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4 tips for getting ahead after falling behind

So ‘it’ happened. You got sick, you scheduled too much at once, you had a bad day (or week). We’ve all been there and it sucks. And now you’re behind and you’re feeling overwhelmed. These are just a few tips I have for getting back on track (and hopefully ahead) after falling behind.

  • If you are behind on homework it’s time to prioritize. You’re at a point where it might be worth it to let the tiny assignments that aren’t worth very much sit on the back burner until you’ve dealt with the important stuff. So what are your priorities?
    • Do you have work in a class that you’re doing really well in and you feel like you can set it aside and hand it in late, or you can afford to miss the assignment without screwing up your final grade? Great, set it aside and leave that stress for later.
    • Do you have work in a class you’re terrified of failing? Okay, focus in on that. If you don’t eliminate the chief point of stress first you’re going to find it very hard to focus on anything else.
  • Do you have exams coming up that you haven’t studied for? This is rough but you need to decide whether sleep or studying is better for you. There’s no wrong choice here; it’s different for everyone. I am a ‘needs sleep’ person but my roommate is a ‘stay up and get shit done’ person. If you know you can’t function without a decent amount of sleep then ixnay the idea of an all night all together.
    •  Now that you’ve figured that out it’s time to focus; what topics are you doing the worst in? Get started on figuring out what it is you don’t know. 
    • Also make sure to write down what you do know and keep looking over that constantly so you don’t lose the knowledge you already have. 
    • Now figure out what methods you actually have time for; if you’re in a crunch you may not have time for flashcards. I find that when it a crunch it’s helpful to essentially begin compiling a cheat sheet.
    • Write down everything you could possibly need for the exam as though you were going to be able to take it into the exam. Make it clear! Make it easy to glance at! Don’t waist time on making it look pretty!
    • As you go through creating the sheet make sure that you would know what kind of problem or topic that the concept/formula would go with and how you would use it to solve a problem.
    • The above means that you aren’t just copying over formulas, dates, quotes, etc.; You are committing the CONTEXT to your memory and if need be to your sheet.
  •  Is the problem reading? Heaven knows that’s been mine this week! First thing first: READ for the NEXT class. Don’t start with what you should’ve read last week; playing catch up is stressful and means that you may do a ton of work and still not be prepared for the next class.
    •  If you come across parts that don’t make sense because you haven’t read the earlier stuff skip back and skim those bits. 
    • Once you’ve read for the next class you can decide what the best option is for continuing. 
    • Either start at the back end of what you’re behind on or work your way backwards.
  • Is it an essay? Is it more than one? Okie doke. Break those kiddos down into the sections you think you need; intro, para 1, para 2, etc, conclusion. 
    • Alright, now give those sections titles and maybe like a brief summary. 
    • Okay now you’re ready; pick one section from one of your papers to start on. It doesn’t have to be the intro you just need to get started. I like to start with ones that require a bit of research on my part so that I can really get the ball rolling and start collecting articles. 
    • Then you should either set a timer for about thirty minutes and switch off every time the timer goes off, or (my preferred method) write until you finish the section before deciding which one to work on next. 
    • The real key is making sure that you change sections when you find yourself losing steam even if it’s in the middle of a sentence. Sometimes I start a sentence and then forget where I was going with it and it throws off the whole game so by changing sections you allow yourself to refresh and come back with new eyes.

That’s what I’ve got for now, I hope that some of this helps. I also want to remind you that you are not a bad person for getting behind whatever the reason was. Sometimes it happens even when you’re paying attention so try not to worry too much about it! If you find yourself getting overwhelmed and way too stressed out remember to let yourself breath and walk away for a few minutes. I wish you the best of luck and my ask/messenger is always open if you need anything.


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5 Seconds of Summer

25 Days of Christmas
Because Christmas is my favorite holiday

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“They always make shower sex sound so appealing, but honestly it seems quite dangerous.”
“If he’s going to treat you like shit I’m going to kick his ass.”
“Please, don’t give up on me.”
“My parents asked about you.”


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Smutty Masterlist

A collection of my favorite smuts that I’ve read.


I realized something while listening to Varric and Bethany’s party banter. He talks about preferring the surface to Orzammar, in part because “it’s sunnier here.” He can also tell Hawke, in a cutscene at the Hanged Man, that “Sunshine suits me just fine.” And in Inquisition, his tarot card is literally “The Sun”. If Varric loves the sun this much, I think it says a lot about his affection for Bethany that he nicknamed her “Sunshine” - he named her after one of his favorite things.            


Updated: 12/26/17 




Wanting More  Part 1  Part 2  Part 3

“That was amazing. I had a good time tonight. I’ll call you.”

Harry  tells you as he opens the door to let you out of his house. And that’s when you knew. That’s when you knew what he wanted from you was way different from what you wanted from him. He didn’t see you as girlfriend material, but just fuck friends. That’s what you too were. And no matter how many times you try and convince yourself that it isn’t that, the harder it will be

Hurt   Part 1   Part 2  Part 3

Where Y/N is in an unhealthy relationship, and Harry helps her realize and understand that she should be treated better.

Prince Harry Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5  Part 6

In which Y/N is the Princess of Scotland and Harry is the Prince of England. They have both been engaged to marry ever since they were young, as part of an alliance between both countries. But prince Harry might now be as welcoming to the idea of marriage. When danger strikes Y/N must go to England, and be with Harry. The weight of two kingdoms are on Y/N and Harry’s shoulders.


One shots: 

Drunk  : In which Harry comes home drunk again, and you are fed up.

Shitty Ceramics : In which Harry is really bad a ceramics, but even worst at expressing his feelings to you

First Kiss : You are little nervous to have your first kiss with Harry, and he notices.

Lonely Thanksgiving : You are alone on thanksgiving because you & your family aren’t on good terms. But then you meet Harry and he tries to make you forget everything and have a happy thanksgiving.

Rape :  When Y/N sees her rapist in public, but Harry has know idea what she has been through. But she soon tells him & he’s very understanding, loving, and let’s her know she’s worth it.

Jealous : Harry gets a bit jealous.



First Time Making Out

“I thought you loved me”

“Because I love you, god damn it”

“I’m sorry, what? I keep getting lost in your eyes.”

“I’m going to take care of you, okay?”

“Here, let me.”

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Wannabe greek salad:
This is a super simple salad, where the amount of each vegetable I add, depends on whats in my fridge and my preferences, so you can make your own twist on this if you like.

Base of salad:
- tomato
- cucumber
- olives
- red onion (I usually skip this one )

- olive oil
- apple cider vinegar
- salt
- pepper
- dried oregano

Dice the vegetables and mix. If you add red onion, but think that the flavor might be a bit to strong, I suggest cutting it up into small slices and then soaking them in water while you make the rest of the salad.

Dressing : 2 parts olive oil, 1 part apple cider vinegar. Salt, pepper and oregano to taste. I like to make it a bit more salt than I usually would on food, just because the greens need a bit more.
For this serving I used 2 teaspoons of oil, 1 teaspoon of vinegar, and ca one teaspoon of oregano.

Mix dressing with the cut vegetables. Add feta cheese or goat cheese if you would like that. And enjoy 😊

Cesar Millan is a Hack and Everything You Know is Wrong

Well, probably not everything, but there are some serious issues in the dog training world right now and with the advent of t.v shows about dog training and social media it’s getting out of control. 

First off, why call out Cesar Millan?

Because he’s one of the driving forces behind every misconception I’m about to lay out before you. In a nutshell, he has no understanding of dog behavior, he touts himself as a dog behaviorist when the only actual education on dogs he’s had is being a dog groomer, his training methods are misguided at best and abusive at worst. Most actual canine professionals can’t stand him for these reasons. Many, many professionals have written articles roasting him yet he still manages to hang on to his persona of ‘dog whisperer’ because people who don’t know any better mistake his pseudoscience for fact. 

What pseudoscience? Let’s start with the absolute core of his, and many other misguided understandings of dog psychology: The dominance theory.

I hear it all the fucking time. At the dog park “Suzy, get down! Lol sorry, she’s just so dominant” “Aw, he’s so submissive!” “Cody is an alpha, so he’ll try to dominate other dogs at first”. It all makes me want to rip my teeth out with rusty iron chopsticks. Where did people get this idea that dogs naturally fall into dominant or submissive categories? This bullshit all started with, well, bullshit. 

In 1974 a man named Rudolf Schenkel decided to study the social structure and behavior of wolf packs not by, idk, observing them in the wild, but by taking random adults from random packs and throwing them into the same zoo enclosure. Real scientific, right? He created the Alpha-Omega (I.E. Dominant/submissive) structure from the ensuing chaos he observed. In his paper, the man constantly compares dogs and wolves and this became an often sited work in studying dog behavior. In reality, wolves do have a complex social structure but it’s more easily compared to a family dynamic because essentially that’s what it is. This isn’t even that relevant to dog training, however, as dogs and wolves behave very differently. (This is, by the way, why the keeping of wolf dogs is extremely difficult and should only be done by professionals). Despite being debunked numerous times, this study continues to be used as a foundation of many dog training methods, and has been taken to truly bizarre and even sickening levels. 

Check out these nuggets of “information” from a popular dog website. Not only is it dripping with completely unfounded dominance bullshit, but it also pushes the idea (as does Cesar) that dogs have a pack mentality. This isn’t really the case either. Dogs ARE social animals and having a social structure around them is VITAL, but this ‘pack’ mentality is being pushed in an unhealthy way. It follows the dominance theory and states that dogs must find their ‘rank’ in their ‘pack’ and that hyper-romanticized wolf pack structure “rules” must be followed. Here’s a debunking of them:

1. Dogs literally do not care who’s head is higher. This is a classic example of hyper-romanticized wolf behavior and is contracted many times on this site when they assert a small dog can be “dominant” over a big one. 2. Dogs are curious animals and have usually been socialized to think that humans = play and tummy rubs. Your dog is excited and curious about the newcomer and, if not trained otherwise wants to investigate (and possibly get those tummy rubs) asap. 3. More romanticized nonsense. If your dog acts adversely to being moved from where she’s resting, it’s because of a training issue (and likely lack of proper socialization) and not because she’s being “dominant”. 

1. Dogs do not have starring contests. Looking away while being stared at isn’t your dog “submitting” to you. It’s a sign that the dog is uncomfortable and I would be too if someone was engaged me in an impromptu staring contest. It’s that dog’s way of saying “dude, can we not do this?” Also another behavior that I’ve seen people interpret as ‘submission’; opening the mouth and/or panting. This is indicative of stress. Think of how you might begin to sweat if you’re stressed. Same basic principle. 2. Dogs want to sleep in bed with you because the bed is comfortable and they like being around you. The position literally does not matter, though you may want to make the bed invitation only just as a general part of training. 3. This is a matter of preference. Personally, I allow my dogs to roughhouse with me and me alone because I don’t mind it and I can teach them a biting threshold so that they never hurt me. I find this lays a good foundation to make sure they’re gentle when I train them to bring me things, etc. 

Ever seen a kid fall down, but not start crying until his mom freaks out? Same basic principal applies here. Your dog isn’t “instinctively understanding you’re the alpha”. You’re projecting confidence and because your dog looks to you to help her understand the world, you’re making her feel safe and assured. On the other hand, if you act fearful, like the kid who looks to his mom after he fell, your dog will look to you and see that something is not right and it’s time to be fearful. “Mom is upset and on edge so I should be too!”. 

1. Good feeding habits are a must, but eating before your dog is not. Dogs are not wolves and even wild wolves (and lions for that matter) the leader usually eats first along with the pups/cubs and they usually don’t eat their fill before the others are allowed to eat. 2. Appearing to eat out of his bowl is completely unnecessary and is usually only done when trying to correct resource guarding behaviors. 3. There’s a difference between begging for food/being disruptive and not even allowed to be excited to eat. This is the line that made me want to punch this woman in the face. Imagine being psychologically abused to the point where a dog isn’t even allowed to wag it’s tail when it knows it’s about to be fed. A dog who sits down without intensely staring or turns away isn’t being ‘respectful’; in this case it’s likely been abused and is avoiding a stimulus that’s been paired with abuse (the preparation of food). 

Using these methods to train a dog can produce a well behaved dog like child abuse can produce a well behaved child. They may appear to work, but the subject in question will not be happy or well adjusted. 

Why do people keep flocking to this bullshit? For the same reason they love to reblog outlandish “facts” on this hellsite (Like, does anyone else remember that “did you know” post that claimed there was a recessive gene that made a woman’s eyes purple, have no period yet be fertile, and grow no body hair? Seriously) and unfortunately some people flat out use it to justify abusing their dogs. It puts people as the “alpha” and makes them feel powerful. It sounds scientific to people who don’t know any better. Mr. Dog-groomer chinstrap says it’s good on T.V. 

So what’s a better frame of mind to be in when you train dogs? Remember there’s no one set of ‘rules’ that will result in the perfectly trained dog and remember that every dog is different. Do all the research you can and remember your dog is…a dog. Your dog is not going to plot vengeance, nor is it always going to understand things that seem perfectly logical to you. Be patient, ask for help if you need it, don’t lose your shit, and again, learn absolutely everything you can. 

Just Like the Movies (Pt.2)

Author’s Note: You guys have shown so much love for part 1, I just had to continue 😏

Summary: Harry continues to act like an ass to Y/N on set, until she does the unthinkable.

Warnings: Swearing and angst

Requested: Oh yes.

(gif is not mine)

I locked the door to my dressing room wondering what the hell that man was thinking. He could’ve done that in private, but it’s another thing to do it in front of the girl you had to kiss.

Just as I’m kicking my shoes off I heard a knock on the door.

“What the hell do you want?” I shouted angrily. But turns out I had every right to, because asshole Harry had walked in.

“Looks like someone ain’t happy huh? Poor poor you.” He snickered and I wanted to smack the grin off of his fucking face. “Markus wanted me to tell you I’m sorry. But ya know, he doesn’t have to know.”

I simply rolled my eyes and pointed at the door. “The only way I can promise I’ll leave you alone isn’t a fucking apology. It’s for you to get out of my dressing room and for you to quit acting like a prick. Looks like you’ll only be able to do one of those things. So buh-bye!”

He glared back at me and shrugged. “You got that right sweetheart. And since we have to film more..” he shudders, “kissing scenes, I’m definitely gonna have to have a bottle of mouthwash.”

He did not just..

“See ya around Miss Y/N.” He smirked and walked out.

What. An. Ass-hat.


This morning is a hell of a lot more tense on set. Markus makes Harry and me film scenes where we aren’t together which I’m so thankful for. I get to film with the cast members who haven’t treated me like crap, and they are actually pretty funny. Like this one girl named Tana. We’ve gotten close since yesterday, so I know at least one person I can rely on.

But when it is time to film with Harry.. it’s utter chaos. He refused to speak for the first 10 minutes, and Markus had to talk him into saying his lines with candy. Yes, exactly how you would bribe a child. Classy for a celebrity like him huh?


Y/C/N and H/C/N are walking into the woods just talking. As one of the set crew cracks a stick for sound effects you two stop.

H/C/N: “Hush love.. could be someone from the West side..” he pulls out a fake gun that looks oh so realistic and aims it around as if someone were to step forward.

Y/C/N: “But H/C/N, what if-”

“I’m sorry, but come on!” Harry basically yells making Markus cut the scene before turning back to me, glaring. “What the hell was that? You call yourself an actress aye? Some ‘acting skills’ you got you little twat.” That was it. With that I didn’t storm off. No.

Instead what I did something so unthinkable that even I was shocked I did it. No I didn’t slap him. No I didn’t yell back. Instead I did something that made him almost grab his mints from his pocket.

I kissed him. Hard.

It made everyone shut up including himself. I could tell that yesterday’s kissing scene was just one big act, because he never pulled away like I thought he would. When I finally did I smirked. “Some 'acting skills’ you got you little twat.”

I saw his skin pale, before I finally walked away, leaving everyone in utter shock. I should’ve known Harry was just a pathetic little asshole who doesn’t like to admit that he doesn’t mind the new girl, or her kissing abilities.


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married part two- h.s imagine

you can read part one here

Harry managed to escape all his friends and family trying to congratulate him. He smiled at one of his guests as he made his way out onto the patio where the reception was being held. With everything going inside, the garden was bare of any guests. Harry let out a chuckle as his eyes instantly landed on his best friend. You were sitting on a bench, staring out into the sky, a glass of wine in your hands. Harry sat next to you, his shoulder softly nudging yours. “Found you.”

You let out a small smile, “Found me.”

Harry let out a sigh as he placed out his arms on the bench. “I can’t believe I’m married, Y/N.” You let out a nod as you looked into your wine glass. Harry chuckled, “Let me tell you, I was so nervous giving my vows but when I glanced over at you, you were crying a bloody mess so they must’ve been good.”

You rolled your eyes at the irony and shrugged your shoulders as you looked at Harry. “They were beautiful, Harry. Any girl would be lucky to hear those words from you.” Harry smiled as he turned to look at the church building behind him, “Lucky for Kimberly, she’s the only one I’ll say those words to.”

“Harry’s coming back from his honeymoon today.” Niall said, interrupting you from your thoughts.

You nodded your head as you picked at the plate of food in front of you. The two of you decided to meet for lunch today. Well, Niall dragged you out to lunch today. Since the wedding, he’s made sure to check up on one of his closest friends (You’ll always be grateful for Niall’s friendship). While he was happy for Harry, he only wished Harry could be as happy as he was with you instead of Kimberly.

“Have you talked to him? Since the wedding?” Niall asked, taking a bite of his own food. You shook your head no. “He’s called a couple of times but I couldn’t bring myself to pick up the phone.”

Niall nodded his head understandingly, feeling nothing but sympathy for his friend. He reached over and placed his hand on top of yours gently. “It’ll get easier, Y/N.”

You opened the door of your apartment. Your eyes instantly went wide, “Harry.” Harry’s arms were crossed, his eyebrow raised at you. “Oh so you are alive.” He remarked as he made your way into your apartment. You closed your eyes as Harry continued, “Cause you know. You never replied to my texts or calls.”

You chuckled as you walked into the kitchen, beginning to pour one of Harry’s favorite wine for the both of you. “Wanted you to enjoy your honeymoon, that’s all.” Harry shook his head, pulling out his phone and making his way over to you. “Nonsense. You know I love hearing from you.” He placed his phone in front of you, “Take a look at all the pictures I took.”

You took a sip before you grabbed his phone. As you scrolled through the beautiful pictures Harry took from traveling around Europe, you landed on a picture of Harry and Kimberly kissing while the camera was facing them. You cleared your throat as you handed Harry his phone back, “Looks like you guys had fun.”

Harry nodded his head excitedly, “It was amazing, Y/N. Whenever you get married, you should definitely do the same thing.”

You let out a scoff mixed in with a laugh as you sat down on the couch. “I’m not planning on getting married any time soon.”

Harry placed himself on the spot directly next to yours. “Why not?”

You shrugged your shoulders as you stared at the wall. “My heart is a little sensitive at the moment.”

Harry sat a little straighter, “Are you seeing anyone?” You were about to answer before Harry interrupted, “Is it Niall?”


“Don’t think I didn’t notice how close you guys were at the wedding.”


“That would be so cool if you guys were to get married someday. Do you think Niall would ask me to be the best man?”

“Harry!” You yelled, hitting his chest. Harry smiled. “Sorry, love. I got a bit excited.”

You let out a chuckle, “Niall and I aren’t dating. He was just keeping me company.” Harry let out a little pout, “That’s a shame. I reckon you and him would be perfect together.”

Your eyes shifted to the floor, “I don’t think so.” I thought you and me would be perfect together.

Harry patted his hands against his thighs, “Well, I didn’t come here just to scowl at you for not answering my calls.” Harry gave you a pointed look. “Kimberly and I wanted to take you out to dinner tonight.”

You raised your eyebrow, “Kimberly wants me at dinner?” You never got the best vibe from Kimberly but you could never tell Harry that. It would break his heart knowing his best friend didn’t approve of someone he was potentially going to spend the rest of his life with. So, you bit your tongue and said Kimberly was great.

“Of course she does. She loves you,” Harry said. You settled more into the couch. “I don’t know, Harry.”

“Come on, Y/N! I want to proper catch up with you.” Harry whined as he grabbed your hands. You sighed as a smile fought its way onto your face. “Fine.”

To say dinner was awkward was an understatement. You were trying to enjoy Harry’s stories about traveling to all the different cities him and Kimberly went to on the honeymoon, but you felt as though Kimberly was throwing daggers at you. You felt like everything you said, Kimberly would throw some sly remark. You mentioned how you wish you saw the Eiffel Tower in real life, she would say how much fun her and Harry had. You asked Harry if he had a chance to check out the restaurant in Barcelona you guys saw on food network, she said her and Harry had an amazing time at the restaurant. It seemed like she made sure you knew they were together.

“I’m going to use the loo really quickly,” Harry excused himself. You mentally cursed him out in your head. You cleared your throat as you looked at Kimberly, “So. What city was your favorite on the honeymoon?”

Kimberly cleared her throat and pushed her plate away from her. “Y/N. I don’t want to come off as mean or cruel.”

You raised your eyebrow at her, beckoning for her to go on.

“I know that you have feelings for Harry.” She raised her hand in front of you. “This ring means that all the girls he knew, all the girls he encountered, he chose me. That means he chose me over you.”

IM SO SORRY I MADE YOU GUYS WAIT SO LONG FOR A PART TWO. ive had the biggest brain fart. this story took so many attempts and i pictured it going in so many directions. i’m not really proud with how this turned out. i can promise you though there’ll be a part 3 cause this is going to be a mini series! maybe. if you guys liked this lol let me know what you guys think!

btw those messages doesn’t even show you how much requests i got to write a part 2!

you can find the rest of my writing here 

you can read part 3 here

Loving Me is Like Loving War

Originally posted by puhhleaseyouknowmysteez

[ part 1 ] - [ part 2 ] - [ part 3 ]

Billy Hargrove x Reader

A/N: Kay so I hope this is as fun for you to read as it was for me to write, ending to this part came out different than I first thought but I think I prefer it? Idk, let me know what you think. 

Also, feel like I should just say that yeah Billy Hargrove as a character is a complete dick but I feel he’s such an interesting character to work with?? and dacre is gorgeous so y’know.


A comfortable silence filled the car as Billy pulled out of your driveway and you found yourself watching him closely. His face looked cold and hard, his eyes were fixated on the road and his jaw was clenched; he was concentrating, and you took this opportunity to really look at him. In a way you hadn’t yet had chance to.

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I feel like I’m not going to feel at home anywhere and I think (for now) that I’m fine with that. And I will probably just float around in hotel rooms with a wine bottle in my hand (white preferably). Airport to airport, cab to cab, broken to fixed.
—  Taken from one of my old journals, 17 and wondering, I suppose - part 2
I thought we were family: Part 2

Pairing: Reggie x reader, Twin!Andrews/Andrews!Reader 
Word count: 1,489
Warnings: Swearing, sexual references, abuse references(?)
Description: Much requested part two for ‘I thought we were family’. Once Mary shows up to pick up what she left behind, (Y/N) can’t stand the heaviness in her chest. She feels alone and ends up finding herself in even more trouble.
A/N: Thank you so much for your love, so as requested – part two! I’m not sure how I felt about the writing style in this one. I prefer 3rd person but I think I was too caught up in the reader’s thoughts instead of focusing on the situation as a whole. Oh well. I’m still excited for you guys to read! Please let me know what you think ☺

Part 1

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Preferences: How They React To Being A One Night Stand.

Part 2

Anakin: He’s angry. When the words roll off your tongue he couldn’t take it. “Anakin… I’m sorry but it didn’t mean anything. It was a one night stand.” He glared at you, wanting to strike out at you, choke you - anything! But he loved you, he wasn’t about to hurt you. He turned around, swallowing the lump forming in his throat, not wanting to show you how hurt he was but it was obvious. Walking away from you, he didn’t want to ever see you again, he looked back at you hoping that you’d changed your mind but you didn’t. The next time you saw him, you were on your knees in front of him obeying every word he had to say. You’d done this to him. You made him Darth Vader.

Obi-Wan: To your face, he doesn’t care. “It’s a good job really Y/N, it could have been really dangerous.” You were glad he ‘understood’ however when he left he was a mess. He burnt the sheets you’d laid with him in last night, all the activities you’d done together in them, the pillows even the robe he wore that you’d been pressed against. His heart may be a little darker, but he wasn’t about to turn to the dark side… Not yet anyway.

Darth Maul: Pissed off, betrayed, hurt. But that only fuelled his darkness. However when he found out you were a Jedi, that made his day. He secretly followed you to your bedroom quarters and walked in after you, leaning up against your door frame. “Does it feel dirty knowing you fucked a Sith?” You frowned, rolled your eyes and shook your head a ‘no’. That angered him out of everything. He pushed you against the wall and growled inaudibly in your ear. Yet he couldn’t bring himself to kill you, even if you were the enemy. He’d kiss you one last time. It was the last time YOU’D see him, he on the other hand - he’d follow you, stalk you. Creepy obsessive. Don’t have a one night stand with this Sith.

Qui-Gon: He’s upset but he’s more worried about his ability to become a Sith so he makes it so he doesn’t allow himself to feel emotion. “How are you today Y/N?” He’s civil with you, and he’ll smile and train with you. He’s just happy he got to feel you, even though it was only once. You won’t ever speak about it, and you’ll both forget that it ever happened. All-in-all, Qui-Gon is rather acceptable of a one night stand with one person, and that one person was you.

Luke: He’s heartboken. He doesn’t understand, did he do something wrong? He’d woke up in the morning and gave you a kiss on the cheek which caused you to wake up and scurry out of there, ignoring his yells for you to come back. He gets his own stuff together and runs after you, grabbing you by the arm. “Luke, it was a mistake.” He wanted to cry, and he did. He was so upset, he loves you. Yet you stood there holding yourself like you were okay. He kept asking you what did he do wrong? Was he that bad in bed that you had to tell him it was a mistake? That pull to the dark? Had that been what his father felt too?

Han: Han is fine with it. Well, not entirely but you get what I mean. He’d taken you home with the intention of having a one night stand with you, but when the roles were reversed he wasn’t entirely pleased. By the time he’d woken up you were gone with a note. “Don’t find me.” He held the note in his hand and squeezed/squoze his hand tightly into a fist, he felt… disappointed? Was this karma for his intentions? He honestly changed when he’d finished, he wanted it to be for a while. Maybe not forever, but a while. But he woke up and you were gone. He’ll often think about you, whether you truly enjoyed it and what you were up too, but he lost no sleep over it. And he hoped to find you again one day.

Darth Vader: This isn’t an easy one considering there’s technically no physical one night stand with him. You were dressing yourself when you’d feel him stir behind you, a gloved hand placed on your back. “I’m leaving Vader, this never happened and it will not happen again.” He’s angry, hurt, but that’s okay. He’d certainly try and kill you, but was disrupted by one of his workers, in which allowed you time to flee from him. You would escape from him, knowing you were foolish and would never go back, always on edge of running into him, or someone who knew what had happened that would bring you back to him. You’d be a runaway for the rest of your life because of his ability to manipulate the Force on you like that.

Kylo Ren: H e a r t b r o k e n. Even more than Luke would be. He already had trust issues, then you came along batted your eyelids at him and he was all over you. The thought couldn’t leave his mind when he saw you leaving. You turned to him and smiled slightly, nervous. “Thanks for last night, but we aren’t going to do it again.” At first he was confused, told you that it was okay if you did but you turned to him so bluntly and said no. You left and he saw red, he was angry, furious. His room was completely torn apart, all his belongings, his bed even his clothes. Then he went to find you. He grabbed you by the arm forcefully and strongly so it would definitely leave a bruise. Without saying anything and ignoring your cries to let you go, he shoved you into a room and handcuffed you to a pipe in which he introduced to you as ‘your new home’. A one night stand with Commander Ren led to a kidnapping,which led to torture.

Hux: You were both drunk. It happened at a party, not in a bed, but up against the wall in an small, cramped hallway. “We’re never doing that or speaking of that again.” “Agreed.” Once he’d finished inside you, he was quick to remove his hands from your hips and legs and put you down and look at you with disgust (with a lil bit of love bc even though he agrees it’s not gonna happen again, he really wants it to - but has to be professional to his colleagues). From that day on he couldn’t look at you the same, couldn’t help but think about that night it disgusted him how unprofessional he could be. Against the wall. You never spoke about it to each other yet Kylo had pulled Hux off to the side and asked about it a few times invading his thoughts. It was a one night stand in which he didn’t want to admit, he wanted it to be more.

Okay so I just thought of this and was like ‘I need to do it’

I’m thinking of making a part 2 to it; how they react to finding out you’re pregnant from the one night stand? What do you guys think?

@greenlightsaberluke i’m sorry for this XD

hope you guys enjoy this, and yeah so, let me know if you want a part 2!!


there they goooo

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Hey, how does watching jjba work? Is there more than one anime for it or do you read the manga first? I just want to get into it but idk how to start lol

No problem, anon! I’m new to it as well and it took me a while to figure out bc it can be a bit confusing gfhjdkf

Basically there are 8 parts/story arcs in total, 4 of which have been animated. Some people prefer to read the manga first but I think the general consensus is to watch the 4 parts of the anime and then read the other parts (that’s what I’m doing anyway! Plus I find the anime incredibly enjoyable so far even though apparently it does cut out some scenes from the manga?)

I’m basically watching it all on gogoanime but kissanime.ru works too. SO, some links:

Part 1 “Phantom Blood” and Part 2 “Battle Tendency” (the 2012 anime covers both arcs which is convenient)

Part 3 “Stardust Crusaders” (First Season)

Part 3 “Stardust Crusaders” (Second Season)

Part 4 “Diamond is Unbreakable” (most recent one)

end of anime stuff so far. Now to the manga. If you want to read coloured scans, I was recommended this site but if you’re like me and you’re too lazy to download the files, you can use kissmanga or bato.to instead. Just keep in mind that kissmanga has a lot of ads and is missing part 7 while bato.to has all the parts plus they’re coloured. You do need to make an account for it but it’s free.

Part 5: Vento Aureo 

Part 6: Stone Ocean

Part 7: Steel Ball Run

Part 8: Jojolion

The manga is pretty long so take your time and don’t rush haha. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask. Enjoy!

a Black Mirror season 4 review

possible spoilers

1) USS Callister (8/10) - I liked this episode a lot. I love the tone and the message and the classic Black Mirror flipping of your perception of the protagonist. I think the exposition was great, I was kind of worried from the trailer that it maybe wasn’t going to be grounded more realistically since it only showed the mock-Star Trek scenes, but I love that they did a good amount of worldbuilding that gave time to establish a suspicious kind of wary empathy for Daly before ripping that apart. However, I agree with others that the ending felt pretty rushed, and I kind of wish we got a resolution from the real world too. It would’ve been cool to see them find Daly stuck forever in his catatonic state or dead or whatever. I also think it’s really interesting who you empathize with in this episode. Obviously Daly was terrible, but real-world Walton was to an extent too, it’s interesting how his virtual self redeems him. (Side note this episode made me love Jimmi Simpson, I wasn’t a huge fan of him in Westworld) 

2) Arkangel (7/10) - I like the concept. I’m not so sure I agree with a lot of others that the helicopter parenting thing is way too overdone a trope, I didn’t think the technology felt stale. At the same time I didn’t love the tone, it was a little anticlimactic, and it was a little straightforward. (And they either should not have cast 21-year-old Brenna Harding as a 15-year-old, or just adjusted the character’s age? I think it would’ve made more sense if Sara was maybe just a little older than 15). The plot was kind of boring and the characters/tropes (Sara, Trick, the mom), that’s what felt overdone to me. They were all kind of embodiments of stale tropes and nothing more. The mom was nothing more than a helocopter parent, Sara wasn’t much more than the bare bones of a rebellious teen, and her “love interest” was just a stereotypically annoying stoner kid. Final comments: Trick was a creep and more could have been done with the Arkangel technology.

3) Crocodile (7/10) - I think this was the wrong plotline for the technology not to have been like the central central component. Obviously the recaller was motivation for the ending to have happened (and I kind of really liked the little witness twist at the end), but Mia’s character didn’t feel incredibly real. I get that the initial event really changed her as a person but with the “spree” she goes on, it should’ve shown more of her inner turmoil and struggle for it to have been more believable. For a character to develop the way Mia did, usually in Black Mirror it would be a side effect of technology that desensitizes people to violence or intrapersonal relationships, and I guess the technology did increase her paranoia a ton which drove her to murder, but still. Overall, I think they could/should have done a whole lot more with the concept of the recaller, which I think was really cool and original in a season that deals a lot with consciousness and consciousness-related technologies. The recaller felt fresh but almost wasted on a weak plot. Shazia was the high point of the episode.

4) Hang the DJ (9/10) - I LOVED this episode so much. It had all the components of a classic Black Mirror episode and still such an uplifting ending: a plot twist, little hints along the way, characters to root for (!!!!) I loved the dialogue, the concept, everything. I’ve watched it multiple times since Friday already. However, although I understand the comparisons to San Junipero, I don’t think they’re exactly the same caliber. In my opinion, San Junipero went so much further in terms of worldbuilding and had a more fleshed out story, and the characters had much more distinctive personalities, so I don’t really agree with the statement that Hang the DJ is “straight San Junipero.” I mentioned I really liked Hang the DJ’s hints along the way, but even that I think San Junipero did better (Yorkie’s car accident hints, just every little thing you pick up on when you rewatch SJ, of which there are a ton). However, I think I preferred Frank and Amy’s dialogue to Yorkie and Kelly’s, SJ’s was almost clunky at certain times but Hang the DJ’s dialogue was so sweet and flowed so well. If not for Black Museum, this would be my favorite episode of the season. I can’t forget to mention that the score is amazing. Sigur Ros !! The end scene is so sweet and such a feel-good moment and emphasizes just how much you root for the characters as people and their relationship. The Smiths’ Hang the DJ tied everything together so perfectly at the very end (just slightly less iconic than Heaven is a Place on Earth playing over Kelly’s coffin lowering into the ground).

5) Metalhead (5/10) - I don’t really have much to say about this episode. I didn’t like the black and white or the limited dialogue. That’s definitely just my personal opinion, but for me it made the episode that much harder to sit through and difficult to want to pay attention to. Usually Black Mirror has my full attention but this episode did not. I didn’t really like the Shining-esque score, and I know the limited worldbuilding was also intentional but I’d have preferred some more background, but I know that’s just an opinion and some feel the limitations supplemented the story. It feels like a lot of the scenes weren’t content, just filler. I personally did kind of like the final twist, but overall the only saving grace of the episode was the actress’ performance, I just don’t think the episode was that deep. 

6) Black Museum (9.5/10) - Ok this episode was pretty close to perfection. My only complaint is I think they started off with the strongest anecdote, Dawson’s pain/pleasure mishap addiction thing. That was the most captivating. I have mixed feelings about Carrie’s consciousness thing (it might just be that I think the chair concept is awkward), but overall this episode was amazing. I love that it was a compilation of references and easter eggs (Saint Juniper’s, Shazia’s husband’s bathtub, TCKR, so many other things in the museum, “like when they upload old people to the cloud?”) Highlights included the acting ! Shit ! Leticia Wright and whoever played Rolo Haynes (sorry). Overall, it was a really comprehensive story that keeps you hooked and guessing and waiting, and this is a great episode to watch with others, because when I watched it with a friend we were yelling “holy shit” every 45 seconds and trying to catch foreshadowing to stay 1 step ahead, but like always Black Mirror always comes out of nowhere. I’m not doing a great job of emphasizing how great this episode is, but it’s a must watch.

Final comments: I loved season 4. I don’t like how so many people are saying it’s been so far dumbed down for American audiences. Some of the episodes retain the same tone as the first 2 seasons. Anyway, I don’t think Charlie Brooker would sell out like that, but I agree with some saying they should bring in some other writers too to supplement him before his ideas start getting staler, it’s amazing what kinds of ideas collaboration can bring about. Yeah a lot of the episodes are more cinematic, and I prefer the smaller production vibe with Black Mirror too (except SJ, cinematicness worked amazingly there), but I don’t think the bigger budgets have (for the most part) impeded on the storytelling.

In relation to other seasons, I’d say it’s about on par with season 3, checks and balances of the high and low episodes considered. The way I scored it, season 4 gets a 45.5/60 (honestly this is with the episodes all relative to each other held to an impossibly high Black Mirror standard, universally all BM is 10/10) and season 3 I gave comprehensively a 48/60. Let me know what you thought! I’d love to hear

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Im always so curious how artists make the skin look so alive (i guess) on the drawings and how to achieve that look?? I truly fancy that look and ughhh i just love great art in general.. :(( but yeah i just? Kind of want to know the secret to it lmao

i don’t think there’s like.. a secret to it hhah but uhm well.. for me the most important thing to make the skin look “alive” is 1. a diverse colour palette (yellows, reds, blues etc) and 2. thats just a personal preference.. but i never perfectly blend the brush streaks on the skin parts.. you get what i mean? i make it look a little rougher because if it’s perfectly blended it looks too “doll like”
here’s some example close ups vv

In Good Times and In Bad (Harry Styles Imagine Part 3)

SURPRISE! I was so guilty for making you guys wait for this part so I locked myself in my room with a pot of coffee (the entire coffee maker lol) and made sure to finish it today. 

Make sure to tell me what you guys think about this part HERE

If you’ve only stumbled upon this story for the first time… don’t you worry! Here’s the other parts!


Masterlist here

Love you guys!



It didn’t surprise me that Anne and Gemma already got themselves checked to be donors for Harry’s kidney donor. Like them, I underwent the several tests to see if I can donate and made my way out of clinic.

“That’d be all Y/N. I’ll just inform you and your in-laws if we ever find a match for you husband.” Dr. Sison said.

“Doctor, if I may ask, will it be possible that in the instance that I’ll be the match, everyone would never know that it was me who gave him the kidney?” I asked him.

I knew that if he found out that it was me who made the transplant possible, he’d owe his life to me and forget about the divorce.

Don’t take it the wrong way, I don’t want the divorce. Harry, on the other hand, already haas the idea in mind and I believe that he has his reasons as to why he wanted it. I don’t want him to force himself to loving me just because I technically saved his life.

I don’t want him to think that he still loves me just because he owes me his life.

“That’s totally possible, Y/N.”

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Montgomery x Reader Imagine (Part 2/?)

NOTE: Thanks for the good feed back, guys! So here comes part 2, unfortunately I’m stupid and in the middle of writing I realised I wrote this one in first person. Anyway, tell me which person do you prefer (I can try the third next time lol). This one is bit longer than the previous one, I hope you’ll like it xx

I spent most of the Saturday with Sheri so I didn’t have much time to think about the hot tub thing, but Sunday… Most of the day I sat at my room, reading book, even though better word would be holding. I stared at one page for an hour and haven’t read a single word.
Was I too hard on him? I mean, I joked around and made innuendos with all the jocks all the time, including Monty, but leaving him like that in the hot tub is something on a whole new level.
Whatever, he started it and he deserved it. But memories of his lips and if his hands on my body still gave me chills.
Fuck you, Montgomery, I whispered.

Next day at school wasn’t anything special until I came to the chemistry lesson, a little bit late.
“Please, take a sit, Ms. Y/L.N”, teacher barely even looked at me.
I looked around the classroom and spotted last empty chair. Next to Montgomery.  
“You gotta be kidding me”, I mumbled under my breath.
“Hey, you”, I sat on my chair.
“Hey”, he kinda acted normal, kinda stared at me.
“How was the rest of the party, huh? You smoked some weed, play some video games?”, why am I like this, why did I even started this topic.
“I had to jack off in the hot tub. Because of you”, he whispered through his clenched teeth.
“Ew, does Bryce know about it?”, I prayed for him to shut up, afraid that someone would hear something and honestly, I couldn’t imagine anything some embarassing than people finding out that two of us made out.
“You will regret it.”
“Yeah, right”, I snorted.
His hand went behind me and his fingers started running along my spine. I tensed up trying not to show that it had an effect on me.
“Okay class”, teacher finally started lesson, “most of this semester, you’ll work in pairs, so look at your neighbour and say Hi to your new partner”.
I slowly turned my head to look at Montgomery, now disgusted even more then when he mentioned jacking off in the hot tub.
“What did you get in chemistry last semester?”, I asked.
“What do I need to play in the team?”
“C average or above”, everyone in sports teams said it like a mantra, it was literally the only condition, that has to be fulfilled to be in the team. “So it was C?”, I guessed.
“Well, yeah, what did you get?”
“A”, I sighed knowing all the work would be on me this semester.

Next day I was in cafeteria, waiting in the line to get my food, wearing my cheerleader suit.
“You’re looking good, you know?”, I heard annoying voice behind me.
“Why don’t you just get ‘lookin’ good’ tattoed on your face?”, I answered bored. “Besides, you have seen me in cheerleader suit a thousand times.”
“Yeah, but last Friday I took a good look at you in bathing suit…”
“No way”, I interrupted him with sarcastic tone.
“… And now I know what’s under it”, he continued.
“What has gotten into you today?”, I asked, little bit shocked with his dirty talk.
“I told you, you will regret”, he whispered.
“So you gonna sexually harrass me for the rest of my life?”, I turned around to look at him and saw Clay Jensen coming up.
“Hey, Jensen”, I said bit louder so he could hear.
He waved at me and smiled.
“Did you talk to Jeff?”, I asked. “US history and English will be kicking his ass once again.”
“Yeah, I spoke to him and yeah I will tutor him”, he said as he walked by.
“Thank you”, I gave him a high five. “You’re da best.”
“Thanks, Y/N”.
“Real MVP!”, you shouted and he laugh.
I finally got my food, grabbed the tray and went to the table not waiting for Monty. I barely sat went Jessica came over with a smile on her face.
“Okay, bitches, party at my place, Friday, 7pm”, she said, punched my arm and went.
“Seriously, you have to stop doing it! Where are you going?”, I shouted.
“To spread the news!”

Friday came up and I really didn’t feel like coming. Again.
“You always complain, but still come go the party and have a great time”, Jess said when we were walking home from school. “So stop making up excuses, or I swear I’ll slap you.”
“You can’t fight with an argument like this, I guess”, I sighed.
My parents didn’t have anything against the party, they didn’t put much interest in me as long as my grades were good and I was in cheerleaders team.

I showed up at Jessica’s at 7, and was one of the firsts, because 7 really mean 9, but it was okay. My plan was to get buzzed (and I really wanted to get drunk that night) before party starts for good and to avoid Montgomery. Good thing was that after Tuesday talk in cafeteria he kinda stopped annoying me.
By 10 pm I was properly drunk, so when Justin asked if I want to play spin the bottle with him and few other people of course I was like “Duh, fuck yeah”. I sat the floor between Sheri and Zach.
“Hey, Monty, you play?”, Zach asked and moved slightly making place for Montgomery to sit between us.
It didn’t really bothered me, because last three days he had been acting normal, so I thought he finally accepted the fact he got played.
After few spins bottle pointed at me, I leaned towards Troy and gave him a quick kiss. I spinned the bottle and it pointed Monty. With poker I turned to him and kissed him as quickly as I did with Troy. He spinned and it pointed on me again.
“Seriously?!”, I sighed.
He quickly wrapped his arm around my neck, turned us, so people couldn’t really see our faces and kissed me stucking his tongue in my mouth. It lasted way too long than typical kiss in the game.
“At least first bring her a drink, Montgomery”, Justin said and threw chips in our direction.
“Easy, hot head”, I mumbled as I moved away without looking at his face.
Few minutes later game was over, mostly because Jessica and Justin turned it into make out session. I got up and went to the kitchen, to make myself another drink and grab something to eat.
One minute later I felt someone smacked my ass.
“Did you just…”, I didn’t even have to look to know who it was. “You’re fucking disgusting, you know that?”
“Maybe, but somehow I think you you’re into it and you like what is going on between us”, he took a sip of my drink without asking.
“Oh my God, you’re also fucking ridiculous”, I said with my eyes wide open. “I’m too sober for that shit”, I drank whole drink at once.
“You swallow fast”, he said with cocky smirk on his face.
“One more word and I’ll throw up at you, I swear”.
“Yo, Y/N”, I heard Jeff calling my name.  “Wanna go for a beer run with me?”
“With pleasure”, I answered and run to him without even looking and Monty.
In the car Jeff told me how he helped Clay and Hannah with their twisted situation, clearly proud of himself that for once he turned out to be smarter than Clay.
“You’re good guy, Atkins”, I smiled at him. “All you want is to play baseball, have a good grades and help Clay with Hannah and that’s beautiful.”
“Oh, come on, I’m gonna blush”, he laughed.
“No seriously, I will tell every girl that you’re the most pure, sweetest cinnamon roll and that you’re different than others and don’t care about scoring".
Weird grin showed up on his face.
“You already scored today, didn’t you?”, I punched him in the arm. “I take my words back, you’re awful”, I laughed. “How does it happen that everyone make out with everyone, except me?“
“You know…”, Jeff moved in the seat. “It’s probably cause you always seem so… tied… And stressed”
“Excuse me?”, I turned on the seat.
“Well, you know, compared to other cheerleaders… Look, they don’t give a shit about anything, they don’t give a shit about school, about grades, they don’t give a shit even about cheerleading. And you care about everything and that’s why you seem more stressed than them”, he tried to explain. “Take a chill pill, make out with someone, have some fun”, he punched my arm.
(Un)fortunately his words and the drink I drank and once before leaving for beer run, both hit me at the same time. Super drunk me decided to make out with somebody. Anybody. We came back, I left the car and started walking towards Jessica’s home, having big troubles with walking in straight line.  
“Y/N, for fuck’s sake, just be careful”, Jeff shouted for me.
“Yeah, yeah”, I mumbled getting into the house.
I looked around and spotted Montgomery sitting on the couch, doing something of his phone. I went there, sat next to him and put my hand on his thigh.
“It’s a party, Monty, put this phone away and have some fun”, I said.
“Huh, look who’s gotten friendly”, he looked at me suspiciously.
“I know, I’ve been a bitch but I went for that beer run with Jeff, you know, and I realized some things”.
“Really, what things, for example?”, he put his arm around me.
I didn’t answer him, I stared at his face instead, giggling.
“God, you’re handsome”, I said glancing at his lips.
“Okay, here’s what we gonna do”, he leaned towards me and whispered into my ear, “I’m gonna go upstairs, to Jessica’s room, and you’ll join me in few minutes”, his lips were touching my ear.
I nodded my head, Monty quickly kissed me on the neck and basically run upstairs.
“I’m gonna get laid”, I mumbled to myself. “I think I’m gonna get laid.”
“Hey Y/N”, Jessica jumped on the couch.
“Where have you been, I was looking for you.”
“I was on a beer run with Jeff.”
“Goood, I was afraid we run out of alcohol, but then Jeff came in like a Superman with sixpacks”, she giggled.
“I think I need some water”, I smiled at her and left to the kitchen, I need to get rid of her.
I poured myself a water, drank it and run upstairs. When I opened door to Jessica’s room, it was dark inside. I closed and locked the door.
“Montgomery?”, I whispered.
I heard steps behind me, second later Monty pushed me to the wall, grabbed my wrists put them above my head. His hands went down the sides of my body, until he grabbed my thighs and pulled me up, so I could wrap my legs around his waist.
He laid me on the bed his lips went from my down neck to collarbones and started sucking it just like a week ago.
“Monty”, I punched his arm.
He pulled up, stroked cheek, and said, “Today I make the rules”, shiver went down my spine.
“Fuck”, I mumbled.
His hand went from my thigh to my breast and squizzed it. The other one pulled dress up, he started kissing my stomach, getting lower and lower, sucked my belly button, probably causing huge hickey around it, but I really fucking didn’t care. His head went up and he kissed my lips again. I felt his fingers sliding into panties which only turned me on more.
I started unbottoning his shirt but he grabbed both of my wrists with spare hand.
“Keep your hands yourself”, he whispered and slided his fingers into me.
I scratched his back.
“You like that?”, he asked as he curled his fingers and pumped them again and again.
“Fuck, Montgomery, I want you, just fuck me already”, I moaned.
“Does it turn you on?”, another pump.
I nodded my head and bit my lip trying to not make any noices. It was dark, my eyes were closed, butcould sense fucking cocky smirk on his face. He slided out of me and sat bed.
“Monty, why did you stop?”, I also sat on bed and switched the light on.
He bottoned up two bottons I had undo and fixed his hair.
“What the fuck are you doing?”, I asked.
He stood up, leaned towards me and looking me in the eyes said, “Guess you can’t play the player, huh?”
“Are you kidding me?”, I shouted.
“It was fun, see you on Monday”, he unlocked the door, smiled at me and left the room.
I sat there speechless for a few good minutes.
“What the fuck did just happen?”, I asked myself out loud.
I fixed my hair, took a deep breath and decided to go back to the party.
“Fucking bastard”, I mumbled.
I went down and sat on the couch next to Jess.
“Why don’t you have any drink?”, she asked.
“I’m good, thanks”.
“You know, to be honest, you look a little fucked, break will be good for you”, she said, even though she was the one who was barely able to speak. “ Where the fuck is Justin?”, she looked around.
“He’s playing beer pong with Montgomery”, Alex Standall sat on a chair in front of us.
“Cool, thanks Alex”, Jessica got up. “You’re not coming?”, she asked me.
“No thanks, I’m good, just gonna sit for a while”, I answered but she was gone before I even stopped talking. “How’s the party, Alex?”
“I love her”, he mumbled, looking after Jess.
“Oh God”, I rolled my eyes. “You two dated for like two months, year ago, seriously man, get over it”.
“It’s love. It’s not logic”, he sighed.
“Alex, I’m not saying this because I’m a bitch or because I root for Jessica and Justin. I’m saying this because you’re good and you deserve to be happy, okay? Move. On.”
Said me. Person who couldn’t get over the fact that she got played by a player because she tried to get him played. Hypocrisy at it’s finest.
I walked around the house, looking for Jeff, who was supposed to drive me home. Instead I bumped on Sheri. I pretended to listen to her while I was discretly watching Montgomery talking to some girl, wrapping his disgusting arm around her.
“…are you even listening to me?”, she shaked my arm.
“Umm, yeah, I was just… Looking at driveway, but I can’t spot Jeff’s car”, I lied quickly, in the meantime Monty got back inside.
“He went for another beer run”.
“Okay, I gotta go”, I smiled at her and went to the house.
I saw de la Cruz shouting something to Justin as he was walking upstairs and then got into bathroom.
I got you, you little fucker, I thought, went upstairs and stood next to door as if I was waiting in the line.
“Are you waiting to get to the bathroom?”, Troy, the baseball player, patted my shoulder.
“Yeah, yeah, I am”, I had to get rid of him, “Umm, you know… I feel a little bit sick, so it may take a moment…”
“Are you gonna throw up?”
“Maybe… As I said, it may take a moment. But you can use bathroom downstairs, it’ll probably be faster.”
“Good idea, you’re smart”, he pointed at me. “Take care, Y/N”
“Bye, Troy”, I chuckled watching him, when he was trying not to kill himself on the stairs.
And I heard door getting unlocked. Montgomery opened them and then I pushed him back inside and locked the doors again.
“We are finishing it now”, I said, grabbed his neck and kissed him.

anonymous asked:

Hello again YNA ladies, i hope you are both well and in good spirits. So I'm thinking about getting some furniture for rinky-dink apartment. I was previously against getting stuff for my disdain for the moving process, but with renewing my lease recently I thought why not. So in short, I need some guidance for finding small, [preferably] not tacky, comfy furniture such as chairs, couch, table, desk etc. on the cheap. Also -- part 1

part 2. Also I know yard sales are a thing, but I was wondering if you had any tips for perusing at one. Things like what to look out for good/bad, etiquette for haggling with the seller. and anything else really. Thank you loves! ♥

I know we’ve answered asks about this before… but I can’t find them anywhere? So much for tagging!

Finding Cheap Household Wares

1. Dollar Stores. Dollar stores are excellent when it comes to cheap, reusable kitchen supplies. You can get discounted silverware, plates/bowls, all the cooking utensils you’ll ever need, and sometimes you can even find magical things like non-stick pans. Of course, these stores don’t sell top of the line merchandise, but most cookware is dishwasher safe and will last you several years of regular use. You should also be able to pick up toiletries here- off brand toothpaste, toilet paper, sometimes even cheap pet supplies.

2. Discount Department Stores. I’m talking about the Job Lots/Kmart/Walmart type of stores. You can furnish your entire apartment with relatively cheap furniture from these stores. Unfortunately they don’t always have a large variety of designs, so you may have to try several before finding something that really fits into your color scheme. They also sell things like vacuums, cleaning supplies, cooking ware, etc. Definitely get as much cooking supplies as you can through Dollar Stores, but what you can’t find there you’ll be able to find here.

3. Thrift Stores. Yes, Goodwill and the Salvation Army do sell very affordable used clothing. But they also sell used household appliances like crock pots, lamps, clocks, etc. Before buying anything outright, ask the cashier if there’s a place where you can plug said item in and check to make sure it works. If they’re selling used items like this, they will allow you to check to make sure it’s functional. Many of these stores don’t have good return policies, so double check that something is what you need before purchasing. 

4. Actual Department Stores. Now we’re getting into the more pricey range of stores. Stores like Target, Macy’s, Sears, Ikea even. If you’re looking for sales, you should be able to find some great deals in these stores, depending on what you’re looking for and what time of year it is. I picked up 18 clothing hangers at Target the other day for $1. That’s a deal right there! Look for things that are sold in bulk/on sale. 

5. Amazon. I would highly recommend that you don’t buy things like bath towels, sheets, napkins, etc second hand or super cheap. With these sort of items (the key here being the fabric) you’ll want them to be able to last. Public laundromats have unforgiving machinery, and your cheap-o cloth napkins will not stand a chance. Amazon has got you covered! You’ll end up spending anywhere from $10-$25, but they’ll be worth it in the long run. If you find something you love but it’s slightly more than you’re looking to spend, I recommend checking back in a week or two to see if the price changed. Prices change ALL THE TIME on Amazon.

6. Yard sales. Depending on the time of year (typically you’ll see more yard sales at the end of the semester or summertime) and how early you arrive on the scene, you can score some excellent deals at yard sales. If it’s your first time living on your own, I highly recommend that you tell the yard sale owners how you’re moving out on your own for the first time, and you’re nervous, and you’re going to be supporting yourself, etc. You might get free or discounted stuff! Be friendly, inquisitive and polite. You’ll notice that some items have price tags on them while other’s don’t, that means that their price is negotiable. The yard sale owner might even ask you how much you’re willing to pay for it. Suggest a low price always! But be reasonable, and negotiate. 

Anonymous said: Could I have a scenario where Todoroki corners his crush against the wall because he wants to show his true feelings ?? OMG!!! I LOVE YOUR BLOG !! ♥

Anonymous said: Holy crap that shy reader not wanting to confess to shouto is the cutest thing ever! Would it be a problem if I requested a sequel? Like, shouto confessing to her, then?? Thanks a lot ❤

life-is-a-bang said: Hi ! I absolutely love your blog u are so talented. May i ask a part 2. Of the scene where Todoroki hears a girl saying that she likes him ? ( cause this one is my favourite ❤️) Sorry for my bad english !! Please never stop writing it makes me feel happy 😊😊

To you three beautiful individuals, thank you so much–I can’t say this enough!! I took the request of Todoroki cornering his crush and combined it with 2 other requests for a part 2 of another scenario, and I hope that I have not disappointed any of you by doing so or with this scenario. ❤❤❤

Warnings: None, but this is part 2 to this scenario <3

Ideally, he would’ve preferred doing this in a less in-your-face manner, but given his other attempts to confess to you… Todoroki didn’t have much of a choice.

Ever since overhearing you and the rest of the girls outside the classroom, he’d been grasping at every opportunity he saw to confess, and every time he’d been unsuccessful. He’d go up to you, thinking somewhat optimistically maybe this time, and you’d make a bolt for the door or pull aside the nearest classmate to join you in talking to him, so he couldn’t confess to you—unless he wanted someone watching, and he really didn’t.

And if, by luck, he found himself alone with you, it wasn’t long before you excused yourself, and it’d be another unsuccessful opportunity to add to the pile he already had. Of course, he had the next one to try again, but the outcome wouldn’t be any different. And although he didn’t get angered easily, patience wasn’t his strong suit, and his patience for this had run out very quickly.

So quickly, in fact, that when you finished your goodbyes to Uraraka just before she left the classroom, he’d skipped the formalities and jumped right into saying your name. As expected, you’d went straight for the door, but his pace was faster, and he’d intercepted you—in a way that has him cornering you in the now empty classroom, your back against the wall and your bag abandoned on the ground.

You look at him in surprise, making no move to escape, and Todoroki would’ve taken the extra seconds to wonder if this is the first time he’s ever truly seen your eyes this close, if not for his position.

“Todoroki, what are you doing?” you ask, visibly struggling to maintain eye contact, but out of nervousness rather than alarm, and even though it doesn’t show on his face, Todoroki is feeling the same—his last minute nerves aren’t doing a thing to help keep him calm.

He swallows hard. “I’m… sorry that I couldn’t find another way to do this,” he says, choosing to begin with that, and you stare at him, confused. “but I really need to say this.” He closes his eyes, knowing that he had to be calm to say what he’s been trying to say for the past several days, and when they open again, he does it.

“I like you.”

With wide eyes that tell Todoroki you’d heard him, you shake your head, putting a hand to your mouth, before you move it away.