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Good evening~! I was wondering if Kuromahi for ♜: Shoulder rubs was possible?? If not, thats okay, and if so........... OMG THANK YOU T.T

KuroMahi {♜: Shoulder Rubs}

No problem, @azbenkatrina, I’m just sorry for the delay in writing this.

Mahiru rubbed his temple but it didn’t do anything to lessen the headache he had. He was having trouble with his homework and he had been trying to make sense of it for hours now. Unfortunately, the only thing he accomplished in that time was developing a migraine. English was his worst subject and none of his friends were faring any better with the subject. He sighed heavily and slumped onto the table.

“Are you going to fall asleep on the table? Weren’t you the one that made the rule: ‘No sleeping on the table’?” Mahiru lifted his head to see Kuro sitting on his notes in cat form. He panicked and quickly lifted him off his notes before his claws could ruin them. Dejected, Kuro jumped off the table and transformed into his human form. “Why did I fall in love with a cat abuser?”

“Sorry, Kuro. I’m just frustrated with these questions.” He reached up and gently stroked his cheek in apology. Kuro leaned his cheek against his hand and stealthily kissed his palm. The quick gesture made Mahiru blush and he quickly pulled his hand back. His spontaneous gestures of affection never failed to make his heart race.

Kuro became more teasing, the more confident and comfortable he became with their relationship. Even if his teasing could very well make his heart stop, Mahiru loved the new glow Kuro had. It was almost unbelievable how much his shut-in boyfriend had grown throughout their relationship. But Mahiru had always seen the warm kindness Kuro had.

Mahiru glanced at the time and almost fell off his chair when he saw how late it was. “I need to get dinner started.”

“Order take out. You look stressed enough without having to worry about something else. Let’s have a lazy night in front of the tv after you finish your homework.” Kuro stopped him by placing his hands on Mahiru’s shoulders. Mahiru wanted to argue but sighed instead when Kuro gently knead his shoulders. He could feel the tension leave his body and he leaned backwards to rest his head against his chest.

“Thanks, Kuro.” He looked up at him and gave him a bright smile. Kuro blushed and turned away from him to not be blinded by his smile. He became more self-assured but he knew that he would never stop being affected by Mahiru’s smile.

“You should focus on your homework. I want to relax with a movie soon.” Mahiru nodded and turned back to his worksheets. Kuro continued to massage his shoulders and took a peak at the question he was struggling with. “It’s B, whom.”

“Hmm?” Mahiru looked up at him curiously and Kuro quickly explained.

“You use whom when you’re referring to the object of a verb. Who is used for the subject of a sentence. Don’t get too frustrated with the difference. Most English speaking natives don’t get the difference either. If you’re having trouble, replace the word with ‘he’ or ‘she’ and see if it makes sense. If it does, you use ‘who’. If not, ‘whom’ is correct.” Mahiru was staring up at him in awe and he suddenly felt shy. “You can’t live as long as I have without learning a few languages.”

“A boyfriend that gives massages and English lessons? I really hit the jackpot and got an extraordinary boyfriend.” Mahiru grinned up at him. “Can you help me with the rest of these questions? I’ll let you order whatever you want in exchange.”

“Food and cuddles.” Kuro bargained and continued to rub his shoulders to coax him into agreeing. Mahiru laughed lightly since he knew Kuro’s plan but, still, he nodded. Seeing his smile, Kuro couldn’t help but think that Mahiru was the extraordinary boyfriend in their relationship.

Who and whom always mess me up but whenever I use it correctly, I feel like I sound really pretentious and use who.

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Hey! So I know that you're the most famous person of the kabby fandom (and I love you btw) so there's something I need to tell you. I've seen a lot of people from the kabby fandom (which I am a part of it) getting mad whenever someone on twitter doesn't like Kane or Abby, saying that it's because they are ageist which I think is really annoying (like they start going off on them almost every time ) 1/2

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and if they don’t like a character it’s not necessarily bc they’re ageist. I think that this is the reason a lot of people don’t like us so (if you agree with me ofc) could you maybe pass the word? I love you btw you’re an amazing person and your ff are the best 😘 2/2             

Okay.  So.  

There’s a lot to unpack here.

I have a lot of thoughts, some of which may not be the thoughts you were hoping that I would have.  I do want to thank you for your very sweet words, but I also want to address a few things about this ask I find extremely frustrating, not with the intent of making you feel bad but because I think there are some big conversations here worth having in a broader context.

First and foremost, and this is something most of you have heard me reiterate many times, I am a strong advocate of people addressing their problems with each other directly.  If you saw someone on Twitter accuse someone of being ageist and you disagree, that’s fair to say!  Social media is a free and open exchange of ideas.  Also, if you’re a member of the Kabby fandom, and you witness another member of the Kabby fandom engaging in bad internet behavior, call them out!  It’s always better for communities to go collect their own people when they cross the line rather than expecting others to do it. If your fellow fan tweets something mean, call it out.  We all need to do our part to shut that stuff down and make the fandom a better place. But the right forum for that is to bring it up with the person who actually said or did the thing you’re upset about, and not to bring it to a completely unrelated party.

Which brings me to my second point: I’m extremely uncomfortable being addressed as though I speak for the entirety of the Kabby fandom.  I don’t.  No one person does.  Fandoms are communities made of individual people who have shared interests, but there’s no hierarchy. I don’t want to be the Bad Fandom Behavior Police. This is especially frustrating when I get asks where one member of the fandom comes to Kabby Mom about something another member of the fandom did … especially when it’s something I wasn’t part of and didn’t witness.  

And that, my dear Anon, is the big problem that I’m having with this request.  I don’t have any idea what incident you’re referring to, what was said, by whom, to whom, or what the context was.  You’re asking me to agree with you that somebody was out of line, and that, quote, “that’s why people don’t like us.”  But I can’t grant that premise without knowing what you’re talking about.  

(Also, by the way, I would urge you to let go of spending too much time caring about whether other fandoms like us.  I can assure you, most of them honestly probably aren’t thinking about us that much.)  

If I understand the situation correctly, and if we’re referring to a real incident and not a hypothetical, you’re saying that Person A tweeted something negative about Kabby and Person B said “that’s ageist.”  You, Anon, believe that Person A was not being ageist, that Person B overreacted, and that B is the one whose behavior is the problem.  And that’s certainly one possibility.  But the other possibility is that maybe Person A was being ageist but neither Person A nor you have recognized it.

And I cannot make that determination for you, because you haven’t told me anything concrete, and I wasn’t there.

I am also a thirty-six-year-old woman in a fandom full of teenagers and if you are not thirty-six then it is entirely possible that you and I are seeing the concept of ageism from two very different and incompatible points of view in the first place.

That being said, if you want my opinion, here is my opinion.

First, there really is no excuse for being a jerk on the internet, no matter what you disagree about.  There will always be people who love things you hate and hate things you love and ship things you find incomprehensible and reject headcanons you treat as gospel, because we all fandom in our own ways.  So if you’re asking me, should Kabby shippers get a pass on being jerks to non-Kabby shippers just because I, personally, ship Kabby, my answer to that is, “of course not, that is insane.”  Disagreement and discussion are always okay; Twitter is a public forum, and if someone voices an opinion, you get to have your own opinion about it.  But being a jerk is never okay.  

In general, I am a strong proponent of staying in your lane. I’m a pretty ruthless curator of my Twitter and Tumblr feeds, so I don’t follow anyone who talks shit about Kane or Abby (I have a one-strike block policy with this), and I recommend this approach to everyone.  Make your social media feed your happy place.

Now, there are lots of people in the fandom who don’t like, or simply don’t care for, Kane and/or Abby.  There are probably plenty of reasons for this, and not, not every single one of these reasons is inherently ageist. HOWEVER! The fact that you did not see the comment in question as being ageist does not actually mean it was not ageist or that the person who called them out was wrong for doing so.  

Ageism is hardwired into the very fabric of our society – like misogny and heterosexism and racism – and just like with those other -isms, most of the time when we serenely think that we are guiltless of it, we are lying to ourselves. And that goes for internalized prejudices, too.  This stuff is ingrained in us from birth. In general, the same way I am inherently suspicious of white people saying “I AM ZERO PERCENT RACIST” and men saying “I AM THE MOST FEMINIST MAN TO EVER MAN”, I tend to take with a grain of salt the words of people much younger than me talking about ageism in this fandom because I actually see it a lot.

And fam, we need to talk about the difference between fandom discourse about Abby and fandom discourse about Kane.

Now, your mileage may vary, but I will say that in my personal experience, when I stumble upon someone who does like Abby but doesn’t like Kane, I agree that it frequently has its roots in reasons which are not inherently, automatically ageist.  It tends to be rooted rather clearly in plot. More often than not, they’re still tripping up over something he did in a previous season that they can’t get past. (We should probably save the conversation about our fandom’s selective forgiveness problem for another time.)  They can’t get past the Culling, or arresting/shocklashing/attempting to float Abby, or being too hard on Bellamy, or losing the election to Pike by choosing to ally with the Grounders, or floating Aurora or Jake, or just in general being a mega-dick in the pilot.  And that’s fine!  I mean I feel like you’re missing out by giving his four-season character development arc short shrift and ignoring the way all the terrible things he’s done in the past shaped him into a better person once he confronted them, but whatever!  The point is that, you’re right, that reasoning is not, in and of itself, inherently ageist.  That’s not to say that there aren’t any fans who straight-up just don’t like him because they think old guys are boring, for the most part, when I see people dislike Kane, it’s a reaction to something that he did.

But we actually do need to talk about ageism and Abby in this fandom.  Because it is a big fucking problem. 

The problem with ageism and Abby is that more often than not, from what I’ve seen, when people dislike Abby, it’s a reaction to who and what she is.  It is absolutely impossible to separate it from internalized misogyny and the way older women are systematically devalued by our culture in ways that sometimes we can’t even see as ageist, because they’re just hardwired into us. 

Sure, every once in awhile you get an easy one, and someone whines on Twitter about “gross old person sex,” and then you can point to it very clearly, and nobody will dispute that we’re talking about ageism here.  But it’s often so much murkier than that.  Ageism can look like a lot of different things, many of which you’ll believe are completely unrelated.

Ageism can look like fans who show up in the comments of the writers’ room Twitter and Instagram when they post pictures of the adults to say “nobody cares about them, post [whoever I personally stan the most] instead.”

Ageism can look like gifset after gifset featuring “leading ladies of The 100″ where they include Fox and Maya and Charlotte, but not Abby (who has second billing in the cast after Clarke).

Ageism can look like a blanket refusal, under in any situation where Clarke and Abby are at odds, to grant that Abby might have a point, even when the narrative is clearly telling us that Clarke is the character at fault. The tendency within this fandom for young girls who closely identify with Clarke to graft their own mom frustrations onto Abby is virtually never-ending, and it can be hard to sift through the the complex intersection of ageism and misogyny that makes it impossible for them not to see mothers as human beings who are interesting, who are wise, who are right, who know things their children do not, who are sexual, who are allowed to make mistakes, who deserve screen time and plot agency, who are just as vital to the story as the teenagers.

Ageism can look like giving Clarke sole credit for establishing peace with the Grounders through Lexa, when in fact it was Kane who made the first contact with her and got her to offer the treaty in the first place, and it was Abby turning Lincoln from a Reaper back into himself again that cemented the alliance.

Ageism can look like shutting down Kabby shippers gleefully enjoying headcanons about bunker baby theory because Abby is “too old to have a baby” – a misconception that has permeated so deeply into our culture that we have all internalized the belief that no woman is supposed to have a baby over the age of 35 as though it is inarguable scientific fact, even though it may interest you to know that is a myth.  (“What? How did I not know that that was a myth?” BECAUSE OUR ENTIRE SOCIETY IS AGEIST TOWARDS WOMEN AND THE STUDY THAT GAVE US 35 AS THE MAGIC STOP NUMBER IS FROM LIKE THE 1700’S, THAT’S HOW FEW FUCKS THE MEDICAL COMMUNITY GIVES ABOUT UP-TO-DATE RESEARCH ON THE HEALTH OF OLDER WOMEN)

Ageism can look like a fan who ships all the non-canon ships … except Doctor Mechanic, because it’s “gross” and “Abby is basically her mom.”  The inherent desexualization of age-difference relationships is often rooted in ageism.  You don’t have to ship it!  But if you insist that no one should ship it, then there may be some ageism in the roots of your ship-shaming.

My point here, dear Anon, is that if you are looking for someone to tell you, “you’re right, Kabby shippers overreact about ageism in this fandom,” you are barking up the wrong tree, because from where I stand, as a woman far closer to Abby’s age than Clarke’s, I’m going to venture that we don’t talk about ageism enough.  And like many -isms in our society, if it doesn’t appear to you to be that big a problem, that may be because it doesn’t apply to you.  (Yet.)

Now, to be clear – before someone sends me an angry rebuttal to this – not in a million years am I saying that it makes you inherently ageist if you don’t ship Kabby.  Just like it doesn’t make you inherently homophobic if you don’t like Lexa or inherently racist if you don’t like Bellamy or inherently misogynist if you don’t like Clarke.  But all squares are rectangles, even if not all rectangles are squares.  By which I mean that, contained within the group of people who don’t ship Kabby, there is a lot of ageism, just as, contained within the group of people who hate Bellamy, there’s a lot of problematic racial shit, and it means we need to have a clearer understanding of where those lines are so that we recognize the ugly stuff when it shows up on our timeline and call it out when we see it.

Talent is an ability that someone is born with. Everyone is talented and everyone’s talent is unique. It depends on how and where you express it. Some people become famous for their talent, some people never care about the natural abilities that they have and just ignore them, others keep their talent only for themselves. Sadly, most people waste their talents others are being forced to waste it due to different reasons. It is out of the question that when you are able to create something you want to share it with the rest of the world. But it is always hard to predict the reaction of the world to your new creation, so you hesitate about whether to show it or let your creation dust in the attic. How many talented people wasted themselves and their work because of that factor? The answer would be quite sad so many.  

The most vulnerable people tend to be artist. They have great talent. They can draw anything, they can draw their dreams, their deepest thoughts, their desires, they can draw real life, they can express the world with their own eyes, the way they see it. It’s a gift. Gift of the God. But here’s something that kills that talent in artists and it’s is opinion of the others. Artists are easily to hurt and people don’t consider about that when they start judging and calling their artwork THE RUBBISH. Here comes sad finale the farewell to talented person who just wanted to share his view of this universe.  

History is full of great and lamentable examples. One of the most talented people in whole world whose talent was fully recognized only after his death is Vincent van Gogh. He experienced short life but left huge legacy after him. They key to become one of the greatest artist in the world was not given easily.

He experienced really short life. He died at the age of 37. He enriched this world with many famous art pieces like: Wheatfield with Crows, Sunflowers, The Starry Night and many others. Even if you are not a person who is madly in love with art you should have seen those pictures.  Everything sounds great except one thing. His artworks got famous only after death. He could not experience the feeling of happiness that people love his work, he didn’t have a chance to feel that joy. And when you think about it deeply it becomes so sad, so sad in your heart and mind.

He reflected his life is his letters to his brother Theo who supported him mentally and financially at his hard times. I think Theo wasn’t just his little brother he was everything to him: his mentor, his best friend. ‘If I didn’t have Theo it wouldn’t be possible for me to do justice to my work, but because I have him as a friend I believe that I’ll make more progress and that things will run their course’.  He wrote him nearly 600 letters and Theo wrote him nearly 40. Theo respected him and at most of the times he gave him his hand when he needed it. Van Gogh drew as a child and was serious, quiet and thoughtful. He worked as an art-dealer, he often travelled, he turned to religion and spent time as a Protestant missionary in southern Belgium. No matter what he tried himself in, his heart was always full of desire to paint. In just over a decade he created about 2,100 artworks, including around 860 oil paintings. But he barely sold them for money, people didn’t appreciate his work at that time as we do now, he exchanged some of his paintings with other artists. He was not that sociable person, and it’s written that people used to find his artwork ugly and reckless. He wasn’t the man of their time so he couldn’t be understood correctly.

He visited different places and captured them in the most beautiful way - he draw them in beautiful, astounding colors, he expressed all of his feelings, inner scrambles and worries in his paintings. I think that vision of the world was caused by his mental state, he was suffering from many kind of mental diseases including epilepsy and bipolar disorder. Van Gogh’s illness revealed itself: he began to hallucinate and suffered attacks in which he lost consciousness. And he cut his ear off. During one of these attacks, he used the knife. He could later recall nothing about the event.

I don’t think that his mental health state was  understood by people, people rather say that he is crazy then helping him and understanding that the disease isn’t something that we choose by our own will.  I do think that people may develop stigma around him over that fact. Unfortunately, mental state became one of the reasons why he committed suicide.

All of his life he spent not knowing that he will be one of the most favorite world’s painter. I wish he could have been recognized for his talent at his life time, who knows, maybe the things would have turned the other way and we would have hundreds of paintings. Nothing quite as wonderful as the things he saw, that colors and just the way he saw the universe.

His talent was the reason he lived and I think at some point it was the reason he died.  Talent is a luxurious ability when you know how to use it and when to use it and with whom to share it.

His lifetime story touches my heart so deep and I just could not find the right words to express those feelings correctly. So many events that happened in his life and that he didn’t deserve. Life of a talented person is hard and mostly his life is being affected by people who is around him. But God made give to us and to him he let the memory of Vincent van Gogh to live forever and never die. His legacy will be passed through decades.

I want to finish my speech with the words from British TV series Doctor who, which episode was dedicated to him and I think those words describe his and his talent’s influences fully: Well, big question, but to me, Van Gogh is the finest painter of them all. Certainly, the most popular great painter of all time. The most beloved. His command of colour, the most magnificent. He transformed the pain of his tormented life into ecstatic beauty. Pain is easy to portray, but to use your passion and pain to portray the ecstasy and joy and magnificence of our world. No one had ever done it before. Perhaps no one ever will again. To my mind, that strange, wild man who roamed the fields of Provence was not only the world’s greatest artist, but also one of the greatest men who ever lived.

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Darcy/Dr. Reid, #20. Darcy/Newt Scamander, #3. :D

(In case you missed it, your Darcy/Spencer is [here])

Pairing:  Darcy Lewis/Newt Scamander
Prompt:  #3. “I can hear your loud sex. Please stop.”  

No Magic/Modern AU.  <3

Her eyebrows went straight up in the air.  "Wow, you just went for it, didn’t you?  Right for the jugular…"  

Newt swallowed thickly, his Adam’s apple bobbing as he struggled for the words he’d need to cover up the tremendous faux pas he’d just made.  

It was three in the morning, and she was clutching her dressing gown around her frame, even though the loose fabric did little to hide the figure he knew was underneath.  It was incredibly inappropriate of him to be here at this time of night.  No matter what kinds of activities in which she partaking behind closed doors with her boyfriend.  

Newt had only run into said boyfriend once before.  He was a surly fellow, blonde hair.  Aptly named ‘Johnny’.

“I… I am so sorry, I owe you an apology…” he stammered, shaking his head.  "I am very sleep-deprived and I have no business bothering you…"  

“You’re not bothering me,” Darcy insisted, a small smile gracing her lips and making Newt actually believe her.  Only she could achieve something like that.  Only she could make him believe that he wasn’t bothering her by knocking on her door at three in the morning.  "It’s actually not me who’s making all the noise…" She jutted her thumb over her shoulder to indicate something behind her.  "It’s my roommate.  If I could stop him, I totally would.“    

Newt was already backing away from the door when she said this, and if he could describe the action he took to regain his footing after hearing her use the word ’roommate’ to describe the person with whom she lived, he’d have to call it a ’scramble’.

“Your roommate?” he repeated, unsure if he heard her correctly or if it was simply wishful thinking.  

“Yeah…Johnny?  I dunno if you’ve met him yet, he’s barely here…” She waved her hand vaguely to punctuate the thought.  "His girlfriend, Sarah, is in town and they’ve just been at it like bunnies and I’m so sorry you’re having to hear it too.“  

"Yes, well…”  Newt looked down at his house-shoes, scuffing one against the floor.  

“Hey listen, you look like you’re wide awake.  How about we go to the diner down the street and have breakfast?”

His throat was suddenly bone dry, so he coughed.  "Breakfast?  With you?“  

Her lips spread into a lovely smile.  "I know it’s kind of early… but they just got started.  Let’s get real, neither of us are going to sleep anytime soon… We can draft a formal complaint over pancakes?  Whaddya think?”  

He mirrored her smile and nodded, looking down for the first time at his attire:  a plain white t-shirt and striped pyjamas.  "I will have to go change…”  

“Same,” Darcy said with a giggle.  "I don’t think anyone wants to see me in this out in public…"  

I’d be willing to make a wager to the contrary… Newt thought to himself. “Meet me in ten minutes?”  

“Sounds great.  You can tell me more about that book you’re writing.”      

also, like… I am often not someone who has skin in the game, so take this with a salt shaker

but I kind of… Think that we really shouldn’t be *requiring* more than what I am calling the simple type of representation. (Actually I am not sure we should be requiring anything, but I’ll grant it right now for Discourse purposes.)

Because the fuller type is just so, so easy to get wrong.

I can write a character who doesn’t look like me or dress like me and look up how he should do that so as not to make totally elementary mistakes. I can research what he eats.

But making the character feel like a real member of another culture takes a lot more than that, and a lot more than just research. If I research the grammar of AAVE but I don’t really understand how it’s used or when my characters might code switch and when they wouldn’t, then even if my characters use “be” correctly they are still going to feel wooden and fake and like ornaments.

That doesn’t make me incapable of doing it, and it doesn’t even necessarily mean I shouldn’t try. But it means every time they eat a stereotypical dish it might hurt someone even if my research says that’s soul food too. Etc. there are a lot more places I can mess up in a lot more hurtful ways.

So I think we can encourage everything, but we need to be very careful about what we demand, and from whom.

Stop. Read.

Rape victims don’t need to always feel safe/in charge for the remainder of their lives. Some times we even like being challenged by the ones we love, especially when our previous dynamic with them was always push-pull, and especially when they were also victimized by our assault. Treating each other with kid-gloves can ruin the relationship. I’d know. … No, like seriously, I’d try to sue the show over intellectual property of my life or some shit if I didn’t love it so much.

Did I make you feel uncomfortable? Good. Maybe you’ll stop and think before you try to ‘correct’ some one whom might have more experience with the situation than you do (and, if you have been there, I’m here to talk if you want some one whom gets it). I’ve earned the right to be an authority on this. If I can talk about it, you can hear me out, and consider that you could be wrong.

Ian is pushing (or manipulating) Mickey, but, while Mickey suffered more, it was Ian whom lost more autonomy on that day, and he deserves to fight for it back.

Mickey didn’t kiss Ian on the roof, he waited at least a day after Ian practically dared him to, but I knew he was going to do it in that episode as soon as the dare was made. Mickey pushes Ian’s public kiss away, but I knew that he was going to pull him back in when he realized that he was in a safe place, and Ian’s ready with his mouth open. … Yeah, by the way, their hands grabbed the others’ neck at the same time. They kissed each other. I feel like I’m the only one whom noticed this. … He was always going to suck Ian off. Granted, if Ian wasn’t so cold and, therefore, inspiring desperation, Mickey’s hesitation time might’ve been longer than five seconds.

Ian was just cold. If it were a true ultimatum, he would’ve told Mickey to leave after Mickey told him to fuck off, but he doesn’t because he’s waiting. He knows what Mickey’s like. He knew they’d be making out in Fairy Tails any second as soon as Mickey pushed him away. You could see in his face and, like I said, how he was ready for it.

An ultimatum implies that you’re willing to give some thing up. Why is he learning Russian (when Mickey’s not even bothering)? Why is he wanting more from Mickey? Why is he currently outright elated that Mickey’s care-freely living with him in either house? Why does he smile when Mickey blocks him from getting money? Why is he getting them invites to parties as a couple? Why is he kissing Mickey for being protective? Why does he have fucking moon-eyes when Mickey’s being proud trash about beer? He’s in this.

Some one made a perfect GIFSet of Mickey feigning indifference towards Ian with Lip, Mandy, and Ian (using the blowjob scene), but showing honest devotion with Brian by saying “together,” and the following was my reaction.

THIS was why the blowjob scene was necessary. Mickey does not talk to the people whom know him. He acts. He’ll be verbally honest to a stranger because an action might not be understood.

“Those fingers go any where near that cock …”. Subtext: That’s my cock. I claimed it last night! … Ian wanted him to stake a claim and he did. Ian got his autonomy back and Mickey got to back on track with Ian after being derailed by Terry.

End of.

Sheila keeps telling us to “keep the faith” and you shit on one moment she wrote that some one whom has been there thinks you’re getting wrong?

Just. Stop.