i think i used to have a porpoise

Dating Parrish Would Include:

- Hot steamy make out sessions in the shower
- Getting all protective over you
- You bringing him lunch when his at work
- Asking him to teach you to defend yourself
- “I’m going to be late for work”….“I’m sure the sheriff won’t mind”
- Sending him cheeky texts why his at work
- Helping him with his police work
- Parrish being over protective when the other officers flirt with you
- “I’m all yours Jordon”
- Stealing his police jacket to wear

First Anniversay Mini Imagine

One year since you and Parrish have been together. It wasn’t an easy road that’s for sure, but like most relationships the two of you found ways to make it work. Parrish had texted you early on in the day saying he’ll be right over after he finished work, to pick you up and have a relaxful evening to celebrate this milestone.

The doorbell altered that you had a visitor, setting down the glass of water you opened the door. Parrish was standing there in his police uniform with a sweet smile on his face, holding a bouquet of roses.

“Happy one year beautiful” he pecked you on the lips, before handing over the flowers.

“Happy one year Jordon” you replied putting the roses in a vase.

Turning off all the lights and making sure the door was locked, Parrish took your arm and drove to his place. Stepping into his house, there was police files on the coffee table a spare shirt of his on the couch and on the mantel were personal photos 2 of them contained you and him smiling.

“Sit down and make yourself comfortable, dinner will be ready soon” he said, walking into his room and coming back out dressed in suit pants and a nice white collar top.

“Your cooking? This is new” teasing him just a bit.

“Wait until you try my pasta, you’ll love my cooking then” he started chopping all the ingredients for the sauce, as you sat on the counter chairs peacefully watching as he cooked.

Half an hour went by, the table was now set, the food was nearly finished and you were sipping on wine.

“Do you want me to help with anything?” asking him.

“You just sit at the table and relax, dinner is on it’s way”.

Doing as he told, you poured him a glass of wine and waited until he delivered the food to the table. Two candles were flickering in the middle and Parrish couldn’t stop smiling, this one year anniversary was a big deal to him, you could  see it in his face.

“How was work?” you started the diner conversation.

“Same as usual, how was your day?” he replied.

“Pretty relaxful”.

Helping him clear the table, his body language changed slightly. Parrish was use to dealing with high pressure situations he was a cop after all, but an anniversary didn’t seem that high pressure.

“Y/N there’s something that I have been thinking about, and I think now is a perfect time to ask”.

He got up and opened a draw, pulling out a small square box your breath hitched. He couldn’t be porpoising now?.

“This past year has been such a highlight, we’ve had our ups and downs but we survived those downs and celebrated the ups. I love you Y/N and I believe we are ready to take that next step”

He opened the box and nested inside was a silver key, “Will you move in with me?” he asked hopeful.

Kneeling down to his eye level you were ecstatic, “Yes”.

Bringing you into a hug, you were beyond excited to take the next step in the relationship with Parrish. One year of memories already made, and there was plenty more years to come.

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Of course Bakugo and Izuku got into a fight. And of course they do it at an aquarium of all places. At least it wasn’t a physical fight.

“Hey!” Toshinori got in between the two of them. “Stop fighting, buoys. We’re trying not to krill anyone here.”

Bakugo and Izuku stared at him blankly.

Seariously, you never know when anemone is going to appear, so you dophinitely have to be ready at all times. There’s no time to be floundering around during those oppor-tuna-ties. You can’t always leave it to salmon else. You reely want to avoid turtle disaster. Hey! Are you two herring me?”

Izuku was groaning about this happening yet again, and Bakugo looked ready to punch Toshinori.

“I know you both want to be fintastic, but you’ve got to scale the fighting back. Why don’t the both of you mullet over, and let minnow when you go apologize to one another when you’re f-eeling gillty.”

“What the hell??” Bakugo finally spouted out.

“If you’re ref-herring to me interrupting your fight, I simply codnot stand by and allow you two to fight just for the halibut. Water you even thinking? It’s shellfish to fight like that. Bass-ically, you’re causing the rest of g-reef.”

Izuku was at least a little bit guilty looking, but Bakugo simply could not stand it anymore.

“Why the flying fuck are you using puns while scolding us?”

“I asshore you that I’m not trying to be fishy here on porpoise.”

“The what the fuck are you doing?”

Whale, I am trying to clam you down, but you don’t ap-peir to be kraken up. Maybe I have to do betta.”

“Okay, that’s it!” Bakugo started to lunge for Toshinori, but Izuku held him back.

Maybe he reely should scale back on the puns.

“Hey! I just want the two of you to sort this trout.” Or maybe not.

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Hey can you post the passage from voyager when Claire gets hurt and they have to stitch her and Jamie holds her on his lap and fergus is asking her to stop screaming? Thanks!

Claire and the pirates! Here you go.

He stayed still, and so did the cabin, so I cautiously opened the other eye. He smiled faintly at me. 

“No, you’re no dead; Fergus will be glad to hear it.” 

As though this had been a signal, the Frenchman’s head poked anxiously into the cabin. Seeing me awake, his face broke into a dazzling smile and disappeared. I could hear his voice overhead, loudly informing the crew of my survival. To my profound embarrassment, the news was greeted with a rousing cheer from the upper deck. 

“What happened?” I asked. 

“What happened?” Jamie, pouring water into a cup, stopped and stared over the rim at me. He knelt down again beside me, snorting, and raised my head for a sip of water. 

“What happened, she says! Aye, what indeed? I tell ye to stay all snug below wi’ Marsali, and next thing I ken, ye’ve dropped out of the sky and landed at my feet, sopping wi’ blood!” 

He shoved his face into the berth and glared at me. Sufficiently impressive when clean-shaven and unhurt, he was considerably more ferocious when viewed, stubbled, bloodstained, and angry, at a distance of six inches. I promptly shut my eyes again. 

“Look at me!” he said peremptorily, and I did, against my better judgment. 

Blue eyes bored into mine, narrowed with fury. 

“D’ye ken ye came damn close to dying?” he demanded. “Ye’ve a bone-deep slash down your arm from oxter to elbow, and had I not got a cloth round it in time, ye’d be feeding the sharks this minute!” 

One big fist crashed down on the side of the berth next to me, making me start. The movement hurt my arm, but I didn’t make a sound. 

“Damn ye, woman! Will ye never do as you’re told?” 

“Probably not,” I said meekly. 

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Would you say that the Sea Life Centre in the UK is as bad/similar to SeaWorld in the US?

No, absolutely not. No-where near.

For one thing, SeaLife Centres don’t keep cetaceans. Due to rigorous laws in the UK it’s now practically impossible to keep cetaceans in captivity here. So no SeaLife Centre will have dolphins, porpoises or whales. So far as I can see, none of the international SeaLife centres keep cetaceans either.

Only one UK centre that I can think of has seals, and that’s because they have a rescue sanctuary affiliated with the centre. There are I think 4 seals who are permanent residents (for reasons such as health, lack of survival skills, tameness etc) but all the others are temporary residents that are just being kept until they’re well enough to be released.

Secondly, there are no shows or performances. The closest you’ll get is possibly feeding times with certain animals (such as penguins or seals if the centre has them). What those “shows” entail are the keepers feeding the animals while giving a talk. Animals are not forced to do tricks or perform behaviours for their food - they’re just fed as they normally would be.

They also have a big conservation focus. They have a registered charity with campaigns against whaling, shark finning, unsustainable fishing, and marine pollution. As mentioned above, one of their centres has a seal sanctuary which does actively rescue and release seals. I believe they also aid with ex-situ conservation efforts with their corals and seahorses. As far as I can see through some quick research, they’re a reliable charity.

Our SeaLife Centres are aquariums, not “marine parks”. They show almost exclusively fish, jellyfish, corals, sharks and turtles. All animals have large enclosures well suited for their needs. There are no ‘bare tanks’ - to my memory, all tanks have rocks and marine plants and other things to simulate a natural environment. Animals do not participate in shows. I’ve never seen an animal in a SeaLife centre seeming to show stress through repetitive behaviours like the animals at SeaWorld.

Overall, no. I don’t believe SeaLife Centres are anything even close to how disgusting SeaWorld is. From what I’ve seen and what I can research, SeaLife is a reliable and trustworthy centre and charity.