i think i should have a tumblr bed time

Have a little Lirry, because I of course can’t visit a zoo without getting some fanfic ideas (and when I say I’m going to be completely off tumblr for three days, people should never believe me).


“Harry, don’t you think we could-”

“Shh. It’s going to move.”

Liam very much doubted that sloth was going to move. It hadn’t moved in the (Liam looked down at his watch) twenty long minutes they’d been standing in front of the pen, staring at it. Possibly that sloth was dead and no one had noticed because it made no difference.


“Liam, stop talking, you keep scaring it stiff.”

Liam took a deep breath, forcing himself to keep quiet. This was supposed to be a lovely day, and he wasn’t going to let his impatience (or rather Harry’s seemingly endless patience) ruin it. It was only half past two in the afternoon. There was still plenty of time, even if Harry refused to walk away from the aviary (why did a sloth end up in the aviary, Liam had no idea) until the sloth had done something.

Harry’d always had an affinity for the slow-paced creature. There was a reason Liam used the word as a term of endearment, after all, born out of many hours spent listening to Harry’s slow rambling stories, voice like treacle seeping into Liam’s bones and making him pleasantly sleepy. But Liam had never quite realized just how intent Harry was on befriending the actual animal.

“Sloths are creatures full of surprises,” he’d told Liam when they’d stopped in front of the pen, his grin so wide that Liam hadn’t minded waiting a bit to see if its occupant was going to move.

After two minutes, Liam had started looking around, waving to the little bright colored birds that were freely skipping about around them. After ten minutes he’d gently cleared his throat and stared at his watch in a way he hoped drove the point across. After fifteen minutes he’d finally dared speak up, but Harry had shushed him straight away, and every time since.

Some people would stop in front of the pen, take one glance at Harry’s intent look, and stick around for a few minutes, clearly under the misconception that something interesting was about to happen. They all left with slightly baffled looks on their faces, and Liam was getting tempted to just follow them and come back to pick Harry up at the end of the day.

Except he had something planned for this trip that really required Harry to be with him when it happened.

He looked at his watch again. They’d been there for going on thirty minutes now, and the giraffes’ pen was on the other side of the zoo.

“Haz, I think it’s sleeping,” he hazarded, keeping his voice low. Harry just raised a hand, still staring at the sloth as if he was hoping to make it move from sheer will alone.

Knowing Harry, it might just work.

Liam sighed, nervously patting his jeans pocket. There were still a lot of things to see before making it to the giraffes. At that rhythm, they’d never get there before closing time.

Maybe he should just do it here. Wait until the sloth finally moved, if it ever did, then get down on one knee and ask Harry to marry him.

But he’d wanted to do it in front of the giraffes because that was where he’d fallen in love with Harry, on a day out with the lads, watching Harry beam like a little kid in front of a baby giraffe, excitedly giving everyone all the facts about giraffes that anyone could have ever wanted to know.

“Do you realize that baby fell to the ground from 5 feet high when it was born?” he’d accusingly fired back at Louis when Louis had made fun of the giraffes’ gait, before stumbling three feet sideways and crashing straight into Liam’s side, seemingly for no reason at all except for the fact that Harry seemed amazingly maladjusted to standing on two legs. Louis had snorted the coke he was drinking out through his nose and Liam had focused hard on that - and Louis’s subsequent swearing - to avoid thinking about how nice it felt, having Harry plastered against him.

Harry had stayed in front of the giraffes so long that everyone had left him behind except for Liam, who’d admittedly been more enthralled by Harry’s profile than by anything that was happening in the pen.

“I knew you’d get it,” Harry had told him, wrapping an easy arm around Liam’s waist, blissfully unaware of the hammering of Liam’s heart behind his ribcage. “You always get me.”

He’d turned to look at Liam, all eager and youthful and impossibly beautiful, and Liam had leaned forward and kissed him full on the lips without even thinking, drawn to him as surely as a magnet to a fridge door (on which Liam later pinned the selfie he and Harry had taken that day, Liam grinning so hard you couldn’t see his eyes, Harry’s cheeks flushed from pleasure, both of them with lips pink-tinged from kissing).

“Harry, don’t you want to see the giraffes?” Liam whispered now, getting desperate. He really really wanted to do it there. And he really really didn’t want to lose his nerve. “I heard they’ve got a new baby…”

“But it was supposed to move,” Harry whined, gently tapping the cage’s wire with his open hand. “C’mon, slothy. I believe in you.”

“You should know better than to believe a sloth,” Liam teased. Harry’s hurt look took him aback. “Look we can pop by later on? Maybe it’ll be feeling more energetic then…”

“No, it had to be now. I thought it could - never mind.”

Harry looked really upset, which worried Liam in turn. This didn’t bode well for his marriage proposal. He wasn’t about to ask Harry for anything while Harry was reeling from sloth-induced sadness.

He coaxed Harry away from the pen and out of the aviary, trying to be extra jovial to make up for Harry’s forlorn sighs, but nothing seemed to cheer him up, not even the otters, who were rambunctiously playing in their pen and sliding down into their basin again and again.

“Look at that one,” he said, pointing to an otter who had pressed itself to the pen’s fence, small otter paw scrabbling for the wet twigs stuck on the other side of it, trying to drag them inside.

“It’s adorable,” Harry said absent-mindedly, hands stuck deep into his jacket pockets, leaving Liam feel strangely cut off; Harry was usually only too happy to hold his hand.

“Harry, have I done something wrong?” Liam finally asked, ready to go back to the aviary and spend the rest of the day there, if only it’d make Harry look a bit more like himself. “We can-”

“The sloth was supposed to move so you’d make a joke about how it reminded you of me and then I could ask you if you’d mind having your very own sloth till death do us part,” Harry blurted off, speaking faster than Liam had ever heard him speak before.

“I’m… what?”

Harry took his hands out of his pockets. He was clutching a tiny red box in one of them. He looked absolutely miserable. “I thought I’d take out the ring and ask for your hand, I thought it’d be nice to do it in front of the sloth pen,” he moaned, looking at the otters with a pout. “But that lazy bum wouldn’t move.”

Liam kept staring at Harry’s hand, or rather at the hints of red visible through his clenched fingers, heart beating so hard he could feel his pulse thrumming in his throat. “Harry,” he croaked out, before clearing his throat and trying again. “Harry… can I see that box?”

“No,” Harry very nearly wailed, slumping down against Liam, forehead pressed against Liam’s shoulder. “That stupid sloth ruined everything.”

“I really don’t think it ruined anything at all,” Liam said, trying to keep his voice as calm as possible despite the whirlwind his brain seemed to be caught in. “Can you please let me look at the box?”


“How about,” Liam said, reaching into his own pocket to get his own box out, “how about I trade you for it?” His box was black, but he was pretty sure its contents were identical to Harry’s.

“Trade what?” Harry mumbled into Liam’s jacket. Liam raised his hand palm up, the box in its center, right between their bodies where Harry would see it. He felt Harry tense up against him, then Harry raised his head, eyes wide.

“I wanted to do it in front of the giraffes’ pen,” Liam said with a small smile that grew bigger as Harry’s face went from surprised to elated… but then Harry’s face fell.

“Fuck. The giraffes was a much better idea. Why didn’t I think of that?”

“I don’t know,” Liam said, feeling warm from the tip of his fingers down to his toes. He couldn’t stop grinning. “Maybe because the ‘where’ didn’t matter at all?”

“Maybe,” Harry nodded, before kissing Liam so hard he almost dropped his box.

The picture they pinned on their fridge that day had them both holding hands, rings catching the sun, three little brown heads peeking up on either side of them as the otters tried to get into the shot.

For their wedding they had their guests send donations to the zoo. It was the least they could do, really.

Daddy Issues

Hello, love bugs! 

I guess I should warn you guys that I think I swear in every story I have posted. It’s the Canadian prairies girl in me. We always swear when talking. It’s second nature for us.

Phil x Reader Y/N= Your name Y/L/N= Your last name

Warnings- smut

Smut request- reader calls Phil daddy & he acts all awkward about it so they stop making out but when the reader starts to apologize the next day about it after they haven’t spoken to one another since the previous night, he admits he liked it & that’s why he hasn’t spoken to the reader (Reader’s POV) xx thanks- anonymous

It was a regular evening in the Lester, Howell, Y/L/N, household. everyone was under blankets in the living room on their laptops. You were writing an essay about some bullshit class. Dan was on Tumblr shit posting. His words, not yours. Lastly, Phil was watching Youtube videos trying to figure out the new trend he may want to be a part of. It really was a nice evening until you happen to look at the clock and realize that it was one in the morning and you have to be awake at seven am. 

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Taylor: Stay Stay Stay on Tumblr

I’m pretty sure you were lurking last night, so I threw my phone across my bed-room, I really want you to see what I have to say, but youuuuuuu went away.

This morning I want you to think about it cause I read you should never let go of your dreams. That’s when you came online lurking other blogs and said okay that’s cute.

And I said stay stay stay, I’ve been loving you for quite some time time time, you think that its funny to like a post pic or vid, but I just want you to see this one day.

anonymous asked:

Any thoughts on Nico's future; personality wise? Like if he and the others were to travel to Italy, and everyone's like, "Hey Nico, what did he/she just say?" and Nico response is "I have no idea what they just said" in Italian just to mess with them and just being a total ass! X)

oh hell yes, so many, mostly about dumping this unexplored character regression and going back to himself

  • Nico is the physical manifestation of every college student stereotype. Eats weird things and sleeps at weird times and procrastinates everything to death and binge watches Netflix
  • Gay and Tired™ and makes sure everyone knows it
  • Gets immense pleasure from making hetero jokes and one day Piper’s like, “you do realize literally none of us are straight right” (bonus points for other people sputtering denials)
  • He’s completely tactless and brutally honest and very blunt, throws shade like nobody’s business
  • Highkey passive aggressive
  • Is a nerd who pretends to be intimidating but everyone figures out real quick that he’s literally such a gay trash nerd omg
  • Shows up in people’s houses and apartments with no warning and eats all their food and sleeps on their couch and sometimes in their bed depending
  • Puts his cold hands on everyone
  • It definitely happens while Jason and Piper are having sex one time and Piper and Nico thinks it’s hilarious and Jason is like “I literally want to die I hate both of you” and Nico’s like “Well it sure didn’t sound like you hated her ten minutes ago” and they’re both crying with laughter and Jason is #suffering
  • He’s also compassionate as fuck though, cares very deeply for hurting children and social justice
  • Nico should join tumblr basically he’d fit in well on this garbage website
  • Seriously like  Gay and Tired™ with Questionable mental health that passionately cares about oppressed groups
  • He also has this ironic dry as fuck sense of humor and would sincerely understand tumblr humor on a spiritual level I think
  • Goes through an unironic emo phase and once he comes out of it gets immense enjoyment from ironic emo jokes
  • Talks with his hands aggressively
  • Whines like a baby when he gets ignored, makes really dramatic shows of Needing Attention
  • Sometimes he embraces his inner Flamboyant Gay if he wants to get hit on or go clubbing or something, mostly just as a joke
  • Pretends to know stuff but he’s just making shit up at least half the time, nobody finds it half as funny as he does
  • His dating game is hella strong
  • Glares at people who try to tell him he’s cute or be affectionate but they see through him, everyone sees through him
  • Grunts a lot probably
  • Drinks too much coffee
  • Ironically calls himself by pretentious titles and points his finger in the air when he says them
  • Says “your mom” after literally every sentence what a fucking loser
  • Compliments are mostly translated through insults unless he really means them and then it’s like, i’m going to die, you can’t say such nice things,,
  • Cat person
  • Nico is a cat basically, sleeps everywhere and slinks around in the shadows and hisses when he’s annoyed and needs constant affection
  • Moves into a gay house with his gay husband and owns many gay cats and dogs and adopts demigods with nowhere else to go so they can be Gay Dads

Does nico speak italian? is this canon? i realize canon is supposed to be my specialty but tbh i skimmed the parts in hoh that weren’t percabeth and didn’t even read boo, so i don’t know.

because hear me out, he was three years old last time he was in italy and barely learning to speak, and then he had his memory wiped and was dumped in america, so like, i really don’t see how it makes sense for him to speak fluent italian????

Depression Time

So nobody checks my Tumblr so this should be fine but today for the first time in 5 years? I attempted to write a suicide note. I should note that I’m not going to kill myself. I struggle with depression and every day it’s a battle to get out of bed. Every day it is a struggle not to think these thoughts. I wanted to write the note because while I have attempted before. I never left a reason. I cried for most of the day. As I addressed what I did in the note I realize what I would miss. I realized why I keep going. I realized how painful it was. I didn’t finish it. I’m glad I didn’t. Maybe I’ll post it someday. Right now I’m struggling in every point of my life. I’ve had my heart broken. I’m at risk for being homeless. I struggle with grades and keeping a social. I’m in physical pain all the time from suffering from chronic migraines that spread to my back and left side of my body. I’m not emotionally in the best place and I struggle to find a job. I’m struggling with all this along with lots of trauma. My point is. If I can make it. So can you. 

Invitation to the prom

Katarina will recieve a letter, by all means it looked like a letter from one of her usual contractors, that until she realizes that inside the letter was another letter, cleverly disguised in between envelope, in fact there was two letters,one appeared like an invitation to some sort of event, the other one was a letter wrotte by the hand of her lover, Garen Crownguard.

External image

My beloved Katarina:

I hope you find my new method of hidding the letters at least enternaining, had to practice a bit before perfecting it, but I’ll spare those details, since they are not the reason I’m writting.

For a while now, since we both started seen each other with eyes diferent from those we knew with, I have finally started living, feeling, for once I wake up for more than combat, for once I look for something more than a battle, to say that your presence thrills me and excite me beyond anything else I have known in my 32 years of life is an understament

Alas, even if I could compliment your beauty and say what you make me feel for an eternity, the reason I wrotte is contained on the other envelope. I learned about an event going on soon, a prom, I know what you should be thinking, that this could be the worst idea I have ever come to, but, maybe, just maybe even if we arrive separately, we could enjoy a good time, keeping ourselves away from the eyes of other, but still together, please give it a though, I’ll be waiting your response.


Katarina was confused. Refusing would be the right thing to do but this was a chance she could not ignore. Rolling in her bed for hours, she stared at the ceilling wondering what to do…

So apparently many others would love to adopt Castiel if they could. I thought it was just me, but I should know better than to think that by now given the years I’ve been on Tumblr.

I can just see it though, a day in the life of raising Castiel.

“Wave goodbye, Castiel!”

“No Cas, you can’t have that toy.”

“What’s the matter Cas? You want a hug?”

“Aw it’s okay, it’s just a movie.”

“Lunchtime! I made your favorite!”

“Time for bed!”

Wow. I’m speechless.

A month and a bit ago, I reached 500 followers. Now, I have more than 1000

One. Thousand. This is a little hard to believe because I know I haven’t been as active as before, and there are some days where I haven’t posted anything. So I really am touched and thankful for every single one of you that follow me.  You must all have lost your marbles because I have no idea why you follow me - in my mind all I do is reblog other people’s GENIUS posts and also spaz out in the tags. So thank you, thank you so much. 

Since my last FF, I have made some more brilliant friends (who are, btw, all stunning - I mean have you seen the selfies I’ve reblogged?!). I’m looking forward to making even more.

Thank you for the best birthday present I can ask for. 

Bold = Mutuals ♥
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The above are only some of all the talented people I follow, I’d be here until next year if I were to include everyone! 

I follow a lot of people and I’m so thankful that none of you have posted any negative content ever. My dash is an incredibly positive space that I can escape to and it’s because of you guys. Thank you so much - much much love and HUGE HUGS to all of you. ♥

p.s. there are soooo many of you i wanna leave individual messages to, i’m really sorry if i haven’t. here’s me making a promise that i’ll be more active in talking to you because i want to know all of you. 

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anthony-collier  asked:

Since the NSA is planning on implanting malware into the Google Play store, I now am wary of switching over to Android and use Google Play. How do you think I should proceed?

The NSA is already everywhere, they also are in bed with hardware manufactures as well. You can do things to make their job not as easy. I have friends that do not have a mobile phone, or any sort of social media account. And do everything online through a VPN. Is yahoo in bed with the NSA? they have been in the past so by proxy they have been to tumblr as well. But most likely your ISP sold you out a long time ago. 

You can try a Blackphone which runs off of an open source version of android called PrivatOS, it’s billed as the NSA proof phone. It does have it’s SMS flaws

but if you get an android or apple use these features to make it harder for the NSA.