i think i should have a tumblr bed time

My writing process:

  • write 50 words
  • check tumblr
  • get distracted by someone else’s fic
  • end up reading two oneshots and a new chapter of a MC
  • oh yeah, i was writing
  • write 30 words
  • check tumblr
  • i shouldn’t be on tumblr
  • write 50 words
  • time for a break!
  • check tumblr
  • oh it’s late i should go to bed
  • scroll through tumblr
  • read more fics
  • haha i should have written more cause i stayed up later than planned
  • scrolls through tumblr for another hour
  • shit i should probably be writing if i’m up anyway
  • stare at the doc page
  • i’m too tired to think about writing, might as well check tumblr

anonymous asked:

"Imagine Fushimi was lying sick on his bed in Scepter 4 dorm and he was so sick he thought he was at his old house then he start calling out Yata’s name several times but at the end no one actually came." i found this on imaginesarumi @tumblr and it broke me! IM CRYINJ

I swear I have at least one if not more doujinshi where this happens and it’s heartbreaking every time. I always imagine the first time Fushimi fell sick while he was in Scepter 4 he probably felt like this, like at this point he hasn’t made any friends yet so no one’s really around to dote on him except Munakata and Munakata can’t be there all the time. The first time he feels ill Fushimi of course tries to ignore it, he goes into work like normal coughing and sneezing and his superior officers glare at him but anyone who dares to suggest he go back to the dorms gets snapped at. Fushimi continues to go into work sick for the next two days and finally the fever catches up with him and the next day he just can’t even get out of bed, he’s too weak to do anything but shoot Munakata a quick text saying he’s not coming in to work. Munakata would I think come check on him and probably finds Fushimi tossing and sweating in the bed with a high level fever. Even so Fushimi’s conscious enough to tell Munakata to go away when he tries to suggest that Fushimi go to the infirmary, Fushimi’s like ‘I can handle myself, leave me alone,’ already falling back into the old childhood habit of not needing anyone when he’s sick because he’s learned what happens now, when you let someone be precious to you. Munakata agrees not to make Fushimi go to the infirmary but probably does insist on bringing him some soup and checking on him periodically, if the fever gets too high Fushimi’s going to the infirmary whether he wants to or not.

Once Munakata leaves Fushimi just clicks his tongue and rolls over, pulling the covers over his head and basically doing his level best to will the fever away. At some point he falls asleep and starts having this really vivid fever dream of waking up in his old room back at that empty mansion. Dream!Fushimi sits up in bed shocked and gasping, looking around at the room he remembers too well and for a moment he just feels this jolt of pure panic, like wait did I dream everything else, what if there’s no Scepter 4 and no Kings and no clans and no Misaki, what if all this was just a hallucination brought on by fever and I really have been alone from the start. Then maybe he starts to hear footsteps coming up the stairs and Fushimi begins to hyperventilate a little because he knows who those footsteps belong to. He throws the covers over his head, repeating over and over to himself that Niki’s dead, he died and Fushimi saw the body, but he can’t stop shaking. His fingers clench in the sheets and finally he grits out Yata’s name in just this small, plaintive cry: ‘Misaki.’ Fushimi can hear the door start to creak open and he repeats it again, Misaki, Misaki, because didn’t Misaki say it, that if Fushimi called he would come, didn’t Misaki say his ears were good enough to hear from even far away and yet no matter how many times Fushimi says it the door keeps creaking open even more.

Finally there’s a slam as the door opens all the way and Fushimi sits bolt upright in his own room at the Scepter 4 dorms, shocked into wakefulness. He’s still groggy though and he reaches out blindly for Yata’s hand, muttering that he just a nightmare and Misaki get me a drink and he almost falls off the bed as he realizes that he’s been reaching for nothing. Fushimi says Yata’s name again, almost timid, and then he finally raises his head and remembers that he’s in Scepter 4 now and Misaki’s not here, Misaki won’t ever be here. Fushimi feels this sudden rush of hatred for himself and everything else as he laughs bitterly to himself, like you came this far to get away from that weakness remember. When Munakata comes back in to check on him Fushimi won’t even look at him, coldly telling Munakata to leave the soup on the desk and that he’s fine, Fushimi has always been able to take care of himself when he’s sick and he doesn’t need anyone else, even as his hands clench tighter around the sheets and he has force each word out around gritted teeth.

ABC Ask about me

Thank you very much for tagging me, @cloaksandshields! (:

a - age: 20

b - biggest fear: The answer would be a bit too personal for Tumblr…

c - current time: 8.42 pm

d - drink you last had: Water

e - every day starts with: “I should have gone earlier to bed”

f - favorite song: The Cure - Lullaby

g - ghosts, are they real: No, I don’t think so (but they could be real, there isn’t really a proof for their existence)

h - hometown: Again, too personal - it’s a rather small town^^

i - in love with: chocolate - atleast something that makes me happy :D

j - jealous of: intelligent people and I always feel bad every time I realize I was just being jealous of someone else

k - killed someone: No? :D Who would answer this with yes (real-life yes)? :’D

l - last time you cried: Today, about a ridiculous thing

n - number of siblings: 1

o - one wish: A rather dumb wish, but I wish I’d be happy.

p - person you last called/texted: My classmates, we discussed something about our next exam

q - questions you’re always asked: Are you sick?? I’m like super-pale (not in the healthy looking way) and people always assume I’m not feeling well or something like that >.>

r - reasons to smile: Every time I get tagged <3 Like people actually think of me, that’s so nice (: Oh, and my two bunnies (:

s - song last sang: Sorry, I don’t recall it right now

t - time you woke up: 9.30 am - life as a student is awesome

u - underwear color: black

v - vacation destination: I really want to see South Korea or Japan one day

w - worst habit: Answering honestly to questions, I guess :’D

x - x-rays you’ve had: Dental ones

y - your favorite food: Umm…my mother makes a great vegetable soup, this is and will be probably forever my favourite food

z - zodiac sign: Cancer

I tag @winter-mystic, @inquisitor-julia, @zevzevarainai and anyone who wants do this as well (: Considering these are mostly personal asks, I wasn’t really sure whom to tag and if I tagged you and you don’t want to do these, I’m sorry and you can ignore this (: