i think i ship it as bro ship

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Did you know that you & Betty have a SHIP name? It is "BUGHEAD"! TAAADAAAAAA!

I appreciate that witticism. I like that more than I probably should. It’s completely unromantic and it’s a ship name. Perfect.

I am also keenly aware that there is a population that ship Archie and myself. Because bros can’t be bros on the internet. I know our ship name is Jarchie but I think it should be Baldhead.

Because Archie’s full name is Archibald, and so that’s just funnier to me to be baldhead instead of Jarchie.

I’m sure Arch will disagree.

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THANK U i love evan comforting connor

Voltron Headcanons Pt. 3
  • Lance has pretty severe depression. He puts on this mask that makes him seem confident and clever and tough, but in reality he’s just sad and tired and honestly just rly needs a good hug.
  • Its usually late night or early morning, when everyone else is asleep, where Lance is the most vulnerable.
  • During those times he listens to the Hamilton soundtrack. “Satisfied” to be specific.
  • Lance cries very quietly. So quiet that he could cry while wearing his helmet and none of the others would hear.
  • Keith walked in on Lance crying while listening to “Satisfied” and looking out of one of the big windows on the castle once. He thought about going to comfort but decided that he might just make it worse if Lance knew he’d been caught. Not to mention Keith isn’t very good at comforting people.
  • Keith, Hunk, and Lance are all rly good singers. Pidge and Shiro aren’t very good, though.
  • Keith is actually super good at rapping?? Like he’s rly good at rapping
  • Lance is the best singer out of all of them, but he’s too afraid to sing in front of people. The only person he will sing in front of is Shiro.
  • When he sings, Lance sings quietly. Not because he’s nervous, that’s just how he sings.
  • Hunk isn’t afraid of singing in front of others and will often break out into song at random times. 
  • Shiro once heard Lance singing and later asked him jokingly he wasn’t joking if he would give him lessons. Lance was very embarrassed but said he would.
  • If Pidge gets angry enough she’ll start to cry. She hates it but she can’t help it.
  • Lance and Pidge both cry if they get embarrassed enough
  • Keith has the same problem but he refuses that he wasn’t tearing up, he just had something in his eye…
  • Hunk can cook normally difficult dishes no problem, but he sometimes has trouble with simpler dishes.
  • Shiro has tried improving his singing during his lessons with Lance but is still terrible.
  • One of the reasons Shiro wanted to do the singing lessons with Lance was to give them both a little distraction. To have a couple hours a day that they could just relax, laugh, and not worry or stress out.
  • Lance was hesitant at first but ended up rly enjoying the lessons with Shiro. He considers Shiro one of his best friends so he most comfortable singing around him.
matt and aaron thoughts pt3

pt1 ; pt2

  • aaron doesn’t know why he spent so long distancing himself from matt or any of the upperclassmen
  • andrew has renee. why couldn’t aaron could have had matt or dan?
  • he’s always been one to never regret the things he says because he doesn’t say things without meaning them, just like andrew. it’s one of the few things him and his brother can relate to each other with
  • but aaron is hung up on the fact that when he came to matt’s dorm after him and neil switched, he told him that they would never be friends
  • that him being his roommate would be it
  • he told matt never to speak to him
  • aaron’s not about to apologise out of nowhere but he still feels guilty

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Will I Ever Make a Sound?

fandom: Dear Evan Hansen
pairing: Connor Murphy/Evan Hansen
chapters: 1/1
rating: mature.

Oh, Evan. But people do notice you.

Connor noticed you.

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I don’t know how Tada-nii would react to Hiro dating, because Hiro has never dated.  Huh.  Wonder why.


(little note, I’m not an ask blog and I usually don’t take requests either >.<  This was just a cute ask I had sitting in my inbox for a really long time, and happened to fit well with something I wanted to draw anyway ^ ^; Thanks for understanding! <3)

Anonymous said: Please write a fic where the reader has the biggest crush on Clay & her brother Tony tries to hook them up ?

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Tony & Sibling!Reader | Clay X Reader

“You’re doing it again.” A pause. “Y/N.”  Another pause. “¡Dios mío!  Just ask him out already!”

“..what?!” You finally snap, jerking to attention and frowning at your brother. “Ask who out?”

“You know who I’m talking about,” Tony scoffs. “Clay. You stare at him all the time when he’s getting his bike off the rack.”

“Jesus, T! Keep your voice down,” you hiss, eyes wide. “The windows are rolled down.” Tony chuckles as you glance around the parking lot nervously, your gaze then landing back on the bike rack where Clay is settling onto his own bike already. Then lowering your voice, you say, “And I don’t stare all the time.”

“You really do,” your brother says, starting the engine to his Mustang and driving away. “Even Clay has noticed it, but Clay’s so oblivious to anything that deals with girls so he doesn’t know why.”

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Update on my Richonner bros...

So my heart right now is so full of pride: two of my brothers are full-on Richonners. And one of them has finally convinced my third brother to start watching TWD (so fingers crossed)!

A few quotes from the bros this week:

“I think it’s great how this season they’re showing that Rick can’t lead without Michonne.”

“No other TV show has ever had its two badass leads get together like that. It just makes sense.”

“That episode with the two of them was awesome!”

“Oh yeah, that episode where the two of them were gettin’ it on.”

“They’re a power couple. It’s not even debatable.”


*mentions the Jadis and Rick shipping*

“Uh, no.” “Ah, gross.” “Maybe if Rick had a thing for Lloyd Christmas haircuts.”

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what are your ships :000 ???

OO well i thought i listed them before but i guess not lol


tree bros

flower pals

jared x good times ( jared is,,,,g ood,,,i love him,,) 


boyf riends



cinnabun (platonic jenna x christine) 


Veronica x Heather M.

Veronica x Martha

Veronica x Heather M. x Martha

Kurt x Ram

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Hello friend, I've noticed a crap ton of sidonxlink shipping and I'm just curious why people think it's "the ship" of the game? Because when I first saw it I was just super 'those are some good bros just doing friend stuff' but I'm like super open to seeing the other side. Please pull me into this ship. I want to learn!


Well, I don’t know if I’d consider Sidlink ‘’The Ship’’, I don’t think Breath of The Wild has a truly canon ship outside of marriages.

But hey, I’d love to tell you why I adore this ship. Personally, of course, I can’t speak for my fellow shippers on this one.

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Post CA:CW

What I want to see more of in post-CA:CW fics:

º Rhodey and his leg prosthetics
º Tony trying to parent Peter (and just getting so exasperated but loves seeing the teenagers eyes light up when he talks to him and thinks of him as a son)
º Tony and Rhodey spending time together, just being best bros
º Peter actually meeting Rhodey officially, and Rhodey sees why Tony takes such a shine to him and instantly swears to teach and protect this boy
º Pepper and Tony talking again, and at least getting back to being friends (I mean, I ship them, but I also ship Stony, WinterIron, and Stuckony)
º Pepper rolling her eyes at Tony and Rhodey trying to parent Peter and steps in to help
º Tony becoming /only/ friends with Aunt May, despite stuff
º Vision learning to cook more, simply because Tony still isn’t that good at taking care of himself
º Natasha showing up at the compound every so often and also helps parent Peter (while also parenting Tony)
º Tony and Nats friendship
º Wanda and Wakanda doctors working to heal Bucky
º Bucky waking up and works with the others to heal
º Steve exploring Wakanda
º Sam and T'challas friendship
º Scott and Clint bonding over missing their families
º Each group holding their own when they are faced with problems that need superheros
º Natasha putting her foot down, and her and Pepper get the group’s together somewhere safe to make them work it out
º Tony apologizing to Bucky, but is only coldly polite to Steve
º Sam apologizing to Rhodey and them becoming friends
º Steve and Tony having a difficult time repairing their friendship and it takes time, and BOTH of them apologize and work it out, not just one goes begging to the other
º Bucky being fascinated by Tony and Peters science
º Protective Rhodey when Steve and Tony are together

Just, ugh, I have so many wants and this probably isn’t even half

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Hey ann is there a guy you like ? I think yusuke and akira have their eyes on you !

she’s beauty she’s grace she’ll kick you in the face

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95% of the ‘fics tagged mikenana on ao3 are not, in fact, mikenana. they are other ships that slap a brief mention of mikenana in the background and think it counts for shipping. like bro my dude my guys…i get tagging background ships REALLY I DO but maybe stick to tagging your brief mentions only if, you know, you’re actually helping people find or avoid your fics? when it comes to background ships that are only barely mentioned, idk…maybe tag only if it’s a ship people might want to avoid. you know the ones i’m talking about. nobody’s going to read your ‘fic for a passing mention of mikenana lmao

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Lucy dies and Nali happily. Ever after!! Though I feel sorry for Lucy for having sadistic fans like you who wish bad things for her. The NaLu fandom is going down the drain fast. Thank​ god the fans of other ships are sane

; ; Usually hateful asks like these don’t hurt my feelings. 

I guess I’m not clear enough????

I love Lucy Heartfilia and I wish nothing but the best for her. I want her to be happy! She’s actual sunshine!!!

Whenever I make angsty headcanons, I don’t actually wish that upon her, I’m just trying to be FUCKING SPOOKY. GOD FUCKING DAMN IT, DUDE.

Each and every single ship have kind and lovely shippers, and they also have hateful shippers. Nalu is no different. But to classify all of us as insane is extremely rude. As a matter of fact, you only make yourself look bad when you send hateful things like this.

Unlike you, I would never, ever, even if my life depended on it, send someone who ships something different from me, hate. Because I’m a nice person, and I know several other nalu shippers who are even nicer than me.

So stop spreading this hate. I think it’s great that you ship Nali, and I would have been fine if you literally sent the first sentence only. Because that’s not hateful, that’s your headcanon. But the rest is rude and mean. So…yeet.

Have a good day, bro