i think i should seek professional help

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Serious question!!!!!! Many people today are coming out as Trans, agender, gender fluid, and many other terms that I don't have the time to list. Do you not think that maybe just maybe all these people are mentally ill and should seek professional help. How could decades of science that explain that humans have TWO genders be wrong. Maybe you all need to go back and read a medical textbook or two instead of trying to force people to conform to idiocy. PLEASE GET HELP!!!!!!!!

Oh thank god, I hadn’t gotten anon hate in so long I thought I had become irrelevant

here’s an aspect of self-dxing that is almost never brought up:

there are physical illnesses that mimic the symptoms of mental illnesses and are often misdiagnosed as such. (e.g. ibs and hyperthyroidism mimic the symptoms of bipolar disorder, chronic fatigue syndrome has similar symptoms as chronic depression, epilepsy and psychosis are often misdiagnosed as each other etc.)

now i don’t think this means that self-dxing is bad. quite the contrary. it is so very useful for many people. and it can help so many people. not everyone has the support system that can give them access to medical treatment, not everyone can afford psychiatric help, not everyone is old enough to seek help and parents can be so dismissive, not every doctor is helpful or good at their job. not everyone wants a professional psychiatric evaluation. but i do think people should try researching chronic physical illnesses when they’re researching their mental illnesses. bc the coping methods used for a neurodivergent person may not work for a chronically ill person and vice versa.

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(still the depression anon) While I know that fatphobia plays a large role in making me feel bad, I also have come to realize that it's more than that and that I should seek a professional. I tried a counselor, but therapy only makes me feel worse, since just telling someone that I feel like crap just reminds me that I really do feel awful. My mom doesn't seem to think it is depression, although she said she saw a change in me several years ago when I stopped being outgoing...Thank you.

If you see a psychologist that gives you a professional diagnosis of depression, you can discuss your options. Therapy is not the only thing that can help, although therapy combined with medication tends to be the best method.

Off the top of my head, things that can help include medication, yoga or exercise, goal setting, creating routines, trying new activities and hobbies, etc. 

Keep in mind, there are also different types of therapy, all with different goals and effects. You might just not have tried the right kind for you. 

You might try:

Cognitive behavioral therapy- A talk therapy focused on modifying negative thoughts, behaviors, and emotional responses associated with psychological distress.

Behavior therapy- A therapy focused on modifying harmful behaviors associated with psychological distress.

Another drastic option that you might consider:

Electroconvulsive therapy- Treating mental illness by sending electric currents through the brain to trigger a seizure. Also known as shock treatment.

Although I personally can say I wouldn’t fucking do that if you paid me, so. 

Consider some alternatives: https://www.beyondblue.org.au/the-facts/depression/treatments-for-depression

Remember, what works for others might not work for you. I’ve been told to try all kinds of things I felt didn’t help me. I personally prefer medication. Others don’t. It’s all up to you. 

-Mod Bella 

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hey! I just feel so sad and depressed and want to cry everytime I'm alone... do you know any good tips to study for the final exams with out feeling this way?

Well, obviously I think you should tell someone you trust about what’s going on, and seek professional help. You don’t have to feel this way, and talking to a counselor, your doctor, a therapist, or a psychiatrist about what’s going on is so vital. You deserve to feel comfortable and safe.

In the short term, maybe try studying somewhere public? Public libraries are often open fairly late, and could provide a safe place to work where you’re not alone. Coffee shops are good as well. I find studying alone in my room to be incredibly overwhelming, so I study at the kitchen table or in the living room. That may be an option as well. Don’t intentionally isolate yourself, and try to find spaces you feel more at peace in for the time being. In the long run, seek treatment, so you can feel safe being alone again.

Also, self care often gets thrown to the side during finals, and depression makes that even harder. Make sure you’re eating as well as you can (pre-made meals are fine, as long as you’re getting nutrients), and showering regularly. Do things that make you feel more at peace. I know it’s so hard, and a walk in the park isn’t going to fix anything, but gently taking care of your mind and body may help you get through this until you can pursue more rigorous treatment options.


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i'm lost and i value your opinion can i tell you my life story/current situation :/

Hey Anon, sorry to hear you’re in a rough patch - but I think you should try to seek help from a professional or at least someone who is trained in a way to give you proper advice and insight. I’m not saying this to be mean, or dismissive, but I’m just a guy. I don’t have any proper training on how to deal with situations like these. Hope you’re able to find your solution !

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I've thought for a while now that I might have high functioning depression (having read a LOT of articles and papers) but I don't really know how to seek advice on it, without sounding ridiculous, I'm scared that if I go to someone they'll tell me I'm being a hypochondriac

hey honey - you should talk to your doctor about this. they wont think you’re a hypochondriac, especially if you’ve done a lot of research before presenting the idea. they’ll most likely refer you to another professional who will work with you to figure out if you are in fact depressed, and will help you to treat it properly.


Being little is NOT a kink

I recently got a message telling me that being a daddy is a kink, along with some very judgemental accusations.. Instead of responding directly to this misinformed arrogant imbecile, I thought I would write my response for anyone who desires to see exactly what a CG/LRE relationship is.

Think of all the little ones in your life, could be sons / daughters, cousins, friends children etc. Have you EVER thought of them in a sexual way? If you have, perhaps you should seek professional help before you seriously hurt yourself or others.

I have met many many little’s in my life, both boys and girls, and NONE of them have felt anything sexual while in ‘little’ space. Not one… Little’s want to please their caregivers, want to be cute and fun and want kisses and cuddles, they want to color or play dressup,they want tons of attention and love, and sometimes they want to be bad to test the boundaries (hehe).

There are many different reasons for one to be little. Sometimes it’s to relive their childhood, sometimes it’s to escape stresses, sometimes it’s because no one sees them for who they are … whatever the case may be, it is rarely (I would say NEVER) to be sexualized.

I am a caregiver to a beautiful little @imdaddys-baby-girl (she’s the mostest awesomest, cutest, kindest, gentle, funny (albeit sassy and naughty at times) adorable most loving princess :), and our relationship is exactly that, she is my beautiful baby girl, and I am her happy loving papa.  I love her with all my heart, and I hope she stays my babygirl forever :)

Feel free to ask anything you want, but don’t accuse because you are ignorant on the term and the relationship. Furthermore, if your mind automatically thinks  “kink” or “sex” when you hear the terms ‘daddy, papa, dada, princess, babygirl etc.’ spend some time educating yourself.

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I'm thinking about getting a professional diagnoises and just saw the ask about adoption and ivf, are there any other things getting diagnosed could limit? Particularly medical transition? (I'm nb and want top surgery). But anything in general that should be a consideration would be helpful. Thanks! (In the USA, California)

If you intend to get transition related care and do not need the benefits afforded by clinical diagnosis (such as work or school accommodations) then I would advise against clinical diagnosis of autism.

Autistics are, unfortunately, routinely denied transition related care.

If you require accommodations then do not seek clinical diagnosis or care from the same professionals that you seek transition related care. While an autism diagnoses can prevent transition related care, transition care generally will not limit an autism diagnosis.

I advise strongly against disclosing any autistic related diagnosis or care to anyone providing transition care until after you are well on your way (obvious secondary sex characteristics, primary surgeries complete, etc).

- Sam

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I'm really depressed and I think I have ptsd but I don't know what to do about it because I can't tell anyone because they'll think I'm weak and I can't be weak

Having a mental illness does not in anyway make you weak. Some say they’re the result of being too strong for too long. If people you tell do think your weak they are not people you need in your life, people should focus on helping you out, not tearing you down.

You really need to seek professional help, especially for the possible PTSD. Doctors will help you through therapy and can teach you proper coping techniques. As far as I’m aware you dont even have to disclose anything to your parents or anyone else, and the doctor will be bound by confidentiality. 

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I'm so sorry to bother you, but I wanted an honest opinion from someone i don't know personally, and I didn't know who else to ask. (You obviously don't have to answer if you don't want to) Do you think people should hide their self harm scars? And do you think it's okay for people with self inflicted scars to wear bikinis in the summer?

Before i’ll answer, since I don’t know if it’s past-self harm or current one: if you’re still self-harming: please seek professional help. you deserve to feel better.

I think that people who are recovering from self harm (which I hope you are, on a recovery path) shoudln’t be ashamed of it. 

like you wouldn’t be ashamed of a scar from a surgery. 

This is your body. treat your scars like war scars, because they are. this is a war you are fighting every day, to win. 

and let them remind you every day that you are keeping the fight. 

I am against body shaming, for any reason. wear your body in pride, wear bikini and short sleeves and shorts if it’s hot. 

and take care of yourself, that’s the most important thing. 

take care of yourself because you matter. 

Babygate 2.0 & More

As I mentioned when last I made this post.  I’ve been attacked today even before I had my coffee and challenged to PROVE myself.  I think I’ve done that in spades.  Check out the rest and see if you agree.  

This serves as a sort of wrap-up on babygate2.0 since I discuss it much.  This maybe one of several posts on the subject or the only one.  Will purely depend on how things proceed.

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DAAAYUM WHEATON you had a nice booty in those tight gray spandex onesies. set phasers to stun my dick

So let’s just unpack a little bit of this, okay?

For starters, I was 15 when I was in that uniform. Unless you are also 15, you’re acting like a pedophile. That’s disgusting, and you should seek professional help if you are an adult who is attracted to a child.

Next, why do you think this is appropriate to say to me, or to anyone? I’m not here to be objectified by you, and turned into some sort of object for your sexual gratification – especially when you are referring to me when I was a child. This sort of thing is unwanted, unwelcome, and inappropriate. It’s profoundly offensive.

Finally, I typically ignore and block these things when they come in, but I’m addressing this in public because for every one of these that I get, women get a hundred. 

If you are an adult, I hope you’ll get professional help for a serious problem. If you’re a kid, and you think this is funny, I’m here to tell you that it isn’t. It’s offensive.

Don’t do this to me, or to anyone.


so this Diana kept raging because Shen kept forgetting to ult her. then finally Diana actually went AFK in fountain and told us to call shen a “bad ass” or else she would AFK (not like a cool badass, but like, just bad.)

so we were like wtf this Diana has issues but should we just comply??

she wanted every single person on the team to say it




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You're really nice and all but you should NOT be giving people any advice. You're only 17. Oh and telling people "not" to come out to their parents until they can move away is very wrong. You don't know the person like that, you can't say that to them! And also people ask for your advice and you just don't give very good replies. You should stick with personal blogging and let these people seek PROFESSIONAL help from someone older and knows what they're talking about.

Darling, i never asked People to message me, it’s their choice. If they ask me, i say what i think of it. It’s only my opinion, Right? They can ALWAYS search for professional help. I know my replies aren’t good, but you really don’t know how many lifes i’ve saved yet. Every advice i give could be helpful for them, but they don’t need to do it. And Not telling your parents can’t be so wrong, it can save you a Lot of problems. If parents are against it and you say it your parents they might don’t accept it and they could try to show you what’s Right in their point of view. It’s just my opinion, but nobody has to do it.

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hi! i´m a negative person with low self steem and i have been trying to start changing that, but everytime i try positive self talk i start to get dizzy and get nauseous (and also i cannot say out loud positive statements to correct the ones that were negative that i just said (it took several months just to start noticing which statements were not positive,and i have made some small improvements) what can i do?.i also feel that i lie to myself when i try to think +,thank you!

Trying positive self talk is already an excellent start, and it’s great that you’re actively trying to combat the negativity. Physiological symptoms that accompany this treatment is not uncommon, and may resolve itself after repeated exposure. Your body may just need an adjustment phase. If the nausea worsens or is overwhelming, you should seek professional help, as we here at Psych2go aren’t qualified to diagnose. 

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Is it normal to be sex repulsed? I have been telling some close people about my "unusual views" about sex since I'm a 19 year old college student (Female) and a few suggested I should seek treatment for it. But I feel ok being a virgin and I have no interest in being in a relationship and some people have told me I would be wasting my life if I spent it as a loner with no future husband/boyfriend/children as a result of my non existant sex life.

I am going to do my best not to start screaming and cursing and keysmashing because this is my biggest pet peeve in the history of ever and it makes me so angry.

It is perfectly fine for you to be sex repulsed. If you are content with that, then there’s absolutely nothing wrong with it. The only reason you should seek any kind of professional help or treatment would be if you feel that there is something wrong or missing from your life and you want to change. Not because your friends/family think there’s something wrong. 

If you are happy being a virgin, and you are happy being single, then you are happy and you should not change anything. (Okay I am breathing, I am calm) Not every person wants to get married or have kids and that is 100% fine. It’s your life to do with what you will, and if you are happy, that is wonderful, and it should be enough for all the people who are not you. 

What does your relationship status/sex life matter to them anyway? If they want to get married or have kids, they can, and if that makes them happy, cool. But you are under no obligations to do anything you don’t want to do because someone else thinks it should make you happy. Some people think that skydiving makes them happy but that doesn’t mean everyone needs to skydive to be happy. 

In response to those people who claimed that you won’t be happy without a relationship or kids (and please edit this to suit the situation): take your gender roles and fuck off. No one has any right to tell someone what will make them happy. No one needs a relationship or kids to be happy - they are not some kind of magic source of eternal happiness. They are just things that some people gain happiness from. 

That viewpoint is what we call heteronormativity and it’s extremely damaging. It means that anyone who finds happiness outside of a heterosexual relationship with children is somehow wrong. But that is not at all the case. Wherever you find happiness is good, whether it’s with someone of any sex or gender or if you’re alone, if you have kids or not. Say no the heteronormativity and yes to your own personal happiness.

And speaking as a slightly sex-repulsed demiromantic asexual genderqueer female with an absolute loathing for children (in a relationship with a biromantic sex-repulsed asexual female), this is a personal issue for me, and I am on your side, acenon. There is nothing wrong with you. There is a lot wrong with the attitudes of your friends and family who’ve been saying that crap. They need to learn to accept that you can be happy however you want, not how they want you to. 


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If you self-dx, you can't get meds or treatment (both of which you can get even if you don't have money, its not hard to find places that will help you), you might ignore symptoms of more serious illnesses, you might misdiagnose yourself and seek the wrong treatment, you're not qualified to know how meds will affect you or affect other meds, and self-dx can cause anxiety and depression, or worsen them. You are invading mentally ill spaces, and romanticizing and trivializing mental illness.

Nope, doesn’t work like that Anon. It’s amusing how you think I’m trivializing something because I choose to talk about it positively instead of keeping it hush hush like some awful secret.

I am not invading or trivializing anything. My hope is that everyone who self-dx’s can one day get to a professional to get the help they need. Until that happens, they only have communities to rely on for help. It’s like applying pressure to a bleeding wound(the self diagnosis) until the paramedics arrive(transportation) and the doctor is able to see you(professional diagnosis.) Okay I over-simplified, but I think you get the point.

And if help really was reachable, why are there so many homeless mentally ill people? What about mentally ill people who get thrown in prison where they don’t get the treatment they need? What about mentally ill teenagers sitting in juvie? What about autistic kids who are sent outside and told they’re bad children because their parents think it’s easier to beat them than take them to a professional? Those things happen.

I know that mental illness is a serious thing that people struggle with. I know autism is a serious thing that people struggle with. (I struggle a LOT more than I let on). 

If I could wave a wand and make it possible for everyone who needs mental health help and sensory accommodations to get them, I would wave the wand.

People who self diagnose probably struggle more than those who are professionally diagnosed, and it’s not fair to trivialize their experiences just because they don’t have a piece of paper saying “XYZ mental illness” or “autism”. 

I also hate the notion that people aren’t allowed to decide how they see or talk about their own situation. Telling someone “you should never talk good about your mental illness” or “you should never talk good about being autistic” sends a hateful message that may make them more afraid to seek professional help when they’re finally able to.

I still think self-dx is valid, but my hope is it is a stopgap measure leading to seeing a professional. Even if they were wrong, they had community help holding them up and holding them together and that is a whole lot better than finding them homeless or in a police cruiser.

I don’t see my professional diagnosis as making me superior to self dxed people. I never did and I never will, and I wish other people would see it the same way. Alas, I’m not everyone else.

Btw, it’s pretty hypocritical to say I’m trivializing things and then turn around and invalidate self-dx’ed people’s very real experiences and struggles. Struggle is struggle, just because something is easy for you doesn’t mean it’s not a struggle to someone else.

Anon, I wonder, if people treated physical disabilities the same way mental health and autism issues get treated, would you accuse Aaron Fotheringham of romanticizing his spina bifada, trivializing wheelchair users and invading skate parks because he decides to have fun with his chair instead of sit and lament that he can’t walk?


In closing– if you mean “romanticize” as in “talk positively about my experiences as an autistic person” then I sure as hell will romanticize my own autism. I’ll buy it roses and marry it because I will not let society dictate how I view myself. I spent a long time trapped in that way of thinking and I got as happy as dancing baby Groot when I broke out of it and decided to be my own version of me instead of everyone else’s.

And that’s all I have to say about that.

Have a flappy day!