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This might be an old issue but I don’t really like Jimin’s abs and here’s why
  • He chooses them over food
  • He feels like his self worth is tied to them
  • So many of his other beautiful physical attributes are ignored because of them
  • When he has them, it’s all people talk about
  • People basically ignored the other awesome things about him for like 2 years until he “lost” them
  • Personal preference, I think his tummy looks better without them <3 (but he’s always gorgeous no matter what)

I really hope that this post is redundant and that he’s okay with not having abs.  Because it breaks my heart that he seems to think that having defined abdominal muscles is an integral part of his appeal.  But it’s not.

So here are some great things about Jimin (but not all of them because the full list is endless!):

  • His sunshine eye smile
  • His lips omg
  • Animals always like him
  • His amazing voice
  • The way he always puts others first
  • His crazy awesome dancing abilities
  • The cute way he stands with his feet at a ninety-degree angle
  • His soulful droopy doe eyes
  • His thighs
  • The Holy Jibooty
  • His infectious laughter
  • The way he sits with his knees together and his hands on his knees

Park Jimin is beautiful regardless of how much he weighs and whether or not he has abs and I really hope he knows that, because all of us do!

Make Her A Stark~Part 1 - Robb Stark x Reader

Hey so I started watching Game Of Thrones instead of revising and, although I am only on season two (I know almost everyone dies and my heart will break), I have written a 2 part Robb stark imagine and I have begun a Jon Snow imagine. Let me know what you guys think. Sorry if things aren’t accurate I am new to the fandom. This doesn't follow the events of the show. Let me know what you think, please!!!


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You shivered profoundly as you clutched at your coat. You had been in Winterfell for only a few weeks on you fathers orders, to be Lady Catelyn’s ward as your father and brothers were too busy to be dealing with your ‘woman’s antics’.

You were not used to the cold and each breath seemed to burn your lungs a little as your skin was constantly covered in goose pimples. You missed the heat and you could never seem to find warmth, even with your new clothes and furs. Winter was coming and you had no idea how you would manage then.

You could feel your own body slowly becoming tired and ill but you had to remain well, you could not embarrass yourself in front of your hosts. You father had been trying to make connections with the Starks for years and, although nothing had been said officially, you had a feeling your father sent you here for another reason other than to get you away. Not wanting to give him any other reason to hate you other than you being his only, unwanted daughter and youngest child.

You were attempting to cross the courtyard to the main hall to see Lady Stark when you could feel yourself swaying a little and almost stumble before a layer of large furs being draped over your shoulders and a strong arm gripping yours firmly.

“Are you okay, milady?” You looked up into Robbs blue eyes wearily,

“Of course my lord,” you lied, “I am needed by your mother so I must take my leave…” You tried to shrug away from his furs and pardon yourself but he wouldn’t let you escape him,

“Lady (y/n), You are becoming ill you need rest,” he pulled his coats further over you,

“And you need your furs, you will freeze”

“I am used to the temperatures,” He smiled kindly at you. That smile could truly thaw you. Despite his eyes being the colour of ice, they were warm and his touch would linger on your body leaving a different kind of warmth like a lasting tingle. You would not be able to deny your attraction to the oldest Stark boy who was just one year older than you. “(y/n),” he addressed you without your title for once, making you listen, “If you do not return to your room and allow me to get a nurse I shall carry you myself. My mother can wait I am sure.” His words of kindness and caring made your heart pang, with a little hope that maybe your silly little crush was reciprocated.

“I shall return after seeing your mother, I promise.” You returned his smile but he frowned.

“No, milady, you shall return now and that is an order.” His still firm grip on your arm moved you around and almost dragged you to your chambers that were considerably large compared to the closest you father had stuffed you in. You sighed at the warmth given off by the fire as Robb guided you to sit by it carefully. As you reached the chair you almost collapsed again from exhaustion only to have Robbs strong arms wrap around you - that in its self, made your head spin even more than it was.

Catching you as delicately as he could he picked you up effortlessly, calling for a guard to fetch a nurse as he carried you to your bed, laying you down on the sheets and raising your head to cradle it. You few weeks here had left him in a daze around you. You were the fairest lady he had ever seen and you care for his younger sisters and your need to help his mother and family so much meant he couldn’t help but admire you.

He and yourself had often taken little walks around Winterfell, more often when you first arrived rather than now but you had only ever really spoken formally, all 'milady’ this and 'milady’ that and that is what annoyed him a little about you, you were so focused on doing well for and proving yourself to your horrible, male-heir-obsessed father that you wouldn’t allow yourself to enjoy anything. He had thoroughly enjoyed being with you and he wanted you to see that but he could never seem to get through to you.

Little did he know that really, you wanted to let him in too. You were just afraid Lady Stark would, at some point, send you back to you family and back to your sheltered life as a disgrace to your brothers. You adored Robb and that was the truth, but formally, you were here for his mother. Informally, your heart would always be here for Robb.

He had been hoping to speak to his mother himself earlier when he had seen you stumbling in a sick state, not thinking twice about throwing his own source of warmth around your shivering body. He knew you were not coping being in the cold as opposed to the heat you were used to. He had watched you for days as you continued along with your life, trying to ignore it and simply stay out of the way.

Seeing you so sick, unable to hold yourself made a part of him hurt. He had so badly wanted to hold you and comfort you and take care of you, he never imagined he would have to see the girl he had fallen for so quickly and hard in such discomfort with such a fever. His feelings had grown quickly like wild fire. The way you were selfless yet could look out for yourself, the way you tied your hair back while focusing, the way you held yourself at formal events and then seeing you afterwards so relaxed.

Your sweats had begun to set in and your (e/c) eyes had fluttered shut just as two nurses rushed in before stopping before him,

“Lord Stark,” they bowed their heads a little,

“Help her, treat her as a Stark.” He ensured, his worry had set in and now he wanted nothing more than you to be awake and well so he could hold you again in a better circumstance. He still cradles your head in his lap when a nurse began to usher him away,

“A lord should never see such a lady indisposed,” she almost spat at him rather rudely but in a mad worry to make her well, he left squeezing her hand one final time before grabbing his sword and heading outside.

He had forgotten to take his furs but you had needed them more than him so they remained around you fragile body as he hacked away at a target with his blade. The way the healer woman had referred to you as 'such a woman’ troubled him. He had demanded she be treated like a stark yet she referred to you as an outsider. Yes, you belonged to another family but if he had just been able to speak with his mother earlier he could have gotten her to discuss a courtship. He would happily make her a Stark over any other woman in the land.


I think my Streptocarpus even know that spring is fast approaching. They have been so cheery, providing me endless pleasure as they bloom!

For those of you who don’t know, Streptocarpus are in the Gesneriaceae family (think African Violets and Sinningia). They prefer to dry out thoroughly between waterings and require a light soil. I personally use a ratio of 2 parts peat moss, 1 part perlite, and 1 part vermiculite. By far the easiest way to kill a Streptocarpus is by overwatering. Make sure to let the plants dry out completely before watering again, right before the point of wilting. Also, never use a pot that is too large for your plant. Streptocarpus prefer to be under-potted and will bloom more profusely when slightly root bound.

update on: harry getting a blowjob in front of his friends....

This blurb will be split up into TWO parts. 

The first part without the actual blowjob and the second with. 

The reasoning behind this:  

1.) the blurb is already 7k words and I don’t like publishing large pieces. my harry blurbs are usually only 1k-2k words. long pieces just make the editing process a pain they slow down the entire process. I prefer working and editing smaller pieces. 

2.) i think ascetically each piece can stand on it’s own. (the first part is harry bringing up the idea, the conversation, smut of sorts, etc. and the second is obviously the actual thing.) 

3.) the main reason for doing this: part one is ready and I don’t want to keep you all waiting for who knows how long for the second part. (Just kidding, I’m hoping part two goes up soon after part one.) 

Does that sound good? Cool, part one will be posted this week. Thank you all for being patient. I know it’s been a while and I know people are looking forward to it. If you have any questions about it let me know, requests for a sneak peak etc. xxx 💕  💕  💕 

Scott McCall AU (part 4)

Plot: Any permanent mark your soulmate gets, you get. Along with a distinct, unique tattoo that appears after an important moment in your soulmate’s life, however, you have no idea how you get away clean

A/N: Sorry this took a while, I’m thinking this will end soon…but remember, I have 2 other soulmate AUs planned as well. Please enjoy and send me feedback please! I’d really like to know what you guys think about this series since it’s so new to me, also thank you for 5.7k I love you all so much!


You and Scott hadn’t stopped texting since you met in the dimly lit store. You had told your parents and your mom immediately dragged you to go shopping for your date.

“I don’t really want to wear a dress.” You sighed.

“Honey, you brought only jeans and shorts, at least dress up a little bit. It’s not everyday you get to go on a first date with your soulmate.” She reasoned.

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Shawn Mendes One Shot: The Ellen Show. Pt.2

A/N: AYO again! I got so many of you asking for part two so obviously, I did it. I’ve had SOO much fun writing this. This one again is lengthy but I hope it’s worth it? I’ve actually been thinking I might continue more with this as now we’ve finally gotten to the better stuff? I don’t know I might actually make this into a fic? Let me know what you think? Maybe I’ll just do a part 3 to finish it up 100%, or just leave it at this or reboot it to fic? IDK, y’all let me know. Anyways I hope you enjoy regardless!!! :)

The Ellen Show Master List

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You looked up to your manager and nodded your head like bull riders did in the pins before coming out. Your manager pulled open the black SUV door and you heard the screams that you heard from inside the car. They cheering of what seem predominately girls didn’t escalate a lot as your feet touched the pavement, however, you did notice it increase ever so slightly.

You stepped away from the SUV and began walking towards the alley between the crowds. When you looked into the crowd you didn’t register anything at first. You were mostly concerned with trying to get correctly in place. Your manager escorting you into the correct place on the carpet before you walked out to the cameras.  

“Okay, give me a second, wait here.” My manager said holding up his hand.

Both myself and his assistant stopped where he informed us. Both her I chatted a little to make it not seem awkward that we were standing in the middle of carpet with people running around us.

Suddenly I heard my name being called. I looked up as some fans yelled from the side behind the barricade. I made eye contact with one who was calling to me and waved brightly smiling to her.  They called some more.

Looking to my managers assistant I grinned. “You’re supposed to stay here.” She spoke cautiously.

I patted her shoulder and smiled. “Well, you stay right here. I’ll go say Hello.”

She shrugged her shoulders indifferently. Turning away from her I began to tip toe over to the crows on the side. Hands started reaching out and screams began to ring in my ears. I found the first girl I had waved to and went up to her.

“Oh, my god. Oh, my god. “ She said over and over.

“Hiiii!” I smiled. “How are you guys?”

I felt a few hands touch me gently.

“Oh, my god. Can, can I get a picture?” The original girl said stuttering. I beamed, nothing made me happier than when people seemed to genuinely be excited or happy to meet me. “Oh of course!”

She pulled up her phone and held it out to take the picture. “Here let me take it.” I asked reaching for it to get a better angle as she was pushed to the edge of the barricade. I held out the phone taking the picture and a couple more for good measure. She thanked me repeatedly. I moved along a little to the side and spoke to a few more people, taking pictures, signing stuff and talking to them.

“I’m so excited to see the movie in August.” Someone said as I was singing a ticket. My head shot up, I made eye contact with a young teen boy.

“Are you really? Oh my god that makes me so happy to hear!”

He smiled back and asked for a picture. As I clicked for the picture I heard my manager calling my name. I looked down from the camera I was holding up and saw him waving for me to rejoin them. I turned around and said I needed to leave to the people who were still reaching. They all gave me disappointed responses.

“It was so nice to meet all of you. Have a wonderful night.” I smiled once again waving to them, before turning around.  I quickly jogged in my heals over to my manager. He looked at me and to the crowd I had just been with.

“Man, you’re a natural for this. I couldn’t have trained you any better myself.”

I turned my head, not understanding his comment. But before I could question him, he was pushing me forward. A woman in black clothing and a headset came up to us.

“You’ll have to wait for a second. Wait right here.”

We stood waiting as the person in front of me turned and the photographers began to yell her name. It was Vanessa Hudgens, which made you instantaneously feel nervous. Like aways waiting made you nervous, but following Vanessa was more pressure.

Over the yelling of photographers, you heard two screams from the side calling you. You looked to see two young girls yelling your name, arms outstretched papers and sharpies in hand. Without thinking you took off to them, you manager was yelling at you, but you didn’t care.

“Hiii.” You said to the two girls reaching for their pens. You pulled off the cap and quickly signed the two notebooks.

“Oh my god you’re so pretty.” The blonde one said. I thanked them before waving goodbye. Turing, I returned to my manager who was angry.

The woman in black was waiting, they rushed me out onto the main carpet. I walked out gracefully and unrushed, the lady pointed for me to stand. Turning the yelling of my name began. The flashes made me go blind instantly. I had done this only a handful of times before so I tried to remind myself to not get lost.

Smile, relax and pose. My manager’s voice said in my head.

I did just that. I heard the photographers yelling my name at different octaves trying for my attention, I tried to follow them, so they could get the shot. In-between yelling my name they yelled out compliments. This happened for a good thirty seconds before the escort on the carpet touched my arm. Blinded by the flashes I tried to follow her.

“Right here.” She said again, and I believed I had gotten the right spot. This happened twice more before I had reached the end of the carpet. When I reached the end my manager had already gotten to the end somehow and was waiting for me.

“You fucking killed that!” He said grabbing my shoulder and shaking them in excitement. “God damn. Keep it up you’re going to be giving us a raise soon.”

I smiled genuinely happy at both my manager and his assistance’s excitement. Although all this celebrity type stuff wasn’t my favourite I wanted to please them. I wanted to work hard so I could never say I failed because I was too pretentious to put in the work.

My manager escorted us to the next line of press, which was interviews. This was a portion I was always had mixed feelings about. I had only done a few of these but they were sometimes a hit or miss. Sometimes interviewers genuinely didn’t know who I was, which was embarrassing and awkward. My manager quickly readjusted my tops white trap, as it had moved on my shoulder. I looked down and smoothed out my white skirt. I felt a little more exposed in my outfit, I had argued with my manager that it might not be the most appropriate outfit considering the audience of the award show. But he insisted I wear the two piece, white lace bustier top and knee-length skirt. Reasoning that we were wanting to keep my audience older, more serious and mature. He wanted to move me away from the CW audience I had made my appearance with, which was the exact reason for being invited to the Teen Choice Awards show. Wearing this outfit would imply just that, he stated.

“Alright. Let’s go.” A man said from behind us.

I turned and followed him. He pressed me towards a crew. I left my team and began speaking with them. My manager went along behind me looking for other crews and networks for me to speak with. This was a crucial moment.

The interviews went by with good success. I had spoken to Buzzfeed, E! Network, The Young Hollywood and a few other mentionable. They all asked standard questions a few off ones but mostly asked about the upcoming moving and my interview with Ellen. E! Network had been the only one to bring up Shawn. Keeping nonchalant I brushed it off and said that the fans thinking we were cute together was flattering. But followed by reminding them I had never met him before.

After the interviews, we walked inside. My manager escorted us backstage which was buzzing with crew members and celebrities. I caught a few glimpses of actors who gave me butterflies thinking about them being so close to me.

The show was about to start and my manager wanted me to get to our seats. I was seated next to Melissa Benoist, who had been my co-star on Supergirl for the five episodes I had appeared on for their last season. We greeted on another and I was very aware of a camera man taking our picture as we did. We chatted for while and moved on to chatting with numerous people around us. Soon an ambience came over the room, cameras pulled into closer to staged and people began taking places. There was a final announcement that show would be on its way shortly.

A minute or two later the room hushed over and the host for the award show took place on the stage. The music and lights began and soon the show was on its way. I enjoyed my time as this was my first award show of this scale, everything going on around me was new and unexpected.  Although Melissa and I had never spent much time talking to one another offset, we made good appearances for the show and cameras anytime they might be on us.

It was around a quarter into the show when they were transitioning into the next musical performance. I watch someone tall set up onstage within the shadows. He took his place at a piano and I knew exactly who it was.

The host came over the sound system. “Shawn Mendes!”

The lights on the stage dimmed and the fog began to come over the floor, rain drops fell on the monitors as he began to play. Slowly, the spotlight lit him up, and I caught my breath. Seeing him for the first time was nothing like I expected.

He face was shadowed by the spotlight but I saw his brows furrowed in concentration as he played. Coming up to the microphone he began to sing, which really took my breath away. No amount of listening to his album and seeing pictures of him through display screen could simulate what it was like to see him in the physical.

His voice filled my ears and he was all I saw. I was mesmerised.  He continued singing with his hit ‘Stitches’. I knew his set perfectly for the song and saw the guitar and mic waiting for him further upstage. I sang along quietly, watching him sing with so much passion. Suddenly he smiled before standing up from the piano. The crowd went wide and I cheered with them. In the darkness, with the stage display showing a clip of heavy rain pouring I watch him pick up his guitar and come to the mic no more than fifteen feet away from me. Cameras swarmed in front of us pointing forwards him.

With the hit of his guitar the lights lit him up and he began singing the pre-course. I watched as he looked out to the crowd singing to them and only them. When he got into the course and the building was lit up and booming from his hand work. I was bouncing to the music singing every line and word. A camera man came in getting footage of me. I pretended he wasn’t there and played along for the show. But I truly didn’t need to act, as I was enjoying Shawn’s performance.

He hit his guitar with one last stroke and smiled out to the crowd. The audience was loud, he beamed up to them mouthing a thank you before blowing a kiss up to the stands. He looked down lower. Again I was mesmerised. Suddenly he turned his head down into the crowd in front of him. He didn’t look right to me first but scanned quickly and suddenly we made eye contact. It was only for a moment and I’m sure he had no idea who I was before the lights fell dark and he was nothing more than a shadow. Crew members rushed him off stage and into the blackness.

The rest of the next two hours I only wondered if he saw me. I questioned again if he even knew me, had he seen Ellen’s interview?

The rest of the show was long and tiresome. Keeping up appearances would have been better if I had been presenting or nominated for something to give me a bit of excitement but that was not the case. I only hoped it would be in the future.

With time the show was over and my manager guided me backstage again, stopping along the way to get photo opportunities. My manager was over the moon with how much exposure I was gaining from the night. Once back in behind the stage people were everywhere there was people and crew running around. Photographers and publicist. This particular situation was new to me but my manager seemed to know what to do. He was grabbing at any opportunity for me to get, pushing for A-list celebrities. He worked his magic and managed to snag me a moment with Selena Gomez and Tayor Swift. The cameras went off like fireworks as I chatted with them, we turned for a photo and then as fast as they came were both taken away. My manager was ecstatic and to be honest I was little too shell-shocked to understand the scope of what had just happened.

We moved on to other in the room and after a while, a woman came and talked to me. Looking around the room I then caught a glimpse of Shawn. He was tall in the crowd making it easier to find him. I watched him as the woman I didn’t know was talking to me. Attempting to pay attention to her I would glance down but I kept looking back to Shawn. He was smiling to whomever he was speaking with his smile bright and I couldn’t help but feel happy when watching him as he smiled to someone else. I couldn’t imagine how it felt to be on the receiving of his smile. Turing back to the person in front of me I tried to answer their questions but only managed to the word “yeah” out. They gave me an odd look but continued on anyways. They had my attention for only a few seconds more before I looked up towards Shawn again. I was fixated, there was no other word for it. He was all I saw, I just tried to not gawk at him as he spoke to the person at his attention, looking absolutely captivating. His eyes were so warm and bright, I loved looking at them.

Suddenly I looked away, realising that the reason his eyes were so pleasing is because they were looking right at me. I felt the heat in my cheeks, something that hardly happened. Not daring to look again I engrossed myself into the person in front of me, who I still didn’t know.

After a bit, this person left me and my manager pushed me onto the crowd. I then felt a touch right above my wrist and someone with a pleasant voice called my name. The touch disappeared and I looked to the location it came from.

I saw Shawn smiling at me just before a person walked by between us. My heart felt like it fell out of my chest.When the blockage passed he was still there looking at me and smiling. Turning I smiled back, it felt big and hurt my cheeks. “Hi.” I said over the crowd too loud.

“Hi!” He said, extending his hand and opening up his arm. I took his hand and shook it. He leant into me with his open arm and we exchanged a reserved hug for a first greeting. The lights from the ceiling flickers a few times. “So nice to meet you.” Shawn smoothly spoke into the back of my head.

Inhaling I caught his scent. “Ah. Yes. Nice to meet you as well.” I stuttered too distracted by just his scent.

We disconnected and there was an awkward moment. He smiled just for a moment his face gentle.

“Your performance was amazing. I loved it so much.” I burst out, and I began to ramble. “I mean I’ve seen you do it live online so many times but seeing it in person was honestly a long time dream of mine. I was blown away!” As I spoke a smiled came across his face as he listened to me. “I’m honestly such a huge fan.” I finished.

He leant forward and smiled shyly. “Oh thank you that’s so sweet.” He said touching my forearm, which lit up to his touch. “I actually saw you in the audience after.”

I raised my eyebrows, staggered. “You did? Wow. I didn’t even think you knew who I was?” I laughed nervously.

Shawn gave me a beatific smile, touching my arm again. “Of course I know who you are.” He chuckled and it was a warming sound. “I’m still waiting for my marriage proposal.” He then gave me a wink.

My cheeks went hot again, and I loathed the feeling. “Oh, god.” I said placing my hand on my face. “You saw the show.”

Perplexed, he looked at me. “Of course I saw! I love her show.”

“Oh god.” I reached out and touched him for just a moment, this skin was so warm and soft.  The lighting in the room flashed again. It was if our touch was creating shortages in the electrical for the building. “I’m so sorry.” I threw my head back removing my hand. “That’s a little embarrassing.”

“Don’t say that. I found it really flattering.”

I shyly looked away. “Well, I’m glad you did, and didn’t find it creepy.”

He chuckled again and I think I fell in love with the sound. “No. Not creepy at all.”

The room flashed again and I noticed that a man with a camera was standing taking pictures. I looked directly around us and a little ring of privacy was created just around us. The photographer, asked for the picture of both of us.

I looked up to Shawn and he smiled to me and opened his arm for the picture. I turned into his arm, his hand pressed to my middle back and couldn’t help noticed how much I enjoyed the touch. I leant slightly in for the picture, the photographer got a few of us smiling and a few without. My manager and a guy who I assumed was Shawn’s came in the place of the photographer and they took a picture as well. I noticed a few random people behind them did the same. I whispered thought my smile to Shawn.

“Would you mind if I actually got a picture on my phone too?”

Our managers moved away and Shawn removed himself away from me.

Timidly smiling up at Shawn I continued. “Like I said. I’m actually a huge fan so this is a big of a big deal for me.”

He shook his head just slightly as if to say to not be so ridiculous. “Of course. As long as I get one as well. I’m a fan of you as well.”

I giggled reaching into my small red clutch. “Oh don’t falsely flatter me.”

Shawn pulled out his from his back jean pocket. “I’m not.” He said looking serious. “I started off in school musicals, to say I wasn’t excited for a remake of ‘Singin’ in the Rain’ would be disrespectful.”

I looked down at my phone trying to hide how flattered I was at him knowing what I was working in.  

“You’re alright with Snapchat?” I asked politely my finger hovering over the app. Shawn pulled up his phone to show me the opened app on his. We chuckled at one another before he shuffled closer to me for the picture. I leant into him and he pulled it up both of us showing up on the screen. He looked perfect. I smiled at the sight of him and me together in a picture. He tapped the button for the picture, we relaxed our pose and he touched at his phone.

“A silly one?” He asked, his voice deep and raspy so close to my ear.

I agreed as he set up his phone after a few moments for another picture. We returned for a pose again, and both we posed. We both make a shocked face lips were parted and eyes wide. I giggled at the coincidence before reposing for the picture. Shawn took the picture and then we move onto taking one on my phone. We only got to do one, before Shawn’s name was being called by someone. Shawn looked up and indicated he needed to move on.

“It was so nice to meet you.” He said reaching to hug me with one arm. I reached back returning it.

“Likewise.” I beamed, my cheeks hurting again.

His hand was still on my forearm. “Hey, listen we should hang out sometime. If you want?”

I raised my eyebrows stupefied at the offer. “Yeah, that would be great.”

He held my arm tighter and smiled. “Great! Listen I’ll get my guy to contact your guy if that works for you?”

I nodded unable to speak.

“Again, I’m so glad to have met you. Have a great night.” He smiled brightly to me once last time before himself and his touch disappeared into the crowd.  

The crowd around me swallowed me up again. My manager came into view and his cold hands were only my shoulder.

“Oh, my god. That was great. You did such a great job. You really sold that!”

His words confused me. “What?” I asked my voice distance and preoccupied. My brain was filled with images of what had just happened. I held up my phone the picture of Shawn and myself still waiting on it. I published it to my Snapchat story after saving it.  My managers cool hands then pushed me around the room for the rest of the night because I was gone. Whatever logic or attention I had, left with Shawn. Part of me was terrified of how I was feeling but the other part was elated. Nothing could live up to this.

It wasn’t until the lights and sounds were gone in the black SUV driving us to an after party that I really came to my reality.

“I met Shawn,” I whispered as I looked out the window as the L.A lights went by. “I cannot believe this.”

“You did amazing at the show.” My manager said grabbing my attention. “You got so much exposure. You interacted with fans naturally. So many good pictures.” He turned to his assistant. “Make sure we are pushing those.”

I turned to my manager saying his name and telling him to  “Shut up.” He stopped.

I began to shake my head in disbelief. “All of this is really happening isn’t it?”

He grinned at me. “It really is.” His hand touched my knee. “It’s only going to get bigger, trust me.”

I looked away from him and back to the window. “I couldn’t think of anything better.”

I felt an icy hand on my hot shoulder. It was warm in the club for the after party. I turned around my manager was leaning into my ear.

“Shawn’s manager got into contact with me.” Instantly I was fully attentive to him. “Saying you and Shawn wanted to get together sometime?”

I looked up in the dark room and nodded eagerly.

‘Well, he’s only in town until tomorrow afternoon. And with the promo for the movie you’re going to be swamped for the next two months. The only time that works for the both of you in the next three months is tomorrow morning?”

“Okay?” I answered. “So?”

“Well, are you good with that.” My manager yelled into my ear.

“Yeah!” I yelled back.

“Alright well, it will be early. I’ll get back to Andrew. We should get you out of here then. Don’t want to be up to late and miss tomorrow.”

I nodded in agreement, excited to leave the party. My manager really had wanted me to attend the party but I wasn’t into it and was just going along for the benefits it could give me. All this was for the better, right?

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Make Her A Stark~Part 2 - Rob Stark x Reader

Thank you for the amazing feedback guys!! So I think I am going to make this a 3 part imagine instead of a 2 part and if you guys like it maybe a mini series!? I am not too sure about this part so please, please let me know!! sorry if it is not as good as part 1 


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“Rob!” He could hear his mother shouting over his sword clashing with the target over and over. After the third shout, he finally stopped, 

“What?” He snapped. All his mind could focus on was how you were lying so sick with goodness knows what and he hadn’t even been able to show how he really felt. 

“What in the seven hells are you doing?” She asked calmly but firmly, 

“She’s sick. So incredibly sick.” His mother knew this. It was why she wanted to talk to her this morning - to ask her to return home for a few months to get well again. Se was too late but with Robb’s words, she understood everything her poor boy was going through. 

“You like her,” Catelyn smirked. When Robb was young, he was adamant that he would never love a silly girl - he was such a typical young boy. Of course, as he grew older his rule became less appealing and girls became more so. But still, his mother would never forget that little boy who wanted nothing more than to be strong like his father. 

In turn, he never believed he would fall so fast. He had believed for such a long time that his freedom would end in an arranged marriage with no love. Never did he think he would find someone he loved truly. “I do not doubt that she would be a wonderful wife,”

“And why do I sense you do not approve?”

“I do my son, but as you said she is sick. If her fever overcomes her…” He did not let her finish, 

“Don’t you dare.” Robb almost growled, gripping his sword tighter. 

In 7 weeks he had fallen in love and never again could he imagine his life without your rosy cheeks blushing when you spoke to him, or your calming voice on late night walks. How you would admire him when you thought he could not see. Each little action gave him hope that you returned his feelings. Of course he would show off a little to you (as noticed by Jon and Arya a few times - much to his torment) but never had his heart felt so full than when he was gazing upon you - whether it be across the yard or at dinner, imagining how you would look beside him, leading with him instead of being so far away.

“Robb, the nurses believe it is severe hypothermia. There is almost no coming back from that.” Robb remained silent, seething with anger, “Her breathing is shallow already, it is down to her to last the night.” 

Robb fell to a stool nearby in defeat rubbing his eye with his palm and dropping his sword, “She is my dream. She makes me who I am, and holding her hand in mine was more natural to me than my own heartbeat. I think about her all the time. Even now, she can’t go, even if she told me to move on I wouldn’t be able to, believe me, but I can’t live in a world where she isn’t a part of my life and I’m scared that if I move on she won’t be anymore.”

Robb snuck up to your room that night. A young nurse had been left with you to dab a warm washcloth across your pale forehead. 

“Leave us”

“My lord, I cannot. The lady hasn’t been conscious for hours,”  Robb’s heart broke a little, “I must stay with her…”

“I shall take over.” His sternness made her follow his order reluctantly, handing him the washcloth and curtseying as she left. He looked over at you, your chest barely moving with only small breaths and your head thrashed a little every so often in your unconscious state. 

Moving to your side he ignored the small stool and sat beside you, taking your hand in his and running his thumb over the back of your freezing hand. He noticed that you still had his furs around you as well as many others, but his were still there wrapped tightly around your weak frame. 

He knew it was wrong, he didn’t have your permission, but you needed to be warm so carefully, he removed the covers from around you and lied beside you, moving you against him slowly and placing the covers around the both of you. He once again took your hand and, even in your unconscious state, you seemed to squeeze lightly. He didn’t know if he was imagining it but he prayed to the gods that he didn’t. He smiled to himself, 

“I know I shouldn’t but I miss you.” He began speaking, he didn’t know if you could hear him - probably not but maybe, “I miss your voice, I miss your laugh, I miss your smile and your hugs. I miss our old conversations. I miss you so much and I hate how I cannot help you. Please don’t let go. I know it is selfish of me, my (y/n) - It is selfish to call you mine and to want you to return to me but I need you, my (y/n). There’s just something about you I’m scared to lose, because I know I won’t find it in anyone else.” You moved into his warmth your head touching his shoulder and making his heart swell, “I know you don’t think you have a family. Not a caring family, but you do! You have us and I will be damned if that gets taken from you because gods do I want to make you a Stark but you have to pull through.” A tear nearly left his eye but he wouldn’t allow it. 

His hand came up to brush through your hair that had been let out of its plaits and as he did so he heard you mumble and slur his name a little. He knew he hadn’t imagined it that time - you were coming back to him. Robb allowed his hopes to rocket as he pressed a kiss to your forehead as you mumbled again, “Shh, my love, keep your energy. I’ve got you now.”

“Don’t leave me.” Those three words were enough to let that small tear slip, falling into your hair, 

“Never, my darling. Never.” 


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I made some The last of us character design. You can see the line version and the color version. I think i have a preference for the line version, what about you ?

Next i’m gonna try to do David, Marlene, Sam, Tommy and Bill !

REQUEST 121 ~ stupid (part 2)

A/N: Kinda overwhelmed by the amount of you who wanted part 2, Thank you!

My feet carried me along the street, my destination? I didn’t know. All i could think about was his bitter words. Hate you. It rang through my mind, alternating between shouting and whispering. 

Dan and I argued before but never to this extent, never with harsh words. I mean i know i can be annoying sometimes and not know when to leave him alone. Wait, no, i shouldn’t be putting myself down because of this. As his partner i should be able to talk to him whenever and it’s not like i have been clinging to his side everyday. In fact it has been the total opposite. 

I shook my head to avoid more thought about our crashing relationship and focused on where exactly i was going to. The sky was dark and the streetlights had turned on so it was probably best i find shelter. I looked around the street i was on and headed to the nearest fast food joint, after today i could use some comfort food. 

With a bag full of food, i went to sit away from the rest of the people in the restaurant, that way i wouldn’t be disturbed if i broke down. Taking a bite of one of my fries, i pulled out my phone to check the time and possibly any texts from Dan.

5 messages, 2 missed calls. Call him! No, i won’t, not yet any way. I needed to be away from him without any contact before i would face him again and here his excuse. A part of me felt like i was overreacting, but the majority was convinced i was doing what’s right. 

“Excuse me, we’re closing now.” A tired young man informed me as he cleaned up the table in front of me.

“Oh, yeah, sorry.” I wiped the bottom of my eyes, removing the tears that had formed. 

The icy chill of the London breeze sent my body into shivers. If i stayed out in the cold any longer i would catch pneumonia or something. My choices were limited to two things, either go back home and face Dan or freeze. I could have gone to a friends but at 1 in the morning the likely hood of that was small. Time to grow a pair and go home. 

I quietly unlocked the front door and tried to go up the stairs silently. “Y/n? Oh thank god!” I froze in my place. My heart thudding away in my chest. 

“I’m so sorry baby.” His pained voice spoke. I stayed still, my eyes staring at the floor. 

He sighed sadly and stepped closer. “I know i hurt you, but please, at least look at me..” 

Taking a deep breath i looked up, his hair was messy and his cheeks blotchy. As much as i was pissed at him, he did look kind of cute. 

“Yes you hurt me Dan, really fucking hurt me.” I snapped at him. 

He frowned and went to touch me, but i stepped away, not ready to give in 

“The silences and weeks of ignoring me, i could live with if you just explained to me why. But saying you hate me-”

“I know, i know, i didn’t mean it at all.” He defended.

I stepped closer to him, “Dan i was really considering staying out there, if it wasn’t for the fact i had no where to go and could have frozen to death, i would have. I know that it was empty words but hearing that from you, hearing that from the person i love made it sound like you were speaking the truth. Each night you spent either sat in the lounge watching t.v or sat at your desk in the office, not even bothering to tell me that you didn’t want to go to bed fucking hurt me.” 

By this point i was just allowing myself to spill everything. “Are we drifting apart? Because it certainly feels like it. I don’t even remember a time where we have had a proper conversation or even hugged one another.” 

His eyes shone with tears. With every word, i could see in his eyes regret. “I’m sorry.”

I nodded softly and pulled my sleeve over my hand. My heart ached to think about what the next step should be. 

“I’m so sorry, if you want to break up with me now that’s fine, i understand. But promise me this, find someone who won’t say shit like what i did.” He exhaled. 

My eyes widened, wait, no, i don’t want this. I walked closer and wrapped my arms around him, sobbing in realisation of the situation. His body tensed up but soon enough his arms were gripping onto me tightly too. 

“I-i don’t w-want to break up!” I cried out, my breath staggering as i sobbed. 

I could feel Dan crying too from the way his chest stuttered. “I d-don’t either.” 

We were broken people but we could fix ourselves.

A/n: Sorry for the shit ending.  

I feel like I’m not going to feel at home anywhere and I think (for now) that I’m fine with that. And I will probably just float around in hotel rooms with a wine bottle in my hand (white preferably). Airport to airport, cab to cab, broken to fixed.
—  Taken from one of my old journals, 17 and wondering, I suppose - part 2
Swore I’d Never Come Back Here Again (Part 2)

A/N: I’m so so sorry this took forever to put up! I lost inspiration for a moment but now it’s back so don’t worry :) If you want to read the first part, you can find that here! This is not the last part so don’t worry! I think there will be one or two more! Enjoy! 

Dean x Reader, Jax Teller and rest of SAMCRO

Warnings: swearing, fighting, slight fluff, angst

Word Count: 1700

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“Hey- we don’t have to stay long, alright? We can get back on the road after this and head back home, okay? Whatever you want,” Dean assured you, his fingers intertwining with yours as you stood in front of Gemma Teller’s front door. Too many memories of a time that you hardly associated yourself with anymore, flooded through your mind. You were completely different from the Y/N Y/L/N that SAMCRO adored and cherished. She was long gone. With a grateful smile, you leaned up and planted a soft kiss on those annoyingly perfect lips of the handsome Winchester and took a deep breath before knocking on the door.

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I was just thinking about the trading card snippet about how Snoke has banned anyone within the Order from speaking Kylo Ren’s birth name, and it occurs to me that this is a tactic straight out of the cult leader playbook. Cult leaders (one that springs to mind is David Berg from the Children of God) often demand that their followers take new names because 

1) power of renaming reinforces god-like status of the leader and 

2) the new name is part of the narrative of the ‘old’ life being dead – you’re a different person now, your family are no longer your family (we are), you can’t go back there. 

I know a lot of people prefer to read Kylo’s name and dark sider identity as self-chosen, but personally I think they’re part of Snoke’s manipulations. I hope we find out more about how Snoke became Supreme Leader in VIII and why he has so much power and influence. 

Also I hope he’s really two feet high.

Breakdown: Part 2: Andy Biersack Imagine


After Y/N left, damn. There’s no words to explain how bad I became without her. The guys couldn’t get me out of bed or out of the house for 7 months. Once it reached a year without her, I barely made it outside once in a while. I moved to Ohio and spent my time doing nothing. I started seeing a therapist, and he recommended using my pain to write. How did I not think of that? I wrote until my hand could fall off. Those songs turned into a record and BVB just went up from there. It’s been six years without her. Of course, I still think of her. She was my first TRUE love so I could never forget her. After that day, she blocked me on every social media platform there was. Everyone she knew blocked me too. She even blocked the guys, but not before messaging them explaining why she was doing what she did. After that, I never saw how she was doing or what she was doing. Until, the night of BVB’s concert.

While performing, I had jumped onto a speaker and was performing fine. That was until I tried jumping down, slipped and hit my head hard enough to pass out. The couldn’t open my eyes or speak. The only thing I could do was hear. I could hear the sirens of the ambulance, I could hear the emt’s discussing, but I couldn’t really make out what they were saying, but what did that matter? I couldn’t move and I passed out after trying to make out what they were saying.

“Andy? Can you hear me?” I heard a female voice say. Who was that? Where was I? Wait, I fell. Hospital. My eyes fluttered opened and met with Y/C/E eyes. I automatically knew those eyes because I always thought about them. “Andy? You can hear me right? Can you speak?” She asked, still looking in my eyes. “I-I…” I said with a dry throat. “Well, this is not how I thought I’d see you again, but it is.” She laughed. God, her laugh. “We called her after you were put in the ambulance. Y/BF/N was at the show and told us Y/N was a nurse and where she worked…” My eyes diverted to Cece who had his head low and arms crossed. He knew how much I missed her. I looked back at her and she was looking at my chart and scribbling things down. She smirked, “I can see you staring at me. Can’t believe your eyes?” She looked back at me with a smile still on her face, “I really can’t. How…How are you?” I asked.

This was so unbelievable. “I’m good. Working. Working, and more working. And you’re doing well. Apart from the accident.” I wanted to ask if she missed me. If she thought of me. If she had someone new. If she didn’t, would she even think about taking me back? It’s been six years, but seeing her now, i’m still in love with her. How can I love her even after this long without seeing her?


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1. Are you a religious witch? Which religion? Nope. For now I’d like to keep those separate and stay secular for the most part :)

2. What is your preferred herb? Chamomille, lavender, vanilla

3. What is your preferred gem? Amethyst probably.. I’m trying to program my point and so far it’s slow progress =.=

4. Do you do divination? Which kind? I do shufflemancy and I’m lanning to do tarot in the future :)

5. Favorite Tarot card? Don’t know mine yet..

6. To Curse or not to Curse? Curse, only as last resort though

7. Do you have a familiar? I don’t think I have one in the physical, but I do have an animal spirit companion (shrugs)

8. Favorite candle color? Cream, blues, and black

9. Favorite rune? I don’t really do runes

10. Do you celebrate the solstices, full moons, etc? I probably would once I move out 

11. Do you wear a pentacle? Nah.. I’d love to, so I could freak out/intimidate people haha

12. Do you have a broom? I don’t use the house broom though..

13. Do you have a pendulum? Nup

14. Do you have an athame? None, would love to though

15. How often do you meditate? Not as often as I’d like but I try to make time/remember to do it

16. Do you do yoga? Once I move out, I definitely will.. It helps with my anxiety

17. Whats your favorite herbal tea? Vanilla and chamomille tea 🌼

18. Do you support manipulation magic? Depends on what they’re manipulating.. If it’s people and their energies, then that’s a bit unethical for me but you do you

19. How many altars do you have? None. Once again when I move out, I’d use a chest to keep my occult stuff and use the top lid as my altar..

20. Do you do magic outside often? I do a lot of energy manipulation whenever I go out and do day to day stuff

21. Can you read palms, or tea leaves? No, I’m not as drawn towards those things

22. Would you ever open your own metaphysics shop? Probably never but Id love to work in one though

23. Is your third eye open? I don’t know yet..

24. Do you like Astrology? Whats your sign? Yes I do :D Aqua Sun, Libra moon, Virgo Asc

25. Favorite flower? Or Tree? Sunflowers and Chrysanthemums are my favs cause I love seeing many small petals on flowers, and my fav tree would probably be Eucalyptus cause of sentiment

26. Do you have an animal guide? Yeah I do, but not so much as a guide but just a companion

27. Whats your favorite kind of magic? Sigil :D But I do music magic a lot as well, so..

28. What time do you feel most like a witch? I kinda always feel like a witch.. Mostly during dawn

29. Are you out of the broom closet? Not to my parents and family, nope never. But some of my closest friends know I practice :)

30. Are you a hereditary witch? Or self discovered? Self discovered and self taught, though a few years ago I found out my grandfather was a town healer!

31. Are you in a coven? Or solitary? Solitary, but I love being in a witchy community

32. Do you want to be in a coven? How big? I guess I’d form a coven with only me and my friends but our energies and the way each of us does things is a bit erratic and disorganized xD

33. When did you become a witch? mid-October 2015

34. Do you make your own spells? I made one but haven’t cast it yet

35. Do you make your own sigils? Yes! Only a couple I use I have borrowed from other people

36. Why did you choose this path? Because it called to me

37. Whats your favorite element? Air

38. Do you do any misc. magic? Maybe just the “superstitions” and wind calling

39. Magic or things you will never do? Not so much necromancy/death magic and sexual magic but I don’t mind being around witches that do them

40. Strangest way a spell backfired? When I asked for luck and didn’t specify, so I got BAD LUCK instead

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Choosing the wrong Priorities Part 2

Hi everyone! This is a follow up to this piece of writing: http://harryimaginedstories.tumblr.com/post/147355012373/choosing-the-wrong-priorities-part-1

I hope you liked the first part of this story and will be pleased with the second. Personally, I feel like it’s a good ending, but if any of you want a part 3, let me know and I’ll think about it. 

Three days later

“Mate, you got to stop moping around all day! Move your butt into the shower and get dressed. I don’t want to show up late to my own party, man.”

Light flooded the room as Jeff pulled back the curtains of the bedroom window with a forceful jerk. I groaned as I tried to blend out his voice by burying my head deeper into our white pillows. Her smell still hadn’t quite left the fabric and I tried to hold on to it for as long as I could. It was unlikely that she would ever want to be back in this bed again.

“Leave me alone.”

Jeff responded with another harsh pull, this time on the sheets, exposing my chest. I acted quick and protectively wrapped my arms around my middle, but he saw anyway.

Jeff laughed. “What the hell are you wearing?”

“She gave me this shirt,” I muttered. My throat hurt of soreness and I wished for nothing more, but to be pulled back under by the relief that was sleep. Jeff wasn’t having that though and proceed to tease me.

“It’s baby blue.”

“I happen to like baby blue.”

“Does it say ‘my personal snuggle buddy’? Alright, that’s kinda cute.”

“She’s always cute,” I cried, not even embarrassed anymore. Jeff had seen and heard me bawl my eyes out enough over the past days. He did, along with my mom, Gem and Niall. All of them had tried to cheer me up and failed miserably. Y/N’s sad and hurt expression just didn’t seem to leave my thoughts and continued to burn my mind with guilt.

Jeff sighed and I had to give him credit for not sounding annoyed with me at all. “I know you miss her, Harry. But you’ve been in bed for three days now. You ought to get over it.”

“That’s easy enough for you to say. You didn’t ruin your only relationship ever that was actually going somewhere over something as stupid as a promotion deal.”

“That stupid promotion deal is still on, by the way,” Jeff said as he made his way over to my closet. “Lucky for us, Ms. Kendall Jenner is still in on it and when you wear this,” he held out my black shirt with white dots on it, “will have her weak in the knees for you. I know it shows off your biceps.”

I swallowed the lump in my throat. Y/N used to love it when I wore that particular shirt. I pushed myself up into a sitting position and glared at my friend angrily. Sometimes he really did push past boundaries.

“What about 'I won’t fucking cheat on my girlfriend’ didn’t you understand? Put my shirt back and leave.”

I swallowed down the sick feeling I got when I thought about the likely possibility that 'girlfriend’ wasn’t a correct term anymore.

“Quit taking your sour mood out on me, Harry. I never forced you to agree, but you did anyway. It’s not my fault that your beloved Y/N didn’t take it well and walked out on you,"Jeff growled, throwing the black material onto the bed.

"It was me who walked out on her,” I muttered, shame evident in my voice. “I was so sure that she wouldn’t leave me so I just left her to cry on her own. What kind of boyfriend does that?”

The bed dipped as Jeff sat down by my side with a huff. He didn’t say anything but gently placed a hand on my shoulder.

“I’m sorry I’m being insensitive. I’m not trying to rub salt into your wound,” he spoke calmly. “But I just know that you’re hurting. That’s why I think surrounding yourself with what’s left of her stuff won’t help. You need to get out of this house for a bit.”

“To your party to get a good snog with Kendall. I decline, thank you.” I muttered in defeat.

“You don’t have to suck Kendall’s face off if you’re really that uncomfortable with it,” Jeff rolled his eyes, “I’ll talk to her for you. Just get out of bed for a bit and I guarantee you, you’ll feel better.”

My teeth tugged on my bottom lip. On one hand it probably wouldn’t be too bad if I got some fresh air for a change, given the fact that I hadn’t left our house, but what worried me was, what if Y/N saw pictures of me attending the party? A party we were supposed to go to together? She’d surely understand that as a sign that I was over her, unaware of the impossibility of that. Anything could take her further away from me.

“Y/N was supposed to come with me,” I muttered in defeat. “I don’t want her to think I’m over it and out being the life of the party again.”

“First of all, I’m the life of the party. Especially since it’s mine.” Jeff patted me on the back and got back up. “And second, you should call her. Tell Y/N you decided to go to the party and that she’s still welcome to come as well. That way she won’t be surprised by pictures of you.”

“I don’t know.”

“C'mon,” Jeff encouraged, wiggling his eyebrows.

I groaned. “Fine. But I’m not changing shirts. I’m already wearing my go-to outfit.”

“You got to be kidding me.”


Even from outside, the music was impossible to miss. I clutched my bag tightly with shaking fingers as the queue in front of me got shorter. My eyes squeezed shut and I urged my feet not to run. The only hope I had was that Jeff hadn’t forgotten to add my name to the guest list. The tall and broad bouncer by the door eyed me suspiciously. I was likely the only non-celebrity person he’d had to let in tonight.

“Y/N Y/LN?” he repeated, one eyebrow arched and I nodded. He studied the clipboard in his hand again.

“Yep. There you are.”

He stepped aside and I thanked him before entering the familiar house. Harry had often brought me around when him and Jeff hung out so I easily found my way through the crowded entryway and into the living room. My eyes scanned the faces, looking for anyone I’d recognize form anywhere other than a magazine front cover.


I sighed in relief and welcomed the long arms from my irish friend wrapping around me.

“It’s so good to see you,” I sighed, “I was afraid I wouldn’t know anyone. You being here is such a relief.”

Niall chuckled and shook his blond haired head.

“Right back at you, darling. You look incredible,” he spoke kindly. “Though you could use a drink, I believe. Let’s go get us one.”

With an arm around my shoulder he guided me to the counter that had been turned into a bar, but before he could so much as reach for a glass, his arm tightened. My head turned into the same direction as his and my eyes found what had him tense up. Not more than 8 feet away from us he stood, surrounded by all of his friends and dressed in his awfully expensive black shirt. A shirt that was now tightly fisted in between Kendall Jenner’s fingers as she held him tightly, their lips connected in a kiss. Tears shot to my eyes and spilled onto my cheeks before I could stop them. This hurt more than I could’ve imagined. It was as though he had ripped my heart out. Bile rose to my throat and I forcefully shrugged off Niall’s arm. He called out my name and I saw Harry’s head snap up from the edge of my eye. My legs shakily carried me to the luckily deserted stairs and I hurried up to where I knew the bathroom was. I didn’t allow myself to fully break down until I’d safely locked the bathroom door behind me. Then I could do nothing to stop my knees from buckling.

How could he do this to me?

We hadn’t even officially declared our break up and yet he had the nerve to make out with Kendall, not even for the paps, but in front of his friends? Ugly and loud sobs escaped my mouth as a thought dawned on me. That couldn’t have been in an effort to prove something. She was pretty after all. Of course he had wanted to kiss her instead of me. I was practically nothing next to Kendall.

“He must be with her now,” I muttered in defeat. “Not for the public, but for himself.”

I hadn’t expected to regret my decision to come to the party 5 minutes into it. How foolish had I been? A loud knock interrupted my trace of thoughts and I scattered back to my feet, while calling that I’d need another minute. The knocking continued though and was  followed by a raspy:

“Y/N, let me in.”

I cursed my heart at how it danced by the mere sound of his voice. I had always found comfort in it and a certain warmth still spread through me at the sound. I knew him well enough to be sure that he wouldn’t go away, even if he only followed me to tell me to leave. With still wet cheeks I took a deep breath and hesitantly unlocked the door. I lowered my gaze to my feet, though I wasn’t embarrassed to show him my hurt. But looking at him meant seeing the lips she had just finished kissing. Harry straddled me by not saying anything but attaching his hands onto my shoulders before I could protest. He pushed me further back into the bathroom and locked the door behind himself. Next thing I knew was that his familiar strong arms wrapped around my form and that he collected all the tears I had left to give into his neck as I sobbed heavily.

“Please let go, Harry,” I pleaded weakly but at the same time laid my arms around his neck. There was no fight left in me. Not with him this close and his ever comforting smell filling my nose. After this morning I had truly believed that he still wanted me. I continued to cry heavily and Harry responded by pressing me tighter against himself and by nuzzling his head in my hair. He didn’t even react when I sniffled noisy against his neck.

“Let go,” I cried shamefully, “I saw you! I saw you with her.”

Harry’s muscles twitched at my words.

“You shouldn’t have seen that,” he spoke in a half whisper. His lips attached to my skin and I let out a weak whimper when I felt him kiss my neck softly. “I’m sorry. I love you.”

“I can see that,” I breathed. “How can you still believe that me seeing it is what upsets me.”

“It shouldn’t have happened at all. I know, darling,” he agreed hoisting me up by my hips and picking me up.

“How could you do that to me?” I continued to sob, “After your voicemail I believed- I thought you-”

I had been surprised at his gentle request to come to Jeff’s party. He’d said that he called to reassure me that any arrangement with Kendall was called off. Apparently not as much canceled as rescheduled. Harry took a deep breath and pressed one last peck to my jaw before slowly lessening his grip, setting me back down on my feet. His hands reached up and he gently cradled my face, locking his own teary eyes with mine.

“I promise you, I told Jeff that I wouldn’t go through with it. I was the biggest asshole in the world to even ask such a ludicrous thing of you. I’m so sorry.”

The sincerity in his voice took my breath away. Had I not seen I might have even fallen for it.

“Why was she kissing you then?” I asked in a shaking, yet challenging voice.

Harry shrugged in defeat. “I don’t know. She came over to say hi and next thing I know, she’s kissing me. Maybe Jeff didn’t tell her yet but I truly am just as surprised by all of this as you are.”

“I’m somehow more hurt than surprised,” I scoffed.

“And I get that. But I don’t want her, Y/N. I just want you. Please believe me, I didn’t want to do this to you and if you’d let me I would go and tell the world all about us. It’s beyond me how I could ever not want everyone to know that you own my heart.”

He reached up and gently brushed a strand of hair off my cheek and smiled softly.

“Please come back to me.”

I felt myself whimper at his request and he frowned as his words caused more tears to fall.

“You’re the one who left,” I cried. “You’re the one who wasn’t happy.”

He opened his mouth but I interrupted him by a punch to his stomach.

“I gave everything I had into out relationship and you shamelessly took that for granted,” My voice rose with every word and he didn’t even move away as I continued hitting him. “You saw my heart break in front of you and did nothing!”

Harry wrapped the fingers of his hand around my wrists to stop my assault and forced me to look at him by taking my chin in his free one.

“You have every right to end our relationship. I know I didn’t treat you right, but I also know that I could.”

Harry let go of my wrists and hesitantly placed his hands on my hips instead. His eyes lit up when I didn’t shrug him off. What an image him and me must’ve made. Two people holding onto each other with desperate, scratching fingers and both crying heavily, the noise overshadowing the faint beat from the music downstairs. Harry gently squeezed my hips to get me to focus on his eyes again.

“Please, Y/N. Allow me to show you how committed I am to you. Body, heart and soul. I love you with every piece of me and can’t imagine a day I would spend happy if you’re not by my side.”

My ears rang and my cheeks started to feel sticky. His sincere green eyes willed me to believe him and I felt as if a thread had knotted around my heart and that it was now pulled towards him with a force I couldn’t fight. He sighed in relief when my hands reached up to hold him by his neck.

“I have never loved a person as deeply as I love you, Harry,” I spoke quietly, my thumbs moving in circular motions against his cheekbones.

He whimpered at my words and a smile graced his lips before I carefully pressed my own against them. I pushed any thought of the pretty model downstairs away and instead focused on the moan that escaped him and his arms that held me close. He moved to nip on my jaw when I turned to disconnect out lips.

“You still have some making up to do.”

He pulled away and nodded. His eyes danced with happiness. “Anything you want, my love. As long as you allow me to be with you again.”

My heart fluttered as I watched his face light up upon receiving my small nod and he bowed his head to collect another kiss.

“I love you Harry.”

“I love you, too,” he whispered and tightened his hold around me. “It’ll be different from now on. I promise that you will be happy.”

Hope you liked it! 

Here is part 3: 


Overall Thoughts

The good:

  1. The show took me back to a nostalgic period of time.  It was fun seeing my favorite characters brought to life with voice acting and animation, and made them feel even more real.
  2. For the most part, I was pleased with the animation.  I prefer the art style of the comics, but I understand the need to simplify things for animation… especially since this was probably a low budget production.  And overall, I think they did a great job with the rendering and attention to detail.  
  3. I think Season 2 was better done that Season 1.  It’s too bad the show was cancelled… while I know a lot of you hated the animated series, for understandable reasons, I would have liked to see if they could have redeemed themselves given another season.  And perhaps some new writers.  But perhaps that’s just because I would have liked to see some of my favorite arcs and issues brought to life.  I would have loved to see Taranee vs. the Oracle.  I would have loved to see Orube.  And I would have loved to see Raphael Silla in action.  
  4. Yan Lin was as wonderful in the show as she was in the comics.  Actually, I think she had a bigger role in the animated series, and for that I am utterly delighted.  I love that they had an older female mentor.  How often do we get to see elderly women portrayed in the media?  Especially elderly POC women.
  5. Some of the dialogue was corny and cringe worthy, but I really do think they got better towards the end of the series.  And there were some very entertaining episodes.  I think if they had stuck a little closer to the source material, they wouldn’t have run into as many problems as they did.
  6. I really love the voice actor they got for Cedric and Phobos.  I found it very fitting to how I imagined it in my head.  
  7. They did change the girls outfits every episode.  Considering other animated TV shows I’ve watched… hats off for that alone.  It really helps the girls feel like real, organic characters.  
  8. They did not butcher Matt’s character, although they changed some things about him that I’ll never understand.  But considering how badly they messed up Caleb… hey, I’m glad they didn’t mess up my cinnamon bun.  
  9. The music brings up all sorts of 90′s and 2000′s nostalgia.  A+ for playing with my emotions while making me cringe just slightly. 

The bad:

  1. They butchered Cornelia’s character.  Instead of the fiercely rational, passionate, loyal, and protective girl we get to know in the comics, they reduce Cornelia to a the stereotype of the airhead blonde who cares only about her appearance and boys.  
  2. They butchered Caleb’s character.  Instead of the sweet, supportive, and somewhat clueless flower-man, we get the stereotypical sexist white-boy hero who gets to be a dick all the time and no one ever calls him out on his shit.  Comic Caleb and animated Caleb are so vastly different the only thing they share in common is their names.  Giant portions of Caleb’s history was erased and instead he was made the “son” of a rebel leader and an evil villain… because, you know, the boy needs an “epic” plot line.  And earning redemption after living a life of servitude to Phobos wasn’t good enough.
  3. They butchered Cornelia and Caleb’s relationship, which was supposed to be a tragic love story of star crossed lovers…and instead, relied upon the boring, over-used trope of “You annoy me so I secretly love you.”  It’s reminiscent of the boy tugs girls hair and that somehow translates into love.  It’s…cringe worthy at best.
  4. Caleb got far too much screen time.  I’m sure it was in an effort to drawn in “male viewers.”  But first and foremost, this was a comic series (and animated series) geared towards young girls and empowering young girls, and Caleb got at least half the screen time.  If anything, we should have been developing the girls backgrounds more or focusing more on their friendships.
  5. Speaking of which, I wanted more scenes between the individual girls.  We all know they’re a powerful, strong group… but what made the comic so amazing was that everyone had a unique and organic relationship with each other.  There were subtle differences in how all the girls interacted with each other and the comic focused on all of it.  I wish they would have explored Irma and Hay Lin’s friendship as well as the tension sometimes visible between Cornelia and Will.  
  6. Miranda’s character was completely unnecessary and in the end, sad.  But they never addressed it as such.  If she was a 15 year old girl, then she was manipulated and abused by Cedric just like Elyon.  I’m not sure how old Cedric is supposed to be, but we know he’s old enough to be an adult and own a bookshop.  So we’re definitely crossing into luring a minor and creepy shit like that.  While the comics did a great job of showing kids why adults aren’t always “safe” with Elyon and Cedric’s ultimate betrayal of her feelings, and we never once think “Elyon and Cedric are great together!”, the animated series fails to address this as an issue.  They don’t go “Wow this is creepy and wrong as fuck.”  The comics do.  The comics make it very clear that Elyon was manipulated by Cedric and Phobo’s, who used her feelings for Cedric and her love for her brother to twist her into a weapon for themselves.  So while Miranda was a background character, it’s very dangerous not to address this issue. Because if you don’t, it makes it seem “okay.”  
  7. Not enough Peter.  Period.   But I have this complaint with the comics as well.
  8. They changed Irma’s character too.  For some reason, they made her into this sarcastic tomboy.  I mean, Irma is pretty snarky in the comics, but she’s also probably the most girly of all the guardians.  And I will never forgive them for trying to make Irma feel guilty for rejecting Martin, who acted like a total creep and was pissed about being friend zoned.  It was an absolute injustice to Irma, who would never put up with that sort of shit.  She’s also pretty flirty.  And while in the comics she’s seen with multiple love interests, the animated series make it seems like she only ever pines after unattainable guys.  
  9. If they were going to change anything from the comics, they could have added more body diversity.  *my one sole complaint about the comics* 
  10. I wanted more about the girl’s athletic lives.  Cornelia is this amazing figure skater who has won medals and trophies, and Taranee is a fantastic dancer.  Will is a beast at swimming… and I think it’s important to show girls excelling at normal athletic events.  

part 1

42 days. It had been 42 days since Michael broke things off with (Y/N). He lay on the couch staring at the ceiling of the dressing room wondering when the day would come when he didn’t feel like shit for breaking her heart. When he didn’t reach for his phone to text her every time Calum did something stupid that made him laugh or when he met a fan that reminded him of her. 42 days has passed and he wanted to know when was the day where he finally didn’t miss her with every fiber of his being? He now thought that day would never come. Hell, he should have known that when he made the dumbass decision to break up with her. What the hell was the reason for that anyway? Oh, yeah some bullshit about not wanting to hold her back. He dragged his hands down his face in frustration. God, he was such an idiot. The truth was, he was afraid. Afraid at how fast he fell for her. Afraid at how much he was in love with her. Afraid that when he went home to her he would never want to leave her side again. He was a coward, so instead of facing it straight on, he ran. He cowered away and broke both their hearts in the process. 

“Michael!! Come help me!” Lukes voice pulled him out of his thoughts. He let his head look to the side to see what Luke wanted. Michael was met with the sight of his three best friends playing a vigorous game of ‘don’t let the balloon touch the ground.’ He let out a small chuckle and joined the game, knowing he needed a good laugh. 15 minutes into the game Calums phone let out a loud ring interrupting Luke and Michaels current winning streak. Calum grabbed his phone looking down at the screen to see who was calling.

“Oh, time out guys. I got to take this,” He said waving them off and lifting his phone to his ear. He started to make his way out of the room so as to not be heard, but Michael caught the beginnings of the conversation.

“Hey Lala whats up?” Michaels fist clenched at the cute nickname. He knew exactly who Calum was talking to. He didn’t even need to hear the nickname to know. The boys had been doing this for 42 days now; sneaking into the other room whenever they were on the phone with (Y/N). He should have guessed that they would have continued talking to her, she was all their friends before they started dating. Nevertheless, his heart broke a little more every time they spoke to her; every time she called them instead of him to laugh or tell secrets or talk about her day. It infuriated him that they thought they were being sly, that he didn’t know who they were talking to. However, that didn’t compare to the anger he harbored for them knowing things about (Y/N) that he did not. How they were all in the loop on what was going on in her life and he wasn’t. He was the only one to blame too. That really hurt knowing this whole situation was his fault. 

“I’m gonna get something to drink,” Michael said stiffly making his way over to the other side of the room, away from the boys. He needed to clear his head of (Y/N). He let out a dry chuckle at that thought as he opened up the mini fridge pulling out a water. There was no getting rid of her. She was like the most enticing drug he had ever tried. He was addicted. Now that she was in his system no amount of time, tears, anger, or other women could flush her out. He turned around seeing Calum had joined Luke and Ashton, they stood in a little circle whispering to each other. 

“What are you whispering about,” Michael said walking back over to their little huddle, taking a big swig of water. 

“Nothing,” They all responded in unison, heads snapping up at him. He knew they were lying and he was sick of it.

“Okay. Calum who was that on the phone,” He questioned. 

“Uh no one.”

“Really? So you just had a conversation with no one? Mmm?” Michael responded letting his annoyance show through his voice.

“It was just mum. That’s all Mike,” Calum said, giving a light shrug of his shoulders.

“Right. Just tell me, since when did you call your mum Lala? I’m not a fucking idiot you guys. I know every time you sneak away from me or have hushed conversations over the phone that you are talking to her. I know you still talk to her. You don’t have to treat me like a child. I can understand that you all still talk. OKAY?” He was pissed. Not at the boys, at how he so obviously couldn’t handle the fact that she confided in them. He was sick of not knowing. “So tell me what did (Y/N) have to say?” His heart skipped a beat at her name, not having actually spoke that word in so long. The boys just stared back at him not sure what to do. He was like a ticking time bomb and they didn’t want to set it off. 

“Come on. Don’t just stand there. Lay it on me, what did she say?” 

“She was really excited. You know that promotion she kept saying there was no way she was going to get? Well, she just got a call to inform her that she did in fact get the promotion. She starts her new position Monday.” Calum said softly. 

“Wow, that’s great. I told her she just had to be patient and they would get back to her. That they would be idiots not to put her in charge,” Michael said, remembering the conversation they had had the night before he screwed it all up. The night he got scared about the future. The night he had gotten so frightened at the realization he wanted her to be his future. The night he realized she was the one. The night he didn’t know what to do about those overwhelming feelings.

“Mike just call her. I’m sure she will be happy to hear your voice,” Ashton said, he couldn’t handle seeing his friend in this much pain. 

“No, I’m sure she is much better off,” Michael said shaking his head.

“Trust us. We’ve been talking to her. It will do her some good to talk to you,” Calum said. Michael just shrugged in response, not wanting to talk about it anymore fearful that tears may start rolling down his cheeks. 

“I’m just gonna uh go for a walk. Get some air,” he said quickly letting himself out of the room. His best friends staring at his retreating frame, all three hoping that he could work these things out because seeing Michael so down was disheartening. 

Michael lost count of how many corners he turned until he finally stopped walking. He was some where deep into the arena they would be performing in later that night, he was very alone just what he wanted. Slowly he pulled out his phone and pulled up (Y/N)’s contact. He admired the picture he had set for her. He looked at her smiling in that picture with those kind eyes that made him fall for her and he knew he had to win her back. He had to gather up the courage to confess to her all the things he was afraid to admit to himself. The loud ringing filled his ear and he prayed, prayed to what ever god that was listening that she would pick up the phone. That she wouldn’t see his name light up her screen, scoff and throw it back down. That she wouldn’t pick up the phone, so angry with him, just to tell him to fuck off. That she wouldn’t pick up the phone so heartbroken that she wouldn’t want to get back in the relationship with him. The phone stopped ringing and someone picked up. 

A mans deep voice said, “Hey….Hellooo.. is anyone there?” 

Michael quickly pressed end. Guess he forgot to pray that she wouldn’t have had moved on from him…

part 3

YURIO in Yuri on Ice Ep. 12 - Interpretation/Analysis

In my personal opinion, I believe Yuri on Ice made suggestions towards my Yurio crush theory (1, 2), but if you prefer to think of it as just admiration, that’s fine. Either way, it’s a beautiful turn of events. I’m going to take apart the scenes from Episode 12 and explain how I interpret them.

This episode really hit me in the feels and I loved it. So far I’ve seen a lot of positive responses to it, but I have also seen people who are unhappy with Yurio’s part in it. If you are one of those people, I’d suggest reading this post or my post about Yurio’s past, as I think they help people get a new perspective on him.


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