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“That’s starting to get annoying” (Becca Ending)

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Becca x MC (Ella)

Slightly mature, mostly angst and fluff



“Becca does make me happy!”

You hear her footsteps grow quieter as she walks away. You think you hear her murmur in response, but muffled through the wooden door, you can’t quite make it out.

You sigh, flopping back onto your bed, letting the heavy down duvet, the very same that Becca had insisted upon months ago, envelope you.

She has good taste..

You catch a glance of yourself in the wall mirror; poking around your puffy eyes, nudging your slightly asymmetrical nose, and running your fingers roughly through your tired hair. You frown.

..In bedding, anyway

Your phone screen brings your face alight with blue glow as you scroll through your old texts with Becca.


Hey Bex look at this!

You already showed me that one.

I did?

What about this one?

Mm I don’t think I’ve seen it yet, it’s cute.

Okay okay but check THIS one out

Lmao that’s actually pretty good

I’m TELLING YOU, we *ARE* Korrasami

Idk bout that but the memes are cute babe

Well if the MEMES are cute…and we ARE the memes…


Yes what?

Don’t make me say it

Come on… for me… <3

Fine, WE’RE cute.

YAY! I knew you were crushin’..😉


I miss her…

You hug her sweatshirt to you, desperate for her soft touch. You sniffle, reaching for a tissue, but in vain. A dark splotch forms down the sweatshirt’s front. You sigh heavily.

She would’ve hated that.

Where could she have gone?

You slip inelegantly out of your skirt, casting it to fall clumsily to the floor. She must be cold…  You curl up, hugging your knees tightly to your chest.

Is this the end?

You sink face first into your pillow.

After inhaling deeply, you lift your head, and reach for the adjacent pillow. You shove yours out of the way to make space for Becca’s. You drop your head into it, reveling in the faint lingering scent of her perfume.

Lilac sea breeze..

As you dampen the pillow with tears, you slowly, albeit graciously, drift to yet another restless ‘blues-snooze’.


Later that night, you awake to your phone buzzing. You scramble for it;

Meet me at the cafe in 15

Oh no.. Is she going to break up with me? I can’t lose her, I–

A follow up text

Make that 10

You reach blindly around for your skirt

It’s not like she never tried…

You find it and lift your hips to pull it on.

She just needs some help and patience expressing her feelings and..affection sometimes.

Your phone buzzes.

Are you on your way?

Shit. You stuff crumpled tissues into your pockets and hastily wipe your nose on a sleeve.

You gaze down at the now stained and (wet?) sweatshirt.

I guess this is mine now

You head out; head held as high as you can muster, to the cafe.


Basking in the glow of the cafe, you’re surprised to find Becca dressed to the nines in a skin-tight white dress cut to her mid thigh, beautifully presenting each and every one of her perfect curves. There’s a triangular cutout in the stomach, displaying the creamy smooth skin your fingers long to touch.

You swallow what could very well be a literal rock.

Is she jumping into a date right after dumping my sorry ass?

“..Got a hot date?” you muse unenthusiastically

“You bet” She flashes a smile.

“Who’s the lucky..” you groan, eyes burning, threatening to flood “..person?”

She lowers her eyebrows “Are you serious?”

A lump wells in the back of your throat. “What?”

“It’s you, silly” she laughs “Jesus, you’re not the sharpest bobby pin in the box”

You frown “Don’t worry..” she reassures, winking teasingly “If they were all sharp, you’d prick your fingers every time you put your hair up”

You continue to stare, unable to form words.

“What?” she demands

“N-nothing” you say, rubbing her eyes “I just thought..”

She laughs “You thought..” Her eyes look you up and down, suddenly noticing the swelling around your bloodshot eyes, and her own periwinkle sweatshirt, dripping with fluids (blue-ids?). Her lips lose their elated curvature as her mouth flattens to a sighing frown.

“You thought I was going to break up with you?”

You nod, rubbing a sweater-sleeved arm under your nose. Her sweatshirt slumps loosely on you; the sleeves dangling past your fingertips.

“Oh honey…I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to put you through that, honestly” she smiles “I just wanted to surprise you”

You nod, rubbing your eyes into the sweatshirt, forcing a smile. “Well I am surprised, to say the least”

Becca grins “Good, I thought you would be” Her lips drop to a concerned frown as she checks the time on her phone “Our reservation’s in 20 minutes, I don’t think we have time to go back and change…but there’s a boutique we could hit on the way?”

You sigh, feeling for your wallet in the center pocket.

Almost empty. Great.

“Sure, the boutique sounds great” You reluctantly agree through clenched teeth.

She wraps an arm around your waist, guiding you to her car. She opens the passenger door for you, then lets herself into the driver’s seat and hurriedly takes off.


Bursting in through the boutique’s double doors, Becca drags you by the sweater-sleeve, weaving through racks of gowns and cocktail dresses. She quickly selects two beautiful dresses. One, a sexy red cocktail dress; the stretchy fabric meant to hug your curves flatteringly, and with a scoop neck to present your cleavage nicely. It would compliment Becca’s dress rather well.

The other is a classic little black dress, similar in function to the red one, albeit far less dazzling.

Becca checks each of the price tags, cringing at the cost of the red, but sighing in relief at the discounted cost of the clearance LBD.

With an eyebrow raised, she begins “I think the red one would look especially sexy on you if you’re willing to splurge…”

She trails off, evidently noticing your eyes on the floor, your arms hugging her sweatshirt comfortably to yourself, sniffling and rubbing tiredly at your reddened eyes. She continues; her tone softening as she returns the dresses to their respective racks “But I have to say, you’ve never looked as beautiful as you do right now”

You look up, meeting her stare. Becca smiles tiredly. “You know, snobby gourmet food sounds a little crummy to me right now, what do you think?”

You shake your head, giving Becca another effortful smile “No no no, what you planned sounds lovely” You reach, feigning eagerness, for the red dress “You think the red one will look hot?”

Becca shakes her head. “I’ve got a better idea” She herds you out of the boutique and back to her car, opening your door for you chivalrously.

“Where are we going?”

Becca doesn’t answer she turns on the radio, keeping her eyes on the road; one hand on the wheel, the other gently squeezing your knee. Your lips slip into an easy smile.

“What are we doing?”

Without turning her head from the road, Becca turns her eyes to you briefly, smiling “You’ll see, just wait”


A little while later, Becca pulls into a parking lot. “Here” She pulls the hood over your head “Keep this on for a bit. I’ll be right back, I promise.” 

You nod and lean your head back against the headrest. Becca leaves the car running, then turns to run into the store. You close your eyes, taking in the smell of Becca’s Lilac Sea breeze perfume. ‘Over the Rainbow’ crackles over the radio and you begin to nod off…


You awake to the sound of a car door slamming.

“Sorry, didn’t mean to wake you just yet”

Your eyes squeeze shut as you shakes her head in confusion “How long was I out?”

She walks around to the trunk to grab a few boxes “I just have to set a few things up, I’ll be right back” She blows you a quick kiss and starts to hastily hobble down what appears to be woodland path in painfully tall heels.


She returns a few minutes later. You rub your eyes fiercely, mopping up the windows condensation with your sleeve to get a better view of your surroundings. Trees?

“Hey! No snooping” Becca snaps, startling you as she opens your door “Now slip that hood on and grab my hand”

You do as told, blindfolding yourself and releasing yourself to Becca’s whim and control. “Wow, you’re trusting..” Becca comments. You shrug.

“Where are we going?”

“Ahh, so not entirely trusting” You shrug again.

She guides you, weaving through what you assume trees and failing to dodge what your frequently stubbed toes tell you must be roots.

“Alright, and you can sit down right…” she guides your hand to a what you resolve must be a blanket “here”

You cautiously set yourself down and Becca gently removes your hood, exposing your eyes the marvel before you.

You sit comfortably on a log, covered in folded blankets. A patio table, glowing entirely by candle and starlight, lies covered entirely with your favorite foods; spaghetti, mashed potatoes, chocolate covered strawberries, a carton of orange juice, and a bottle of champagne.

She really thought of everything.

White fairy lights dangle helplessly from tree branches, enclosing the clearing around you. Above your heads, you can see the sky alight with stars.

“What do you think?”

You get to your feet to lean over the table to press a soft kiss to Becca’s lips “You really outdid yourself” You place another, lingering for a moment to taste the placid sweetness you didn’t realize you’d missed “Thank you”

“For what?”

You sit back down, smiling “For all this” Your arms flail, wildly gesturing to the  fairy lights and the food and the stars and the candles. In the excitement, you over-flail, knocking a candle over, sending it to fall anticlimactically into the mashed potatoes. It lands with a sad “Thwuck”. 

She blinks at you. You blink back. You ready a breath, continuing slowly.

“I mean, you even remembered how much I love mashed potatoes!”

She shakes her head, refreshing herself “Oh! That reminds me!” Becca leaps to her feet suddenly, rifling through a box beneath the table. She pulls out a hunk of ice, a cheese grater, and two glasses.

“What’s all that for?” You grab the grater, toying with it thoughtfully between your hands.

“I thought..” she snorts “It’s actually pretty dumb thinking about it now..” She reaches out for the grater, preparing to return the supplies to the box.

You fasten your grip, evading her reach “No, tell me. None of your ideas are stupid”

“Well…I know you love snow cones” She begins “So I thought we could make…snow cone mimosas?”

Your face splits into a grin “Snow-mosas?” 

The grater gripped pensively in one fist, you hold her stare ”Hand me that ice..”

Becca smirks, handing the ice over as requested.


You take it and start shaving ice furiously over a champagne flute. With a little effort and more than your fair share of luck, you manage to fill both of the glasses with shaved ice. Becca tops them off with an expert ratio of orange juice to champagne. You each take your seats and raise your glasses to each other.

“What are toasting to?” she inquires

“To spontaneous snow-mosas!” You clink your glass against her and bring it to your grinning lips. You savor the tangy-sweet bite of the liquid as it cascades over the glass’ edge, swirling it lovingly around your mouth with your tongue. “Mmm..” She laughs, following your lead, but lowers her drink to speak.

“You know, I love the toast and all, but this wasn’t actually entirely spontaneous”

“Hmm?” You look up, dabbing icy dribblets of tangy champagne from the corners of your mouth with a sleeve. She smiles, handing you a crumpled napkin from her purse. You inspect it briefly, Unused..Yes! before generously applying it to your face.

“As I was saying, this night wasn’t exactly spontaneous” She clears her throat “I’ve actually been planning it for awhile”

You look at her quizzically “But I thought you’d planned something else..?”

“Well, I’d been meaning to take you here for quite some time..” She begins, looking to the ground “But when you were upset today, I thought it best to sweep you off your feet”

“Becca..” She shakes her head, smiling.

“No, no, you were right. Frankly, I don’t understand how expressing affection comes so easily to you, for me..Well it took me hours to plan our dinner reservations out with Chris today”

“Wait, that’s what you were–” She places a finger to your lips, cutting you off.

“Please, let me finish” You nod silently, watching her intently.

“When you told me you thought I didn’t care… “ She clears her throat again, you notice her eyes glazing slightly “I thought the best way to show you otherwise was to take you out, you know, show you how proud I was to show you off..”

Your eyebrows soften; you part your lips to reassure her, but stop yourself when you realize she isn’t finished.

“..but when I saw you in the boutique, when I saw the uncertainty on your face..” She takes a long sip of snow-mosa “I realized that the only person I had to prove myself to was you”

You remain silent, letting her finish uninterrupted. A moment of silence passes, admittedly awkwardly. She stares at you expectantly, compulsively turning a ring around her finger.

“Oh! You’re finished!” You chuckle “Sorry” You take her hands in yours, gazing intently into her deep viridian eyes “From now on, you don’t have to prove anything to me” Becca squeezes your hands, smiling deeply.

“You misunderstand,” she breathes “I want to. If it’ll make you happy” You grin sheepishly, reveling in the sudden onslaught of validation.

“I mean, this all really tells me that that you listen and care about what I have to say”

She stands up, moving to sit on the log next to you. “I was hoping it might say more than that”

You lift an eyebrow, straightening out a blanket to wrap around hers and your shoulders. “What were you hoping it would say?”

She snuggles closer to you, her warmth flooding around your neck and chest. Her lips find your ear “I love you”

Your eyes widen as she nuzzles into your neck. 

You chuckle “You mean like how a truck-driver loves a good pit-stop?” She withdraws suddenly, taken aback. 

You grin an wrap your arm around her waist, pulling her reluctantly back to you. “I’m just teasing..I love you too”

Satisfied, she nuzzles back into your shoulder. You plant a kiss atop her head, inhaling her pleasant fragrance. The two of you slump down the log to lay on the grass; staring up at the stars, limbs entangled haphazardly together.

“Why do they call it a pit-stop, anyway?”

Becca tilts her head to press a passionate kiss to your lips. You reciprocate, pulling her close with an arm; your other hand finding the back of her head, fingers tangling messily in her hair. The kiss lingers, while the passion subsides; you gradually part and resume snuggling positions.Your eyelids begin to lull heavily, Becca’s rhythmic breathing making you drowsy…

You eyes flutter open suddenly. “Maybe they stop to wash their armpits!” Next to you, Becca huffs; her arm reaching for the back of your head. You close your eyes; leaning into her kiss..

“Wait, are you just kissing me to shut me up?!”

She shrugs. “Do you care?”

Good point.

You close the distance between your lips, delicately tasting her tongue with your own as she pulls you closer.. You part briefly, gazing deep into her eyes “I love you”

She huffs again “That’s starting to get annoying..” Though she says so through a straight face, the softness in her voice betrays her. You place a soft kiss on her nose.

“Professing my love, or the sound of my voice?”

“Dealer’s choice” She smirks. She gives you one quick kiss before squirming closer to you and laying her head heavily onto your chest. You smile in spite of yourself, likely in disbelief of the series of events that transpired over the day. Staring up at the stars, you notice a shooting star pass by overhead. Your eyes widen suddenly.

“Maybe they stop IN pits?” Hearing no response, you elaborate “You know…like meteor craters?”

Without moving her head from your chest, Becca responds “I take it back”

“Hey!” You contend, your heart racing “You can’t take it back!”

“Just watch me” 

Your heart thuds painfully in your chest.

Can she really take it back?!

She peers up at you with a smirk then repositions her head back into its optimal place on your chest. 

You grin to yourself.

She doesn’t mean it.


“Hey Bex?”

“Yeah babe?”

“I love you”

“Shut up”


“…I love you too”


Bittersweet IV

Originally posted by talk-me-down-troye

Reader x Min Yoongi // College!AU //  3.7k words

Genre: Angst, Future Fluff?

Warnings: Language, Alcohol & Drug Abuse

01 02 03 04

This chapter is Yoongi POV

For your finals you’re submitting a mixtape, one that shows your skills as the producer MYG and the rapper, Agust D and on top of that you’re working on a new track. You haven’t seen y/n since your fight but right now isn’t the time to be thinking about y/n, you got a lot to finish up however at the same time, you can’t work like this. The last thing you said to her was that you’re done though you know that is anything but the truth. A life without y/n is something you never pictured happening to you yet the words you spoke to her said something else. You’re stressed out about this track and on top of that y/n. 

“Hyung, how’s the mixtape and track going?” You turn to see RM, fellow rapper, and producer. When you first met you thought he’d be an arrogant kid since he was younger and labeled a genius by all his professors but he wasn’t. He stuck by your side treating you as his senior though you were in the same courses.   

“Namjoon-ah, I still feel like the track is missing something and it doesn’t help that I keep thinking about y/n but at least my mixtape is close to being complete just adding minor details..How’s the setlist?” You sighed as you tossed the headphones on your desk.  

“Well the performance isn’t until New Years so we got time and the setlist is good to go, I’ll send it to your phone also have you thought about just apologizing to her?”

“Ok thanks and It’s not so simple, I said so much shit to her that saying I’m sorry won’t even begin to be able to fix it”

“Hyung, you’ve been friends for 20 years already, you two were probably fated to be together since the womb. I haven’t known y/n for as long as you have but I know you mean a lot to her and that she’ll forgive you at some point”

“I know she will, that’s the problem. I don’t deserve to go ask for her forgiveness when I caused her so much pain. Namjoon, the look in her eyes when I said I didn’t believe her, it was the same look she had back then when her world fell apart. I accused her saying that our bond meant nothing to her and if it did she wouldn’t have thought of drinking. I knew she didn’t mean to overdose back then, I knew though she went out and partied to numb the pain that she was in control yet I treated her as some random addict although I care about her so much, if she isn’t in my life, I don’t know what’ll do..”

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A Royal Commission (14)


Prompto’s bent over a client, a headband holding back his hair and the gun buzzing in his hand, glasses in place since he had a late start. The bell over the door chimes but he doesn’t bother to look up, just calling a quick welcome as he works the finer details of a wing.

He pauses, wiping away blood and excess ink, allowing his gaze to flick up enough to register unfamiliar boots and their position before he starts working again.

“You can take a seat or look around, someone will be out in a sec.”

The voice the answers makes him freeze, lifting the gun slowly, glad the guy’s he’s working on is too busy messing with his phone to notice his tension.

“Oh? I do hope it’s my other wayward child.”

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Irritated Michael

Pairing; Michael and Y/N

Word count; 1900+

Including; Smut, profanitiets and cute talk

Summary; Michael is irritated by your presence and you’ve had enough of it

This is my first time writing so please give me some feedback (bad or good)

Written by irwinwtf


This is not how I would have imagined myself 5 years ago. Of course, Michael would still be in the picture, like he is now, but I wouldn’t have guessed it’d be like this. Michael and I got together about 5 years ago, I was 19 and he was 20. It seemed like a dream come true, being in a relationship with the famous Michael Clifford, but it’s nothing like that. I miss him all the time, he’s always on tour and when he is at home he’s always recording, sleeping or playing FIFA.

Thinking about my upcoming 25th birthday next month, I sigh and sit down on the couch. I would’ve thought we’d be married, or at least engaged, by now, but I don’t want to be that girlfriend that is basically forcing her boyfriend to propose, so I’ll just wait. I turn on the television and watch the news, deciding 2 minutes later that I’ve already watched the news at least 3 times today.

I can hear Michael swear in his “chill” room, which is just his mancave basically. After turning off the television I walk to his door and knock on it.

“Mikey?” I breathe nervously, thinking about his bad temper lately.

I can hear him sigh, put his FIFA game on pause and walk to the door. Inhaling through my nose and exhaling through my mouth, I’m praying to the almighty lords we’re not going to have an irritating argument again.

He opens the door slightly whereby I can only see half of his face, it’s hard to see but I’m quite sure he’s frowning.

“Do you want to order some pizza? We can also go out for dinner if you’d like to?” My eyes dart to my own feet, not ready for his answer.

I can feel him staring at my forehead, knowing his body language so good, I know he’s irritated as hell. “We already ate pizza yesterday.”

“Yeah, I know, bu-“

“Just order the fucking pizza, Y/N.” He closed the door and I heard him walk back to his couch.

Something snapped inside my head. All the anger from the past 3 weeks just seemed to start shaking inside my whole body, wanting to get out.

I opened his door so hard it slammed against the wall, leaving a hole where the doorknob sat. My feet marched towards Michael who looked at me with wide eyes, confused and shocked of my sudden anger. My mouth opened itself to spill out all the curses I have been wanting to yell at him for 3 weeks, but nothing came out except this pathetic beastly grunt.

“Are you acting like a werewolf that’s on its period or something?” He asked irritated.

My legs started to shake, my throat began to tighten and my eyes started to get watery. I turned my heels and walked to the door, hearing Michael started his game again, I turn around for the last time, and get ready to say the thing that has been on my mind for so many weeks, but have been too scared to tell him.

“Michael, I’m leaving.” His whole body froze, he seemed to forget he was playing FIFA. He turned his head my way and slowly put his controller on the table in front of him. When he got up and walked towards me, I felt, once again, powerless like a scared little girl.

His eyes darted towards mine, and it took me everything to look him straight in the eye. He sighed heavily and put his hands on my shoulders, a shiver went down my spine, forgetting how warm his hands felt on my cold body.

“Then where are you going? You can just let the pizza deliver.” He was wearing this obvious cheeky grin, meaning he knew exactly what I meant but being too dominant to give in.

There started to form this weird feeling in my stomach, I laughed at his lame joke and a few seconds later all the tears just spilled out. I couldn’t dare to look at him, too embarrassed of myself, being so “confident” to tell him that I’m leaving and the next second crying like a toddler that lost its mother.

His hands formed itself at the back of my neck and he pulled me in his chest, cuddling me hard. He kissed the top of my head and let his hands fall on my hips.

“I missed this.” I look up at him and frown.

“You missed cuddling, but you didn’t miss me?” Licking my lips I can taste my salty tears. I stick my bottom lip out, forming a pout.

“Stop being so cute, of course I missed you, baby.” Somehow him calling me baby had this turn-on effect on me. I felt all the heat in my body rush down under.

“It didn’t seem like you missed me, I get the feeling you hate me, actually.” My tears finally stopped falling down, making me feel more confident again. I got myself out of his embrace and took a step back, looking up at him.

There seemed to be some sort of regret in his eyes. “I’m sorry.” He said it softly, almost mumbling, not looking at me.

Most of the stress that has been forming inside my body seemed to loosen up a bit, I sighed and smiled at him. “It’s okay I guess, but why are you so irritated all the time?”

“Y/N are we really going to discuss my feelings? You know I’m a guy, right?” His lips formed a sweet smile, making them seem more kissable.

I couldn’t contain myself anymore, my hands flew to the back of his neck and my lips attached themselves to his lips. We hadn’t kissed in over a week, not to mention the sex we haven’t had in ages.

His hands grabbed my butt, pulling me up, my legs locked with each other behind his back. He walked towards our bedroom and gently laid me down on our bed, hovering over me.

We both smiled in the kiss, teeth clashing and lips locking. He pulled his shirt over his head, just like I did with mine. His hands flew to my back, trying to unclasp my bra, which didn’t seem to be so easy.

I giggled at him and did it myself, throwing the bra aside.

“It’s been too long.” He says in a husky voice, grabbing my boobs with both hands, kneading them. His thumbs roll over my nipples, giving my legs a tingling feeling.

I let my nail drag over his torso, down to his sweatpants, where his obvious hard-on is waiting for my attention. Instead of immediately grabbing his cock, I let my nail drag playfully over his member.

He lets out this frustrated groan, wanting more. His lips attach to my right nipple, sucking harshly. My back rises off the mattress and my hand grabs his member furiously.

Being too eager I undo his button and zipper, getting the message he pulls his sweatpants down, along with his boxers. My hands grasp his hard-on, pumping slightly up and down.

His breathing started to get heavier and my moans got louder and louder, enjoying the pleasure we were giving each other.

“This is not fair.” He undid my button and zipper and pulled my clothes down, my pants and underwear joining the rest of the clothing on the floor.

When he wanted to continue on my nipples, I stopped him. “Turn over.” He laid down on his back and I kissed down his torso, nearing his member. When he realised what I was up to, he pulled me back up.

“I want to make it about you tonight, princess.”

His response made me moan, I loved it when he was so tender, being gentle like I really was a princess.

Hovering over me he put his fingers in my mouth, I sucked on them, swirling my tongue around them as if it was his cock I loved so much.

He moaned at the sight of me. “Fuck, baby you’re so hot.”

His fingers left my mouth and surprisingly he added one finger inside me, making me gasp loudly, grabbing his bicep.

I closed my eyes, enjoying the feeling of his finger pumping inside me. A moan escaped my lips when he added another finger, knowing it’s been a while, he let me adjust to the feeling.

“Such a gentleman.” I looked at him and smiled.

“Always.” He grinned back at me.

Continuing the progress, he started to move his fingers again, taking me back to the tensing feeling in my legs. I whined, wanting more. “Michael.” Grabbing his hair I tried to make a statement, I wanted him inside me.

He pulled his fingers out and hovered over me, the tip of his dick at my entrance. “No need to say more.” When I laughed at his response he shoved his whole member inside of me, making me swallow the laugh I let out.

“Jesus, you’re so fucking tight Y/N, it actually hurts.”

A tear formed in my eye, not used to this unusual feeling, though I still giggled at him, trying to cover up the fact that it hurt, not trying to ruin the moment. “Just give me a moment, Mikey.”

I moved my hips, so that the angle was a bit better, while doing that I accidentally contracted my walls, Michael let out an animalistic groan.

“I’m not sure whether I enjoyed that or not.”

My lips kissed his nose softly. “Sorry, baby.”

After a while I got used to the feeling and he started to move, immediately making us both moan.

The feeling was so good, I didn’t know what to do with my hands. They flew to his biceps, his back, and his hair, back to his back and into my own hair, grabbing the pillows on either side of me, moaning his name.

“Fuck, baby, I’m so close.”

I nodded at him, feeling the same. His name left my lips so often, it seemed like it was the only word I’ve learned in my 24 years of existence. He moved his ear to my lips, enjoying the way I would whimper his name softly in his ear.

“Faster, Mikey.” I whispered in a squeaky tone.

He started ramming into me, almost pounding, making his balls slap against my butt every time he went back into me.

Then I felt it, the euphoric feeling formed itself in the pit of my stomach, my vision went white as my walls clenched together.

Michael drove me out of my high, entering his own. Several profanities left his lips and his thrusts became sloppier with every thrust. I felt his cum spill into me, filling me up with a warm sensation.

He dropped his body on mine, crushing my whole body.

“Mike, can’t, breathe.”  It came out in a squeaky tone, but it was all I had left.

He pulled his now, half-hard member, out of me and rolled off me, pulling me into a hug.

We lay there panting for a while when Michael broke the silence.

“So, that’s what make up sex feels like? I should be irritated more often.” I playfully hit him on his chest.


“I love you too, princess.”

He kissed the top of my head, I don’t remember what happened after that, because we both drifted off into the best sleep I’ve had in years.

Fruk Halloween Week Day Five - “Asylum”

Fanfic Title: Full of Life

Paring: Arthur/Francis (England/France)

Sumary: Arthur was wrongly sent to an Asylum by his father.
An Asylum with medieval treatments that looked more like torture than a proper medical treatments.
But in the middle of a fight to keep his sanity, Arthur met Francis.
Now he needed to escape with Francis from that hellhole.

Rating: Suitable for teens, 13 years and older

Warnings: Mild references to torture, TERRIBLLY WRONG treatments (that should never exist), Angsty and Major Character Death. 
And Engrishi is not my first language (I tried very hard, and I hope that I didn’t make too much mistakes ._.)

On Archive of Our Own

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the delivery

Prompt taken from this post: the postal worker delivered your package to my place accidentally and I was expecting something so I totally didn’t look before I opened it and… wow that is um… quite an interesting thing you bought and I’m here to return it

CS AU. Rated T for lots of fluff and a little bit of smut, with mild language and gratuitous use of the word “penis.” Enjoy!

Emma Swan is halfway through a roast beef sandwich, which she’d been dreaming of all day, when a loud knock startles her and sends au jour dribbling down her chin. If it’s Mary Margaret showing up unexpectedly with another list of “Maid of Honor” tasks for her to accomplish, she won’t be held accountable for her actions. She’s tired, she’s dirty, and she just wants to eat her damn sandwich and go to bed. 

Rather than finding her insistent best friend, she finds her infuriatingly loud and annoyingly attractive next-door neighbor. Emma attempts a polite smile. “Can I help you?”

Killian grins as he shoves a box into her arms. “Yeah. I accidentally opened this giant box of dicks you ordered.”

Emma feels her face grow hot as she attempts to shove the box behind her back. A few colorful plastic penises rain down from the box as if to mock her. They both stare at the shiny objects on the ground before them, transfixed by the way they clash horrifically with the hallway’s grey carpeting. Emma’s convinced – she’s never been more embarrassed in her entire life.

Killian gestures towards his apartment door and continues, “I also have the penis straws, necklaces, and shot glasses you ordered.”

Scratch that. Now this is the most embarrassed she’s ever been.

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Whatever You Want

A fluffy birthday AU for Liam today, including both Ziam and puppies :)

When Liam had first learned that Zayn was an EMT, the thought that’d popped into his head was how sexy that was. How caring he must be. And how sexy that was. Had he said that already?

It was only after the two of them started dating that he realized what a pain in the ass it was. Evenings were usually empty, and it wasn’t just evenings but sometimes full nights. 

But, he always told himself, those evenings off were always the best nights of his week. 

He’d been telling himself this for months now, chanted it like a mantra whenever the house felt too empty for just his own breath and voice.

But he admits it. He didn’t want to have to say the words again on his birthday, for God’s sake.

“It’s fine,” he’d said, trying to giving an understanding smile but knowing full well it probably looked more forced and sad than anything else. Zayn gave all the excuses in the world, about how no one else could take the shift, about all the people he’d save, about how much he loved Liam.

And maybe then, just then, Liam should’ve been suspicious.

Or at the very least, he should’ve been suspicious when Niall was driving around Wolverhampton for more than twenty minutes trying to find some dead poet’s house–some poet that Liam had never heard of. And, by the way, did Niall even like poetry?

He’d known the lads for more than enough years to be able to put two and two together. More than six years, to be precise. He’d had over 72 months to figure out these assholes, but had he even gotten close? No.

But half an hour later, they pull up to Niall’s house, able to at last watch all of the Batman movies in a row–which Liam has a feeling they’re only doing because Niall feels bad that Zayn’s cancelled on him, but he isn’t about to miss out on this once in a lifetime opportunity.  

He pulls open the door with a grin, ready to watch Christian Bale kick some ass while they chomp on popcorn and Skittles. But he stops, taking a step back at the crowd in front of him that jumps up from behind furniture that Liam didn’t even know Niall had. “Surprise!” They all call out in unison.

“I–” Is all Liam can get out, biting his lip as he steps through the doorway. “Does this mean we can’t watch Batman?” He asks then, still dumbfounded by the scene in front of him, and–apparently–not able to think about anything else except his favorite superhero.

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