i think i need something more constructive


AA!! I am talking and I have a thing to SAY please read!!
GUYS!! I need your help with a thing, me and a few friends have been talking about it for a while and I wanted some opinion from the Tumblr Kids.
Y’see, we’re all tired of those fools who come to newbie artsy kids who want to share their arts in the interwebs and say stuff to them like:

(this one is a great example with all the “you NEED to” and “It’s NOT LIKE THAT”)

WELL we can all agree that is NOT constructive criticism and it SUCKS
SO! What we’ve been wanting to do is create a blog with ACTUAL support, advice and positivity for artists! Focusing on the young and the beginners! 

I may be no pro but I’ve been really wanting to do something to help and support artsy kids, and I’ll have help from some other more experienced friends so I think on that part I’ll be fine, I’m just really nervous because I’m not sure where to start and I really want this to work out y’know??

So if you see this please I’d love some feedback and advice!! I want to make this happen but I can’t do it on my own!! Thanks in advance and have a great day <3

Befitting of Royalty

I hereby present my entry for the first day of Roman’s week of SandersSides Appreciation Month.

Summary: Roman changes Thomas’ mind palace into a castle for a week. How do the other sides react?

Warnings/triggers: none that I can think of. Let me know if I need to tag anything.

Pairings: none

A/N: I finally wrote something after more than a year of not doing that. I hope you’ll enjoy it, regardless of any mistakes and inconsistencies. Constructive criticism is very much appreciated.

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noididntslamthatonthefloor  asked:

Hi, I really enjoy reading your stories and think your creativity is absolutely amazing. Do you have any advice for someone (like myself) who's just getting back into writing?

Hi! I love this question - I get it from time to time and it always makes me so happy to hear that someone is going to write!

Since you’re getting back into writing, my advice here will be a little different than usual!

1) Look at what you used to write. Maybe it’s not pretty or what you’re interested in doing any more, maybe it’s beautiful but you lost motivation, maybe it’s from ten years ago and you didn’t realize you hadn’t destroyed it already. Read over the poems/stories/snippets/half-thoughts and try to remember which ones you enjoyed writing, which ones you didn’t enjoy writing, and which ones you wrote only because you thought someone else would like it. If some overlap, that’s okay! Maybe you did enjoy writing things for other people– go ahead and include those in the enjoyed writing pile!

Now, look at what you enjoyed writing and look at why you enjoyed writing them. Were they self-inserts? Was there a lot of action? Fantasy? Non-fiction?

I’d recommend that you start there when you start writing again! Don’t start with what you think you’re supposed to be writing–write what you enjoy writing. Maybe rewrite something you liked doing, but don’t like how it turned out!

2) Keep a writing journal. This is actually my most common piece of advice! Keep a writing journal with you through the day and just jot down description. Write a sentence about how your friend looked when they showed up late somewhere. Maybe someone pays you a compliment and you jot it down as well as how receiving the compliment felt. Try to look at the world a different way–the trees seem to spin as you run by them, the neon stain of mustard, etc. This helps you start thinking like a writer again. It helps you give detail to scenes and helps you build the setting. 

3) Know when to ask for criticism–and when not too. So the number one way I get discouraged is when I ask someone for their opinion/critiques before I’m ready to hear it. I tend to get over confident in my work and assume everyone will love it. This is not the case, lol, and it’s something I still watch out for! I suggest you work on your writing until it’s the best you can make it. Pick out the things you enjoy about your writing and your story. Make a list of these things. Whenever you start questioning your story, look at the list and think “You know what? Past me was right! I am awesome!”

Once you feel a little more ready for edits/critiques, pick out some things you think you need to work on and specifically ask for your editors/friends/readers to give you constructive advice on those things! You can ask more open-ended, but be aware that, when you ask, people will tell you what they think. If you’re ready for that, go ahead! 

And you can always ask your friends/readers for encouragement! Ask them to tell you what they like about your work when you start losing motivation–I make my sister tell me how wonderful I am all the time.

Well, I hope that’s the sort of advice you were looking for! If not, you can also check out my writing advice tag here (X)!

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Hello I was wondering if you could do a one shot for junkenstein? He falls for a scientist girl who is his soulmate and she falls for him as well but they are both too shy to talk to each other or blush too much when they work together and junkenstein's monster and hayseed just one day make a plan to get them together and junkenstein confesses to his soulmate? Thank you!

Ask and you shall recieve… eventually! Thank you so much for your patience; i am happy with how this turned out! :D

Junkenstein’s Romance (Junkenstein x Fem!Reader)

Word Count: 999 (I am not kidding.)

Characters: Junkenstein, Reader, Junkenstein’s Monster, Hayseed.

The crisp autumn air sighed sweetly through the castle’s open window, the warm sunset piercing into the Monster’s eyes. He didn’t mind the pain, as much as he minded all of the color, and sweetness, and… blech. It wasn’t the sunset that was causing such distress, however; it was more of the romantic tension in the air between his creator, Professor Junkenstein, and a particularly acute female scientist that he was working with for the time being. Junkenstein was being so much more… fidgety than usual. He chuckled at everything she said, practically hitting the roof with the top of his head after every kind remark she made to him. He was an imbecile, and she seemed to find that adorable.

“… So you can see it too, aye?” Hayseed sighed, swinging from side to side on the Monster’s shoulders. Due to his straw construction, Hayseed needed not worry about breaking his back on the rough exterior of the beast, and used him as a sort of playground.

“Something has to be done about this,” the monster mumbled, scratching at his rotting teeth with his massive scythe-like hook.

“I was thinking the same thing! Now, I was thinking of a more discreet death… more of a giant boulder kind of thing, but if you wanted to go for a more brutal approach…”

“No, you blathering idiot. If Master Junkenstein truly cares for this girl, we have to do something,” the monster sighed, “because he is not going to do it on his own.”

“Oh, yes, right! Haha!” Hayseed jittered, obviously not following. “So, we help Junkenstein… make a move?” By the time he had finished his sentence, he had hoisted himself up and wrapped his legs around the Monster’s shoulders, resting his chin upon the matted coal hair of the creature.

“My thoughts exactly, my flexible friend.”

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roflollipop  asked:

Hi there, really like the visual style you've got going on! Just curious, if there was like any game or idea that inspired this kinda art direction? Or is this just some kinda placeholder texture or something?

You know I haven’t actually considered where the inspirations lie in visuals! I think it’s mainly constructed out of ways I’ve devised to make the asset creation easy and fast. The squashing and stretching of sprites makes the need for animation much more minimal, and the pixel-dither screen shader makes texture work in general much more forgiving (as well as letting the visuals drastically change on the fly)

Take this sprite for example. At five images, this is the entire minotaur sprite! And frankly it’s a bit rough when looking at it directly, but it still works pretty well ingame (i think).

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Could you share your thoughts on how Dan defined love? Do you think he made it sound pragmatic (fulfilling one's needs in comfort, company and sex) on purpose? Please and thank you x

Quoting Dan’s answer (from fancybum’s amazing liveshow wrap up post on IDB - link): 

“Hmm. Is love a social construct? Well, I mean, it’s this whole thing that has a lot of connotations to it, doesn’t it, love? But it’s also a feeling; something more than sexual attraction, isn’t it? What is it? Is it a social construct or is it something that you feel? I feel like it’s probably a combination of that ‘cause what is the feeling? You know what I mean? I feel like people’s terrifying fear and anxiousness that they get from being alone— when you don’t have that, it’s probably comforting. So it’s probably the fear of that person not being there mixed with sexual attraction and just… I dunno. But it’s definitely—

I think it was a very Dan answer, but Dan consciously trying not to relate it back to his immediate experience while also answering spur of the moment without the chance to really think out what he was saying. And what did he say? 

- That love has a lot of connotations. 
- That love is a feeling, more than sexual attraction. 
- That love is  a combination of that feeling and sexual attraction. 
- That part of love is comfort in escaping the fear of being alone. 
- That love is fear of that person not being there, combined with sexual attraction and just- 

The last sentence that he didn’t finish might have been the one that linked everything he’d previously mentioned (feelings + sexual attraction + fear of that person not being there) but since that was the point where he decided he was done with the line of thought, we can’t really be sure. 

Despite the fact that he was trying to sound objective and not immediately relating it back to himself in first person, there’s really no other way to interpret his concept of what love is besides what love is to him.  I’m surprised he even gave that much of an honest response. That kind of topic has to be terrifying to talk live about. 

So basically: I don’t view it as pragmatic so much as an aborted response, but accurate - and accurate to him - in what he did state. 

anonymous asked:

Let people have their theories, even if you think they're wrong.

I’m assuming you’re talking about the last paragraph of this post, in which case my response is:

Unless I have a way bigger follower base and more authority in my relevant fandoms than I have ever conceived, my point is never that I think No One Should Be Allowed To Think That. I am, however, not particularly shy about expressing my personal opinions and reads on meta on my personal blog. 

If you’re putting stuff into my inbox or @-ing me on posts or reblogging my posts and adding commentary, I’m assuming that you’re accepting the fact that what you’re going to get from me is going to be how I feel about this. I’m under neither financial nor professional obligation to give you what you want to hear if that’s not what I, personally feel, and while this may sound a bit backward, I want to respect the questions and theories I’ve sent by being honest about them. I’d rather not give disingenuous praise. 

If someone hands me a theory, my response will be how I feel about it. That may not be good.

Once again, I’m not the holy arbiter of what is sacred or canon. I’m just one dude with a blog. I’ve never even met Crewniverse in person. The one relevant credential I have to my name is ~3,000 people think my content is worth following and I don’t even know how many of those are pornbots. I guess people like what I’m doing, I like what I’m doing, I keep doing it. I really hope nobody is walking away from these posts with this feeling of “Clockie doesn’t like my theory… I must destroy it forever, the oracle has spoken.”

My impressions of meta is just that. My impressions. Different people feel different ways. And I’ve been super wrong about stuff before and probably will be in the future. It’s entirely possible one of these days canon is going to brutally slam-dunk the Blue Fusion Theory in the trash and all I’ll be able to do is just sit there at my computer like “……okay.” And it’ll become my new jokey go-to like “hey remember when I was totally convinced the fourth Homeworld Gem in the extended opening wasn’t Yellow Diamond but a gladiator who used to be friends with Garnet”

In particular, “X character is the Real Evil” is a read that I feel like is wrong, and strangely persistent in the face of what I consider an ever-assembling mountain of contradictory evidence. I’ve seen it applied to Peridot, then Jasper, then YD, and I’ve already seen it applied to Navy Ruby. In almost exactly the same format. “Steven needs to Learn that he can’t be friends with everyone” is something I’ve seen applied to Peridot in Warp Tour and Navy Ruby in almost the exact same tone.

It also personally bothers me because I feel like I really do look to fiction in some ways as a source of hope. I think there’s a terrifying amount of horrible things that happen in the world with little rhyme or reason and stories are a way that we can engage with things constructively, address and challenge these concepts on a stage that’s more to our suiting. And I think SU has been a wonderful bright spot where so far, even if not everyone has a happy ending, we’re encouraged to be hurt and outraged by what people are going through. 

Because it’s framed as “Jasper doesn’t deserve to suffer and corrupt all alone! Bismuth doesn’t deserve to sit in that bubble forever and be forgotten! The Rubies don’t deserve to be stuck in space! Yellow Diamond doesn’t deserve to live her entire life under trauma and grief!” 

My wildest, most selfish fantasy is that I want to care about everyone. Even people I hate. Even people who hate me. I want this world to be such an incredibly warm and safe and loving place that people who try to rip others apart and attack them can’t get traction or support. Is that particularly realistic, no, but if we’re accepting magic rock aliens and reality-warping spaceships, why is it the most unrealistic thing here is that nobody is pure evil?

I mean. A half-alien teenager, two sentient rocks and the animate pumpkin they’ve been keeping as a dog were just tossed out of a spaceship by a different rock.

I just wanted to write this to you so I can…I don’t know. “Get it off my mind” makes it seem like I think writing is like transferring the knowledge from my brain and I can now just delete it.

I guess that’s what I’m hoping for, even though that won’t happen. I just want to stop letting his behavior get under my skin. I want to not feel anxious for hours after I see him in public. 

I want to not care if he comes to my work or not. I wish he could just become no one to me, cause heirs now. I just wish my response to him would’ve more in line with that.

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Making A Spirit Construct

So I was loaned a copy of “Advanced Witchcraft” by Edain McCoy and there was a section about making an elemental that caught my eye. Basically it’s energy given life set to guard you/your house/, gather info, protection, whatever you tell it to do. I was intrigued by this concept but wasn’t fully feeling her methods or with the setup.

As a renter who moves more often than I’d like, and knowing I was moving within a few months, I almost didn’t make one. The way they were made by the book, they’re tied to a place and would have to be un-made when you leave. I didn’t want to have to do that. So then I decided to personalize my approach. :D

1. I changed the name. I wasn’t feeling the name “elementals” because to me those are already the spirit forms of the elements (salamanders, undines, sylph, and gnomes). So I call it a spirit construct, or sometimes a spirit form/guardian. But you can call it whatever feels right to you. 

2. I decided to change the anchor. Instead of binding it to my home, I would bind it to a movable object! That way I can bring it with me whenever I have to move without going through the effort of taking it apart and making a new one at my new home. 

3. Then my best idea came. If I anchor my spirit construct to a container, I can add physical objects to nurture it and give it attributes! Any container will work! Little baggies, a wooden box, a vase, a jar *witchiness intensifies* or hell, use a tupperware if that’s all you have!

So I’ll give you a quick rundown of the process I did to give you some ideas for what you can do to make yours. 

So grab whatever container you have decided on. I ended up using this box. 

I got it at a thrift store a while back and I had intended to use it for offerings but I found I almost always left my offerings outside so it never got used. But it’s super pretty. There’s a dragon on top and some hummingbirds on the side and it latches shut. (It’s ok if your container doesn’t.) So looking how it does, I have to say the box influenced how I visualized my spirit construct to look like. It definitely took on a Japanese air very much like the Yuki-Onna and Snow Maiden from Heroes Of Might and Magic 6.   

But you can visualize it however you want. Humanoid, animal, flora, a mix, something more formless, etc. 

So now you have your container and you’re starting to visualize what you want your construct to look like. Now you need to decide what you want to add to your container to add power. I’d personally recommend you start with 5 items and then any others can be added when you feel they need a boost or a charge, or you want to change their function. Here’s what I used.

1. A piece of paper with the name of your construct on it (You don’t have to name it, but I think it’d be rude not to. It will be sentient, after all), who they belong to, and some general instructions (You guard the house from negativity etc)

2. I tried to make the other 4 items from each element. So for fire I used rosemary to give it the power to remove negativity.

3. For water I took blue lace agate. It helps my construct to heal as well as to cast a soothing aura where it works. 

4. For air I took a dandelion puff, which helps bring good wishes in as well as attracting good spirits

5 And lastly for earth I added lilac because my 3rd eye is not strong so my construct can help me see spirits and look more into my I-don’t-know-how-many past lives. 

Now that you know what’s going into your spirit construct, we have the fun but exhausting part. The magic. It takes a lot of energy to make something sentient so I definitely recommend working with an energy source. The book recommended using the earth itself, I used the full moon. Other ideas could be a body of water, a large old tree, if you work with spirits you could ask them, if you’re close to a deity(s) you could ask them for energy, etc. 

Make sure you have all your supplies with you and then cast your circle however you would normally. (Don’t want any nasties coming to mess up your hard work) Get yourself centered and focused in a half-meditative state. Take your container and add your components. Speak each one aloud (or say it in your mind if that’s preferred) and state its purpose. Close the container and hold your hand on or near it. Now you need to form a connection to your energy source, whatever it may be. Draw that energy into you and then out through your hands into your container. Visualize however you need to but I saw it as an egg of light, slowly growing as I fed it energy. The egg slowly started to change shape and morphed into the visualized form. (Don’t worry if you have to take a rest before it forms. The energy is attached to the container, it shouldn’t go anywhere)

So now you have your very own spirit construct! Just remember you need to treat it with respect, it has a mind and personality. It lives off your energy so make sure you keep it healthy, add new ingredients to the box, charge it under the full moon, or ground your energy into it when you finish a ritual. It’s here to help, but it’s not a slave. :) Any questions, feel free to send an ask

i’m still burned on this RP writing stuff. 

things that are okay: using ‘said’ as a dialog tag. using ‘ask’ as a dialog tag. there’s beauty in plain, unobstructed english. your writing doesn’t need to be flowery in order to be elegant - elegance can rise from the construction of a sentence and everything leading into and following that sentence. i find that smaller words often have more of an impact on writing. you can make a sentence feel like a punch. you can make a sentence’s weight feel like it’s slowly sinking into your bones. 

i always think of that c.s. lewis quote: “don’t use words too big for the subject. don’t say ‘infinitely’ when you mean 'very’; otherwise you’ll have no word left when you want to talk about something really infinite.”

My two cents regarding “shipping wars” in the One Piece fandom

Alright, I’ll get straight to it and always remember that I raise no claims to completeness. Also, I will take SaNami and LuNami shippers only into this as strawmen, since, as I’m a SaNami-shipper myself, these are the ones I see the most.

Disclaimer: Oh yeah, please keep in mind that, especially in the second part of this post, the “It’s great to have an opinion, but please don’t bother people thinking otherwise with it”-part ONLY (ONLY!), at least in this post, applies to shipping. Our world needs more constructive discourses about real problems (not gonna give an example, just open your eyes and pick your poison), shipping isn’t a real problem but something you do for fun (and it’s, until the work is finished, 100% up to your interpretation).

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anonymous asked:

Do show pitches with female protagonists face trouble when they are pitched as tv shows? Why is this? I always thought Hollywood was really progressive!

For cartoons? YEP. Shows with female protagonists are harder to get off the ground. The main character either has to be a boy, or if there is a girl main character, then she has to have an equal-screen time boy character there too. I’ve heard this is the case at DTV as well as Cartoon Network. I think I heard that if there is a girl main character, it has to be a super-action packed show so that ‘boys will like it too.’ Why is this?? I don’t know, something about how many toys sell. But what I do know is that Hollywood needs to up it’s progressiveness a lot more so we can get past these stupid social constructs. Boys can like girl things, just like girls can like boy things. The world is not just pink and blue.

Any thoughts you want to add, @arythusa ?



At first, the freedom I had to wear whatever I could imagine was overwhelming. In fact, by realizing that I was non-binary, I also realized I didn’t need to fit within the social constructs upheld by the gender binary. All of sudden, my body became a canvas of expression. Much like the graphic artist that painted the wall behind me in these photos, I create something upon the surface of something else. I dress my body according to my vision, instead of what I think will be approved by society.

Living beyond gender norms makes for such a vibrant and colorful life. Sometimes things get a little rough, but in my opinion, my happiness is more important than everyone else’s approval. The only person I need approval from is myself. When I die, the last thing I want to think about is how I spent so much of my life fitting into someone else idea of what or who I should be.

Just some spontaneous thought for you. This outfit is probably one of my favorites, which means a lot because I have A LOT of different looks. The pants really make this whole outfit. High waisted, soft stretchy material with a flare! Yes, please! I live for them!

-Elliott Alexzander

Okay, so I’ve been thinking and I’m going to be altering Aredhel’s characterization and canon just a little bit. Reasoning is because I am lacking in how I’m writing her, and need to address some things regarding her relationship with Eol. I know I’ve done this thing before, but this time I think I’ve got something more solid— that being said, she’s under construction for now. I’m sorry for the inconvenience, but I’ve somehow strayed away from my original concept of her and actually have slipped her into more complacency than she should be in.

also quick heads up, I’m getting married today, so my activity over the next week will probably be a little spotty. Excepting today of course because my sister is having a baby right now— SO IT’S AN EVENTFUL TIME. anyway I’ll do a little stuff right now to work on her.

another thing I’m considering is changing her fc. I love Lily to death… but I am wondering if she’s not half the reason I’ve messed up Aredhel in general. But that’s up in the air.

Masquerading as Professionals- Chapter 1/10 - Group Fic- Ortega

A/N: Thank you guys SO MUCH for the love this has received so far! The feedback has made me so happy! Here, everything starts to get off ground and we’re introduced to the Comprehensive and some new characters. I hope you guys enjoy it!

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Okay, it’s a small thing and I don’t think it was directly addressed on its own on the show but my favorite thing about rebecca’s actual singing voice being pretty awful is that it doesn’t matter to her. This is/was pretty much the only thing she wasn’t competing with anyone for, both in the camp and at university, and it was the thing that she truly enjoyed. Yeah, she’s still tries to fool herself into thinking that she needs someone (romantic interest) to be truly happy but, despite that, the show’s narrative itself already stated two things: a) it isn’t necessary the love for someone, that can make you happy and b) you don’t have to be perfect at something for it to make you happy

Hey Jealousy

Even though you only have eyes for Dean, he begins to get jealous of how close you and Sam are. Request **transfer from my old SPN site***

Dean x Reader

“I really don’t see why this hunt is going to take so long. It’s a salt and burn, right?” Dean asks you as you sit at the table behind your laptop.

“Yeah, it is, but the problem is the bones are buries somewhere on the grounds of the Inn… and we don’t know exactly where. So we have to look around and find them.” You sighed. You greatly disliked guessing games.

“Do we even know who this ghost was? He’s terrorizing the entire Inn, not just a room. Do we know why?”

“Yeah, Sam did some research and came up with three guys who’ve gone missing in this same Inn in the last fifty years.” You started to explain, when the bathroom door of the motel opened and Sam came out, wearing nothing but a towel. You glanced over at him, then back to the laptop. Dean frowned.

“Will you put some clothes on Sam? Jesus. We have company.” Dean sighed loudly.

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Introducing the Phandom Study Buddy!

*If you are interested in translating this post into a language not listed, please let us know!*

Please check here to see if there’s a translation in your language!

Are you you enrolled in education classes and need extra help with your studies? Are you planning on going back to school and need an extra push from time to time? Do you find it difficult to finish homework or actually get down to work? Have you ever wanted to learn another language?


We at phandomstudybuddy want to make learning enjoyable again! We understand how stressful and intimidating school and seeking extra help can be and so we are launching a completely free tool for you to use that is 100% online.

This blog will be made for students and run by students or recent graduates. The aim is to be as universal as possible, including everyone from around the world. No matter what language you speak or course you need, we’ll have it! If we don’t, we’ll find out how to get it!

It’s not just for the Phandom either, anyone who could use some help with their studies is very welcome!

What we will provide

The blog breaks down into three sections: tutoring, study groups, and language exchange.


There will be rolling applications for both tutors and tutees. You will be matched with someone based on your country, language, age/grade level and area of study. Tutors and tutees, once paired together, will decide on their own how often they want to meet and what will work best for them. If at any point in time the relationship feels like it won’t work out, you may contact us to be paired again.

Study Groups

You can request a study group by filling out a study group request form. A group of approximately 5-10 people (exact number depending on amount of requests), will be grouped to come together to study and work together for as long as they need. Study groups will not have a tutor. It will be entirely run by students and is designed for those who work better in groups than alone.

Language Exchange

If you’ve ever tried to learn a language, you’ll know that the best way to learn is to speak it. You will be paired with someone who speaks the language you want to learn and they in turn will learn your language from you. This feature is not yet available, but we will make an announcement once it is.


The blog has three levels of leadership as well. This system is in place to ensure everything runs smoothly and everyone has a voice. Besides tutors and tutees there are Tutor Captains, General Tutors (GTs) and Admins.

Jobs of leadership are subject to change as the blog progresses. Remember, we are a brand new blog so there may be some rough spots. 

Tutor Captains

Captains are ultimately like your embassy. There will be one captain for every country, more if there is a larger amount of people from one country.  All tutors and tutees will be divided by country to ensure someone is in place who understands the system and can answer questions. Captains are who you go to when you feel representation for your country or region is missing. They will also aid in placing tutors as needed. Think of this position as a Supervisor. If you wish to apply for this position, visit our blog and look below for more details. 

General Tutors (GTs)

General Tutors will be tutors who are on the blog itself. They are all over the age of 18 and either in University or graduates. They will answer very general study questions and post information on various topics. They will keep the general population informed so even if you don’t need our resources, you can still improve your knowledge by following us. Think of this position as a Store Manager. If you wish to apply for this position, visit our blog and look below for more detail. 


Admins oversee everything on the blog and make sure it runs smoothly. They track applications and pair tutors and students. They make study groups and do check ins with GTs, Captains and their tutors, and tutees. Think of this position as Corporate. These positions are currently filled. 

For more in-depth information, please visit our blog. Read below the cut to meet the admins of the blog and learn of important upcoming dates and how you can get involved.

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