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Legolas reports back to his father.

Thranduil: Happy Birthday, son. I’m proud to be your father.

Legolas: Thank you, Dad. I’m proud to be your son.

Thranduil: Have I ever told you about how you came to be?

Legolas: I don’t think I want to hear this, Dad.

Thranduil: It is a beautiful story. You should hear it. I like telling it.

Legolas: I know. I heard you told Tauriel.

Tauriel: Your father scares me.

Thranduil: I might have mentioned it in passing.

Legolas: I heard you told Elrond and Galadriel as well.

Elrond: Oh, that was beautiful. You should have seen Galadriel. Unbelievable. Remind me to get Thranduil a little something for his trouble.

Galadriel: I must stop reading minds. I really must stop with the mind-reading. That was more than I needed to know. Oh, my..

Gandalf: Don’t look at me! I have nothing to do with this! As it were, I heard the story from Sauron.

Sauron: Shhhhh….no you didn’t. Nothing to see here. Move along.

Thranduil: So, what would you like for your birthday?

Legolas: I have no idea anymore.

Thranduil: A new bow with a quiver full of arrows and you forget we had this conversation?

Legolas: Done.

Okay but imagine if Thranduil had had absolutely no intention of riding an elk into battle this time, like he had a normal horse picked out and everything because let’s face it, twelve dwarves in a cave don’t really require elk levels of warfare
But as soon as he saw Bard he was like “shit, nothing I do is impressing this guy”
(Long thinking pause)

So I saw this vine and it said “imagine your ot3″ but I don’t have an ot3 in this ship so I have no idea who is singing and watching Bard carrying his drunk bf. It can be anyone! So I would really like to know who you think is singing XD 

BONUS: I bet it started like this


Barduil Family Continued~

Tilda likes to read a lot in Papa Thranduil’s study and he doesn’t mind the company while working. UwU <3



Seriously y'all thank you ;3; Your support has really pushed me to develop my skills more especially in digital art in the last year when I use to think I would never be able to really make digital art before last year ;w; SO THANK YOU <3 

“I think you’re an excellent King!” You said, wine sloshing over the side of your cup. “You’re my friend. You must tell me that…” Thranduil said chuckling. “If I didn’t say it what would happen?” He leant over and picked up the wine bottle to fill his cup. “I’d…prison you.”

“Prison me?” You burst out laughing and it clicked what he had said and he joined in your laughter. “Imprison you!” He corrected. “You’d prison me.”

“You’re my dearest friend I wouldn’t prison you.” You hiccuped and snatched the bottle from his hand. “Have you noticed we always end up in the wine cellar?” He shrugged off his robe and ran his fingers through his hair. Your elbows rested on the table and you looked at him with a lazy smile on your face, you couldn’t remember the exact moment you had fallen in love with the King you just knew that you were. “Why are you staring at me?”

“Because I’m in love with you.” You said definitely, blinking quite frequently once those words had left your lips. “You’re in love with me?” He said and you started to giggle and nodded picking your cup back up. He smiled widely at you and reached over the table you leant back but misjudged the width of the bench and fell off. Thranduil immediately stood up and slipped on his robe but managed not to fall.

You were still giggling. “Thranduil!” He knelt down beside you and you reached up to cup his face. “I love you. I’m so in love with you.” It was almost like confessing and it felt so good you just wanted to keep telling him. “You’re drunk.” He commented. “So are you!” You pouted and he helped pull you up. “Are you just telling me you love so I don’t imprison you?”

“Why are you still asking about that?” You waved his question off. “No I’m seriously asking…this is me not the wine.” You were sat on the edge of the bench and he knelt down in front of you. “Thranduil I can’t explain any easier than-” biting the inside of your cheek you sighed and looked into his eyes. He looked so eager anticipating your explanation. Allowing the confidence of the alcohol to take effect you grabbed his face and kissed him, your hand slid to his jaw and you smiled. You’ve wanted to kiss him for so long it was almost dreamlike. However the bliss you felt could also be because of the fine wine. You had had a lot of wine. Too much. Beyond too much. You started to think the twisting in your stomach wasn’t just the excitement of kissing him. Pulling away with only a moment to look at his shocked expression you bent over and threw up.

The rest of it seemed a bit hazy. Even more so the next morning. You woke up in your bed with a start, blushing furiously. “I told him I loved him!” You placed your hand over your mouth. “And I threw up.” Moaning you lay back and stared at the ceiling, it was too much to take it. Memories flooded back at once and you could’ve sank into the mattress out of embarrassment. It was difficult to remember whether you had actually kissed him or you had dreamt it. Nevertheless you were sure of one thing, that you couldn’t face him not today. You’d normally meet him for breakfast and then later in the evening for whatever you fancied doing. Usually a walk around the grounds or a trip to the forest to check on the spider situation and almost always ended up with wine. You two were extremely close and you’ve even barged into the throne room when he had guests once. He was mad but only for a moment because you had been smiling at him with your arms folded. It was no good. You couldn’t think about him right now, the repercussions of your actions could mean the end of your friendship with the King. That was too painful to face, so you thought it best to not face him.

Just for today.

So when evening fell you didn’t meet him by the gate. Part of you was sure he wouldn’t be there anyway, you weren’t to know but the elven King had been waiting. In fact he had waited a good few hours until eventually accepting that you wouldn’t show. Putting it down to you were recovering from last nights antics.

It took you a while to fall asleep, without your usual routine of being with him you couldn’t bring yourself to sleep. Your routine had been disturbed and now you were thinking about him more than you would like. Maybe his disgusted at the fact I tried to kiss him? You thought. He hasn’t sent for me either, he hasn’t made any contact! Tossing and turning you started to panic that you had really blown it so when morning came you snuck out of your room and took your breakfast to your balcony, instead of outside by the river where you usually ate with Thranduil. You had managed to convince yourself that he wouldn’t be there but again little to your knowledge he was. The King didn’t sleep in fact, your words played around in his mind and he couldn’t make sense of why you were now avoiding him. You had seemed pretty convinced of your feelings but now he had begun to doubt himself. Maybe in his drunken state he had misinterpreted….but you had kissed him? Determined for answers he went to your usual spot earlier than normal but you never showed.

“Ada?” Legolas asked as he saw his father sitting alone outside. “What is it? What’s wrong?” He looked around and couldn’t see you which made him frown. “Where is she today? It’s rare to see you two apart.”

“I don’t know.” Thranduil replied sadly looking out to the water and smiling absentmindedly to himself. You had pushed him in once, he had been teasing you over something insignificant and your reaction was to push him in the water, which only lead to him pulling you in after him. Legolas didn’t think much of it and so didn’t ask anything further, whenever his father was like that it was best leave him be.

As each day went by it got easier to not see him. You avoided all possible contact. It was now a week later and since that night, nothing. It had been the longest week of your life and in fact quite boring. Taking your chances you decided to take a walk and began strolling through the grand corridors, running your fingers along the wall. Every little thing seemed to remind you of a particular memory you had with Thranduil. “(Y/n)?” Looking up you saw Thranduil from a distance. Panic set in and you started to back up. “Don’t go!” He called but you couldn’t face him! You couldn’t! He was probably horrified when you confessed your love to him. Darting back down the corridor you ran into your room and onto the balcony breathing in deep. You wanted nothing more than to see him but it was no use.

Another week went by. If guards walked past your room you would hear them talk. Apparently Thranduil hadn’t been seen for days. “Ill-tempered seems too mild a term.” Someone had said as they walked past, armour clinking as they walked. At the mention of him you quickly moved to press your ear to the door. “He doesn’t eat according to the kitchen workers. What’s worse he hasn’t been seen drinking wine!”

“I told you he’d be a recluse. It was only a matter of time. He was always with (y/n) but even she hasn’t been seen for a while.”

“Can you blame her? I wouldn’t want to be around the King that much either..” And so their voices trailed off and you were left sliding down the door silent tears falling. You wanted to be around him always, now no one else was seeing him. Why was he isolating himself? Why wasn’t he drinking wine?! That’s his favourite pastime.

Legolas had took note of fathers absence and also his lax attitude toward important matters which required his decision. Not wanting to anger his father he had stayed away, avoiding questions and comments but enough was enough. Thranduil was a King. But over the past few days he was behaving like a per-petulant child. Bursting through into the throne room he stood before his father. “What is it?” Thranduil demanded. “What the hell is going on?” Thranduil stretched out his hand and twisted the ring around his finger. “What are you talking about? I don’t have tim-”
“Oh you have time Ada! You don’t do anything besides sit here and sulk, you’ve been avoiding everyone and everything for days!” Thranduil sighed and rested his chin in the palm of his hand. “I was told that I was loved.”

“You are loved. By many.” Legolas frowned and his father chuckled. “Not that love. In love. (Y/n) and I were down in the wine cellars, don’t give me that look, we were down there and well quite drunk and she had admitted she loved me.” Legolas raised an eyebrow and couldn’t express his confusion into words. “And that’s something to sulk about? Is it because of mother?” Thranduil bristled but shook his head, “I haven’t seen her since. It’s as though she’s avoiding me and I’m starting to wonder whether she actually cared about me at all.”

“Ada…” He said softly. “That’s no reason to isolate yourself from your kingdom or your duties! Honestly you’re like a child.” Thranduil glared at his son “dare you defy me?!” He roared standing up from his throne. “Dare you call yourself a King in this state?!” Legolas yelled back and Thranduil shrank back slightly as though Legolas’ words had pierced him. Legolas rubbed his temples. “I’m sorry. I’m sorry…” He left the room with his father standing there in anguish and seeked out your chambers.

You wasn’t expecting anyone so to hear the knock at your door made your heart hammer in your chest and before you could scramble around to look decent a voice called through. “Is Legolas not Thranduil.” Biting your lip you opened the door. “Why would I worry if you were your father?” Legolas walked inside and sat on the edge of the bed. “Because he’s distraught. He thinks you don’t really love him.”

“That’s not true!”

“So why have you been avoiding him?” You sat down beside him and clasped your hands together. “I just told a very close friend that I love them. How do you come back from that? You can’t.” He let out a frustrated groan. “You two are impossible. Wait here.” He instructed and stood up from the bed to leave the room. You called after him but he didn’t respond. It wasn’t like you expected Thranduil to go AWOL. It was probably just as embarrassing for him, after all you had threw yourself at him. Legolas was gone for almost an hour but you remained in your room. Eventually you just shuffled until you were propped up against the headboard. You were already in your night dress, which came to about mid thigh and was laced up over your breasts and actually upon reflection you realised Legolas hasn’t stared once. Smiling about that small fact you heard his voice by your door once again, however much to your horror you also heard Thranduils. “I don’t understand why you are forcing me here. She doesn’t want to see me.”

“If she didn’t I wouldn’t have brought you here! Sorry I took so long he took a lot of coaxing.” You sat up and stared at the King. Your heart swelled upon seeing him and it didn’t slip your notice that unlike his son he let his eyes rove over your body. “You look like shit.” You commented smiling up at him. Legolas pointed to the bed and Thranduil sat beside you. His presence causing your chest to tighten. “What happened?” Legolas asked rubbing his temples. “We were drunk-”

“No I mean this whole avoiding situation. It’s ridiculous you’re way past grown adults”

“Hey!” You and Thranduil said both looking away from Legolas. He sighed. “You two are always together, I hate seeing you like this, please, talk about what happened.” Legolas leant against the wall and you and Thranduil looked away from each other. “Come on!” Jumping to attention you both started talking over each other until Thranduil held his hands up. “You first” he said sounding a bit disheartened. “Okay look, we had a lot of wine.”

“We always have a lot of wine.”

“Yes but…it gave me the confidence to finally tell you how I feel. The next morning I was horrified, I made a fool of myself and I just couldn’t face you…I’m sorry. It’s been horrible” you reached out and grabbed his hand and he met your gaze. “I’ve missed you, so much.” He eventually gave your hand a gentle squeeze. “I waited in our usual spots each day until I realised you wasn’t coming any more. I started to doubt whether you meant what you said, and whether you meant to kiss me.”

“That was real? I didn’t…I thought I’d dreamt that.” You’re voice trailed off and Thranduil smiled at you. “Oh love, it was very real.” He hadn’t moved his hand from under yours and you didn’t move yours either. “Did you mean it?” He asked quietly. You looked up and Legolas raised an eyebrow encouraging you to answer. Turning your body towards him you gave him a small smile. “I don’t want to ruin-”

“Did you mean it?!” He practically demanded and you started to nod suddenly nervous. “Y-yes” he stayed silent for a moment and maintained eye contact. “Legolas you should leave now.”

“Why we’re finally getting somewhere.”

“Legolas. You should leave, unless you want to witness this.” Nerves took over and you wasn’t sure whether you should panic, Thranduil was being extremely intense. Legolas was unwilling to move apparently he was just as unsure as you. “Thran-” you were cut off, he had unexpectedly reached out and now he was kissing you.

“Oh god” you heard Legolas open the door and you pushed Thranduil away. “What? Why? What?” He started to laugh. “No wine. No excuses. Do you love me?”

“You know I do!”

“I love you.” He said. “When you told me I hadn’t felt happiness like that for years and when I didn’t see you after…”

“Why didn’t you say something?”

“I thought you didn’t mean it.” You felt tears prick at your eyes. “I’m sorry. I’m sorry I didn’t mean to mess with your feelings, it was just a drunken confession.” You threw yourself at him and he fell back against your bed. “We should talk more when we’re sober” you kissed him hard and his hands rested on your hips. “Look where talking drunk has got us.” He slid his hands down to your thighs and squeezed eliciting a moan from you. He raised an eyebrow “oh (y/n) I didn’t realise how hearing you moan was something I needed.”

“Don’t get cocky.” He grinned at you and your heart melted to him smile. “Tell me one more time”


“I’ve told you so many times I’ve heard you say it once.” He sat up and wrapped his arm around your shoulders pulling you close to him. “I love you” he whispered.

Honestly, to me, Thranduil comes across as one of the most elf like, elves (aside from his son). Or the most elf like, elven ruler during the Third Age.

I mean, sure we have other Elven Rulers, but their society follows a historical, very human like structure, with kings and queens, and huge stone fortresses, and princess and princes who are the fairest of the land, etc…

Where as for Thranduil, he is literally a wood elf…like, in the Hobbit he was introduces as dining in the forest with his companions. He has a crown made of nests and berries, he prances through and enchants the woods, he is close to the animals (especially the deer), and he makes sure that his elves are very in tune with the forest around them. The forest is extremely important.

When I think of an elf, my mind veers towards elves running through the woods, playing in water, eating together on the forest floor, with flowers, and sticks in their hair, enchanting trees and talking to animals…

Basically, Legolas and or Thranduil.

Elrond doesn’t come to mind, nor do any other elven rulers bcs I feel their more marginalized to have a structured society that somewhat mirrors that of noble humans (not saying they’re the same, just similarities).

But Thranduil’s kingdom is so whimsical and elf like, not stone kingdoms or fortresses…simply a kingdom in the woods… He really captures the vision of the whimsical elf, or at least, how I feel elves are supposed to be. He and Legolas that is XD.

The Offer

Eighth installment of the Mr. Thrainson, Mr. Oropherion series. (One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen, seventeen.)

Based on this imagine over at @imaginexhobbit

Thorin x Reader, Thranduil x Reader

Warnings: Awkwardness galore!

Word count: 1,753

Thranduil’s lips are moving but it takes a moment for you to fully grasp what it is he’s saying.

“Sorry,” you mutter, “what?”

“Who is that?” he repeats slightly louder, pointing at the intercom.

“Thorin,” you reply, your mouth having gone dry; there is no need for such a reaction, of course, for Thorin is well aware of the fact that you have been dating Thranduil. It was he who had insisted you take Thranduil up on his proposition for a date, after all, so there was no room for him to complain at all.

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"Does She Know?"

Pt. 2 of “Does He Know?” Protective!Thranduil from this imagine

and based on this imagine: “Imagine Looking Up Into Thranduil’s Eyes As He Slowly Runs His Hand Down Your Face”

request for a sequel from multifandommadnesses 

also for you, fortheloveofhulk


For weeks after Mereth Nuin Giliath, the Feast of Starlight, where Thranduil meticulously - and sexily - recited all your interests, quirks and uniqueness, it was downright difficult being around Hinnorben, who was no longer your crush.

Curse it all if Thranduil weren’t right about him! Hinnorben talked about himself nonstop. He wasn’t especially rude about it, he was just clueless. And if there was one thing Thranduil wasn’t, it was clueless.

No, Thranduil wasn’t a lot of things. He certainly wasn’t yours.

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haybop-86-deactivated20160823  asked:

So even though his 'glamour' so to speak shows him fine the dragon fire destroyed the sight in his left eye? That's something that didn't even cross my mind before.... of course the 'glamour' (I dunno what to actually call it) wouldn't be able to heal his injuries, just cover them. Very interesting. Glad you picked that up, can't believe it escaped me! I am now keeping that headcanon, thank you!

Yes, exactly! I’m kind of weird in that I like my fantasy based in reality (which is why sometimes I really struggle with the way Tolkien wrote the elves). Even though magic exists, and it’s totally possible in a magic!fantasy kind of way that if Thranduil were horribly burned the way they showed in DOS that he could have been completely magically restored. 

But when I think of his perfect appearance as a “glamour”, I do imagine that it is just a facade and that beneath that magical exterior lies the true, irrevocable damage. I mean, even if over thousands and thousands of years his burned skin healed perfectly, I don’t think that his eye would heal in a way that would restore lost vision (because our eyes don’t heal that way). I guess it would depend on the severity of his injury– but eyes don’t grow back (whereas skin does). 

So, sometimes, I imagine Thranduil to be blind in one eye. And in that headcanon I have, Thranduil has excellent hearing, which he uses to help him gauge where people are or when things come at him on his blind side. I imagine that he’s so accustomed to his partial blindness by now that it hardly bothers him.  I imagine that Legolas had no idea that his father was so horribly injured, that this would be a thing Thranduil kept secret even from Legolas. (In that sketch I did, I imagine Legolas being angry-incredulous-overprotective like, “You mean you’re half blind and we live in a darkened cave!?! There aren’t even any safety railings!!!” and just generally freaking out, insisting on guarding Thranduil’s left side, etc. I also imagine that Thranduil would tolerate it for two seconds before he decides to show Legolas that he does not need to be smothered.) :)

Royal trouble - (Thranduil x reader)

Chapter 12

“I trust that the King is treating you well?”

Hmm…I wonder how Thranduil would cope if rumours were to circulate that he was treating his guest badly? Time for some revenge.

“Actually, well…I didn’t want to cause a fuss…but- ah it’s nothing really…”

Haldir steps closer to you, his expression growing concerned.

“My Lady, if you are at all unhappy I-”

“It’s just that, I wouldn’t want the King to get in trouble…”

“Ariella, I can assure you, that whatever you divulge to me, I will not betray your trust.”

Well, only if you insist – if he’s anything like the other elves, his loyalty to the King will have him spreading the gossip like fire, outraged at the almighty Thranduil’s actions. 

“To be completely honest with you,”

You lower your head, leaning slightly into him.

“..I haven’t been fed for days and this is the first time I’ve ever been allowed out of the dungeons.”

“What!? This is truly unacceptable, Ariella. The dungeons! On what premise where you put there?”

“Thranduil never gave me any reason.”

You do your best pout and begin to sniff to make it all the more convincing.

“And you have told no-one else of this…neglect?!”

“No, I guess I didn’t want to alarm anyone.”

Haldir takes your hand in his and strokes it soothingly.

“You must understand that I cannot allow this disregard for your health to be continued. Do not fear, leave it to me and I shall resolve this matter.”

“Thank you Haldir, I’m so grateful for your help.”

“You need not thank me Ariella, Thranduil should address this immediately. Do not worry, I shan’t tell him, but if I were to have you in my hospitality, I would not be so careless with,”

His round eyes lock with yours as he begins to lose his words.

“..such a stunning… delicate-“

“Um yes, well thank you, but I must find my friend…he said he was going to try and smuggle in something for me to eat. Goodbye…”

You quickly turn away, leaving Haldir to watch you delve back into the colourful sea of elves to find exactly whereabouts Legolas had got to. As much as he was good-looking, you didn’t exactly need another complicated romantic entanglement. Also, it wasn’t as if your entire existence was to be tied to a man. Thus, unable to locate Legolas after trying for far too long, you wander off to find Nym in order to have some fun of your own.

Although the majority of the hall was full with gorgeous noble lady elves, who were wearing the prettiest dresses made from silk and lace, there were a few men who had accompanied them on their journey or were relatives and due to this, it was easy to spot him; even more so from the loudness of his voice and the space between him and the lady elves.

“Ayy, Ariella!”

As you approach him he sways from side to side, almost falling over his own feet.

“Are you sure you should be having this much wine?”

“It’s the t-troll, she’s here! Look, look!”


Nym laughs and points, rather too obviously for your liking, over to a lady you have never seen before. Legolas is stood beside her, frowning and red in the face. To say he looks angry is an understatement. But she on the other hand, looks calm, smirking and batting her eyelashes at him.

Talia. This must have been who he saw earlier.

You stay with Nym to keep him occupied to stop him from downing any more of the wine and as the hours go by, it becomes increasingly clear that your plan has worked. Many of the male elves begin to throw you pitying looks, whilst the women gasp and stare, whispering to each other. Although the King appears to have been telling the truth about revealing all to Legolas, he still threw out your best friend. And for this, he needed payback. You knew how much Thranduil liked to be the centre of attention and this would give him exactly what he wanted - more or less.

As Nym introduces you to some of the random women that also appear to find his drunkenness amusing, you begin to see a pattern. Most of them are your age with long blond hair and slim figures; whilst you were more the curvy type with darker hair. Whilst talking with the less arrogant ones, they offer you sympathy after hearing how Thranduil treats you. One woman in particular approaches you. She is tall (as usual) and older than most of the others, her dark blue eyes appear to be riddled with worry.

“Are you Ariella?”

“Ah, yes.”

“Well, I just wish to say that I am utterly appalled to here of the King’s behaviour towards you. I know that you are a human – but that is no excuse. I thought that out of all the people who would have kept you well-looked after, it would be Thranduil; especially after what his own kin have been through.”

“Thank you, but I really don’t want to cause any hassle.”

Oh no, that would be terrible…

“Nonsense. It shall be rectified soon enough, my child. The council will see to that.”

Council? Oh dear…he will be mad. What a shame.

As she floats back over to a crowd of anxious looking women, you can’t help but admire your own scheming. Everything is going to plan. Suddenly, you feel yourself being pulled by the arm backward and look behind you to see Nym who appears out of nowhere. Taking you with him, he stalks over towards Talia, who is now without Legolas.

“No, Nym. We ca-”

“Sssshh!! We must creep up secretly behind her and listen in…she may be conspiring against us!”

“I don’t think she is. Surely she wouldn’t do that here?”

“You are wrong, so, so wrong, very ver-“

“Nym? Are you- sweet Christ.”

Collapsed on the floor, Nym attracts all the attention as heads turn to mock him. One elf comes over to you after watching your attempts to help him up, but his height makes this task rather tricky.

“Just leave him, he’ll be alright. He should be used to this by now.”

He chuckles and walks off. As you stand there, unsure if you should leave him or not, you notice that over to the far right of the hall there begins to form a small circle of what looks like superior elves; possibly Lords or other royalty. Straining your neck up to see over the heads of elves, you make out Thranduil, who is stood in the centre of them.

The council.

Upon seeing you, he notices that you’re watching and catches your eye with a fierce glare. You guess he must have found out and as the group dissipates, he is left standing there, simmering, brooding, glaring at you.

You have to admit that he looks even more glorious when he’s angry – intimidating, but by god, glorious. To annoy Thranduil even more, you smirk at him then turn your back weaving off through the crowd, until he calls out your name.

“Ariella. Come here, now.”

You smile at hearing the irritation in his voice.  Turning back round, you walk slowly over to where he is standing, legs wide apart, his arms folded and his head raised high. He looked less than pleased; much less.

“Is there something wrong, my King?”

You try to contain your amusement.

“Oh I think you know exactly what is wrong, my darling.”

“I’m afraid you will have to elaborate…”

“I intend to do more than elaborate, Ariella. If it’s a scene you want, then that is what you shall get.”

He grabs you roughly and turns you so that both of you are facing everyone in the hall.  

“HOW DARE YOU RAISE YOUR HAND TO ROYALTY! This is what I get for allowing you out of the dungeons? After I gave you a chance not to return to your violent ways? And you wonder why I keep you locked up!”

Heat rushing to your cheeks, you feel completely embarrassed. Out of all the things he could have done, this was the last thing you expected. Everyone is now staring at the two of you; what could you say back?

Leaning down to you, he snarls into your ear.

“What did you expect when you play games with a King?”

“What did you expect me to do when you threw out my best friend?” you say through gritted teeth.

His hold on your arms is tight, as if to restrain you. He whispers back, smirking.

“You cannot fool me, darling. I know you are enjoying this.”

“I most definitely am not.”

I totally am.

“You’ve made your point, now let me go.”

You wriggle, trying to move his arms away from you.

“Oh I don’t think so, my little flower. I’m not quite done with you yet…”

He releases his hold on your arms and instead takes your hand lightly, drawing you closer to him.

“I meant what I said to you Ariella. I intend to prove it, regardless of what you do.”

“What makes you think I want you to prove it? How do you expect me to love someone who does not care about my feelings? You made it clear by banis-”


“Yes, my King?”

Your words are still tinted with playful sarcasm, knowing full well he loves it just as much as you do.

“Kiss me.”


“You heard what I said. Do not play coy with me woman, you have tested me for long enough.”

Obeying his command, you reach up on your tip-toes and kiss him softly on his smooth lips, making the entire room hush. The whispers and chattering that had risen from Thranduil shouting at you seemed far more pleasant than the now apparent silence that had broken across the room.

“That’s not what I mean. Do it properly, Ariella. Or would you rather I make another scene?”

“Isn’t that what you’re doing already?”

“Very well, I’ll do it myself.”

Taking you by the waist, Thranduil curls his strong arms around you and pulls you flat against him. He instantly devours your mouth and you feel his tongue take dominance over yours. As he continues to deepen the kiss without letting you breathe, you release a quiet moan into his mouth as a wave of desire washes over you and your whole body tingles wanting more.

When he eventually breaks the kiss, you feel slightly faint but his arms keep you tight against him. Looking up into his eyes, they are dark and full of lust. He begins to smirk as he notices your expression change when you suddenly remember that you are in front of hundreds of elves, now looking at you with astonished faces, mouths hanging wide open.


Thranduil, still keeping you close to him, turns to address the stunned crowd.

“Ariella is mine. Anyone who harms her shall answer to their King.”

I’ve spent the last two days re-watching The Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings films and all I can think about is how dramatic Thranduil’s costumes were. All the other elves, even the high ranking ones, had semi-practical clothing like it seemed fairly simple to move around in and they only had a few layers but Thranduil walks in with his layers of billowing robes trailing behind him and a glass of wine in his hand ready for everyone to bow down to him and I love it

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We can still send you prompts right? If so i gotta ask for a ‘For some reason we have to share a bed’ fic.

“You cannot be serious.” Thranduil started, glare fixed on Elrond.

“I am afraid I am my friend.” Elrond answered fairly nonchalantly as he continued walking through the halls, only actually stopping when Thranduil moved to physically stand in his path.

“How can you have possibly run out of rooms? This is Imladris for Valar sake.” Thranduil demanded, looking as if he was trying to melt Elrond with his stare, Elrond, as ever, looked entirely unfazed by it.  

“More people than expected have arrived for the spring festival in a few days.” He explained calmly.

“Then why did you call a council at the same time.” Thranduil grit out, fists balled at his sides, Bard was surprised to see so many cracks in his usually cool exterior.

He didn’t think it was that bad, maybe either he or the idea was just moderately repulsive to Thranduil.

Bard tried not to let the unwarranted hurt show on his face.

“It was urgent and the festivities last a long while as you know.” Elrond replied, voice so even and composed it was almost annoying.

“Nothing in that meeting was urgent.” Thranduil bitched back, and Elrond actually let out a put-upon sigh.

“Well perhaps other things in Arda would concern you if you ever came out of your forest.” Elrond suggested, with a raised eyebrow.

“That is not what we are discussing here.” Thranduil hissed, and Bard was pretty proud of how Thranduil managed not to yell really.

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I really think that as fans we should avoid shooting down fan theories with ‘YOU SHOULD READ THE SILMARILLION’.

Yes, even if the theory is something blatantly, obviously contradicted by the Silmarillion! Even if the theory is 'Elves don’t have red hair’ or 'Thranduil should have killed Tauriel’ or 'Elves are perfect and majestic and never make bad decisions’.

Because, like, the Silmarillion is a hard book to read. I know people who have honestly and sincerely tried and who weren’t able to get through it. Other people don’t have access to it. 

And if fan theories get shot down with 'you should read the Silmarillion!’ I don’t think that’s going to make more people pick up the Silmarillion, I think it’s going to make them stop coming up with fan theories.

Plus, like, why stop there? Your fan theory based on the Silmarillion is totally refuted by a passage in The Treason of Isengard, Volume VII of the Histories of Middle-earth. READ THE HISTORIES OF MIDDLE-EARTH, PEOPLE.

Or, if you have read all twelve of those, then your fan theory based on the Athrabeth Finrod ah Andreth in Morgoth’s Ring, Volume X of the Histories of Middle-earth, is contradicted by notes published in the $50-an-edition linguistic journal Vinyar Tengwar, haven’t you read that? DEAR LORD, THE SORT OF PEOPLE WHO CALL THEMSELVES TOLKIEN FANS THESE DAYS.

Either we embrace fans who haven’t done the reading, whose theories aren’t canon, whose vision of Middle-earth fails to incorporate all of the details that Tolkien intended, or this fandom is only going to have one person in it, and his name is J.R.R. Tolkien and he’s dead.

I do believe that every Tolkien fan who can read the Silmarillion should, and everyone who can’t should read or watch an accessible summary and then jump on into the fandom anyway. It’s a hell of a story and a hell of a community. And I think it’s totally okay to reply to the 'Elves are perfect and never make bad decisions’ person with 'the entire series of events that got the Noldor exiled were some pretty bad decisions’ or to 'Thranduil should have killed Tauriel’ with 'it happens Elves have a thing about kinslaying and here’s why’. We don’t have to pretend that there isn’t an awesome world of backstory and complex tragedy lurking behind the references in Lord of the Rings, we just have to not yell at the people who don’t know about them. 

#2338 I’m really lonely and think I must be unloveable because I’ve never had a boyfriend. I like to think that someone in Middle Earth could love me, though. When I’m feeling extra lonely I like to imagine things like cuddling with Thorin, a romantic walk under the stars with Thranduil, or Lindir writing a song for me and then singing it to me.


“I think Lee Pace, who played King Thranduil of course. My King. He actually lived with me and my family for a little while during shooting. He didn’t want to stay in his hotel so I was like "come live in our spare bedroom!” So he did. We were roomies for a while, and we got really close. And I miss him. I wish he was here.“

Evangeline Lilly on the one person she couldn’t have gotten through filming without