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pls more romantic soft macdennis i love the Funny Bad Men i need more

  • mac takes dennis to the rainbow for dennis’s 40th birthday, and even though they’re probably the oldest couple there, for once dennis doesn’t care, lost in the pulsing music, flashing lights, and mac’s all-consuming warmth. it’s one of his best birthdays.
  • mac has tried to show dennis how to properly peel apples on multiple occasions. each time, he starts by giving dennis what he thinks is the best demonstration possible - he’s pressed against the other man’s back, arms reaching around him so he can gently grasp dennis’s wrists as he guides him through each step. it always ends the same way: dennis tossing aside the fruit and backing mac into the nearest available surface.
  • dennis would do virtually anything for mac if the request is followed by “den”
  • mac wears his glasses around the apartment more often, ever since noticing the way dennis fixates on him when he does, mouth hanging slightly agape and a faint blush coloring his cheeks.
  • when it’s just the two of them left alone to close up paddy’s for the night, one of them (it’s almost always dennis) puts a song on the jukebox (”you’re the inspiration” is a favorite of both of theirs), and they sway gently to the beat, with no one there to interrupt them when they inevitably come together, joining hands and lips.

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do you think cole Sprouse is problematic? I saw it on a post

Is it the post from that blog that tries to pull receipts out on celebrities’ problematic-ness? I saw that awhile back. Like I’m okay with calling out truly reprehensible behavior that they don’t amend or learn their lessons from (Donald Trump, Mel Gibson, Johnny Depp, Roman Polanski, Azaelia Banks, my best friend’s physically abusive ex bf are a few that come to mind), but the Cole post is so much reaching it’s embarrassing. Like they claim he doesn’t want Jughead to be asexual but the interview link they provide has him saying how he doesn’t think it’s what the writers are going to do but he thinks it would be good to have Jughead be asexual and have that representation.

The Debbie Ryan thing is also a reach. She doesn’t say which friend was manipulating her, so to say it’s Cole is all speculation (and if it was Cole, why are they still hanging out and friends today?)

The gf stuff, idk maybe he was a douchebag emotionally. We’re not part of that relationship, we don’t know what it was like. It’s possible.

The Tumblr sociology experiment and his comments about race all sound like he’s talking from a sociological and anthropological perspective (which was his focus in college). He comes across as intellectual hipster type (also how he came across to me in person) but not a terrible person.

Saying he called BLM activists “cannibals” is also a reach. He was saying them stopping Bernie’s speech was counterintuitive. Like way to crucify him for a metaphor and not liking his word choice for it. He didn’t say “I think BLM activists are like cannibals”

I don’t remember the rest of the claims. Anyway, I’m not saying Cole isn’t problematic, I’m saying he just seems as problematic as most of us are.

Like I recently found a bunch of tweets of mine from high school that were insensitive to the trans community (misgendering people, using terms that are probably considered offensive). I didn’t do it out of intentional prejudice, but out of total ignorance of knowing appropriate terms and words to use. It was 2007 and I was a sixteen year old idiot who had never even met an transgender person before or even talked to one online. But after joining my school’s GSA, I was educated on terminology. And I’ve never made that same mistake again.

But if I was a celebrity, I can guarantee the receipts would be pulled and I would be “forever” cancelled even though I’ve learned from my mistake.

I just hate how everyone on Tumblr is on some mission to permanent cancel™ people 24/7.

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How about someone who wasn't very nice to Natsume from a previous school transfers to his current one and tries to spread cruel rumours? My personal belief is that everyone at the school loves Natsume because there is no evidence that says otherwise and it makes me happy.


“Didn’t your class get a new student the other day?” Satoru asks when Kitamoto joins him during lunch. “I’ve seen him around, I think. What’s he like?”

Kitamoto’s eyes darken and his expression turns into something close to a glower in face of Satoru’s arguably innocent question what was that about?

“Adachi. I don’t like him,” Satoru’s amiable best friend declares, so forcefully that Tsuji turns around in his chair to stare in their direction.

“Jeez, tell us how you really feel,” Satoru says dumbly. Kitamoto huffs an unconvincing laugh, and Satoru narrows his eyes at him. “Hey, what happened? Did he say something to you?”

“No, nothing like that. But he knows Natsume from another school.”

Oh, Satoru thinks. And his hands curl into fists in his lap, because he gets it. Every time someone Natsume used to know comes into the picture, Natsume winds up miserable.

Tsuji leans over, frowning. “Has he done something to Natsume?”

“No, but he’s been talking about him,” Kitamoto says darkly. “He likes to tell stories of when they were in junior high together, and odd things Natsume said or did back then. He’s really annoying. I think he’s trying to stir up trouble.”

“Well,” Satoru says, leaning back. “That’s not gonna happen.”

It’s almost a full week later that Natsume realizes there’s a new student in their school. It’s not really his fault, Satoru decides, since he was out sick for a few days. He’s still a little pale when he returns to class, and it’s hard to tell who makes a bigger fuss over him, Tsuji or Taki.

“Adachi?” he says in some surprise, pausing with a bite of fish left halfway suspended above his lunchbox. “I think I know him. I went to school with a boy by that name once.”

Tanuma pointedly takes a long drink at that point, and Kitamoto starts stabbing viciously at his rice like it did something to offend him, so it’s left to Satoru to steer the conversation. He points lamely across the room and says, “Yeah he’s over there.”

Natsume follows his hand to where Adachi is sitting by himself, stirring his food around disinterestedly. It didn’t take long for him to talk himself into a corner, Satoru thinks. Just like he thought would happen, no one wants anything to do with the new guy who was trying to drag kind, self-conscious Natsume’s name through the dirt.

Natsume stands up, and smiles when Tanuma asks where he’s going.

“I’ll see if he wants to eat with us,” Natsume says, already making his way over. Adachi watches him approach with wide eyes. “He might not remember me, but it’s no fun eating alone.”

Imagine Steve plucking up the courage to propose to you

“Buck, I don’t think I can do this. I’m so nervous,” Steve sighed, the nausea setting through as he reached Y/N’s front door. 

Bucky took hold of his best friends shoulder, giving it a comforting squeeze. “Hey, you’ve got this, alright? Stop being such a punk about it. You love her, she loves you.” 

Steve nodded before looking up at Bucky, a warm smile on his face. “If she says yes, would you be my best man?” 

“What kind of question is that? I’m the only option, buddy. Now get in there and make her your fiance before I kick your ass.” 

@redlipstickandplaid -a lil’ teaser of the FLOOF to come in the near future.]

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(studyblr: thefashionstudies) ok so crush story, here we go: when i was 14 i think? i fell in love HARD with my best (guy)friend. now, this was bad because he already liked another girl and i knew i had 0 chances with him, so naturally i tried to kill my feelings but i'm as discreet as an elephant so everyone knew about it (except him). it was AWFUL bc he was so nice to me and made me laugh and we stayed up all night talking and aaah it was terrible!! BUUT one day we were at a friend's birthday+

party and we were both kinda drunk?? so we were really flirty and everything and in one moment we were alone and hE KISSED ME and i was like “wtf what is happening didn’t you like another girl??!?!??!?!” and he said to me “you know that’s not true” !!!!!!! and long story short guess who found her soulmate at 14 and has been with him for 2.5 years :’)

SHUT UP. That is so cute!! I love it when best friends fall in love x

sleepover friday!

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Being a writer is weird. I accidentally built a love story in my head about a girl who is secretly in love with the purest, bravest guy ever, but he's aro/ace. He thinks of her as a best friend and doesn't understand (or even know about) her feelings toward him, so he keeps unknowingly hurting her when he tries to be friendly. But one day her older sister explodes and calls him a monster, and he breaks down in tears because he doesn't even understand what he did wrong. And now I need to go cry

Okay, so in general, I am a sucker for miscommunication in fanfics, because that hits so close to real life in so many ways.

And it’s great that you can get so invested in what you write! Go cry a bit, you deserve it!

(Then write to make it better at the end! )

Holding on to something - Kaitlyn x MC

@hollyashton this is my entry for choicescreates week 2. Enjoy. 

I finally got everything in my mom’s SUV. I look back at my dorm. I was thinking to myself it was the best of times and the worst of times. I am so ready for summer vacation back home.

Four hours trip home with my mom. She kept asking about the quarter and how was everyone and I tried to dodge every question she had. I just wanted to be home in my own room. Maybe, just spend the summer with my best friend from high school and forget freshman year ever happen.

My phone buzzed in my hand. 1 new text message.

“Hey stranger made it back home from Boston college. Can’t wait to hang out with you.”

It brought a smile to my face. I could always count on Erin. Yeah, she is a little boy crazy but, she was always there to cheer me up growing up. I should of went to Boston college with her but, I wanted to followed my dad’s footsteps at Hartfeld.

I text her back. “Let’s hang out tomorrow, okay?”

Erin: Sure can’t wait to cu

“You seem a little happier, who are you texting?”

“Erin. I going to hang out with her tomorrow maybe, get me out of funk.”

“It is great just don’t forget about your parents. We miss you, too.”

“I miss you too. I just want to be home. I don’t even know if I want to go back.”

It was a quiet ride back home. When we made it back my parents help unloaded all of stuff. Now, all I wanted to do was sleep. Next thing I know was Erin trying to wake me up.  

“Hey, wake up sleepyhead.”

I reached for my phone but she  grabbed it before I could get it.

“Man, you got some new messages. Looks like anyone popular.”

Me popular I don’t think so

James says I hope you made it back home safe. Call me back later.

Chris says hey I didn’t get to chance to say goodbye

Zack says have fun over the summer and you better be back for next school year

Abbie says I already miss you. Message me tomorrow

Tyler says take care of yourself

Kaitlyn says I’m sorry I shouldn’t have push you away. I wished we could go back to the beginning of the quarter.

I grab my phone so fast out of Erin’s hands she didn’t know what happened.  "She really wrote that.“ I reread the message a couple of times. I got the biggest smile on my face.

"So, I am guessing Kaitlyn is like the girl that you kept talking about this whole school year.”

“Yep, she is that Kaitlyn but, now I don’t know what to write back.”

I handled my phone back to Erin and face planted back of my face pillow.

Erin opened up my phone. “So, what’s the story behind your background pic?”

I don’t have to see it to remember what the picture was on my phone.  It was back when we went to our first formal together. Her looking beautiful with her hair up and her red dress on. I can just close my eyes and imagined being there. It feels a lot better than being here right now.

“That is just a photo from my first formal with Kaitlyn.”


It was the honeymoon phase where everything was going well. I was thinking that I finally found someone to love. She was my first love. Why do I get over it? Got any tips.“

"First off, get her off as your cellphone’s background picture. I think you need to ask yourself why you still have it as your background pic.”

“Because after everything I still love her.”

Erin came to sit on my bed and wrapped me up in a hug. “So tell me everything about her. As your longest standing friend I deserved to know the story behind your biggest smile I have ever seen.”

I told her about the relationship that it has up and down. That it started out on a high. It was a bit rocky later on when her parents and childhood friend found out she likes other females but, she came back to me. It got good again but then it hit rock bottom when she join a band. She picked the band over me basically. Now, she is wishing for it to like before the band. I don’t know what to do.

Message her back, silly.

MC: I would like that too. I miss you and the way things were back that the beginning of the quarter. I just don’t know if we can go back. I do want you to know that I love you.

Kaitlyn: I love you, too. Willing to me another chance?

“Erin, what do I do? I don’t know if I can take her leaving again.”

“If you still love her you need to give her another shot. If you don’t you will regret it. The way you were talking about and your friends were texting you I think you got a good support group at college.”

MC: I give you one last shot. 😉

Kaitlyn: That is all I am asking for.


So one of my best friends asked me to draw one of her OC’s and Lion-o or however it’s spelled and to be honest I’ve tried watching Thundercats years ago but couldn’t get into it so I think this is the first time I’ve drawn a character from a show that I’ve honestly not been that interested in.

On a side note, I hate muscles and ignore my sucky galaxy background. I didn’t feel like drawing a full body picture so this happened.

Please be aware that I’m still experimenting with coloring and everything and this is the first time I’ve drawn Lion-o.

The OC belongs to @rositabluemoon and Lion-o doesn’t belong to me either, this is simply fanart.


avatar the last airbender book one: water

You know what the worst part of being born over a hundred years ago is? I miss all the friends I used to hang out with. Before the war started, I used to always visit my friend Kuzon. The two of us, we’d get in and out of so much trouble together. He was one of the best friends I ever had, and he was from the Fire Nation just like you. If we knew each other back then, do you think we could have been friends too?


♥ L o v e  i s  a  P r o m i s e - for @armorwars​ ♥

Alistair. Because I love him and I needed to finish something happy today. I needed to spread something happy today. It’s a paltry contribution but if it helps even for a moment…

I tried to combine Origins and Inquisition versions as best as I could. Leaned more Origins I think? I don’t know, it was hard to do this kind of expression without reference for him so he’s probably off.

 I made it big enough to print but I didn’t want to put it up on RB unless someone really wants it. If you do let me know and I will post a link on my tumblr.

Translation: ‘Religion’ - 29.11

Text from Isak’s father

Isak! That’s enough! I’ve tried to get ahold of you for days.
I know you’re angry with me and that you probably think I’m a coward for leaving mom, but I couldn’t help her. I hope you’ll understand that one day.
I’m doing the best I can.

(Isak scrolls through all the messages from his father)

Isak replies:

Fine. I’ll join you for the Christmas concert. Bringing my new boyfriend, his name is Even. That’s a boys’ name.

Don’t quite understand if you’re making a joke right now?
It’s very nice if you have a boyfriend, Isak, I really want to meet him, but you know how mom is, she gets stressed easily.

(Isak starting to type a reply)


(He puts the phone down without sending)

Sana: Hey.

Isak: Hey.

Sana: Forgot about the essay?

Isak: Yep.

Sana: Did you see the link that I sent you?

Isak: Um, no? What was is?

Sana: It was just a link to an article.

Isak: Okay, what’s it about?

Sana: Just about some research about…evolution. And homosexuality.

(Isak looks at Sana, then continues to work on his computer)

Sana: I was just thinking about that discussion we had a while back, and uh, I rarely get things wrong, but it turns out I was wrong. In that discussion. Because homosexuality has been a..well, had a natural function in evolution. And there’s…lots of new and interesting research about it. So uh…I was wrong.

Isak: What..about Islam, then? Anything new and interesting to report, or is it still the same?

Sana: Islam says what it always say: That all people in this world are equal and that no person should experience people talking behind their back, that no offence should be made against them, that they should not be judged, or made into a laughingstock. So if you hear anybody use religion to legitimise their hate, then don’t listen to them. Because hate doesn’t come from religion, it comes from fear.

Teacher (off screen)
We’ll start the class by you handing in your essays to my email.

Sorry guys, I’m at work so I don’t have a lot of time; i know that some of the sentences might sound a bit weird.


EDIT Also one thing.. In the translation, I use the word boyfriend, but in Norwegian we use this word ‘kjæreste’ (meaning: loved one/dearest) and it’s a gender neutral term for a lover. That’s why Isak’s being extra snarky by emphasising that Even is a boys’ name, when writing to his dad.

we’re only 7 days into 2016 but I can already tell you that Hidden Figures will be the best and most important movie you see all year

These women, strong, educated, independent women- each in their own way- are what we should all aspire to be.

Their ability to ever back down, to stand for what they know is right, what they know is good, propels their story higher than any other I’ve ever known.

Katherine wasn’t afraid to take credit where credit was due.

Dorothy wasn’t afraid to take initiative and stand up for the work she had done.

Mary went through hell and back to make sure she could live her dreams

These women can do it. These women paved the way so you can do it.