i think i shipped them before i knew what shipping was

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OKAY SOMEONE HASN’T DONE PARKER/HARDISON YET. But now I will! I might throw some Eliot in there too, because dorothyoz39​ requested that. :-)

  • Drinks all of the coffee: I don’t think Parker or Hardison are big coffee drinkers, so…Eliot, maybe? I guess he’s shown drinking coffee a few times.
  • Brings up adopting a pet: Hardison. Parker barely knew what to do with a plant.
  • Kills the bugs: Parker.
  • Cooks the meals: Eliot. Parker would live on cold cereal if they let her, and Hardison can cook but usually gets so into whatever project he’s working on that he forgets to eat, let alone cook. If it weren’t for him, Eliot grumbles, they’d probably both have rickets or some shit. And if he didn’t cook for them, they’d just steal his sandwiches anyway, Hardison. Yeah, that’s right, he knows about that.
  • Starts getting into holidays way before they should: Parker.
  • Initiates the couple selfies: Hardison.
  • Forgets the birthdays and anniversaries: Parker doesn’t forget them, but they’re not as important to her as they are to Hardison, and she feels awkward about things like anniversaries and birthdays because she didn’t celebrate stuff like that growing up. Hardison totally gets that, though, and he basically tells Parker early on that he doesn’t care if she makes a big deal about his birthday – and he really means it. He plans his own birthday celebrations, and involves Parker in the planning, and that works out pretty well for them both. (Eliot quietly makes them both their favorite meals and a cake on both their birthdays every year, just like he does for Nate and Sophie, when they’re all in the same place.)
  • Always ends up with too much junk food after grocery shopping: Let’s just say their house is well-stocked with orange soda, gummy frogs, and a wide variety of breakfast cereals, and they regularly get donuts from their favorite bakery. (They don’t worry too much about things like vegetables and fiber. That’s why they have Eliot, who stomps around complaining about grown-ass adults who eat like 10-year-olds while he cuts up fruit and measures out yogurt and chia seeds to make freezer smoothie packs for them, and then cooks them “a real meal with actual protein and vegetables, and you’re gonna eat it so you aren’t the first two cases of goddamn scurvy in modern-day Portland”. This arrangement works out really well for Parker and Hardison, who’d both rather do things other than cook, and for Eliot, who loves cooking for them.)
  • Nicknames the other: Hardison has at least a dozen nicknames for Parker. (Hardison has at least a dozen nicknames for everyone he loves, actually, but not everyone is as cool with him using them as Parker is, Eliot – man, you really need to relax.) Parker mostly just calls him Hardison around other people. When it’s just the two of them, she calls him Alec about half the time, and the way she says it makes Hardison feel like it’s an endearment. 

Send me a ship (romantic or platonic or family) and I’ll tell you who…

Top 5 Ships

Thanks to one of my besties @frecklessbellamy or tagging me! I’m adding 
“Moment I shipped them” because I wanted to.

1) Bellarke (The 100)

Who doesn’t want a development that goes from saying “Princess” derogatorily to knowing/ trusting/ protecting each other so fiercely? Will make this slow burn so much more satisfying when they become canon. 

Moment I shipped them: Unity Day flirting and “Can you wish on this kind of shooting star?

2) Piper and Leo (Charmed)

My first OTP before I even knew what It meant. 

Honestly I have always wanted a love like this, someone to fight for me and love me just as much as I will fight for them and love them- Helping each other get through any obstacle life throws and doing it for a life together is what I live for. 

Their chemistry was undeniable from second one and they are the meaning of a couple who were meant to be together. 

Moment I shipped them: “Do you ever think of me?” “Yeah.” “In a friend sort of way or..” “You have beautiful eyes” “That’s a good way”. 

3) Stydia Stalia and Sterek (Teen Wolf)

Yes, I am doing the three of them because i’v come to the conclusion that I love anyone with Stiles ahaha

Stydia- The most satisfying slow burn I have every experienced, going from a school boy crush and mean girl to being best friends and protecting each other even though their lives are in danger to opening a portal because of their connection and Lydia realising how much she loves him.

Moment I shipped them “Lydia, get off your cute little ass and dance with me now”

Stalia- I’m a sucker for a anchor story line, these two were never going to be end game but I loved the moments they had together so much- the saying is true ‘you can love two people at once’- this is proven here.

Moment I shipped them: “I’d never leave you” “Really?” “Yeah I’d never leave without you”

“Your coming back right?” “Yeah, I’d never leave you behind” 

Sterek- My first non-canon ship, what a rabbit hole I went down ahaha. The dynamic between Stiles/ Derek and Dylan/Tyler is the greatest I have ever witness- the humour, the facial expressions and the friendship growth and moment’s of sexual tension made this something I seriously miss. 

Moment I shipped them: “Oh hey one more thing” *Slams Stiles head on the dashboard” “WHAT WAS THAT….!!” “YOU KNOW WHAT THAT WAS FOR.. GO”

4) Delena (The Vampire Diaries) 

CHEMISTRY CHEMISTRY CHEMISTRY, Elena/Damon and Ian/Nina could burn down a building with the physical chemistry they have had since minute one.

TBH I am only on Season 4 right now so I haven’t finished their story, but I’m so exited to see how this ship ends up.

Moment I shipped them: The episode Damon ‘kidnapped’ her and every dancing scene they ever had. 

5) Noorhelm (Skam)

I absolutely love this ship because it was so amazing to see this ship go from some serious public calling out to serenading and being there for each other when shit goes down. 

Moment I shipped them: Singing “More Than Words”

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15, 17, 21 and 23 (if you're still doing that ask meme thing!)

15. Is there an obscure ship which you love?

I’m generally very boring and fall for the big ships in a fandom, but in Les Mis I like some of the lesser-ficced, generally background ships like Bahorel/Feuilly and Jehan/Courfeyrac, though I don’t think those really count as obscure. Oh, but I do love Cosette/Marius/Courfeyrac as a poly ship and wish there was more of it about ;v; Also, specifically in Under My Wings!verse I like the idea of Enjolras/Grantaire/Jehan, though I don’t intend to actually write it in the fic. Maybe I’ll write a little AU spin off one day where the three of them live happily ever after :D

17. Who was your first OTP and are they still your favourite?

That is very hard to say, like I was shipping things long before I even knew what shipping was, so does that still count?? Because if so then my first OTP was totally Sonic and Amy Rose back when I was like 7 and collecting Sonic the Hedgehog comics. If I’d known what deviantart was back then, I would undoubtedly have had a Sonic OC and have drawn cringey Sonic/Amy fanart.

Beyond that, my first proper OTP that I actually wrote fic for was Ryou Bakura/Yami Bakura from Yu-Gi-Oh (tendershipping, if you were in the know) and it does still hold a special place in my heart :’)

21. What was the first fanfic you ever wrote?

As far as I can remember, the first fanfic I wrote and published online was a Beyblade fanfic called Dreams Down Memory Lane in which one character inexplicably went into another character’s dreams/memories OR WAS IT ACTUALLY THE PAST?????? I was 12. It wasn’t good.

23. Name a fic you’ve written that you’re especially fond of & explain why you like it.

I have a soft spot for my Yu-Gi-Oh fic ‘Of A Lesser God’ because I am a Thief King Bakura Apologist and I was doggedly determined to find an alternate explanation for everything that happened in canon that would (a) make him not an irredeemable disaster and (b) give him and his murdered village friends a happy ending, and I quite like what I came up with :’D

Happy With You (Original Song)
Happy With You (Original Song)


-DEEP BREATH OF RELIEF- HEY EVERYONE I FINISHED MY SONG IN TIME!!! As soon as I heard that AT ship week was coming back I knew that I wanted to write a cheesy and cute song about Finn and Jake’s relationship because I think it’s the most precious thing and the world, so I tried my best to get this out before I ran out of time and LEMME TELL YOU I JUST FINISHED IT AND I WAS DYING BECAUSE I COULDN’T THINK OF LYRICS AND I WAS UNDER PRESSURE AND GAAAAH but anyway I’m really happy that I got to finish it in time and I really hope you guys enjoy it!! :D

PS: I don’t know why my song art looks like that. I just felt like that’s what it had to look like. I think subconsciously I wanted to pretend that one of them drew it <3 (probably Jake, it seems like he’s a lot worse at drawing)</p>

Lyrics below:

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AU where Zuko wants to propose to Katara but in a way that fits her so he makes a betrothal necklace with the fire nation symbol, but not just one, oh no, he makes fifty. Half of them are burned because, while trying to make them, he got frustrated and accidentally let out some fire. The other half he stares at for hours and asks everyone what they think, because God forbid it isn’t perfect like she is. Katara ends up finding some of the burned ones in the trash and thinks it’s the cutest thing, but she doesn’t dare ask Zuko about it. She just gets nosy and tries to find out where he’s keeping the ones that aren’t completely ash. She also drops subtle hints, but she knows if he found out she knew, he’d probably die. Long story short, he finally proposes and asks if it’s okay “because if it’s not I can make another but I don’t know if that’s okay if you want to wear your grandmother’s necklace that’s fine too is the fire nation symbol too much because I’ll change it if you want-” and cue the interruption kiss followed by an “I love it, Zuko.”

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it made me happy to get into the comics and find out stevetony was a thing outside of their begrudging relationship in mcu and i think a lot of stevetony shippers should really look into the comics because HONESTLY

i know right??? let me reiterate once more that it is totally okay for you to ship them only in the mcu and have no interest in comics. before i found out about comics i shipped them purely from what i knew of the mcu. but it honestly elevates your shipping experience 1000 x more when you know about their comics background because there’s just sO MUCH rich history. almost 70 years of it. and they’ve been through ups and downs that the movies could never bEGIN to do justice to. and really, the movies just don’t show EVEN A LITTLE BIT of how great they are in the comics. 

besides, comics are fun!! and exciting!! (at least they were before the incursions…. but that’s another story.) seriously, comics are gorgeous and so awesome to read, especially if you’re already a very visual person. and they’re relatively easy to gain access to if you just google the right keywords or look around in the comic rec tags of people who read comics. there’s lots of download links floating around and people are always happy to help point you the right way.

it’s the jump you make from ‘these two characters would be hot and cute together’ to ‘sHIT EVERYTHING I COULD HOPE TO BE CANON IN AN OTP IS CANON’. 

i told my friend and fellow shipper the other night that steve and tony have never explicitly said the words i love you to each other but they both KNOW and understand it. because they’ve said it before a thousand different ways. “be safe steve. win.” “i’m not half as good at anything as i am when i’m doing it by your side.” “hey, shellhead.” “yours, steve.” “it wasn’t worth it.” 

srsly if you’re on the fence abt comics cOME TO US. JOIN US. THERE IS SO MUCH PAIN AND LAUGHTER AND JOY TO BE FOUND HERE.