i think i want ot have babies with her

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Hi! I don't necessarily ship Dragon Queen, although I can see the appeal and the dynamic behind it, and was wondering if you could explain how you got into the ship?

This is a nice question. Thanks!

I love Kristin Bauer van Straten. i was so excited when she was Maleficent for all of a scene or two in season one, I wanted her back FOREVER. Then she was back (yay!) running around with Cruella and Ursula (double yay) and really gorgeous and all mysterious and…

deeply tragic. Maleficent’s big secret is that Snow and Charming stole her baby? SO SAD. 

Babyfic is catnip for me and here it is, this glorious excuse for all the babyfic. (also Kristin is so pretty when she cries, it’s not real).

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I love Kristin, I love Maleficent (always have), I love dragons, I love tragic semi-evil women who might be good someday. 

And then Maleficent gets a whole episode to run around with Regina and they have a history and little baby adorable as fuck Regina convinced her to be a dragon again and find revenge (Regina gives a hope speech about revenge, it is the cutest, evil thing).

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Lana and Kristn have this amazing chemistry and I firmly believe that Enter the Dragon is just the most glorious episode. They’re wonderful together in the past, and running around ‘being evil’ in the present.

Kristin also looks like this in a suit.

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So shipper brain now has the option of the tragic dragon who just wants ot find her baby, who knew Regina in the past, was Regina’s only friend, was trapped underground for the entire curse by Regina (I think you only forgive that if you love someone) and killed (and doesn’t care about that, she just wants her baby).

In their timeline together, somewhere after Regina’s revenge hope speech and before Snow’s wedding, Mal had to get pregnant, and here she is wilth the Evil Queen at the height of her evil and REGINA LOOKS AT HER LIKE THIS.

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Mal doesn’t want Regina to cast the curse because it’ll hurt Regina, not the Enchanted Forest, not that it’ll hurt Mal, but that it’ll make a hole Regina will never be able to fill. 

Because Mal had her revenge, she knows how empty it was. She didn’t really know what she wanted until Regina barged into her life.  

They’re a thing. They had a relationship. Mal hasn’t been mentioned being with anyone else, so the tragic missing dragon baby is obviously Regina’s. 

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Domestic power couple women with their adorable children is my most favorite type of ship, and that’s them. They wear pantsuits and cufflinks and classy shirts. They’d go to the opera (if they could) drink wine and go antiquing while the kids played with their aunt Emma. 

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Regina trusts her, believes in her. (she’s so happy when the dragon is off her leash). Mal trusts Regina, forgives her, believes in her, trusts Emma, the daughter of her enemies (I find this so precious of her.)

They just click for me. Mal is so many things Regina is not. Mal’s patient, forgiving, slow to act, quiet, almost too passive sometimes. Thoughtful and lonely. In so many ways, Regina has more fire. They’ve been through all this tragecy and viciousness, and hurt people and learned what pain was and found their way to being kind and wanting a family.

Regina’s heart is Henry. Mal’s heart is Lily. They’d be the cutest moms together, and gods to I love a domestic badass moms ship.