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I saw that Niall was at the rugby match in Wales with Paul Higgins. I know at the time, there were stories of him clashing with Zayn, and that possibly being the reason he left. Do you think there was more to the story?

Oh, I’m sure there was more to the story, there always is. But I have no idea what it might be. Could have been as simple as him not wanting to be on the road anymore so he could be with his family.

But I love seeing that he’s still friends with Niall (and hopefully the others as well).

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As much as i love zayn, I'm not that exited about partynextdoor collab (it seems more of a promo deal for pnd carreer)but timberland. YES, his music is amazing i mean he made jt career (my opinion) 1 last thing when z releases the single, Cheryl will confirm the baby's birth. I bet.

Yes, I’m sure that was a factor but just think, it’s bound to be good! With adequate promo and airplay, Zayn has a shot at another top 10 hit. That’s always a plus. I’m anxiously waiting to see if anything changes as far as promo for his music this time around. I definitely do NOT want a repeat of last year’s bullshit.

I’ve been wanting Zayn to work with Timbaland for ages and I’m so happy it happened. I cannot wait to hear it. Timbaland has the magic touch so I’m betting that it will also be fire. (IBTW, I totally agree with you on JT.)

Sadly, I also agree with you (and others) that Rosemary’s baby will make its debut soon, too. That’s got me feeling all kinds of nauseous but it’s long overdue. That baby’s been in that oven waaaayyyy too long now (at least publicly cuz I think it arrived already) so the timing is right for that. Gird your loins for that nightmare.

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Melly I feel like a lot of ppl tend to view Zigi and Ziam as competing 'ships' and don't realize that Zigi is fake regardless of Liam. Like if you think Zayn is in an actual relationship with Gigi that's just really sad? Like she's a terrible girlfriend if they're real. I do not comprehend how anyone can genuinely think they're together, sure they look cute together but so do I and Idris Alba, and we're not together, despite that brief exciting moment where I stood RIGHT next to him on the st.


I  totally see you’re point, and I think you’re absolutely right. The thing is, whether or not Ziam exists doesn’t negate the fact that Zigi is still a PR arrangement. If you put your Business Hoe hat on and  break down the reasons why Zigi would happen for Zayn, bearding is one of them, sure, but I honestly wouldn’t have put that as the top or even second reason why Zigi is a thing in Zayn’s career right now. 

Primary reasons why Zigi is a thing :

Zayn’s closet is a factor in Zigi, but it isn’t the main or driving factor.

P.S. You stood next to Idris Alba? WAS IT MAGIC? WAS IT EVERYTHING? 


I’ve tried to ask myself / should I see someone else? / I wish I knew the answer.

“Well, what do you think?” He’d ask. You’d bite your lip. You were pretty sure Niall knew you were pathetically in love with him; and that he would probably never love you back. You were just the neighbor he met. And yeah, you were both really close. You’d check on his apartment the whole time he was on tour and he’d come kill bugs when he was home and send you a small flag from every country he visited for you to hang in your room while he was away. He’d adore you as one of his closest friends. “I don’t know, Ni,” you’d sigh as you made dinner for yourself and Liam’s puppy. The boys loved you too. They loved how much you cared for Niall and you’d offered to take care of the puppy while they were away. “Here baby,” you’d coo to the puppy as she lounged at your feet. You bent down. “Do you wanna say hi to Niall?” You’d ask and kneel down to hold the phone to the puppy who panted and then yipped. You’d giggle and put the phone back to your ear. “I don’t know Niall,” you’d say with a sigh. “I understand you’re hurt but you do know that living afraid of love isn’t the answer,” you’d explain. He’d sigh heavily. “I just want my princess,” he’d mumble. You direly would wish to be his princess. Your heart would feel heavy in your chest. You’d nod. “I know, well… I’m sure she’ll want you too,” you’d say knowingly. You’d want Niall to be happy. That’s all that really mattered; that the leprechaun was happy. You’d set the oven on low and then go to the living room with a cup of tea. You’d sit on the couch curled up with a blanket and the puppy jumped into your lap. You’d snuggle her and as you listened to Niall tell you for the millionth time what his dream girl was like and you took a picture for Liam of the little baby who was like a little stuffed animal. You’d hear Liam coo in the background of Niall’s phone and you’d smile as you enjoyed Niall’s voice. You needed to grade papers, but you would stay up all night if it meant you could listen to Niall’s gentle voice for a few hours. “Should I see someone else?” He’d ask. “Do you think it could be her? Do you think it would be worth it?” He’d wonder. “I don’t know, Ni,” you’d whisper. “I just know that you’re you and she’s going to be the luckiest girl in the world,” you’d say gently. “I don’t have all the answers, but I don’t think avoiding love is a smart idea just because you’re afraid to get hurt.” “You do it,” he’d grumble. You’d blush and ignore him. “Unfortunately, I have to go, Ni,” you’d say quietly. “Aw, love, I didn’t–” “No, I actually have to go, Niall. I know you didn’t mean anything by it…and it’s true anyway,” you’d mumble. “I’ll call you tomorrow?” You’d wonder. “Please do,” he’d beg gently. You’d smile gently. “I will, promise,” you’d nod. He’d hang up and sigh softly. “You do know that the reason she doesn’t know the answers is because she loves you, right?” Louis would roll his eyes at the Irish lad. Niall would bite his lip. “No,” he’d say. “Why would she like me?” “Not like, the poor soul is in love with you and you asking her for love advice kills her,” Harry would tell him. “Because she loves you. And she wants you to love her,” he’d explain. Niall would sigh and think about you for a few moments. Then he’d call you back. “Niall, I’m sleeping,” you’d grumble. “You are not you’re grading papers,” he’d roll his eyes. “It’s not even eleven yet.” You’d sigh. “What?” You’d ask. “I decided that you’re right,” he’d say quietly. “If I love her, then she’ll love me back. I can’t be afraid of that. Because…” he’d take a deep breath. “I love you,” he’d smile. “I love you a lot.” Your heart would pound as you’d listen to his confession. You’d shake your head, tears stinging your eyes. You couldn’t believe it. “You do?” You’d ask shakily. “Of course I do, princess,” he’d whisper. You’d cover your mouth trying not to openly sob on the phone. He couldn’t love you. You were broken and he…he deserved a girl who was confident, beautiful and as carefree as he was. “Babe?” He’d ask softly. “You okay?” He’d whisper. Your stomach would flip. You loved him so deeply and you’d waited for this moment for so long. Why wouldn’t the words leave your mouth? “Princess, you’re kind of scaring me,” he’d whisper and he’d chuckle nervously. “Niall, she’s in shock,” Louis would say in the background. “I do love you,” he’d say quickly. “Princess?” He’d whisper. “I do, I know…you’ve been here so long and I’m an idiot, I’m so sorry. I’m so, so, so, so, so, so sorry,” he’d whisper. “But I do love you…and I’m sorry,” he’d say quietly. “Please answer me, baby.” “I love you too,” you’d choke out. He’d sigh in relief a weight lifted from his shoulders. He’d smile so brightly as he’d fall into a seat on the sofa, a weight lifted from him. “I can’t wait to see you my princess,” he’d whisper. “I love you,” he’d repeat. And you’d nod and smile softly, as you’d clutch the phone to your ear enjoying that sound. “I love you too,” you’d whisper. Finally.

I remember when Walmart was selling One Direction plastic party cups. There was a huge bin full of them. I found everyone of their cups except for Zayn’s cup. I yelled out, “I have to find the Zayn cup so that my collection will be complete.” My friends, who don’t even like One Direction even joined in to help me. I mean we were really searching for that cup. I’m a shortie so all you see was my feet hanging from the bin. We were up in Walmart going off because we couldn’t find the Zayn cup. Thinking back this story is hilarious because i’m 150% sure that cups were being marketed to kids but our grown asses were acting the fuck up. Parents and Kids were walking by giving us the side eye. We never found that cup but I saw true friendship that day. I love my friends for that.

bits of a fic i’ll never write

the one where Zayn’s been staying at Harry’s LA place, while he’s in LA. He hadn’t asked or expected, of course, but in a moment of bravery he’d shot the group text a ‘going to be in LA if you’re there’ text. They weren’t, of course, and Zayn’s not sure if he’s sad about that or not–he doesn’t necessarily want to deal with everything seeing them again will bring, especially if he’s in the studio and they’re on tour and it could get messy still. But Harry replies with a ‘no, but you can stay at mine!’ Zayn snorts, becuase Harry’s ridiculous always, and replies just to him with a ‘thanks mate, but i think i can still afford a hotel.’ That gets him a phone call, and Harry’s low voice drawling out, “It’s not like I’ll be using it, and I know how much you hate hotels. It’s not a problem.” And really, Zayn does hate hotels. 

So Zayn goes to LA, and stays at Harry’s house, and it’s…weird. Weird, in that it’s not weird, in that he knows how to fit himself into the house, where Harry keeps his weird teas and dishes, where he can smoke outside where he won’t stink up the inside and where the best chairs are for reading in the sun, where he can put the junk food he prefers because he’s not insane in the cabinets. It’s not quite domestic, because it’s just Zayn, Harry’s not there, but it’s weird. 

Zayn also knows where Harry keeps his clothes, of course, and he’s really tired, which is his excuse for grabbing one out of the closet one day when he doesn’t have anything he feels like wearing. It doesn’t occur to him not to, or even really that it’s weird, until he gets a text from Harry from somewhere in Canada saying ‘raiding my closet now?’ Zayn looks down at himself, sees the black button down he’d taken that he’s wearing open over a tank top instead of just open, like Harry would. ‘do you mind?’ he asks. He’s always stolen their clothes–but maybe now he can’t. ‘mi closet es su closet’ harry replies, and Zayn has to make fun of him for that, but then they just don’t really stop texting–Zayn joking about how he broke the house, Harry updating him on tour, little things. Zayn’s stay’s getting longer than he expected, but he’s liking LA, and the music’s going well, and it’s not like he has anywhere else to be. 

Then Harry has a break, and he comes home (after some negotiating about how Zayn can totally go to a hotel don’t be silly there’s room for both of us), and he walks in with a joking “honey, I’m home!” that is definitely a joke but feels a little less so, given Zayn had cooked him a welcome home/thanks for letting me crash diner. And then it really is both weird and domestic, because they’re both comfortable in this house and sort of together but there are still tensions and Zayn doesn’t know how much he can talk about his new stuff and Harry doesn’t know how much he can talk about the band. But they’re also very used to living together, if not in a house, where whoever’s home that evening cooks dinner and Harry turns on water for coffee before he goes on his morning run and all. 

Then, pining! domestic fluff! More pining! Harry leaves again for tour and the house feels emptier. They joke about getting Zayn a dog for empty nest syndrome. Harry having weird stomach-flippy feelings when Zayn sends him a selfie of him in the house. text flirting where neither of them can really tell how serious the other is. Harry comes home again and it feels sort of like they should kiss but they aren’t sure. Finally kissing when they get drunk and are waxing nostalgic about old times, when Harry looks at Zayn with big bloodshot eyes and says shit about how he’d always wondered, if the timing had been better, if something could have happened. Kissing, falling into the master bed, drunk and giggly but it still feels easy and right. Then it’s awkward when they wake up because they were drunk and don’t know what it means and Zayn offers to leave because it’s awkward but Harry’s leaving soon for tour anyway, and anyway it ends with happy ever afters where they alternate between london and LA and live in domestic bliss. 

I think the best thing about Zayn not in the band anymore (even though its sad, i get it) is that we get to see the real Zayn, the one who always hides in his bandmate shadows. Now we get to see Zayn’s real fashion sense, his personal music taste, his ambitions, his dreams, and the amazing thing is that the media loves this new side of him like he’s been getting a huge coverage from his no type cover and now fashion industry is all over him. Zayn is coming out of his shell slowly but surely, and the world welcome him with open arms. the possibilities is endless. Its all very exciting!

Ok, now that I’m slightly recovered I want to say something:

I wish Zayn all the best luck in the world, I think he’s an amazing person and talented artist who deserves to be happy and comfortable with what he does. I’m extremely sad to see him go but if that’s what he wants to do then I’m in, I’ll support him in his decision. I hope he gets all the private time he needs and if he ever decides to pursue a solo career then I’ll gladly follow his work, I’m sure it will be amazing because it’s Zayn. This is a really sad moment but I respect him and his decisions above everything.

Do you think Zayn drops a selfie and then goes on tumblr to see the reactions like I’m 100% sure this happens. Zayn if you see this drop another one also I love you

A spreadsheet of the current “Sad Lads” articles regarding 1D’s new bio and promo photo. It is color coded according to the majority answer in each column. Click for large view or check it out here. I tried to only include reputable or popular websites this time.

Huge thank you to tellmethisisnotlove for providing the column criteria!

Things of note:

-no articles mentioned Larry at all
-there was little mention of Modest
-articles that DID mention Modest were far more likely to include the fact that Zayn has been removed from the bio
-the major focus (as I’m sure can see) is the band moving on after Zayn’s departure and the production of their next album

In my opinion:

This was actually very enlightening to me. I was thinking that the consistent mentions of the boys being sad or unhappy was some form of ultra subtle shade at Modest, but with all the articles laid out I actually think it’s just trying to keep the fans content. By having so many articles say the boys are sad about Zayn leaving it lessens the blow that they’re moving on to produce the fifth album so quickly. 

We should wait and see if anything further develops, but as far as I can tell these articles are pushing album promo, confirming Zayn is gone, and that’s about it.

I love connecting the quote “Having a soulmate is not always about love. You can find your soulmate in a friendship too.” to ziam because even if you don’t think theres anything romantic between them, you can still without a doubt see that theres a powerful connection between them. They were meant to meet each other and be in each others lives.

Romantic or platonic, zayn and liam are soulmates.

I know that I keep a pretty tight dashboard and as a result, miss a lot of truly idiotic conversation, but I’m seeing a LOT of anons lashing out at all sorts of blogs basically accusing them of being anti-Zayn in some way when those people are really REALLY not.

While I am sure there are some pretty shit people who are currently showing their true colors amid this situation and fully deserve those accusations, it’s also being flung at all sorts of people who are SO decidedly even-handed and positive that it’s a bit stunning. (OG immediately pops to mind. The lady is a goddamn ray of sunshine.)

I think what’s happening is that this whole confusing clusterfuck of a situation leaves a lot of people, and Zayn fans in particular, really angry, upset, or generally at a loose end. They’ve seen Zayn cop so much ridiculous bullshit over the years that had legit nothing to do with him and everything to do with pandering to racist stereotypes and thin celebrity archetyping, that having people who don’t normally talk about Zayn much suddenly addressing his “stress leave” at length is probably infuriating as they have been advocating for him, and protective of him for so long and now suddenly these people that they felt like never cared in the past suddenly care? I can see why they’d be pissed.

I just want to say this:

Please don’t assume that just because historically some people haven’t discussed Zayn at length means that they don’t care.

Don’t make people into your enemy when there is no need.

If someone says something fucked up? Yes. Put them on blast.

But try to also be aware of your emotions and if you’re feeling super touchy when some Larry blogger or Niall blogger or whatever suddenly shifts topics to your main boy, try not to immediately assume their intentions are the worst, because they probably aren’t.

We ALL want him to come back to the tour and for all five to be a big ridiculous happy mess leaking joy and gorgeous voices. 

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Do you think zayn and liam together right now on this break? And i wanna tell you that i am so obsessed with your blog <3.<3

Oh, nonnie! My lovely nonnie. Thank you very much and I’m soooo sorry for such a late reply!

You asked a wonderful question:) So, are you ready? It’ll be a longgggg post.

We know that for some time Liam and Zayn have been MIA. And of course we think about how they’re spending their free time together:)

That’s what I think:

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Bravo Louis...I almost missed it

So I was sitting here being all pissed off about how the boys keep saying things like, “We’re stronger as a four” and “We’ve come out better” and The one that Louis has said a few times. I think maybe Liam said it too but I’m not entirely sure. Anywho, the statement is, “you can definitely see it in our abroad shows.” This is Referring to Zayn’s “unhappiness” showing at their concerts.

You guys….Louis is calling BS. And it took me a while to figure this out.

Now when Louis says our “Abroad” shows I’m going to assume he’s referring to the early shows of OTRA because why would he be referring to WWA? It wouldn’t really make sense if he was. I think it’s pretty safe to assume he’s talking about OTRA. I’m also not entirely sure why he uses the word Abroad, because to the boys abroad would be referring to anywhere outside of the UK and Ireland, Basically anywhere but their home. Or, if they were in an interview that didn’t take place in the UK/Ireland then maybe he was using the word abroad to describe the places as being foreign to that particular interviewer’s location? I don’t know this is NOT the point lol.

Obviously when the boys do keep saying things like “We’re better as a four” and other BS, its official narrative so it shouldn’t be taken seriously and I normally don’t, but it doesn’t stop me from getting pissed off that the boys have to do this.

So after I calmed down, I got to thinking…and you may already know where I’m going with this.

The fandom has already pointed out how Happy Zayn looked in the beginning of OTRA. He was more attentive, he was more interactive and the fandom was buzzing from it. I honestly thought I was the only one who noticed it until I got online and saw that everybody else noticed too. And we know the boys know what the hell is going on in their fandom, so you know they saw it too.

So knowing this….Louis is gonna go  and say… “you can see it (Zayn’s unhappiness) in our abroad shows”? Nah Bruh.

Once again the boys are speaking to us without speaking to us. If anybody were to go back and watch videos from the early shows of OTRA, you’re going to see a happy Zayn.

Once again 1DHQ, don’t play again, don’t try again and don’t pass go and collect $200.

So, just so I know me and my thinking boobs are processing this accurately:

When Louis, Liam, Harry, or Niall do something in print or that supports the official 1DHQ narrative, that’s cool because that’s not really them, but when Zayn does it, even though it’s confirmed he’s under contract to Syco and his social media accounts and interviews have been used countless times to push 1DHQ-brokered narratives, that’s really actually Zayn?

I just wanted to make sure I was understanding what I was seeing on my dash. 


So I should be working but my boss isn’t answering my texts anyway.

I decided to put together a small compilation of promo picture 1D has shot for this year. I wanted to see if they have consistently been pushing Louis to the front - they have.

Is this intentional, or just because he’s shorter, or maybe a mix of both? I’m not sure. But I definitely think it’s interesting. They’ve also made him the same height as Harry if not taller in all of these pics.

(Other thing of note: Zayn was in the back of almost every single OTRA promo pic - makes it very easy to edit him out of those picture, just saying.)

My fave boys:)

Someone can say: “ot5 is dead”, “Zayn doesn’t talk to boys anymore”, “he hates everything about his past 1D life, can’t you see it?”. And you know what? People can think whatever they want. If that’s what they like to believe in, if they like to create drama… then I can’t help it.

I strongly believe that Zaynie is still best friends with his boys. I’m sure that they’re close as ever. Naive? Oh no. You can’t forget 5 years of such strong friendship just like that. They were in hell together. They’re btothers, they love each other.

And ZIAM. I believe they’re couple. They’re inseparable. These boys share everything even if they’re miles away from each other. We know that Liam’s so supportive! He always praises his boy, always tells him how talented and beautiful he is. We saw it million times. I’m sure he helped Zaynie with his album even if we haven’t seen it. 

And I can’t wait. I want to hear their solo projects sooo much. For me Zaynie and Liam are the most talented lads in the band. I’m sure they’ll give us something wonderful:) (Still hoping for Ziam Duo <3).

Have you ever freaking watched the clip for this?! It’s sO FReAkING CuTE like OMg. So Liam completes a challenge of doing 20 keepie uppies in 30 seconds and everyone starts celebrating. The boys start like “mugging” Liam or whatever except Zayn and eventually, Zayn stops them, insisting they’re hurting Liam (I’m sure they weren’t). He then fucKING PICKS LIAM UP OFF THE DAMN FLOOR. When they sit back down together, Zayn puts his arm around Li like in this and pats his stomach. Zayn pulls Liam in for a brief hug and his arm stays against Liam’s lips and I swear I’ve watched it a thousand times and each time i see Liam push his lips up ever so slightly so he discreetly kisses Zayn’s arm. I SWEAR TO GOD AND IT’S SO FUCKING CUTE I MIGHT DIE. I think the interview is the You Generation interview or something like that if you wanna look it up and watch for yourself. I think this happens toward the middle or end… :)