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The Void Inside Me (NSFW 18+)

A/N: This idea was sprouted by one of those ads we’re the two people are texting about something really agnsty or suspenseful and you have to download the app to see the whole story. I loved the idea so much and thought no one would be more suited for it than Void. I want to thank @writing-obrien for seriously helping me out with this when I was completely stumped. Also @celestial-writing because this fic would not be finished if it weren’t for her motivating me to push through up until the very end. And @sarcasticallystilinski too for all her feedback. I think they all edited this at some point too so thank you beautiful babes, I love you all more than most. Lastly, Koneko is Japanese for kitten so says google translater. I’m sorry if I got that wrong.

Warnings: Smut; choking.

Word Count: 6860


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【A.R.M.Y 1기 BTS MAGAZINE Vol.1】BTS interview

Q: What was your childhood dream job? You know people dreamt of becoming the President, policeman and teacher etc.

V: Doctor.

Jimin: I changed it a lot. I changed every day as I read manhwa. I wanted to become a chef when I was reading ‘Cooking Master Boy’.

Jungkook: Professional gamer.

Rap Monster: Everyone probably dreamt of being a professional gamer.

Suga: I wanted to become an architect.

Rap Monster: It doesn’t suit you at all!

All: (laughs)

Suga: I don’t know why I wanted to become an architect. I remember when I was in primary school and I said architect is my dream job. 

All: Why? What’s the reason?

Suga: I was properly wondering whether the word ‘architect’ exists or not (laughs) I still don’t know why that was my dream job. 

Jin: I wanted to become a farmer. When I was in middle school, I went to help in my uncle’s farm in the countryside. I fell in love with the atmosphere and the peacefulness of the countryside that I felt back then. 

J-Hope: Wow, this hyung is so pure. Is being a farmer still your dream?

Jin: If there’s a chance, I still want to farm.

V: I’m the same with Jin hyung. My uncle is also…

All: Oh~ Is he farming? 

V: He’s a doctor.

Rap Monster: How is doctor and farmer the same occupation?

V: I mean we were both influenced by our uncles.

All: (laughs)

V: Once I was sick and I went to see my hospital uncle.

Jin: What the heck is 'hospital uncle’, it should be doctor uncle (ㅋㅋㅋ)

Rap Monster: I have a plane uncle.

V: Anyway, I was in pain and crying. I went to see my uncle, he wore a mask, white gown and had gloves on, he looked so cool. That’s why I wanted to become a doctor. 

J-Hope: You guys probably don’t believe me but I wanted to become a tennis player. I played tennis in primary school. 

All: Stop. How long are you going to keep talking about (becoming a) tennis player (ㅋㅋㅋ).

J-Hope: Ah~ I haven’t participated in the ISAC games but I did sports when I was a child! 

Suga: Do you still remember when we went to Thailand and we played tennis there, you weren’t extremely that good (laughs).

J-Hope: Of course! I haven’t played for 7 years~ It’s just a dream, dream! My dream. Back then, I really wanted to become a tennis player, so I worked very hard. My wish was to be like Maria Yuryevna Sharapova, hitting the ball into the air while saying 'oh-i’. 

Suga: You suit to be like 'euhahaha’ while playing it. 

All: (laughs)

Rap Monster: My dream was to be the apartment’s security guard.

All: How come? What made you decide to be that?

Rap monster: One day, I came home from school and a young ahjussi asked me: “have you eaten yet?” It was so cool. 

Jin: So “have you eaten” was cool? 

Jimin: He fell for the uniform.

Rap Monster: I think that’s why (laughs).

J-Hope: My dream was the coolest!

V: Doctor is the coolest~

Jin: Do you know how cool a farmer is. 

Jimin: (suddenly) When I was in middle school, I wanted to become a policeman. 

Jimin: When I was watching the TV, it was so cool to see the policeman having a confrontation with the criminal.

Jungkook: I wanted to become a badminton player.

Jin: You just said you wanted to become a gamer.

Suga: Just say one.

Jungkook: When I was learning badminton, I was really into it.

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Jeno as a boyfriend

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Jeno as a boyfriend  ♡

  • Mr.Right
  • Jeno is one of the nicest guys out there and he’s a true pleasure to date
  • This is a man who’s always willing to go that extra mile to treat you right 
  • He’s a masculine man that is into old-fashioned courting 
  • He will do romantic things like give you flowers, host candlelight dinners, play soft music, ballroom dance, and take walks in the park with you
  • But this quasi-traditionalist has another side to him
  • Jeno is really goofy
  • He has a hidden silly side that you may only catch peaks of until you guys start dating more seriously
  • And once you two get to know each other you’ll realize how interesting and humorous he can be
  • He’s also kinda cheesy
  • “So if our eyes are the windows to our souls then our mouths must be the front door, right? Come enter my soul babe.”
  • “Jeno…that was the corniest and the weirdest thing you’ve said all day”
  • “Wait until you hear what I have to say tomorrow” :D
  • This cutie calls himself boring, but that really isn’t the case
  • Chill is a better word to describe him
  • He wont be the loudest in the room, nor will he be the one that seeks to be the center of attention
  • But he is someone that has something interesting to add to the conversation
  • He’ll seem quiet, but really he is just listening and taking in the information
  • And when it’s his turn to speak, he’ll charm you with his wit, thoughtfulness, and adorable sense of humor
  • With you, Jeno opens up completely and shows a more vulnerable side to his normal inexpressive personality
  • Society pressures men into believing that they have to strong all the time and that they should be emotionless
  • But you showed Jeno that real men let their guard down to the ones that mean the most to them
  • It wasn’t until he met you, that he realized he could talk about his feelings and emotions and still be considered manly
  • He shares his past, his fears, his wants, and his desires with you
  • No matter how bazaar any of his ideas seem, he is completely comfortable talking about them with you
  • When you two talk about serious topics, neither of you feel the need to hold back
  • Because you both know that regardless of what you say, you will not be judged or hated for your opinions
  • And that is the real magic of your relationship with Jeno
  • That underlying feeling of trust and understanding is the framework for the sturdy relationship that you two built together
  • Jeno literally lives through his senses
  • He takes delight in delicious meals
  • You know that old saying, “the key to a man’s heart is through his stomach”
  • Yeah that 100% applies to Jeno
  • He is such a foodie, and nothing puts him in a better mood than a delicious meal
  • Cooking together is a common hobby for you two
  • The process of making a meal together brings you guys closer
  • You two are unknowingly working on your communication skills, learning how to work better as a team, and you guys are practicing healthy desicion making skills
  • All of these are essential qualities needed to fuel a successful relationship
  • And you two are low key building these skills frequently
  • You two cook together because you both find it fun
  • But what you guys don’t realize is that you are also strengthening your relationship
  • Jeno appreciates soft fabrics
  • He becomes a lot more cuddly when you’re wearing a fluffy sweater or a silky blouse
  • He loves cuddling with you in general, but the added sensation of a comfortable fabric makes him want to cuddle with you more
  • “Babe, I know that I’m normally trying to convince you to take your clothes off, but this sweater is magnificent. Please wear this forever.”
  • Jeno immerses himself in beautiful scenery
  • He is definitely someone who appreciates tasteful aesthetics
  • Whether it be a well designed home, an organized instagram page, a colorful painting, or a beautiful landscape
  • He just treasures the beauty of eye-pleasing visuals
  • He is definitely the type to stare out of the window on a plane ride and lose himself in his thoughts
  • So if you notice that he’s being unusually quiet, just tap his shoulder and bring him back into reality
  • There is something very solid about Jeno
  • He’s someone who is dependable and helpful
  • No matter how far apart you two are, he’ll make accommodations so that he can properly support you and be a loving boyfriend
  • If it’s 3pm your time but 3am his time, Jeno will still answer his phone to talk to you
  • He realizes that relationships are all about sacrifices and compromise, and he’s willing to do those things for you
  • And he knows that you’ll do the same for him
  • Jeno is such a hard worker, in both life and love
  • He values a steady career and a stable relationship
  • And when he really cares about something he works hard to maintain and better it
  • And because of that, the relationship that you two share is destined for success
  • Jeno might be just a little jealous and possessive, but not in an overbearing way
  • He has a low tolerance for other guys flirting with you
  • Seeing another guy flirt with you is guaranteed to send Jeno into a seething rage
  • He wont yell, but his voice will be stern and he will make sure that he gets his point across
  • Jeno doesn’t try to own you or try to control you
  • But he does take delight in calling you his
  • To him, you’re his baby, his significant other, his life partner
  • He feels like in a relationship you two give parts of yourselves to eachother
  • So you are his and he is yours
  • Jeno is so cheerful and upbeat, and his optimism is catchy
  • He is a glass half full kind of person
  • He has this blind faith that everything will be okay
  • And honestly, his positivity is admirable and contagious
  • He’s intelligent and reliable
  • It almost seems like he has a solution to everything
  • And this aspect of his personality makes your life so much easier
  • When the world leaves you feeling lost and broken, Jeno is there to put you back together
  • When life rains on your parade
  • Jeno will be the rainbow that appears after the storm
  • He is quite the outdoorsy type
  • He loves sports and friendly competition
  • So anticipate him challenging you to games
  • “The first person to score 10 points wins”
  • And also anticipate him adding playful punishments for the loser
  • “The loser has to do whatever the winner says for a week ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • Jeno lovingly nurtures you and gives a lot of care and devotion
  • He is always beside you to protect and love you in all the ups and downs of life
  • He admires your intellect and supports you in both your schooling and career
  • Jeno accepts all of you
  • He does not want to change you, manipulate, or influence you to be something you’re not
  • He accepts your good and your not so good
  • He lifts you up and tells you that you’re perfect in his eyes
  • He tells you that you are pretty and that he likes all the things you hate about yourself
  • Jeno is a modern day Romeo
  • And that would be reflected in the dates you two go on
  • He’d wine and dine you at the finest restaurants, take you for walks on the beach, and surprise you with tickets to see the Lion King on Broadway 
  • But he’s still a young man and he likes to have fun
  • So he would also enjoy trips to an amusement park, beach volleyball, and meetups at the arcade
  • But deep down, Jeno is more of a homebody than anyone
  • He doesn’t mind leaving the house, but home is where his heart is
  • He’d much rather cuddle up with you and watch a movie at home as opposed to watching a film in the theater 
  • And he’s totally down for cheesy hangouts at his house, where you two invite your friends over and play video/board games until the wee hours of the night
  • He actually really enjoys hosting mini events at his house
  • So you’d see the rest of NCT quite frequently
  • Jeno’s devotion to you lasts for a lifetime
  • He’s an intensely loyal lover that is nurturing to your every single need
  • He brings some rich humor into your life and he makes your eyes shine a little brighter everyday
  • And in return you bring him heartwarming passion which makes him more lively and romantic
  • Sometimes you two find it hard to be together but you both know that ultimately, you both cannot live without each other
  • He wants to spend all of his time with you, and he will make up any excuse to make that happen
  • “Hey babe can you come over? I think my umm…..my clock is broken.”
  • This boy can not get enough of you
  • He is always suggesting dates and meetups
  • He’ll call you even though he just saw you 30 minutes ago
  • He texts you frequently throughout the day
  • You met his friends the day after you two started officially dating
  • He was serious about you and wanted to involve you in his life
  • He showers you with gifts
  • “I bought you this bracelet because it reminded me of you.”
  • And he also showers you with things you don’t need
  • “I bought you this goldfish because you said you liked animals.”
  • He’s always telling you how special you are
  • Jeno has not met anyone as interesting as you, and he wants you to know that
  • He is so helpful and selfless
  • He’s the type to spend hours helping you with your homework, instead of working on his
  • And he’ll never complain about it
  • Actually he won’t even tell you
  • He makes sacrifices for you, but he’ll never make you feel guilty about it
  • He likes feeling like he’s in control, and wants to know that he’s providing for you
  • He knows that you can handle yourself, but he still feels like he needs to protect you
  • He can be soooo stubborn
  • Even when he’s wrong he’ll jokingly pretend to be right
  • “The American flag is red, white, and green. I’m positive.”
  • “No Jeno, it’s red, white, and blue. Look at it!!”
  • “Yeah it’s a bluish green.”
  • “Why are you like this….”
  • But you still love him, even when he acts delusional
  • He likes to look nice and see you look nice
  • So shopping trips would be a common activity you two share
  • “Let’s get matching outfits baby.”
  • Did I mention that he’s super cheesy?
  • He randomly uses pick-up lines on you
  • And he’ll do it anywhere, he literally has no shame
  • He uses pick-up lines in school
  • “Do you have a pencil? Cause I want to erase your past and write our future.“
  • “Jeno go to class.”
  • He uses them on dates with you
  • “Are you a magician? Because whenever I look at you, everyone else disappears!”
  • He even uses them in front of his friends
  • “If you were a vegetable you’d be a cute-cumber.”
  • “Omg Jeno stop embarassing me.”
  • You have a love-hate relationship with his pick-up lines
  • This boy knows a thing or two about sensuality
  • He likes to give you massages
  • And he really enjoys it when you give him massages
  • He loves long, deep kisses
  • A big fan of back hugs, front hugs,…side hugs
  • He just really likes touching you
  • Jeno expresses his love and affection through his kisses
  • He is very tender and delicate with his kisses
  • This is his way of making you feel loved and cherished
  • His lovable and passionate kisses will leave you in a dream-like daze
  • Sometimes you’ll forget where you are, who you are, what you are…
  • That’s Jeno’s impact
  • His relaxed attitude towards kissing does not mean that his kiss is boring
  • In fact, Jeno’s leisurely kisses can be very intense
  • And often, the kissing session lasts for quite a while
  • You can easily tell when he wants to kiss you
  • He gets this look in his eyes, and that lets you know that you’re in for a wild ride
  • He’ll nail you to the wall, and give you a deep and passionate gaze
  • Just waiting for you to give him permission to put his lips on yours
  • And once you give him a sign, you two are guaranteed to be lip-locked for what seems like eternity
  • When you two kiss, suddenly neither of you have any hesitations
  • And you both embrace every little detail of the kiss
  • Every touch
  • Every breath
  • Every glance
  • These small aspects heighten the intensity of the kiss
  • A kiss so deep that you two get lost in it
  • His smooth, honey kisses always leave you begging for more
  • Jeno can be stubborn to a fault and he will hate any change to his daily routine
  • You’ll sometimes wonder if he is allergic to change
  • However, he can be open to change as long as you give him time to think about it
  • Try not to rush him into anything as his thinking style is slow and steady 
  • And eventually he’ll realize that being spontaneous isn’t such a bad thing
  • He can have a nasty temper
  • Just because you rarely see it in all its glorious anger, do not doubt that Jeno has a fearsome temper lurking under his calm and serene disposition
  • But don’t worry, it really takes a lot to get Jeno all riled up
  • To even see half of his temper, you’d have to do something really major to tick him off
  • Jeno is a straightforward and down to earth kind of a guy
  • And he is drawn to your magnetic and fascinating personality
  • He is truly interested in what you enjoy doing, or what you like most in life
  • That does not mean he will love everything you love, or do everything you do
  • And that is perfectly fine
  • He just wants to know what excites you and makes you feel alive in life
  • Jeno fully realizes that his life is better with and he wants you in it every day
  • He wants to spend time with you, he tells you how amazing you are, and he’s not afraid to be honest with you
  • Jeno really is just that into you

I feel like this was the longest one I’ve done lol. Hope you like it <3

Other Members  ♡:











how I see the signs and what I want them to know
  • (side note - View of a Virgo rising, Leo sun in the 12th, Libra moon in 2nd, mercury Cancer in 11th, venus Leo in 12th, mars Leo in 11th)
  • Aries: was once my best friend, she made literally everything in my life brighter and always helped me to just enjoy things and stop worrying all the time. Also great hugs. Just simply has that energy, wherever it may be - physically, mentally, staying up until you binge watched that show, giving you their last money so you can get yourself something to eat before you starve to death, always down for a talk and a walk even if they had a packed schedule. Please don't miss out on times when you just have to take a day off to get your beautiful and strong energy back. I care about your health so please don't forget to eat properly and don't miss out on that quality time if needed.
  • Taurus: a girl from my drama class and my little sisters moon sign, I am just so in love with your sense for aesthetic. Total sunshines. I feel like I can always rely on you, super compassionate and knows how to make you feel comfortable when youre not. I love that when you have a goal in your mind, you will give your everything to achieve that! Also so humble but like I want you so desperately to know how beautiful I think you are!! I enjoy your company a lot. Please don't be afraid of changes, I know that's such a mainstream thing to write for Taurus but I really do believe that maybe sometimes you need to be reminded that life can also begin at the end of your comfort zone.
  • Gemini: a guy and a girl from biology class, I am literally stunned at how much these people know. Eloquent fluffballs. I could listen to you spreading knowledge 24/7, make great jokes in my opinion and just kind of knows... everyone?? Get along with so many people, can be very chill but also full of energy when they're talking about things they are interested in. Also fun-fact kings and queens. Please remind yourself to stay loyal to your true friends, you may know many people with whom you get along with so well and for sure everyone is intersting in their own way, but it's very possible to feel lonely in a crowd. Your closest friends will always get you out of that and help you, I promise.
  • Cancer: a close friend of mine, literally the most caring person I've ever met. Actual comedians. I don't know I just straight up fell in love with your humour. All the Cancers I know have or had some extreme physical problems going on, please get well soon if you read this and you're also not feeling well. Mentally on the next level, strong and kind of unbreakable. Don't hide their feelings because they just know that when you bottle up your feelings it's never going to end well. They just get you and will be there for you no matter what. Please take care of yourself just as well as you do with your friends and family, you are a true blessing and it's definitely okay to rant or cry or just let it all out.
  • Leo: my english teacher and a guy I used to be close with, very often completely misunderstood and taken for granted, which can lead to unhealthy behaviour. Will make you feel great after a plain shit day. I strive to be this talented at just expressing myself or being confident, even if you just want the world to think you are confident when you're actually not. Cuddly queens and kings. Better not hurt their pride because it took them a lot of time to actually get to that level and in a world where people hate on you for loving yourself, to them it feels like, despite all their work, they are not worth of loving themselves. Please don't forget that although sometimes it's hard to look in the mirror and like what you see, there are caring and warm-hearted people who love you just the way you are.
  • Virgo: a girl in my class I simply adore, I always annoy you with my endless compliments. Kind of just in love with these down-to-earth and sweet people. Either super chill or worried a lot, I wish I could just hug you until you feel less stressed. Smol but strong beans you can learn a lot from. So reliable, I actually hate doing group projects and always want to do everything myself but since you share that opinion we created something I was really proud of and now we always do them together. Please remember that passion is something you shouldn't be ashamed of, you simply don't have to be because it's something you love and your needs are valid. Also dreaming big, it's possible, especially for you so why not?
  • Libra: a girl I recently got to know and am already completely amazed by, literal social butterflies who sometimes only know in hindsight how much they enjoyed the company of someone because they adapt so easily and it's rare to find someone where you can just simply be yourself. Love how they view life and that they make me want to talk more. Very open and you never feel excluded because they just know how to include everyone. Please don't forget to remind yourself who you truly are and not to lose yourself in another person, because there really is only one you no matter how good you are at adapting to literally every social situation, you are amazing and I want you to be comfortable as well.
  • Scorpio: my dad and my ex boyfriend's mom, two very caring peole in their own way. I always love how sharp their sarcasm can be. Can comfort extremely well when they want to. So many secrets and things to know about them that I can lose myself in them wanting to explore whats actually behind their shell. Teaches you life lessons. Please don't forget that humans aren't flawless and that's completely okay. You don't have to hold onto old grudges, communication is key and talking about these things, confronting these people who did you wrong will help you grow as a person.
  • Sagittarius: an old friend of mine, very cute people who get interested in so many things and they are so versatile and adventurous I absolutely love their lively nature. Memes™. Total dorks you can fall for in a second. Are actually the best partners to just talk to about anything because they will be interested and share their opinion with you. Please remind yourself that cutting off people can be a very wise decision and you don't have to keep up with everyones shit if that's just not what you're in for.
  • Capricorn: I am literally so attracted to these people it's unreal, although I kind of always think that they don't like me...... anyways, my bigger twin sisters are caps and they are humble souls who really had to fight for a lot in life sadly. So proud of you. Keep up with the hard work, you really deserve everything. So realistic and pure I have heart eyes. Supportive and extremely loyal. Will stand up for you if you need it. Straight face™ but still manages to make even the most serious people laugh. Please remind yourself to not overdo it with the work, take a day off to relax and let yourself go maybe, even if it's hard - with the right people you don't ever have to be afraid of being yourself.
  • Aquarius: my ex boyfriend whom I had a crush on for like 4 years, teached me great life lessons. Will always have a weakness for aquas, they just attract me so much, how much of a fluffy dork can you be tbh? Capacity of acceptance is incredible. So much fun to be with. Are kind of just good at everything? You can talk to them about anything, it won't feel weird, they won't question it and just talk to you about that topic. So friendly, an underrated trait in my opinion, just complete and simple friendliness you enjoy to the fullest. Please remind yourself to let people not only see your amazing shell but also your stunning core, there are people who love to talk about the same things you love and nothing about you is weird, you are special and I absolutely love it.
  • Pisces: a very sweet guy I've been texting with for the past months, very open minded and also have that sensitivity I strive to have. Very inspirational smol puppy. Actual daydreamers™, may be late to school but love deeply and would never neglect your love. Kind of hate almost everything that's planned out? (I'm sorry I just love to plan things out) will hug you no matter what. Does not fear to dream big, is very talented at artsy stuff in my opinion. Please don't forget that even if it seems hard, and yes our school system is kind of very bad,we get to have that education and your dreams will be reality if you work hard enough to achieve them. You have so much potential, please don't ever waste it.
BTS Single Parent AU

kookies-and-myrok asked: Hello, sweets! I love your writing and I’m not just saying that Lol i always get excited when you post smt, anyways do you write parent au’s? If you do can I get a BTS reaction about what they would be like as a single parent? If not then its okay! Keep up the great work 💜

This doesn’t necessarily work as a reaction, but I can do a little like… bullet drabble or whatever on this. Either way, very doable. - Admin Dayna


There’s like… this anime called Amaama to Inazuma (a.k.a. Sweetness and Lightning) which is basically about a single father who raises his daughter to the best of his abilities but he can’t cook as well as his wife (who passed away). I see Single Parent!Jin being like that… except in Jin’s case he can actually throw down in a kitchen

  • Lots of love and affection
  • Smothers his baby girl with kisses before dropping her off to daycare and after picking her up
  • The daycare moms thirst after him bOI
  • His cookies sold out the fastest at the school bakery
  • Partially because Daycare Moms are trying to give him the succ
  • Mainly because his cookies are bomb asf
  • He got hoes
  • Reads/sings his daughter to sleep at night religiously
  • Chocolate covered Strawberries while they watch cartoons together
  • Shed a single tear in the beginning of Finding Nemo evRYTIM
  • Was literally floating on air for like a month because his daughter told him he was the “handsomest appa”
  • Tries really hard to scold his baby girl
  • Can’t look her in the face when he does it because she’s too damn cute
  • Puppy Dog Eyes work every once in a while tbh
  • Dad jokes, fucking duh.

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Picture this: Yoongi is chilling, right? Lounging on the sofa, watching some psychological mystery film or whatever emo shit he watches. His face is pretty indifferent. He’s unbothered asf. His right arm is covered in scribbles and squiggles. His 7 year old son is currently surrounded by markers, casually doodling on his dad’s arm.

  • Lets his son choose whatever toys he wants
  • If his baby boy wants a nerf gun, he’ll get a nerf gun.
  • If his baby boy wants a fucking bubblegum pink barbie jeep atv, he’s getting a fucking bubblegum pink barbie jeep atv.
  • Also lets his kid wear whatever he wants
  • Supports the creative and imaginative endeavors of his child
  • Does not support coloRING ON THE WALL YOU LIL DEMON BABY
  • Sometimes stares at his child and thinks “whose mans is this?”
  • Also looks at his child and thinks “that’s the love of my life”.
  • One time considered redecorating his closet just so that he can hang a bunch of mirrors on the wall so that whenever his child does something stupid, he can sit him in that closet and close the door so that he can look at his reflection and reevaluate his 7 years long life.
  • All in all he’s a super supportive daddio.
  • He’s not like the other dads.
  • He’s a Cool Dad™

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Sitcom dad.

Literally Phil Dunphy from Modern Family.

  • Tell his kids a lot of stories about his “glory days”
  • His preteen daughter is like… hella embarrassed by him, but is highkey just as dorky as he is
  • Still got the juice
  • Can be super stern when need be
  • His kids knows that if they have an issue they can always talk to him about it
  • Has the warmest hugs when the days been rough
  • Shares both maternal and fraternal instincts 
  • Can flawlessly switch between motherly and fatherly traits
  • Tries to make inside jokes with his children
  • It never works.
  • “Stop trying to make fetch happen, Hobi. It’s not going to happen”
  • The best hype man tbh

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You know that cliche where it’s like… the mom leaves the kids alone with the father for a day. And the dad is like “don’t worry honey, I got this” but then the second the mom leaves, there’s toys everywhere, the kids are running around naked, the water he was boiling is on fire, shit has literally hit the fan, the groUND HAS ACTUALLY SPLIT OPEN INTO THE FIERY PITS OF HELL - but he last minute manages to get everything together and in order before the mom comes and finds out? 

That’s Namjoon.

Except like… 24/7 without the mom

  • Super fast dad reflexes
  • Also kinda annoying dad noises?
  • Really good at tutoring the kids with school work and stuff
  • He taught them majority of their math and science formulas by turning them into catchy songs
  • Has given up trying to be the cool dad yEARS ago
  • He’s just not about that life
  • It’s okay though because his kid’s friends thinks he’s cool
  • Makes sure his children are WOKE ASF
  • Tries to enforce bedtime
  • Keeps them up at night by playing games and/or watching movies together
  • Lets them go out whenever they want as long as they keep in touch often
  • Lets his kids make mistakes and learn from them instead of sheltering them from harms way
  • Motivational Speeches that are actually motivational
  • God awful happy dances
  • Hangs his kids A+ test papers on the fridge
  • “If you show me you got straight A’s at the end of the semester, you can absolutely get your nose pierced” (he says to his 14 year old daughter).

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Everyone knows that one person who has that really young but super hot mom or dad. Like, they’re lowkey popular and often have friends over because their friends kinda just want to be around their good looking parent.

Stacy’s Mom got it going on

Except it’s like… idk… Park Jae Sun’s Appa got it going on…

Whatever you get what I mean.

  • He’s a Dilf
  • Lets his kid invite his friends over whenever they want to
  • Doesn’t realize that his child’s friends are high key checking him out
  • Constantly checking up on them to see how they’re doing
  • “Are you guys okay?”
  • “Is the house too cold?”
  • “Would you like something to eat/drink?”
  • “Let me know if you need anything, okay?”
  • “Don’t be afraid to ask”
  • A little overbearing if I’m going to be honest
  • May even shelter his child a little too much
  • Good morning texts and sticky note reminders around the house
  • Makes sure his child has food for school everyday, never missing a beat
  • Proud Dad always
  • His son is bigger than him
  • Has to look up at him in order to look his son in the eye to properly reprimand or lecture him
  • Gets pissed whenever he isn’t taken seriously when giving scoldings
  • Feels really bad whenever he punishes his kids, and makes up for it with like ice cream or something
  • Babies make his little mochi heart flutter

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He’s the epitome of husband/daddy material. I think Taehyung would make a great dad. He’s the perfect balance of literally all the others.

  • Which one is the parent and which one is the kid?
  • Knows how to get down to the level of a child, and properly play with them
  • Inside jokes with his kids
  • They say goodbye with aegyo
  • Openly tells each other they love one another
  • Likes to squish his baby’s cheeks and blow raspberries on their tummy
  • Loves the satisfying feeling that follows finally putting a crying baby to sleep
  • Watches his baby’s tummy rise and fall as they breathe
  • Hysterically laughs at his child’s laughter
  • His box smile is strong, and can literally be found in all of his kids.
  • Also has like, three dogs, but the more the merrier, right?
  • Isn’t too hard on his kids, but isn’t lenient on them either
  • Is a healthy medium between strict and easy going
  • Enforces a proper education but also lets them know that school isn’t the only way to a successful and happy lifestyle
  • Plays pretend with his children on the weekend
  • Always ends up in a too small princess dress with ribbons in his hair

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You know those kids who are extremely close to their parents to the point where it’s like… and outsider watches the way they talk to their parents and finds it their causality with each other borderline disrespectful? You know those kids who can like… curse around their parents and talks to their parents like it’s another one of their friends and their parent talks back to them just as casually? 

That’s the type of dad Jungkook is.

  • Plays video games with his kids whenever their schedules allow them some free time together
  • Him and his kids have a group chat together where they share memes and ugly selfies but also like… keep up to date with school events and whatnot
  • Follows each other on Snapchat, Twitter, and Instagram
  • Not the best with giving advice, but his kids know that he’s a shoulder they can cry on
  • Offers to help them with homework, but ends up just as confused 
  • They all live off snacks and the neighborhood ahjumma had to start cooking actual meals for them
  • His kids actually care and asks their dad’s opinion on stuff about like… hair or clothing or something
  • He picks up on his kids habits and his kids pick up on his
  • they look like a bunch of bunnies tbh
  • They all have their own rooms, but Jungkook and his kids always manage to fall asleep dog piled on the living room sofa

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Humans are weird: Fears

Like just think of how we are the dominate species on Earth, we have conquered so much and uncovered the impossible yet we are fearful of things that might seems mundane to another race.

Zar'chaken was making his rounds around the deck of the ship as per usual. After supper most of the crew retired to the cabins to prepare for bed. Of course Zar'chaken didn’t particularly participate in this activity due to the limited sleep required for his survival, resulting in his adopted duty of roaming the halls and keeping a watch on things.

As of late, Zar'chaken has become very interested in the behaviors of the Humans. He has observed them and it seems that each one seems to be different in some way, unlike the Charkren species which are very uniform.

Tonight he finds one lagging behind in the common space reading some sort of “thriller” text as the female Human had informed him earlier that day. Down the hall he could hear the image monitor, or “tv”, playing quietly as a couple Human crew members watched the screen.
As he continued, he passed the sleeping quarters where there was little noise. Except for tonight.

A startling high-pitch scream disrupted this peacefulness immediately. Zar'chaken rushed to the sound. Entering the room he turned on the light and his four eyes landed upon the being making the noise. Human Sarah was standing on an office chair dressed in her night clothing and clenching a pillow in her arms. The screams died down when she noticed the other entity in the room.

“Zar!” She half yelled half panted when she recognized him through her disorientation. She was shaking and hunched into a position unlike that of her normal fighting stance. Before he could ask her if she was not injured, she spoke again. “Help, there’s a- there’s a..” she pointed to her bed, covers thrown to the floor in a hurry. At first Zar'chaken did not understand what Human Sarah was pointing to. He cautiously moved closer to the bed until he was able to spot what she had been scared of. On top of the mattress laid a small black dot, Zar'chaken had to crouch down in order to properly examine the intruder. The spider was very small, from his guess it was no bigger that Human Sarah’s eye and yet she was afraid of it. From what he could remember, she had faced many opponents larger than she, but was firm and unintimidated by them. She is well known around the crew as fearless and incomparable in hand-to-hand combat. Which made her behavior now only further puzzling to the Charkren.

“Human Sarah, I do not understand why you are frightened. Did you have an unpleasant dream?” He offered, because how could an unimpressive creature scare a Human.
“No, Zar! The spider! Right there!” She pointed at the black spot on the mattress again, “It- it crawled on me and woke me up! I hate those things.”
“Oh I understand now. The specimen startled you awake and that is why you called out. It is okay now.”
“No, you don’t understand, it needs to go.”
Zar'chaken looked at the small insect before looking at his Human crew mate in confusion again. “The spider?” He asked to clarify.
“Yes. That disgusting thing needs to be disposed of before I’m getting off this chair.”
Still unsure of her behavior, but recognizing her resolve he reluctantly complied and scooped the arachnid into his tentacles and made his way to the door. He only glanced at Human Sarah when she made a repulsive noise.
“What are you going to do with it?” She asked curiously.
“A spider eats other insects such as flies, I’m sure it will do fine near the garbage unit. It is far from where you venture so I assume you will not see it again.”
Human Sarah let out a sigh as she climbed down from the chair. “I better not.”

As Zar'chaken departed from the Human’s chambers, he looked down at the spider still confused about the encounter. However he did learn that Humans are frightened of arachnids…unless this is a trait only Human Sarah possesses. He will only have to test the other Humans aboard the ship to know.


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Hi guys! It’s been a year since I updated this fic T_T Everyone asked for a pt.3 , but I wrote over 14k words and I still wasn’t done, so I decided to split it and make a pt.3 and pt.4. I hope you enjoy! Part 4 should be released soon as well, and it will be rated.

Genre: romance/fluff/Semi-Smut
Pairing: Jungkook/You
Length: 6953 words
Summary: This the follow up of what happens after you and Jungkook gather up with your friends to play truth or dare and it gets a little dirty.   

Don’t forget to tell me what you thought about it in the comments/message box <3


It was just another regular day for Jungkook, your normal college student who was strolling alongside other students. He was casually walking through campus, kicking the ground with his Puma shoes as he scrolled through his twitter notifications. Twelve notifications and ten of them were from Hoseok alone.

What the f*ck is going on this time? Has he gotten married or something? Who sends ten messages in a row when no one answers back? Hoseok hyung is such a drama queen, Jungkook scrolled through the messages Hoseok sent him

(10) New messages from Hoe-suck

(1) Did you fuck?

(2) Did you got laid?

(3) Where did she touched you first?

(4) Did she knew about your Spanish Kink?

(5) Don’t tell me y’all slept it off?

(6) Oh no, you didn’t send her back home did you?

(7) You definitely sent her back if you’re not responding to me


(9) Reply, you fetus!!!

Oh lord, he really needs to chill, Jungkook sighed before he finally noticed the tenth message

(10) Screw it, I’m messaging Y/N and asking her.

F*ck NO. YOU’RE NOT MESSAGING HER! His jaw suddenly dropped as he dialed hoseok’s number as fast as he could

All he got was Hoseok’s automatic voice message:

“You have reached the message box of your hoe for some hope, please send in a message after the beep or else I might sleep off and never reply to you, because I don’t take calls unless they’re from my usual booty calls. Have a nice day too.”

“Hoe for some hope?” Jungkook chuckled heartlessly “More like, HOE that ruins your life and runs off afterwards. What hope is he even referring to? ” he sighed “What the heck was he thinking when he recorded that?” he finally chose to text him back “Hold the fuck back Hoe Suck, No one is talking to Y/N about what happened last night” Jungkook typed his message in a fury

It wasn’t long before a new notification popped up on Jungkook’s phone

(2)    New Messages from Baby Girl

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tutoring sessions — peter parker

prompt: can I get an imagine where the reader needs a tutor for math so MJ volunteers Peter (knowing that Peter likes the reader)?! THNX SO MUCH

warnings: fluff?

notes: this was one of my first requests and i find it so cute, thank you so much to the anon who requested this! there will most likely be a part two if it’s wanted enough. oh, god, i hope you like this.

Hands tangled in your hair, your fingers kneading into your skull, massaging the aching headache away before it even fully approaches; you’re stressed and a heavy sigh falls from your lips, a mixture of tired and boredom dragged into it in one simple breath.

You’re staring–staring, staring, staring–continuously at the pages and equations that are laid out in front of you on the work desk, and it all seems like jumbled garbage, the numbers making loops in your brain before they leave out through the other ear, leaving you no more educated or enlightened than previously. Your focus and frustration, both overpowering any trace of relief or happiness in your body at the moment, are concentrated into your pencil as it practically cuts into your notebook paper hard, making useless chicken scratch as you hold back the urge to let out a purely horrific scream of agony. You were ready to wave your white flag, and your tutor hadn’t even arrived yet.

You had been waiting in the music room for about twenty minutes, trying to do some of your AP Calculus work on your own, but quite obviously it was to no avail. Michelle, or MJ, told you that she’d meet you in here since it was quiet and she could properly teach you how to correctly calculate everything in time for the make-up exam you had to take in a few days time so that you could keep your 4.0 GPA and your spot in an advanced class. MJ seemed like a reliable person you could depend on, and so the fact that she still wasn’t here to help you with something you so desperately needed help with, was disappointing, and not to mention: a gigantic waste of your time.

The clock ticks, almost as if it’s mocking you, and you wonder if your Mom will kill you for making her wait outside in her car for as long as you did. The rustle of papers and the door being opened catches your attention, however, and you crane your neck to see who had walked in.

“Peter?” You’re confused, and the sight of him carrying a stack of textbooks with a pencil hanging out of his mouth doesn’t make the situation any better. “I thought MJ was going to…”

Peter walks over and places his things on a plastic chair before sitting next to you, taking the pencil out of his mouth to smile shyly, refusing to meet your eyes. “MJ told me that you, uh, needed help with Mrs. Garderner’s class and I’m getting all A’s in that class, so she figured that I could tutor you. If that’s okay.”

Your eyebrows knitted together as you thought of MJ. Her grades were just as good as Peter’s, and you and her talked more often–so, why would she randomly ditch and send Peter in her place? You’re not bothered or annoyed, considering that Peter was rather sweet to you and could take up interesting conversation when he was feeling less nervous, but you just didn’t get it.

What was MJ up to?

“Yeah, of course it’s okay,” you answer him as he takes out his notes and just stares at them in his lap, tapping his pencil against his jeans. “I just need this session to finish up early, because I told my mom last minute and she’s in the car waiting.”

“Oh, we could reschedule if you want. I wouldn’t want to keep you or your mom waiting,” he says and he finally looks up to meet your gaze. You grin at him to ease him up, and chuckle when he blushes. “I’m sorry about being late, by the way. I usually get out at 2:45 sharp and MJ told me literally as I ran out the door.”

“It’s fine, I’ll just text my mom and tell her that I’m running a lot later than I thought,” you inform him, taking out your phone to do just that and you glance at him, his hand nervously brushing a lock of wavy brown hair out of his eyes. “My make-up test is in a couple days, so I need to be tutored everyday until then. I told all of this to MJ, but I’m not sure if she told any of this to you.”

“No, she didn’t. But that’s okay, I’m sure I can squeeze you into my schedule,” Peter says playfully, and you laugh and raise an eyebrow.

“Wow, you’re getting cockier by the minute, Peter Parker. I don’t know if I want to actually go through with this tutoring deal now.”

“No! I mean, I was joking, [Y/N], I wasn’t trying to be arrogant or anything–”

“Peter, Peter,” you interrupt, cutting him off, “I know. Come on, chill. I’m as calm as they come.” You wink at him before giggling. “And don’t bring up that time I threw up during our field trip last month where I was super nervous, because I know you were there and by that amused look on your face, I can tell you know what I’m talking about. If you make fun of me, I really don’t think I can go through with us.”

“Us?” Peter asks absentmindedly as he opens up the right textbook after closing up the wrong one. He wonders if you notice how fast his heart is beating. The close proximity between you makes electricity run through his entire body and he finds himself tapping away his adrenaline via foot-against-tile to get rid of it.

“Yes, us,” you repeat, “I’m pretty sure we’re going to be best friends after these tutoring sessions. I could give Ned a run for his money.”

Peter chuckles. “Oh, I don’t know, Ned is pretty competitive.”

“I guess we’ll have to see if I ace this test first,” you shrug, tucking a piece of hair back behind you ear, turning towards your work so you can actually learn something with Peter here, and because of this you fail to notice him biting his lip as he admires you.

He wants to tell you how beautiful you look right now, and how fluttery you makes his heart in a way no one else can, and how much he hates MJ for doing this to him when she knows every single detail about how he feels about you–but at the same time, he’s so incredibly thankful because he could’ve never volunteered without a little push. And at this point, he’s staring, hopelessly staring, and he’s marking down the slope of your nose and the way you’re currently sticking the tip of your tongue out in concentration whilst writing down copies of his notes. He can’t help it, he can’t help but do his absolute best to refrain from bursting at the seams just so he won’t blow his cover and mess things up with you, and he finally looks away to get his mind off of you and onto what he’s here for: math.

He’s just your tutor, your friend who’s here to help, and he doesn’t know why he’s suddenly acting like this. God, he thinks, Spider-Man would handle this situation so much better than Peter Parker right now; and he’s so focused on not focusing on you, that he doesn’t even realize the look in your eyes as you turn to look at him.

“Are you okay, Pete?” you ask, and you take notice of the fact that he hasn’t said anything in the past five minutes. “Ready to get to work?”

He nods, and apologizes of course, because he’s Peter Parker and that’s his thing, and he steals a glimpse of you one more time, wishing he had Karen from his suit to give him the motivation to say how he feels about you. But he doesn’t, so he can’t. And so, instead, what he says in the end is just this:

“Yeah, let’s get to work.”

What Anxiety Actually Is, And Why It Makes Relationships And Dating So Hard

Anxiety are the beginning stages of relationships, you struggle to get through normally because you always seem to ruin something before it begins.

It’s staying up at night and tossing and turning because you wonder how someone feels. It’s questioning if this is really something or is it all in your head.

Anxiety is being excited about a date but thinking they’ll cancel last minute. It’s staring at your phone waiting for it.

It’s every past relationship on repeat and hoping this one doesn’t end the same way.

It’s an ending that emotionally destroys you. It’s trying to handle it with grace and dignity but at the same time, you’re in tears wondering, when things changed and what you did wrong. It’s beating yourself up for it, even when you’re friends tell you, it was him not you.

Anxiety tells you, ‘no, it’s not that they were the wrong person, it’s that you’re flawed and not good enough.’ And you look at yourself fixating on things you wish you could change because that’s probably why it didn’t work out. Anxiety is striving for perfection even if it kills you.

Anxiety is every text and not wanting to be the first one to send it.

It’s stressing how to word something properly because you care but you don’t want to come on too strong.

It’s the agony of waiting for a response as reread what you just said. It’s wanting to send a double text but knowing you shouldn’t

It’s social media adding to it and making it 10X worse. It’s never just a like or a view or a share because you’re staring at your phone wondering if it means something more.

Anxiety tells you, ‘they’re ignoring you on purpose. They don’t care. They are going to leave. They’re mad at you.’

Anxiety is believing lies made up in your own head.

It’s the weight lifted off your chest when they respond but you still worry.

It’s wondering at any moment, ‘are they going to change their mind about me?’ It’s playing out that scenario in your head, just so you’re ready for how you’d respond to it.

Anxiety is anticipating the worst in people, even though you have the best intentions. It’s caring but the insecurity of caring too much.

It’s questioning and doubting, everything someone thinks, says and does.

It’s finally getting a relationship but you’re paralyzed with fear of it ending, even though it just started.

Anxiety is pushing people away because you think it’s for their own good.

It’s is being everywhere on time and needing your partner to be the same way. It’s wanting things to go according to the original plan and getting upset when it doesn’t.

It’s messing up and making a mistake and your immediate assumption is, they’re going to leave or dump you. It’s being unbelievably hard on yourself even though you’re the least judgemental person ever.

Anxiety is being painfully insecure and not being able to help it.

It’s standing in a crowded room, holding his hand, as you meet his friends but all you want is for them to like you. It’s trying too hard that they don’t sometimes.

It’s wanting to drink but worrying about drinking too much. It’s the apology the next morning you didn’t even need to say.

Anxiety is wanting to explain to him, ‘this is what you’re dealing with or this is what you’re getting and I understand if you want to leave.’ But at the same time, you just try and hide it.

It’s learning to trust him slowly.

Anxiety is explaining to your partner, ‘this is what I thought, it’s completely illogical, I know but I need you to just tell me I’m wrong. Tell me we are okay.’

It’s needing constant reassurance.

Anxiety is your partner wrapping their arms around you when you completely break down and they just have to keep telling you, ‘it’s fine.’ It’s someone else being strong when you can’t be.

But it’s also the fear of letting someone close enough to see that side of you because you’ve always been strong for yourself and you fear vulnerability.

It’s that critical voice inside your head that you hear on repeat. Even when they compliment you, you don’t believe it at first. And they don’t understand why you don’t see yourself the way they do. But there’s something beautiful about teaching someone to see themselves through your eyes.

Anxiety is the beauty and appreciation of someone really knowing you and accepting you because you still struggle to accept yourself. It’s watching them change the way they act or what they do, just to keep you more at ease. It’s the comfort in a simple phrase, ‘I’m sorry I didn’t answer this is why…’ It’s a feeling of wholeness when they say, ‘I still love you, even with this thing WE have to live with.’

It takes a rare person to love someone with anxiety and it’s not always that easy. But if you can figure out how to, you’ll receive a love that is unconditional. You’ll be with someone who truly appreciates and accepts you. You’ll hear thank you too often and I love you even more. It’ll be a love that tests you and challenges you but it will make you realize some people are entirely worth it.


A/N: Kind of Peter appearance at the end. Again not purely concentrated on Peter until the next part

Part 1

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Since the curriculum at Midtown was more challenging than what you were used to, you weren’t able to help Tony with his inventions like you did during the summer. Sometimes he’d whine about you taking a break, which would work for about half an hour. Tony was proud of how you were handling the work from school.

You were given a choice, since you could get to Midtown from your mother’s apartment or Tony’s. You absolutely loved the atmosphere and tinkering with Tony, but you didn’t want to hurt your mother’s feelings. Fortunately, you were not required to make the difficult decision because, as your grandparents got older, your mother felt guilty that they are living by themselves. She is staying in the suburb they live in, making it almost impossible to get to school on time.

During his run in with Captain America, Bruce Banner, Thor, Clint, and Natasha, Tony assumed the worst when he saw your number pop up on the Caller ID. “What’s wrong, kid?” he asked while the other people in the room looked at him incredulously. They were previously talking to him.

“Nothing,” you answered casually, “Just wanted to talk to my dad while he’s on a dangerous mission.”

“Okay, let me rephrase the question,” Tony continued, “What did you break?”

Ignoring his question, you immediately asked, “Is it true Steve Rogers is on a mission with you? Captain America?” You were slightly blushing on the other end, but Tony obviously couldn’t see that.

“Yeah, but he’s not as impressive as I thought he would be,” Tony answered in a straight forward tone. 

“After the mission, will I be able to meet him?” you ask, trying not to sound excited, but Tony picked up on it.

He responded, “I don’t like that tone. Stop it.” The thought of his daughter developing a crush on Captain America was beyond weird in his head. Of course, he knew that it was one of those celebrity crushes, since you were a teenager. That doesn’t mean he has to tolerate it.

“I’m merely suggesting that it would be interesting to meet the famous Captain America.”

You didn’t hear any words for a little, only reluctant groaning from Tony. “Fine,” he agreed, “He’ll come over one time. Then, once you see the real him, this will all be over.” You repeatedly thanked him before telling him to stay safe and hanging up. 

While Tony continued the mission, he didn’t hear much from you. Only a few texts about the tutor your teacher forced you to get. You were furious over it, since you were convinced that you didn’t need a tutor in Computer Science, but your teacher wanted you to learn something specific only the tutor could teach you.

Some of the Avengers with Tony were getting aggravated, but he simply responded to their protestations with, “You have a kid and then talk to me.” Most typically shut up after that.

After Loki was defeated, Stark Tower was being converted into a building for the Avengers. Since Tony was planning on spending most of his time there, you had your own room there. It was then when you finally met the famous Captain America, or Steve Rogers. He was moving into the building and Tony was showing him around when he saw you in the kitchen doing work. “Alright, here we go,” he muttered to himself, which confused Steve.

Wanting to get this over with quickly, Tony swiftly went through the room, hastily saying, “Steve, Y/N. Y/N, Steve. Nice that you two are acquainted. Now let’s go, Capsicle.”

You didn’t seem to protest, but Steve, still ignorant of the whole situation, insisted to properly introduce himself. The forties manners always followed him. “It’s nice to meet you, Y/N,” he introduced himself while extending his hand, “I’m Steve.”

To Tony’s surprise, your response was very casual as if you didn’t care that Captain America, the same person you were almost obsessed with meeting almost a month ago, was in the kitchen. “Hey, Steve. Nice to meet you.” With that, you quickly glanced at your phone.

Tony excused you and him so he could get to the bottom of this. The two of you were in the hallway when Tony asked, “You did want to see Capsicle, right?”

“Oh, I guess I did.”

At that point, his mind was running like wild. What had managed to cause this sudden change of mind? He saw you look at your phone again and the pieces fit together all at once. “No,” Tony said distantly.

“What?” You were lost at what he was referring to.


“I have no idea what is wrong here.”

Tony said with disbelief, “No!”

You slowly waved your hand in front of Tony’s face. “Are you broken? Do I need a new Tony?”

Crossing his arms, Tony finally responded with something else, “Who is he? The new boy?” He looked at you knowingly. How could you even think for a second Tony wouldn’t notice.

“What?” You scoffed, “There’s no one.” As soon as you finished the sentence, your phone rang and you jumped to pick it up. “Hello? Oh, hi, Peter.” Tony was staring at you incredulously. “My house,” you echoed, while looking around at the place you called home before suggesting, “How about the library?”




Hey guys, so this is a fluffy one which I may or may not turn into a series, give a read and tell ya girl what you think.


Warnings: None, fluff, Harry being a lil cutie pie angel muffin, he likes a girl, that girl is you if you are short and brown like me (very short, very brown)

Character pairings: Reader/Dickheadish guy, Reader/Harry Styles

Harry Styles was not one to be flustered by people who weren’t famous or his mother. His mother scolding him still made him feel tiny, to this very day. Then he met her.

She was quite the multi-tasker. She painted, wrote stories, sang and was a nurse.

“I’m a nurse part time, steady income” she explained when he asked why all the jobs.

“I like to paint, it’s relaxing” she said when he asked about why she constantly had splotches of green and red and white and orange on her wrists.

“Writing is my salvation” she confessed when they sat up on the roof top of Niall’s party.

“I have a musical family, everyone does something. Plays something or sings” she said randomly.

She was cute too. A little shy, not at all introverted, but she could be shy, despite the fact she was constantly laughing or making filthy jokes at someone else’s expense or being the loudest person, he had ever met. And he was in a boyband for some time.

At first glance, she wasn’t his type physically. Yes, physically. He was only a man after all.

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anonymous asked:

Can you give me some advices/tutorials on how to make gifs? I suck at it and hell, I've been trying to gif for two days and I still can't :(

Of course! Let me just say when you start off making gifs it can be very difficult and confusing (I know it was for me). So I’m going to try and give you lots of tips and things that I’ve learned so hopefully you can skip lots of the hard parts I had to learn on my own. Also don’t get discouraged if you feel like your gifs aren’t turning out amazing, you’ve just started and it’s taken me over the course of 3 years to start making ones I’m actually happy with, as always practice gives you experience! Anyways enough of my rambling lets get started.

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Getting to Know Reiya

AO3 profile


If you’ve been in the Yuri on Ice fandom for a long time now, then I bet you’ve already heard of Reiya. She is the author of the highly acclaimed Rivals series on AO3. The series’ first fic, entitled Until my Feet Bleed and my Heart Aches, is the YOI fic with the most number of kudos and hits.

Reiya ( @kazliin ) even has her own group of dedicated readers, who form a sub-fandom within the YOI fandom. Her blog is proof of that–being comprised of replies to the variety of asks she receives daily, different posts about the Top Ten’s of Yuuri and of Viktor in the Rivals world, reblogs of different fanarts and fanvids about her stories, and a whole lot more.

Any fan of Reiya would take pleasure in scrolling down her blog. From it, they can know some exclusive facts about her writings, like where she gets ideas, which of the two fics in the series was harder for her to write, and others. But with the plenty of asks Reiya answers each week, such facts get buried away in her blog and could never be seen again (unless you’ve decided to devote yourself in searching through each of the pages, which would probably take hours.)

Therefore, this post has been made to compile some of the basic stuff that everyone needs to know about their favorite writer. Learn more about Reiya and her works right under the cut.

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Always Be the Same (Smut)


Request: Could you do one where y/n can’t sleep because shawn is going back on tour soon so you try and wake him up and he gets kinda frustrated but you too end up having very gentle/sweet sex?

Word count: 2,231

Always Be the Same (Smut)

I tossed and turned around the bed, still not being able to sleep. I gazed over at the clock, four hours ago, Shawn had kissed my forehead lovingly goodnight, before slowly fading into his sleep.

Looking beside me, Shawn were lying on his stomach, drooling a bit on the pillow. I still hadn’t been able to sleep, not even for just a minute.

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pervy-pansexual  asked:

Do you have any NurseyDex headcannons?


· Honestly like… they’re both romantic af. I always see so much “oh Nursey is the romantic and Dex couldn’t care less,” but….

· Dex is the textbook definition of the acts of service love language. He’s also super perceptive, if he’s quiet he’s probably making the active decision to LISTEN to whoever is talking and not just hear what they’re saying. The man would build his partner a front porch as soon as he had the time, energy, and funds because a few months ago they mentioned how nice it would be to sit on the front porch with him with a glass of lemonade on a late spring day (and he does do this for Nursey eventually and also probably builds a reading/writing nook for him when they own a house).

· Nursey has a decent hodgepodge of several love languages, mainly words of affirmation/quality time/occasionally gifts. He’s the type to write down quotes that made him think of his partner and post them around the house, and if he sees something in a store that makes him think of his partner/sees something he knows his partner wants/would like he’ll get it for them. He’s also a big listener, and he likes spending time with the people he loves even if they’re not really doing anything? Just hanging out and doing their own thing in the same room is enough for him a lot of the time

· Both are perceptive and this means that both of them notice typing patterns and how they correlate to the other’s mood. Nursey says “chill!!!!” – a good day. “yo chill” – average day. “Chill.” – pissed the fuck off, maybe crying he’s so angry? Days like this, Dex will go out of his way to Annie’s and get Nursey’s feel-good drink (chai rose latte with soy milk because regular milk makes it too sweet). If Dex ever actually sends ellipses in a message, that means he’s bottling up so much he’ll explode later if he doesn’t convey what he’s feeling properly so Nursey will throw a soft blanket in the dryer so that he’ll have something warm to cuddle into when he gets home, and Dex will lean against Nursey with the blanket on his shoulders until he’s ready to talk.

· They’ll also do that sickeningly sweet thing where in the dead of winter when the other is in the shower they’ll put a towel in the dryer so that it’s warm when they get out.


· The man is a fucking koala.

· Seriously, if he’s sleeping alone he’s got his entire body wrapped around a pillow, even if it’s not person sized. Arms and legs wrapped completely around like it’s a tree trunk. He’s spring loaded and tense even when sleeping so he’s just, wrapped around this pillow like he’ll fall 30 feet if he lets go and the habit continues when he starts sharing a bed with Nursey.

· The first time they shared a bed Nursey woke up with both arms and both legs asleep and completely numb from how tight Dex was holding him and he just didn’t want to wake him up because even though his body is tense his face looks so peaceful? Also like, he can’t feel his limbs so, it’s a bit hard to move.

· It was like ten minutes before he even tried to move, and then he’s still in physical pain because like…. Sleeping limbs, y’all, if you don’t move them for long enough it’s like “I need to go to the ER levels of pain.” You thought Nursey was clumsy? Imagine the man when he cannot physically feel his legs. This was a learning experience for both of them.

· They spend the next few nights figuring out good sleeping positions that don’t cut off air or blood flow.

· The winners: Dex as little spoon, wrapped around a pillow the same way he would be if he was alone but with Nursey in a similar position holding Dex; Nursey flat on his back, Dex on his stomach slightly to the side with one leg thrown over Nursey and his arms kind of circling his head like a halo, head buried into the crook of Nursey’s neck.

· They both have a love of crime shows, especially Law and Order, and ESPECIALLY Special Victims Unit.

· They can only watch it when they’re both in average everyday moods though, because if they’re in super good moods it will bring them down and with bad moods… SVU is not the best Law and Order series for bad mood days (the author speaks from experience). They learn to spot each other’s mannerisms and know when it is Not an SVU Day.

· They can never watch just one episode, it’s a problem. Like one’ll sit down and be like “Hey you wanna watch just like, one episode to wind down?” and the other will agree and then one episode turns into MINIMUM four and they’re both ready to die for Olivia Benson.

· This happens EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. And they NEVER learn.

· They’re also the people that quote along with the opening monologue word for word and will do stupid ass dance moves to the theme song. The first time Dex danced to it, Nursey laughed so hard beer came out of his nose.

I love these dorks.

BTS Reacts: Your Accident On Stage

Request: Hey! Can I request a bts reaction to their girlfriend in a girl group performing onstage but tripping on a wire and hurting her ankle? Your blog is so nice to read through!

Originally posted by jiminslov

Seokjin (Jin)

Seokjin wiped the palms of his clammy hands on his pressed dress pants. It was your first award show performance since debut and he knew you would be terribly nervous; he could practically feel your screaming nerves radiating from his designated seat in the audience. Seokjin could picture you backstage, head-mic slightly askew, your hands gently swinging by your side, nowhere to throw your nervous energy. A fond smile appeared at the corner of his plump lips.

Seokjin watched idly as the staff set up your group’s stage, half listening to the other member’s banter.

“She’ll do great,” Namjoon encouraged. Seokjin quickly looked over to Namjoon, a reassuring, dimpled smile letting him release the breath he was holding. Seokjin pressed his lips together and nodded slightly. The lights suddenly dimmed, and he hoped Namjoon couldn’t hear his heart hammering in his chest.

He watched as your group made their way across the stage and into their positions. Spotting you easily, pride blossomed in his chest and flourished up through his throat, the sudden urge to yell words of encouragement almost too difficult to push down.

You eyed the audience until your wide eyes found the striking blond of his hair, a small, barely noticeable smile at the edges of your lips, and you gave a short wave. It took everything in Seokjin not to return the small gesture.

Your performance started off without a hitch, hitting your notes while battling your nerves. You found the camera easily, showing off when it was your turn to shine. Seokjin sang along easily, letting out an embarrassed laugh when he turned slightly to see his head bobbing to the beat on one of the large screens from just a few seconds before.

All it took was a quick look away. A collective gasp from the audience had his head snapping to attention, eyes immidiately following your outline curled up on the stage floor, desperately holding onto your ankle. Your face contorted in pain and every atom in Seokjin’s body screamed for him to go to you, to carry you to a safe place and whisper words of comfort, to wipe away your tears.

He traced every move they made, multiple staff struggling to carry you off stage, your four other members crowding around you to help any way they could. Namjoon placed an arm around the back of Seokjin’s seat, a large hand coming to block his oncoming words from view.

“I know you want to go to her hyung, but you can’t. It’ll look way too suspicious.” He looked to him with apologetic eyes and squeezed his knee with a note of finality. A forced smile made it’s way to Seokjin’s features and nodded, not sure he trusted his voice enough to keep up appearances. He puffed out his cheeks and blew out air, if not for just something to do, to distract himself from thoughts about you. How much pain were you in? Did you wish he was there beside you to soothe away the disappointment that would inevitably come?

He ran a hand through his carefully styled locks and exhaled deeply. “I know,” he murmured, a careful expression set on his face as he watched the staff set up for the next set.

Yoongi (Suga)

Yoongi ran a hand through his sweat-stained hair, exhaling deeply. The new choreography wasn’t making sense no matter how many times they repeated it and he could already feel the ache of his muscles. He would have to work overtime with Hoseok to get this choreo to stick. Yoongi rolled his shoulders back and gently tossed his head from side to side, stretching the strained muscles.

Hoseok passed him a water bottle and downed half, glancing at the clock on the practice room wall and idly wondering what you were up to. He smiled shyly at the image of you that popped into his mind, your hand tucking your hair behind your ears and smiling at the ground.

“Mm, just a second,” Yoongi held up a hand to Hoseok who was closing his own water bottle and made his way over to his bag where he was keeping his phone.  He chuckled softly at the blinking light of new messages waiting for him, knowing you had probably sent encouraging texts like you always did when he was working on a new track or learning new choreography.

Clicking the home button, Yoongi’s brow furrowed when he was greeted with multiple missed calls and texts, all from your group members and even one from his manager. His heartbeat sped up as if he was still practicing as he skimmed through the phone calls and texts. He clicked on the most recent one, a text from your group leader, Hyerin:

Hey, Yoongi. This is Hyerin. (Y/N) had an accident and tripped over a wire during concert practice. She fell through one of the floor lifts and hurt her ankle and leg really bad. She keeps saying she’s fine, that you don’t need to worry. But I thought you should know. Call our manager’s cell when you can to check on her. I attached the number just in case you don’t have it.

Yoongi stood rooted to the floor, his back facing Hoseok and the rest of the practice room. He felt a hand on his shoulder and heard Hoseok mumble something that sounded like “Are you okay”, though the words were too far away for them to be from the man standing right beside him. Yoongi read the text over and over until he had every line memorized. How had this happened? Usually you were so careful; they had to be exaggerating. You were fine, and the girls were just naturally overly worried. Yoongi’s thoughts ran wild, the adrenaline running through his veins.

“I have to go,” he muttered. Yoongi quickly grabbed his things and shoved them back into his bag. He spoke quickly, not wanting to waste more time here than he already had. “I’ll be back late, tell Bang PD I’m headed out.” And with Hoseok staring at him, eyes full of concern, Yoongi rushed out the door.

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Hoseok (J-Hope)

Hoseok’s chest heaved, the adrenaline and sweat of performing still coursing through his veins. The crowds’ cheers still rang in his ears as he made his way into their changing room. He placed his in-ears on one of the makeup counters and took a seat on one of the couches in front of the monitor. Hoseok quickly pulled out his phone and pulled up his most recent texts, all from you sending love and words of encouragement just before their stage. This was the first time that you had been promoting at the same time but he wasn’t going to let it dishearten the tradition you two had set.

Hoseok quickly typed out cheers, most in the form of emoji’s, setting a bet of if either of them won, the winner would have to cook dinner for the other later on in the week. He hit send, pocketing his phone and gazed up at the screen, catching the tail-end of Bangtan’s performance.

Hoseok glanced over his shoulder, grinning when Jimin, Yoongi and Namjoon came over to watch the performances, squeezing onto the couch, Jungkook coming to lay across Yoongi and Hoseok’s lap.

Easy conversation filled the room, from Taehyung and Seokin’s impromptu dance battle to Namjoon trying to decipher the deeper meaning of a song a girl group on the monitor was performing. Hoseok watched as three staff members ran past the open door, but dismissed it, thinking nothing of it.

Hyung, shouldn’t (Y/N)’s group have performed by now?” Jungkook questioned, looking up from his spot still sprawled across his lap. The question had been biting in Hoseok’s mind, but he wouldn’t voice it to the other members. His lips pulled a deep set frown, eyes searching the monitor. In the corner of the left screen was a list of all the performances. He quickly scanned the list, worry clawing it’s way through his being when his eyes landed on the words next to your group’s name: Cancelled.

“Come on, guys. It’s time for the awards,” one of their manager’s came in through the open door, clapping his hands to get their attention. Jungkook rolled off of Hoseok’s lap and onto the floor, his breath escaping him in a loud grunt. But Hoseok remained seated, brows furrowed, mind racing with thoughts of you and what was happening. He felt the burning prickle of eyes on him and looked up to where his manager was standing by the door. He jerked his head in the direction of the hall, and Hoseok immediately stood, following him out into the empty hallway.

“There was an accident,” his manager started. Hoseok could feel the color drain from his face. “Some wires weren’t properly taped down and (Y/N) tripped over them. She sprained her ankle and had to be taken to the hospital for proper care.”

“Why wasn’t I told earlier?” Hoseok’s voice was deathly quiet, a harsh contrast to the rage that was boiling inside of him.

His manager sighed. “Hobi, you know you couldn’t have gone with her. That’s way too obvious.” Hoseok knew the consequences if his relationship became public, but it all seemed so small when it came to something like this.

“I need you to go get ready for the awards. And when youre out there, I need you to hold it together.” His manager patted him on the back and made his way back into the room, ushering the boys to go through makeup touch-ups quickly.

Hoseok went through makeup and wardrobe in a daze. His thoughts were only filled with you. He knew you would blame yourself for the performance being cancelled. He knew the furrow in your brow and the slight purse of your lips in disappointment when they told you, you wouldn’t be able to dance for at least 2 weeks. He knew you would push yourself to get back on your feet and reschedule the comeback.

“It’s my job as a leader.”

He could picture your determined set features easily, imagine the ups and downs of your voice, having heard this statements so many times before. A small, sad smile settled on his lips at the thought of you pushing yourself so much. He sighed, releasing all of his negative thoughts with the rush of air. He would help you recover, even if it meant forcing you to stay in bed all day. A genuine smile filled his lips, the image of your group members making you food and arguing with you that it wasn’t acceptable rest to dance on one foot filling his mind. Hoseok relaxed his shoulders, willing the stress of today away.

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Namjoon (Rap Monster)

The bitter cold nipped at Namjoon’s bare hands and cheeks as he stood, arms crossed on the side lines, waiting for your solo stage. He licked his dry, cracking lips and checked his watch for the third time. As if on cue, the intro music filled his ears, the soft, delightful sound of your humming making tiny mountains of goosebumps raise against his skin.

A tender smile settled across Namjoon’s face. It was just the intro and he was already smiling like the love-stricken fool he was. He placed his hand in one of his thick coat pockets and idly traced the outline of the velvet box there. He felt the nerves creep up from his chest spreading like wildfire through his limbs.

Namjoon watched with adoration as you graced the stage with your prescense, mic in hand, waving lovingly at the crowd. You glided across the stage, the train of your long, deep scarlet gown trailing behind you, heavy winter coat desperately trying to keep you warm. You easily found Namjoon towards the back left side of the crowd and shot him a knowing smile. Your eyes quickly flitted to the rest of the crowd, and a cocky smirk pushed it’s way to his features. You may flirt with the crowd but he knew you were completely and utterly his.

Your first couple of stages went off without a hitch, having performed your newest single that was quickly gaining popularity. You hit all the notes you had expressed concern about to Namjoon and was even so worried as to seek help from Jungkook. You easily riled up the crowd, though it may have just been you performing, your presence filled the entire stage so naturally.

During a quick five minute backdrop change and water break, you were simply chatting with the audience, telling a story about your parents you had revealed to Namjoon when you were just getting to know each other. He knew you told the story when you were particularly nervous, the memories of you and your parents holding hands and walking around the cherry blossom festival soothing your excited nerves.

Namjoon’s eyes shifted from your form to one of the staff members setting a camera cord down towards the front of the stage, without taping it down or having any regard for where you might walk. His eyes strained to make out the line of the cord, it’s placement. A slight nervous sweat broke out across his forehead and he rolled his shoulders back to soothe his worries. The staff was smarter than that. They wouldn’t put you in danger, no matter how small it was, he thought.

Namjoon’s worries only began to grow as your next song started playing, a hyped up pop song he had helped you and your producer in creating. It was one of your favorites, as you usually would just lose yourself in the song and the crowd would always sing along with you.

As the bridge approached, your favorite part because of the high note you were to hit, you walked up to the stage to fully interact with the audience. It felt like Namjoon had been thrown in ice water, watching you walk just past the cord, your heel barely touching it.

It was almost as if time had slowed and sped up at the same time, your singing barely registering in his ears as you swiftly turned on your heel too fast and tried making your way quickly back to the center of the stage, only for your foot to be caught up in the cord. Namjoon watched in horror as you crashed to the stage floor, hands desperately trying to catch yourself. Your mic rolled off stage with an echoed thud as stunned silence filled the outdoor venue.

Two staff members came rushing out to help you stand as you tried laughing off the embarrassment. You winced as you tried standing on your own, taking a tentative step back only for your ankle to give out under your weight, sending you clattering back down to the stage floor.

You looked out towards the crowd, panic filling your vision, eyes finnaly landing on Namjoon. Anger exploded in his chest, bitter rage furrowing his brows as he made his way along the side lines, carefully covering his face from the crowd with the hood of his coat. Someone would be losing their job tonight, he thought bitterly, as he made his way backstage, flashing his backstage pass at the door. That’s for sure.

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Taehyung (V)

Taehyung’ chest heaved from the performance Bangtan had just finished as they made their way down the hall to the viewing room where they would view their performance and give their thoughts.

“V-ssi!”An unfamiliar voice rang through the long hallway. Taehyung turned around and stepped aside, letting all the boys pass as he waited for the man shouting his stage name.

As the man approached, he eyed the press badge hanging from his neck and sighed impatiently. “I’m sorry,” the deep timber of Taehyung’s voice echoed in the hall too loudly for his liking. “But I do not have time for a personal interview. If you would like one, please see my manager.” And without waiting for his response, Taehyung turned on his heel, and made for the room with the rest of his members. His eyes rested on Namjoon, who was already making his way to Taehyung, hands resting in his pockets.

“It wouldn’t be because of (Y/N)’s accident, would it, V-ssi?” the man called out no more than 10 steps away from Taehyung, but the words echoed noisily in his mind. Taehyung remembered the call he had gotten from your best friend that you had managed to fall off stage from a loose wire while performing with your group at the Gocheok Sky Dome during the last leg of your concert. The six foot fall had broken your ankle in 3 places, and had put your wrist in a sling. Taehyung knew you were clumsy but the carelessness of the staff had put him in an agitated mood, finding every available second to be with you at the hospital.

Taehyung snorted at the man’s words and turned abruptly, venom poised in his throat to kill, but a large hand landed on his shoulder, as Namjoon made his way past, easily carrying himself towards the man. Said press took one look at Namjoon and took an uneasy step back, his eyes darting between the two men.

Taehyung was unable to hear their hushed conversation over his thudding heartbeat, anger still coursing through his veins. He was sure whatever quiet but deadly threat Namjoon was uttering to the man would have him skittering away, tail tucked between his legs.

In the viewing room, Taehyung stood behind the couch, as off screen as he would be able to without looking too reluctant to participate. He just wasn’t in the mood to record, but would push it down for his fans.

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A/N: (Y/G/N) = Your Group Name

Jimin bounced quietly on the balls of his feet, nerves on fire with anticipation. Normally he was comfortable performing on music shows, but this comeback was special. It was the first time he had a huge helping hand with the production and choreography of the song, and he wanted everything to be perfect. And it fell perfectly in time with your group comeback. Though your interactions were kept very limited, you still managed some time together, even if it was only five precious minutes.

Jimin couldn’t help but chuckle lowly and bite his lip at how shy you had been with him earlier. Your group was coming back with a sexy concept, something you were far from used to, and the outfit was more suggestive than you would like. He smiled at how you squirmed under his gaze, biting your lip and nervously tucking your styled hair behind your ear. Jimin took off his leather jacket, and gently placed it around your bare shoulders, an adoring smile aimed at you when heat flushed up your neck and to your face, pulling the jacket around you closer, his heady cologne soothing your screaming nerves.

Taehyung and Jungguk came up behind, laughing at something that had been said just out of earshot and Jungguk placed a hand on Jimin’s waist, tugging him close. Jimin smiled at the action, and glanced back at the two boys, mischief filling their eyes. Jimin snorted and rolled his eyes, looking back to the stage where staff was setting up your group’s comeback stage.

“I heard (Y/N)’s group is doing a sexy concept,” Taehyung grinned, wiggling his eyebrows at Jimin. Jungguk giggled and scrunched his nose at Taehyung.

“Shut up, Tae,” Jimin smiled, lightly punching him in the stomach. Taehyung doubled over in exaggerated pain, holding onto Jungguk’s forearm for support.

“(Y/G/N) on in 60 seconds,” a staff member called over the intercom and Jimin smiled as he heard screams and cheers from the audience. Pride flowed through his chest and he couldn’t help the smile that appeared on his plump lips.

“Come on, lover boy. We should move before someone sees you,” Jungguk joked, grabbing his arm and pulling him towards the small, dark hallway where the rest of the members were waiting.

Jimin pulled away, a shy smile spreading across his face. “It’s okay, I’ll just watch from here. I can’t be seen, I’m sure.”

Jungguk pursed his lips and shrugged, turning to meet with the rest of the members. Jimin turned around just in time to see your group take their places on the stools that was part of your routine. As the lights dimmed, the crowed erupted in cheers and whistles. He found you easily, hair almost as bright as his, long and flowing to your mid back, well past the crop top that showed your toned stomach from long nights in the practice room, a shy smile gracing your brightly colored lips.

Jimin found himself entranced, only able to follow your form along the stage, surprised when he realized your song was almost over. “Jimin-ah, come on. Bangtan’s up next,” a stylist called. Jimin sighed and took one last look at your form on stage, confindently striding towards a stool.

Jimin turned to walk away, but the sound of the crowd’s gasps caught his attention. His attention snapped to the stage, immediately finding your form on the ground behind the stool your were heading towards just only seconds before. His brow knitted in confusion, wondering how you had tripped when his eyes caught sight of the loose cord laying across the stage, near where your stool had been.

It took every careful ounce of self control Jimin had learned over the years to not rush out to you onstage and take you into his safe arms. His fists tightened at the sight of you holding your ankle, the immediate swelling noticeable even from where Jimin was.

“Come on.” Jimin felt Namjoon’s firm grip on his arm, gently pulling him away, the last thing Jimin was able to see was your members carrying you off stage in the opposite direction he was. Jimin turned to Namjoon, his pleading eyes searching Namjoon’s careful one. “I know everything in you is screaming to go to her, Jimin-ah. But it would be too suspicious if you’re not on stage with us.”

Jimin looked down at the ground, searching for the restraint he would need to not just abandon the performance and go to you. He knew this performance would be a big one for the group, and exhaled, the only comfort in knowing that you were in good hands with your members and staff.

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Jungguk (Jungkook)

Jungguk bounced excitedly, barely able to keep still with the nervous energy in the air. He adjusted his black face mask and pulled his gray hoodie over his head as people started cramming their way to the front of the stage. Jungguk was never one for crowds, especially in such a small club as this, but you had begged him to one of your performances. And with a small break in his schedule, he was finally able to oblige.

The lights dimmed, signaling the beginning of the show and a giddy smiled brightened his face. The announcer moved from behind the curtains, and settled himself in the middle of the stage. He began riling up the crowd, announcing who was performing with flourish, and what the top prizes would be. The crowd roared and whistled when your name was called and Jungguk’s eyes widened in surprised at how much you were loved. Sure, you had told him how much you loved performing and couldn’t count how many times you had done it now, but he wasn’t expecting this kind of reaction.

Jungguk bit his lip and smiled in anticipation at seeing you on stage, basking in the roar of the audience. He understood the feeling well. It was almost like a drug how addicting it was, to have people screaming your name, to take pride in your work and be returned with such unadulterated love.

Other contestants performed, some doing well, others being outright booed off stage, their nerves getting the best of them. As the next to last person ran off stage, a teenage boy who attempted a rap by Agust D and had been screamed at to get off stage, the announcer happily called out your name into the mic, the crowd once again gaining volume, whistles and cheers erupting from all over.

You peeked your head out from behind the curtain, the crowd screaming louder, if possible, and you smiled and winked towards the audience. You easily walked over to the mic, adjusting the stand to your height, and looked up to the dj, sporting an “ok” hand sign.

The melody began, your usual hip hop base traded for a slower guitar tune that Jungguk recognized as Taeyeon’s “Fine” that had recently been released. His eyebrows raised in surprise; the only time he heard you sing was in the shower as he would always hum along. Jungguk smiled easily as you confidently sang the verse and build, eyeing the crowd for their reaction.

Jungguk beamed with pride as you belted out the chorus with practiced precision, the crowd cheering and clapping in response to your beautiful voice. Jungguk pulled his facemask to rest just under his chin and joined the crowed in cheering, whistling as loud as he could. You locked eyes with him, and smiled warmly, winking at him.

Coming to the end of the chorus, the performance was cut short by an opened water bottle that was flung up towards the stage, water flying all over the stage, narrowly missing your face. Your immediate reaction was to flinch away from the unexdpected intrusion of your personal space, causing you to stumble backwards, foot becoming caught up in the cord of the mic and slipping in a small puddle of water, sending you tumbling down to the stage, ankle landing in an almost unnatural way.

Rage boiled within Jungguk’s chest, heady and hot, threatening to shatter the thin façade he was maintaining. Namjoon had warned him before he left to stay low, to not make himself known. But one look at you on stage as you winced at the pain shooting up from your ankle to your knee, causing unexpected to tears to spring from your eyes had him roughly pulling up his mask and hood, pushing through the crowd to make his way backstage.

You tenderly grabbed at your now swelling ankle, and looked out towards the direction the water bottle came from. Jungguk followed your gaze to the teenage boy who had been booed off stage just before you, being carried off by two bouncers.

Jungguk swore under his breath, taking off after them. barely catching up with the bouncers before they threw the boy out the door. He pulled on the boys hood roughly, stealing him from the grasps of the bouncers. The teengager quickly spun around, caught off guard by the unexpected force, and Jungguk hastily landed one good punch in the side of his cheek before the bouncers flung him out the now open door.

The two bouncers eyed Jungguk, recognition filling them, as his hood had fallen down and mask halfway down his chin. They glanced at each other, unspoken words passing between them. Jungguk’s chest heaved fro exertion, hair askew.

“Don’t let it happen again, Jungguk-ssi,” one of the bouncer’s deep voice sounded too loud in the small hallway. Jungguk replaced his hood over his head and fixed his mask, bowing slightly to the bouncers, a barely heard “Thanks,” leaving his lips before he turned on his heel, and down towards the backstage door where he was sure you would be.

The Family is Alright Chapter 1

Series: Boku no Hero Academia / My Hero Academia

Pairing: Katsuki Bakugou / Ochako Uraraka (Kacchako)

Rating: PG-13

Summary: Bakugou’s parents were more than surprised when he told them he started dating a girl. Actually, they were shocked. And much to his annoyance, both asked to meet the girlfriend.

Uraraka’s parents were both glad that she found someone. Despite being embarrassed, it didn’t stop her parents from constantly calling and texting her asking when they were going to meet him.

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Under your skin the moon is alive.

Long distance relationships aren’t easy, but that just means they’ve got to make each moment matter, got to make it memorable, got to make it mean more.

[Read on AO3] [This is a sequel to My soul is an empty carousel at sunset.]

Falling in love with Yuri is something that happens gradually. Creepingly.

Otabek, twelve and frustrated and hurt in his pride at being stuck with the little kids, his quads aching as the ballet teacher corrected his stance on the barre for what felt like the hundredth time, had not been struck by lightening at the sight of blonde boy who slipped from position to position as smoothly as raindrops on a lotus leaf.

“Very well, Yuri,” the teacher would say several times throughout the day and the boy named Yuri would not puff up with pride like many of the other children did, but instead just pursed his lips and did even better the next time.

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Of the indelicacy of Witch Hunts

This could have been a day like any other. One where I would sit at my computer once my coffee was prepared, ready for another day, beginning with a quick glance at my emails and private messages on various social media platforms as is customary.
Then, I noticed there was a submission waiting for me which isn’t unusual and always makes me happy. After over year, Hydaelyn Arts is keeping its promise to be a voice for every artist within our community. Yet when I checked, the name of the contributor was unknown and odd.

I checked the links, read the witty comment “Anon (trace@123.com)” found necessary to add, and set aside my breakfast to write what will be the second message of this blog.

About “using references” and “tracing”

Each and everyone has their own point of view on referencing and tracing, which can range from “It’s alright so long it follows some rules.” to “I’ll submit art to Hydaelyn Arts because it doesn’t matter if it’s traced or referenced, this person deserves to burn in hell!”
So while my eggs and bacon are getting cold, I’m wondering if “Anon (trace@123.com)” knows the difference between referencing, tracing, and when one or the other is appropriate to do in as an artist in a variety of situations or if “Anon (trace@123.com)” thinks both are big, bad boogeyman to be avoided at all times. Apparently not.

So instead of labeling references and tracing as evil in all situations outright, let’s demystify them a bit, shall we?

Using references

References are something which is accepted in the art community at large, utilized regularly by industry professionals who have directories full of references and should hopefully be used by every artist whenever it is needed. If an artist creates something without the use of references, it is usually because they have done multiple studies prior to creating a piece of artwork, to the point where they no longer need a reference to create the piece. However, nowhere in the professional art industry is it considered shameful or wrong to use reference when creating work.

To be quite frank, if you think references are taboo, it is a sign that you’re ignorant of what working in the art industry is like, have not been through any kind of formalized art training, never went to a museum to admire accurate portraits or watched a movie where people are asked to pose for an artist. Everyone from Da Vinci to Norman Rockwell to Disney used references for their craft. Entire films like Alice in Wonderland relied on live actors to perform for the artists so they could realistically get movements down as firmly as possible.

To consider using references as something bad is ridiculous.

Who hasn’t done a gesture to describe it properly in text? Who hasn’t looked at their hand to draw fingers properly? Who hasn’t done a google or youtube search to have a better idea of a movement before animating it?
Using references helps artists progress, because who can draw or describe a Tacca chantrieri without having seen or heard of it before? Even if they have (heard of it), without having practiced it many times it’s unlikely an artist could pull all the details from memory.
It is necessary for growth as an artist, to learn about the world in order to avoid things like this from happening:

Think of how much better the above artwork could have been if the artist just looked at some actual reference of what a real human woman looks like in a similar pose instead of just winging it. 


Ladies and gentlemen, ready your pitchforks, the evil word has been written. The one that’s caused several artists in this community to be pilloried, at times unfairly. Most of these people have deleted their Tumblr blogs, after a group has tried and convicted them for something they did (and sometimes didn’t) do.

The term tracing means what it says: to trace, one works atop another piece of art to make an exact copy. Like using references, it can be a useful tool for artists to practice and learn from (if they are using it in an ethical manner for study), but it has its limitations. Very easily, tracing can become a crutch, hindering an artist’s progression in the long term. This post isn’t about singing the praises of the virtues of tracing, however.
What needs to be discussed here are the times when a piece of art is posted by someone, and others decide it has been traced, often without taking the time to double check to make sure that it is actually the case.

The important words in that last sentence are “others decide it has been traced”.

In some cases, the evidence of tracing is flagrantly obvious. In other cases, the lines literally and figuratively are blurred. If you weren’t there during the process, or if the lines don’t match perfectly, it can be difficult to tell if a work has been traced, if it was just heavily referenced, or if both artworks in question coincidentally have a similar pose.
Yes, it’s true that many art thieves will try to manipulate images to hide their tracing, but where do we draw the line? How do we know for absolute certain the difference between someone who tried really hard to obscure their tracing efforts and someone who just happened to draw a head at the same angle?

As an artist, it is easy to get fired up about destroying a potential art thief with extreme prejudice and understandably so. No one wants to work hard and study hard, spending years and years refining their skills only for some asshole to stroll along and profit from that effort by tracing it all and passing that work off as their own.
However, if we don’t take the time to carefully decide for ourselves, investigate things on our own, and see with our own eyes whether something was traced or if something less insidious was perhaps at play, we’re liable to hurt people that were undeserving of our rage.

Is this person always an art thief or is this surprising new behavior? Has this artist created multiple original pieces before now or do all their works appear potentially traced? Are significant portions about the artwork an exact match or is this potentially a case where someone malicious can rely on Tumblr to get up in arms the moment it’s implied someone is tracing without some rock solid evidence?

The easiest method to refute accusations of tracing would be for an artist to provide their references. But, given that references are often derided as a sin on par with tracing, many artists feel uncomfortable admitting they used any material as support for their work at all.

Tumblr “domino effect”

I want to be clear. I don’t consider one artist copying another’s work and claiming it as their own a good thing. Tracing artwork and passing it off as your own work is unquestionably wrong, but I have seen too many witch hunts on Tumblr based upon half-baked evidence to let myself get swept up in emotion now.

After all this time spent on Tumblr, a question we should be asking ourselves is whether a barrage of fury, harassment, hate mail, and cruelty is really what we want our first response to be when we encounter someone who is potentially tracing, or if we want to approach things calmly, through private messages and peaceful dialogue - until we’re absolutely certain we’re dealing with an unrepentant thief willing to profit off of their fellow artists without guilt or shame.

For me, the answer is the latter.

There’s enough rage on Tumblr already. And I believe that most people who are using this platform have already witnessed what happens when someone is accused of something. Even more when the topic is “tracing”.
Not only does the primary post spread like wildfire, but people instantly see red and reblog within a few seconds without taking the time to make sure that it is actually a case of tracing. Then suddenly more posts pop up, often with blanket statements such as “Tracing is bad” or “If You are OK with Art Thieves Unfollow Me”, bland generic statements which are often reblogged by people who aren’t aware of the drama but agree with the sentiment.
All of this is like a whole orchestra shaming the artist whose voice cannot be heard through the clamor.
At this point, it doesn’t matter if the artist actually traced or not. Even if it’s not the case, the harm has been done and nothing can repair it. Nothing. Tumblr already judged them guilty as charged.

How do you expect this experience, justified or not, to not have a huge impact on the person who is the victim of so much hate? Ask yourself how you would feel in such a situation, how you would deal with it, and how you would recover, even if by some miracle someone proves that the statement was wrong and their voice was heard.

I saw the effect first hand as I have been swimming in the artist community for long enough to have met victims of the Tumblr mob. They are broken. Judged guilty before they were allowed to be proven innocent. Sometimes even abandoned by people they thought as being friends. Alone, against a whole community. If they disappear, it’s not always out of shame, but because the experience they dealt with left a trauma, at times even leading them to stop their craft for some time or forever.
Is this really what you want? If it’s a first time for them, if the proof is really hard to see or if they didn’t do anything, they don’t deserve any of this rage. Posting such an accusation on Tumblr is like a train breaking loose that you can never ever again stop. No matter what they do in the future, there will always be someone to remind them of what they did, or didn’t do, sometimes waking up the rumors for another time.
I’m asking you again… Is this really what you want?

Until I’m positive of what I’m dealing with, and that the artist in question is truly a thief who felt no remorse about what they were doing and only seemed sorry when they were caught in the act, I want to treat people with the dignity they deserve. I want to avoid jumping to conclusions and getting caught by the wild self-righteousness that Tumblr is infamous for.
And if it turns out they are tracing? I want to be that person who calmly tries to help this artist see what they’re doing wrong. I want to talk them into embracing and enjoying what art really can become if they do things the right way. I’m not here to be a destructive force, I’m here to celebrate art, share it with the community, and get others to love it just as much as I do.

Thus, “Anon (trace@123.com)” if you want to start a crusade, you will have to do it from your own personal platform, rather than as a submission to mine. Especially as you took the time to create another account to submit your request since this blog doesn’t accept anonymous ones.
If you are REALLY positive that tracing was absolutely going on here, then find your courage and post this to your own blog instead of submitting it to mine, hoping you can foist the responsibility on someone else.

I’m not here for witch hunts, “Anon (trace@123.com)”. I’m here for beautiful artwork of Hydaelyn and sharing it with the community at large. If I discover artwork that is unquestionably traced on this blog, I will remove the post in question, but I will never accept submissions like what you sent to this blog. Relevant or not. And even if the person throwing around accusations is right on their statement, the accused deserves a private message and a chance to explain themselves before being burned at the stake.