Grigori. 

Last time, I conjectured that maybe Shiemi was one of Shemihaza’s nephilims (see here), with maybe her mom being the “current Shemihaza” which would explain why she said…

Because if the order always needs someone from Shiemi’s family to take on Shemihaza’s position, there is a lot of chance they cannot choose to do anything else in life, which is why Shiemi resigned and ended up saying she didn’t want to become an exorcist anymore. 

And by “inheriting the exorcist shop” she means also inheriting the Grigori position once her mom will have to be replaced? 

Anyway, these are my current thoughts on Shiemi.
Which leaves Armumahel and their nephilim blood line. 

The issue is the same as with Shiemi: Mephisto probably knows about Shiemi’s origins and if she’s indeed related to Shemihaza, and so there is a possibility he also knows who Armumahel’s current nephilims are. 

Speaking of which, we still don’t know a lot…

…about Takara. In fact I think that what’s above is basically all that we know, besides the fact that his family…

is “owned” by Mephisto.

Ah and one other thing, does anyone remember his fight against Shima?

While I still can’t say if the puppet is a demon or not, the fact is that the “Takara” we know is in fact this puppet because the real Takara Nemu carrying the puppet is sleeping almost 100% of the time in order not to trigger… an apparently massive and mysterious power.

So, what I’m saying is, what if Takara Nemu is one of Armumahel’s (the Emperor of Nothingness) nephilims? After all his eye…

was emphasized on specifically back when he “woke up”, the same way Shiemi’s eye…

was emphasized on in the last chapter.


  • Azazel has no nephilim alive so he has a random dude becoming the Grigori when needed
  • Shiemi’s family could be Shemihaza’s nephilims
    • with Shiemi’s mom as the current Grigori since her grandma’s death?
    • and Shiemi just learnt about that and resigned to the idea that she can’t choose a different future. 
  • Takara Nemu could be one of Armumahel’s nephilims?
    • which would mean the current Grigori is his dad/grandfather/someone from his family?
    • and Nemu has to stay asleep otherwise he triggers a massive and destructive power?
  • And as always Mephisto is definitely aware of both their origins
    • that’s probably why Amaimon was spying on Shiemi in the last chapter
    • also Mephisto’s actual spy is probably not Takara himself but rather the puppet that can summon any spirits (I have no idea about what the puppet is though? a demon?)

Aaaaand that’s it. Feel free to leave your thoughts!

I can literally not get over the scene in episode 7 and how it ties to episode 9

and the specific moment where Yuri talks about how he wonders if Victor wants to leave.

And Victors like of course I dont?

But Yuris like, “I KNOW!”

Thats…..such a good representation of anxiety to me. 

Yuri has these fears and these worries that he knows are unfounded. But he still thinks about them. He knows, but he doesn’t know for sure. And it bothers him. It all comes spilling out when Victor brings up resigning. 

And thats why the end of ep 9 hits so hard. 

He’s finally getting it. Victor loves him. Victor doesnt want to leave. Victor wants to be with him

That is such a perfect moment of comfort and overwhelming emotion man. The way they conveyed that level of just. Safety and openness. 

Oh the Irony

“Come on! Let’s take a walk.” Adrien gave his best wide, warm smile.

“It’s raining, Agreste.” Alya gave him a flat look. “We don’t have an umbrella. You may be a sunshine child, but I would rather not get wet.”

“It’s barely even drizzling.” Adrien said, pouting.

“Nuh-uh dude.” Nino said as he slung his shoulder around his girlfriend. “I think we’ll just have to call a cab.”

“But it’s only a few blocks away!” Adrien pouted some more. “I gave my driver a day off, and this is one of the only times I get to walk to places.”

“Sorry, man.” Nino said apologetically. “But I’m still recovering from the flu and I don’t want to get sick again.”

Sighing, Adrien nodded in resignation.

“I’ll walk with you.” A soft shy voice chirped up.

Adrien looked at the girl with bright eyes. A blush was spread across her cheeks, and she tried to hide her eyes with her bangs.

“Really, Marinette?” he exclaimed happily.

Slightly dazed by his ecstatic green eyes, Marinette tried to keep her nervous stutter out of her sentences. “Su-sure. But can we just stop by my house for a moment?”

“No problem!” Adrien said, practically bouncing from one foot to the other. His excitement was so overwhelming that he wasn’t able to catch Alya discreetly wink at Marinette. Marinette, however, blushed to her ears.

“Alright, we’ll see you at the café!” Alya called out as she and Nino headed out to find a cab.

“See you!” Adrien waved them goodbye, and beckoned for Marinette.


The walk to her house was quiet- just the passing noises of the cars and the light patter of the rain. But for Marinette, she couldn’t hear any of it. All she heard was the mantra that she kept repeating in her head.

I can do this. I can do this. I can do this. I’m going to tell Adrien how I feel.

With that she opened her mouth to finally tell him, but before she could get any words out, Adrien spoke.

“You know, I’ve always loved the rain.” Adrien said wistfully.

Marinette stared at the sad yet dreamy look on his face. “Why is that?”

“Because my mother once did too.” He said softly.

A comfortable moment of silence passed before Adrien took in a gentle breath and continued. “She would tell me stories whenever it rained. And when the weather wasn’t too bad, we’d take and umbrella and go for stroll down the road, maybe stop by at a nearby bakery to get hot chocolate.”

Adrien glanced at the girl beside him, and gave her a small smile.

“You remind me of her sometimes.”

Marinette cocked her head to the side. “How so?”

“I don’t really know.” Adrien paused for a moment, “I think it is because you both are kind, and sweet and gentle. But somehow, also strong, compassionate and determined.”

He let out a shaky laugh as he remembered his mother. “She used to be so clumsy too.”

“She sounds lovely.” Marinette smiled, melting at his soft look.

“She was.” Adrien beamed genuinely. It was moments like this that he could remember his mom in peace- his memories somehow bringing happiness instead of pain.

He reached out a gave Mari’s hand a squeeze. “Thank you, Mari.”

She gave it a small squeeze back. “Tell me a story.”

He offered her a grateful smile. “I can’t really remember much of the stories she told me. I can give you an abridged version though.”

Mari nodded in understanding.

“My mother was trying to explain to me the water cycle once, and she came up with the story. She told me that the rain water comes from the sea. The goddess that lived there couldn’t choose who she loved more, the god of the land or the god of the sky. Every few days the sky calls to her- the god would send down his winds to whisk the goddess away to his home. The sky god was cocky and confident, he tried to woo the sea through his muscles and charms. He was genuine though, but the sea probably never really realized it, and as much as the sea loved him, she was still torn.”

“After a while, she’d fall back into the land god’s arms- literally. She’d be so happy to see him, she’s practically kissing the ground he walks on as she slowly descends down from heaven. The land god was sweet and gentle. He probably never noticed just how much the sea loved him. He loved her though, he just couldn’t tell her. And maybe that was part of the reason why the goddess couldn’t choose.”

Adrien let out a sad sigh. “The cycle went on and on. The goddess couldn’t decide, and so the gods couldn’t tell her. They wanted to, they really truly did. But there were rules, and so they could never tell her. She’d have to find out for herself.”

“Tell her what?” Marinette asked entrancedly.

Adrien gave a soft chuckle. “That they were the same person.”

With that, Marinette also chuckled. Oh the irony. If only Adrien would realize that Ladybug and I are the same person.

If only Ladybug would realize that Chat and I are the same person. Adrien thought dreamily.

“That sounds romantic.” Marinette whispered.

“And a bit angsty.” Adrien replied as they finally stopped in front of the Dupain-Cheng’s bakery.

Shifting a bit awkwardly, Marinette asked Adrien to wait in front of the shop as she quickly ducked in. When she came out, she was clutching an umbrella and two cups of hot chocolate.

“I got us some hot chocolate. And I’ve been meaning to give this back.” She opened the umbrella and offered it to Adrien. “Here.”

Adrien stared at the amazing girl, who without even trying, managed to get him to share a memory he never shared with anyone. The girl that he had just realized was always there for him, always ready to help him (or anyone). The girl that was both strong and caring. A sweet and gentle girl- her bright blue eyes stared at him with so much light. Her smile was enough to warm him up.

An amazing girl, who reminded him so much of his mother- and now he knew why.

Her smile. You have her smile.

Only one other girl had made him feel this way.

With a shocked look, he took the umbrella. A distant thunder clap startled Adrien, enough so that he managed to press a wrong button and sent the umbrella flapping down on him.

Adrien blushed under the cover of darkness, cringing at his awkwardness until he heard her. A loud, unashamed laugh. She was laughing at him! He peered at her from under the umbrella, and let out a small chuckle of his own.

He looked at her and he could finally see her behind her shy disguise.

And she was so-  she was so………..



“Have you ever thought about what it’s like to not get everything you want?” Adrien asks Chloé at age eight. She considers the thought while they stand side by side on her own personal playground, with fourteen different slides, three different fairylands, and a chest filled with custom-made superhero costumes of all her favorite characters.

“No, why would I?” she asks, uncomfortable even thinking about the possibility.

Three years later, she hears her father ask her mother the same thing, but in a much colder tone of voice, one that’s resigned and broken, while her mother stands in front of him like a statue, rigid and silent.

She’s always been a daddy’s girl, so she stays, while her mother leaves, in a whirlwind of perfume and curt gestures, looking back only briefly with those ice blue eyes that are also Chloé’s inheritance.

In the years that follow, Chloé watches her father bend over backwards to her every wish and whim, no matter how she says it, and she quickly learns the power of being mean. Her father says nothing as she yells at her friends, sabotages her enemies, and pushes everyone away except Sabrina, who’s unfazed by everything she does.

At school, now that Adrien’s finally there, she hangs on his arms and tries to keep other girls—well, namely one Marinette Dupain-Cheng—away from her prize and oldest friend. Not only is she his oldest friend, she was his only friend, until that stupid Nino decided to sit next to him and become his closest confidante. If anyone deserves to be Adrien Agreste’s girlfriend, it’s her, Chloé Bourgeois. And come hell or high water, that’s her plan.

There’s just one kink in the plan: at night, she doesn’t dream about Adrien. She dreams of flying over the rooftops of Paris while kissing soft pink lips curved into a gentle smile underneath a spotted red and black mask, of tangling her hands in billowing clouds of silky black hair. 

Still, she tries not to think too hard about that. Instead, what she focuses on is this: it doesn’t matter if people like her, as long as she gets what she wants. That’s what matters.

At least, that’s what she keeps telling herself.

anonymous asked:

hi! do you know how someone gets to be high warlock? like to be an alpha you have to challenge and kill an alpha, so how do you become a high warlock?

It sounds like it’s just a position that’s granted to a warlock who’s not only powerful but also highly respected and influential all around. It’s also possible they have some kind of voting or nomination procedure or the title gets passed down by the previous warlock who resigned.

Though given the fact that the high warlock seems to liaison a lot with the Clave and the local Institute, serving as a kind of diplomat or an ambassador within the Shadow World, I can see a lot of warlocks not even really wanting the responsibility.

Like, a part of me thinks a bunch of warlocks sat around like guys i know no one wants to deal with shadowhunter nonsense but we need to pick someone okay??? and they just all kept looking at magnus because everyone knows he’s the best qualified and magnus was finally like, goddamn it fine because deep down in his squishy heart he wants to take care of his warlocks.

Arrest this wizard!

This is the continuation of the fic Of traditions and duels. It’s okay if you don’t want to read the other, but some things would make much sense if you read that one first.


He’s planning it. The death of Percival Graves. Because that man just comited the worst most despicable act of treason: he’s courting his baby brother.

And of course Percival wants to be honest with Newt. That gives Theseus hope, maybe his brother would reject the offer.

But he doesn’t.

He sits on the couch, while Percival is talking, standing in front of him. Theseus waits, sitting next to him, making sure there’s no room for his friend on it.

“Theseus lost a duel,” the auror begins, blaming him of course, the bastard.

Newt glares at his brother and then a resigned sigh escapes his lips.

“It’s okay, I think. I can make things work. Maybe I end up liking my spouse,” he says. “So… Who are they? I would like to meet them.”

At that Percival smiles, but he doesn’t look calm. He looks nervous.

“I’m the one that won the duel, Newt” he informs, staring at him in eye, waiting for something. He seems like he’s waiting for a negative response. “I didn’t want to take off your right to choose, believe me. On the contrary, I challenged your brother because I wanted to give him a lesson so he’d free you from this… But then I met you and I found myself wanting to court you anyway. I don’t want to force, I just want you to give me a chance and if at the end of it you still don’t want to get married I’d let you go.”

“Yeah… So moving and cute but my brother is not interested, sorry Percival,” Theseus says then. “Now if you excuse us-”

“Theseus!” Newt’s huff stops him. “How many times do I have to tell you… You don’t make the decisions for me!”

“I’m not, I’m just stating the obvious.”

“I’m gonna accept Percival’s proposal,” his brother informs, looking deadly serious.

What? No way in hell.

And his ‘friend’ is smirking now, he looks so happy Theseus starts to feel like he wants to puke.


They arrive at New York a few days later, because Newt wanted to see Tina Goldstein and Percival had to go back to work.

And Theseus? Well he’s not gonna let his baby brother travel alone with Percival Graves.

So the three of them walk in MACUSA’s building and he watches the moment an auror gasps in surprise and excitement and basically runs to his brother to hold him in her arms.

Now, he doesn’t appreciate when people does that, specially if he doesn’t know them, but he allows it because that must be Tina and Newt seems to like her.

Well… If he’s honest with himself he allows it because Percival is frowning at them right now and he’s enjoying it a little bit too much.

He had forgotten his friend was jealous and possessive.

He can work with that.

“She seems good to him,” he comments in a whisper.

Percival bares his teeth at him. Theseus smirks.

“She’d be a great, lovely wife, don’t you think?” He presses.

“You just like her now, because she’s NOT the one courting your brother,” Percival tries to sound indifferent, but Theseus can see his hands closing into fists.

“That’s a complete lie, I really like her. And my brother likes her too. Can’t you see the way he’s smiling at her.”

Percival growls then, but tries to collect himself quickly even though Theseus starts to laugh.

But Theseus laughter dies soon, when he sees his friend approaching them. He leans close to Newt and kisses his cheek while smiling politely at Tina.

Newt blushes and Theseus feels sick again.

Stupid Percival.


The bastard walks in MACUSA while holding Newt’s hand. Now everybody is looking at them and Percival notices and seems to like it.

The bastard.

But Theseus is a perfect guardian and brother and of course he doesn’t leave them alone in Percival’s office. His friend asks Newt about him to ‘get to know each other’ and of course looks in awe and lovestruck when his brother starts to tell him about his experience with magical creatures. But he also seems worried and scared when Newt tells him about that time with the dragons and nundus, but he can’t hardly blame him for that, Newt has no self preservation and he knows perfectly that feeling of panic, like a heart attack to not recognize in another person.

Maybe that’s the only thing Percival and him can agree to. Newt needs to be protected.

But his sympathy evaporates when is Percival’s turn to talk, because Newt seems a little bit impressed when he talks about war and his days as an auror.

“It wasn’t that great,” Theseus cuts in, irritated.

“He saved a whole regiment, including YOU,” Newt points out.

“Still, it wasn’t memorable.”

Newt rolls his eyes at that and looks like he wants to say something more, but then Seraphina Picquery walks in.

Great because she’s the person Theseus wanted to see.


He doesn’t understand why does Picquery looks so irritated.

She sighs and stares at she would with a very annoying kid.

“Mr Scamander, I’m not going to arrest one of my best aurors just because he’s courting your brother.”

“Why not?”

“Because that’s not a crime!”

“It is.”

“So how long will you be staying, Mr Scamander?” She asks, ignoring his last comment.

“A couple of days, I think. When my brother realises he’s making a mistake.”

Seraphina faces palms herself.

“Merlin give me strength.”


Stuart gives Roy a resigned smile as he rises from the table. He ambles off in the direction of the bar.

Naomi: Sit down, Roy.

He shakes his head. He wants his anger back. It’s cowering somewhere between his shame and humiliation, like a kicked dog.  

Naomi: I would really like to talk to you. Please?

Roy: The only reason I came here tonight was to teach your fiance a lesson for stealing my table. He’s not here, so I’m going to go.

Naomi: I don’t think this was about him stealing your table, Roy.

He can’t speak or move. She gets up and steps towards him and takes his hand in hers. Bitterness churns inside him, burning like acid.

Roy: Was it because he’s wealthier than me? Better in bed? Because he’s an art expert and I’m a cultural fucking philistine?

Naomi: Let’s talk outside. There’s too many people around.

Happy New Year!

It’s going to be 2017 in a minute in Poland so at least I want to end 2016 on a hopeful note. There is some truth in the next year looking like the New Year’s Eve…

I’m spending this one with my partner and our old friend we haven’t seen for some time. He has two little daughters and the cutest dog and I think meetups like this is what 2017 should look more like…

I don’t usually have any resolutions, especially the last few years when all I felt is gloom, doom and resignation but even though 2016 is the worst I felt since 2012 and I haven’t been that suicidal or cried so much in a while; I still want to live till the day when it all falls back in place. I’m a hopeless romantic and irredeemable optimist and I still think I can achieve whatever I want if I try hard enough. So I stubbornly push forward like a bull* I am and I’m going to look for solutions no matter how hard or far away they are. I will grit my teeth and power through my mental illnesses and all the handicaps that I gained over the years and work hard for happiness I deserve.

Happy 2017. Have hope. Be guided by hope. Actively look for happiness. Love you. 💙

#4 “I thought you were a dream come true.”
#16 “I think I’m in love with you and I’m terrified.”
#91 “I’m worried about losing you.”

“I’m coming with you, no matter what you say.” You put the two knives in your pocket and Rick sighs resigned.
“No, Rick. Just tell me one good reason and I’ll stay.”
“I’m worried about losing you.” Rick mutters.
“Not good enough.”
You grab the bag and want to leave the house as he holds you back.
“I think I’m in love with you and I’m terrified.” He confesses, pressing the words through his teeth.
Surprised by his words you go two steps backwards. “I-I didn’t know.”
“It’s ok when you don’t feel the same, just stay.” He pleads and you shake your head.
“I can’t. I need to know you safe.” You whisper, crossing your arms behind his neck. “I never… that is like a dream come true.”
An amused chuckle leaves his mouth before he closes the distance between your face and puts his lips on yours.

  • The cute boy who answers the phone?
  • Why is there a letter of resignation on my desk? 
  • I want to hear you say it out loud.
  • You didn’t move down here because I kissed you.
  • You so moved down here because I kissed you.
  • This divorce is killing us! You need to go apologize.
  • Just say you were wrong for walking out, so we can go back to being a happy family.
  • Do you think there’s something wrong with having sex with a woman who wants you to call her… mama?
  • You can’t just bring somebody in.
  • I saved her life. I saved your asses.
  • That’s why I didn’t tell you she was coming.
  • I’m ignoring the stripper. Today is a day for ignoring things. I am all business today.
  • I don’t even know if he’s normal. One minute he’s hot, the next minute he’s arctic
  • This is a woman who has needs, who has wants, who needs and wants magic in her life.
  • This is not a dirty little joke that you can make your dirty little jokes about, dirty man.
  • You don’t know me at all. You think you do, but you don’t, so don’t call me names.
  • Pain is what forces us to grow.
  • I barely notice your incredible breasts or your cellulite-free thighs because your brain is such an immense turn-on to a man as highly evolved as I am.
  • Oh, you’re… wow, you’re naked.
  • I know, and you’re… beautiful. I’m sorry, I… thought I could but…
  • You can’t reject me, you have low standards… you have no standards!
  • Were you completely naked? Did you stand in front of him like a pealed banana while he looked over your best parts?
  • Sex is best when you feel like you want to kill the other person.
  • It’d be weird to punch him out now, right?
  • I miss the good old days. When life and death was decided by God instead of doctors.
  • You are a… a judger. You’re a judgy judger who has no right to judge until she tries it for herself.
  • Hey, it seemed like a good idea at the time.
  • Yeah, well, at least you’re getting out there. Me? Two dates seems to be my limit.
  • Okay, so we’ll wait. I’m good with waiting. I’m happy with waiting.
  • I’m not the one who ruined lives here today.
  • Who knew that meaningless sex could be amazing?
  • I am sex-less. I am without sex. 
  • I thought I was okay with it. But I’m not sure if I am okay with it.
  • I want you to talk to me. Do you not see that we are a perfect match and you’re screwing it up?
  • Your brother’s an ass. His vision is probably impaired because he can’t see past his own ego.
  • No, he’s going to be an ass, like he’s always been.
  • You’re mine and I’m not walking away because you’re scared.
  • So… I am fighting now… because I love you. And I think we can be something. 

Gif source:  Hannibal

Imagine Hannibal finding out you suffer from a meat allergy, so he goes out of his way to make you vegetarian dishes at meals because he’s fascinated by you.

——— Request for anon ———

If there was one thing you’d heard about eating at one of Dr. Lecter’s infamous dinner parties, it was that he included a heavy meat diet with nearly every dish. It was apparently elaborate and entertaining, but you had resigned yourself to declining his various invitations over the months you’d known him.

At least, until after another refusal of his invitation, he calmly joked, “I’m starting to think you don’t like me.”

“That’s not it!” you rush, quickly feeling the need to explain yourself, “I just have a meat allergy, is all. I wouldn’t want to cause any inconvenience to you because of it.”

“Nonsense,” Hannibal waves away the notion as he gives you a smile that calms your nerves of possibly offending him, “I can cook vegetarian dishes, as well as others.”

“In that case, I’d love to come.”

taboo 1.06 spoilers / thoughts

Prompted by several different posts by @inkinterrupted – I sincerely hope you don’t mind me jumping into the conversation! It was just really interesting and thought-provoking. You raised a lot of good questions in your commentary, and I totally agree that there was some messed up stuff in this ep that makes it hard to sympathize with certain characters, but I wanted to offer my perspective / theories on a couple points. 

Making this a separate post because it got pretty long and because it’s in response to several different posts rather than just one.

1. I think the reason James was so unresponsive when Zilpha came to the house was not hatred or resignation but shock / numbness. I do not think he intended or expected for Zilpha to kill Thorne. If he’d wanted Thorne dead, he could have done it with impunity in 1.05. He didn’t – perhaps because he realizes that, as Strange pointed out in this ep, Thorne being dead leaves Zilpha vulnerable. When she shows up at his house in the middle of the night like that, he knows she’s done something – something he didn’t expect. And though I do think he cares for Zilpha more than he does anybody else, ultimately, James’s first priority is his plan, and he doesn’t welcome surprises.

2. Which brings us to the whole “When did I…” line. My interpretation: that was in response to Zilpha saying (paraphrased) “I killed him, like you told me.” Someone definitely correct me if I’m wrong, but as far as I can recall, James never actually told Zilpha to kill Thorne. He said she should let him go, yeah, but again, he seems to have been content to keep Thorne alive for now. When Zilpha says “Teach me” at the end of 1.05, I think she thought she was speaking to James through their … weird magical connection, and she thought that whatever those whispery voices were or whatever coached her into killing Thorne was James, but it wasn’t. I think she actually may have some sort of link to Salish (kinda implied during the sex scene, too) but that may be too early to tell.

3. As for why Zilpha looks so happy – I mean, yes. There’s is definitely a distinct darkness to her glee, and it’s disturbing. I totally agree that Zilpha and James alike are seriously messed up, that their relationship is seriously messed up, and that it is likely not going to end well. But I’m not surprised to see that edge of bloodthirsty relish around Zilpha now that she’s taken such a plunge into the darkness that she kept trying to tell herself she’d repented for and moved on from, after so long bottling up her anger/hatred toward Thorne and feelings for James.

4. I don’t ship James and Zilpha, myself; it’s not like a NOTP for me, and I’ve thought it inevitable from the beginning, but I also think it’s gonna prove immensely destructive and may not last. But in defense of James choking her, I thought it was really clear that he was absolutely not trying to hurt Zilpha; he was trapped once again in that vision-thing of his mother trying to drown him and was grappling with her. As soon as he snapped out of it and realized he was hurting Zilpha, he looked pretty appalled. So. Not great, definitely messed up, and horrifying for poor Zilpha, but not intentional on his part.

5. Lorna run indeed. I love her, and I … appreciate, I guess is the word, her attempts to save James from himself, though I think that’s very much an uphill battle. But yeah, I hope that her continued involvement in all this doesn’t lead to a bad end. I definitely don’t think her role in the narrative is over or that her relationship with James is going to cease to develop, though. I think a lot remains to be seen with her.

On Wash and His Name

I’ve been thinking about this since last week and now that episode 21 has been out for a bit, I think I can articulate it.

I wanted more Wash in Shannon’s episodes but I won’t say I was disappointed… unlike some of the other “introduce new characters for no reason” arcs this season, Ohio, Iowa, and Idaho (I don’t like calling them the triplets) were good characters. Well written. Had more depth. I liked them!

Buuuuut the only thing that got me excited in episode 21 was the fact that Connie is CTs real name, and that less-than-the-best members of Project Freelancer still called Wash David.

Wash calls CT Connie all the way up until season 9. We don’t know how long it is between them being upgraded to the A team and the events of the Freelancer arc, but I think it’s important that Connie kept this identity instead of immediately becoming Freelancer. Maybe keeping the two things separate helped her question it when the time came. Maybe it was just a mark of how close she was willing to be with her teammates, at least until she realized they would never be willing to go against the Project.

But Wash is clearly uncomfortable with the name David. We’ve known this since season 6, but, and here’s where it’s pure conjecture on my part, I don’t think he’s been comfortable with being called that since he ENTERED Freelancer. When he tells Ohio, Idaho, and Iowa to not call him David it kind of sounds like he’s said it before. Frequently. Being moved up to the top group is just an excuse to get them to finally stop.


Because DAVID is the one who nearly killed a grade school bully two years after the fact. DAVID is the one who defied direct orders and got court martial’d. DAVID is hot headed, rash, but most importantly, he’s ANGRY. Not the good kind of angry, the kind that keeps you alive against all odds. Wash’s anger goes way past that point sometimes, and I think he knows that and it’s not a thing he likes about himself.

So. Agent Washington is a chance to build up an identity. One that doesn’t make the same mistakes David does. Agent Washington is the voice of reason amongst hot headed, adrenaline junkie team mates. Agent Washington is dorky and approachable. Agent Washington follows orders, because the Project gave him everything and that’s a hefty debt to repay.

As for why he keeps that identity even after Freelancer… that’s a whole meta post of its own.

anonymous asked:

Hi! Yesterday i found a fic in your blog i think h is missing and d is dying because of the death eaters mark i'm sure the fic title start with D , i really want to finish the story): please help me): thankyou💕


Could it be this one?

Voldemort cursed all the dark marks so that the people who wear them would never find happiness. It kills them slowly. Hermione is missing for a few chapters. 

A fine thread by rezakeene- M, 37 chapters, complete

Draco Malfoy thought he had finally found happiness. When the wrath of his past mistake threatened his life, no cure could be found. When he resigned himself to his fate, a tiny hope blossomed in him in the form of a brainy Gryffindor. But where was she? It has been two years since anybody has seen her in the wizarding world.

- Wynken

There's still hope for Munasaka!!

This is more like a personal headcanon though.

People didn’t get it that Munakata suddenly abandoned all his social positions&powers and went off to somewhere right? Isn’t it weird that 78th class and 77th class got a happy ending while Munakata didn’t?
Well here’s what I’ve been thinking. What if Mikan did a first aid on Sakakura too? She saved Kirigiri in coma, so why not Sakakura too? Then why did Munakata decide to drop everything off? Maybe to spend some time with Sakakura? I mean, openly gay headmaster won’t be acceptable by public standards(in DR’s world). Well, he could hide it all right, but Sakakura’s pride is high and he didn’t want to show his true sexuality to the public. And they can’t hide it forever if Munakata is high and important. So I guess Munakata is resigning to give new generations some place and to spend quality time with Sakakura. Then it’ll be a happy ending for Munakata too!!

Those are my wishes though…

Sentimental Sunday

Today was my first work-free Sunday in almost two years. Ever since I graduated from college and started working, I’ve hadn’t had a Sunday off from work– that was until today, since I recently resigned from my job.

Having the whole day to myself felt liberating. I was able to stay in bed for as long as I wanted, without worrying about deadlines. I actually did spend my entire day in bed in my pajamas. It was so calming to not have to think about time and be off the grid of the fast-paced life I had.

If there was one thing I missed about my pre-working life, it was the time could spend reading books. I haven’t been able to read as many books as I used to before and I really do miss it. I decided to read Be More Chill by Ned Vizzini, a book that I purchased a day before, although it had been in my book wishlist for the longest time since I read It’s Kind of a Funny Story.

After and few hours and drifting in and out of short naps, I finished reading the book. It felt good to finish a book in one sitting. I haven’t done that in such a long time. Be More Chill was indeed a worthwhile read, but I didn’t find it as moving as It’s Kind of a Funny Story. Maybe I expected too much.

Apart from reading, I another thing I missed doing was scrolling thru Tumblr and so I did. And I did a lot of backreading. I haven’t been able to post in my blog as often as I used to.It kind of made me feel a bit sentimental seeing how much I’ve changed since graduating from college.

I used to tell myself that I would never stop blogging. Writing in my blog and reading books were two of the things that kept me sane during my college years. Maybe my former self would cringe at the thought of me not being able to blog as often anymore, but that’s life isn’t it? You grow in and out of things.

As much as a part of me has outgrown the blogging phase, there’s still a part of me that can’t completely let it go. I may not write here as often as I used to, and I’m okay that. What I do know is that my blog will always be there if I ever need an outlet for my feelings. I may have grown up a bit in the past two years, but believe me, I still am a ball of feelings.

Anyway, going back to how my Sunday was, I am thankful that I was able to chill for a day and recharge. I need all the rest I can get since I’ll be starting with my new job tomorrow.

Now that the day is coming to a close, I feel both relaxed and nervous at the same time. I feel calm because I was able to spend an entire day without thinking about work, but I am now nervous since tomorrow is nearing.

Overall, I am thankful for the chance I had to chill today. I hope I can find the time to have more days like these.