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The Right Direction [Yondu Udonta x Reader]

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Could I make a request? Soulmate AU with Yondu where you have a compass that leads to your soulmate. – Anon

So… I was meant to post the Doctor Strange one today, but I couldn’t not post this after I kinda let myself get a little bit obsessed with this here grumpy blue space dad. I hope it’s okay anon.

2,932 words

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Replaceable Part 5!!!

Lance wiped away the tears the fell down his face. He couldn’t help but cry; he knew that that was probably the last time he would ever get to see his team again. But he didn’t regret his decision. He had to prove that he was useful, even if it meant dying. Lance was only a few feet from the Galra ship. He unbuckled himself from the pilot’s seat in Blue, and strapped on his jet pack. “Okay Blue, I know you’re not going to like this, but when I fly out and get on that ship, go back to the castle. Send out your distress signal so the others can find you.” Blue grumbled at his plan, but hesitantly respected his wishes. Lance made his way to exit Blue. With a final pat goodbye, Lance took a deep breath and jumped into the open space. He turned to watch Blue begin to fly away, send him comforting thoughts as she disappeared from his sight. Not wanting to waste time, he quickly activated his jet pack and floated toward the Galra ship. As he approached, one of the small gates opened, welcoming him in. *They’re waiting for me* Lance set his jaw. *Let’s do this*
When Lance landed onto the ship, he was immediately captured by a tall, bulky Galra guard and was drug down a long hallway. He didn’t say a word as the guards carelessly dragged him by the collar of his suit. The Galra stormed down the hallway, footsteps echoing and bouncing around the walls until they reached a room that Lance deduced was the center of the ship. The room was dimly lit, and there were rows of control panels and large computer screen lining on side of the wall. Standing in front of those screens and control panels was the Galra that appeared on the screen, demanding that someone challenge him. The Galra turned around, greeting Lance with a sneer. “Welcome Paladin. I don’t know whether you’re brave or foolish. Regardless, you accepted my challenge, so in order to get your information, you have to defeat me.” Lance’s face remained stone-hard, not muttering a single word. “Hmm..not talking huh? Getting straight to business, I like it!” The Galra chuckled. “Before I pummel you to the ground, allow me to introduce myself.” The Galra leaned into Lance’s face, exposing his sharp canines with a crooked grin. “They call me Troq. And I believe that’s a name you’ll never forget…that is if you live to remember.” Lance rolled his eyes. “Can we cut the small talk and get to the part where I kick your ass? ‘Cause your breath reeks.” Troq squinted his eyes at him, a low growl escaping his throat. “Smart mouth, huh? Well, I know something that will cure that.” The Galra straightened up, pacing back over toward the ship’s control panel. In Galran, he spoke to the guard that captured Lance and drug him here. The soldier nodded, and yanked Lance by the collar, beginning to drag him toward another hallway. “W-where are you taking me?! We’re supposed to fight!!” Troq chuckled darkly. “Oh we will. But first you have to prove yourself worthy. I want to have at least some sort of challenge.” Lance fumed. “Prove myself-what the quiznak does that mean?!” The Galra grinned at him dangerously. “Before you can fight me, you have to defeat the other prisoners that are on this ship. If you defeat them, then you can face me.” Lance snarled at him angrily. “That’s wasn’t part of the deal!!” “If you’re as tough as you think you are, it shouldn’t be a problem. Think of it as a game when you enter the arena. If you win, you move on to the next opponent. If you lose, you die.” Lance paled. “A-arena?” Troq grinned once again. “Oh, I see you’re familiar with it. That does makes sense. Your precious leader Shiro knows all about it.” Lance’s eyes widened in fear. “So I-I have to become-” Troq’s eyes shined black. “Yes, Paladin. In order to fight me, you must become the new Champion.”

The Computer Geek - Blue Beetle x Reader

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Warning - Mention of Sex Trafficking- Read with Caution

Requested by Anon -  a blue beetle x chunky reader where Reader works the computers and stuff in the cave and feels out of place because of her body and such, but he gets her confidence up and develops a crush on her.

You were sitting at one of the computers at the cave, updating the security when Jaime, Bart, Robin, and Garfield walked in.

“I can’t believe they are trying to leave us out, ese,” Jaime remarked to the others. None of them seemed to notice you. 

“Nightwing said it was for our own protection,” Robin answered, crossing his arms angrily. “I think it’s just that they think we’re too young.” You glanced over at the boys, silently listening in. 

“How do they expect us to be ready if they don’t even trust us to try?” Bart snapped, throwing his arms in the air. “I know it’s about sex trafficking, but that doesn’t make us useless.” 

“Just because we’re young doesn’t mean we can’t help,” Garfield added, pouting. You knew a little of what they were talking about since Nightwing had assigned you to gather information about the mission. 

Bart pointed towards the Waterfall room. “They’re practically rubbing it in our faces by having the meeting right there.”    

You cleared your throat, making each of the four boys jump in surprise. “Do you want to hear what they are saying? I can hack the room’s security,” you offered, typing on your computer. The four boys looked at each other before coming over to you. You felt their approach, smiling as you brought up the security footage. 

The five of you listened in on the meeting. You did research based on what was said during the meeting. The boys were watching you in awe, having never seen you work before. While you were often in the cave at the same time they were, you rarely interacted with them. 

Once the meeting ended, and other team members began to leave the room, you quickly hid your research and the security footage.  You turned around meeting each of the boys’ eyes, mouthing ‘later’. Jaime’s gaze lingered on yours, causing your face to burn with embarrassment. Each of the boys nodded while Jaime simply blushed. 

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Could I get a update for the twilight tag if it hasn't been updated yet, thanks pretty ❤️

who would be the eddy in this situation???? 

White Nights by whatthefuckinghale (2/? | 5,886 | PG13)

After five years of living with his babcia in Florida, Stiles is returning to complete his last two years of high school in Beacon Hills. There he meets Derek Hale - the resident heartthrob with an obvious secret. Stiles, the little shit that he is, is curious about said secret and thinks himself quite the detective. What else is there to expect from the Sheriff’s son?

On the way, he makes friends, enemies and might even have found a bit of love.


The Twilight AU story no one wanted…but I still wrote. I apologize in advance.

Pale Skin And Fragile Bone by MyChemicalRachel (13/? | 32,073 | R)

It’s not like Stiles was looking forward to being uprooted and shipped cross country, but he knew why his father was doing it. He knew that living in the house his mother died in was hard for both of them. So when Stiles makes his way from sunny Beacon Hills, California to some dreary town in nowhere New Jersey, he makes the best of it. He doesn’t really have a choice. But when he starts to realize that the locals aren’t exactly normal, his whole life is turned upside down and he’s forced to question everything he believes, everything he thought was real. Because his new friends aren’t just unusual. They’re not human.

My Werewolf by Senowolf (13/? | 27,748 | R)

Stiles brought his hand to his lips as he weighed his options. Then he looked back at the wounded animal who was shuddering oddly. There were loud cracks and pops, and lots of unnatural body movements before Stiles realized that the wolf’s body was changing back.

He gasped as dark fur fell to the ground around the human like figure now emerging from the once wolf form. Pale skin. Jet black hair. Stubble. Pouty lips. Thick eyelashes..

Holy shit it was Derek.

* * *

In a universe where Werewolf packs exist alongside Vampires, Stiles is imprinted on by a large, black wolf who hates Vampires with every bone and sinew in his body. That’s the problem though, Stiles is a Vampire-Human Hybrid and stands at the age 146 years old. Derek is a Werewolf, just a little older than Stiles. That’s the issue. A half Vampire and a Werewolf, destined to be soulmates. As if.

OR: The Twilight/Teen Wolf AU nobody asked for. ALSO THIS STORY IS IN FIRST PERSON! SO IF YOU DON’T LIKE, DON’T READ! (Will sometimes be in third person)

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Love when ""su critical"" at fans hate on pearl, ruby and sapphire (for "ruining" garnet) but think nothing wrong how show treats marceline/bubblegum. Gay cops from gravity falls and dads from loud house are more progressive than this shitty gal paling, baiting and dumb subtext. 7 years and nothing! It took korra 2 years, it took yuri on ice few month and it was airing in Japan.

That sounds like a very Controversial opinion and I wouldn’t be as harsh about it but honestly…yeah…

I long ago gave up on the Bubb/line ship ~truly~ being canon after Olivia Olson supposedly spilled the beans of them dating only to later backtrack and never confirm what they call “rumors” after so many people rejoiced about it…to me it’s always felt like they barely actually care about giving its gay audience representation and more like they just like to throw us a bone now and then because it gives them some extra attention/popularity. 

idk the way they talk about PB and Marceline being lesbian/bi/pan feels so…condescending…especially in this interview with Olivia

“Olivia: Well…after the “What Was Missing” episode, the fans are actually the ones who came up with the whole lesbian possibility (laughs). I was talking to Kent Osborne –

Martin: – head writer of the show, and an old friend of ours –

Olivia: – and we were just joking around, and I went, “Really? You made me a lesbian?” (laughs) And he goes, “No! That didn’t even cross our minds.” But so many of the fans were convinced that was going on that in a weird way, they’re maybe kind of banking on that a little bit.

Martin: They’re just letting the rumor be there, even though it’s not true.

Olivia: Yeah.”

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Hey! What's your OTP? You may have told us before, but to be honest.. I probably have the worst memory and my mind is simple. Also, do you ship Template or Pale with anyone in the Multiverses? I know you don't ship Template and Pale but yet again, I'm curious. Thank you (P.S Love you and your work <3)

I think it’s quite obvious that my OTP is ErrorInk. I know it might sound weird for some people when I say I don’t usually ship characters like this, at least not in an romantic way, but it’s true. This ship had a positive deep impact on my life in a way, so it’s even quite personal.

Also I don’t ship Template or Pale with anyone, no. Sorry to disappoint. But once again I’m not against other people shipping them as long as you keep in mind it’s not canon.

(And thank you~ ❤)

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There's plenty of evidence that Mikleo loves Sorey in a non platonic way, but I don't think it's canon that Sorey feels the same way, particularly in the Trainwreck. Why is this a controversial opinion? I ship them.

Mostly because it’s much more even in the game and the other adaptations.  Sorey tends to gush over Mikleo’s achievements in the game a lot more, plus the opening chapter of the novel gave us this lovely quote (translation courtesy of @doushinojikan):

Hair the color of pale aquamarine, skin so fair as to seem almost translucent, sophisticated violet eyes.

Even from his perspective, Sorey thought that there was a beauty to Mikleo that would draw the eyes of others. Yet nobody’s gazes lingered on him at all. Some even charged straight into him as if they didn’t realize that he was there, even though they were walking right on the very same street.

Everyone passed them by as if Mikleo didn’t exist.

“Is something the matter?” Mikleo asked, noticing Sorey’s gaze.

Keep in mind, this entire passage is written from Sorey’s perspective, and thus, that, uh, rather flattering, shall we say, description of Mikleo is what Sorey thinks of Mikleo.  All I can say is, that’s the sort of description you’d get when describing someone you have a massive crush on.

But hey, if you don’t want to count the manga or novel adaptations, there’s also this lovely skit from the game (AKA Wicked Nekkid Wind):

Yeah, you know, the one where Sorey calls Mikleo a babe.

As for the Trainwreck … don’t get me started.  Mentioning it is the same as triggering Velvet’s Break Soul at this point.  AKA CUE BERSERKER RAGE.  Because they’re one of the best written ships I’ve come across in a while, in that they’re very mutually supportive and are just these wonderful Partners In Everything and it kills me that the Trainwreck managed to turn it into this massively one-sided affair.  Because really, it’s anything but.

in every version of the myth,
it is so much braver to be orpheus,
who played his lyre,
who cried,
who fell into the depths of hell
for his eurydice.

she earns no story
aside from what his sorrow allows.
more muse than maiden,
more brushstroke than paint.

she is only she
when he is sad about it.

i’d like to think that eurydice
was more than just a skeleton
of brush bristles and bones.
that she was a writer,
that she snored when she slept,
that her hands were unscarred
when orpheus claimed her out of hell.

because she never tried to climb out of it.

( that persephone was gentle
when she touched her on the soul. )

“you are more than muse.
you are more than what he cares to know.”

when you think orpheus,
you think mistake,
the chance he didn’t take.

when i think eurydice,
i think the queen of the underworld
and the duchess of myth.
ghost eyes on pale skin,
bent flower stems, wide hips.

how heavenly it was,
her hell,
how it kissed her on the lips.

—  PERSEPHONE AND EURYDICE || naiche lizzette

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Grimluck<>/<3< ?ya ship it?

YEA i mostly ship em pale but i dig them in all quads im just like a suuuuuper casual shipper of them like im not as invested in them as i am in johndave or jadefef but I STILL THINK THEYRE HELLA CUTE!!!!

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about your kl*nce post: #same. i swear i TRIED, i watched all eps TWICE and yeah, their shippers make gorgeous art but now i realize most of them are ooc, i honestly thought they were something else. And i do love the rivals/frenemies trope! But the thing is... their dynamic pales in comparison to others in the show. I fell hard for sh*ith and i didn't know anything about that ship when i started watching the show so... i watched for kl*nce and stayed for sh*ïth :)

yeah i think my thing is like. if the outbursts of emotion keith showed towards lance were the deepest emotion he ever expressed, then i would get it. but we continually see him melt for shiro, put himself in danger for shiro, protect shiro, and break down in shiro’s absence. a lot of the art is beautiful but like you said pretty ooc imo… i just can’t really imagine either of them in canon really wanting to be with each other if that makes sense? i don’t think either of them would particularly enjoy being challenged and antagonized by each other all the time. fanon is always a different story though!! :~)

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Hello I'd like a ship. I'm an INFP Leo and I'm a 91 liner. I have long blonde hair and very pale skin. I try to avoid the sun because I get easily burnt but I love sunshine. I like books and music and anime my favourite genre is fantasy. I also like languages and I'm pretty good at learning them. I wouldn't describe myself as shy I'm just cool and aloof until I get to know you and if you make me feel comfortable I get very affectionate and bubbly. If I'm in a bad mood I might get snappy. Thanks!

I ship you with Jimin!

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I think Jimin would love hearing about what books you’ve been reading or what music you’ve been listening. You’d both exchange new discoveries quite frequently, so your bookshelves and playlists won’t look the same at two different days. Jimin would also work hard to make you feel comfortable around him quickly, just so he can see who you really are and what things you have to say! He would also handle your bad moods quite well, always making sure you feel better as soon as possible.


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hello! I'm planning on writing a bts fic and I was wondering if you have any tips on characterization since I'm scared I'll make them ooc?

The thing about RPF is that you’re writing characters based on real people, which means you can easily focus on certain facets of their personality to fit your fic! Even so, I think you should avoid reducing them into two-dimensional character tropes. 

For example, Taehyung is so much more than a “4D alien,” you know? Too many fics over-exaggerate his eccentricities without showing there’s more sides to him (he strives for success, he CAN get self-conscious/insecure, cares so deeply about his loved ones…). And oh my god I have no idea why Jungkook is the angsty domineering alpha male in so many fics he’s a shy and awkward brat who likes annoying people he cares about 

And please don’t enforce the typical uke/seme characteristics on them if you’re writing a ship..! I’ve seen Taehyung’s skin described as being pale for no reason and Jungkook’s laugh being deep and husky and that’s just no no

Also I personally think it’s cute when writers include their little quirks - Jungkook fidgets with his hands quite a bit, sleeps like a rock, is an actual adrenaline junkie, prefers quiet over loud places; Taehyung is a people’s person, he’s ALWAYS licking his lips, stutters sometimes, has a huge appetite,, things like that! 

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Can I please get a mach up? I'm a genderfluid person with dark redish-brown hair (its dyed), greenish blue eyes, VERY pale, and covered I freckles. I love art, music, and baking. I'm always doing one or more. I kinda shy when you first meet me but once I get to know someone and trust them I'm more outgoing and sarcastic. When I trust someone though, they mean alot to me and if they break my trust they can't ever get it back unless they try. Overall im kinda weird, but that makes me unique.

I ship you with…

Yukio Okumura!

  • Yukio thinks you are so pretty!
  • He thinks your pale skin and freckles are so darn cute
  • He doesn’t know anything about art, music, or baking
  • But he’ll love to listen to you rant about art and music
  • Actually, y’all’s first date was to an art show
  • And he really appreciates your baking
  • Especially since it wards off the girls at school when he packs your baking in his bento box
  • Yukio was also shy when you both first met
  • But you both naturally got more sarcastic and more yourselves as the relationship evolved
  • He might win in the sarcasm and sass department tbh
  • I’m pretty sure Yukio doesn’t trust anyone
  • So y’all both kinda have trust issues
  • Which will be the most difficult part about your relationship
  • He just gives you that knowing-forgiving smile when you’re being weird
  • Secretly he likes how weird you are though
If PJO and HoO characters searched their name tags in Tumblr:
  • Percy: Oh my gods! They think I'm freaking hot! Can you believe this?... Oh and I swear me, Rachel, Calypso, Reyna, and Nico are just FRIENDS!
  • Annabeth: What the hades! I don't wear that short shorts! And why are they making fanfics about us (Percabeth)?! And FYI, I'm not pregnant!
  • Nico: ...they think me and Percy look cute together *blushes*... I mean, look, I love their drawings of me, I'm not that pale and I've got no eyebags!
  • Thalia: Okay, this is awkward. Everyone is like shipping me with Nico and Luke... What the hades?!
  • Luke: ...at least some of them think that I'm still cool and awesome.
  • Leo: I think this is my kingdom... I mean, everyone loves me! I could literally find a girl friend here!
  • Piper: Ahhh, the JasPer feels. *Blushes*
  • Jason: Why are they even comparing me and Percy?!
  • Hazel: Okay, FYI, me and Leo are just FRIENDS!
  • Frank: Why do people picture me as a freaking dog?! I only do that SOMETIMES, are you kidding me?!
  • Reyna: Where in the hades is this Leo?! I swear I'm gonna kill him!
  • Octavian: ...I'm out.

Double Dates

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Hello!Could i have a ship?I'm a female,straight,pale skin with freckles,blue eyes,medium long dark brown hair.I like to read,draw,write,sing,fangirl,daydream.I'm not really sporty and outgoing.I love adventures and pranks.I'm a vegetarian.I'm moody sometimes.I love rain.I don't really have close friends to talk about my personal life.I don't really trust them but I'm close like that w./my mum.I'm bit shy,but when i feel comfortable I do anything what i want and don't care what other people think

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I ship you with…Carlos!

The two of you are constantly going and finding different places or going to different areas to go on dates. And you two probably pull pranks on Jay once in awhile. Carlos loves the rain in Auradon because it isn’t rough or dirty like on the Isle. Carlos is always open to talk if you want to ever talk about something personal. He loves seeing you not care what other people think and you doing what you want

(Not my gif) ships are currently closed

I was tagged by @aprincesswholovesinsects thanks! :)

Relationship status: single

Favorite color: pink or soft shades of green or purple

Lipstick or chapstick: lipstick, pale pink, nude or soft red

Last song: León Larregui - Como tú (Capri Sweetbox Remix)

Last movie: Logan

Top 3 shows: ….. I don’t think i have a fav show at the moment??? or any show that I would willingly watch again just for fun

Top 3 ships: can there be six??? lmao

  • harry x hermione / aang x katara, I don’t care about the discourse going on about these two ships people will never be able to take my childhood otps from me
  • raleigh x mako (even though I don’t reblog much about them or pacific rim)
  • clarke x lexa / korra x asami
  • bonus: sameen x root

and I will tag (be free to ignore it if you guys want): @westofwonder @gaydineross @gay-rules-all-dragons-15 @radintentions @cedricdiggory @yourstreetserenade @lenas-ho @decimatesamaritan

Zutara songs?

All this talk about songs got me thinking about something. There’s plenty of songs out there that seem to be purposely written for Zutara (like every ship has its share).

I have my own selection, and I’d like for you guys to contribute with your list of 100% Zutara songs. And by that, I mean the ones where the lyrics literally speak about them and their relationship. Though there are many that might fit (I even made some playlist), there are songs that are almost astonishing when you hear them.

My list:
- You Won’t Feel a Thing - The Script
- If I Had a Gun - Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds
- Pale Blue Eyes - Velvet Underground
- Eyes Closed - The Narrative
- Till Kingdom Come - Coldplay
- When The Day Met The Night - Panic! At the Disco (we all know about this one)
- The Wolves and the Ravens - Rogue Valley
- Gravity - Sara Bareilles (not entirely plain to decipher but it holds some Zutara vibes I can’t avoid)

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Oooh , do let's go for my first match up ~ Sooo~ i'm almost 5'6!...ok.. 5'5.... Okey okey its 5'4 actually.. (#memes)sad, introvert, love cats, pale skin, short black hair, agender, sometimes joking around my friends, but shy and quiet around others. On general I have just a few friends but im taking care of them as best as i can. Most of the nights im drawing or smth,(i love art.. And sleeping so sleepless night means sleeping during the day), I guess thats It~ have a good night!

So for starters i ship you with Momo!

There’s just something about your message that really made me want to ship you with her idk. 

I think she’d really appreciate your memes and jokes, even if some most of the time she wouldn’t really understand the context of them.

Momo would love how you put your best effort to care for those that your are close to, as we see she gets really excited when she gets to help her own classmates out with studying. 

She’d really love to watch you draw. Although Momo isn’t a fan of the fact that you stay up all night she can’t help but do the same just to watch how your bring the page to life with just a pencil and eraser. 

Originally posted by slyfu

I also ship you with Kaminari

When it comes to Kaminari the two of you would be a meme team. Not only would he love your jokes but he would be able to add to them. 

Despite being more extraverted himself, he doesn’t mind your introversion. Instead he really enjoys it, because it means spending more time with you alone and not having to worry about others.

He’s the classic “draw me” type and as annoying as it can be at times you have drawn him before. Kaminari loves to hype up your art and encourages staying up all night because “you can miss out on so much when you sleep.”

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Pendants for sale (or partial trade)!

Hey everyone! I’m moving soon and am basically looking to clean house and sell some of the pendants I’ve worked on over the summer. Being able to create them is an important part of my craft, but I’m a little tight on space in my moving boxes, so I’m selling everything at a discount because I think it’s clearly time for them to move on to a new home.

I have:

  • Amethyst pendants for $7 (x4)
  • Phantom citrine pendants for $12 (x2)
  • Pale citrine pendant for $13 (x1)
  • Pen-shell pendant for $3 (x1)
  • Jinglebell shell (mother-of-pearl) pendant for $3 (x2)
  • Tangerine quartz pendant for $7 (x1)

These prices are before shipping, but typically shipping is only $3. 

I’m totally willing to trade or partially trade for some crystals that I might be able to craft into more pendants later, but I would have to obviously see pictures of the crystal(s) in order to determine if it’s something that I can work with. I can be reached right here on tumblr at my page, vanir-nebulae !