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Stuff from the Falsettos: In Conversation event!

William Finn, James Lapine, and Stephanie J. Block blew my mind several times yesterday and I wanted to share some cool things I learned about the show!

tl;dr: Falsettos beat Spiderman, Bill Finn and James Lapine should have their own sitcom, aND THE BANANA BELTING MOMENT WAS INITIALLY AN ACCIDENT

  • Packed house in Westport Country Playhouse. It was quite ironic because the event was free, but everyone there was hella rich. Hella. I know this because they started thanking donors at the beginning and there was one family there who had just donated a million. And literally not a single person was a POC. My middle-class Asian ass felt awkward.
  • It was Bill Finn, James Lapine, and Stephanie J. Block, moderated by Andrew C. Wilk (to whom we all owe our lives because he’s the executive producer of Live From Lincoln Center)
  • He told us cool stuff about filming Falsettos. There were ten cameras. He said that bringing all these huge cameras in was like your drunk uncle coming to a party
  • According to Andrew, when it first opened in cinemas, apparently in some markets FALSETTOS BEAT SPIDERMAN?????
  • Even Andrew couldn’t believe it
  • He was like it doesn’t sound true but I’m going to say it because it feels good to say it
  • And, as I mentioned in a previous post, he confirmed the PBS airdate as October 27 and he said that Falsettos might even have a second run in cinemas.
  • Andrew brought the three in. Audience went wild.
  • He asked them what the main theme of Falsettos is. Bill Finn says that it’s about what it means to be a man (which it seems that the Tumblr fandom has really hit upon in all the analyses, so good job Tumblr!!!)
  • And they talked about casting Stephanie J. Block. Bill said that she came in and auditioned with Holding to the Ground (“which isn’t a very good song,” says Bill) and he had never heard it sound that good
  • Stephanie has a very subtly poetic way of talking about things and it’s really moving?? She described Trina as a woman who constantly has “a well of tears” (she gestures at her throat) right here.
  • I’ve been there.
  • Andrew mentioned how her life is very different than Trina’s–she’s happily married with a beautiful daughter–and he asked her how she accessed Trina’s character
  • She talked about how she had taken a few years away from theater since her daughter was born. When Finn and Lapine called her about Trina to see if it’d be right for them and for her, she felt very insecure and scared going back to performing. The way she put it, in her state at the time, every emotion was at her fingertips. But she drew on this insecurity to play Trina. She said she listened to Falsettos and felt that she knew Trina.

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  • Bill Finn is a CHARACTER. Cracked the entire audience up. He communicated almost exclusively in mumbled one-liners
  • When James Lapine was explaining the whole March of the Falsettos and Falsettoland Act I-Act II thing, Bill Finn was like, the first act’s not as good as the second act
  • Excuse me, Bill, both acts are masterpieces
  • So the format of the evening was that they would show a clip from the film and then talk about it, which was so cool. Watching the three of them watching the film was surreal, but one part was even more surreal
  • I’ve never seen that many elderly people in a room laughing hysterically over dick jokes
  • Partway through the event, Bill Finn started complaining about the fact that there were so many Act I clips, and Lapine was reassuring him that the first act was still good
  • I’m like HELL YEAH IT IS
  • He and James were hilarious together; they just bounced off each other and said such complimentary things about each other’s work and they would have full conversations with just their eyes
  • Okay, so we watched I’m Breaking Down, of course. Then Stephanie and James Lapine talked about the process of staging that scene. That was a gold mine.

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  • According to James Lapine, the boobs were all Stephanie’s idea
  • James Lapine REALLY wanted to have a dummy bloody finger. He wanted to have Trina chop off a piece of her finger and there would be blood spurting and the audience would be freaking out over whether the actor actually was injured. He was very attached this idea and stuck to it until the very end. Everyone else was like James pls no. Eventually, it had to go because of the possibility of fake blood staining the costumes or set pieces
  • Stephanie warned us that she was about to make a pun but that she had to because it was so good, and then she said “the finger was cut”
  • And she was super proud of herself and grinning at the audience
  • James Lapine tried to high-five her, but she was too happy to see
  • (She finally noticed and high-fived him back)
  • The iconic banana belting moment was an accident????
  • Okay okay so this is a GREAT STORY
  • So y’all already know all about how it’s the actors themselves moving all the set pieces throughout the show. Stephanie says that it was Anthony Rosenthal who had to do most of the moving
  • So if any of the banana pieces fell, it was “poor Anthony” who had to clean them up
  • One day in rehearsal, sure enough, some banana pieces fell
  • Stephanie felt bad and didn’t want to make Anthony clean it up, so she picked them up and freaking SHOVED THEM INTO HER MOUTH
  • When she finished, James Lapine was like O.O do you think you could do that often
  • The rest is history 

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  • I have so many Bill Finn anecdotes that I don’t know which to share
  • Like I said, Bill would mostly communicate in mumbly one-liners
  • Example: we were about to watch This Had Better Come to a Stop, and Andrew asked Bill to set up the scene for the audience (they explained all of the context for everything in case some audience members hadn’t seen Falsettos)
  • Bill: Whizzer is misbehaving and Marvin gets mad.
  • Andrew (laughing): Is that it?!
  • Bill: Yes.
  • (Lapine swooped in to give a more in-depth explanation)
  • But!! Bill would sometimes suddenly speak up and say something so incredibly thought-provoking 
  • They were talking about the unlikability of Marvin, and Bill talked about how a professor he had at Williams said that Jane Austen made Emma so unlikeable so that we could learn to like her
  • And Bill said that he listened
  • We finally got to Act II (Bill was very happy about this) and we watched the baseball scene. 
  • Apparently, James had said to Bill that they needed a group number with everyone in it. At that point, Bill had already written the entire baseball scene in his notebook except for a few final chords, and he was like oh here you go I already wrote one.
  • James: When were you going to give me this?!
  • Bill: When you needed it?
  • And Bill talked about what he referred to as the “handball scene.” James apparently staged the thing before Bill even wrote it.
  • James: Bill, that was racquetball.
  • Bill: Oh, I thought it was squash.

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  • Andrew was asking about the Lesbians from Next Door and Bill was like, the lesbians are actually from In Trousers
  • And James had this wait hold up facial expression and he said, I didn’t even know this. Who were the lesbians???
  • And Bill was saying Ms. Goldberg and the high school sweetheart and by then, James Lapine looked like the galaxy brain meme
  • James was like, but that’s just the actors, not the same characters, right?!
  • Bill said yeah they’re completely different characters and James looked very relieved
  • James: We’re great together. On our own, we’re a disaster.
  • Stephanie was talking about how she feels like as a young woman, she didn’t have the life experience to appreciate the complexity of Bill Finn’s story and lyrics:
  • Stephanie: “I liked to tap dance and put on red lipstick and make people happy with musical theater.”
  • And suddenly Bill Finn yells, “ME TOO!!!!!!!!!!”
  • Imagine the kind of person who could write both “BITCH BITCH BITCH BITCH FUNNY FUNNY FUNNY FUNNY” and “this here is love when we’re talking face-to-face,” and you’ve got a pretty solid idea of Bill Finn
  • I know I haven’t talked about Andrew Wilk enough, so I’m going to reiterate here that we all owe our lives to this man. And he was so sweet and charismatic. I love this man. 
  • Near the end, they talked about us!!! The Falsettos fandom! Stephanie said she wants to call us kids, but she knows we’re teenagers and people in our twenties. She lovingly called us a cult and talked about all the banana memorabilia she has received and talked about how the cast sees pictures of us going to the cinemas in 80′s clothes/dressed as the characters. Stephanie thinks it’s so great <3 
  • Stephanie says that she’s not sure she’ll ever do a show as important as Falsettos again. She says there are so many wonderful shows, but in terms of “important”? It’s hard to find.

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  • The final scene they showed was Jason’s Bar Mitzvah and What Would I Do? and it was too much. You could hear people crying softly.
  • The last half hour was Stephanie doing a mini-concert (accompanied by the Falsettos conductor/pianist Vadim Feichtner!) and when she belted, I thought the back wall was going to blow off
  • She sang a bunch of gorgeous songs, interspersed with her talking about what these songs mean to her, but among them were “Don’t Rain on My Parade” and Holding to the Ground” (FIGHT ME BILL IT’S ONE OF MY FAVORITE SONGS EVER) and “Defying Gravity” (Wicked is the show that got me into musical theater, so this was really special to me) and I cried
  • An absolutely beautiful evening.

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  • Post-script: without announcing it or anything, they very quietly set up a signing with Stephanie in one corner. I spotted the table coming in, so I went to check it out afterwards, and SURE ENOUGH THERE SHE WAS. 
  • I was literally the second person to get there and there was no line behind me because people hadn’t realized yet. She signed the hand-out I got at the cinema (asking me who she should make it out to and addressing it to me in her beautiful swoopy handwriting!) and I told her I went to see Falsettos six times and she said, “I miss it every day, (my name). Every day.” And I asked her very hesitantly whether it’d be okay to get a picture with her, and she instantly said, “You ready?” Hence the selfie I posted last night. I CAN’T BELIEVE IT.

That was my day in Falsettoland!! I hope this stuff was interesting :) I love this show so much and I just wanted to share the cool stuff I learned!


Requested: Please do some daddy Shawn.

A/N: I don’t know why I try writing fluffy things, because they’re awful most times. I also changed the lyrics of LOFP a little, sorry.

Word count: 2,066

A faint noise rang in my ears, but not nearly loud enough to pulled me out of my heavy sleep. Only seconds later, I felt the faint squeezes on my arms. When I finally managed to open them, the room was too dark for me to see anything properly.

I rubbed my sleepy eyes, feeling just how sore they were. I blinked a few times, before finally being able to see shadows in the dark bedroom.

“Daddy, daddy” she cried again, forcing down my gaze.

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I’ve been awake for the past two hours and I couldn’t go back to sleep so I did a thing. Brace yourselves.

Malec AU where Magnus’ high school reunion is coming up and he doesn’t want to go because he broke up with his latest boyfriend Imasu just a couple of months ago and everyone knows these events are made so you can throw your success and happiness in the face of people who have no impact left in your life whatsoever. Magnus knows his high school on-and-off-again girlfriend Camille will be there, parading with her stupid football player husband. And yeah, his professional life is going great, thank you very much, but Camille is a snake and if she detects the slightest weakness, she’s going in for the kill.

When he talks about it with his friend and colleague Isabelle, she tells him to ask her brother to go with him. He’s *cough* single *cough* and he and Magnus get along great. Plus, she knows Alec has pretty much been in love with Magnus since the dawn of time (meaning since they met each other a year ago at Isabelle’s annual Halloween party - Alec had made an effort and actually let Isabelle put some kind of skeleton makeup on his face while Magnus had gone all in with a Freddie Mercury costume) because how could one see Magnus Babe and not fall in love at once?

So Magnus lets himself be convinced by Isabelle and asks Alec. He doesn’t need much more than Magnus’ word that he won’t have to dance and that they can just stay in a corner and try to guess what people are lying about to make themselves look better to agree to go.(Although it’s Magnus so the chances of Alec saying no were infinitesimal anyway.)

Alec does ask Magnus why he doesn’t take one of the 17 000 models on his contact list instead because surely that’s bound to make Camille seethe more than taking someone as plain as him?

Magnus just lifts an eyebrow, murmurs something under his breath about buying Alec a mirror for Christmas and that’s the end of that.

They go as friends, because pretending to be dating would be weird, but… well, if people assume they’re dating, what’s the harm in that? It’s not like they owe anyone a clarification.

The party is going well. Magnus is doing good on his promise. They’re not dancing, and they talked to a few of Magnus’ old classmates (that are not Raphael or Ragnor or Catarina) and Alec only had to resist the urge to roll his eyes at them a couple of times so it’s pretty good considering his low tolerance on bullshit.

That (impressive) accomplishment is forgotten the moment Camille walks up to them, arm hooked with her token husband’s. Her smirk is just feral when they stop in front of Magnus and Alec, her eyes scrutinized them (mostly Magnus, Alec notices, gritting his teeth) like they’re a prey she can’t wait to feast on.

Magnus plays the game just as well as she does, though, and they chat for a minute before Camille’s what’s-his-name husband walks away to fetch her a drink and her whole demeanor changes. She takes a step forward, reaching down so that her fingers brush with Magnus’ and Alec just stands there, dumbfounded that she would have the nerve when 1) her husband literally is in the same room and walked away ten seconds ago and 2) Alec is literally standing right there and everyone they met tonight assumed they were dating and neither Magnus nor Alec bothered to correct them because they figured it added to Magnus’ “my life is better than yours” thing.

But Camille doesn’t seem to care and a lazy but languid smirk tugs at her lips as she purrs about how they should catch up soon, and there’s no doubt about what she means exactly by that.

So Alec does the only coherent thing (or so his brain seems to think) and blurts out, “hey babe, wanna dance?” while grabbing Magnus’ hand and blowing holes into Camille’s skull with his eyes.

No dancing was his number one condition but Magnus didn’t seem to know what to do and Alec might have been a little tiny super small bit jealous so he takes no responsibility for the words that came out of his mouth. Magnus nods, a smirk pulling the corner of his lips up.

“Oh, so we’re dancing now,” Magnus murmurs teasingly as he lets Alec guide him to the makeshift dance floor, before channeling his best Alec voice. “I’ll go to your stupid prom but I won’t dance, Magnus, not even if it’s a life or death situation. I don’t care.”

“Just put your hands on my waist and shut up,” Alec grumbles.

“Back to Magnus, uh? Shame.”

Alec blushes and clears his throat. He steps on Magnus’ foot and no matter what Magnus can think, it is 100% accidental.

“Sorry,” he mumbles, ducking his head to stare at their feet. “I-I just… can’t dance. Never liked proms.”

Magnus snorts, if only to hide how much he wants to kiss that stupidly adorable man right then. “For the millionth time, darling, this is not a prom. And that’s okay, I’m sure you spent your prom making out with your gorgeous date while you waited to be crowned king.”

Alec frowns, shaking his head. “I didn’t go to my prom. I hate balls. Or anything remotely resembling. So I never went to one.“

Magnus‘ eyes widens as he stares at him, shock written plainly on his features. "What?!”

Alec shrugs. “I knew I would have to go alone or with either my baby sister or brother, and how lame would that have been? Plus, it’s not like there was anyone who caught my interest in high school.”

Magnus gasps dramatically this time. “Does that mean you didn’t do all the fun rule-breaking stuff you’re supposed to do with your crush in high school?” he asks, not unkindly. “Like sneak into tiny janitor’s closets or behind the benches during physical education to actually practice physical education instead?”

“No. I went to school to learn stuff and get good grades,” Alec deadpans. "And I was captain of the football team and the debate club so I didn’t have time for that.”

“That’s just unacceptable, Alexander,” Magnus heaves out, shaking his head exaggeratedly. “You need some bad influence in your life. Someone’s gotta stray you away from the good path. I volunteer as tribute. It’s a hardship but someone’s gotta do it.”

Alec snorts, rolling his eyes, and is about to reply when he spots Camille storming off their way.

“Did you have a hiding spot to avoid the wrath of a pissed off teacher?” he asks, biting on his bottom lip. “Because we might need it right about now.”

Magnus glances over his shoulder to see Camille slither her way through dancing couples to get to them.

“What did you do?”

Alec puts on his best innocent face. “I may or may not have texted Ragnor about what happened earlier and he may or may not have taken the opportunity of being at the bar at the same time as her dumb husband to let it slip that she tried to get into your pants. Oops.”

Magnus stifles a laugh and tries to throw him a scowling glare but fails epically. So when he spots Camille approaching dangerously from the corner of his eye, he grabs Alec’s hand instead and leads him out of the room and into his high school corridors.

They run out of there, giggling, and Magnus feels like a teenager again, and the way his stomach is fluttering at the feeling of Alec’s palm against his own is just one of the reasons why.

He takes Alec to the gym, where he knows a perfect spot beneath the benches where he used to sneak to skip class and smoke a cigarette. Except Magnus wasn’t quite as tall, or his shoulders quite as broad, when he was a teenager and Alec is taller and pretty well-built himself so the space they have to share ends up being small enough that personal space becomes a foreign notion.

Alec doesn’t seem to mind, a wide grin splitting his face as they catch their breaths. He stares at Magnus for a while, blinking, before he looks away to survey their surroundings.

“So… you and your friends came here to smoke?” he asks, pointing a finger at the cigarettes butts on the ground. Those things never change.

“Among other things,” Magnus retorts with a teasing smirk.

“Like what?“

And Magnus just throws him a pointed look, because he knows Alec is innocent when it comes to breaking rules and typical teenagerness but… “Really, Alexander?”

And Alec throws him back the exact same look. “Yeah, really,” he huffs out,something flickering in his eyes that Magnus can’t possibly miss with how close they’re standing. “Are you gonna kiss me or what?”

So Magnus does just that, chuckling while he leans in. And it definitely feels like being a teenager again - with much more skill and chill (who is he kidding? He loses all chill as soon as Alec nips at his bottom lip when Magnus grips his hair just a bit too hard.)

And when Magnus is very comfortably settled between Alec’s legs, one hand flat against the burning skin of his back while the other works on unbuttoning his shirt, someone coughs and they jump apart, cheeks flushed and panting.

Alec almost has a heart attack.

Ragnor is leaning against the wall a few feet away from them, arms crossed nonchalantly.

"Really, Magnus? A thousand years have passed and you’re still hooking up with pretty boys under the benches? Predictable.”

Magnus glares at him, but makes no move to entangle their bodies.

“Really, Ragnor? A thousand years have passed and you’re still making a point of ruining my life? Predictable.”

Ragnor smirks, sipping his beer and just turns to walk away. “We’re going to the Hunter’s Moon so we can hang out with people we actually like and that we’ve seen somewhere other than our Facebook feed in the past ten years,” he calls over his shoulder. “We’ll wait for you guys in the lobby. Please be wearing clothes.”

Magnus shows him one particular finger and turns back to Alec, who has gone utterly quiet. His cheeks are bright red with embarrassment and he’s chewing on his bottom lip, his tongue darting out every now and then as if he can still taste Magnus.

“Alexander?” Magnus calls out softly, his fingers gliding in his hair at the back of his head.

Alec hums, blinking out of his stupor as he glances back at Magnus.

“You’re not… having regrets, are you?”

Alec seems positively offended. “How could I—“ but he doesn’t finish, shaking his head. “I was just thinking that this place smells and is kinda gross and it really sucks as far as first dates go so maybe we could actually go out properly some day soon? Like grab dinner and maybe catch a movie?”

Magnus smiles. “I’d love that.”

“Good.” Alec smiles back. “Great.”

And they just stand there for a while, still tightly pressed to each other, until Magnus clears his throat, jerking his head toward the exit. “We should go. They’re waiting for us.”

Alec hums, eyes riveted on Magnus’ lips. “But what if Camille is still in the corridors looking for us?”

The corner of Magnus’ lips turn into a smirk, and he makes a show of craning his neck. “You’re right, I think I just heard her,” he lies.

Alec nods, licking his lips. “We should wait five more minutes. For safety, of course.”

Magnus nods back. “For safety. But that doesn’t mean we have to be bored while we wait for the threat to go away. Any idea on how to spend this time?”

“A few,” Alec replies in a breath, and kisses him again.


Flux: The Beginning (M) | 03

Prequel of Bliss | parts: 01 | 02 | 03

Character: Yoongi x reader x Jungkook

Genre/words: Smut, Poly!AU, Slow Burn, Angst / 12,819 words

Summary: One of them is your longtime crush, while the other is the man which you had shared your secrets with on many heated nights filled with lust and forbidden desire. You had sworn that it would end, and that secret crush would remain a secret.

Warning: mentions of alcohol, dirty talk, threesome, graphic smut scenes

a/n: More notes and details at the bottom of this fic. I’m super nervous about this that I had to edit this multiple times but I hope you guys will like it^^;

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Daddy Negan {Part 2}

Word count: 3.1k (OF DIRTY DIRTY FUN!)
**Rated MA for mature audiences only!**
Notes: I think Negan will speak for himself in this fic. <3
Gifs are not mine.
Summary: Negan loves teasing you to the point of no return, but tonight he’ll be rewarding his princess. 
{Part One} | {Part Three}

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Business and Pleasure - Part 10

Summary:  Bucky AU. After a major deal falls through, your father’s business almost falls apart. In a desperate attempt to save his livelihood, he seeks the help of his oldest friend, George Barnes, who happens to be the CEO of one of the most influential businesses in New York. He agrees, but on one condition. You have to marry his son.

Word Count: 2,201

Warnings: Swearing

Originally posted by little--batman

The two of you had fallen into silence, both seemingly lost in thought. The appetizers were delicious, but you couldn’t do more than pick at them. You were too distracted by your thoughts to focus on eating.

So much had happened in so little time. Sure, it seemed like you had your best friend back, but who knew how long that would last. He seemed sincere earlier, but there was no way to guarantee that the two of you wouldn’t get into another stupid argument and find yourselves right back where you started.

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father! Vernon

anon requested: “Father!Vernon plz”

  •  Vernon would probably be the softest parent ever
  • imagine him knowing nothing at all about parenting despite having a younger sibling
  • and Sophia is just shaking her head
  • “Oppa, are you sure you can take care of a kid? You can barely take care of yourself.”
  • but she’s super excited to be an aunt
  • and would go shopping with Hansol for stuff or with her sister-in-law
  • because when Vernon goes by himself
  • he’d buy the wrong baby car seat for the car
  • or dog clothes, not baby clothes
  • he’d be a super excited fluffball of an expecting parent, and a clueless mess
  • until someone points him to a first time parenting handbook
  • and he just sits there staring at it like it’s the most incredible thing in the world
  • like ‘They actually write books about how to raise a human?!?!’
  • and he’d read through the first few pages
  • before getting distracted by the pictures
  • of all the cute babies and of the loving parents
  • and would want to go out to buy a bunch of clothes and tiny shoes and tiny socks and tiny shirts
  • just squealing at every cute tiny thing
  • “Are babies really born that tiny?!?!?!”
  • and buying baby toys
  • each of which he will test himself
  • like a rattle, he’ll shake it around before deciding to buy it
  • and then watching a bunch of youtube videos on how to change diapers
  • and vids of mommy vloggers recommending stuff
  • and he’d probably get distracted by other stuff again like an animation for the abc song or something
  • and would think it’s super cute
  • he’s literally a child what can you do
  • would spend weeks freaking out once the delivery date approaches
  • basically asking all the hyungs for advice
  • and asking Chan for advice even though Chan’s younger
  • “Why are you asking me?” Chan would laugh
  • Lots of constant thinking and random questions
  • “Hyung, babies have a hole in their skull you can’t touch right?”
  • “I’m going to call babies from now on small persons, because that’s what they are, they don’t need to be called babies.”
  • “Small people need formula right?”
  • “On second thought babies might be a better term.”
  • Hansol gets death glares from Jihoon
  • and on the delivery date
  • you can imagine twelve boys waiting out in the hospital hallway
  • literally all excited about being uncles basically
  • Seungkwan running up and down the hallway ready to see Hansol’s kid already
  • Joshua just carrying a gift wrapped by Mingyu that they all chipped in to buy
  • until Hansol walks out with a huge goofy grin on his face
  • a high-pitched sound coming out the back of his throat
  • and all of Svt gathers around like
  • “I’M A DAD, I FEEL OLD!!!”
  • “IT’S A BOY.”
  • so much screaming happens in the next ten minutes, pretty sure the hospital staff were ready to kick Svt out
  • “Baby Decaprio Jr.!!!!”
  • and although Vernon is a kind of clueless parent
  • he figures things out his own way
  • can’t change a diaper properly when he’s watching the kid at the studio so he uses the next best thing
  • always insisting his wife take lots of breaks so he can bond with his son
  • “Yo do you like me or mom better? No we don’t have to tell her ke ke ke.”
  • “Hansol the baby can’t talk yet.”
  • “I know!”
  • the little guy always has his dad and his dad’s twelve friends looking after him
  • “Repeat after me //ahem// uncle Seungkwan is the best, jjang!!!”
  • “He looks just like Hansol.”
  • “You want to watch spongebob with me and your dad, hmm?”
  • Vernon carrying around his son everywhere in one of those baby harnesses he straps to his chest
  • “That’s Woozi-hyung making music, that’s Hoshi-hyung making dance moves, that’s Dokyeom-hyung doing… something silly”
  • even if he isn’t going out, his son is sitting in the harness on Hansol’s chest
  • “Vernon you can’t dance with your kid on your chest.”
  • “Oh yea hang on.”
  • and though he’s a goofball
  • no one could ever deny how much Hansol loves his son
  • always using baby talk
  • and singing random songs in both Korean and English to his kid
  • at the end of a long day, they’d fall asleep together on the couch
  • and when the baby wakes up in the middle of the night, Vernon’s panicking
  • “pop” is his first word
  • and Hansol is thinking YES POP LIKE DAD
  • but no it’s pop like a bubble pops
  • because every time Hansol imitates a bubble and gets popped by one of the Svt members
  • his son laughs and smiles like crazy
  • “Pop, pop, pop!”
  • Vernon dying every time at the cuteness
  • “You can call me pop, just don’t tell mom.”
  • and when his kid gets a bit older and starts learning stuff
  • Vernon is really surprised at how quickly his son picks up a mix of both Korean and English
  • his son’s sentences are never fully in one language it’s always a mix of both
  • which Joshua laughs at every time
  • Hansol looking up abc raps for his son to listen to in the car
  • and soon the kid starts picking up on Vernon’s mannerisms
  • “He’s literally a tiny you.” Seungkwan laughs pointing at how Vernon and his son stood
  • Hansol likes to go everywhere with his kid, since his son hangs out at the studio with him often since his mom works
  • he’s only six now
  • “Uncle Seungkwan, do you want to get ice cream?”
  • “Uncle Joshua, how do you say 'adventure’ in Korean?”
  • “Uncle Seungcheol, is my dad annoying you?”
  • literally the cutest six year old ever
  • running around the studio looking at everything and asking all the members questions
  • “Daddy! Uncle Woozi played me a bit of mansae, I liked it a lot!”
  • the kid is a goofball too like his dad
  • and Vernon lets him listen to Svt songs all the time
  • “I wrote these lyrics, do you like them?” he’d ask his son
  • “Of course, because you wrote them!”
  • they’d go to the park to play baseball or basketball
  • Hansol carrying his kid on his shoulders to throw the ball into the hoop
  • and then running around like crazy screaming if he makes it
  • would try to teach his son how to bike and skateboard and roller skate at eight
  • but not before buying all the security gear and elbow/knee guards and keeping a hand tightly around his kids hand
  • Hansol would play music in the park and they’d have a dance party out in the middle of the park
  • not caring what other people thought
  • just enjoying the music
  • “You can dance really well!” Vernon tells his son
  • “Yea, I think I’m better than you dad!”
  • “No way, let’s have a dance battle!”
  • Vernon always worried about his kid
  • when his son needed to start school
  • “Dad, it’s only like for five hours.”
  • Hansol writing the names of the kids his son plays with and their parents on his hand to remember like he tries remembering fan names
  • “My dad’s a rapper! He sings too! I’m really proud of him!” his son would tell all his friends
  • and man Hansol would be so happy, he’d almost explode
  • and they go everywhere to eat all the food and try all the good stuff
  • “Cheeseburgers, pizza, chicken, meat, chocolate, the necessary foods of a balanced diet.”
  • “What about fruits and vegetables like mom told me?”
  • “I don’t know what mom’s been saying but it isn’t that.”
  • “I like apples though.”
  • watch Hansol go out of his way just to buy like twelve apples just because his kid said he liked them
  • “how do you like them apples”
  • “dad. stop. PLEASE.”

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~ admin jess

@eyethefluff requested: “Can I have Peter being defended by dad!Tony when he heard that Peter got bullied?”

This got particularly long but sjdlfjsdlfjl good prompt

Also let me just say am I good at action scenes??? No. did i write one anyway??? Psh heck yeah

also also sorry this took so damn long!!! I got stuck on the last bit for a long time

Usually swinging from building to building and doing flips around the city as Spider-Man cheered Peter up instantly after a long day at school. Usually it was all he could do to wait until 2:45 when the bell rang and he could run out to get his patrol snack. But when the bell rang that day, after perhaps the trillionth time “Penis Parker” had been chanted or passed along in stupid notes as if they weren’t in high school now, Peter walked out of the school feeling dejected and tired.

He didn’t feel like losing his backpack on top of everything, so since he wasn’t in a rush for once, he went back home.

“You’re home early,” May commented when he walked in the door. He shrugged and she followed him down the hall from the kitchen. “Hey, what’s up? What’s wrong?”

“Just a bad day,” he explained. He didn’t want to talk to May, not right then at least. Maybe when he got home after blowing off some steam, he would be more willing to open up. “I’m gonna go out if that’s okay.”

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just like heaven (reddie)

Richie told Eddie he had something to show him.

Eddie didn’t know what to expect; when Richie had asked if he was free later, Eddie expected the question to come with a remark, a joke about his mother or about himself, but it never came. When there was a lack of jokes with Richie, Eddie had learned to take those situations seriously.

Eddie rode his bike over to Richie’s house, curiosity emerging from his questioning thoughts. Why does Richie want me over? He never invites me over. He never invites anyone over.

Maybe I’m not anyone.

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Things We Don’t Mean

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Based on Anonymous Prompt: Reader is Tony’s sister but Avengers have no idea and one day while Tony took Pepper to Paris for a weekend, the reader was on the mission and got hurt. She’s in love with Steve but he was mat at her for taking a stupid risk and says something that Peggy wouldn’t do this and the reader realises that Steve would never love her (but he;s in love with her too) so she doesn’t want to see anyone and doesn’t want to scary her brother, but the next day FRIDAY calls Tony and he and Steve have argument

A/N: Ahhhhh sorry I’m so terrible at writing consistently.  I just finished with school for the year though, so that should free up sometime.  I’m actually at the airport right now, heading overseas, so I don’t know what type of wifi access I’ll have or what type of time I’ll be able to use to write, but I will definitely write more when I get back (famous last words).  Depending on how productive I can be in these next few hours of my layover, I might be able to queue up some fics for upcoming weeks…?  Anyway, hope y’all like this one.

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The bullet wound doesn’t hurt.  Well, that’s not entirely true.  When you shift or when you try to breathe or when you’re sitting still, the pain shoots through your chest like splinters of glass.

What hurts more is the pointed silence that hangs in the air between you and Steve.

The captain in question is perched gingerly on the chair next to your stretcher, staring straight ahead.  His eyes, normally a soft blue, are hard and flinty.  His jaw is locked, his body radiating tension.

Natasha walks into the med bay, her eyes softening when she sees you.  She walks over, gingerly peeling back the layers of bandages to replace them.

“You’re losing a lot of blood,” she says quietly.

“I’ll be fine,” you reply.  “Nothing I haven’t dealt with before.  How much longer?”

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I bacha(ta) I can dance better than you ! - Jason Todd x Hispanic!reader

Not even sorry for the bad pun in the title. Ok so I really REALLY HOPE I didn’t mess up this story, because I’d be super mad at myself if I mis-represent said hispanic!reader ! I hope it’s fine, I tried really. ANYWAY IMMA SHUT UP NOW HOPE YOU’LL LIKE IT !! Also, I’m French, and never even learned Spanish in class (I was taught German), so I hope the Spanish things I’ll put in are right 

PS : Reader is from Honduras because another anon’ kindly ask me to write a hispanic!reader from there :-). However I didn’t delve in the Hondura culture THAT much, just a few hint, because I still wanna keep it “broad” enough if that makes sense. 
PPS : Someone pointed out Jason actually know how to speak Spanish in the comics and…well, this is an imagine. It’s obviously not canon. I might write another story where he surprises his hispanic s/o because he indeed already speak Spanish fluently though :D. Endless possibilities really. 

My masterlist blog : https://ella-ravenwood-archives.tumblr.com


Jason didn’t even remember, what brought him in the Spanish quarter of Gotham that day, but he blessed whatever guided his feet there every single hours that went by because…Well, he met you. 

He was lost in thoughts when he stumbled on a huge gathering of people right there, in the middle of the street. A song was resonating in the entire block (this song : click here to listen to it), and the noises all around him brought him back to reality. 

People were cheering, dancing, singing…but it’s you who caught his attention.

 Pushing through the crowd to see what everything was about, he saw you. And you were absolutely owning the place. 

You were dancing with a man, in rhythm with the music, and Jason was completely subjugated by you and your movements. 

There was absolutely no doubt you were the center of this little party, right in the middle of the street…Cars were even waiting patiently, their drivers not daring to honk or anything, just looking at everyone dancing and enjoying life. 

If he wasn’t so suddenly hypnotized by you, Jason would have realized you weren’t at all the center of the attention. Hell, no one was. It was just a giant gathering of people being happy. A spontaneous event that someone listening to a song too loudly sprout. 

Literally, the owner of a local small convenience store’s favorite song was passing on the radio, and he got so excited he pushed the sound all the way up…And then someone, no one knew who, started dancing, another one joined in…until the entire block turned into a giant dancing floor. 

Some danced way better than you, but Jason didn’t even notice them. His attention was fully fixed on you, on every move you made, every step you took, your smile, your (H/C) dancing in the wind…He would never admit it, but he fell in love with you right on the spot. 

As suddenly as this dancing party started, it stopped, as the song was getting to an end, and everyone, after a lot of hugs, laughter, cheering and applause, slowly returned to their every day life. 

Jason found himself, too stunned to move, on the sidewalk, looking at you getting away…He wanted to run after you, but something was holding him on the spot. He just couldn’t move at all. And his heart started to beat like crazy as he realized he was letting you get away without even trying to talk to you ! 

Fortunately that day, Destiny was finally kind to him. 

-(Y/N) ! HEY (Y/N) WAIT UP ! 

As you were about to turn the corner of the street and disappear forever, you turned around. (Y/N). So that was your name. So beautiful…it rolled on his tongue perfectly. And oh when you smiled at the guy next to him who was calling you, he felt like he was melting into a puddle. 

You crossed the street to join the man who called you. It was the man with whom you were dancing a bit earlier. As you reach for him, he takes your hands and Jason’s heart dropped. 

-Ooooh hermosa, were you gonna leave without saying goodbye ? 

-I wouldn’t dare Ale’, it’s just that I really got to get to work, you made me late Mr. Alejandro Barientos ! 

-Oh hey, I bet your boss will understand the need to dance no ? 

-You know my boss mi amigo, she’s pretty harsh. 

-Oh hey, don’t talk about your mama like that. She does everything so you can have a good life. 

-I know Ale’, I know. Anyway I really gotta run before her “everything” forces me to work extra hours because I was late ! See ya later Mr. Barientos !

He kisses you on the cheek and you do the same, and in an instant, you’re gone again. Jason cannot stop himself from looking at you as you leave, his heart tightening at each step you take, as you go away…He wants to run after you but, what good could it do ? That Alejandro was obviously your boyfriend, why else would he dance with you like that, and kiss you and…Something catches Jay’s eyes. 

It’s “Ale’”. And he’s kissing a man. Not on the cheek. 

Time seems to suddenly slow down, as Jason’s head moves in between the man he thought was your boyfriend and you. He has to make a decision in this split second, as you’re about to disappear forever around the corner…

Jason Todd doesn’t hesitate, he starts to run after you as fast as he can. 

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Nap Date, still at the beginning. SEND ME IDEAS! Find other parts Here!

“I can’t make that work either.” He groans, rubbing his temples. “I have a meeting, and then an interview. I can’t do dinner because I have another meeting and then I have to go to the studio to record.”

“It’s okay Shawn.” 

“No it’s not, I promised you that I wouldn’t let my career get in between us.” 

“Shawn it’s not getting in between us.”

“Yes it is, I never see you anymore.” He says becoming more worked up. “And don’t you dare say ‘You’re seeing me now.’ because it’s a fucking face time. I mean I wanna see you in person.” 

“Okay.” She nods, knowing how frustrated he is and how her smart ass comments aren’t gonna help.

“I just need a day. Day to spend with you.” He sighs.


“No you have class.” He says raking a hand through his curls.

“Then why don’t you come over to mine, relax a bit. Sleep or watch a movie. You can eat all my food, and then you’ll be here when I get home.” She smiles, trying to lift his spirits.

“Yeah okay.” He nods. “I just wanna be with you, lay with you and learn how to breathe again.” He says focusing on her on through the screen.

“We can do that.” She says nodding. 


She skipped class. Know’s he’s gonna argue her on it, but with the way they ended the day yesterday she knew he really needed her. 

His meetings had stressed him out even more, resulting in them adding more tour dates and making him miss his Dad’s birthday. He was way stressed out and she watched as he fell asleep on facetime, forehead creased, expression angry. 

She’s making breakfast, he said that he was gonna come over first thing in the morning and hide away at her place.

The doorknob is jiggling as she’s just finishing up his tea, the door opens and she can hear as he walks in, closing the door behind him. 

He makes his way to the kitchen, following the smell of bacon. 

“Hey Baby.” He says, smile appearing. “I thought you had class.”

“I do.” She says, going back to flipping the bacon.

“Then why are you here?” He questions, jumping up on the counter.

“Shhh, don’t tell. But I’m skipping.” She says, looking over at him. 

“Babe, why are you skipping?” He says, becoming serious.

“Because you needed me.” She says, suddenly feeling small. 

“Okay, yes I need you but not to the point of you skipping school.” 

“I know, but I wanted too. I really didn’t want to go to class, and it would have been a waste because I would have just sat there thinking about you the whole time.”

“That’s sweet.” He says smiling at her. “Any chance I can drive you to class, you’ll only be a little late.”

“Nope.” She says popping the P.

“Okay.” He nods, laughing a bit. “What are your parents going to think of me, I’m becoming a bad influence.”

“Shut up they love you.” She says walking over, handing him his tea.

“I love when you make me tea.” He says taking the mug.


“Your tea is always so fucking good, I don’t ever want to drink any other kind. Like I had tea yesterday during my meeting and almost spit it out because it was awful.”

“Shawn.” She laughs, standing between his legs.

“You look cute.” He says, taking in her look. Black yoga pants, one of his grey t shirts, hair in a messy bun, glasses on.

“I look like trash.” She laughs turning to walk away. 

“No you don’t.” He says grabbing her shoulder, making her turn back to him. He leans down and kisses her smiling as he pulls away. “Hello Baby.” He says staring into her eyes.


“What are the plans for the day?” He asks letting her go back to making breakfast.

“Breakfast and then a lazy day.” She smiles. 


“Come on Babe, I wanna watch the next episode.” He whines from the couch. 

“Do you want more tea or not?” She asks.

“Sorry.” He chuckles from the couch. 

They are like living on the couch now. They started watching ‘The Good Doctor’ and they have one more episode till they are caught up. They have heaps of blankets and pillows, which aren’t being used because they just end up laying on each other. 

She walks back in, throw blanket tied to look like a cape. He smiles at her and she grins, handing him this third cup of tea. 

“Ok, I’m ready.” She nods sitting next to him. He takes a sip, setting his cup down. He presses play, then moves so he’s laying on her. Head in her lap, rubbing circles on her calves.

“Feeling better?” She asks, during one of the commercials.

“Yeah.” He looks up at her. “You always make me feel better.”

“Good.” She smiles, playing with his curls.

“I’m so happy right now, like I don’t think I could be happier.” He smiles at her.

“I’m happy too.” 

He starts to roll back to face the TV and the words slip out of his mouth before he can stop them.

“God I love you.” He breathes, then freezing because he realizes what he’s just said. She doesn’t really react, fingers still playing with his curls. At first he thinks she didn’t hear him but then she goes.

“I love you too.” 

He stays still but then slowly looks up at her. 

“That’s the first time we’ve said that.” He says softly, she looks at him smile running across her lips.

“Yeah, well for me. You talk in your sleep.” She giggles.

“Wait what?” 

“Yeah, said it like a week ago I think.”

“Why didn’t you say anything?”

“Thought that you would tell me when you were conscious when you were ready.” She shrugs. 

“I’m ready.”

“I know, you just told me.” She smirks.

“God you have a comment for everything don’t you.” 

“Yeah, your talent is singing mine is being a smart ass.” She laughs.

“Yeah but I love it.” He leans up.

“Do you?” She teases. 

“Shut up.” He takes hold of her chin, she laughs at him. 

“I love you too.” She giggles, he pulls her chin down kissing her. He kisses her passionately, putting everything he can into the kiss.

“We’re missing the show.” She whispers against his lips.

“Oh well.” He says, moving so he can pull her to sit on his lap. 

“Shawn.” She laughs when their heads bump together. 

“Are you okay?” He says in between fits of laughter.


“Not my smoothest moment.” He grins.

“Have you ever been smooth?” She teases.

“Yeah, you told me. The night we first met.”

“Oh yeah, Cinderella right?”

“Yeah, who knew Cinderella wore a sexy black dress with red heels.” He grins connecting their lips together.

“You remember what I wore that night?” She asks pulling away.

“Yeah.” He says nodding.

“What else do you remember?”

“I remember your friends staring at you like you were crazy when you danced to my song.” 

“Oh yeah.” She giggles.

“I remember being so mad at Brian for making me lose you.” He says shaking his head. “I remember that once I found you I didn’t want to lose you again, and that I knew I had to chase you around that house. I remember Doris’s note.”

“Her what?” 

“Doris wrote a note on the receipt.” He says digging into his back pocket for his wallet. 

“You still have it?”

“Of course I still have it.” He says taking the receipt out of his wallet showing it to her.

“It’s lost the order, but still has her note.”

“She’s right, I really hoped you wouldn’t break my heart that night.” 

“I won’t.” He says looking up at her. “I won’t break your heart I promise.” 

“That’s cheesy.” She says blushing. 

“I love you.” 

“I love you.” She says back leaning in to kiss him. 

“Wait, I wanna put this back.”

“Okay.” She giggles.

“Sorry, I just don’t wanna lose it.”

“I like how important this is to you.” 

“I look at it when I miss you, reminds me of that night and how happy I was and am that I met you.”

“You’re cute.” 

“You’re cuter.”

It’s Only Logical - Chapter 13

Previous Chapter

Pairings: Logicality/Prinxiety

Warnings: Swearing, Kissing, Mentions of past abuse

Chapter Thirteen: Apologies, Fraud and Friendship

Logan waited until he knew Virgil would likely be on his break before hunting him up the next day. He knew Virgil was upset with him, and nobody could hold a grudge longer and hide better than his best friend. Logan glanced around the coffee shop, spying the man in question sitting at his favorite table in the back, sipping some more than likely highly over-caffeinated beverage. Logan quietly slipped into the chair opposite, watching Virgil stiffen.

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Draco x Reader - Friendzoned. (1)

Hello, loves xx This is the fic that was inspired by a lovely anon. However this is going to be a series. Not really know how long, but we shall see. That’s why I will post the request, in a part in which it will be fully used! This a bit different from what I’m used to writing, but I hope you will like it :) Let me know what to think about it! xx (also I’m not sure about how to name this series, do you have any ideas? or should I leave it as it is?)

| PART 2 | PART 3 | PART 4 |

Originally posted by malfoyco

Y/N’s and Draco’s relationship was hard to define. They were friends since the beginning of their first year at Hogwarts, but they often argued because of Y/N’s lack of approval of some of his, not so pleasant actions.

They always felt that they were there for each other, and supported one another as much as they could. They often heard other people saying that they would make a perfect couple but they just laughed at them and waved it off, not paying much attention to them. But, after some time, the idea of them being together started to involuntarily sink into their minds, apparently not wanting to leave any time soon.

In spite of that, they always pushed it deep down, thinking that it’s too absurd to actually ever happen. They were too scared to risk their friendship, and in the end, they didn’t want to change anything, fearing messing things up.

It was all fine until their fourth year at school, which somehow seemed to changeeverything irrevocably. The two of them planned at the beginning of the year, that they would go together to the Yule Ball that was going to take place, as the element of the Triwizard Tournament. But before it happened Draco started going out with Pansy Parkinson. At first Y/N didn’t really have anything against that, but after some time it became very frustrating. The way that Pansy always made sure to kiss him in front of her, and told Draco to spend less time with Y/N, which he described as a thing that’s never going to happen, but eventually did.

Amongst the commotion regarding the foreign visitors arriving at Hogwarts, the preparations for the ball and Pansy’s constant nagging it seemed as if they drifted away, not really finding time for each other anymore.

And in the situation that has accured, Y/N had to find another partner for the upcoming event. The selection of candidates though wasn’t as large and diverse as she would like it to be, due to the fact that there was not that much time left. With all of her fellow friends from Slytherin already engaged to go with someone else, she eventually ended up attending it with a student from Durmstrang, who actually proved to be an amazing dancer. With short breaks for a drink and a few stolen dances from Draco, Theo and Blaise it was one of the best nights of her life. But then after all of that, the everyday life came back, with Draco’s unhealthy anti- Potter campaign and school work, making it just the same as it was before.

Not mentioning the tragedy that has taken place in the finals of the Tournament and the notorious Death Eaters attacks, making the whole school point their fingers at the Slytherins. It was a hard time. That’s why, over the summer Y/N, Draco, Pansy, Blaise, Daphne and Theo, seemed to form a little group, apparently knowing how important it was to take their time to renew and strengthen their bonds, feeling better when they were united.

They used to meet at each others mansions, as all of them, the new pureblood generation, were perfectly welcome anywhere, a fact that they abused immensely. That, as well as all of the privileges that came along with their names.

It was now the last day before their fifth year at Hogwarts and they were all sitting on the glorious marble terrace at the Malfoy Manor. Draco’s parents were out of the country for an important event so they couldn`t let the opportunity slip away. With firewhisky in everyone’s crystal glasses they celebrated their last moments of holidays.

“It’s going to be an interesting year” Draco said, effortlessly rolling his glass, making the amber liquid spin around it’s edges. The excitement in his voice was undeniable “My father told me that there are going to be some changes made by the Ministry”

“Is that good though?” Y/N asked, not yet convinced about the positiveness of this matter “What if it turns against us once again?”

“I don’t think it will” Theo said, while sipping on the drink, that he held in his hand “You don’t really have to look that far, the Ministry is mainly run by the purebloods”

“Of course it is, but they sometimes can have most interesting and ostentatious ideas regarding various matters” Y/N countered, still unsure of the changes that were awaiting them. Surely, some matters needed fixing, there was no doubt about that, but she knew that not all purebloods were as tolerant as others. The hatred directed towards muggleborns and blood traitors, that had been fetched to them since they were born, in some cases really worked, creating the most ruthlessness and dangerous weapons.

“Well, if it’s not ostentatious, then it’s not worth any of our attention, darling” Daphne exclaimed with ease “I’m quite tired of this boring topics and formality that the three of you are flaunting around. Pansy, Blaise, care to join me for a swim?”

They looked at each other, agreeing to her proposal with an indifferent shrug, leaving the other three all by themselves. Draco truly admired the way they simply didn’t care about any of the serious subjects.

“I guess we are a bit too fatiguing for them, gentlemen”

“We sure are” Draco sighed mockingly and raised his glass “Perhaps we ought to make a toast for such a preposterous behavior of ours”  

“That we should do indeed” Theo cheered, a grin now spreading across his features, at which sight Y/N couldn`t help but feel her cheeks redden. Recently she started noticing Theo more and once she did so, she couldn’t help but like him. A part from the fact, that he had appeared to become even more handsome, than he already was, there was a kind of spark in his eyes. The kind of spark that makes you weak in your knees and results in your heart racing a bit faster, thanks to the sudden dose of excitement.

“Is that a blush I see Y/N?” Draco cooked his eyebrow, while observing the way that she looked at Theo.

“No, you little wanker” she fired back at him, earning an approving chuckle from Theo. One thing that Draco has learned throughout the years was that Y/N wasn’t afraid to speak out her mind.

“Wanker you say” he leaned back on his chair, while making an over dramatic pause “Now, is that really the right way to call your best friend?”

“Oh, don’t worry I would never call Theo like that” Y/N sent him a wink, satisfied with the way Draco narrowed his eyes at her playfully. It was their thing. They loved to tease each other and made no actions to change it.

“See mate? I’m her new best friend. Deal with it”

“We will see about that” Draco smirked devilishly. In a matter of seconds he was by Y/N’s side, picking her up in his arms. In spite of her and Theo’s protests, he started to head in the direction of the swimming pool.

“What are you doing?! Put me down immediately!”

“Over my dead body, you feisty little thing. Even your dear Theo won’t help you out now” he laughed and fastened his pace, choosing to ignore Y/N’s complains and the way she fussed around in order to get out of his grip. Without any hesitation, as soon as they arrived he threw her into the water, making all of the people that were there laugh at the display.

“Malfoy, you are going to pay me for this one” Y/N said as she finally managed to get out of the swimming pool, her light white dress now wet and stuck closely to her body. Draco froze at the sight. He couldn’t believe that until now, he hasn’t actually payed any attention to the way Y/N changed over the summer. Her curves and the aristocratic features began to show, making her quite beautiful.

Instead of blushing at his gaze, she used the opportunity to shove him into the pool, making them even. As soon as he resurfaced to take a breath, Pansy was all over him, making sure that he was alright. However Draco seemed not to pay attention to his girlfriend. Instead he looked at Y/N, still a bit overwhelmed by what just happened. Eventually Y/N turned away just to see Theo, already walking up to her with a dry towel.

“Everything fine?” he said, as he wrapped her in the towel and hugged her, making sure that she was warm enough “Draco can be a pain in the arse sometimes” he murmured in her ear.

“Yeah, that you’r right” she sighed, leaning her head on his shoulder “But then, aren’t we too?”

Giving a hand Pt. 11 [BTS Smut]

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COUNT → 9553

GENRE → Smut


SUMMARY: Your work is not a typical job, you give hand jobs for money, but instead of feeling ashamed you’re comfortable. Until a man offers you to work in his company, where you will use your abilities to please seven guys.

There are some moments in life where you just have to ask yourself, what are you doing? And this was one of them. You were sitting on a coffee shop with no one else than Sunny. Both of you drinking from a ridiculous new drink with the thematic of a unicorn that she picked, and tasted horrible.

Last night after you received the text from Jimin, and after Taehyung left, you received a text from Sunny asking to see you. You didn’t want to do it, and there wasn’t a real reason of why you should do it but there was a little voice in your head begging you to accept, just to hear what she had to say. So that’s why you did it. Let’s say you’re pretty impulsive.

“I hate you.” That’s the first thing she said to you when you entered the tiny coffee shop and sat in front of her.

“Feeling is mutual.” You agreed and she pushed the drink towards you.

“This is my peace offer.” She said and you stared at the pink drink with distrust.

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Stepping With Time

Thank you @ishipallthings for entertaining my discussion about this fic. I hope you folks have fun :D


It was probably an expected question but Steve was mildly surprised that Tony Stark had been the first one to ask it.

“What do you mean?” he asked, trying to buy some time to form a more reasonable answer than the one he had in mind.

“What would you like to learn?” Tony repeated, loosening his tie and getting more comfortable on the couch, shooting a lazily amused glance at Steve, “Like Wilson said, you’ve got time to learn and do all that you’d like now. So, what would you like to learn, Cap?”

Steve took a sip of his smoothie and bit back a grimace at the strong taste, shrugging a little at Tony’s curiosity.

“Not sure,” he replied, placing the travel cup back on the coffee table, “Some new martial art, maybe. Natasha said something about classes opening up in a dojo nearby. It would be good to pick up some new techniques.”

He looked at Tony when the silence stretched and found the man eyeing him with a mildly disappointed look, something that didn’t sit right with Steve.

“What?” he asked, probably a bit more brusque than the look deserved but Tony simply shook his head.

“Nothing,” Tony said before making a face, “You know what, no, not nothing. Just - I guess I thought different.”

“I’m not supposed to like martial arts now?”

“Everybody likes martial arts, don’t be stupid,” Tony waved a dismissive hand, “But it’s not something you seem to have been waiting to learn for a while. It’s more of a -” Tony searched for the word before snapping his fingers, “- a necessity, yes. Not a choice. It’s what we need for the job. Sure, you may like it but - you do know that you have the opportunity to learn anything now, right? That’s not a luxury you have always. Thought you’d pick something you wanted not thought you needed, that’s all.”

“There’s nothing wrong with being prepared,” Steve argued, “This job doesn’t take breaks.”

“Doesn’t mean you shouldn’t either,” Tony shot back, unbuttoning his cuffs, rolling his sleeves to show the contrast of olive skin against the pristine white shirt, “Trust me, when your work becomes your life, it kind of gets stagnant.”

“How many hours were you in the workshop again?” Steve challenged and Tony grinned, a flash of even teeth.

“You think all I do is work on SI or Avengers tech down there?” he laughed, “Cap, there’s more life down there than up here. You should come and have a look sometime.”

“You’ll just try to sneak in my shield,” Steve deflected and Tony rolled his eyes but relented.

“Alright, your call, Rogers,” he said and made to get up, “Have fun with krav maga or something then.”

It should have ended with that. It was a miracle when Tony Stark dropped a topic and he had, by the looks of it, so it should have ended there. But Steve watched him get up and stretch, a tired comfort of being home. He had seen Tony in different forms by now, especially after shifting to the Tower with Clint and Natasha, Sam dropping in often; rarely though did he think he actually saw more than the man Tony thought he wanted to see. It was a formal sketch mostly and Steve felt curious about the moments when Tony let the formality drop. He tried to hold on to those moments and find out more, see what made Tony tick.

Maybe it was that curiosity that pushed him to the impulse.

“Dancing,” Steve said abruptly and watched Tony pause, look down at him with a slight frown, “I’ve never - learned to dance.”

“But you like it?” Tony asked, not mocking or teasing or the other million things Steve would have expected from him.

“I don’t know,” Steve admitted, looking away at the couch for a second, “I think so. We used to go out to try back before the war but - it was either my health or my date or just me not knowing.”

Tony hummed a bit but didn’t comment, letting the silence lay till Steve decided how the conversation went.

“I figure that now, with my better coordination,” Steve shot him a wry smile, parts of it self-aware, “I’ll do better. Just need the right opportunity to dance, I suppose.”

“What, impromptu choreography?” Tony snorted and Steve clenched his jaw, wondering why he tried but Tony’s expression cleared and he sat back down.

“No, no, I’m not - judging you,” he clarified, “It’s something everybody thinks. You know, you’ll find the right partner and then magically transform into Fred Astaire. It’s a nice dream.”

“You don’t agree,” Steve supplied dryly and Tony smiled a bit.

“You never really fought before getting the serum, right?” he asked, picking up Steve’s smoothie to take a sip, “You would have imagined that you’d fight one way but you had to adjust, had to practice to find your real form. It’s the same with anything. You can’t jump into anything without testing. Dancing isn’t that different. Ugh, this tastes horrible.”

“Compliments to the chef,” Steve replied and Tony snorted with a grin.

“I did ask you which fruits you wanted,” he justified himself.

“So you’re saying,” Steve leaned back and eyed Tony, “that I should - learn dancing.”

“I’m saying you should learn what you want to learn,” Tony shrugged, putting the smoothie back down.

Steve considered it momentarily. He hadn’t thought about it much, not after his missed date with Peggy. It wasn’t something that he had found time to think about either.

“I,” he stalled for a moment, “I’ll see if I can find something discreet maybe.”

Tony nodded and fiddled with his phone for a minute before speaking up.

“Or I could teach you”

“What?” Steve blinked and Tony looked up from his phone.

“You want something discreet and honestly, I’m not sure there’s any person who’ll dance with you and not tweet to the entire world,” he quirked a small grin, “If you want, I could teach you instead.”

Steve had watched enough of Tony’s old footage and videos to know that he was a good dancer. It was probably a necessity for him, Steve thought absently.

“You’re usually busy,” Steve pointed out, wondering what madness he was entering.

“And you’re usually complaining about me being busy,” Tony shot back and a thoughtful expression came over, “Huh. That could work.”

“What could work?”

“You want me to start sparring with you, right?” Tony asked, leaning forward with a sharply excited expression, “It’s been what, 40 times now that you’ve hinted at it.”

“It’ll do you good,” Steve maintained exasperatedly.

“Yeah, okay,” Tony nodded, “How about this? I’ll come to spar with you and learn your fighting and you learn to dance with me. It’ll be a deal.”

Steve opened his mouth to contradict but paused. He did want Tony to spar and the man had been reticent about it for a while. He had made a slew of excuses and Steve had begun to think that he didn’t want Steve to try. But he was offering now, a clear offer and deal. For all that they were awkward and unsure about each other, this was the first outright attempt to have a longer interaction.

Tony looked excited and enthusiastic, a wild gleam in his eyes, and Steve made a decision.

“Alright, we have a deal.”

Steve figured that the worst outcome would be just a couple of laughs.

He was wrong. Steve stared at Tony and wondered how wrong he could have been.

“You want me to..show you my moves,” he repeated.

“Now that we’ve established that your hearing is impeccable, how about we get on with it?” Tony nodded and winced when his shoulder twinged, “I think you woke up muscles that didn’t even exist in me before, shit.”

“I told you to stretch better,” Steve reminded but kept standing, “There’s no music here.”

“We’ll get to it, but first I need to see what you’re comfortable with,” Tony explained and walked back to lean against the arm of a chair, “Come on, I’ll even hum for you. Just footwork. Show me the rhythm you like.”

“If you laugh then we’re sparring again,” Steve warned and sighed when Tony did a Scout’s promise sign, “This is ridiculous.”

“It’s only ridiculous if you want it to be,” Tony shook his head, “Listen, just - try with your eyes closed. I’ll hum and you make your count with your eyes closed.”

“That’s even more ridiculous,” Steve muttered but did close his eyes before Tony came up with a weirder idea. He breathed in and waited for the hum.

Tony had a good baritone, Steve thought inanely when he heard the simple hum begin and take flow. It had beats of its own, pauses and inflictions to help get a grasp of the rhythm. Steve breathed out and let his feet tap, shuffling them in place. With his eyes closed, Steve could ignore that he was being watched, that he was being taught, and he let his body adapt to it.

He was into his fourth step in when he felt a hand on his shoulder and another grasping his right hand, smoothly pulling it up to position.

Tony didn’t stop humming and Steve felt stiff but Tony didn’t lead. He didn’t make steps or choreograph a routine. He simply let Steve move to his own rhythm and followed him. The humming went a bit higher and Tony began tapping a finger of the hand holding Steve’s right hand to the beat, a casual rhythm against Steve’s knuckle.

Steve opened his eyes when the humming faded out and saw Tony grinning, but not smug; a strange knowing tinge to it.

“Not bad, Rogers,” Tony commented and moved back, releasing Steve’s hand, “Alright, it seems like you’ve got a ear for beats.”

“That’s what you were testing?” Steve asked, resisting the urge to wipe his hands on his pants. They were warm, a warmth he didn’t understand.

“You were partially deaf before the serum, right?” Tony shrugged and Steve stilled, something Tony noted, “What? I read.”

“I know, just - I didn’t think you paid attention,” Steve said and Tony raised an eyebrow but let it go.

“Alright then, now that we know your natural rhythm, time to start at the basics,” Tony clapped his hands and moved forward, into Steve’s space, “Now place your hand on my waist.”

Steve swallowed and gave Tony a look but the genius simply rolled his eyes.

“Don’t worry, I won’t bite,” he informed and picked up Steve’s hand, placing it around his own shoulder, before taking the other hand in position, “Great. Now, we begin on the simple box step. I’ll give the counts and you’ll follow. Once we get a hang of that, you’ll lead and I’ll follow. Okay? Okay, let’s start.”

Steve focused on not holding Tony too tight or falling over his feet but breathed out and moved. Tony didn’t give up or taunt, didn’t call him out on things that weren’t that moment, and Steve let himself be led. They moved around in boxes, the futurist leading a man out of time forward and backward, and Steve found himself counting the beats and not the moments ticking by.

If his mind wandered to a forgotten ball room, then that was between him and his memory. Steve turned and danced, wondering when they could spar again.

The workshop didn’t scare Steve, not with the things he had already seen in the past and future, but it definitely was intimidating when he entered it for the first time.

“Are you sure we can’t do this in the penthouse again?” he asked as he eyed the large expanse of concrete flooring and mechanical maze.

“No,” Tony replied, not bothering with an explanation but put his wrench down and pulled out a rag to wipe his hands, “Don’t worry, nothing will leap at you.”

A bot with a single claw beeped and rolled past Steve, claw clicking around a broom.

“Except for him, he might,” Tony sighed and whistled, “Hey, Dummy, stop lazing around. What’d I tell you? Cap and I need the place without disturbance for a while, so stay in your station. Come on, get back.”

“He understands you,” Steve observed with a sense of mild awe as he saw the bot rolling over to his station.

“Yeah, he doesn’t follow often but yeah, he understands pretty well,” Tony nodded and came forward, “So, second lesson, ready?”

Steve nodded and noted the bruise on Tony’s upper arm from their earlier spar. It had probably been a bad decision to spar with the current mood but Tony had been there and Steve had needed a distraction. The thoughts of Sam’s latest report on Bucky’s sighting had been a constant thrum in his head and Steve had let it get to him.

“Are you,” Steve knew that asking Tony about the injury specifically would never get him an answer, “sure about this? You seem busy.”

“You were busy before the sparring too, doesn’t matter,” Tony brushed it off and Steve could see the edge to his eyes but kept quiet.

They came together in position but Steve was surprised when Tony’s hand fell onto his waist and his own hand was shifted to Tony’s shoulder, right above the injury.

“Let me,” Tony said quietly before commanding JARVIS to put on a simple instrumental tune.

Tony led and Steve felt the warm skin bemeath his palm grab his focus, making sure to not let himself touch the bruise. It felt hot to touch, he knew it, and he felt the guilt chew away at him as he moved his feet around Tony’s.

They were advancing from short boxes to a larger area now, spreading their feet wider over the ground, and Steve connected the movements to the music slowly.

“And one two three, one two three, next turn we’ll shift, you’ll lead I’ll follow,” Tony said and they finished the final box before Tony picked his hand from Steve’s shoulder to his waist, automatically prompting Steve to shift his grip too.

Steve stepped on Tony’s toes and moved to step back but Tony moved with the flow. Steve looked up at him and found the man staring at Steve’s neck instead of his face.

“Did it hurt?” he asked and Tony looked up.

“Did what hurt?” Tony asked back and Steve felt a million hints in that question. There were too many wounds in space and maybe they all hurt.

“It’s fine,” Tony said after a pause and Steve snapped his eyes back to him, “Bruises heal. You try to hurry them and they just get hidden. You gotta give them time. Let them breathe. Keep the beat in the turn now, slow.”

Steve turned them around, feeling his fingers flex on Tony’s waist.

“You should ice it,” he said as he did his best to guide Tony through a round, wondering what they were speaking in circles, “It’ll hurt more otherwise.”

“Ice isn’t always the answer, Cap,” Tony said on an exhale, a finger tapping the beat on Steve’s shoulder, “And you learn a lot from the hurt. Like how to fight better the next time, maybe.”

Steve nodded slowly and rested his cheek against Tony’s temple.

“Dummy is staring at us,” he whispered and Tony paused before huffing a laugh.

“Congrats, somebody finds you interesting,” he laughed and Steve smiled against his hair, feeling the thrum settle in his head as the music flowed on.

Steve had fallen for a right hook once, an irony Bucky had reminded him with a smirk when Steve’s eyes strayed to Peggy in a crowded bar. He had fallen for her fist, her strength and defiance. Bucky had said that it was Steve’s thirst for fights that made him so. Bucky had fallen for Peggy’s waist and red dress hugging it. Steve had kissed her red lips and Bucky had fallen to a red death. Neither of them had lived to fight with her or wrap an arm around her waist.

“That was an unnecessary move,” Tony said, a trickle of blood down his forehead and fire in his eyes. The fight had been brutal, a Hydra base that had anticipated them. Clint and Natasha were filing their reports while Thor was with Bruce, keeping him in control in the Hulk room. Steve and Tony were sitting in their own blood on pristine leatger chairs, facing each other and ready to snap.

Steve wondered what Tony’s anger would taste like on the thin lips.

“We had to shut it down. I had the plan intact,” Steve replied, his own bruised cheekbone twinging with the strain.

“A plan that I told you was stupid,” Tony said sharply, always the counter-point, always the iron to Steve’s will, “I had the numbers. I told you we’d find a better way.”

“We couldn’t wait. They would have erased all evidence,” Steve bit out, missed victories and bleeding failures cracking into his hands.

Tony let his hand fall onto the table, a sharp sound of frustration that echoed throughout the room.

“You know, you can’t lead like this,” he said, his own guilt and fears morphing into anger, “You’ll get killed one day.”

Steve inhaled and tried, tried to not escalate it into a fight.

“You’re safe above in your armour, aren’t you?”

It was ugly and angry and terrifying but it was out there in the open. The fight in the room was beautiful in its horror and they tore into each other, a Helicarrier put to shame. The table’s crack echoed in the room even as Steve watched Tony storm out of it, adrenaline seeping out with him.

Steve was banned from the gym and he locked himself in his floor.

“You’re late,” Tony said as he entered the floor in the evening, sunset drowning the city outside.

“Is knocking or asking for permission a thing at all?” Steve asked without looking back but he bowed his head, feeling grateful for the intrusion. It was dark outside and Tony walkes around the living room couch, standing in front of Steve like a blazing light.

“You know me,” he replied and held out a hand. Steve looked up, wearily staring at Tony’s face that was now clean of dirt and blood.


“Our lesson, we have a schedule, Steve,” Tony wiggled his fingers, his chin set to a stubborn tilt.

“We didn’t spar,” Steve reminded even as he eyed Tony’s hand longingly. This man was his bane and his ache and everything that he didn’t know he deserved, and he kept coming back even when Steve didn’t really call him. It felt humbling, kind and demanding, and Steve wanted to hold on and cling.

“We fought,” Tony corrected and cracked a small smile, “You really want to spar right now?”

Steve breathed in and took Tony’s hand, rising up to face him.

“You don’t have to do this,” he said even as his hand found Tony’s waist and Tony’s hand clasped his own in familiarity.

“Stop running away from this, Cap,” Tony rolled his eyes,  fond expression in whiskey brown, “You know you can’t escape me.”

Steve rested his chin above Tony’s head and knew he had fallen with another right hook to his heart. He was always destined for falling for the fighting hands and bloody lips.

Tony followed him and Steve wanted to drag him into his heart.

The gala was an excuse for glamorous torture. Steve had once drawn himself as a dancing monkey but as he stayed aware of the eyes watching Tony drag him onto the dancefloor, he felt like the literal one.

“Relax,” Tony whispered against his ear and Steve leaned in, “It’s just me. We’ve practiced, you got this.”

Tony was beauty in its raw and Steve’s heart ached when he smiled up at him, all masks and mystery and magnetism.

Steve tried to pull back the words even as he pulled Tony around on the dancefloor but Tony held his gaze through his lashes and Steve breathed out.

He loved this man.

“I love you”

Tony froze for a second but they didn’t falter. He was too trained to falter. The dance went on and Steve felt his ears roar as it sunk in that he had dropped a bomb.

“Come with me,” Tony commanded quietly when the dance ended and subtly pulled Steve away, leading him to a library in the mansion.

The door was locked with a flick of Tony’s wrist and he finally turned to look at Steve.

“What was that?”


“Are you - what was that, a slip if the tongue?” Tony asked, body taut as he held Steve’s gaze.

Lies were easy. Lies were a shadow of Steve’s life and he knew them intimately. He knew to spin them when needed.

He was tired of lying.

“I meant it,” he said quietly, breathing out, “I probably could have said it better but - I do love you, Tony.”

Tony stared at him, a myriad range of emotions flitting through his face. Silence clouded the library, a thousand books of the past watching as the present lay empty in front of them. Finally, Tony let out a exhale through his teeth and sagged.

“You can’t flip switches so soon,” he said, breathing in deep and letting out, “A few weeks ago you weren’t comfortable even talking to me without a solid reason. A few days ago you and I fought so hard that it escalated to blows.”

“That doesn’t mean I don’t love you,” Steve insisted. His heart was thudding behind his ribs but he kept his voice calm, pleading, open.

“Maybe but it does mean that I don’t have reason to understand or believe this,” Tony sighed, running a hand over his face, “You can’t just drop it on me saying you love me when I haven’t felt that at all. I haven’t felt that you’ve been anywhere close to *loving* me, Steve. Friendship, sure, maybe. But love? People you love need to be able to see that and I - I haven’t seen it. So, forgive me for being sceptical but I can’t just accept this as it is.”

Steve had faced and borne a dozen punches to his gut but this was a supernova of shattering. He stared at Tony and felt a chasm across them, uncertain and hurt.

“I,” Steve breathed in and exhaled slowly, clenching his hands to keep his voice stable, “I’m sorry. I’ll just - I’ll leave now. This won’t become a problem.”

“Wait,” Tony stopped him and Steve didn’t want to look up, didn’t want to see rejection morph into pity but he had always been helpless in the face of his own heart. He looked up at Tony and found a pained expression in his face before the man swallowed and spoke again.

“I’m not saying it’s a problem,” he said slowly, finding words out of a jumble, “I don’t know what this is.”

“I understand, Tony, I -”

“I want to know how you love me,” Tony cut in and Steve fell silent. The brunet took a step forward, awkward and stilted like it never was when they danced. “I’ve seen you when you are friends with people. With - me, too. But,” he waved a hand vaguely, “I don’t know the signs of you being in love.”

“Do people have those?” Steve asked and Tony laughed with a bitter tinge.

“Yeah, trust me, I’d know,” he shook his head and refocused on Steve, “I work with proof, Steve. I always do. Moments, reactions, looks - these are signs I know. I don’t- I don’t know what your signs are.”

“You don’t believe me,” Steve surmised but Tony shook his head again.

“I don’t have any data to build belief yet,” he said and took another step forward, “I’m not saying you don’t love me or that I don’t want that too but, I want to see how that works. How we work, how you work with this new development.”


“I can’t believe I’m saying this but,” Tony stopped inches away from Steve and smiled a little, wry but real, “let’s start again, okay? We skipped a lot of steps here apparently, because there’s so much to do, so much to know and share before you know love, Steve. There’s no rush to it, there’s no time limit or record to set.”

“I waited too long once,” Steve confessed, hope warring with longing and Tony must have read it, now that he knew to look for something he must have seen something because his gaze softened.

“Don’t anticipate a crash before we even fly, Cap,” he whispered and Steve forced his eyes to stay open, to hold the words he was hearing and sight he was getting, “We have our own world now. Let’s explore it first before we dive?”

Steve let his eyes roam over Tony’s face and let his head drop, forehead touching Tony’s.

“Slow?” he asked and Tony chuckled a little, the tension seeping out as his hand found Steve’s shoulder, curling closer than the way a friend’s would.

“Let me teach you,” he whispered and Steve let himself fly instead of falling, let himself hope instead of rushing.

He had gotten used to falling too soon but Tony was good with parachutes and flying.

“It’s a deal” he agreed and found something new to learn.

Dancing during date-nights was a luxury, a gift. They didn’t have time for it always and their dates were usually after a long day or a meeting or a fight. They were mostly seeped in exhaustion but over the five months they had been dating, Steve knew that every exhausting evening was worth the time. Tony would forget to do the dishes or file his reports or call after trips but he never forgot date nights and Steve had understood why this was so much better than a rushed kiss and longing for a missed dance. This was learning and practice, a test and trial and result oriented routine that brought a calm with it. It was a climb and the starry night that came every day, a surety that built over time and Steve had stopped expecting rejection over its continuity.

“Something special?” he asked as Tony offered him a hand, knowing the warmth of that hand even before he took it.

“It’s a good day,” Tony smiled and Steve found his place in Tony’s waist, the space he had learnt over lessons and leisure.

“That’s good,” he said against Tony’s hair and led him to the sway of the music.

“I feel like learning something,” Tony spoke after a while and Steve stroked a hand down his back.

“Hmm? What would you like to learn?” Steve asked with his eyes closed and Tony rested his head against Steve’s chest.

“Teach me to love”

Steve smiled and held Tony against his heart.

anonymous asked:

Okay so let's pretend that the RFA were able to talk to their respective MC in a language besides Korean so they've been assuming for the longest time ever that MC can't speak Korean. One day, they come home and hear her singing a song creepily in Korean and once they find her she's just laughing her ass off. How would the RFA react? I'm sorry I just have a sudden urge to see someone write this if your requests aren't open feel free to disregard this~

A/N: I’m so sorry this took so long omfg ;A; But I hope I got what you were talking about??? ~Admin 404


               -Since you didn’t start out speaking Korean in the chatroom, he just assumed you couldn’t


               -After the two of you got close, he came home early from his classes one day- not knowing you were in your shared home

               -He was in the middle of changing, shirt halfway over his head, when he noticed singing?

               -It was a standard Korean lullaby, but it was being sung quiet and very slowly


               -Tried to run out of the house, thinking it was a ghost, but ran into the wall- resulting in him falling on his ass

               -You pull the shirt off his head, asking if he was alright

               -“MC WE GOTTA GET OUT OF HERE, THERE’S A GHOST!!!! A G H O S T!!!”

               -He’s up on his feet, trying to drag you out of the house yoosung what about your shirt

               -“A ghost? What do you mean? What makes you say that?”

               -“I just heard someone sing this lullaby all slow and creepy and we just, WE GOTTA GO”

               -Super confused when you bust out laughing

               -omg you weren’t laughing at the fact he had no shirt on, were you???

               -“That wasn’t a ghost, I was singing!”

               -One second, two seconds, three seconds…. ding! Light bulb!

               -“You learned a Korean lullaby? When did you do that?”

               -“Uh, years ago. When I learned Korean. Didn’t you know that?

               -when you fuckin’ WHAT

               -He is completely mindblown to find out you speak Korean??

               -Though now he’s really embarrassed about just assuming you didn’t know the language

               -Super happy to talk in either language, it makes him feel cool tbh

               -is completely pissed off when he finds out you sent a video of him running into the wall to saeyoung


               -He always asks for an extra copy of his scripts in *insert mc native language here* so you can practice with him!!

               -You never understood why he did that, maybe he was just trying to be nice?

               -But he always did that with you? With everything?

               -Any DVD’s, CD’s, absolutely anything he brings home is in your native language

               -Does he think you’re more comfortable that way?

               -Obviously, you appreciate it but it’s kind of like…..

               -There’s no need to go so out of his way to do all of that for you!

               -One day, you were taking a shower and decided to sing one of the songs from his most recent play

               -You love Zen and love that he’s happy with his career but god daMN THAT SONG IS STUCK IN YOUR HEAD AND YOU ARE BEYOND DONE WITH IT

               -So you made fun of it by singing ridiculously, trying different voices, tones, anything you can think of

               -All of a sudden, the bathroom door is thrown open, slamming against the wall


               -You just poke your head out of the shower to stare at him, watching as he starts to talk to himself about how beautiful his voice must for you to have learned it so quickly

               -“Do you know the meaning??? I can give you a word by word translation!! Do you want that? DO YOU WANT ME TO DO THAT?”

               -“No? I mean, yeah… You play it all the time… because you’re learning it but I know the words on my own, thanks sweetheart”

               -You??? Knew what the words meant??

               -He just kind of stares at you in disbelief before you roll your eyes and return to taking your shower

               -“Zen? Why are you still here? Go aw-” “YOU CAN SPEAK KOREAN”

               -You sigh and agree that yes, you can speak Korean, and you’ve been able to this whole time

               -He starts crying??? What in the world???

               -“I CANNOT BELIEVE I DIDN’T KNOW THIS ABOUT MY LOVE! I’M A TERRIBLE MAN, DON’T LOOK AT ME, MC!” not looking at you anyway, zen, tryna shower here

               -“Save the drama for your play later, sweetheart. It’s alright, I just never said anything about knowing another language”

               -Literally spent most of the rest of the day just pouting and feeling terrible that he never knew. You have to comfort him often because it was something neither of you ever really brought up way to go mc ya broke ya boyfriend


               -After working for Jumin for so long, she’s unfortunately learned to assume if you look foreign, you might not speak other languages

               -So she’s already assumed you speak only your native language, so she automatically accommodates to your needs

               -Though you…. don’t need it??

               -You figured that she wanted to make things easier for you, which you appreciated, but you wanted to make things easy for her too!!

               -What’s funny is that you’ve talked to her late at night, after she’s been up for days, in Korean so that it’s easier for her mind to process what you ask

               -Did she pick up on it? Not at all. poor tired bby, someone help her

               -So despite the fact that you leave notes for her written in Korean, she just… hasn’t…. noticed?

               -Because she still talks to you in your native tongue

               -Seriously, you’ve tried everything to make it blatantly obvious that you could speak Korean

               -The easiest way to tell her that, ‘hey, i don’t need you to translate convos for me, i promise’ is to just straight up tell her

               -Except you didn’t get a chance to?

               -You were sweeping the house one day, belting out one of Zen’s songs from his latest musical

               -Getting into it, you dance with the broom, dipping it dramatically

               -During your dip though, you look up to find Jaehee standing in the doorway, at a loss for words

               -“Oh… so.. you really do speak Korean.. I wasn’t going crazy, then”


               -“I, um, I apologize for just assuming that you-”

               -You cut her off when you pulled her into a quick dance around the living room, singing the previous song all over again

               -With a swift motion, you dipped her like you did the broom

               -A quick peck to her lips sent her over the edge and she burst into giggles

               -“You’re a much better dance partner than the broom” you tell her in Korean, with a wiggle of your eyebrows

               -She pushes you away from her and laughs as she leaves the room, calling over her shoulder

               -“Maybe you should learn a few more songs there, MC”


               -Also guilty of just assuming you only spoke your native language

               -Also never bothered to ask

               -You don’t even bother to tell him though because you’re lowkey salty about it

               -Like??? He didn’t even ask???

               -You love him and all, but it’s been… how long? And he never even bothered to asK YOU IF YOU KNEW HIS LANGUAGE

               - damn mister trustfund kid

               -But it’s actually really funny because he talks to Elizabeth in Korean

               -So he thinks you don’t know how much he’s praising her, or baby-talking her

               -But you KNOW

               -And you’re left wondering why he doesn’t talk to you like that sometimes

               - god damn cat getting all the attention (kiDDING I LOVE U ELLY)

               -But let’s be honest, you love her just as much and do the same exact thing

               -In fact, you love to sing to her! And she loves it too!

               -She turns into a freaking motor box when you sing, she loves it soo much

               -So you sing to her every day, it makes her happy, makes you happy, everyone is happy

               -One day, you were singing to her, but Jumin actually came home early??

               -So he heard you singing too, and just sat down quietly next to you

               -Waited patiently until you finished the song before speaking

               -“So, you sing to Elizabeth?”

               -“Every day, sweetheart! You just happened to catch the show”

               -Immediately thought about asking Saeyoung to install some hidden microphone or something to capture you singing every day

               - that isnt creepy at all, dude

               -With a slight tilt of his head, he looked at you, eyes full of question

               -You had to fight the urge to kiss his cute little face, but it was worth it

               -“So, MC? You can speak Korean? Not just *insert native language here*?”

               -You nodded in agreement, looking down at Elly, petting her with a smile on your face

               -“I’ve known this whole time… *pulls Elly up to face* But SOMEBODY *kisses Elly’s nose* Never bothered asking. Did he? No, no he didn’t! He didn’t, did he Elizabeth??”

               -You shot him a side glare, watching as his face twisted into slight embarrassment and back to a playful one before getting up to leave the room

               -“It’s okay, MC. I’ll test out how well you can pronounce those Korean words later tonight.”


               -He loVED your aCCENT

               -So he spoke to you in your native language just so he could hear it

               -Did he know you could speak Korean?

               -Yeah probably

               -DID HE CARE? I’m hearing “no”

               -Did he remember, a long time later, that you could speak Korean?

               -Again, I am going with no

               -He’s always thinking about god knows what all the damn time so it isn’t surprising that he forgot you spoke Korean all together

               -In fact, you were hoping he did forget you spoke Korean, or your new plan wouldn’t work out how you wanted it to

               -You see, you and Saeyoung like to prank each other like crazy, but his last one really irked you

               -(I mean come on??? Who in the world thinks it’s funny to sneak a permanent marker into your pants pocket when you do laundry??? That rUINS YOUR CLOTHES)

               -So, you decided that revenge was in order, and you wanted nothing more than to scare him to death

               -After a long set up with a creepy life-size doll trapped to an rc car, a couple of speakers hidden, and a ton of hidden cameras, you were ready for him to come home

               -When he got into the room and noticed the girl standing in the corner, he immediately noped the hell out and tried leaving

               -But you locked the door! There is no escaping sweet revenge!

               -You started to sing little kids nursery rhymes through a microphone, it coming through the hidden speakers broken and ominous


               -So you kept singing, stopping only to ask him to come play, in child-like voice


               -You decided to chase him around with the doll, using the wireless controller from the other room

               -You didn’t know he could scream in such a high pitch, I swear to god, dogs from around the world could hear it

               -He was getting out of that room, then and there. He broke down the door. Ran down the hallway and heard you laughing from another room

               -He didn’t even think about why you were laughing, he just jumped onto your lap, and latched onto you, hugging tight and burying his face against you


               -But you couldn’t even reply- you were laughing too hard. He looked around and saw your set up of monitors, wireless controller, and microphone

               -He looked up at you with a ton of mixed emotions

               -First of all he was still a little freaked out?? But he was also kinda pissed off that you scared the hell out of him! But he’s also in awe that you set all this up… and so in love with how hard you’re laughing…

               -HE DOESN’T KNOW WHAT TO F E E L

               -Takes a second to think about the situation and suddenly remembers


               -You give him an innocent smile, but based on the look he gave you once he stood up and walked away

               -He was probably going to use that fact against you for his revenge prank, and you weren’t positive you wanted to know what that was going to be


               -Off the bat, he asks which language you’re more comfortable speaking in

               -When you said your own native language, he understood, and tried his best to accommodate for you!

               -Ever since then he’s always making sure he can translate things for you, whether it be signs or casual conversation

               -You knew Korean but didn’t know if you were a strong enough speaker, which is why you initially told him you were comfortable with your first language

               -So, you secretly were testing out your language skills every time the two of you went out!

               -When he translated for you and you had gotten it right in your head, you were so excited!

               -But he didn’t know that ’s what you were doing??

               -He just always saw you light up and smile softly to yourself and it made him weAK

               -Was it because he was translating for you??

               -Didn’t know exactly, but was definitely going to keep doing whatever he was doing because that loOK

               -IT WAS SOOO PRECIOUS

               -But he felt bad that he couldn’t go shopping with you one day because he had some people he had to see

               -What if you couldn’t read the signs?? What if you couldn’t talk to the people?? WhAt If-

               -So he tried to make his meetings go as quickly as possible without being rude

               -And he ran to meet you at your favourite coffee shop, where he knew you’d stop first!

               -As he walked up behind you, getting ready to surprise you and order for you, he took a step back when he heard you ordering perfectly fine in Korean

               -You even made small talk with the barista! In perfect Korean!

               -When you turned around with your coffee, he stared at you in surprise, but he scared the shit out of you! You almost dropped your coffee!

               -“V! Hey! You scared me…. I thought you had to go meet a few people? Did something happen? Are you alright?”

               -You asked. In perfect Korean. Why did you doubt your language skills??

               -“I thought you only knew *your native language of choice*? So I haven’t needed to translate for you this whole time?”

               -You could see the disappointment in his eyes as you quickly shook your head (and hands) in embarrassment

               -“No no no no, you asked me in the beginning if I was more comfortable with my native language, which I am! I know Korean but I was afraid about getting something wrong, so I really appreciated all of your translations! They help me make sure I’m learning and getting it all right!”

               -Explaining it to him was definitely the smart move because you watched as he went from sad puppy to ecstatic pup knowing that he was able to help you learn new things and solidify what you already knew!

               -From then on, he always tries to let you figure it out first, then help you if you need it!

               -Was he embarrassed that he always translated when you didn’t need it? Yes

               -Did he get over it quickly? Also yes. He’s a precious tol bean. He is alright with this revelation.


               -Also knew from the start that you knew Korean

               -He talked to you from the beginning in Korean so he knew afterwards that you’d know

               -Not like you all of a sudden lost your knowledge on a full language….right?

               -That being said he just plain refuses to let you pretend like you can’t speak him language

               -Every time you try to talk to him in your native language he just kind of looks at you with absolutely no emotion

               -“Hi, MC, speak in a language I know please, thanks”

               -Like seriously

               -This man does not let you have any fun with it at all

               -You even tried to fake some sort of amnesia, too

               -To like, pretend you forgot how to speak Korean so he’d have to talk to you in your native language

               -Did it work? No

               -He just stared at you like you were stupid

               -He’s such a jERK


               -You even try to mess with him in public

               -You ask him to order some food for you, asking him in your native language

               -The cashier is confused but Saeran just stares at you

               -He completely understands what you say, despite pretending that he doesn’t

               -Turns back to the cashier and tells them that you’re getting nothing


               -Until the day he slips up and responds to a question you ask him in your language

               -You celebrate, including a victory dance

               -He just curses at himself for messing up and letting you win

               -Though he does think it’s really cute that you’re this excited about winning

               -Maybe he should let you win more often thAT WONT HAPPEN

The Sexual Cravings of a Pregnant Wizard, Married to the Randy Prat Who Lived - Ch. 2

Hello all!  Welcome back to book three!  @l0vegl0wsinthedark and I are delighted to bring you this installment of the randy prat and his ever-evolving pureblooded husband (yes, husband, yay!!). And in this latest, they venture to get Draco’s self-diagnosis confirmed. Which results in some interesting advice from the Healer, an arguments of sorts, and curious resolution.

It’s gonna be an interesting few months, folks. We hope you stick around for them. LOLOL.

If you’d like to check out the first book, it can be found here:Virgin Draco Masterlist

And the second book can be found here: Engaged Masterlist

Content/Warnings: Ummm, explicit sexual content? (You’ve met us, right? lolol)

Chapter Two: Lists of Dos and Dont’s

Keep reading

briggiicloudsy  asked:

Hi I wanted to thank you for finding that story last time, and like i said i still consider you queen of jikook fics, this time i wanted to know if you can list some of YOUR favorite fics, it doesnt have to be jikook it could be any pairing but i am curious in what stories you like reading. 😄

Anonymous said:
we always ask you for fics of our liking but i wanna know YOUR absolute favorites!! Any genre or au, the ones that really stuck with you

Hello again! I’m glad I could help, and ahhh you really are too kind ♡(⁄ ⁄•⁄ᴗ⁄•⁄ ⁄) But of course I can, here you go! I think I went a little overboard haha, but I hope this will at least keep you both occupied until the comeback (only a few more hours now ahhh) Oh! And there’s a fair amount of jikook on here, but if you wanted more I shared some of my other faves here :)


Title: Don’t Cry Baby
Author: Witch_of_Sweets
Rating: Not Rated
Length: 1–5k words
Genre: Fluff
Summary: Baby!Jimin refuses to let go of Jeon Jungkook.

Title: Etched in Eternity
Author: runkairun
Rating: Teen
Length: 25–50k words*
Genre: Angst, Romance, Fluff
Summary: When Park Jimin’s soulmate died, he made peace with the fact that he had seen the only true love of his young lifetime. Two years later, though, a strange occurrence has him asking a very important question: Can a person only have one soulmate in this life?

Title: Lifetimes Strung Around the Sparrows
Author: parhelions
Rating: Teen
Length: 5–10k words
Genre: Angst, Fluff
Summary: Whether it’s in this universe or the next, Jimin hopes there’s a shore where they can meet again.

Title: Light Up the Dark
Author: LavenderMoon7182
Rating: Teen
Length: 10–15k words
Genre: Angst, Romance
Summary: Jungkook wasn’t all that thrilled when his mother signed him up (without him knowing) to be a volunteer at a local hospital. But then he meets a sickly boy whose smile could light up the darkest of situations. Even his own. Through him Jungkook learns how precious life really is.
Warning: Major character “death”

Title: Nighttime Favors
Author: GeminiSyndrome
Rating: Teen
Length: 10–15k words
Genre: Romance, Fluff
Summary: In which Jimin gets a call from his idiot-of-a-best-friend Taehyung to pick his little brother up from the airport, resulting in one of the strangest yet pleasant nights of his whole life.

Title: Until Then, Sink Slowly
Author: flitter
Rating: Mature
Length: 25–50k words*
Genre: Romance, Smut
Summary: Recovering from post-breakup restlessness leads to rash decisions, like buying a plane ticket to a remote island 5.4k miles away. Like spending ten days with an unsuspecting tour guide. Like maybe falling in love – this time, the right way. (also: the trip to Santorini and a dash of soulmates au that no one asked for)

Title: We Should Meet in Air, Me and You
Author: sunsmiles
Rating: Teen
Length: 25–50k words
Genre: Slow Burn, Angst, Hurt/Comfort
Summary: Ripped of his sun, Jimin finds himself floating in space, alone and aimless. This is a story of rebirth and redemption.

Title: Woo You (Milk)
Author: jeonify
Rating: General Audiences
Length: 5–10k words
Genre: Mutual Pining, Fluff
Summary: they say there are five rings in a successful relationship.


Title: The 100-Day Love Challenge (yoonmin)
Author: jeosheo
Rating: Teen
Length: 15–20k words
Genre: Fluff
Summary: For a variety show challenge, Jimin must tell Yoongi every day for 100 days that he loves him. Let’s get this shit started.

Title: A Wonderful Institution (namjin)
Author: bazooka
Rating: Teen
Length: 25–50k words
Genre: Slow Burn, Angst, Humor, Smut
Summary: Kim Seokjin is a wedding caterer. Kim Namjoon is a wedding planner. Both of them think marriage is a societal construct with no place in modern life. Neither of them would know Real Love if it came up to them at a wedding and made a wager.

Title: All of Your Sides are Good (vmin)
Author: knth
Rating: Explicit
Length: 15–20k words
Genre: Mutual Pining, Fluff, Smut
Summary: “I’m serious,” he whispers before slipping into slumber. “You have to do whatever I want. No ifs or buts about it.” It’s Jimin’s birthday and Taehyung has to do whatever he wants. (Or where Jimin doesn’t know what he wants, is what Taehyung wants too.)

Title: Here We Go (This is a Bad Idea) (vmin)
Author: Skittiea
Rating: Explicit
Length: 10–15k words
Genre: Smut
Summary: “What!?” Jimin hadn’t meant to screech the word so loudly – especially with them being in the middle of a café – but he couldn’t help it. He was sure he was hearing things, sure his ears were blocked or faulty because he most certainly did not hear Kim Taehyung just suggest Jimin become a camboy.

Title: Into Life (minjoon)
Author: wingedwhalien
Rating: Mature
Length: 45–50k words
Genre: Fluff, Angst, Smut
Summary: Namjoon has never known a life without loneliness. Then he meets Jimin and everything changes. Dance has been the only thing Jimin ever cared about. But with Namjoon everything is different. When Jimin goes missing, Namjoon knows he has to do everything to get him back, not knowing that their hard times are only starting.

Title: Rest Your Head on My Shoulder (minjoon)
Author: jams_and_suga
Rating: General Audiences
Length: 15–20k words
Genre: Slow Burn, Romance, Fluff
Summary: All Jimin wanted was a hug, but fate gave him something better. It gave him Namjoon.

Title: Who is Jimin’s Mystery Bf!! (taegimin)
Author: pansexuall
Rating: Explicit
Length: 25–50k words*
Genre: Humor, Fluff
Summary: In which Jimin accidentally sends a sext to the groupchat, chaos ensues, and a group of very determined boys trys to figure out who exactly that text was meant for.
Note: Polyamory/threesome


Title: Pushover
Author: Error401
Rating: Teen
Length: 1–5k words
Genre: Angst
Summary: For his second album, his agency hired a new crew of people for Jimin to work with, because they’d made some money from the first one and could finally afford to get him the support he needed “because he was too stupid to handle it by himself.” Jimin was afraid of them, at first, because the first crew, the one that worked solely for his agency, hadn’t been nice to him, at all.
Note: Part 1 of the “Pushover” series, find the rest here

Title: Welcome Home
Author: sheepishfiction
Rating: Mature
Length: 5–10k words
Genre: Drama, Supernatural Elements
Summary: The sins are doomed to live over and over again as humans until the one time all seven of their lives converge, and maybe - maybe this time they can go home. Being human is a struggle.

I tend to chew the inside of my bottom lip when I’m nervous or anxious. Right about now, it’s raw, almost numb, if that’s gives you a clue about how I’m feeling.

This morning when I woke up, I made oatmeal & let it sit until it was too thick & sticky to pick up with a spoon. I poured some milk in the bowl, watched the white trickle through the hills & mounds of oats, and had flashbacks of you biting your lip. That’s the face you’d make before you’d pull out & come on the sheets, my back or my stomach; like I was some porn star; like you didn’t caress my face a half hour earlier and tell me I “got the kind of beauty needs to be felt.” You remember how I reacted the first time you did that? Me neither, it’s fine.

I knew I had fucked up when you did that because you never asked if it was okay or cool; you assumed. Like I assumed that you really cared about me; that you were capable of loving. But that’s neither here nor there.

Somewhere between there and here though, I was late. Somewhere between my house & the drugstore, I realized that I was alone. Somewhere between my heart & my head, I decided that a baby isn’t something I needed or something that you’d want. Somewhere between my front door & the clinic my eyes started pouring and so did the sky.

This isn’t even for you. This is for me. Even if it was for you, you wouldn’t get it. By get it, I mean both understand and receive it.

I don’t want you thinking that you mean anything to me; because you shouldn’t even have to think about that. You could call now and I know I’d pick up desperately like you had something I need; because in actuality you do. I’m not exactly sure when you took it or if I gave it to you, but I know you have it. Picked it up right around the time you picked your boxers up off your bedroom floor and asked me how I was getting home. I could never make a home out of you, because men like you don’t have good foundations or sturdy walls. Your roofs leak and I’ve never been good with my hands. Any levelheaded girl would know that you needed more than just a fresh coat of paint.

I used to blame your father for leaving your mother, then your mother for leaving you be, then myself for not blaming you. But in life, you make choices. You chose to let your scars cut you again and again; to let the pain in; to let it stay. You chose to suffer.

I chose me.

The medical assistant told me it’s okay to have second thoughts. She doesn’t know this is the third clinic I’ve been to in four days. It’s not a question of whether or not I can do it. It’s a question of whether or not I want it to happen. When it does, we’re really over & I’m not sure if I’m okay with that. I’m not sure I’m even okay at all.

A smart girl would have left. She wouldn’t have had a reason to leave because she wouldn’t have come in. She wouldn’t have stay long enough to see the way you throw your head back in laughter whenever your niece dances, how your eyes squint when you smile too hard, how you crack your knuckles when you’re uncomfortable, how you breath deeply when you have to think of lie. She wouldn’t have seen you flinch the first time she reached out to touch you while you laid in bed staring into the darkness.

It’s hard to pinpoint the moment I realized I loved you. It wasn’t easy for me to admit it to myself; loving someone who proclaimed themselves incapable of love. We’d lay together, legs intertwined in a comfortable silence with your phone plugged into one of your homeboys portable speakers playing some R&B playlist you found & you’d say “you know I can’t give you what you want right? It’s what you deserve, but I just don’t think you’re gonna find it here.” What I wanted was for you to shut up.

Truthfully, I don’t regret loving you. It taught me patience & strength. Those are virtues I’m sure will be useful sometime in the future, when a child that isn’t ours won’t stop crying at 4 in the morning & I have to be up at 6.

I heard somewhere that true love is giving without the expectation of receiving. I never believed in that until you. That kind of love can’t be true though. It’s destructive, malicious even, & leaves you with a hollow chest that no amount of deep breathing can fill. The thing is, people don’t realize that you can only give what is being taken. You took my love. Honestly, if I was you, I would have to. You made me understand why hate & love are so often mistaken for each other.

You used to say I was stupid over you and I’d blush, shove you playfully, and tell you “stahpppp it” like it was a compliment; not knowing that I’d just confirmed everything you just said. It was stupid of me to think I could teach you how to love when you gave me no indication that you even wanted to learn. Stupid of me to think that I’d be the one to change you, when no one has ever changed on the basis of someone else wanting them to.

I used to go to your house when you weren’t around & sit with your mother at the kitchen table with the four mismatched chairs, hoping she’d break & tell me what I needed to do to make you love me. No one knows you better than your mother…..isn’t that what they say? I’d tell her about our arguments, things you’d said just to hurt me; to make me leave & she’d file her nails or busy herself with making some coffee. She’d clear her throat or suck her teeth, like something was stuck between them; like the truth. One day after filing her nails until perfectly round, pouring three cups of coffee and letting them sit until they were cold, she turned around to face me while leaning against the kitchen counter & folded her arms. “You know it’s true what they say…that books can’t teach you everything.” she said, looking at the floor. She looked up at me and continued “Because if they could, you’d be smart enough to see that my son doesn’t deserve a girl like you. Hell, I’m his mother and I love him, with all of me I do, but I know he’s never gonna be the man I want him to be….the kind of man you deserve. Why are you still here? You’re always here. He’s knows you’re here & he’s not even here! Doesn’t that tell you something?” She let out one of those laughs, the kind you let out when you’re convinced that what’s happening can’t be real; that it has to be a joke in order for it to make sense. I didn’t have an answer for her. Instead I moved my foot back & forth across the corner of one of the linoleum tiles on the kitchen floor that had started to lift. It made this low scraping sound that I pretended I didn’t hear. “These floors ain’t no good.” she said after realizing where the sound was coming from; “I swear any day it’ll give way right where you’re sitting.” and all of a sudden my foot stop moving because I know she wasn’t talking about the floor anymore; you remember what I said about foundations.

The chairs in the waiting room are cold & the plastic on them grabs on to your legs like it knows your secrets; what you did. I decided to stand after about 10 minutes of sitting. Nobody in the room wanted to be there. You could feel it. The receptionist kept checking the clock, then counting the people waiting with these sweeping head nods that scan the room. The medical assistant would walk in from the back of the office & sigh before calling the name of the next patient. One of the girls looked like she could be your cousin but that’s unlikely; your aunt had her on the pill as soon as she turned 15. “Listen you gotta take precaution with these young girls. I’m too young to have a grandchild & so was my mother when I had her.” I overheard her say one day when you left me in your bedroom to take a shower. It was summer time and we had just finished fucking. My skin was sticky and you’d just pushed me off of you to go shower. I turned over & laid there, letting anxiety set in. You came back in, still wet around the shoulders with the towel gripping your waist, & told me I should go home with your back to me. You were looking in the mirror brushing your hair toward your forehead. I went to the bathroom before I left; ran the water for a couple of seconds, cupped it in my hand and slushed it around my mouth, listening to it crash against my teeth and swollen bottom lip. You & blood never tasted good together.

You gotta understand that I never understood you. Now I know that it’s because there was nothing to figure out; to understand. Sometimes it’s easier to think someone is hiding some part of themselves from us; that we can get to that part if we stay long enough. In reality, it’s our own secrets & insecurities that make us believe that everyone must have them; that no one is truly transparent about their feelings. You were. When you said you couldn’t give me what I want, it wasn’t because you didn’t think you could. It was because you didn’t want to. In all honesty, I wish I could be like you; walking the earth needing & wanting for no one. Your mother told me you said you stopped saying “I love you too” when you realized that you were just saying it as a response & not because you meant it. It was never just a response for me.

They ask you if you want to see the embryo before you have the abortion. How stupid is that? Why would I want to see what I’m about to kill? So I can hate myself more? So I can think about not going through with it? Whatever the reason is, I declined the offer. It’s bad enough I dreamt about the baby ever by night. I imagined it’s face every day while I washed the dishes with my mother sitting at the kitchen table behind me, half watching/half staring at the news on the tv in the living room. “Why are you so quiet lately? You barely laugh when your brother tells those corny jokes you love so much.” she said once while she was waiting for the microwave to finish heating up her leftovers from the night before. I brushed her off, telling her I’ve just been thinking about “life”; you know like how mine would end if I told her I was pregnant.

She would have my eyes but your eyelashes because mine never curled up to the sun the way yours did. He would have your long legs but my muscles because you could never lift anything. She would have my shoulders because they’re the kind you can lean on. He would have your smile because it’s the kind that’s contagious. She would have my tenacity but your honesty because that’ll take her far, I think. He would have your curiosity, but my precaution. Then again that never helped me with you, so perhaps not. She would have my determination. He would have your arms but my hands because I can touch things and people without breaking them.

After they finished they asked me the obligatory “How are you feeling?”. I said I didn’t know because I honestly couldn’t feel anything. Physically, I felt the same as I did the day you didn’t pull out in time. I remember you breathing heavy, whispering “Ughh Shit!!” into the crook of my neck where your head always ended up. “My bad.”, you said after you’d caught your breath and for the first time I pushed you off of me, because it wasn’t your bad; it had never been your bad. It was always mine.