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Post-reveal ladynoir 34?

“If you keep looking at me like that, we won’t make it to a bed,” said Chat, starting to sound desperate and a little strangled after the third time he caught Ladybug trying to undress him with her eyes.


“But I’m just looking at you,” Ladybug protested innocently, heat flaring in her gut at the way he sounded and the words themselves alike.

Chat just gave her a ragged little laugh, one that said, that’s so ridiculous I don’t even know where to start, and leveled his staff at the street in front of them, despite the fact that the akuma was long-gone.

What a dork.

“There’s a—…” he started, and then glanced at her adoring smile and choked. “I-I mean, we, um. R-resprin— Responsility—… Super. Villain. There is.”

Which was very true, but.

“I mean,” said Ladybug, and jerked her thumb over her shoulder. “There’s also an alley. Right there.”

And, sure, she wasn’t exactly a fan of alley sex, but hey.

Chat looked at the alley. Then he looked at her.

He swallowed and collapsed his staff with a shaking hand.

Ladybug beamed.

Sneak peak

“Scorpius Black? The healer will see you now.” A nurse beckoned Draco’s son to come with them. Scorpius hopped off his chair with such little grace it made Draco chuckle. He might look like him, but in behaviour he was nothing like his father.

“I will be joining you again shorty, father.” Scorpius made a small bow in his direction. Draco arched an eyebrow.

“We both know that’s not how you talk Scor. Cut the crap.”

“Damnit dad! I was trying to make Potter believe you’re still an arsehole.” His son shot a sideways glance at Potter and his middle child, who were seated on the other end of the waiting room.

“Scorpius, language.” Draco gave his son a sharp look.

It had close to no effect, Scorpius just grinned and responded, “is a system of communication consisting of sounds, words, and grammar, or the system of communication used by people in a particular country or type of work.”

“Merlin’s beard, you really have swallowed a dictionary.”

Scorpius smirked and ruffled his father’s hair. “Later dad.”

What do you guys think? It’s a sneak peak of a fic I’m working on. I’m off to Best Kept Secret festival now, so I’ll be running on queue I think. I have no idea if there’s wifi there or not, but I AM GOING TO SEE RADIOHEAD. YOU DON’T NEED WIFI WHEN YOU HAVE RADIOHEAD.

See you guys on monday! (If I’m still alive at that point)

Trust - for mccoymostly

So… I’m leaving you a story that I had and just putting it in a queue so…yeah. Unedited, but that’s not new.
This is… out of my element thought, so that’s new
But it’s a gift for @mccoymostly who most certainly is trying to make me fall for these two together. I’m not Anna, I’m not falling. NOT. FALLING. YOU HEAR? nope.
Can you guys make sure she sees it pretty pretty please? Send her a message or something? I don’t want to spam her inbox but I know she’s been super busy and I don’t want her to just miss it. It’s okay if it takes her a while to get to it but I want to make sure it doesn’t slip past since its a gift

So yeah, Jen writes McKirk… lets see how this goes
You brought this on yourself if this fails Anna
And yes there are some references to… things. Books and movies and… yeah. I needed examples and I was lazy.

words: (because I always forget to add this because I’m not a pro here but some people care about this stuff- I know I do >->) — 1200ish ish…
>-> most of its dialogue though
It’s a cute story. I think. Yes. Cute. can junk be cute
I’m sticking the whole thing under a cut because that’s how jen writes stories now. Makes me more comfortable. But its totally SFW and all that

Okay Jen, stop delaying it.

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uMm could i have a personal imagine with frat boy luke??? my name is nicole btw, thank u so much omg

~~ hello yes im just going to assume this is smut bc why not aha. thank you to her for helping me out a little bit aha. sorry this took a little while but here you go ~~

Music vibrated through my body as I entered a frat house filled with drunk, dancing people with my best friend at my side. Red cups with cheap alcohol in it were immediately passed to us and I took a mouthful straight away. (y/b/f/n) and I quickly made our way over to the makeshift dancefloor and started to dance to the music.

Halfway through my third song on the dancefloor, I felt two hands slide onto my waist and turned to see Luke, one of the frat boys, smirking behind me as he moved his hips in time with mine. “Hello Lucas,” I whispered. “Nicole,” was his only reply as his smirk grew bigger. “Do you want to go somewhere a bit more… private?” Now it was my turn to smirk, “Oh, you’ll have to do a bit better than that, Lucas.” And with that I walked over to the frat’s kitchen and got another cup of beer.

~~ One Hour Later~~

I was sat in a circle with 5 other people with a bottle sitting in between us all. “I think I should start,” I spoke up, the alcohol slurring my words a little bit. Luke smirked at me from across the circle and I winked at him before reaching over to the bottle and spinning it around. People watched as it spun around 3 times before Luke reached forward and grabbed onto it, pointing it directly at him. “I guess that’s me.” He stood up and walked over to me before I grabbed onto the back of his neck, pulling him down. Our lips crashed together and were parted quickly as I tugged at his bottom lip. Our tongues battled for dominance, but his won. There were cheers and wolf whistles passed throughout the circle when Luke parted his lips from mine and stood up, pulling me up with him. He quickly led me upstairs to one of the few empty rooms.

Luke reattached his lips to mine as we backed into the room. He laid me down on the bed before walking back to lock the door. He turned around and pulled his shirt over his head, discarding it to somewhere in the room before kissing me again, his body hovering over mine. I lifted walking back to lock the door. He turned around and pulled his shirt over his head, discarding it to somewhere in the room before kissing me again, his body hovering over mine. One of his hands found my breast and started massaging. I lifted my hand to his crotch rubbing firmly at the prominent bulge there and Luke groaned into my mouth.

I kicked off my heels behind Luke and he started slipping my dress down. I flipped us over so I was on top of him and unbuckled his belt and slid both his jeans and boxers down at the same time. His large erection sprang free and I heard Luke let out a sigh of relief. I moved down his body so that I was eye level with his length. I ran my finger up the underside of it, teasing him. He let out a groan, “Please, Nicole. Don’t tease me.” I licked a long strip up the same place I did with my finger before taking his tip between my lips. Luke let out a loud moan, “F-fuck, Nicole.” I hollowed out my cheeks and began bobbing my head. Luke’s reached his hand down and grabbed my hair, pushing my head down a little bit. “I-I’m gonna c-cum,” he moaned out. That was my queue to suck harder and faster. Soon enough I felt him twitch inside my mouth and his fluids shoot down my throat. I swallowed it before moving back up to eye level with him with a smug grin on my face.

 I straddled his waist and he let out a groan. “I can feel how wet you are through your panties,” Luke said before moving his hands up to the waistline of my panties. “I think after what you just gave me… I should give you something back,” he winked at me before smoothly flipping us over. I arched my back as he reached behind me and unclipped my bra, sliding it down my arms, throwing it across the room. He brought his lips to my right nipple sucking on it and running his tongue over it while he kneaded the other with his hand, sending pleasure through my body, “Oh god, Luke,” I moaned out. He removed his mouth and hand from my breasts and began kissing down my stomach. He took the hem of my panties between his teeth and tugging at it slightly. “Please Luke,” you almost whispered to him.

Luke chuckled and pulled them down swiftly before running a finger up my folds. “So wet for me,” He whispered. I slid my hand through his hair before tugging his head down to where I need him most. He chuckled again at my impatience but licked a strip up my folds and attaching his lips to my clit, sucking on it lightly. Luke used his tongue and started rubbing figure eights over it making me thrust my hips to meet his mouth, but he pushed them back down and held them there. I moaned loudly, “Fuck, Luke.” Without giving me warning, he pushed a finger in and curled it, immediately hitting my g-spot, making me cry out in pure pleasure. He added another finger and kept repeating the action, hitting my spot every time. Before long I felt the familiar knot in my stomach. “L-Luke… I’m gonna c-cum,” I moaned out. He sucked harder on my clit, nibbling slightly and speeding up his finger actions. Then my body erupted into euphoria; pleasure running through every inch of my body.

Luke took one of his fingers between his lips and licked off my juices before holding the other up to me. I wrapped my lips around his finger and sucked my own juices as he brought his lips next to my ear, “This is going to be a night you’ll never forget,”