i think i wanna marry you bruno

Marry you
  • Scorpius: It's a beautiful night...
  • Rose: It is, it's my favourite sunset in forever.
  • Scorpius: we're looking for something dumb to do...
  • Rose: right now? Scor, I need to finish this assignment but then after. That cool?
  • Scorpius: hey baby...
  • Rose: hmm
  • Scorpius: I think I wanna marry you.
  • Rose: wait what?! You want to marry me. Scorpius are you serious?!!
  • Scorpius: Is it the look in your eyes...
  • Rose: Scorpius are you asking me to marry you.
  • Scorpius: Or is it this dancing juice...
  • Rose: Malfoy what are you saying?
  • Scorpius: who cares baby...
  • Rose: I, care, baby
  • Scorpius: I think I wanna marry you.
  • Rose: Scorpius Hyperion Malfoy are you fucking proposing or singing fucking Bruno Mars?
  • Scorpius: well I know this little chapel on the boulevard we can go, don't say no no no no no no. Just say yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah. And we'll go go go go go. If you're ready like I'm ready.
  • Rose:
  • Scorpius: I know I want to marry you.
  • Rose: so what are you meant to say?
  • Scorpius: weaselete, do you want to marry a ferret a k a me.
  • Rose: you're such a Malfoy you dork. Yes I'll marry you, only if you stop singing muggle songs.

anonymous asked:

Roses are red Violets are blue Hey baby I think I wanna marry you (Hope you understood the reference there)

if you are referencing to Bruno mars: yes. If you are referencing to the roses are red meme: yes. If you are referencing to the fact that you want to marry me: also duly noted.