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My exams finished on Friday and I’m finally free!! Some of them could have gone a little better but none of them were a Disaster™ so on the whole I think all my hard work will pay off. I get my results at the end of the month and graduate mid-July, but until then I have no real plans re: employment or life in general so I’m just gonna kick back and chill for a little bit

Thank you so much to everyone who sent me messages of encouragement, I’m sorry I didn’t reply to them all directly but I super appreciate it <3 I’ll be online much more frequently now so I’ll actually be able to respond to messages and tags and stuff for the first time in like a month

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I was tagged by the lovely @inevitablesims and @tiredtoothache - thanks guys! 

1. Who was the first person you messaged? I don’t think I’ve actually messaged anyone first… people have always sent messages to me! Blame apprehension to meet new people I guess? The first person I started talking to though was @inevitablesims  💕

2. Who was the first person you followed? @lilsimsie obvs! 😂

3. Who was the last person you messaged? @inevitablesims 💖

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By the way, it’s silly but thank you to everyone who sent in a happy message last night, you’re all very kind with me !! Ahah it was really nice to wake up to all of these (I passed out like 20 minutes after writing this message I think) ! Maybenoots yours made me laugh a lot, I relate to that pain x) Anyway, congrats everyone on the strawberries and dyed hair and moving in with boyfriends and cute s.os and supportive girlfriends and dnd characters and summer and friends. Y’all are really sweet !!

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Hey, it's past you again. You were tagged by fuckyourstupideyebrows about a vulcannic post regarding Julian and Garak trying alcoholic beverages. Find that in your "to be written" tag and write about it because yes. Also, I hope you're not sick anymore.

Hi past me! I know everyone’s going to be confused about the “again” part, so to let everyone know, I deleted the first prompt I send myself because I wanted to fulfill the others people sent me. I can’t even remember what that was now. Oh well.

So, I completely forgot about this post until I read this message. Oops. But I got this, I think. Because of that post, I need to tag @vulcannic and @fuckyourstupideyebrows, since they were the ones who made the post and brought it to my attention, respectively.

A Little Taste

Garak woke up alone.

He was fully aware that he’d gone to bed alone, but the dream he arose from had involved such a wonderful partnership that waking up in the dark, cool isolation was anything but appealing. His heart careened and sank into his stomach only to settle and twist apart in the bile residing there. He hoped it wouldn’t reform during the course of the day, but he knew it would. It always did the moment he laid his eyes on the doctor responsible for this pitifully lonely morning. He could never have the man, as Doctor Julian Bashir was far too fond of women to be interested in Garak, but he would still flutter about in some rose-tinted daze anytime the dear doctor came into his line of sight. Luckily, he had become rather experienced at hiding his emotions over his lifetime. The good doctor would never find out unless Garak wished him to.

Perhaps it was time.

This was the forth time in the last week he’d dreamed of being with the doctor beyond the boundaries of their friendship. This last one involved watching a delightful Cardassian sunset under the shade of the wild spires that covered portions of the desert. The sky was painted reds and oranges, which had turned the doctor’s tanned skin into a muted desert brown and felt as warm as the Cardassian sand beneath them. Garak brushed his hand against the doctor’s, caught the man’s brown eyes, and edged his lips towards the young man’s. They were cool. They were soft. They were–

Not human.

Garak had never kissed a human before. The feeling of their lips was a mystery to him and would likely remain that way. There was no use dwelling on the matter so early in the day. It would only taint was delight was waiting for him later.

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@ everyone who has sent me a message/ask/tagged me in something

I’m INCREDIBLY sorry. I’ve been offline for like 3-4 days now without notice? Even after I literally just came back from a break. I really don’t have an excuse. I’m just really bad with people. Like awful. And whenever I think I mess up I just kind of go on shutdown mode and block everything out. 

So yeah maybe I’m not the best person to run this sort of blog. I’m seriously considering adding a mod or just passing it to someone else because I don’t think I have the personality to run this thing. I mean let’s be real, this blog is a mess ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

But yeah, if you’re interested in helping me maybe message me and we can have a chat? I really want this blog to be run in a particular way so I’m not sure if it’ll work out, but I want to at least try. But anyway I’m sorry you all have had to suffer through the cringefest that is me. Thank you for being patient, I’m going to start answering things right away.

Maybe is some kind of reflection from last night episode (and amethyst self-loathing), or because I don’t think I said it enough but, seriously, to everyone who ever tagged my art with sweet compliments, or sent me kind messages, liked and reblogged any of my art, you have no idea how it helps me cope with my deepest insecurities and fears, so I every time I say “thank you” it never feels enough.

I got so used to feel ashamed of myself and whatever I like, that I developed humour from it. Thinking how it get’s easier if you play along and at least make a joke out of it. Being looked down for the longest time was such a consistent thing that I couldn’t believe when people complimented me. Not in a surreal way, but in a ‘that’s not true though’ way. Like I didn’t see myself as someone valid to even accept validation.

that’s why all your support is so important to me,  it helps me to keep going, even if it sounds cheesy. I was in such a dark place before re-joining Tumblr, and you guys have been so amazing to me. 

yes, I still have confidence problems, I still am pretty insecure about many things, but I honestly think that I’m healing, slowly and gradually, and all of this support is helping me in a way I could never do it by myself.

thank you all for helping me heal.

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I know it's not that popular but... More Lost Dimension posts pls

 YOUR WISH IS MY COMMAND, ANON (please enable me more)

I’m not supposed to be drawing Lost Dimension right now so my art is a bit rushed sorry!!

I’ve drawn waay too much Marco so here’s a different person

Toya (He has control over magnetic fields for those who don’t play Lost Dimension)! He has always stuck with me for all my playthroughs up to the point when Agito finally stopped betraying me so I kinda think of him as my right-hand man

I ship Toya/Sho too 

I like to think Toya gets a kick out of saying really suggestive things to Sho and watching his reaction

Thank you anon for enabling me to draw even more Lost Dimension even though I’m flooding the tag (also ty to thispleasestormod and endarkculi for also enabling me ;~; and everyone else who sent me a message SOB)

Sherlock Appreciation

So, I’ve been working with @doughnutsaremydivision and we’re thinking of doing a video for the Sherlock appreciation. So if people want to record a video message or just a voice message that would be awesome. If you don’t feel comfortable doing that we will happily put your message in the video in writing. Also, please try not to put swearing in it, your message will go through but we’ll probably black out the swear words.

It would also be great if you could put the country your from to show how Sherlock has spread and if you have a preference of if you want your name in there or who you want to say your message is from add that in too.

We’re thinking of putting fanart over the top of the voice recordings so any contributions would be amazing. If you do send in fanart, let us know how you want to be credited so we can give you the right recognition.

If you don’t feel comfortable doing any of that I fully understand and am happy to add whatever contribution no matter what size.

For a deadline I’m thinking about 10am on the 19th 20th  22nd of January Australian ESDT which is 11pm on the 18th 19th 21st of January UK time I think. I think it will be better to try and get it to the cast and crew sooner rather than later but if people need more time just send me a message, ask or whatever and that should be fine.

Thank you to everyone who has contributed so far and sorry for changing it. If you want to leave your message as a written one that is completely fine but I’ll tag people who have sent things in so far or showed interest.

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