i think i spent too much time on tumblr

the signs as mountain goats songs

Aries: “The Best Ever Death Metal Band Out of Denton”

Taurus: “Last Man on Earth”

Gemini: “Up the Wolves”

Cancer: “Oceanographer’s Choice”

Leo: “Lion’s Teeth”

Virgo: “Never Quite Free”

Libra: “You Were Cool”

Scorpio: “Commandante”

Sagittarius: “See America Right”

Capricorn: “Lovecraft in Brooklyn”

Aquarius: “Tianchi Lake”

Pisces: “Steal Smoked Fish”



honestly Frisk, idk why you trusted him…just look at that suspicious grin. Before i finished the game i was so confused and frustrated by this mysterious door in the forest. I was hoping sans would help me but…realistically he’d probably just make fun of you ^.^

I can’t believe how much time i spent making this thing i feel like my arm is going to fall off. it was worth it though!!! I learned so much while i was doing this and i owe a lot of my inspiration to undertale, and also all the AMAZING FANART OUT THERE!

DR. STRANGE - :Doctor Strange:
Wacom Intuos Pro in Photoshop CS3. (new window for hi-res)

Ugh, sorry it’s been so so so long since I last posted anything; real life has been a bit hectic and I’ve been working on other interests in the interim. I’ve been reading and watching tutorials for digital art, and been wanting to try my hand at something a bit different. So, I’m really excited by Doctor Strange coming out in November, and decided to try my hand at drawing one of the promo photos because I love Ben’s face so very much.

This took me two months to do, mostly because I did it in small chunks and kept hating how I did the lighting. I finally got tired of looking at it and decided it was done. I’m actually rather pleased with the end result, and glad that the lighting turned out decent. I love the hair the most, I think. I just really love drawing Ben’s face and hair. And I spent WAY too much time on the detail on the collar, hah. 

Anyway, rather pleased with this. Hope y’all like.

AxK Chapter 20

It has been exactly 2 months since I started translating Aoharu x Kikanjuu.  Looking back I think I have spent too much time on this LOL  Thank you for visiting my Tumblr page! I hope you have enjoyed the pages so far~ Here is the summary link post because I release by pages of 5.   Enjoy and don’t forget to buy the official manga volumes~

Pages 1-5

Pages 6-10

Pages 11-15

Pages 16-20

Pages 21-25

Pages 26-30

Pages 31-35

Pages 36-40

Pages 41-42

Edit: Chapter 17 is now up :)

Sort-of teaser for the next chapter of Everlasting Party, which I’ll be posting as soon as I edit the last chatroom & check it over ^^ Honestly I make about five times as much work for myself editing these into animated videos, but they look so nice ok please tell me they’re pretty lolol.

Also I suppose I might as well use this opportunity to announce that I am now back from my hiatus, though I do think I will post a bit less frequently than before as it helps me get more done. That said, apparently time spent away from Tumblr translates into more time spent writing EP, so there’s that, too ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Thanks everyone for your patience & support! ♥


I occasionally think I spend too much time taking photos, switching iPhone lenses, and messing with camera settings when I’m out exploring with friends.  

I’ll wonder if I’ve taken any shots worthy of all the time wasted messing with gear and tweaking settings, but once I get home and see the photos I’ve captured, I realize it was time well spent. (kybouge pictured above) 


Aye, it’s Ace Day!!! I’m super happy to be apart of this community. I thought in honor of today I’d share my story when it comes to my asexuality! I never knew what asexuality was until I joined tumblr. I always knew that I wasn’t like my friends when it came to the sexual conversations that we’d have. I remember at a sleep over in 7th grade the girls were talking about their sex drives and who they found sexy at school. I didn’t have anything to contribute to the conversation because I had never felt anything like that in my entire life. I felt weird and isolated but I told myself that I’ll develop these urges in time and maybe I’m still too young to feel them. I spent YEARS just waiting for those urges to come into my life and they never did. Around junior year I joined tumblr and stumbled across a chart that explained different sexualities. As I was reading it I came across one called “asexuality” and all of the sudden I had found a term that described me. But I didn’t accept it. I just brushed it off and didn’t think about it too much. After all, who wants to admit that they’re different from everyone else? But as time went on the burden of not accepting my asexuality wore on me. I felt like I was a robot, like I was broken or something. That’s a TERRIBLE feeling. It really brought me down. But then senior year came around and I decided that it was time to really research asexuality. And I’m so glad I did! As time went on I became more comfortable with the idea of being asexual. But I still wasn’t out about it. How could I be? Living in a world that revolves around sex and not feeling that way is isolating. Plus people don’t understand how someone could not want sex. But finally towards the end of 2014 I came out on Facebook and got a lot of positive reinforcement and that felt great! Convincing my mom took some time and it didn’t go well at first. She wanted me to have tests done or to go see a doctor about it because she thought something was wrong with me. It wasn’t until I was sobbing one night at the kitchen table that she finally understood that what I feel is real and so is asexuality. There are still days when I worry about it and it bums me out. A lot of days actually. In the back of my mind I’m always wondering if I’ll ever be able to find and marry someone who is ok with not having sex. Or if someone could love someone like me. But I can’t worry about that now and I can’t let those bad thoughts stop me from being me. There is nothing wrong with being asexual. You’re not broken, you’re not a robot, and you’re not alone. There are tons of people out there just like you. Asexuality is real and don’t let anyone make you feel bad about being you. Happy Ace Day! <3

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Aww, you disabled the links and the about all because of me....? I feel so special. Only weak people allow the assholes of the world to have any impact their lives. No matter how small. I bet you cross the street to avoid people too, huh? LOL. As long as I know I'm affecting you, I'll continue to harASS. Making cowards feel uncomfortable is the only fun thing to do on Tumblr.

Wait what
I’m so confused
The only reason I don’t have proper links/about me is because I spent like a ridiculous amount of time coding/designing it on my old blog and I’m really bad about writing about me’s so when I had to restart my blog I lost all that coding and I’m lazy and didn’t think anyone really read it
So don’t think you’ve impacted my life buddy, like who are you even, you sound like a passive aggressive socially incompetent loser who spends way too much time eating greasy food and stalking people’s blogs

My 5000 followers, Follow Forever!

So I hit 5000 followers, which is absolutely mad.. 

I can’t actually believe it! My blog isn’t even a year old yet! Thank you all so much, every single one of you, who likes my silly little blog enough to want to follow me. I’m so glad I decided to make this blog and join in on the wonderful booklr community. I have met some wonderful people in the past few months (and in the past few weeks!) and I wanted to share some of them with you!

Here are some of the truly awesome people that I follow: 

First of all my darling family:

antstepsbooks wifey, I only started talking to you not long ago but it’s been amazing, it truly has. The short amount of time that I have been friends with you has been awesome, and it’s been great to see what a truly amazing, talented person you are. You are super kind… ily ♥  

thehappybookishdinosaur baby gurllll, my super awesome coeliac buddy. You are so great to talk to, you are amazing and kind and talented and awesome, me and Nelson are proud mamas… ily2 ♥

theboywhoreadsbooks my lil potato, the fourth member of our mermaid family. You are super super awesome too, in every way! So glad that I’m getting to know you, you da best!!!!… ily3 ♥

Some awesome peeps:

A & B: a-boy-and-his-books : a-novel-addiction : abandonedmarionette : abookblog : abookishword : abookthiefandawordshaker : acandanianbibliophile : adventuresonpaper : ahoybooks : aliteraryescape : alwaysbuythebook :  : an-obsessivereader : anothergenericbookblog : aqueenofbabble : b-ookaddict : bannedbookreaderbasket-of-books : beautyofb00ksbeckisbookshelf : becoming-thereaderbibliophilicwitch : bluestockingbookworm : boneseasonofglass : book-book-books bookaddict24-7 : bookdrunkinlove : bookl0v3r : bookmad : booknerdjennybookphile : books-andfeminism : books-cupcakes : books-glorious-books : books-and-cookies : booksandhotchocolate : booksarehereforyou : booksarethepassagetoanotherworld : booksattack booksfrommyshelf : bookswithbazzi 

C-L: c-parks : cat-thecatlady : chaotic-bookshelf : cityof-heavenlybookscompulsivebookworm : countingbooks : deadpoetsmusings : didyousaybooks : duckduckbooks : ech-lets-chunky-dunk : emeraldyoukaibooks : enchantingpages : eternal-pagesfalltothepage : fictionalbirds findinghomeinabook : freakofliterature : foureyesorbooks grangerandherbooks : helenasbookuniverse : heres-to-forever-hoping : hopeful-bibliophile : hugbooks : ignited-by-booksinbetweenfictionandreality : inkanndbooks : insomnious-bookworm : izzytheheartbreakerj-k-reading : journeyintotheshelves : justanotherbookblr : knittingandbooks lee-yan-druh : lemonadeandliterature : letmereadinpeace : library-grrl : lissyreads : literatureloveaffair : littlebooklings : lived-a-thousand-lives 

M-S: magic-in-every-book : malelibrarianmanikinfear :  mychemicalbooks : mycupofbooksmynameisbibliophile : newtsbookblog : nowacceptingfirstborns : obsessivegirlfanohsomanybooks : onehundredandonenovelspaellego : paperbackcastlesperksofreadingbooks : queennovella :  readaroundtherosie : readingdidyoumeanbreathingreadingzoneonly : readthebloodybook : reignofbooks : samreadsshe-was-too-fond-of-books : sidcravesbooks : signourneybooks : sincerelybookedsmaugthebookhoarder : smellofthepages : sparkylovesbooks : storiesandskye : storyofabadwolf

T-Z: thatgirlreadsthatonereader : thatreadingchandelier : the-book-ferretthebitchofbooklrthebookcastlethebookhangover : thebookishdragon : theboywhocriedbooks : thegirlwhocriedbook : theimpossiblebookworm thepaperpirates : thereaderinourstars : thesedustypages : thewizardthatreads : tilly-and-her-books : unapologeticallybookish :  what-lovely-books : wherethewildbooksare : written-beast : xgingerbookworm : yabookaddict

I think all of you are truly amazing, so thank you so much, thank you for making my time spent on tumblr awesome!

Some of you are my dear friends, some of you I talk to every once in a while, and some of you I have never spoken to before. Either way,I would love to get to know all of you, so please drop me a line one day!

just to note: I follow 845 blogs so it is impossible to list all of you here, I’m sorry, I did try! If you are not here it doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate you or love your blog, I do!!! promise!

Lots and lots of love and hugs, 

Emily ♥ ♥ ♥  

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I think I spend too much time on tumblr. I spent part of my dream last night stressing out because I didn't remember the difference in nose colors between Luka and Loki.

LOL oh no! It probably doesn’t help that they change over time too, huh D: Loki’s is getting much pinker than it was before! But Luka’s is still pinker than Loki’s. They don’t mind being called each other’s names though, so it’s all good. Don’t let the woofs be the cause of stressful dreams! :x Here are some (older) photos of the bros snuggling to help bring you happier dreams. <3

I’m Still With You

I am obsessed with Rick’s journey to crazytown! (The one in S5B as opposed to his other adventures there.) When TF finally arrives at Alexandria why would he get sidetracked by Jessie when he was so clearly in love with Michonne?  I had to reconcile for myself how he allowed this to happen? He was clearly suffering from PTSD but I needed more! So I wrote it. If you spent way too much time thinking about this too, you might like my story.

It’s my first time writing anything and my first Tumblr post! And I don’t know how to do the read more feature so sorry…

Chapter 1

“Just because we’re good people doesn’t mean we won’t kill you.”

In fact Rick was thinking about killing Aaron before anyone came back and just being done with it. He wanted to save them from having to make the choice about whether to believe him or not. He wanted to save himself from having to make the wrong decision again.

He wasn’t blind. He could tell that everyone wanted to take the chance. He could tell that everyone wanted to believe Aaron. He knew they wanted Aaron’s story to be true.

Rick didn’t think they could risk it.

They were weak, their morale was low; they were just barely surviving. Since Terminus, well since the prison actually, they hadn’t stopped, they had just suffered loss after loss. And they were only more vulnerable now, hungry and tired. What if this community was worse than Terminus? What if this time they didn’t make it out? He wanted to believe in a community too, strong walls where his family could be safe, but it seemed unlikely. He couldn’t imagine that anyone safe behind walls would be out looking for people. Especially people that looked like they must look. Dirty, rough, beaten down, like vigilantes or mercenaries returning home from a losing battle. Sure Aaron seemed alright. He was charming, like the Governor and concerned about them, like Gareth. Aaron was clean and serious like the woman from Grady Memorial was right before she killed Beth. He was easy-going, placating, and friendly like Dave from the bar back by the farm, the first person Rick had killed after the world had ended. That was the day Rick realized that he would do whatever it took to keep his family safe. The day he realized they would never get back to any semblance of the old world.

It seemed like killing Aaron was the safest bet.

That way no one would be able to ask him to put their lives in danger. Michonne wouldn’t be able to convince him to give Aaron a chance. He wondered if she knew that he wanted to believe in Aaron’s community too. She must know that he wanted a safe place for them to live too, but he just couldn’t allow himself to make the wrong choice. Again. He had given people the benefit of the doubt before. Carl had been right after the Governor’s first attack when he had called him out for it. “You didn’t kill Andrew and he came back and killed mom. You were in a room with the Governor and you let him go and then he came back and killed Merle.” And then Hershel. He couldn’t afford to take chances anymore.

Shane wouldn’t have given Aaron an opportunity to get all of them behind those tall steel walls. Shane would just kill Aaron and the discussion would be over. Shane knew before anyone the kind of world they were living in now. Rick had thought he would be able to keep his humanity and keep his family safe but Shane knew better. And he had killed Shane. But ever since the fall of the prison and Terminus Rick had been thinking more and more about what Shane would do. Shane would have gone in quiet to Grady. Got in, got Beth, and taken care of anyone in their way. Rick had let Tyrese convince him that diplomacy was the better path, but Tyrese was was gone now and so was Beth. He should have listened to Shane instead of Tyrese and maybe they would both still be alive. Or, more likely, Shane wouldn’t have even gone in after Beth thinking that one more lost girl wasn’t worth the risk. Or Shane would have killed the Governor long ago and they would all still be happily living in the prison, and then, instead of Rick waiting to see if Michonne was right and there was a community or if they had been taken and she was gone, he could be working in a garden right now. He would be safe behind the prison fences waiting for her to whistle and ride up on her horse and he could smile at her and try not to let her see how happy he was whenever she came home.

Shane was right. Rick was going to kill Aaron before anyone got back. Michonne would be upset with him but at least she would be alive, if she wasn’t already dead. She would understand; she knew how he was scared to take the chance. She saw how he wrestled with the demons of his past decisions. Ever since the train tracks, before they were reunited with Daryl they had slept head to head with Carl, taking turns sitting up and keeping watch. When she was on watch and he would be fitfully sleeping, lost in dreams that weren’t just nightmares but memories, she would reach over and brush his hair off of his face, her smooth, cool hands settling him so he could rest. Sometimes when it was really bad, when he drifted, neither awake nor asleep, tormented, she would reach over and rest her hand on his back and soothe him like he imagined she had done for Andre when he couldn’t sleep.

Andre, the name she had never mentioned to him in her waking hours but whose name she murmured when she was the one who slept restlessly and he was the one who calmed her with his gentle touch.

When the daylight came, they never spoke of it, they didn’t need to. What good would it do to bring their torment out into the daylight?

After they had been reunited with everyone they continued to sleep together as a family, Carl and Judith between them safe and warm. Sometimes when neither of them were on watch he would reach his arm out over his children, and she would reach out to hold his hand, and in the dark, for a few moments he could rest peacefully knowing that his children were safe in his arms and he was holding the hand of the woman he loved.

None of that mattered though in the waking hours. All that mattered now was their survival, finding food to eat, protecting the family, and the long relentless journey they were on. They were on this path to Washington D.C. because of Michonne. He had wanted to give her something to hold on to, something to live for, something to show her how he felt about her and this was all he had to give. Maybe he should trust her intuition. Maybe she was right and there was a community. Since they had made the decision to continue on to Washington, Michonne had been taking on more responsibility, quietly sharing his burden of leadership. She had also begun to take a more active role in their decision making process. When it had just been them on the road they had made the decisions together, no one was the leader, they were a team. Then, when they joined up with everyone else he just continued running things by her. He had gotten used to her calm decision making and had come to rely on her. And now that they were back with the group maybe she wanted to take on more responsibility, especially for this journey to Washington. Besides, it felt right, having her there next to him, discussing the routes and making the plan for the walkers that had been following them for miles. And then, when Sasha had gone against their plan, her plan, lashing out in her pain and anger, Michonne had stepped up and set her straight and no one had even questioned her right to assume that role. It just seemed natural for her, for everyone. And now here she was setting him straight. In front of everyone she just told him how it was going to be and even he didn’t question her right to assume that responsibility. It felt natural to him too. He didn’t know how it happened or when but he knew it just felt right. And maybe, just maybe, she wasn’t wrong. He owed her the chance to find out if this community was for real.

“If the five of them aren’t back in an hour I’ll put a knife in the base of your skull.”

TT: A Bunch of Randoms
  • I know a lot of folks are in the process of either leaving Tumblr or cross-posting to that other new site. I’ve claimed my namespace there, but I still have a lot of concerns about using it, which I may address in a separate TL;DR post some other time. I understand why lots of folks are upset about feature changes and deletions here on this platform, but honestly I’m just not invested in it enough to care all that much. I will always find a way to keep in touch with people I genuinely want to keep in touch with, comments or no.
  • I have far too many “pals” and not nearly enough “friends.”
  • Spent the last three days suffering from a debilitating bout of norovirus. I will spare you the details. You’re welcome.
  • I have a small pile of postcards and a handful of stamps. Some of you may be getting posties soon. We’ll see what kind of time I have this week, and also if I can think of anything interesting to write on the back of a postcard.
  • On another Tumblr note, wouldn’t it be great if we could come up with a way to do an occasional “Tumblr Swap Meet” to sell/trade some of our unwanted stuff to our Tumblr pals who are at least marginally more trustworthy than some random eBay user? To wit: let’s say I want to sell or trade a camera or a lens I own. Do I go through the cost and hassle of selling it on eBay, or do I first offer it up to my photographer friends who follow me here? The same could be said for comics, or books, or video games, or whatever other kinds of nerdy crap we all tend to accumulate over time. Just a thought. Perhaps one of you creative types could make a new website just for such a purpose.
  • There may or may not be a film teaser for Children of Abraham coming fairly soon. Also some cool news on another film project I’m working on.
  • Not only are the days getting severely short, I also live in a city which is encased in a shell of total gray sky from November until April. If you add severe SAD to an already crippling case of major depression and anxiety, you won’t be surprised when I say that I hope I survive this winter. It will be my last one in this town, one way or another. I guarantee it.
  • Congratulations if you’ve read this far.
  • I like you. I don’t always show it, but I do.

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For how long have you been a Joshifer shipper by now? And for how long have you been on tumblr?

I’m actually just a baby Joshifer fan - not like some of the people on here who have SUFFERED the darkest of the dark days.  I started shipping Joshifer in February of 2014 after I saw CF on demand (not even in the movies! - blasphemy I know).  It was the beach scene that made me fall in love with Everlark and pick up the books and made me notice Jen and Josh.

After that, I Googled Jen and Josh and found a bunch of video interviews that made me gaga but I refused to go on Tumblr - that’s where those nutty people live with too much time on their hands.  Then Cannes happen and I had to find my clan - I had to find people like me lost in Joshifer love.  I started on Tumblr the summer of 2014 and started actively blogging in September of that year.

And here I am now - I can’t tell you how many thousands of hours I’ve spent on these two idiots.  But I see it as my hobby - my escape from life’s trials and tribulations. I think stamp collecting would have been easier but the heart wants what the heart wants.  

Lately I’ve been getting a lot of emails/asks from girls about how to get writing experience and how to get published. I feel flattered that people would think of me as someone to turn to for this. I’m not sure if I have any solid advice other than keep writing and cultivating your own taste, so I thought it’d be helpful to make a timeline of my writing experience for transparency’s sake. 

2007/Age 14: Started a weird Blogspot blog. This was the first time I wrote anything that wasn’t for school or my diary.

2009/Age 16: Joined Twitter. Joined Tumblr. Write funny things and make cool internet friends. 

(Made my first Internet friend who became my best IRL friend aka Hazel!)

2010-2012/ Age 16-18: Work part time at a nursing home dining room! I know this isn’t essential to my writing bio, but I just need to emphasize I didn’t get paid for writing at this time. Also, my parents have zero connections. All of my relationships that have been beneficial to my life and career have been built by being a teen who spent too much of her free time on the Internet honestly.

2012/Age 18: Become a part of Rookie staff after being a devoted reader.

One of the most common anon questions I get is how I started writing for Rookie. Basically, Tavi and a few other Rookie staff writers already followed me on Twitter/Tumblr I think. And of course, Hazel was a staff writer. I mentioned to her how I would like to write for Rookie in passing and she told the editors who were already familiar with me. Then one day they emailed me asking if I’d want to contribute DIY tutorials (which I’d already been posting on my blog) and my relationship with Rookie spiraled from there. I began writing personal essays/humor pieces. 

ALSO 2012/Age 18: Move to New York for college. 

2013/ Age 19: Start interning for Buzzfeed’s DIY section (which I think is now just called Buzzfeed Life. Man I used to very into crafts IDK, I think it’s because I had no social life in high school) spring/summer of my Freshman year. I applied through the website and wrote an informal email to the DIY editor.

The first place I was published besides Rookie was Buzzfeed, where I made lots of silly lists about like Etsy and interior design as an intern. I think interning at Buzzfeed was a lot less competitive and formal back then. This was the era when like Buzzfeed lists that were just reaction gifs were a novel thing! But this was good for me because then I got lots of bylines and learned what an office environment is like, how to pitch ideas, and how to work closely with editors. My experience there was so helpful and good, but it did make me realize I don’t want to work full time for a website.

2014-now/ Age 20-21: Publish pieces on lots of other places like The Hairpin, The Cut, Racked, Rolling Stone, Jezebel, Paper etc. 

This past year I’ve been freelancing mostly when I feel like it or when editors approach me (I’m still in school and I work as a bartender/party helper a few times a week to make a living) Basically, I learned how to pitch by being friends with other writers who could guide me. I’ve never taken a journalism class.

Also, I’ve befriended people who happen to be writers or editors on Twitter. Not a in a creepy networky way. Just people have gotten to know me via me sharing my dazzling personality online!!! 

THE FUTURE: Honestly, I intend on pursuing the MUCH more STABLE AND GLAMOROUS career of tv and film writing, not journalism! But freelancing has been a good way to hone in my writing skills and make a little bit of money. When people remember to pay me ;) #BBHMM

I hope this is helpful and answers some questions on how I bridged the gap between random girl on Twitter to paid writer!