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So may I know your thoughts about these...Do you think Olivia totally gave up on Liam? And do you think she ships MC with Liam? or if ever she prefers MC than Madeleine?

Oh, thank you for this question! 

I think it’s complicated. 

Remember, Olivia currently believes that her parents were traitors (which may or be true) and that everything that she knows about her past is no longer true. She is faced with the idea that she would never be allowed to be queen, even if Liam wanted her and she might not even be allowed to stay in Cordonia if it came out.

Add that to her doubt that she ever deserved Liam in the first place. Olivia considers Liam the best person she knows. She has loved him her entire life, partially because he was the first person to truly care about her and because he is so good and kind while she struggles with being nice to people it seems to come so easily to Liam. She has at least always believed that she had the right background and breeding to offer him, even if she might not truly deserve him and now she doesn’t have that.

She also spent the social season coming to terms with the idea that not only does Liam not love her, he does love MC. I think before the social season started Olivia had convinced herself that fond affection was enough and she comforted herself with the fact that Liam cared about her more than he cared about any of the suitors. In a world without MC, she would likely have been his choice (except for the traitor’s plot, of course). 

Then MC appeared on the scene and Olivia was forced to watch Liam fall in love with her. I think it took a whole season for her to accept that and for her to let go of her idea of Liam, but when faced with the idea of having to drop out anyway, she decided she wanted Liam to be happy, which he would be with MC. 

Olivia does not want Liam with Madeleine because Olivia knows Liam deserves better. She cares too much for Liam to want him to end up with a cold, manipulative bitch like Madeleine. She believes that there is no chance it can be her, because of her background and because Liam doesn’t want her, so she has decided that if she can’t be happy, that Liam will be and that is why she is helping MC.

Also, depending on player choices, I think Olivia can grow fond of MC. I think she didn’t want to feel that way, but that a grudging friendship is growing between the women. 

So my answer is I think Olivia has accepted that she can’t have Liam and in that case, she wants MC to have him. And she definitely doesn’t want Madeleine to have him.

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sometimes i think that maybe dnp aren’t actually together and we’ve all spent these hundreds of hours on the internet making up this universe in our heads when in reality all the “proof” were really just platonic gestures that we mistook but now we’re in too deep and there’s no going back

It’s a 50% chance they aren’t and thus it is very possible they aren’t! We as humans only see what we want to, especially so that things can go our way. I’m not saying don’t ship them, but don’t totally eradicate the possibility that they are nothing more than platonic friends and that when/if they are platonic friends, eventually they aren’t going to live together and that we respect dan and phil as their own creators. Obviously we all want them to be together, but I’m just thinking of the realistic probability that it is just platonic.

Nonetheless, Dan and Phil’s story is so unique and there is love there, it might just be platonic. It’s something we all want to have. And investing your time in them for all these months or years as a couple isn’t a bad thing! It’s great! It promotes creativity and imagination and attention to detail. Shipping any two people is all fun and great but it isn’t always the case that they are together and if that is the case with DnP we have to respect that.

Sorry to be such a downer lol 😂

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I'm iffy about the boob lick thing but for now I took it as a "stimulation" thing, he needed to get the brat off and get it over with (yuck) meanwhile with Claire there's like, actual seduction so by the time they're having sex they don't need anything extra, like I'm pretty sure Claire saw the entire universe that night lmao, so yeah, it annoys the fuck out of me that they retired it but we get all the extra bits + THE LOVE so the fake stans and ppl with bad ships can SUCK IT MUAHAHAHA

Yeah, I can def see it as you say, I just don’t wanna think about it all that much anymore, coz for sure there was a MARKEDLY HUGE difference between the two encounters! One was hella unnecessarily graphic given the subject matter, the other EXACTLY what it should have been and beautifully was. You’re totally right, Claire and Jamie have waaay more happening and can get *there* just fine and quite spectacularly, but it was kinda nice to think some physical things were sacred to them lol (ain’t NO ONE gonna compete emotionally!)

lornasallydane: the overwatch subreddit has gotten better about policing homophobia recently, I haven’t seen it outside of downvoted or ignored comments tbh. And if self promotion isn’t allowed, would yall be okay w me maybe posting something about it? I woudlnt wanna do it without asking tho :X

I think we are going to have to decline on this one, for a couple reasons… 

For one thing, the Overwatch subreddit has 900k subscribers, and I’m just a single person taking care of all the shipments. :( Ordering books, making address labels, hand-writing notes, assembling charms, working out receipts/taxes/donations, etc…on top of a demanding school curriculum. Although we totally welcome lots of support and encourage promotion, that level of exposure is maybe a bit too much!

Also, Torbanzo is very niche, even in more fandomy circles. Like, it’s silly, but also sincere… a crack ship to be honest. The majority of people who play Overwatch, especially those uninvolved in shipping, would most likely ridicule our artists and/or their work. I don’t want to invite any harassment towards our participants, and unfortunately harassment is pretty typical of most Overwatch players. 

We understand our zine isn’t for everybody and are relying on the support of a particular accepting audience– instead of a “what the fuck is this?” reaction, we’re looking for an “oh my god haha, amazing” reaction, if that makes sense. Thank you for checking in with us! After some consideration though we’d really prefer sticking to Tumblr and Twitter. ;_;

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What did you think about the Peraltiago proposal?

I loved the proposal, it was so typically Jake, with him fumbling over his words and blurting out “I like your butt!”. I also loved that it took place in the evidence room, where they had their first kiss. And then the little anecdote about when he decided to propose, and it was this totally mundane moment, but in that moment he just knew, knew that he wanted to spend his life with Amy Santiago who finds typos in the New York Times crossword, and just everything about it and about the ship is just amazing and perfect, I cannot wait to see the actual wedding and hear their vows and watch them swear to spend the rest of their lives together. They’re honestly one of the best sitcom couples ever.

You will take this ship and Kat Morris’ poster from my cold dead hands.

Inspired by Kat Morris’ poster THE SHOW and featuring a shitty scan.

warm and soft like a fireplace….a heith….

so now we’re into the stolen centuries arc I think it’s a fair assumption to say that the unaccounted for deaths Kravitz mentioned in crystal kingdom are from their deaths exploring the different planes
Merle has 57 deaths total, so given everything I know about Merle Highchurch, you cannot convince me that since he knew he was gonna revive on the StarBlaster that whenever he was told “we gotta run quickly to the ship, or we’re gonna die!” that his immediate response wasn’t



I’ve only just been able to tear myself away from these beautiful cards in order to make this post. They arrived this morning and ever since, I’ve just been handling them and taking endless photos. I swear, it’s impossible to take a bad picture of this deck! 

Some thoughts and first impressions bellow the cut! 

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d’avin + fancy
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  • Harry: i'm telling you, Malfoy, you must have messed it up.
  • Draco: impossible! even Granger couldn't reach my level accuracy with potions!
  • Harry: *shrugs and looks around the classroom* well, everyone else got their love potions to work, and i don't feel any different. you must be off your game.
  • Snape: *overhears*
  • Snape: *sighs and pinches the top of his nose*
hey fellow gays whose shows are on hiatus, how about checking out the bold type?

It’s got a really supportive friendship between three amazing ladies

they have a really amazing boss too and totally destroys the mean boss stereotype

and the main ship is between a proud muslim lesbian hijabi and a beautiful queer woman of color.  Kat and adena (Kadena) is the ultimate slow burn and they have angst that doesn’t involve either of them dying and they’re really really gay

So how about checking it out? Trust me i didn’t think it was my kind of show either but i was complete trash for it after one episode. It surprised me in a good way and i think it will surprise you too. 

Watch the bold type on freefrom tuesdays 9/8 central. Binge on Hulu or the FREEform app. Also ABC spark in canada

I feel like one of the big reasons women, both queer and straight, gravitate toward male/male ships is because of the way it allows women to explore male sexuality in a nonthreatening way. Many women grow up learning that men are predators and to see male sexuality as scary. We are taught to safeguard ourselves from men and to be the gatekeepers of sexuality. This makes it hard to enjoy attraction to men because, unfortunately, fears about male sexuality are grounded in reality. Exploring attraction to men and male sexuality in a m/m relationship takes a lot of this apprehension and imbalance away. It allows women to appreciate the beauty and complicated nature of male sexuality in many forms without feeling threatened.

Also, and I think this is a big one, gay and queer male culture is where men are objectified sexually. In most spaces, women are the ones who are objectified. (Objectification is something that is natural to an extent and a part of exploring sexuality as long as we still treat people with respect and as long as it is equal opportunity objectification, imo) Seeing men through a queer male gaze can be really refreshing and erotic for women, too.

I know that for me personally it helped me see the beauty, grace, strength, and eroticism of the male form and male sexuality. The way men are framed in straight spaces is not very sexually appealing to many women, so seeing men through a lens where they are sexualized as well as seen as complex beings is definitely appealing.

I totally agree that women (especially straight women) need to be careful not to fetishize queer men and m/m ships. I think we should be engaged in what’s going on and self-critical, but I also think this is an important aspect to think about. We live in such a patriarchal society that these ships are important for many women and level the playing field in world where women are objectified and eroticized but it’s rarely the other way around in mainstream culture.

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Is it me, or did Pidge have a little crush on Lance? I think I might have little proof but, opinion please?

She might have??? Or she might have not, it totally depends on how you want to see it (though I guess that’s true for all ships). Her reaction when he surprised her in s1e1 was positively adorable:

“Oh! Lance!” *quickly sits up straight again* 

And she was super proud of the tech she built around him… look at this:

“I built it.” *annoyedly slaps hand away* *turns towards lance again and keeps smirking*

She listened to Lance and allowed him to shut her up when Iverson attacked her/the Kerberos mission, something that she didn’t allow Keith or Allura to do when she got in a fight with them over wanting to leave for her family:

And allows him to touch/use her stuff, something that Hunk wasn’t allowed to do (she also lent/gave him her headphones in episode 2):

And she got super frustrated when Lance talked about this Keith guy she had never heard of before and didn’t provide any explanation:

And that’s just the very beginning of episode one. I won’t keep analyzing the rest like this but she was stuck to the front of the healing pod when Lance was in it, blushing:

And after Lance got out of it, she “sat down” at the table next to him. Except. She didn’t sit. She stood. She stood, do you have any idea how uncomfortable it is to stand like this for as long as it presumably took for Lance to finish that meal??

She is leaning forward, bracing herself on her elbows, her feet aren’t fully on the ground. That’s not a comfortable position, my best guess is that she wanted to be close to him after seeing him injured without crowding/overwhelming him.

She also gets annoyed when he flirts with someone and repeatedly goes on missions/hangs out with him (the Beta Traz thing obviously, that one time on the Balmera, the Space Mall episode…). I have no troubles seeing a possible crush here, but as always, it depends totally on your own interpretation^^

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Okay I can’t be the only one who thinks that McNamara would be totally attached to Veronica after all the shit that went down???? I mean—- its so cute and good and makes me feel happy (and also p sad tbh QuQ) inside???

Anyways! Hope you have a good day/night!

Harmonizer Thoughts

1. So, when’s the new album coming out.

2. I’m not salty about Camila leaving.

3. But like, why dah fuck she leave me doh?

4. “Everyone, bow your head for prayer. In Allysus we pray.”

5. So, um, when’s the new album coming out?

6. Normani is my queen. I lover her but I’m like 112% sure she’s some other being that’s here to still my soul and edges… I’m ok with this.

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7. *Drinks a gallon of water* It’s… It’s really hard to say/think about Lauren *drinks another gallon* without getting thirsty.

8. I mean, I support Camila and everything but like why????

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9. Dinah Jane looks like Beyonce.

10. No, Leona Lewis!!!

11. NO, A GODDESS!!!

12. Ok…But this album though…

13. Laurmani??? You mean Aphrodites power couple? Yeah I ship it

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14. TBH Ally can murder me if she wants…I probably deserve it if she’s killing me. 

15. I’m totally straight. (See’s a picture of 5h) 

16. *Bi 

17. Lauren low-key hates us… We’ve all grown to except this. 

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18. So about that, album doh… 

19. Camila Cabello….Never heard of her. 

20. Just kidding, I lied (lol)…i miss her 

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21. I dare you to find a bad picture of Normani… I’ll wait.

22.  “Nah, I can’t hang out right now. I’ve got to go to Allysus Church…yeah it’s at the local waffle house”

23. Have you SEEN Normanion DWTS?? Like when will your fave ever?? Get you Stans in order!!

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24. But like how many songs is going to be on the new album? At least tell me THAT!

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25. I’ve never shipped Camren in my entire STAN LIFE. *person pulls out receipts*…I’ve never seen that blog in my entire life!!!

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26. So like a collaboration between Camila and Fifth Harmony can still happen, right??? RIGHT!!?

27. I just love Fifth Harmony 

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